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Irish Above All | Mary Pat Kelly
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“Had remained Irish above all.”
Galway Bay pictured above,where the Kelly‘s hailed from.
Of note:in Acknowledgements,the author thanks”my sister -in-law Martha Hall Kelly”among others,as a “great supporter(s).”Wondering if her sister-in-law is the same Martha Hall Kelly who wrote The Sunflower Sisters.#overbookedclub
From what I can gather,Martha Hall Kelly is married to Mary Pat Kelly‘s brother,Michael.Wild coincidence!

kspenmoll I think I may want to read Galway Bay now, the first book in this saga. 14h
megnews Wow! That is a wild coincidence! 8h
Librarybelle I did not know of the family connection! 7h
sblbooks Small world. 5h
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Bookworm problems! When you have 3 ARC on your kindle and don‘t know which one to read first!
Plus trying to get through books for #literarycrew and #newyearwhodis

nichollinlove What?! The Bookwomans Daughter?! I cannot wait!! 2d
Kdgordon88 I‘m interested in all 3 of these books! 2d
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Irish Above All | Mary Pat Kelly
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Checkin post for this month‘s #LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead !

My copy FINALLY arrived, so I have a lot of reading to do! How is everyone else doing?

PageShifter I have still high hopes that I would participate 😅 Let's see if I am going to make it. But I loved our December read and I am interested in this series. 3d
Librarybelle Sounds good, @PageShifter !! 3d
KristiAhlers I‘m plugging right along. 😊 3d
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Crazeedi I started it this morning! Hope to get through before end of week 2d
Jerdencon Starting today! 2d
CarolineLovesToRead I just got my copy on Friday and was hoping to start it on the weekend but that didn‘t happen. Will be starting it tonight 2d
Crazeedi Are you doing #19822022, can you explain Jess? 1d
Librarybelle @Crazeedi I am hosting #19822022 ! I thought to “celebrate” my big 4-0 this year I would read a book first published each year from 1982 to 2022. There are a few on Litsy who have joined in as well, and I have the challenge laid out on StoryGraph. 1d
BethM We‘ve not been sleeping much so my reading time has been limited but i‘m enjoying it. 17h
Librarybelle Sorry to hear about the sleeping, @BethM , but glad you are enjoying it! 16h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Combined #BookReport and #WeeklyForecast

Finished a few books this week, with varying degrees of stars. Also made great progress in various #buddyread books and ongoing reads.

I finally got my copy of this month‘s #LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead , so need to finish the prior book in that series to begin this one!

Cinfhen Wowza!!! You have LOADS going on!!! My old lady brain can‘t handle all that storytelling anymore. 3d
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Untitled | Unknown
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#JoyousJanuary @Andrew65 #Readathon
Everyone is welcome to join in Andrew's wonderful readathon, a great way to get your special books read!!
I plan to get 3 books for various challenges done #ReadingAfrica2022 #FoodAndLit #Egypt #OverbookedClub and #literarycrew. If I do this I'll be thrilled! Also hope to fill in #booked2022 and maybe even #authoramonth

Andrew65 Good luck 😊👍 I‘m up to three African countries so far. (edited) 5d
Crazeedi @Andrew65 any good recs? I need a few!! 3d
Andrew65 For Rwanda I recommend 3d
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Andrew65 Book 2 and 3 then take in Eswatini (Swaziland) and Tanzania 3d
Andrew65 Can‘t find the third book in the database Snow in Kilimanjaro 3d
Crazeedi @Andrew65 thank you!! I'm adding these 3d
Andrew65 For Botswana has to be a book in the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency 3d
Andrew65 For Democratic Republic of Congo the tagged book, but quite a big book 640 pages 3d
Andrew65 I will update you as I get to others. 3d
Crazeedi @Andrew65 thank you bunches!! I do have poisonwood on my shelf and I have ladies detective agency too I think. That i haven't read! I'll let you know if I find any that would help you 3d
Andrew65 @Crazeedi Love the Ladies Detective Agency Series. 3d
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Herland: Easyread Comfort Edition | Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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I forced my way through to the end. I can admit that there are some elements of this that are interesting, but it is bizarre to me that the entire story of this matriarchal utopia is told from the POV of a male explorer who stumbles upon Herland with two other men. I neither enjoyed the POV nor the audiobook narrator and I was bored. #booked2022 #nonpatriarchalsociety

marleed I wonder what an author intriguing would reveal. I find it interesting when a female author writes about women from the perspective of a male character, and always wonder why they chose to write that way. I think it worked in the tagged. 6d
PurpleyPumpkin I recall trying to read this in university for a feminist course, but I don‘t think I finished it. I might revisit it someday. Thanks for your review!👍🏽 6d
Cinfhen Great review and thanks for championing through!!!! I would have bailed and marked it as completed 🙈I‘m reading this one with the #LiteraryCrew and @TrishB next month 6d
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Steamed | Jessica Conant-Park, Susan Conant
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Andrew65 Look good choices. 2w
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Irish Above All | Mary Pat Kelly
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This tells you the state of my mind. I was into ch 2 of The Moth Catcher & the plot started to feel familiar. OMG I read it only 10 months ago!! 😂🤯
So I started these two books this afternoon. Only got a few pages of preface read of The 1619 Project- so much to reference & take in- plan to start Irish Above All tonight. #1619groupread #literarycrew

Ruthiella 🤣I was reading a Tony Hillermann mystery a few years ago and only realized 1/2 way through that I‘d already read it before! (edited) 2w
Librarybelle Oh boy!!😂 2w
Reggie Lolol 2w
Crazeedi Katherine I picked up a book the other day because it looked going, I think someone gave it to me, started to put it on goodreads and love and behold it popped up that i read it in 2014!! Lol 2w
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I haven‘t finished any books in the New Year, so these are the last four books of 2021! Whereabouts was so good and I‘d definitely put it on my best of 2021 list! #BookReport
The Mercies
Northern Spy
The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Cinfhen I really enjoyed Whereabouts too and I‘ll be reading this book with the #literaryCrew next month 2w
Cinfhen Did u enjoy Mercies?? 2w
mhillis @Cinfhen Yes! I listened to the audio. A little long, but good. 2w
Cinfhen I have the print book but good to know audio is another option 😁 2w
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Irish Above All | Mary Pat Kelly
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January‘s #LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead selection is the third in the Galway Bay series, Irish Above All.

We‘re a low key buddy read group. I‘ll post periodic check-ins throughout the month, and discussion will take place on the 31st.

Tagging those who have expressed interest, but this is open to everyone. If you are not tagged but wish to join this month, please comment below!

sblbooks I won't be joining this month, but I will in future months. 3w
BethM Excited for this one! 3w
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Jerdencon I will be picking up my copy from the library on Monday. 3w
PageShifter I am trying to join but it depends how I have time to read the two first books in the series 😁 (edited) 3w
Librarybelle @PageShifter Totally understandable! 3w
Crazeedi My book is to arrive by the 10th 3w
Librarybelle @Crazeedi Great! I‘m still waiting for mine to arrive too! 3w
CarolineLovesToRead Just waiting for my copy. Looking forward to reading what is next for Nora 2w
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