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New Year's
New Year's: Nathaniel P. as Seen Through the Eyes of His Friend Aurit | Adelle Waldman
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From Adelle Waldman, author of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., here's New Year's, a story from the point of view of Nate's friend Auritas startling, provocative and true-to-life a tale about a young woman's dating life as The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. was about a young man's. She felt some part of herself relax when she was with him. She could shut off the part of her brain that was always monitoring whether she was talking too much, being "selfish." A few years before the start of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., twentysomething writer Nathaniel Piven admires a piece of published work by a young woman named Aurit Arazi, and writes her an email expressing his appreciation. After this introduction, they meet for a drink. At the time, Nate is dating gorgeous, moody Elisa, and Aurit has an older, successful novelist boyfriend named Carter, but Nate and Aurit become friends. In the months, even years, that pass, Nate's and Aurit's romantic partners change, but their friendship carries on. And then, one New Year's eve, it seems that the nature of their relationship may change. Like many readers who got to know Nate P. in The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., Aurit is pretty sure that, when it comes to relationships with women, Nate can be an asshole, but is there more to him than that? In New Year's, author Adelle Waldman exposes the mating psyche of one brilliant young female writer, with the same shockingly accurate eye that brought the world Nathaniel P.
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I was paired with @Kdgordon88 and read 4 books on her list. I had never heard of those 4 but really enjoyed them so I feel it was a good experience and I enjoyed it. This was my 2nd year doing it and both times were good experiences. Think you matched me up well!

Thanks for organizing and thanks for the giveaway @monalyisha 😀❤️ already looking forward to next year!

And the only book I have on either list is the Starless sea


monalyisha Perfect! Thanks for entering & for participating in the event (twice)! 💘 6d
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Yay, a #NewYearWhoDis giveaway. Thank you @monalyisha (have read Poet X)
My favorite part of the experience has been getting to read some great books that I might not have chosen for myself this year. The Passengers has been my FAVE of the 2 I've read but I have 2 more to go, so who knows what will happen!

monalyisha Thanks for playing! 🙌🏻 7d
tvscag Wow! That looks awesome! Looks like you have a lot of reading to do! 👍 7d
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Books and Adulting

Sounds about right 😅😆😆

TheSpineView Feels poetry! 😎 so appropriate since I host #poetrymatters! 2mo
umbrellagirl Fun Book Nerds! 2mo
Eyelit Tears & Scandal. Oh my!! 😂 2mo
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booksandsympathy Villains and road trips. Not certain about the villains part 2mo
CarolynM Friends and coffe. I'll take that🙂 2mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Love and poetry! ❤️ 2mo
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Alright, here we go! This year's reading goals. Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉🎉

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Happy new year my dear Littens friends!
From Italy with love!!
#book #litsy #litsybook #goodreads #bookly #toread #bookworm #leggere #lettura #readingchallenge2020

Redwritinghood Happy New Year! 2mo
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Alright I‘m tapping out here since it‘s almost midnight. Not bad for only participating two half-days. #24B42020

Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉 May 2020 bring you many fantastic reads and may you overcome your TBRs! 😂

teebe #WinterGames #TeamFestivus @Clwojick @StayCurious @wanderinglynn this includes the 1hr from a few days ago 2mo
wanderinglynn 🙌🏻❤️📚 2mo
Andrew65 A great total. 👏👏👏🙌🥳🍾🥂 2mo
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My first books for Jan!
One is my #jolabikaflodswap book that I didn‘t start on Xmas eve because I was trying to finish my book to meet my goodreads challenge, one is for #literarycrew, one for #newyearwhodis and one that my son picked out for me as a gift!
Getting a jump on the new year tonight and hoping to add some time to the #24before2020 since we are home for NYE (for the first time in abt 20 years!)
@Clwojick #merryreaders #wintergames

rubyslippersreads I really want to read that one about Princess Margaret. 2mo
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Emilymdxn I‘ve loved doing all of this with you guys! Thank you for everything ❤️ 2mo
veritysalter Thank you, you too ♥️ I‘ve had so much fun! 2mo
AsYouWish Thank you!!! This has been so much fun and I have loved every minute and getting to know all of you!!!💙 2mo
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AmyK1 Thank you! I‘ve had a lot of fun and have loved getting to know all of you 😊❤️ 2mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Thank you! This has been so fun❤️ Getting to know you all and participate in wintergames was one of the highlights of my year! 2mo
Jadams1776 Thank you! It has been a great December getting to know everyone! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Thank you!! Happy New Year to you as well!! 2mo
Clwojick I'm so happy that you've all enjoyed the event! Thanks for being such fantastic team mates! 💝 2mo
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Sometime today I‘m hoping to finish the book I‘m reading before 2020 rings in. What about you?

TheEllieMo I wish that was going to be my New Year‘s Eve! 2mo
NeedsMoreBooks This is exactly what I am planning with my husband and our dog 🥳 2mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2mo
OriginalCyn620 Yes! 🙌🏼 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Hear hear! 🥂 2mo
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3 of my holds came in for #newyearwhodis - waiting for one more!
Excited to start - now to figure out which one to start with!
@monalyisha @Kdgordon88

monalyisha This is a falsely-lulling color scheme. 2mo
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So @monalyisha matched me up well with @Kdgordon88 as 5 of the books on the list (the ones with marks by them) were ones I read and loved. Off to request the other five now! #newyearwhodis
Have a feeling I‘m going to love them!

BarkingMadRun This is intriguing! How does it work? 2mo
Jerdencon @BarkingMadRun it was run by @monalyisha who pairs everyone up. Unfortunately I believe the sign ups are closed 2mo
monalyisha I‘ll likely do it again next year. 😊 2mo
Kdgordon88 We really have a lot in common book wise. I hope you enjoy the 5 you haven‘t read and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Happy Reading and Merry Christmas 🎄 2mo
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My #readinthenewyear box arrived safe and sound @BarkingMadRun ☺️ Can‘t wait for opening day!! Thanks @MeganAnn and @Chrissyreadit for hosting!

Chrissyreadit 😍😍😍😍 2mo
BarkingMadRun 😘😘😘 2mo
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Check out @monalyisha for this fun opportunity to read some great books!

monalyisha Thanks for joining & for sharing! 🎉😊✨ 2mo
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Now on our third episode (and last) of Nailed It Holiday for the night. My family is really enjoying the baking disasters. This one is a New Year's Eve episode.

#WinterGames #TMSkellington

@Crimson613 @Clwojick @StayCurious

Crimson613 6pts!! This keeps being recommended to me xD 3mo
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Happy New Year #jb friends. My postman says he‘s happy to have such happy mail to be delivering throughout 2019! He‘s hilarious! Thank you lovelies for the cards and letters.

Kaye Great to hear you have such a cheery mailman ! He must like his job. ♥️ 13mo
Mitch @kaye we only got to know him properly last year and all because of Litsy! He loves reading the # and talking to me about my mail! 13mo
Kaye How about that ? Our Litsy group is even starting a friendship with a mailman from England. 13mo
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Kaye Do you happen to know what his first name is ? I can write a Big HELLO on your next letter to him. 😁 13mo
Mitch @kaye hahah - It‘s Chris! 13mo
Kaye Thanks. I‘ll make note of that. ! 13mo
phatsallylee Happy to see that you received the card! Chris is doing a great job 😁 13mo
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1. To read 50 books, of varied genres
2. No
3. Wolverine
4. January (7th)
5. High-fiving those fellow January birthdays!!

#friyayintro @howjessreads

wanderinglynn Happy birthday month! 🎉🥳🎂🥂 14mo
Readage @wanderinglynn Thank you!! 14mo
Elma Happy Birthday month!! 14mo
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DebbieGrillo 🖐 14mo
Readage @Elma Thank you 😉 14mo
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1. 300+ books
2. All the bad stuff - pizza, shrimp cocktails, cheesy biscuits, cupcakes and candy
3. Batman
4. December
5. @TheWordJar @MaleficentBookDragon 🙌

@howjessreads #friyayintro

britt_brooke Wow, 300+ is amazing! 14mo
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Alright, I've put a huge chunk of these on hold at my library!! I'm pumped to start reading this list. The ones highlighted are the ones I've already read :)
#newyearwhodis @monalyisha @AsYouWish

AsYouWish Yay!!! I hope you like them! I tried to put a variety of genres on the list. 14mo
monalyisha Especially excited for “Sweetbitter”! 🍊 14mo
orange.books @AsYouWish Yeah! I'm very excited, they all seem to be genres I enjoy or want to read more of! 14mo
orange.books @monalyisha Me too! I had only vaguely heard about it before and after reading the synopsis I am very intrigued! 14mo
AsYouWish @orange.books @monalyisha Sweetbitter is such a good book and I loved the show too! I can't wait to see what you think of it. 14mo
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Dear Littens, thank you for all your love, friendship, and bookishness! Here‘s to another wonderful year together.💜💜💜

C.Perone Happy New Year! 🥳💞 14mo
AmyG Happy New Year! 14mo
litenthusiast Happy New Year! 💜 14mo
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Atticus6905 Happy New Year!!🎉🎊 14mo
JenReadsAlot Happy New Year 🎉 14mo
squirrelbrain Happy New Year to you too! 🥳 14mo
JoScho Happy New Year! 🥳💙🥳 14mo
erzascarletbookgasm Happy New Year to you too! 14mo
LauraJ Happy New Year 🎊 14mo
Velvetfur Happy new year luvvie! 🎉🍾 14mo
AnneCecilie Happy new year 🎆 14mo
LeahBergen Happy New Year to you, too! 😘 14mo
TheBookAddict Thank you! May you and yours have a Happy New Year as well. 😊💕🎆 14mo
Redwritinghood Happy New Year! 14mo
Lauram Happy New Year 🥳 14mo
CarolynM Happy New Year to you too 🎉 14mo
MrBook 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 14mo
Andrew65 Happy New Year 🥳 14mo
Lesliereads Cheers to having a wonderful 2019! 14mo
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If you need a blank one


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Some bookish resolutions!

My reading goal is 85!

Some other reading goals are to read more popular YA for my new job. Read more from my Goodreads TBR. Read more from my 4 book clubs I follow and the 3 lists I try and read from that's on my blog. And last but not least read from my own collection. I have so many books accumulated from Goodwill and library sales and I haven't looked at some in 2 or more years.

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, Littens!! ❤️🍀🎊

CarolynM Happy New Year 🎉 14mo
QuietlyLaura Happy New Year! 🎉💕 14mo
Redwritinghood Happy New Year! 14mo
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Hit my 2018 goal. Considered upping my 2019 goal but will be teaching summer school this year and know that will cut in to my summer reading. I‘ll adjust the goal higher if necessary. #cheersto2019 #2019 #bestyearyet

Eggbeater Congrats! I read 104 too this year! 14mo
Kimmypete1 @eggbeater Twins! Lol. It was a good reading year and I hope 2019 turns out the same! 14mo
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Thought I would finish one more book but bringing it into 2019.
Read 3 more hours today- so ending #24B42019 with 15 hrs of reading. Finished 2 books, read 2/3 of Lights on the Sea & 50 pages of The Fifth Risk. Satisfied. ❤️📚🎉🥂

SumisBooks That is so awesome! Congrats!!! 💕😃👍🏻🎉🎉🎉 14mo
SumisBooks Remember, you still have tomorrow to participate too! 14mo
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 14mo
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SaturnDoo WTG ❤ 14mo
JoScho 🥳💙🥳💙🥳 14mo
batsy Wonderful! 👏🏽📚 14mo
Crazeedi Awesome! Congrats!👍🎉 14mo
Reggie Great Job!! 14mo
erzascarletbookgasm Wow! 👏 14mo
Suet624 Nice work!!! 14mo
DivineDiana 👏🏻📚👏🏻 14mo
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#readinthenewyear #readingbuddies #catsoflitsy

The gang is keeping hubby and I company and so far, not reacting to the neighbor‘s fireworks.💥 Netflix, books, cocoa. #lifeisgood

wanderinglynn What sweeties! ❤️🐱❤️🐱 14mo
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The fur babies have all been hanging around tonight. Taking turns on laps. #readingbuddies #readinthenewyear #dogsoflitsy #catsoflitsy

wanderinglynn How sweet! ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐱 14mo
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Happy New Year 🎆🎊🎈 everyone 😋📖📚🎊🎉

KatieCarpenter Happy New Year!! 14mo
JaneyWaneyB Happy New Year 😁 14mo
AmyG Happy 2019🎉 14mo
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readordierachel Happy New Year! 🎉🎉 14mo
CouronneDhiver You too 🥂🎆🎇 14mo
staci.reads Happy New Year! 14mo
Redwritinghood Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🥳🥳 14mo
erzascarletbookgasm Happy New Year! 14mo
jfalkens Happy New Year! 14mo
Bookzombie Happy New Year! 🎆🎊 🎉 14mo
emmaturi Happy New Year 14mo
TheWintergarden Happy New Year!💜 14mo
Reggie Happy New Year!! 14mo
rohit-sawant Happy New Year! 🎉🎉 14mo
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I‘ve heard this quote before, but I love it every time ❤️

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Trying to decide which book should be my first read of 2019. What do you think lovely #littens ? 💗🎉🥂

LauraBeth I can‘t wait to read Insurrecto! 14mo
j9brown I read Vita Nostra recently and loved it! 14mo
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Not too shabby for a mom of 4 in grad school. This year I intend to focus on making a dent in my endless tbr owned books, through way too many challenges that I‘ve signed up for. 🖤

Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 14mo
Samplergal Wow! That‘s GREAT! I didn‘t read anything except professional books and children‘s books when my kids were young. Sleep is what I wanted. Good for you! 14mo
Chelsea.Poole Mom of 4 and grad student...you go!! 🎉🙌🏻😊 14mo
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GripLitGrl 🎉🎉🎉 14mo
JoScho 🥳💜🥳💜🥳 14mo
Jas16 🙌🏽 14mo
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I think I‘ve finished the last book I‘ll get through this year. Here is my year in books. I feel good about it, especially with two high-energy little ones. Happy early new year!

Liatrek Awesome🎉🎉🎉 14mo
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 14mo
sprainedbrain That‘s awesome! 🎉🎉🎉 14mo
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I stole this from Karin Slaughter‘s IG 😂👍

tpixie Lol more books 📚 😂 14mo
KrystleTheBookSlayer Crap, the first thing I saw was smore 😂😂😂 maybe there's lots of Smores in my future! 14mo
TheBookAddict 🤣🤣🤣👍🏽 14mo
Kappadeemom @KrystleTheBookSlayer that is hilarious!! I‘ll take more s‘mores 👍 14mo
dariazeoli 😁 14mo
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My secret Santa gift included a bookstore gift card and I purchased these two books. New year's reading for me 😊 I can't wait, I've heard wonderful things! Have any of you read these yet?

post image

Getting ready for 2019! 😎

Theshadedbuffalo Awesome!! 👏 14mo
TheWordJar Love this! I‘m spending today setting my reading goals too! 14mo
GondorGirl My Sunday plan is to get all my challenges drawn up in my bullet journal. Thanks for the awesome inspiration! 😍 14mo
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My #newyearwhodis reading list, courtesy of @whippoorwill815

The list also had Station Eleven, Horns, Ready Player One, and The Winter People, but I‘ve already read them. They‘re great picks, though! Def check them out!

whippoorwill815 Ahh I love this, so cool to see a collage of all my books! I hope you will enjoy some of these😃 1y
BookNerd9906 Good idea! 1y
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#in2018 I did ALL OF THE ABOVE! I hit 365 books finished today. I attended Morristown Festival of Books, where I met many authors and Littens. I shopped at multiple bookstores across the US. I also "read across Europe" for a summer reading challenge. I stayed up past 2 am finishing Michelle Obama's memoir. I discovered I'm a mix of Ravenclaw and House Stark according to an online quiz, and I'm wearing a bookish shirt right now. @RealLifeReading

RealLifeReading Woohoo!! 🎉🎉 1y
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I just skated in at the last minute to sign up for the #newyearwhodis readathon! thank you @monalyisha !! It looks really awesome. It can be hard for me to participate in swaps from the uk what with al the postage so this is perfect for me

zsuzsanna_reads I'm doing this one too! Such a great idea, @monalyisha 1y
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This may seem early but it's almost mid November!
Instructions to participate:

merelybookish Best 2018 read of 2018. Or any book read this year? 1y
ReadingEnvy @merelybookish any book read in 2018. I think most of us normal readers don't just read new releases! 1y
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Happy New Year, Littens!!! I hope you all had a safe night. I, of course, am a party animal and was in bed by 10:30. 😂

SilversReviews 😍 I actually stayed up for the first time in a long time. 2y
AnneCecilie Happy New Year 🎊🎈🎆 2y
MinDea HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾🥂 2y
See All 9 Comments
AmyG Happy New Year 🎊🎆🎈 2y
drokka Happy New Year! 2y
NatalieR Happy New Year! 🎉🍾🎊 2y
Owlizabeth Happy New Year!! 💞 2y
Bookzombie Happy New Year!! 🎆 ⭐️🎉 2y
LeahBergen Happy New Year! 📚📚 2y
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My bookish resolution this year is to try and really focus on books pre-1930 as I just don‘t seem to have read much here at all! I will be finishing Infinite Jest and reading some books outside of this for book club but I really want to focus on this! What are you book based resolutions?

ju.ca.no My resolution is to read mainly off my TBR Shelf, I really hope I can manage not buying too many new books this year, as my TBR is exploding!🙈 2y
MayJasper I hear you❣ @ju.ca.no 2y
Maike Same as @ju.ca.no 😅 2y
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Krysta @ju.ca.no Same. I want to put a dent in the literal hundreds of books I have waiting on my shelves or in stacks. 2y
ZachHerman @ju.ca.no yes! 2y
ZachHerman Trying to read more non-US authors this year. 2y
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Happy New Year everyone! I'm so thankful for everyone here at Litsy. I hope this year will be your best 🎇✨🎆

TricksyTails Happy New Year! 🎉🎆📚🤗💖 2y
robinb Hope yours is wonderful as well! 🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️ 2y
Bookzombie Happy New Year!!! 🎆🎉⭐️ 2y
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RachelO Happy New Year! 🎉🎊🎉 2y
julesG Happy New Year! 2y
Texreader Happy New Year! 🎊🎈🎆 2y
AnneCecilie Happy new year 2y
Owlizabeth Happy New Year!! 💞 2y
Vedrana Happy New Year🥂🎉💕 2y
JessClark78 Happy New Year! 2y
eanderson Happy New Year!!!! 🎊🎆 🎉 2y
AmandaL Happy New Year!🎊 2y
Izai.Amorim Happy New Year! 2y
MinDea HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾🥂 2y
NatalieR Happy New Year! 🎊🎆 2y
drokka Happy New Year! 2y
AceOnRoam Happy New Year to you too ! 2y
kspenmoll A belated Happy New Year! Been snowed in here since the 4th! Snowy New year in CT. ❄️☃️ 2y
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Have a safe and merry New Year‘s Eve everyone!!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy New Year!!!🎊🎆🎈 2y
JenReadsAlot Happy New Year 🎉 2y
DarcysMom Happy New Year! 2y
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I‘ve finished my final book for the year: Your Heart Is an Muscle the Size of a Fist. It was not what I expected at all, but I did enjoy it.

I just finished totaling my stats for 2017, and here they are! It was a great reading year!

I‘m looking forward to lots of Terry Pratchett and Alexander McCall Smith in 2018, and we‘ll see what else you lovely folks bring my way! ❤️🎉🎊📚

MrBook 🎉🎉🎉 2y
Aims42 Yay to Terry Pratchett in 2018!! 2y
AmyG I will be reading my first Terry Pratchett books in 2018. Thanks to Litsy. Congrats on reading all those books! 🎉 2y
Hooked_on_books Nice job! 2y
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Oh hello! 10,000! Yay! Happy new year littens! 🎉🎉🎉

Suelizbeth Fantastic! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉🎉📚📚❤️❤️ 2y
ElishaLovesBooks Congratulations!!🎉🎊 2y
Liatrek Awesome!!! 2y
See All 10 Comments
DGRachel Congrats!🎉🎉🍾🎉🎉 2y
LeahBergen Yay! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 2y
Shemac77 Congratulations! 2y
Mdargusch 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2y
JessClark78 🎊🎉📚 2y
Redwritinghood 🎉🎉 2y
DivineDiana 👏🏻📚👏🏻📚🎉 2y
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They say you have to put your goals out there into the world to really commit to them...
1) I have GOT to get my son and I into a better living situation this year (ie, meaning me out of my crappy 11 year relationship 😭)
2) Deciding still!
3) Get through more of my OWNED books! Buy less books?!
4) #DystopianBlues #MyBloodyValentineSwap
5) My cat Jeffers, chocolate 😻
6) @exploraborealis @Pennington.K @aprilpohren @Alicia @Shannon_McKinney

TrishB I hope you find some resolution to one ❤️ 2y
Simona 🤞🤞🤞I hope that 2018 will be great year for you and your son 😘😘😘 2y
Wbabdullah Sending love your way! May 2018 be a year of blessed openings and good for you and your son! 2y
See All 11 Comments
Shannon_McKinney I hope 2018 is a year of new chapters, and many blessings for you and your son. 💜 Happy New Year! 🎊 2y
AmyG Wishing you only good things for you and your son in 2018. 2y
Alicia Sending so much 💗💗💗 your way!!! 2y
ElishaLovesBooks Sending positive thoughts your way for number 1. 💕 2y
alvingregorio Wishing you strength for the new year. 2y
aprilpohren Sending you tons of Hugs, strength and unending happiness and Blessings for 2018 and beyond!! 2y
Pennington.K I know how hard it is to leave a bad relationship!! Prayers for strength as this is a difficult decision! 2y
Gissy You'll see that soon you'll say that you are a happy divorced woman, that what I say when someone ask me😂and love it because I didn't lose and won, my liberty and independent life👍Start over?That is my award! 🤗and to see that there is always a second chance if you allow it later in your life if not just enjoy life! 😌Regarding books, well if you are participating in Litsy swaps, you will have plenty of books to read this year.Don't give up👌🏼 2y
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swishandflick 🙌🏽🥂 2y
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1.Status quo
2.no challenges
3.backlist . This might not be a popular comment but I find that lots of new books seem geared towards a younger crowd, so I have nothing in common. I haven‘t been single since we wore bell bottoms, I‘m not dating , of course, and wouldn‘t if I were single. I don‘t like Dating Rule Changes. I don‘t have little kids. I don‘t like reading about Future World where 3 teens save the planet.
4. As is.
5.10. I pick.

Reviewsbylola I think I would say the same thing about 3. Litsy and botm have me reading a lot of new releases but sometimes it‘s hit and miss. 2y
AmyG Ha! #3. I tend to agree with you and @Reviewsbylola. I read new books, but it‘s hit or miss. I find those newer mysteries don‘t work so well for me. 2y
Kaye Thanks for the responses @reviewsbylola @AmyG . I‘m wondering if most publishers consider target audiences age 20-30 ? The next comment is meant politely, but I‘m not one of those grandmas that draws my 👄 lipstick on OVER my top lip, wears circles of rouge on my cheeks, and a sweater with a little pearl brooch, that reads Harlequin romances. Give me a good book with a hatchet or a rifle in it and an angry wife. 2y
See All 13 Comments
Eggs Your argument has merit @Kaye . And as someone born in 1952, it feels like those of us over 65 have become an invisible throw-away segment of society, reduced to a stereotype. Yet I for one feel stronger, abler, and more intelligent and analytical than I did 30 years ago. That said, I think there is 'hit and miss' for every reader; and just because I'm a 'senior' it does not imply that I will stop trying new things & books. Regardless of age, we 2y
Eggs readers on Litsy are able to inspire and influence each other without judgment 💕💕 2y
Kaye Very good point, @Eggs I definitely agree, that as we age, we become much more comfortable with who we are and confident in what we like. I‘m not implying that what everyone else reads has any less merit than what I read. I think we are all individuals and each like our own books, foods, etc. I‘ve just noticed many of the new books dont pertain to my life so it‘s hard to find anything in common with the characters. I‘m not against trying them. 🙂 (edited) 2y
Kappadeemom It‘s weird but the older I get the more I like YA. I have no idea why except that maybe I identify with teenagers since i have 5 still at home (one is 21 and gone, thank the lord). I‘m 50 and was reading about 18 year old ballerinas...lol 😂 2y
Kaye @Kappadeemom Yes I‘ve actually read some YA that I‘ve liked but I can‘t relate to how teen‘s lives today are compared to when I was a teen, so if I can find teen books that are told from a historical perspective ( like 50s -70s) , then I can relate but teens today live in a much different world than I did so it‘s hard to relate. It‘s been many years since I‘ve had teens still at home so that‘s also a factor. 2y
Eggs @Kaye Sorry I got carried away 🙀 2y
Kaye @eggs Nothing to be sorry for. 🙂 you didn‘t say anything wrong. You just voiced your opinion. Nothing wrong with that. 2y
Eggs @Kaye @Kappadeemom as time passes, many YAs seem to include more drinking/drugs and sexuality issues. Those do not appeal to me but I know these topics are wanted by teens so that's what appears. Then we say "at least they're reading" ... 2y
Kaye @Eggs @Kappadeemom You hit the nail on the head on that one. I don‘t mind reading about teens of today and their lifestyles . I think in order for older people to keep up with the times and be understanding , we have to know about teen‘s lives today. It‘s just hard sometimes to find it “appetizing ?” It‘s so different from my teen years. TMI, as they say. I‘m not interested in reading about anyones bedroom business whether it‘s teens or seniors 2y
Eggs @Kaye Truth😕 2y
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@CocoReads is doing a new years #readathon everyone is invited🎉📖🎉📖🎉 Be sure to use the hash tag #newyearsreadathon and tag @CocoReads.

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Well this New Year‘s Readathon is a big yes! My husband and I like to stay in so this is perfect. From @CocoReads : I‘ve decided to have a #readathon for New Year‘s and I‘m inviting everyone! Just use the hashtag #NewYearsReadathon and tag me @CocoReads Our forecast is for frigid and my parents aren‘t hosting their usual bash so I‘m going to hibernate and read! Let‘s party like #introverts and welcome in 2018! Feel free to share, repost, etc.

Nat_Reads I might have to join you! 2y
MarticaMustRead Oooh, think this might be just the thing for me that evening/ day seeing as how the beau had to work and I don't plan on going anywhere with the frigid twmps being called for! Thanks! Let's party!!🤓📚📚📚📚😉 2y
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Dragon I have to work New Years Eve ( evening shift) and New Years Day so not much time to read. Otherwise I would love to join you. 🐉 2y
ReadingSusan @Dragon 😭😭 Sorry you have to work. What a bummer. 2y
Dragon Thanks @ReadingSusan but I had time off over Christmas 🎄 so I don‘t mind working New Years Day. 2y
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