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Red Trailer Mystery | Julie Campbell
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#Naturalitsy #LitSolace #HyggeHourReadathon

My #HyggeHour was spent like much of my day today, resting & being mellow. I‘m trying to get over jet lag & a sore throat so a pineapple fruit pop is my reading snack for this Trixie Belden title for #BobWhiteBuddies

I‘m not ready for Monday. 🥺

AllDebooks Wishing you well xx 7d
Chrissyreadit Hope you are feeling better! 6d
Ruthiella Hope you feel better soon. ❤️ 6d
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In the Woods | Tana French
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Enjoyed The Trespasser so much that I decided to read more Dublin Murder Squad #serieslove

Forgot to take a photo, but my lovely husband brought me a fresh strawberry pie for Mothers Day, which we all enjoyed after dinner. Now I‘m stretched out on the bed with my murder mystery #HyggeHourReadalong #HyggeHour

TheBookHippie Yummmm -strawberry pie!!! 2w
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A Court of Mist and Fury | Sarah J. Maas
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My version of #hyggehour or #litsolace involved me curling up in bed with my Kindle and reading this book for an hour. No candles. No snacks. Just a dimly lit room, ambient noise (waves crashing) in the background and a good book.

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I‘ll be on a plane for #Naturalitsy #HyggeHourReadathon so here‘s my early #hyggehour

Due to severe travel/airport anxiety I‘m always ultra early to the airport. Today that meant a couple of hours before boarding as everything went smooth so I grabbed a bowl of tonkatsu ramen. From a sodium perspective maybe not my best choice before flying, but as tummy-warming comfort, it can‘t be beat.

Starting the tagged for my virtual foodie book club.

DebinHawaii Headed Hawaii to Chicago, 4-hour layover & then Chicago to Maine for a work trip before heading back Friday. ✈️ 2w
BarbaraJean That looks amazing! Hope your long haul across the country goes well! 2w
kspenmoll Looks delicious! Good luck on your long journey! Although no where near as long as your flight, I leave for a wedding in CA in Sonoma County this coming Thursday.✈️ (edited) 2w
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JenReadsAlot Safe travels! 2w
AmyG Safe travels! 2w
wanderinglynn Safe travels! 2w
dabbe #safetravels 💙🩵💙 2w
Hooked_on_books I hope it wasn‘t too bouncy on your way out! It‘s been pouring at my house for the last several hours and I know this storm is still lurking around the state. 2w
TheBookHippie Safe travels !!! 2w
marleed Safe travels. I‘m an early airport arriver, as well. 2w
mcctrish Book and ramen look so good 2w
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#Naturalitsy #HyggeHourReadathon

My #HyggeHour is being spent with Nancy for #NancyDrewBR & with tea, a face mask & a few Girl Scout cookies

My mood is mellow & a bit bummed that tomorrow is Monday & it will be another crazy week while getting ready for a work trip next Sunday. Happy to have this #Hygge transition time.🙏🏼

Sace I was asleep before 8. 😩 I feel you on that “tomorrow is Monday” vibe. 3w
JamieArc My “tomorrow is Monday” gloom was strong too, I think because I was coming off of a work trip and felt (feel!) like I need more time for me. 3w
Chrissyreadit 💛💛💛💛💛 3w
dabbe My favorite Girsl Scout cookies! 🤩🤩🤩 3w
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Untitled | Anonymous
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My favorite sort of #HyggeHour items: my handmade pink mug, today‘s tarot card pull and an interesting crystal reference book that I enjoy flipping through. 🍵 🃏 📚

CatLass007 I the mug looks terrific! Did you make it? What is the name of the deck you use? Do you have one or several that you use? The first deck I used is the Hanson-Roberts deck, and it is still my favorite. I also like the Mythic Tarot. I have a dozen or so decks I bought because they feature cats or dragons and I admire the work that goes into each card in each deck. 3w
slategreyskies @CatLass007 no, I didn‘t make it myself, but it is handmade. I purchased it from KiyoiDesign, an artist from California who sells on Etsy. Her work is beautiful. It was pricy, but I know I will love it for decades, so I thought of it as a sort of investment and a treat to myself. The cards in this pic are from the Cosmic Slumber deck. I really love the artwork in it. Usually I use a more traditional deck, but this one really works for me. ⬇️ 3w
slategreyskies @CatLass007 I‘m not sure that I‘m familiar with the Hanson-Roberts deck. I don‘t recognize the name, but I‘m going to look it up to double check. Other decks I enjoy are Tarot of a Moon Garden (which I use only occasionally), Modern Witch tarot (also only occasionally) and the really traditional Rider-Waite. I really love tarot decks when the artwork is inspiring. Some of them are so beautifully done. 3w
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CatLass007 The Hanson-Roberts deck is based on the Rider-Waite deck. I think the Rider-Waite deck is sparse looking. The Hanson-Roberts deck is not at all sparse. I have way too many decks but I buy them for their beauty. I would love some way to hang some on the wall but it seems like it‘s not really feasible. 3w
slategreyskies @CatLass007 wow, I just checked out some images of the Hanson-Roberts deck online, and I really like it. It‘s similar enough that the cards are recognizable, but I love the differences as well. I know what you mean about the beauty of tarot decks. Do you ever use one of those tabletop display racks to display your favorite cards? You couldn‘t display an entire deck that way, though, since they only hold 1-3 cards at a time. 3w
CatLass007 I don‘t know what tabletop display racks you‘re referring to. 3w
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The Trespasser | Tana French
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My first try at making “brookies” (brownies topped with chocolate chip cookie). Tasted better than they looked.

Finishing my first Tana French book, The Trespasser. It‘s really good! Kept me hooked.

Chrissyreadit 💚💚💚💚 3w
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Station Eleven: A novel | Emily St. John Mandel
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My favorite hour of the week is about to begin ❤️

Chrissyreadit 🎉💛🎉💛 3w
tpixie This also works for @Soubhiville ‘s #AuthorAMonth ! 3w
Soubhiville 🩷📚☕️ 3w
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1080 Recipes | Simone Ortega, Ins Ortega
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A bit early in the day for #hyggehour but I really wanted tea & cake (my 1st since Easter & I'm going to regret making it in a mug come washing-up time)!
Here's my #Spain #FoodandLit reading list: A Heart So White by Javier Marías, and 2 cookbooks from my shelves: 1080 Recipes by Simone & Inès Ortega (a classic!) and The Best 100 Spanish Recipes.

@Catsandbooks @Texreader

Texreader Wonderful!! 3w
Catsandbooks Fantastic! 🇪🇸❤️ 3w
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April's Baby | Vicki Burke
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I got 10 books read this month. I took a critical eye and said only 3 5-star books. But.. some of the others (4-star ones, were super good). All in all a great month!

Participated in: #BookSpinBingo #ISpyBingo #HashtagBrigade #HyggeHour #FillYourCupFriday