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Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
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Skyward by Brandon Sanderson
Winter Garden | Kristin Hannah
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Winter Garden | Kristin Hannah
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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24in48 update @24in48 #24in48

Skyward | Brandon Sanderson
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I‘m ready for this weekend!!! #24in48 @24in48

CareBear Great stack! 4y
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
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I started a new book club on Facebook! Here is the link if you guys want to join 😘😘😘


SassyPants617 Just requested to join! ☺️ 4y
Aleksandra @SassyPants617 I got you!! I just made it so hang in there until it gets better 😂 4y
SassyPants617 @Aleksandra of course! I think it‘s great that you made one. Once it gets going, its gonna be great 👍🏻😉 4y
Aleksandra @SassyPants617 thank you 💞 4y
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Before She Ignites | Jodi Meadows
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Trying something new. A book about dragons for a reading challenge :) I hope it‘s good!

thereadingowlvina Sounds interesting! 4y
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Lilac Girls: A Novel | Martha Hall Kelly
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Finished these 2 this month as well! Anyone??

tpixie I‘m starting Lilac Girls. I believed @BrainyHeroine is starting Cinder!! 4y
BrainyHeroine Starting Cinder!! 4y
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City of Brass | S A Chakraborty
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Just finished this beautiful book. I don‘t know how to feel 😭

Mitch It‘s part 1 of a trilogy - so hold onto those emotions! Bk 2 isn‘t out until late in the year though 😂 4y
Aleksandra @Mitch I know 😭😭😭😭 I can‘t wait for book 2! 4y
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City of Brass | S A Chakraborty
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These are the books I was reading this morning. By now I finished legendary and sharp objects and got over halfway done with city of brass! Love them all

Drnkpnkprincess Sharp Objects is amazing! And City of Brass is one of my top 3 of the year!!! 4y
Aleksandra @Drnkpnkprincess I loooooved them both so much 4y
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Legendary | Stephanie Garber
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Started this today! Has anyone read it? I didn‘t like caraval that much but I‘m trying this and so far I like it a lot more! Fingers crossed.

goodthinkrebel I liked this one much more than Caraval 4y
emmaturi I also just started it! 4y
Aleksandra @emmaturi yay I hope you love it!! 4y
emmaturi I have finished it! Liked it! 4y
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This book is amazing and I can‘t get over this beautiful cover. Has anyone read it yet?

gibblr I haven't yet, but I've seen really good reviews! I got an awesome signed copy with character prints. 4y
Aleksandra @gibblr omg no way!!! That‘s amazing. I hope you get to it soon I‘m loving it so much ❤️ 4y
Bookish.Leftist.Auntie Read it and thought it was excellent! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 4y
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tonyahoswalt I read and loved it. I listened to it, and only liked it. My coworker friend listened to most of it because I wouldn't stop talking about it, and she's not impressed. I think she's giving up and she had me tell her what happens. I'm wondering if she read print vs. listening if it would make a difference. 4y
Aleksandra @SheliaMejia I loooooooooooved it so so so much. My favorite book ever! 4y
Aleksandra @tonyahoswalt have her try a physical copy maybe? I haven‘t tried the audio. But I loved it so much 4y
Bookish.Leftist.Auntie @Aleksandra yay! I love when people love a book I love. 4y
Aleksandra @SheliaMejia I do too. I‘m still not over this book. It was beautiful 4y
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The Book Thief | Markus Zusak
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Aims42 Gorgeous copy!! ❤️ 4y
Aleksandra @Aims42 thank you! 4y
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The You I've Never Known | Ellen Hopkins
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I am obsessed with Ellen hopkins!!! (Anyone else? Just me? Okay 😂) she‘s amazing.

Rereading an old favorite ❤️

tonyahoswalt I really enjoy her work as well! 4y
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Perks of Being a Wallflower | Stephen Chbosky
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Finally got to reading this and finished last night. I did not like it.... what did everyone think?

TrishB I loved it 🤷‍♀️ we all like different things! 4y
Cortg This has been on my TBR forever. Bummer you weren‘t a fan. I haven‘t actually read it yet. 4y
Aleksandra @TrishB I‘m glad you liked it! 4y
Aleksandra @Cortg I felt like this is a book my high school teacher would‘ve made me read years ago. I don‘t really understand why it‘s so popular. Let me know how you like it when you read it! 4y
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The Wife Between Us | Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks
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Also finishing up tomorrow! Has anyone read this?

Chocamanda I read it earlier this year and I really enjoyed it. I hope you like it too! 4y
JoScho 🙋🏼‍♀️ 4y
Aleksandra @Chocamanda I‘m really liking it! 4y
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Aleksandra @JoScho what did you think of it? 4y
JoScho It was a so-so for me. It wasn‘t bad just not awesome either. How are you liking it so far? 4y
Aleksandra @JoScho I liked it! I wasn‘t expecting the ending lol 4y
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Finished this book today. It was super cute!

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Exit West: A Novel | Mohsin Hamid
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Also listening to this! It‘s pretty interesting but the narrator isn‘t my favorite

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The Lying Game | Ruth Ware
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Started last night! It‘s soooo similar to the broken girls I love it ❤️

thereadingowlvina Oh really?? I've not any of her books yet. Maybe I should give this a try 😁 4y
Aleksandra @thereadingowlvina try it! It has a similar “feel” to it! 4y
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Just started beasts of extraordinary circumstance. Who has read it?! It‘s sooo good!

JanJan I have this too, and need to start it soon! Let me know what you think! 4y
rather_be_reading i have it frm botm also bt havent got to it yet 4y
Rachbb3 Loved it! 4y
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JenReadsAlot So good! 4y
whatsjennareading 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ I absolutely loved it! 4y
hes7 I loved it! 4y
ErikasMindfulShelf I really liked it! 4y
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Seriously... I'm Kidding | Ellen DeGeneres
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I love her! Trying out some new genres. Loving it so far! She‘s hilarious!

LeeRHarry I read this years ago recovering after back surgery - it certainly lifted my spirits 😆 4y
Aleksandra @LeeRHarry it‘s soooo funny! I‘m almost done with it 😂😂 4y
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The Hate U Give | Angie Thomas
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Has anyone read this?! I‘m giving audio another try. So far so good!

Samplergal Loved it. One of my favorites. 4y
SoniaC Yes and I really enjoyed it. 4y
OrangeMooseReads I read it in one day and gave it 5 ⭐️s 4y
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Karkar Omg this was a top 5 for me last year! Loved it 😍😍📚😍😍 4y
Aleksandra @Samplergal I like it too. So sad 4y
Aleksandra @SoniaC it‘s really good! 4y
Aleksandra @OrangeMooseReads wow!!! It‘s pretty long too so kudos to you!!! I like it a lot 4y
Aleksandra @Karkar nice!! I really like it. It‘s so sad though 4y
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Next read ☺️ has anyone read this yet?

DebBates101 Yes. There were some things that made me a bit irritated but overall I enjoyed it 4y
Aleksandra @DebBates101 I hope it gets better. First couple pages I‘m like ehhhh 4y
DebBates101 @Aleksandra i had some problems w/ my suspension of disbelief, but if you can get to that point it does get better. But I will say I was a little angry throughout the entire book 4y
Aleksandra @DebBates101 good to know! Thank you! 4y
Soulsby So good! Wish it had the view point of “V” & didn‘t LOVE the ending but you can look past it to see the point the author was trying to make! Good read!! 4y
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Then She Was Gone | Lisa Jewell
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How beautiful is this cover! Very excited for this book. What did everyone think of it?

Eggs Loved it, I love this author 4y
LizzieChantree She's a wonderful author. 4y
Kaye I have it but haven‘t read it yet. 4y
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Aleksandra @Eggs that‘s what I hear all the time! Can‘t wait to read more tonight. 4y
Aleksandra @LizzieChantree yes I can tell! I need to check out her other books! 4y
Aleksandra @Kaye it‘s pretty good so far! Hope you can get to it soon! 4y
LizzieChantree @Aleksandra It's on my TBR list:) 4y
starlight97 Wow I love the cover 😍 4y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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I hate when depression and anxiety randomly take over for a couple days 😓 currently curled up in bed trying to keep reading Circe. Loving this book but my current mood is really not helping me get through it.

LeeRHarry Hope you're feeling better soon 😔 (edited) 4y
mellissimo I'm sending all the hugs to you ❤ 4y
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kamoorephoto Sending big hugs 💓💓💓💓 4y
laurieluna Sending loads of good vibes your way. Love and hugs! ❤ 4y
blondie I hope your days start looking up for you ♡♡ 4y
Kmmsellers Hugs! I hope you feel better soon! 💕 4y
stacybmartin Sending hugs and strength to you! 💜 4y
asiriusreader 💗💗 sending you good thoughts! 4y
Beachesnbooks 💜💜💜 hope you feel better soon! 4y
Aleksandra @MommyWantsToReadHerBook @LeeRHarry @mellissimo @kamoorephoto @miralunasbooknook @blondie @Kmmsellers @stacybmartin @asiriusreader @Beachesnbooks wow!!!!! Thank you sooooo much all of you 💞💞💞 wasn‘t expecting this much love from everyone. Love you alllll! 4y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Road trip reads 😅quickly becoming one of my faves. Has anyone read this or song of Achilles?

Giabow I really enjoyed Song of Achilles! I can‘t wait to read this! 4y
Bookladylinda Love your thumb ring!! 4y
Aleksandra @Giabow after reading this, I can‘t wait to read it! This book is so so good! 4y
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Aleksandra @Bookladylinda thank you! ☺️ 4y
Myhusbandhatesreading I loved The Song of Achilles and am ready to read this one also! ❤️ 4y
Aleksandra @Myhusbandhatesreading can‘t wait! Hope you get to pick it up soon! 4y
writerlibrarian Read both and enjoyed both a lot. 💜 4y
Aleksandra @writerlibrarian yay!!! She‘s an awesome author! 4y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Can I ask why everyone seems to be reading this book at the same time? Is it part of some sort of subscription? 4y
BeansPage @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego it's a #BOTM (Book of the Month) pick. Yes it's a subscription 😉 4y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @Syndelle777 that makes sense, thanks 😊 4y
The_Heeler_Booklife Loved this one. I need to read the first one. 4y
Aleksandra @Syndelle777 thanks for explaining! Lol. I was too late to my own post! 4y
Aleksandra @allthingskayla can‘t wait to finish it!!! It‘s so good. I love circe 4y
BeansPage @Aleksandra No prob hon 😉 4y
Palimpsest Eighty pages of this one left. I love it. 4y
Aleksandra @Palimpsest I have about 150 pages left! Can‘t wait to finish it! 4y
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Not That I Could Tell | Jessica Strawser
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Next read? 🤔

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Didn‘t think I‘d love this book this much but I do ❤️

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Loving this so far. Has anyone read it?

ErikasMindfulShelf I really liked it. 5y
Aleksandra @irre it‘s different! “My mother is a bird” I love it! 5y
MeganAnn Not yet, but it was one of my #botm choices also. I‘m reading this first 5y
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Aleksandra @MeganAnn how is it?! I got this one and Not that I could tell! I was thinking about isaac severy but not sure yet! Maybe next month it‘ll be an add on 5y
Eggs I loved Not that I could tell 5y
Aleksandra @Eggs I‘m hoping I love it too! 5y
MeganAnn @Aleksandra I just started it last night so I haven‘t gotten very far yet, but I‘m intrigued so far. 5y
Aleksandra @MeganAnn I started last night too! I only got to about 70 pages so far but can‘t wait until tonight so I can read again! 5y
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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Very excited to be moving onto this book!

Bookworm54 I just finished this and adored it! 😍 5y
thereadingowlvina Beautiful cover! 💕💕💕 5y
Soubhiville Ooo! I‘m excited for you! It‘s so good! 5y
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Cheshirecat913 Loved this book, enjoy! 5y
bookishbunny I loved this one! I hope you enjoy it, too! 5y
PenguinInFlight I loved this book! 😍 5y
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An American Marriage | Tayari Jones
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Every book picture I take is in front of my shower curtain 😅😅😅

Just finished little fires everywhere! It was so good. This will be my next read!

For those of you who have said you did not like the audio book for little fires, have no fear, the physical book is MUCH better than audio. The audio book narrator was horrible lol.

JoyBlue Love your nail color. What is it? 4y
Aleksandra @JoyBlue thank you! I get them done at a salon. It‘s a no chip color. Sorry I don‘t know the name :( 4y
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Hoping this book lives up to its reputation. I started the audio book version of this and really didn‘t like it so I gave up. I think it was just too confusing (not typically an audio book person) so let‘s hope the physical copy brings me joy!

Pruzy This book definitely lived up to the hype for me. I could see how it is confusing as an audiobook, though. That‘s my one hang-up with audiobooks of complex novels...if you multitask while listening to them it is easy to lose key bits of info 5y
vkois88 It's on my TBR as well... I'm curious to see if you enjoy it more now that you have a physical copy. Fingers crossed that you do! 5y
Bookartbookmarks I started listening it and gave up as well. Let us know what you think of the book book version. :) 5y
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Nadia9600 It's on my list. I heard a movie is in the works 5y
Aleksandra @Pruzy yes exactly! I was just like what....? What?! Lol. I didn‘t get it. Now reading it myself I‘m like OH okay! Lol 5y
Aleksandra @vkois88 I hope so too! Thanks!! 5y
Aleksandra @Babiesandbooks I honestly think it might‘ve been the narrator for the audio version. That was annoying lol 5y
Aleksandra @Nadia9600 whaaaaat!! That‘s awesome lol 5y
ReadingRuby I really enjoyed this, I hope you have more luck with the physical copy! 5y
azulaco @Nadia9600 @Aleksandra Yes! I read that Reese Witherspoon is developing the movie for television and Kerry Washington is involved. It all sounds good! Now I just need to finish the book. 5y
wanderlustforwords I tried the audiobook sample too and did t like it. I‘ll either Kindle it or wait for the pb release. Hope it‘s as good as people are saying! 5y
Aleksandra @rubyhanmer I am! 😅 5y
Aleksandra @azulaco omg I can‘t wait!! 5y
Aleksandra @wanderlustforwords physical copy is sooooo much better! 5y
wanderlustforwords It always is! I will have to wait for pb then, I‘m probably weird but I don‘t like reading hc‘s they‘re too big. 5y
Aleksandra @wanderlustforwords I looooove hardcovers. So fresh and crisp and new 😍😍😍 5y
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The Storyteller | Jodi Picoult
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Looooove me some Jodi picoult

Lovesbooks87 Love her books! 5y
MissAimz_55 My favorite author 5y
EKonrad Yes! 👏🏻 5y
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Eggs Me too ♥️ 5y
Aleksandra @Lovesbooks87 me too! She‘s awesome. What other books by her have you read? 5y
Aleksandra @MissAimz_55 she‘s one of my favorites too. I adore her 5y
Aleksandra @Eggs so good! 5y
Aleksandra @Ekonrad I love it! 5y
Lovesbooks87 @Aleksandra I have read all of her books but one or two of them and they are all great! 5y
Aleksandra @Lovesbooks87 I just finished this one and holy moly. I cried almost the whole way through. Beautiful book. 5y
Lovesbooks87 @Aleksandra she just announced she has another book coming out in October! 5y
PenguinInFlight I love Jodi Picoult. I‘ve read all her books so far! I can‘t decide if this one or Plain Truth is my favorite...tough call! 5y
Aleksandra @PenguinInFlight I know right!!! She‘s amazing. This book was freaking amazing. I couldn‘t get into plain truth though 5y
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The Broken Girls | Simone St James
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Y‘all this book is messing me UPPPP. why didn‘t I pick this up sooner?!?!? I freaking devoured half of the book in one sitting. It‘s midnight and I have to be up at 6am SEND HELP

Booknerd222 I got that one in my BOTM and I'm hoping it comes tomorrow! 5y
Aleksandra @MadsInWonderland I think it‘s SO good! 5y
Eggs Impossible to put down 5y
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Booknerd222 Botm still hasn't come yet. it shipped on the 12th >_> 5y
Aleksandra @MadsInWonderland that happened to me last month. It was in my state (Illinois) for 2 weeks!!! Stuck there. Like really?! 5y
Aleksandra @Eggs I love it 5y
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Another @LauraKay recommendation 😇

LauraKay I hope you love it!❤️ 5y
Librosycafe This is next 9n the TBR pile!📚 5y
mcctrish Love. Love. Love. 5y
Maria514626 This is soooo good! 5y
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Just finished The Woman In The Window. Didn‘t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

Moving on, my next read will be the woman in cabin 10!
Has anyone else noticed that SO many book titles have the word “woman” or “girl” in it?! Ugh it makes me so confused!

Lauren_reading I can‘t keep them straight anymore! 5y
vkois88 This is one of my current reads, and I'm really enjoying it so far! Hope you do as well 😊 5y
CathyJ I just finished this last night and really liked it. 5y
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theokiereader I am currently reading The Women in the Castle and checked out The Women in the Window at the same time. My friend teased me, saying “Is there a theme?” My reply was, “No, there‘s just lots of women in lots of buildings.” 😁 (edited) 5y
Aleksandra @LaurenReads it‘s so hard! 5y
Aleksandra @vkois88 I only read one page 😂 I‘m at work and probably won‘t have much reading time this week 5y
Aleksandra @CathyJ yay I‘m glad you did! 5y
Aleksandra @marywag08 lol it‘s true! I have at LEAST 10 books with girl or woman in the title. At least 5y
emmaturi Yes that is so true! Especially with girl I think! 5y
Aleksandra @emmaturi it‘s too much!!! I‘m too confused! 5y
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Guess who‘s staying in bed all weekend to read this? 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼

Cinfhen Nice plan! 5y
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So excited to read one of my BOTM picks! Has anyone read this?!

ReadingSusan I really enjoyed this one. 5y
annkuch13 I'm reading it right now! It's good so far! 5y
TheBookStacker Currently reading, sucked me in quick! 5y
Aleksandra @ReadingSusan @annkuch13 @TheBookStacker I‘m so confused from the first chapter!!! 5y
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Added some new books to my bookshelves yesterday. I definitely need to re organize all of my books and donate the ones I have already read/won‘t be rereading. Can‘t wait to be organized!!!

The Secrets She Keeps | Michael Robotham
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Starting now 😀 thanks for the recommendation @LauraKay ❤️

LauraKay Yay! I hope you love it as much as I did🙂 5y
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Stillhouse Lake | Rachel Caine
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Starting the 5th book of 2018. How many books has everyone read so far this year??

ladycarliblack I've done seven so far. I'm squeezing in as much as I can before I head back to work next week. 5y
Aleksandra @ladycarliblack yay you!!! Keep going!! I did well the first 2 weeks and then got into a reading slump. I‘m hoping it‘s over now! I want to finish at least 3 more books before January is over 5y
Bostonmomx2 I‘m reading #‘s 6, 7, and 8 right now lol 5y
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dariazeoli 3, with another 4 in progress! 5y
amvs1111 I've read 5 so far. I'm working on reading an ebook and an ARC and listening to one on audio. 5y
Aleksandra @Bostonmomx2 wow awesome! 5y
Aleksandra @dariazeoli you‘re reading 4 at the same time?! How do you do it? 5y
Aleksandra @amvs1111 yay!! I tried audio books. Its just not for me 5y
amvs1111 @Aleksandra I hear you. I can generally only listen to them while driving and cooking. And, for whatever reason, like nonfiction way better via audio. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 5y
dariazeoli @Aleksandra I vary my simultaneous reads so it‘s easy to keep track. Right now I‘m reading a classic, a book of essays, and a self-help book, and listening to a novel on audio 🙂 5y
vividandromeda I've read 7 books in 2018 so far! 5y
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Stillhouse Lake | Rachel Caine
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All the library books waiting for me to read them 😍 too bad I‘ve been stuck in a reading slump for the past week 😭

minkyb Good luck! 5y
Aleksandra @minkyb thanks!! 5y
GripLitGrl 🍀good luck you'll get back to it soon enough! 5y
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Aleksandra @GripLitGrl I read a little bit today! Hoping to take a bath and read more soon 5y
JennaR3 Just finished Stillhouse Lake a few days ago and it was so good!! 5y
Aleksandra @JennaR3 can‘t wait to get to it! I think it‘ll be my next read! 5y
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Read the wrath and the dawn a couple weeks ago, starting it‘s sequel today ☺️ can‘t wait to see how it turns out. Has anyone read this series?

Kati15 I absolutely loved and enjoyed this duologie. It is one of my all time favorite duologies that I have read in 2017. 5y
InsomniacGhuleh One of my favorite things about this series is that it's a duology instead of a trilogy. That in itself is refreshing. I also just really enjoyed this series. Have you read her other book? Flame in the Mist? It's pretty amazing and I highly recommend it. 5y
bunny I just picked up the first book last week, actually. They both sound really good. Hope you enjoy! 5y
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WordlyNerdly I haven‘t read it yet, but that cover is gorgeous! 5y
Aleksandra @KatisBookaholicRamblingReviews I read the first book in December, and immediately put this one on hold at the library but it just became available last night. I can‘t wait to see what happens!! 5y
Aleksandra @InsomniacGhuleh oh yes, sometimes when series are stretched out across so many books it can get boring! And no I have not! It is on my tbr though 😍 5y
Aleksandra @bunny thanks! I hope you love it as well! 5y
Aleksandra @WordNerd33 it is! But I like the “old” covers more 😂 I was actually hoping for the other cover. Does that make me crazy?! 5y
WordlyNerdly Happens to me ALL the time! 5y
monogamist_reader I did and it is sooo good. Let me know if you like the second book as well! 5y
Coco I adore this series!!! Hope u enjoy book 2! 5y
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My favorite thing to do: curl up with a blanket and read a good book 🤓📚📖

PenguinInFlight I love this series so much. 😍😍 5y
Aleksandra @PenguinInFlight so far the first book is great. I‘ll be done with it soon and already have the sequel 5y
elyseh My favorite thing to!! 5y
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MiyakoBunny That‘s an awesome blanket 🦄 5y
Aleksandra @elyseh it‘s awesome!! 5y
Aleksandra @MiyakoBunny it‘s a 6 year old girls that I nanny for. She let me borrow it “because I‘m always cold” 😂😂😂 it‘s true though 5y
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Still making my way through the daughter of smoke and bone! I‘m really enjoying it and can‘t wait to read the second book soon! Entertainment weekly is right, I don‘t want to put it down 😂

Mommamanzi I loooooved this book! 5y
Aleksandra @Mommamanzi I love it! Can‘t wait to read the rest of the series 5y
InsomniacGhuleh I love this book series! It's so damn good. Also Laini Taylor is just simply amazing 5y
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Aleksandra @InsomniacGhuleh yes she is!! I read Strange The Dreamer before this and absolutely loved it 5y
InsomniacGhuleh @Aleksandra Strange the Dreamer is amazing. I cried at the end. You know why. I can't wait for the next installment! 5y
Aleksandra @InsomniacGhuleh ugh me too I freaking loved it so much it was in my top 3 books of 2017. I want to reread it already 5y
InsomniacGhuleh @Aleksandra I'm definitely with you on that one! 5y
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The Dry | Jane Harper
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This will be my next read as it‘s the last book from my library stack and it‘s due soon! Thoughts?

Also starting using a planner again! Let‘s hope I stick with it this year 😂 #thedry#janeharper

kamoorephoto I STILL haven‘t read this, for goodness sake. And yay! Good for you! My planner keeps me sane!!!! It got me buying stickers again too 😬 5y
Cinfhen It's good! Not earth shattering but a solid thriller 5y
whatsthEStorey This was good! It's nicely written, the relationships between the characters are thoughtful, and the story is paced well. I think I put it down after a couple chapters (don't remember why; could've been my mood or a shinier book) but I was happy I picked it up again. Hope you like it! 5y
KellyK I thought it was good. It was a book club read late last year. I‘m looking forward to the next book in the series... 5y
minkyb Solid. 5y
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Caraval | Stephanie Garber
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Some of my newest books! Already read caraval. Next is either pretty girls or stalking Jack the Ripper. Has anyone read any of these?

IheartYA Stalking Jack the Ripper. Pretty good. 5y
DiruVamp In a dark dark wood is really good! 5y
Christine11 Pretty Girls is really good but very brutal! 5y
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JacqMac Pretty Girls made me a Karen Slaughter fan. 5y
DHill Pretty Girls, In a Dark, Dark Wood and Room were all really good. Haven‘t read the others. 5y
mcipher Pretty Girls is CRAZY. Good but super dark and disturbing. 5y
mcipher And Room is the same - good but disturbing. Less graphic though! 5y
Jess_Read_This I love BBW Fireside... and Fireside marshmallow! 5y
Aleksandra @Jess_Read_This B&BW candles are theeee best 5y
Jess_Read_This @Aleksandra 🙌🏼Yes!! I think I fall into a the realm of candle hoarding with their candles. 5y
BeaG Pretty girls is good. 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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CrowCAH Welcome to the Litsy family! 5y
Aleksandra @CrowCAH thank you ❤️ 5y
Libby1 Welcome to Litsy! 5y
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Aleksandra @Libby1 thank you! 5y
BethM Welcome!! 5y
Aleksandra @BethM thank you! 5y
BethM Have you checked out the welcome wagon ( @Avanders what's that tag again?) and @LitsyHappenings ? 5y
Aleksandra @BethM no I have not! 5y
BethM @LitsyHappenings is the town square so it will keep you up to date about swaps etc. the welcome wagon has tips and tricks to welcome you to our crazy wonderful corner of the universe! I hope you'll love it here as much as I do! 5y
Avanders Hi! 👋🏽 I think @BethM is referring to #LitsyWelcomeWagon 😁 and I think @RaimeyGallant is the founder so I always tag her too ☺️ 5y
BethM @Avanders that's it! I knew I was off a bit! 5y
Avanders @BethM lucky guess on my part 😁 5y
Godmotherx5 Welcome to Litsy! 5y
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Sleeping Beauties | Stephen King, Owen King
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So many books to read and not enough time!! My goal for 2018 is to read all of the books I have at home that I haven‘t gotten to yet.

InnerSavvy You can do it. Looks like some great reads. 5y
tpixie Great goal!! Welcome! We will cheer u on!! ♥️📘♥️ 5y
LitLogophile This is my goal, too! Idk that I‘ll be able to, though ... I get too distracted by buying new books🤔. Also, The Goldfinch is one of my all-time favorites and there are some other great books on these shelves! 5y
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Aleksandra @InnerSavvy thank you!! 5y
Aleksandra @tpixie oh my gosh please do!! I keep getting distracted and buying more books/ using library books 5y
Aleksandra @LitLogophile yes!!! It‘s so hard!!!! New books are tempting.... and yay!!! It was a random find at a used book sale, I got it for 50 cents!! 5y
TheBookAddict A lot of those are on my TBR as well. I also plan to read books that I already own this year. I have way too many, so it‘ll take me more than 1 year to get through them all. 😅 5y
Aleksandra @TheBookAddict I know right! It‘s hard. Must resist buying new books and never reading them 😂 5y
KrystleTheBookSlayer Good luck with your goal, this looks like a great stack of books! A lot of them are on my TBR! Welcome to Listy! 5y
Aleksandra @Krystle1 thank you! Let‘s hope for all great reads in 2018 🎉🎉 5y
TheBookAddict It is hard, I don‘t know how long I‘ll be able to stick with this book buying ban...until I see another great book sale I can‘t resist probably. 😂 5y
Aleksandra @TheBookAddict same here!! 😂 it never lasts very long. Amazon is my weakness 5y
TheBookAddict @Aleksandra yeah, mine is usually BookOutlet when they have their too good to pass up sales. 5y
Aleksandra @TheBookAddict stay strong 💪🏼💪🏼 5y
TheBookAddict @Aleksandra 😂 we can do this! 🙌🏽💪🏽 5y
Aleksandra @TheBookAddict I HOPE 😂 5y
Lynnsoprano You sound like a candidate for the #MountTBRchallenge 😄 5y
Aleksandra @Lynnsoprano oh my gosh what is that?! I‘m up for a challenge 😀😄 (edited) 5y
Lynnsoprano @Aleksandra It‘s a really no pressure challenge. The idea is to make a TBR list that you‘re going to try to read through. @DivaDiane originated it, with the idea that your list contains books you‘ve had at least one month. My list is about 20 unread books on my Kindle that I want to whittle away at. Check out the hashtag for a look at what people are doing. I just thought it looked like a natural for you. 5y
Aleksandra @Lynnsoprano oh that‘s pretty cool! I should do that. I have so many books 5y
booksensation This pretty much looks like my pile of tbr lol sooooo many books 5y
Aleksandra @booksensation yay! My tbr is about 200 books these are just the physical books I have 5y
booksensation @Aleksandra mine is around the same lol 5y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Welcome to Litsy!! 5y
Alicia Welcome to Litsy!! 5y
DivaDiane Please join me on the #MountTBRchallenge ! It sounds silly, but the books should be at least a month “old” to be eligible. The older the better! And it shouldn‘t be an invitation to buy a book and then let it sit for a month! 😂 my TBR has books over 20 years old on it! And there are way more than 200! Join us! We‘ll cheer you on!! 5y
Aleksandra @Alicia thank you!! 5y
Aleksandra @DivaDiane hahahahaha. How do I join?? 5y
DrexEdit That's one of my goals too! 😊 Welcome to Litsy! 5y
Aleksandra @DrexEdit thank you! Good luck! 5y
tpixie @Aleksandra I feel your pain!! 📘📗📙 5y
DivaDiane @Aleksandra Theres no sign up. You can do as much or as little as you want. You could assess your TBR, decide how many of them you want to read. You could choose which ones you intend on reading, or not 😊 You could figure out which book has been there the longest (and share it #oldestTBR) but you don‘t have to do any of that. Just make an effort to shop for books on your own shelves and share with us using the tag #mountTBRchallenge 5y
Aleksandra @DivaDiane oh awesome. I‘ll definitely do that! 5y
MrBook Wonderful! 5y
anygivenmemory So much Jodi Picoult! Meeting her was one of the best days of my life. She's so nice! 5y
Aleksandra @anygivenmemory omggggg you met her?!? I wish I could. I love love love her work. All the books I‘ve read by her are in another room, and I‘ve read ALOT of her books ☺️ she‘s awesome 5y
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Now Is Everything | Amy Giles

This book was by far the best YA fiction book I have read yet. It was a pretty short/ easy read with a fantastic story and great characters. A definite page turner, I read it in 2 days!

cobwebmoth Welcome to Litsy!🎉 5y
Aleksandra @cobwebmoth thank you! 5y
Librarybelle Welcome to Litsy! 5y
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Purrfectpages Welcome to Litsy! 5y
Aleksandra @Purrfectpages thank you!! 5y
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Not too far in this book yet but really enjoying it ☺️ Laini Taylor is starting to become one of my favorite authors!

MelAnn Welcome to Litsy! 5y
Aleksandra @MelAnn thank you! 5y
Scurvygirl Welcome to litsy!! 5y
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JennaR3 I‘ve heard this is so good. I might have to pick it up soon! 5y
Aleksandra @JennaR3 I‘m only about 30 pages in but I‘m really liking it! 5y
vkois88 This is on my TBR too! Welcome to #Litsy 😊 5y
Aleksandra @vkois88 thank you!! Have you read Strange The Dreamer yet? 5y
vkois88 No 🙁 but all her books have been lurking on my TBR. I'm hoping to finally get to some of them this year. I've heard so many great things about them! 5y
Aleksandra @ForeverNerdy thank you ☺️ 5y
Aleksandra @vkois88 that book is amazingggggg. It‘ll be forever in my heart 5y
vkois88 I'll have to get to it as soon as I can :) 5y
DeborahSmall Great book ❤️ 5y
TricksyTails Welcome to Litsy! 👏😁📚🎉📚 #LitsyWelcomeWagon 5y
Aleksandra @TricksyTails thank you!! 5y
PurpleyPumpkin Welcome to Litsy! It‘s a great community and I hope you enjoy it here. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts. 😉👍🏽 5y
Aleksandra @PurpleyPumpkin thank you!! ❤️ 5y
ladym30 She is one of my favorites! 5y
ReadingRover Welcome to Litsy!!! That‘s a great book. One of my favorites! 5y
Cinfhen Hi!! Welcome to Litsy!!! 5y
MrBook Welcome to Litsy!!! Best biblio-community you'll find. 😊👍🏻👍🏻 5y
DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚👍😀 Hope you enjoy it here! 5y
IWriteInTheNight Welcome to Litsy🎉 I love your name ❤️. Hope you enjoy it here! 5y
Aleksandra @IWriteInTheNight thank you ❤️ 5y
DebReads4fun Welcome to Litsy! 5y
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