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Joined September 2016

Scottish (Glaswegian) but live in Ireland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪| Ravenpuff 💙💛| books, movies, coffee |📚💙📽📖
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At the airport, off to my favourite city today ❤️🇮🇹

LauraBeth Oohh - nice! Enjoy! 6y
BookishMarginalia Have a safe flight and a wonderful trip! 6y
ephemeralwaltz Enjoy!!!😍😍 6y
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Simona Have a good time❣️ 6y
Sarah83 Hope you have a great time 💕 6y
emilyhaldi Amazing!!! Have fun! 🍷🍝 6y
LeahBergen Gahhhhhh!! Have a fantastic time, hen. 😘😘😘 6y
Cathythoughts 👍🏻♥️♥️enjoy 6y
BarbaraBB Have fun! 6y
youneverarrived Have a great time! 6y
kspenmoll Wonderful!!!! 6y
Cinfhen Lovely!! Hope you‘re having a wonderful time 😍 6y
TrishB Hope you‘ve had fun 😘 6y
Libby1 I hope you had a brilliant time! 💜 5y
DeborahSmall @LauraBeth @BookishMarginalia @ephemeralwaltz @Simona @Sarah83 @emilyhaldi @LeahBergen @Cathythoughts @BarbaraBB @youneverarrived @kspenmoll @Cinfhen @Libby1 sorry for the late reply. I had a wonderful time. I‘ve been to Venice so many times and will never tire of such a wonderful place. Sorry I‘ve been so absent, I‘ve had numerous family issues and finding it difficult to think of much else. I‘m still reading lots though!! Love to you all xx 5y
Cinfhen So nice to “hear” from you ❤️Family first....ALWAYS 😘 5y
DeborahSmall @Cinfhen thank you 😘 I may be able to write a book this summer with all the drama if the last 2 years 😂😂would be under tragicom drama genre!! 5y
Cinfhen See, there‘s always a silver lining 🙏🏻💋 5y
kspenmoll @DeborahSmall So happy you had a wonderful time in Venice. Family always comes before anything- I am sorry it‘s been rough right now. Hugs to you! 💕 5y
BarbaraBB Wishing you the best! 🍀💚 5y
Cinfhen Hi!! Just thinking of you this morning. Hope life is returning to normal 5y
GrilledCheeseSamurai HELLO! Was just thinking of Jonathan Carroll and naturally thought of you. Hope all is well. 🙂 5y
Bklover Hope you are doing well. 💐 5y
Cinfhen Just thinking about you❣️Hope you‘re all well 🙏🏼 4y
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I‘m halfway through this at the moment and loving it!

Happy New Year 🥳 to all my darling Littens. Hope 2019 is great for you all, filled with many many books 😘❤️📚

TrishB Happy New Year 😘 best wishes to you and yours. 6y
Sarah83 Happy new year 💓 6y
arlenefinnigan Happy New year! 6y
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Miss_Kim Such a good story! 💜 6y
MicheleinPhilly I hope your copy has all of its pages! Happy New Year! 6y
Redwritinghood Happy New Year! 6y
LeahBergen Happy New Year, hen! 😘😘 6y
batsy Happy new year 🥂❤️ 6y
DeborahSmall @MicheleinPhilly all the pages definitely there and the cover glows in the dark! 6y
andrew61 Happy new year Deborah. 6y
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I‘m loving Charlie Parker this month. Only one book left then I have to wait until April for his next one. That‘s why I take long breaks between his books. Definitely my favourite thriller author. And thank you @ScorpioBookDreams for the gin ‘taster‘ and my favourite chocolate selections from Hotel Chocolat 😍 I‘m having a very relaxing night ❤️📚🍫

Guildedearlobe Love Charlie Parker!! 6y
LeahBergen This looks gorgeous. I want to join you! 😆 6y
TrishB Looks very cosy ❤️ I‘ve just finished number 5 with Charlie Parker, so have a while to savour the series. 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I‘d love you to join me! You too @TrishB 💕 I‘m almost finished this. Think I‘ll have a break before the next one though. @Guildedearlobe definitely a favourite literary choice of mine! 6y
Cinfhen Just checking in to wish you a Happy 2019❤️Hope this new year brings you peace & comfort 😘 6y
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I absolutely loved this. Couldn‘t put it down. Only planned on reading the first few pages as I‘m in the middle of another. But all the mentions of my beloved Glasgow pulled me in and his beautiful descriptions of India mesmerised me and didn‘t let go until the last page. Such an interesting read ❤️📚🌶🇮🇳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

LeahBergen This was so good and it made me HUNGRY. 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I made a gorgeous curry a couple of nights ago, I‘ll send you the recipe 😘 6y
LeahBergen @DeborahSmall Yes, please! 6y
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DeborahSmall @LeahBergen William asked me to make daal tonight tonight 🥘🌶 6y
Cinfhen Just wanted to say hi!! Hope you‘re doing ok, I know holiday time can be extra stressful sometimes 😔 6y
DeborahSmall @Cinfhen thank you! Will be glad to see January. Hope you and kids are well too 😘 6y
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The Light Between Worlds | Laura E. Weymouth
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Reading this at the moment and loving it 💕📚

LeahBergen This sounds delightfully old-fashioned. Is it? 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen totally. A very ‘old English‘ vibe with it being just post WW2 The lion, witch and wardrobe and Peter Pan vibes too. I just finished a book I read in one sitting but halfway through this and ready to get stuck back in. Xx 6y
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This has been the book to get me out of my reading slump.
So it‘s getting very cold here and I think the fire will be getting lit this week. Although it‘s cosy I‘ll miss having fresh flowers in my living room 💐

Cathythoughts I‘ll bet it‘s good. I‘m only on book 2 of his ...... 👍🏻❤️hope you are well X 6y
LeahBergen So pretty! 😍 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I think you‘d love John Connolly. His first couple of books are pretty graphic. But I find his prose almost lyrical. Series gets better as the characters develop. I can send you the first in paperback if you‘d like to try him 😘 6y
LeahBergen @DeborahSmall Sure! Or maybe not ... save your postage. 😆😆 I can easily pick up the first one here. 😘 6y
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The Misadventures of John Nicholson | Robert Louis Stevenson
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Found a fantastic bookshop in Edinburgh: typewronger books. He also repairs typewriters. Cup of tea offered as soon as we walked through the door, such a great and eccentric character. He‘s just published this, it has some wonderful illustrations too. ❤️📚

Cathythoughts Sounds great!! Enjoy 😊👍🏻❤️ 6y
rather_be_reading that bookstore sounds amazing! 6y
TrishB Lovely 💕 6y
LeahBergen It looks wonderful! 😍 6y
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Bridge of Clay | Markus Zusak
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Patisserie Valerie❤️ pecan pie and a cappuccino, hard to beat

merelybookish Yum! 😋 6y
batsy Slurp! 6y
RinaBrahmbhattBarot What's this book about? I love that place in London, it was our usual book club meet up :) 6y
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Cinfhen Drink looks heavenly 😇 6y
Chelsea.Poole Oh my. Yum!🥮 6y
Dragon Yummy 6y
Redwritinghood Looks so good! 😋😋 6y
DeborahSmall @MyBookSwapClub 5 brothers, 1 in particular, Clay. Funny, sad coming of age. Only 80 pages in, but loving it so far x (edited) 6y
RinaBrahmbhattBarot @DeborahSmall 👌 gotta add in my stack :) 6y
LeahBergen Oh, good - you got some pecan pie! 😆 6y
TrishB 💕 Looks lovely 6y
Cinfhen How‘s the book?? I‘ve just purchased today. #ImpulseBuy 6y
DeborahSmall @Cinfhen I got half way through and although loving it I had to change to thriller, normally I‘d have flew through it but I‘ve so much going on with family that my mind was going elsewhere. But I‘ll go back to it once I finish a couple of books. This is my first reading slump ever. I‘d say from age of 10 I‘ve read 1 book a week at least x (edited) 6y
Cinfhen Sorry you are going through family stuff 😥sometimes even the best books cant take our minds away from the worry. Hope you find peace & resolution soon. At least thrillers are helping xx 6y
DeborahSmall @Cinfhen thanks Cindy, it‘s been an incredibly tough 6 months and why I‘ve been so ‘absent‘. But of course I‘ve had so much love and support from my Litsy family. Very lucky to have you all 💕 6y
Cinfhen Sending love and best wishes into the new year xx 6y
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Bridge of Clay | Markus Zusak
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Definitely getting me out of my first ever reading slump ❤️📚

DeborahSmall Bought it with the vouchers from the wonderful @ScorpioBookDreams 😘 6y
TrishB Hope you enjoy it 😁 I took about 50 pages to get into it and then loved it 💕 thinking about you 😘 xx 6y
Cathythoughts I have this one stacked. If looks really good. Sending warm wishes & kind thoughts your way .... 👍🏻❤️ 6y
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DeborahSmall @TrishB @Cathythoughts thanks ladies. On my way to court house now. I‘m going to break my heart when I see him. Dreading it xxx 6y
TrishB Sending love and hugs 💕❤️ xx 6y
Cinfhen Haven‘t seen you in awhile ~ hope all is well 6y
Caroline2 I‘ve been thinking of you a lot and hoping you‘re ok! Take care! Sending warm hugs and lots of love! Xxx 6y
LeahBergen Sending lots of love your way, hen! 😘😘😘 6y
CouronneDhiver Hi 👋🏽 Glad you‘re back! 6y
DeborahSmall @Cinfhen @Caroline2 @CouronneDhiver thank you, I‘ll try my best to stay back 😘 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I was just in a card shop and had to take pic for you 😂 will email you shortly 😘 x 6y
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#friyayintro @howjessreads

1. Anything secret seven or famous five. Also the commando comics
2. Both. Id love someone to make me a pecan pie in US and fly it straight to me. That is my dream.
3. Love movies and binge watching crime tv shows and also amazing shit like Riverdale, it‘s so bad it‘s genius. And cross stitch
4. Spain or Italy although I‘m extremely homesick right now (for Scotland)
5. @ScorpioBookDreams @LeahBergen @Sarah83

LeahBergen I was just looking at a recipe for pecan pie squares that looked good (and easier than making a pie!) 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I‘ll have to look for that recipe x 6y
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I haven‘t done one of these in months!

📚Muse of Nightmares
👩🏻‍💻 Madeline Miller
🎬 The Magdalene Sisters/ Mulholland Drive
🍛 Madras 🌶🌶🌶

#letterM @JoScho

JoScho 😊💙😊 6y
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Bitter Orange | Claire Fuller
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Just started this, not sure yet but will give it another 20 pages ❤️📚

LeahBergen Well, it SOUNDS good. Are you liking it yet? 6y
Kalalalatja I didn‘t even know she had a new book out! 6y
shawnmooney I thought her last one started out great but kind of petered out by the end. Eager to hear how you make out with this one! 6y
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TrishB Interested in your review 👍🏻 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen @shawnmooney @TrishB I‘m really enjoying it, reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier, tense and atmospheric. The descriptions are just wonderful I can feel dread mounting as I read but I‘m not sure why. Has definitely captivated me. Not much more left x 6y
TrishB Sounds fab 👍🏻 6y
LeahBergen Daphne Du Maurier? You‘ve sold me. 😄 6y
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen Yes; had me at Daphne du Maurier. 😊 6y
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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Sophie has joined me in my new library, I‘ll need to get another chair for her ❤️📚

Sarah83 Looks great 😍 6y
saresmoore ♥️♥️♥️ 6y
LeahBergen Aww, look at her! ❤️❤️ You‘ll be able to read side-by-side. ❤️❤️ 6y
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DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I ended up sitting on the floor cushion! 😂 6y
AlaMich Why do I not see a cat in the picture? 🧐 6y
DeborahSmall @AlaMich I‘d love a cat but husband not a cat person.. I occasionally invite the local cats for parties 6y
AlaMich @DeborahSmall So Sophie is your daughter? But I don‘t see a child in this photo either. Is this like one of those optical illusion pictures?? 😉 6y
DeborahSmall @AlaMich she‘s the one reading 😘 6y
AlaMich @DeborahSmall ahhhh...let‘s just forget this little exchange took place, shall we? 🤣 6y
DeborahSmall @AlaMich 😂 brilliant 💕 6y
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Vengeful | V. E. Schwab
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Can‘t wait to start this ❤️🖤

Ddzmini Omg omg omg is it out 😮👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎉🎊 6y
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I absolutely loved the first 2 books in The Winternight Trilogy, lucky to get this gorgeous ARC of the 3rd ❤️📚

LeahBergen What a pretty cover. 😘 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen it‘s so beautiful 6y
ScorpioBookDreams IT'S INCREDIBLE!! Xx 6y
Asthecroweflies I‘m so jealous. I wanted an ARC of that book! 6y
TrishB Looks lovely 💕 6y
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Dance of Thieves | Mary E Pearson
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Started this yesterday, ready to get stuck in ❤️📚

Cathythoughts Great cover 🖤 6y
TrishB Looks lovely 💜 6y
GypsyKat Beautiful cover! 6y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So beautiful 🖤💛 6y
LeahBergen Your library! 😍😍 Is it all moved in now? 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen not yet, I‘ve just saved up enough for new bookcases, they‘ll be here this week 💕 6y
bg_reads What a beautiful cover!! 😍 Are you loving the book so far? I kind of want it just for the cover to display somewhere! 6y
DeborahSmall @cbwaug it was slow to start but really picked up around page 60 6y
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Fawkes: A Novel | Nadine Brandes
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Yesterday‘s #bookmail! Started Fawkes today and it fantastic ❤️📚

LeahBergen I‘ve been missing you! 😩 6y
TrishB @LeahBergen same 😘 6y
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Just starting the second book in The Lewis Trilogy. The Black House was Julys #whodunnituk pick and I absolutely loved it.
Just found this quote at start of the book, I love Philip Larkin ❤️

LeahBergen I‘ve had The Black House for ages. 🙄 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen it was so good! X 6y
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Vicious | V. E. Schwab
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Really looking forward to this ❤️ and what do you think of my gorgeous book sleeve from @ScorpioBookDreams ? ❤️📚

Quirkybookworm I love it!!! 6y
Joe_Jones The book sleeve is awesome! 6y
Avanders Amazing. 6y
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JoScho The sleeve is amazing! 6y
DeborahSmall @Quirkybookworm @Joe_Jones @Avanders @JoScho thank you, I chose the art work from an artist I follow on Instagram, she got me the print too 6y
KimmyM VICIOUS is one of my favourite books!! I hope you love it! 6y
Kalalalatja 😍😍😍 to everything on this pic! 6y
julesG 😍😍😍 6y
ScorpioBookDreams Let me know what Vicious is like xx 6y
TrishB Lovely 💕 6y
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Pieces of Her | Karin Slaughter
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Up next ❤️📚

LeahBergen Is that her new one? I bet you‘re excited! 👏🏻 6y
vivastory I should be getting my signed copy any day now 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen @vivastory it‘s excellent so far 6y
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TrishB I loved it 👍🏻 6y
DeborahSmall @TrishB it was excellent x 6y
TrishB We just need a new Will Trent now 😘 6y
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Gemina | Arnie Kaufman
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A lot slower that Illuminae......I‘ll stick it out another while 💙📚

TrishB Hi 🙋‍♀️ hope you‘re ok 💕 6y
LibrarianRyan Do stick it out. It‘s worth it. 6y
LeahBergen I see a bag of sweets or something there ... 😆 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen yep a huge galaxy bar 😋 6y
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The Boneless Mercies | April Genevieve Tucholke
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From @ScorpioBookDreams loving this Viking/Norse adventure 💙

ScorpioBookDreams The finished cover is so pretty xx 6y
Kalalalatja Sounds great! 6y
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Black House | Peter May
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Late with julys #whodunnit will hopefully be a quick read.
Thank you @daydreamin_star for the gorgeous notebook and pen 😘

Love the notebook and bookmarks from @thegirlwiththebookishcandle 💕📚

LeahBergen I have this book on my shelf. You‘ll have to let me know how you like it. 😘 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen will do 😘 6y
TrishB Looking forward to this one 👍🏻 6y
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Libby1 Hello! You haven‘t happened to send out my book for August? I‘ve not received it yet if you have. The last one I read was The Escape. Am I on track or am I jumping too far ahead? 6y
DeborahSmall @Libby1 I‘m late. Sorry! I‘ll hopefully have it finished tomorrow and post on Thursday x 6y
Libby1 It‘s not a problem! Don‘t rush! I just thought I‘d lost track of myself. Take your time. I don‘t want you to feel any pressure. 😊 6y
Libby1 Got it last Friday! Thanks so much! 😘 6y
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The Last Magician | Lisa Maxwell
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Almost finished, loving it 💕📚

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Thank you very much @Caroline2 such a lovely surprise 💕

eraderneely Gorgeous card 6y
Caroline2 You‘re welcome! 😉 6y
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Untitled | To Be Announced
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1. Bed
2. Godblind
3. With much deliberation, i read the first page in pile of books from different genres then pick whichever draws me in ❤️📚


LeahBergen I love picking my next book. 😘 6y
Cathythoughts Yes I love picking my next book too. It‘s exciting @LeahBergen @DeborahSmall 6y
SilversReviews I like #3's answer. Thanks for playing. 😊 6y
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Untitled | Unknown
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‘A denunciation of Donald Trump‘ The Scotsman daily newspaper 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙


DGRachel I‘m so ashamed that this “man” is the president of my country. Disgraceful. 😔 6y
CaitlinR Thank you for this. 6y
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vivastory He's the monster that Fox news & the far right have been creating for years. Utterly disgraceful. 6y
julesG 😵👏 6y
laurieluna I still sometimes pinch myself, hoping the fact he's a world leader is all some terrible dream and I'll wake up soon...😧 6y
EadieB This is really not a forum to discuss politics. As there are plenty of reasons not to like Hillary and Obama. We need to respect others opinions too. I‘m sure there are a lot of deplorables that feel differently about Trump and the wonderful job he is doing for our economy. (edited) 6y
toofondofbooks I'm sorry, I usually try to scroll past political opinion type posts, but article this is mostly false information. Most Americans are proud of our President and what he is doing for our country. This is just regurgitating what the left wants people to believe. 6y
EadieB @toofondofbooks Glad that you spoke up too. Hateful information that we don‘t need on Litsy! 6y
toofondofbooks @EadieB I know. I wish we would keep the political stuff off Litsy. This is where I want to escape all that. 🙄 6y
EadieB 👍 6y
Reggie Meh, people can unfollow if they dislike the post. I‘m just shocked when I see people who drink the Koolaid. They left off the part about the man who has so little empathy or humanity he thought it was a good policy to rip children away from their families at the border, negatively affecting these kids for the rest of their lives in ways none of us will ever know. I guess if that‘s the president you‘re proud of, whatever. (edited) 6y
LeahBergen 👍🏻 It‘s interesting to read an article with a non- North American viewpoint. 6y
EadieB @Reggie That‘s a law that was put into place to stop child trafficking and is now being used to make Trump look bad. The democrats had a chance to change it but never did and this practice has been going on since 2008. (edited) 6y
DeborahSmall @Sorceryandswords @DGRachel @CaitlynR @vivastory @miralunasbooknook @julesG @EadieB @toofondofbooks @Reggie @LeahBergen I think this short article is a very accurate summarisation of the type of man Trump is. Feel free to unfollow me if this offends you 6y
toofondofbooks @DeborahSmall I don't unfollow people bc we have differing opinions. I just wanted to point out that the majority of Americans are happy with our president. This article is full of the same things the left has been shouting for 2 years and it is simply not true. I encourage people to look at the facts and stop believing the media and especially celebrities bc they are clueless. 6y
EadieB @DeborahSmall You are entitled to your opinion but I voted for the man who will make America a better place to live with a booming economy. What he has done in his private life has nothing to do with what he is now doing as president. President Clinton does not a have a clean slate either but he was a great president. President Trump will go down in history as the best president America ever had. I am very proud of his accomplishments. (edited) 6y
toofondofbooks @Reggie this is one of the most misreported things. This is a law that has been in place for years. It is a crime to enter our country illegally just as it is for most countries in the world. Also what the news reports about how this separation takes place is completely false. There are no kids in cages. Those are faked photos. 6y
DGRachel @DeborahSmall I agree with you. I would also like to point out that his approval rating is less than 50%, so the comment that the majority of Americans are happy with our president is incorrect. @LeahBergen Yes, I appreciate seeing how other countries view him. It breaks my heart, knowing that my fellow countrymen voted this monster into office, but at least other countries aren‘t afraid to yell “the emperor is naked”. 6y
toofondofbooks I'm gonna leave this convo now bc it always goes the same way. The right man is in the office. I lived with Obama for 8 years but I never wished he would fail. We should all support our President. 6y
vivastory Fact 1) Trump denied that our first African American president was an American. Fact 2) Trump said that there were "many fine people on both sides" following a white supremacist rally where a counter protester was murdered. Fact 3) Trump said that Judge Curiel was incapable of impartiality due to because he was Mexican. These are statements made by our current president. You can claim Trump is or is not xyz. His racism is an objective fact. 6y
EadieB @DGRachel The Americans that are happy with Trump are not as vocal as they love what Trump is doing. So why complain? The proof will be when he gets re-elected as I have no doubt that he will get another term. He is doing a fantastic job and who cares what other countries think. All that fake news will make the complainers look like fools when the voters speak again and re-elect a great president who puts America first! (edited) 6y
EadieB @vivastory Every candidate has things about them that people don‘t like. The voters are the ones who choose the best candidate for them so I suggest to get registered if you are not and vote. 6y
vivastory @EadieB I am registered & I did vote. But there are certain things, ie racism, that seem to me to be much more egregious. Not all flaws are equal. 6y
EadieB @vivastory Well that‘s your opinion. You never know what is truly in a person‘s heart when his words are always misconstrued. He has been attacked viciously more than any other president and still holds his head high and is courageously working for the American people. 6y
vivastory @EadieB None of what I stated was "misconstrued." He's on record (video) as saying all 3 of those statements. Racist statements (ie denying for years that our nation's first African American president wasn't American) aren't a matter of opinion. They're an objective truth. 6y
DGRachel @EadieB We will have to agree to disagree. 6y
EadieB @vivastory Well there are more Spanish and black people back to work now then before he was elected so I think he is working for all the people no matter their color or heritage. I think in regards to Obama‘s birth certificate Trump just wanted to make sure he was an American because Obama‘s birth certificate was questionable. We differ in our opinions but that‘s why there are always others to vote for. I wasn‘t happy during the Obama years either 6y
julesG As a European I'd like to say, the renowned newspapers over here check their facts, in most cases more than once, before they publish their stories. @DeborahSmall - I'm not going to unfollow you, both the article and the ensuing discussion are interesting. 6y
Cathythoughts Great article. The more denunciation- the better. 6y
Sophoclessweetheart I‘m not at all offended Deborah. I‘m not sure where I left the impression I might be 🤔 It‘s an interesting article. 🖤👏 6y
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Glittering City | Cyprian Ekwensi
post image

Thank you so much @Oryx this was a lovely surprise ❤️

Oryx You're welcome 😀 6y
LeahBergen Lovely photo, hen. 😘😘 6y
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Spinning Silver | Naomi Novik
post image

Got this today from Pan Macmillan. Also waiting on US edition (signed) 💙📚

MinDea Love that cover!!! 6y
TrishB Gorgeous ❤️ 6y
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Beyond a Darkened Shore | Jessica Leake
post image

Up next ❤️📚

Literary_Siren I NEEEEEED that bookmark!! 🖤🖤 6y
Librarygal08 Loved this book! 6y
Birdsong28 @Literary_Siren It's from a Australian site called Ink and Wonder but they deliver worldwide as I'm getting a Pocahontas one and I'm in the UK. 📚📖 6y
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Literary_Siren I know. 😊 I love them! I‘ve got 4 but not that one! 6y
TrishB Looks interesting 👍🏻 6y
ScorpioBookDreams @Literary_Siren it was a Fairyloot exclusive I think. 6y
Literary_Siren Dang it! 6y
LeahBergen Love the bookmark! 😘 6y
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Illuminae | Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
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Today‘s #bookmail has a cool vinyl dust jacket with clear windows. Visually a delight, can‘t wait to jump in. ❤️📚

TrishB Lovely 💕 6y
Moray_Reads I really enjoyed the style of this. Less romantic teen angst would have been preferred but it kept me pretty gripped nevertheless 6y
britt_brooke Nice! 6y
DeborahSmall @Moray_Reads really looking forward to it x 6y
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The Escape | C.L. Taylor
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Finally starting my #whodunnit today, great weather the last few days and hoping it lasts a couple of weeks. Thanks @daydreamin_star for the choice and as always to @ScorpioBookDreams for organising ❤️📚😘

LeahBergen Don‘t forget to cook dinner for the kids later. 😂😂 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I might‘ve forgot about Daniel 😂 thought he was out to be fair!! 6y
LeahBergen 😂😂 6y
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DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I think you scud me last night with that comment 😂 Stephen did dinner tonight!! 6y
LeahBergen What does ‘scud‘ mean? Is that like jinxed? Or blessed? Either way - yay, Stephen! 😂 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen yep, jinxed 😂 6y
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War Storm | Victoria Aveyard
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#bookmail from @ScorpioBookDreams has beautiful blue sprayed edges and also signed and dedicated. Thank you 😘
Also the gorgeous bookmark from @LeahBergen goes perfectly ( the bookmark is a gorgeous owl ) 😘

TrishB Lovely 💕 6y
LeahBergen 😘😘 6y
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#Friyayintro @jesshowbooks

1. Snow White was first Disney movie I saw and I fell in love ❤️
2. Shrek💚
3. 22.03 in UK and Ireland ☀️🌞
4. Olives 🤢
5. @ScorpioBookDreams

DebbieGrillo Olives🤮 6y
LeahBergen I love olives! 😄 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen everyone who knows me is surprised, as I love really salty snacks but in Turkey 22 years ago I had severe food poisoning after eating a chicken and olive type casserole. I passed out after vomiting in hotel lobby and woke up soaked in my bed; the porter filled an ice bucket with water and ice and threw it over me ? we actually stayed in touch, his name was Oran. He also asked to marry me for Qdk to get into uk. ??the memories 6y
LeahBergen @DeborahSmall OH MY GOD!! 😂😂😂 That sounds like something from a movie! 😂😂 I love it! 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I loved the people I met but you couldn‘t pay me to holiday in Turkey ever again 😂 6y
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The Wicked Deep | Shea Ernshaw
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Up next 💙🌊📚

LeahBergen Your library is looking wonderful (and so are your nails!). 😘 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen the floor behind me not too hot 😂 loving my nail colour this week 😘 6y
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1. Just 1 for my husband. My dad is a twat, for want of a better word.
2. Both
3. Soccer! Although I read through the boring games. Yet again another year Scotland didn‘t make the World Cup finals so for me it‘s ‘any team but England‘ Apologies @TrishB @ScorpioBookDreams @arlenefinnigan
4. Lemon cheesecake and coffee and walnut cake

#sassysunday @BarbaraTheBibliophage

TrishB None needed 😁 I would feel the same 😂 but I don‘t think you need to be worrying! I read through the boring ones too!! 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks for playing along! I pick my teams like that sometimes, although I‘m more of an American football fan than a World Cup fan. 6y
ScorpioBookDreams Couldn‘t care less about football so doesn‘t bother me! 😂😂 Now if you‘d said something about rugby or cricket then my dad would have had something to say!! 😂 6y
LeahBergen Your answer to # 1! 😂😂😂 6y
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#bookmail ❤️📚

LeahBergen Is this going in the new library or the old? 😆 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen pic taken in new libray😉 just need to buy more bookcases before I make next step 😘 6y
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Library move going well ❤️📚

saresmoore Beautiful! 6y
erzascarletbookgasm 😍❤️ 6y
My_novel_obsession So pretty! 6y
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knittedgnome Lovely shelf!! 6y
Cathythoughts Beautiful ❤️ 6y
Farzad_Poodineh Beautiful and neat 💗👌 6y
Kalalalatja I just dropped my phone in my face because of the prettiness of it all 😍😍😍 6y
Sarah83 Wow. Wonderful. Looks so gorgeous. 💖💖😍😍 6y
LeahBergen Gah!! I love it! ❤️❤️❤️ 6y
minkyb ❣️ 6y
TrishB Lovely 💕 6y
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Untitled | Unknown
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The great Jonathan Carroll posted this quote on FB this morning.
Pic from google

“I watch and love you in your mystery”

Eavan Boland

ladym30 Beautiful! 6y
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My Reading Life | Pat Conroy
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Blown away as usual by the generosity and thoughtfulness of @LeahBergen ! Pat Conroy is in my top 5 favourite authors, never did I think I‘d have a signed book by him until this morning! 🤩 The Changeling looks wonderful too. The bookmarks as usual are great and I‘ve already opened one bag of sweets (100% the best sweets ever)
Thank you so much dear friend 😘😘

vkois88 The Poe bookmark 😍😍 6y
TrishB Lovely 💕 6y
Chrissyreadit Those bookmarks are so nice! Who is the author of The Changeling? I want to look up the book! Nice @LeahBergen ! 6y
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Mdargusch So nice! 6y
DeborahSmall @Chrissyreadit it‘s by Joy Williams and this is the 40th anniversary edition. It looks fantastic 6y
LeahBergen Wow! That got there quickly. I‘m so glad you like the Conroy! And put down that bag of sweets before your mouth starts bleeding. 😂🤣 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen you did say hide the sweets. Just 2 minutes ago I go into Sam‘s room to tell him to keep the noise down. And I see my precious fucking wrappers. So I asked did he at least take the bag that was almost empty, but no the little bollocks took a full bag. But the cheekiest part?....The bag he took wasn‘t yet open so he grabbed a few from my open bag and took a full bag. The fucking temerity astounds me! 6y
LeahBergen @DeborahSmall Oh no! 😂😂😂 Did you kill him?? 😂😂 6y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen almost 😂😂 he left to go stay with his girlfriend x😂😂 6y
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Look for Me | Lisa Gardner
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Perfect day for reading in the garden ❤️📚

Cathythoughts 🌞👍🏻 6y
LaraReads Yay! Looks awesome! It‘s lovely weather here too & I‘m so thankful for a break in the heat! 6y
TrishB Love DD Warren 💕👍🏻 6y
DeborahSmall @TrishB me too, didn‘t even realise this was out until last week!! Have you read this yet? Fantastic so far xx 6y
TrishB I‘ve read - it‘s great 👍🏻 6y
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Thank you @Sarah83 for the great gifts! Love everything 😘😘

TrishB Lovely 💕 6y
Sarah83 Glad you like everything 6y
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Fever Dream | Samanta Schweblin
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Thank you @TrishB fir the wonderful gifts! In love with my mug 😂 and bookmarks 😘😘

Erinsuereads That mug is amazing 6y
TrishB Hope you‘ve had a great day 😁 couldn‘t resist the mug! 💕 6y
LauraJ @TrishB That MUG! (need a coffee spewing emoji) 6y
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AmyG Great mug! 6y
ladym30 Love the mug!! 6y
TrishB @LauraJ it made me laugh too! 6y
DeborahSmall @TrishB I took a close up and sent it to loads of people. Had coffee out this morning but will be my mug for tomorrow. Just love it. Sophie thinks it‘s hilarious and now coming up with puns. Most recent a mug with a chicken saying ‘cluck off I‘m reading‘ 😂 you‘ve inspired greatness 6y
TrishB 😂😂 brilliant! The daft things are the best! 6y
Cathythoughts I loved Woman in The Window... it‘s a really good thriller 👍🏻😳 6y
DeborahSmall @Cathythoughts my sister has been begging me to read it but I kept forgetting to buy it! She spotted it yesterday so I‘ll be tortured. In the mood for few thrillers as I‘ve read so much fantasy lately💕 6y
LeahBergen That mug is fantastic! 😂😂 @TrishB 6y
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My birthday cake! Surprise from my eldest 📚🎂💕

rockpools That's amazing! Happy Birthday Deborah! 6y
vivastory Amazing! Happy Birthday! 🎂📚👏🤘 6y
Tamra So thoughtful! 6y
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Melissa_J Awesome!! Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎈 6y
CaitlinR Wowza. 🎈 6y
TrishB Lovely 💕 6y
Reggie Ha ha that‘s awesome!!!! Happy Birthday!!! 6y
tjwill So cool! 6y
LauraJ Good kid! Happy Birthday 🎈 6y
batsy That is brilliant! Hope you had a lovely birthday! 6y
Cathythoughts Wonderful 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6y
DivineDiana Fantastic!!! ❤️ 6y
LeahBergen That‘s stunning! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6y
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1. My birthday tomorrow 🎂🍰
2. 4
3. Nope
4. Yeah! My aunt researched for years and still winning on it! On mums mothers side we are descendants of Lithuanian Jews!
5. BST

Cinfhen I knew you had some Jewish blood in you!!!! And HAPPY early birthday my lovely friend 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 6y
wanderinglynn Happy early birthday! 🎉🎂🎇🎆🎶 6y
Librarybelle Happy early birthday! 6y
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quietlycuriouskate Happy birthday for tomorrow! 🎉🎂 6y
DeborahSmall @Cinfhen all my family feel the same. My mums sisters especially. Obviously a reason my name is Hebrew and apart from Sophie I chose Hebrew names for boys before I knew of our ancestry! And thank you 😘 6y
Lindy 🍰🍰🍰🎉 6y
Eggs Happy Birthday 🎈🎈🎈 6y
CouronneDhiver ... and I was going to try to impress you with the fact that I remembered it... 😂 Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🎉🎉 6y
Bklover Happy Birthday!!!!🎈 6y
RadicalReader @DeborahSmall Happy birthday wishing you many hours of blissful reading 6y
Tiyas7 Happy Birthday @DeborahSmall 6y
Wife Happy Birthday! 🎈 6y
MicheleinPhilly Happy Birthday! I hope you have a glorious day! 😘 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Happy Belated Birthday!!!❤️ 6y
saresmoore Happy belated birthday, friend! I hope you‘re still celebrating! 😘♥️♥️♥️ 6y
DeborahSmall @saresmoore thank you gorgeous! Celebrations over but still spending by birthday money! 😘 6y
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Just received this huge box from @TrishB for my birthday tomorrow!! Such a surprise! Thank you so much 😘 also have loads from @ScorpioBookDreams and @Sarah83

Feel like a big kid!! 😘❤️

Sarah83 Unwrapping many parcels is lot of fun. 😊 6y
jfalkens Happy birthday!! 6y
Cathythoughts How exciting! And Happy Birthday tomorrow ❤️ 6y
AmyG Happy Birthday!🎁🎂🎉 6y
TrishB Enjoy when it gets here 💕 6y
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
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“I turned my nightmares into fireflies and caught them in a jar”

Why did I wait so long to read this? One of the best YA fantasy novels I‘ve read. A beautiful book and I‘m so excited for a The Muse of Nightmares coming in October 💙📚

EchoLogical Isn't it amazing?! Laini Taylor is the best! 6y
DeborahSmall @EchoLogical so so good!! I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone too. Her style of writing is just lyrical and beautiful. I truly savoured every word 💕 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 I‘ve had it forever but still haven‘t read it. I‘m so coveting your blue edges!! I thought I was getting the blue edges but BD sent white. I don‘t think I‘ll ever get over that. Lol (edited) 6y
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DeborahSmall @JanuarieTimewalker13 I ordered this from goldsboro. I‘ve had it over a year and can‘t believe I‘ve only just read it. I also have US edition and read that one as I didn‘t trust myself with this. Honestly a fantastic book. I was worried it was overrated but not at all 💕 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 @DeborahSmall Hahahaha!! I think that‘s what is stopping me from reading it!! I have it on display on its own floating shelf. Maybe I should get it out of the library and read it! I love that you purchased 2! 6y
DeborahSmall @JanuarieTimewalker13 I got my US copy from @elkeo so was lucky as I‘d have waited for paperback otherwise. I‘m hoping she‘s coming to uk this year, Scotland would be good as no chance of Ireland , I‘d love to get my US edition signed too and just have one more needing signed as others already are. 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 @DeborahSmall did you happen to see the cover of book 2? Beautiful also!! 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 @DeborahSmall why wouldn‘t an author go to Ireland? If I were an author I would!! 6y
DeborahSmall @JanuarieTimewalker13 it looks beautiful with the orange sprayed edges. Hopefully goldsboro do another signed edition 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 @DeborahSmall Hold On!!! You guys are getting orange sprayed edges? Ours is Purple and Silver! Hmmm. I wish I had bilocation skills....I would go book shopping all over the UK! Just another great thing about living on this beautiful planet!! Different beautiful covers!! 6y
DeborahSmall @JanuarieTimewalker13 purple and silver!!! Probably my favourite colour combo. I‘m definitely going to have to get a copy. Is it available in B&N with sprayed edges? 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 @DeborahSmall No clue. I saw it on Amazon and I couldn‘t see edges. It it has sprayed edges, I may have to marry it. Lol (edited) 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 I just checked release date here in the States...18October18 6y
DeborahSmall @JanuarieTimewalker13 think ours is October 2nd 6y
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
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Beautiful view for reading ❤️📚🇮🇪

TrishB It certainly is 😁 6y
MicheleinPhilly Gorgeous! 6y
Cathythoughts So beautiful ❤️ 6y
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LeahBergen Ohhhh! 😍😍😍 6y
erzascarletbookgasm Wow! Indeed! 6y
Kimzey Wow! Where? 6y
Kimzey Oh, I just noticed the flag of Ireland. Beautiful! 6y
DeborahSmall @Kimzey it‘s the north east coast. So beautiful, especially when weather is so good 6y
Suet624 I want to be where you are. 💕💕 6y
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The Escape | C.L. Taylor
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@daydreamin_star book arrived safely through week! Thank you ❤️

Caroline2 Ohhh I‘m really looking forward to reading this one! 😯 👏🏻 #whodunituk 6y
TrishB Just noticed your pic 💕💕 your hair is fab!! Looks gorgeous. 6y
DeborahSmall @TrishB sent you pics via email 😘 6y
TrishB Have just looked - lovely pics 💕 6y
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
post image

Starting this today. Also have a beautiful view of the castle from where I‘m sitting 📚❤️ haircut 💇‍♀️ in 10 min!!

RadicalReader @DeborahSmall gorgeous book cover I swear they hook me every time even if I don‘t know what the book is about if it has a cute cover unique or eye catching I‘ll pick it up. The same goes for when I pick out phone cases thanks to online shopping 6y
MidnightBookGirl It's a wonderful book! 6y
TrishB Have this ready to read when I get to it! Can‘t wait to see your hair 💕 6y
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rightasrain13 Love your bookmark 😀 6y
TiffanyEscapes I need to finish this one! I had to put it down 1/4 the way through 6y
rubyslippersreads @cobwebmoth sent me this same lovely bookmark. 😊👠🌈 6y
DeborahSmall @RadicalReader this was a gift from @elkeo it‘s the US edition. I also have the UK edition, both are gorgeous ❤️ 6y
DeborahSmall @TrishB I absolutely love love it. Will never have it long again. I‘ll email you a pic tomorrow xxx 6y
TrishB Excited 💕 6y
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