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I‘m posting the dates of the #OutstandingOctober Choose Your Own Goals Readathon early, as I know many Littens are trying to plan ahead, especially if they are taking part in #scarathlon this month.

All welcome and a massive thank you to @EadieB who kept this going and did a brilliant job of deputising for me in September when I was at my worst with COvID. I missed the whole Readathon with the 9 days coinciding with my 12 day bed stay. 👏👏👏🙌😍

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EadieB @Andrew65 You‘re welcome! Looking forward to this next one! 12mo
BookwormAHN Glad you're better 🎃 12mo
Librariana So looking forward to this! 😊 And so happy to see you here, Andrew. Hope you're feeling better! 12mo
IamIamIam So glad you guys are feeling better!!!! 12mo
CocoReads So glad you‘re feeling better @Andrew! Work has been nuts but October‘s readathon coincides with my vacation that I took for my birthday. I mean, I go back to work on the 23rd but I‘m off the 16-22. Delighted to spend it in hardcore hermit mode. 12mo
Deblovestoread Glad your on the mend. Thanks for the tag! 12mo
ferskner So glad you're feeling better! 12mo
MicheleinPhilly I‘m so glad you have both turned the corner. Take it easy! 12mo
MaGoose Glad you're feeling better 🙂 12mo
kezzlou85 Looking forward to this one as missed September and my reading has really fallen. Glad you're feeling better now. 12mo
TheBookHippie So glad you‘re feeling better. 12mo
Allylu Glad your back and you are both feeling better. I‘m in for this Readathon of course. 😊 12mo
DGRachel Glad you are back and feeling better! 12mo
curiouserandcurioser @Andrew65 so glad you and your wife are better:) 12mo
Ruthiella Looking forward to this! 😀 12mo
PaperbackPirate Nice to have you back and feeling better! 12mo
Mollyanna As always, thanks for hosting! Looking forward to it. 12mo
JacqMac Thank you!! Adding it to my list. @EadieB did a great job. I‘m so happy that you‘re feeling better. 12mo
rachelk Welcome back! :) 12mo
Rissa1 Thank you. Putting the dates on the Calendar now!! 12mo
Cupcake12 Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Date is in my diary 📖 12mo
CBee Good to “see” you ♥️ 12mo
EadieB @Bookwormjillk You‘re welcome! 12mo
EadieB @JacqMac Thanks for the compliment! 12mo
Traci1 Yay! Hope you're feeling better. 12mo
TheAromaofBooks Glad you are feeling better!!! 12mo
Crazeedi @Andrew65 I'm so sorry to hear you were sick. I am trying to get back in the swing again myself. I hope to participate in the readathon! @EadieB is the best isn't she?❤ 12mo
EadieB @Crazeedi Thanks! That‘s so nice of you to say! 12mo
Clwojick Thanks for sharing nice and early, and I‘m glad you‘re feeling better this month! 🖤 12mo
julesG Glad you're feeling better. @EadieB did a great job in September. 😘 12mo
EadieB @julesG Thanks! Enjoyed reading with all of you! 12mo
TheSpineView I'm in! So glad you are feeling better! 12mo
MatchlessMarie Welcome back! Glad you are on the mend! 12mo
OriginalCyn620 I‘m in! Glad to hear you‘re feeling better! 12mo
Librarybelle Hooray! And so glad you‘re feeling better! 12mo
Read4life I‘m in! So thankful and happy you‘re feeling better. 💙 12mo
Bookgoil I‘m in!! Glad you‘re feeling better (edited) 12mo
MoonWitch94 📖🧡📖🧡📖 12mo
Lizpixie I‘m in when I‘m home! And welcome back O Captain my Captain! (edited) 12mo
Eggs I‘m in! So glad you‘re feeling better 🥰👍🏼 12mo
robinb I totally missed that you‘ve been sick! 😔 I‘m so glad to hear you are recovered and back with us. 😊🤗 12mo
DieAReader Welcome back @Andrew65 & yes, ty again @EadieB. I‘ll plan my #OutstandingOctober TBR around what I‘m focusing on atm & then add a couple ‘cause I just can‘t help myself🤣 12mo
DieAReader Another for the October calendar 👰‍♀️ @GHABI4ROSES 🌸💜 12mo
EadieB @DieAReader You're welcome! I hope you enjoy your books for the October readathon! 12mo
GHABI4ROSES @DieAReader I counted on an October Thon that started with an O for sure 🤣- points for #teamslaughter 12mo
cleoh I missed September, but I‘m in for October! 12mo
Andrew65 @cleoh So did I because of COvID. 12mo
janeycanuck So sorry to hear you were sick but good to hear you‘re feeling better! 11mo
Andrew65 @janeycanuck Thanks, almost six weeks on get very tired very quickly. 11mo
Bookishgal71 Can I join? 11mo
Andrew65 @Bookishgal71 Most definitely, you‘d very welcome. All you need to do is just tag #OutstandingOctober and @andrew65 in any posts you do and I will see them. 😊 11mo
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