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The Fitness Challenge
The Fitness Challenge: Reshaping Our Future | Rick C. Mason
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This book takes a critical look at fitness and asks readers to do the same. Information is presented on how to assess one's current state of fitness with what is considered average on various measures. Detailed workouts, representing varying levels and goals, are provided, along with nutritional recommendations. Popular fitness fads and training debates are examined critically. Readers are encouraged to take the 12-week fitness challenge.
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Morning run/walk! Feeling good, but the humidity is apparently 97% and the temp was 72°F, which was not so good. Don't have time to read now because I have to get ready for church, but hopefully this afternoon I'll get some lazy reading time. 💕 #BookFitnessChallenge #BFC @wanderinglynn

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#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc @wanderinglynn

Good fitness progress yesterday! Book progress not as good, im really bogged down in The Magus, im not enjoying it but I know when I don‘t finish books I get book-slump-y and it can take weeks to recover so I want to push through. It‘s hard to find motivation to listen to it tho I know from experience what‘s best in this situation is to just summon some grit

Clwojick Way to go! 💕 27m
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Team #BFC: starting this week, I‘m doing way with comment points. This is a learn-as-I-go process—I set this up thinking that 5 or 6 people would join. Since 117 of you joined, I‘ve realized these points are just not fair. This is also an effort to try to simplify the points a bit.

Also, another optional photo challenge. I do keep track of who does their weekly check-ins and who does the optional challenges, so it‘s important to tag me. 😉

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DivineDiana If you build it, they will come! Great job! 👏🏻👏🏻😘 20h
jb72 Thanks for the update! Everyone is so awesome participating in this challenge. 20h
wanderinglynn @DivineDiana They came alright! 😂 I was overwhelmed by the response & already have new people asking me to sign up for the next round. 20h
wanderinglynn @jb72 Yes, everyone has been wonderful. 💜 20h
baes Oh I haven‘t been counting my book posts as updates lol 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️ Do we take our old comment points away when we tally next week? 20h
imabusybee This has been so awesome!! Ive stepped up my exercising and my audio's Oh and my TBR has grown seeing what everyone else is reading 😍 cant wait for the next one Thanks again @wanderinglynn for thinjing of this!❤ 19h
catebutler Lynn, you‘ve done so much for this challenge, thank you!! Looking forward to this new week! 19h
Cinfhen Thanks for everything Lynn!!!! 19h
guinsgirlreads Thank you! 🙏🏻 19h
BookwormAHN Works for me. I love seeing everyone's progress but I'm kind of driving myself crazy tracking points 🤦🏼‍♀️ 19h
wanderinglynn @baes No, you can keep your weeks 1 & 2 comment points. 19h
Kaye I don‘t blame you for chucking the point idea. Good grief, it‘d take a Rocket Scientist with the patience of Mother Teresa to keep track of that many people and whether they post or not. 😱 19h
baes @wanderinglynn Ok.👌🏼 Thanks for everything! 19h
Clwojick Sounds good! 18h
Read4life 👍🏻 I can put the time I spent tracking into more audio walking. I 💙 it. 🤓 18h
OrangeMooseReads Sounds great! Do we need to adjust if we had added the book and fitness goal points? (edited) 18h
wanderinglynn @OrangeMooseReads Yes please. The 10 pts for the fitness goal and book goal do not get added until the end of the challenge. 17h
OrangeMooseReads @wanderinglynn will do 👍🏼 17h
Readergrrl @wanderinglynn I‘m just happy to get all the support! I don‘t care if I get any points. I‘m loving the photos, the inspiration, and the accountability it‘s creating for me! Rock on, Book Fitness Groupies!! #BookFitnessChallenge (edited) 17h
ferskner You're doing a great job, Lynn! 16h
monalyisha I think this is a good change! I'm totally on-board. We appreciate your creativity & willingness to organize (& adapt)! 15h
Ash.on.the.line Great job! I couldn‘t keep track of all my comments anyways 😂 loving this challenge so far! 13h
Chrissyreadit You lead, I will follow. I keep changing stuff up too but it‘s all heading in a better direction - and you rock! 😘🥰🥳🎉🤩 (edited) 13h
mcipher I‘m terrible at tracking my points, but I‘m loving the challenge and reading everyone‘s posts - it‘s so awesome to see the progress we‘re all making!! Thanks for planning this and being so wiling to adapt. 😊 9h
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#BookFitnessChallenge @wanderinglynn

Friday's step total is 5,489 well below my 8K daily goal. I also swam 20 minutes yesterday which was not part of my personal goals. Not sure how to count the swim??

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 I‘m sure your 20 minute swim gets you close to your goal if not over. There‘s an activity conversion chart: https://www.pehp.org/mango/pdf/pehp/pdc/step%20conversion%20chart_FFB805BB.pdf 21h
LapReader You‘re still moving and that‘s what counts. Good luck for the coming week. 21h
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#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc @wanderinglynn

Another good walking day yesterday! I walked from the globe to Covent Garden rather than take the tube and then Covent Garden back to Victoria after my play - more steps and less £££ is a good thing all around!

BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 23h
OrangeMooseReads Great job! 23h
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 23h
TheSpineView Awesome! 22h
Itchyfeetreader If you are walking the stairs at Covent Garden you deserve a medal. Did it once - nearly keeled over three quarters of the way up 12h
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So, I tried to make a pretty picture like last week and my computer told me halfway through that there wasn't enough space on the disk. At this point, I think my laptop is revolting. This week I did well at drinking at least 3 cups of water a day, which is 3 cups more than normal. I haven't had soda 4 of the 7 days. I spent more time active. For next week, I focus on more water, more activity.


BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 1d
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Week two update for #bookfitnesschallenge
I didn't walk as much this week but I did read a lot.

kspenmoll Wow, just wow!!!!🙌🏻😊 1d
audraelizabeth Great job. I didn't know there were blue bloods books. 1d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 1d
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BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 1d
LokiDokey @audraelizabeth they were recommended from a friend about a decade ago LoL. I finally got around to reading them. I like them and they are pretty quick reads. 1d
audraelizabeth Awesome. I have books like that 1d
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#BFC Week 2 Check in
Books: 1
Miles: 13.5
+ some yoga every day

Very busy week hoping to improve on this!

BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 2d
Stacy_31 13 miles! Way to go! 2d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A great week 2. 2d
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TheSpineView Good job! 2d
guinsgirlreads Wow! 👏🏻 2d
DivineDiana 👏🏻💪🏻👍🏻 2d
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I didn‘t manage many updates/comments last week for the #bookfitnesschallenge, but I kept up my walks & finished 1 book! I was dragging yesterday, but did a short walk around my work campus, which turned into a normal-length walk b/c I didn‘t want to stop my audiobook—great motivator! Pics: campus wildlife!🐇🦆
This week‘s roundup:
✅4 campus walks at work
✅1 gym workout
✅2 neighborhood walks
✅1 book completed (now at 4/12)
Points: 103 + 35 = 138

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Great week 2! 2d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 2d
TheSpineView Keep up the good work! 2d
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VanChocStrawberry Wonderful! 👏 2d
bewareofwords You‘re doing great! 👍🏽 2d
Caterina Great job! I love when an audiobook keeps me walking longer than I had planned. 😊 2d
kspenmoll Nice workouts/books! 1d
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#BookFitnessChallenge @wanderinglynn

Here are my Week 2 totals:

Steps = 55,893
Miles = 27.95
Time: 11:32:34

Read 1.5 books during week 2.

Not tracking points but on course so far.

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A great week 2! 2d
TheEllieMo That‘s a good second week 😊 2d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 2d
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DivineDiana 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻 2d
guinsgirlreads Good stuff! 👏🏻 2d
Ash.on.the.line 👏🏼 great job!!! 2d
VanChocStrawberry Looking great! 👏👏 2d
Caterina Fantastic! 🎉 🙌 2d
BarbaraJean Great work!! 1d
audraelizabeth Great job 1d
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#BookFitnessChallenge #BFC @wanderinglynn
End of Week 2 Update Post:
I finished 6 books, getting me to 12/12 for my book goal.
I walked or ran/walked 6/4 days this week, exceeding my goal.
I had 19 extra update posts + this official update post (3 pts) + 140 comments on posts = 162 points this week, 418 points total. (I started commenting so much because I'm competitive, but now I love chatting with y'all so much! 💕 Still competitive though 😉)

RachelO Wow! You‘re storming this! Are you listening to audiobooks on triple speed or something? 2d
Caterina @RachelO Thanks! The fastest I ever listen to an audiobook is 1.2x if the narrator is slow - actually, I finished undergrad May 6, got surgery May 10, and wrapped up my youth director job that same week, so this challenge has basically been my full time job. 😂 Without it to motivate me, I would have very little meaning in my life at the moment. 🤣 2d
RachelO @Caterina Ooh, big changes, exciting times! Hope you‘re feeling good after surgery, and keep it up. I‘m expecting to be 500 steps behind you all weekend 😉 2d
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cobwebmoth 😄I love how you're rocking this! I'm extremely introverted and not remotely competitive, so I'm really struggling with commenting on very many posts, but I'm really inspired by everyone that's participating. 2d
Marina_h Wow, way to go!! I'm introverted like @cobweb so I'm not finding commenting on posts easy. 2d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Excellent week 2! 2d
BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 2d
Read4life You are rocking this! 🤘🏻🤓 2d
DivineDiana Way to go! 👏🏻👍🏻💪🏻 2d
VanChocStrawberry I love this simple tracker! 2d
Megabooks Excellent!! 🥳🥳🥳 2d
guinsgirlreads Good job hitting your goals! 👏🏻 1d
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#BookFitnessChallenge @wanderinglynn

I just barely made my daily step goal of 8K yesterday. I clocked in at a total of 8,259. I need to update my spreadsheet so I can post my Week 2 totals. I know I met my goal of 8K steps 5 times a week.

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2d
audraelizabeth Good job 2d
hes7 Nice! 👏🏻💪🏻 2d
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nu-bibliophile Great work!👊👊 2d
RachelO You did it though! 👍 2d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 2d
Stacy_31 Way to go!! 2d
VanChocStrawberry That‘s totally making your goal! Woot! 👏👏 2d
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Happy start of #BookFitnessChallenge Week Three!

My first walk of the week is in the books, so I‘m off to the library for some planning.

#BFC group, of you need the reminder: we got this! 💪🤘

4thhouseontheleft Lovely walking spot! 2d
Lynnsoprano What a beautiful path! I would love to do a meditation walk there. 2d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 lovely walk. 2d
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hes7 How lovely! Way to go! 👏🏻💪🏻 2d
nu-bibliophile Beautiful😍 2d
Erin7 Looks like the weather was on your side today. Way to kickstart week 3🙌🏻 2d
Simona Looks so calming❣️ 2d
BookwormAHN Lovely walk 👏🏻 2d
Read4life Great place to walk. Nice job, Daria. 💙🤓 2d
VanChocStrawberry Beautiful! 👏👏 2d
Megabooks Love the scenery!! 2d
BarbaraJean Beautiful walk! 1d
sprainedbrain That‘s lovely! 1d
guinsgirlreads Nice! 😍 1d
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Woke up early with a mystery rash (gotta love allergies), so I‘m a bit sleepy from the allergy meds and rising early. I usually read while drinking my morning tea, but with a limited attention span, I‘m using the time instead to make the rounds and chat with fellow #BFC participants. 😊 Good luck in Week 3!

#bookfitnesschallenge #booksandtea

GypsyKat Great mug! #MugsOfLitsy 2d
4thhouseontheleft @GypsyKat Thank you! My parents hate it, my mom goes out of her way to aoid using it every time they come for a visit. 😆 2d
Ashley_Nicoletto I LOVE this mug. Oh my god. 2d
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Ashley_Nicoletto Also, that‘s hilarious about your mom. 2d
nu-bibliophile Love the mug! Hate allergies too. Good luck this week🤜🤛 2d
marleed Get well soon. And that mug! 2d
Erin7 It‘s underrated how much allergies can effect you. Feel better soon. 2d
4thhouseontheleft @Erin7 Definitely! I happen to have just woke from a 2 hr nap, but that‘s more the Benadryl‘s fault. 😄 2d
CoverToCoverGirl Love the mug! 2d
BookwormAHN Also love the mug ❤ 2d
Megabooks Sorry about the itch! Love your mug! 😍😍 2d
guinsgirlreads I felt and did the same this morning! 👍🏻 1d
4thhouseontheleft @guinsgirlreads Oh no! I hope you‘re feeling better, too. My rash went away but I was groggy and sluggish the whole day. 1d
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#bookfitnesschallenge week 2 totals! 78 points right now!

Proud! Just 1 gym trip this week but as it‘ll average out to over 2 per week for the challenge I‘m chill with it being 1 this week.

Thank you so much to everyone doing the challenge and making it fun. Having this to focus on while my country collapses around me (even more than before!) is so helpful. Pray for the UK 😞 god only knows who we‘ll end up with next


wanderinglynn Great job! 🙌🏻 I‘ve been following the U.K. brexit issues. I know that must be stressful (we in then US have our own political stresses, so I empathize). 💜 2d
TheSpineView Doing good! 2d
4thhouseontheleft I've been following Brexit and the turmoil. Hoping for the best for the UK. 😬 2d
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audraelizabeth Great job! Totally understandable feelings. 2d
nu-bibliophile I just saw the news. Sending prayers over the UK. 2d
Marina_h Following Brexit makes me want to vote for the EU parliament even more. I would hate seeing Denmark go through something similar so I'm voting for people who want to stay and work with the rest! I'm hoping UK will find a solution soon 🤞 2d
Emilymdxn @Marina_h it would make me so sad to see other countries fall down the awful hole we‘re in! I‘ll be rooting for Denmark and al the rest of Europe - *i* want to be European and in it with all of you no matter what Farage says 😞 (edited) 2d
BookwormAHN Sending hugs 🍀 2d
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Week 2 was great! Finished two books (I've been misquoting my book goal, it's 8 not 6), met my step and bike goal, and while I did have a delicious small piece of strawberry cream bundt cake at book club on Monday, the rest of my weekdays were sugar free!

Meditated twice, but easing up on this as a daily goal for now.

Books: 5/8
✅Bike 3 times
✅70,000 steps
⚔ ✅No Sugar Mon - Fri - only one cheat, so still success!


4thhouseontheleft A few more stats: I had 6 additional update posts, and commented 94 times. 😃#weeklycheckin #BFC 2d
guinsgirlreads Great job!! 2d
julesG I am at awe at your no sugar goal. I don't use refined sugar, but I can't go without jam and/or honey every few days. 2d
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4thhouseontheleft @julesG It helps that I did this before, so I've already learned where sugar hides (most, but not all, breads; soy sauce, soups, dressings, etc), and I give myself a break on the weekend. My weak spot is dessert! I eat a lot of avocado, eggs, yogurt, lox and things like that in the morning to get away from the sweet breakfast foods. Natural sugars like fruit and those found in dairy don't count. 2d
julesG Bread is my greatest weakness. Need to cut down on it. 2d
Laughterhp Great job!! 👏🏻👏🏻 2d
Megara Whoa! You had a great week! Impressive! 🙌 2d
TheEllieMo Excellent week 2, well done 2d
wanderinglynn Great week 2! 🙌🏻 2d
TheSpineView You are good so good! It inspiring! 2d
audraelizabeth Great job! Sugar and carbs are my fave. 2d
Erin7 Great job on week 2💪🏻 2d
Marina_h Well done 👍 2d
CoverToCoverGirl Well done! 👊 2d
Simona Congratulations, especially for sugar free days❣️ 2d
BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 2d
LapReader I‘m limiting my sugar too but I would have caved for the cake as well. Good on you for the other days though. Keep up the great work. 2d
Megabooks You‘re rocking it! 🤩🤩 2d
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#bookfitnesschallenge Week 2 check-in! #bfc

204 points ✅!


Emilymdxn That‘s amazing! 2d
TheEllieMo Great work, well done! 2d
Cinfhen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2d
See All 8 Comments
wanderinglynn Excellent week 2! Keep it going! 🙌🏻 2d
TheSpineView Way to go! 2d
CoverToCoverGirl Success! 👏 2d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 2d
Megabooks 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2d
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Yesterday‘s progress for #bookfitnesschallenge #bfc @wanderinglynn

I‘m feeling good and motivated thinking about the sun and it being nearly summer, all the things I‘m looking forward to, worse when I see the news and have to think or talk about how we might not have a prime minister by the end of the day - good times for me personally, stressful times to be alive in general. Trying to keep focusing on just ploughing on not spending any money

julesG Well done! 2d
Jerdencon Nice job 👏🏻👏🏻 2d
DivineDiana Keep up the good work and the good attitude! 👏🏻🚶‍♀️👍🏻 2d
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wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2d
4thhouseontheleft I watched Theresa May's statement, and it irks me that much of the news that I have seen (at least in America) has focused on her emotions at the end, although I did notice that in the past hour CNN went back and revised their headline to something better than just focusing on her tears. Some days we just need to plough forward - it's not all sunshine and rainbows, and that's ok. 💜 2d
TheSpineView Great week! 2d
audraelizabeth Great job 2d
BookwormAHN Nice job with #BFC, hugs for the political crap 👏🏻 2d
Megabooks Great job! 🎉🎉 2d
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Week 2 of #BookFitnessChallenge:
Strength + Conditioning: 4x
Yoga: 1x
Audiobook: 1
Points: 10

Thoughts: I‘ve been going to the gym regularly and now I‘m not struggling to wake up at 5:15 am anymore. However, work has been really busy so I feel extremely exhausted when I get home, both physically and mentally. I want to add a mental wellness goal of meditating for 10 min a day for week 3. Hoping that‘ll help me feel less stressed and tired. 🤞🏼

Cinfhen Fantastic that goals were met and I like your plan for week 3👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2d
julesG What @Cinfhen said. 😁 2d
BookwormAHN @Cinfhen @julesG I concur 👏🏻 2d
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Crazeedi Way togo! Great job!❤ 2d
marleed Oh good idea. I‘ll match your challenge and try to add 10 minutes per day of meditation, as well. I tell you what - it‘s easier for my to walk 5 straight miles a day then meditate for 10 minutes so this is hard for me! 2d
wanderinglynn Way to go! A great week 2! 🙌🏻 And excellent idea adding meditation. 👍🏻 2d
bewareofwords @nelehelen @marleed I was thinking about adding meditation too! I do it now but very inconsistently. You guys might have inspired me to add it to my list... 2d
marleed @bewareofwords Now I‘m really inspired. Thanks @nelehelen! 2d
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Needing inspiration at a 102°F, I took pics of every staircase I climbed on that day on the SA Riverwalk. Today a sampling of those 100+ staircases account for my gallery wall. When I think I can‘t do it today, I look at that wall. Oh yes I can!
Week 3 Here we go!!
#BookFitnessChallenge. #BFC @wanderinglynn

Clwojick I freaking love that idea! I wish our city had more staircases like this. It would definitely motivate me to get my stairs in. 2d
marleed @Clwojick Other people like the river or the foliage- or just the whole thing. But for me, it was about the stairs. And living on it, I was able to climb at times when the steps weren‘t filled with tourists! 2d
julesG Great idea! 2d
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BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 2d
TheEllieMo Brilliant! 2d
Recommended4Reading Love the pictures! I'm being surrounded by beautiful photos this morning...thanks @marleed! 2d
marleed @Recommended4Reading @julesG @BookwormAHN @TheEllieMo Thank you. I have so many staircase pic from that day. The gallery wall is a fun conversation piece. But it truly is my motivator to get out there. 2d
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Week 2 wrap up for the #bookfitnesschallenge
I definitely didn't get in nearly the mileage I did last week, but after going hiking and fishing with my boys today I ended up with a decent week overall and met my goal of 8mi. Reading-wise, I'm catching up. I finished Where the Crawdads Sing and Aurora Rising (2/8 books for the month). Now I'm reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Wundersmith.

wanderinglynn That‘s a great week 2! 🙌🏻 2d
Clwojick Awesome! 💪🏻💙🙌🏻 2d
TheEllieMo Well done, that‘s good mileage! 2d
OrangeMooseReads Nice work! 2d
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Check in for week two:
Continue to have improved mood!
Made amazing lemony lentil and rice soup.
Walked between 1/2 mile and 1 Mile 6/7 days.
Chair yoga twice.
Am involved with four books currently.
#bfc #bookfitnesschallenge

CocoReads That‘s great! 2d
cobwebmoth 🙌 That soup sounds good. 2d
DivineDiana Fantastic! And yes! @cobwebmoth that soup! 2d
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wanderinglynn Way to go! Awesome week 2! 🙌🏻 2d
BookaholicNatty Love love loved the soulless series!!! The audiobooks are fantastic!!! 2d
Chrissyreadit @cobwebmoth @DivineDiana the soup was so good!!! I love soup so much. 2d
Chrissyreadit @BookaholicNatty it is my current comfort read. I love it. 2d
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 2d
LapReader I love that you are involved with so many books. Sounds like you are in love. Keep up the good work mate. 2d
TK421 Great job! The soup sounds really good as well. 2d
Clwojick Having a positive mood will really improve your fitness experience. Congratulations 💕 2d
TheEllieMo That soup sounds delicious! 2d
Laughterhp Great job! The soup sounds really good! 2d
4thhouseontheleft Ok, I heard back from my friend that teaches chair yoga:

Matthew Sanford is really well known for chair yoga; type in Matthew Sanford chair yoga and look at the videos that come up or use adaptive yoga. Book wise I enjoyed Wilma Carter All I Need is this Chair Yoga.
4thhouseontheleft Cont‘d : If she is looking for more advanced chair books and less gentle, Chair Vinyasa by Delia Quigley is pretty good. I have the Iyengar book by Dr. Eyal Shifroni but of the three I used that one the least 2d
Chrissyreadit Thank you so much @4thhouseontheleft @Cinfhen more info you could possibly use too. ❤️💕❤️to you both. 2d
Cinfhen Thanks so much to both of you @Chrissyreadit @4thhouseontheleft 2d
Megabooks So glad your mood has improved!! 💙💙 2d
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I can do better, and I will do better! I‘m happy that I met my reading goals 🎉📚🎧, but I need to work harder on cutting down on sugar overall and praying more.

I‘m excited to start physical therapy next week and add some physical fitness goals!

#BookFitnessChallenge #BFC #WeeklyCheckIn @wanderinglynn

TheSpineView Well done!👏👏 2d
jb72 Great job! 2d
nu-bibliophile Yaaay🙌🙌 2d
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bewareofwords You‘re doing great! 🥳 2d
Meaw_catlady Keep it up!! 2d
KathyWheeler This looks fantastic to me!👏 2d
BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 2d
Chrissyreadit Amazing!!! 2d
wanderinglynn You‘re making great progress! 🙌🏻 2d
Megara This is fantastic work! Great job! I‘m doing PT for my #BFC too! 2d
Megabooks @Megara I can‘t wait to start working on it! All the best to you with your PT!! 👍🏻👏🏻 2d
Clwojick You are doing brilliant! Keep it up! 💕 2d
Megabooks @Clwojick Thank you!! 🤗 2d
TheEllieMo Well done, that‘s excellent progress, you sound so motivated! 2d
Megabooks @TheEllieMo I am! 😊😊 Thanks! 2d
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My #BookFitnessChallenge check in for the week! My fitness is great so far, finding different ways to walk each day even in bad weather. I finished 2 new audiobooks bringing my total to 6/12 I planned! 😄 I‘m feeling great! We can do this!!! #BFC

CoverToCoverGirl Well done! 3d
TheSpineView Awesome! 2d
KathyWheeler What a great job!👏👍🏼 2d
See All 10 Comments
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 2d
Chrissyreadit That‘s great!!!! 2d
baes Nice job!!! 2d
wanderinglynn Way to go! Great week 2! 🙌🏻 2d
Clwojick Great job! You‘re crushing those goals! 2d
TheEllieMo That‘s excellent progress, well done! 2d
Megabooks Awesome job! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2d
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-Points: failed - I‘ll figure this out for my next challenge.
-Fitness - success: Walked 43.3 miles to exceed goal of 35 miles per week. On my Fitbit that is 101.107 steps.
-Books: success: 6 more books so I‘m at 12/16. I completed one 3x3 grid of books so I‘m upping my challenge to 2 grids (18 books)

#BookFitnessChallenge. #BFC @wanderinglynn

TheSpineView Awesome! 3d
BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 2d
Chrissyreadit Wow!!! That‘s amazing! 2d
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baes Wow! Awesome! 2d
wanderinglynn Way to go! Great week 2! 🙌🏻 2d
nu-bibliophile Wow😍😍 2d
Clwojick Woohoo! You‘re crushing it! 💙💪🏻💕 2d
TheEllieMo Incredible steppage! You‘re smashing those goals! 2d
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#bfc #bookfitnesschallenge Week 2 Check-in

1. Step goal 56300/60000 So close! I might actually have made it if I remembered to check the fitbit was on before I left the house! Still, not bad. Aim for next week - to actually make the numbers!
2. Finished ‘The Girl with Seven Names‘ - that‘s 3/6 total. Aim for next week - write reviews.

Thanks for doing this @wanderinglynn - I might just form some good habits before the 6 weeks is up!

Freespirit It looks like a fabulous place to walk😍 3d
wanderinglynn That‘s a great week! 🙌🏻 2d
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BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 2d
Chrissyreadit Great!!!! 2d
baes Nice job! 2d
Clwojick Awesome job! 2d
TheEllieMo That‘s what I‘m finding great about this challenge - I‘m developing good habits! Well done on your goals, all progress is good progress, and you can smash those targets next week! 2d
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Today should have been a gym day, but my car stopped running last night and is being repaired. Thank goodness for AAA! So, I walked instead. Also,my body is telling me that my hike in the woods yesterday used different muscles, so kind of like a gym visit! 😉 Also finished 2 books this week! 3 ongoing!

Weekly goals:
Walks: 3
Accomplished: 5

Gym: 2
Accomplished: a hike in the woods

Feeling good! Ready for Week 3! #bfc #bookfitnesschallenge

jb72 Good job! 3d
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 3d
Leftcoastzen Pretty! 3d
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VanChocStrawberry 👏👏 3d
TheSpineView Fantastic! 3d
wanderinglynn Way to go! Fantastic week 2! 🙌🏻 3d
Chrissyreadit So good!!!! 2d
TheEllieMo Well done! 2d
rohit-sawant That's awesome! 🙌🏼 2d
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#bookfitnesschallenge #week2

🎧 2 audiobooks
🚴🏻‍♀️ 31.6mi
💪🏻 2x
🥵 other cardio 3x (stairclimber, walk/run)
👣 exceeded 10k steps every day

It was a good week, but I can‘t out-exercise my fork. I can do better. 😕

Megabooks You did great! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3d
bewareofwords Great job!! 💪🏽 3d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 You‘re making great progress! 3d
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guinsgirlreads Heard that girl! Great week!! 3d
jb72 Good job! 3d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 3d
Leftcoastzen Nice! 3d
VanChocStrawberry Awesome 👏 3d
TheSpineView You did do good! 3d
CoverToCoverGirl Well done! 3d
Clwojick I love these photos! Keep up the great work! 💜🧡 2d
TheEllieMo I know that feeling about out-exercising the fork🙄 Keep going, we‘ve got this! 2d
britt_brooke @guinsgirlreads Thanks! It‘s a struggle. 😩 1d
britt_brooke @TheSpineView Thank you! 🥰 1d
britt_brooke @TheEllieMo It‘s a struggle!! The encouragement here helps - thank you! 💚💪🏻 1d
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Rainy weather and being busy getting prepared for two weeks out of the country left me lacking on both fitness and book goals, though I‘m almost finished with this audiobook. I have no doubt that two weeks in France with plenty of walks will have me more than making up for what I didn‘t do this week. 🇫🇷 #BFC

wanderinglynn Ooh, enjoy your trip! And yes, you‘ll get all your step plus some! 👍🏻 3d
Chrissyreadit Have a great trip! So exciting!!! 2d
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#BFC week 2 check in. Well, im doing great with my book goals it‘s the fitness part im really failing at☹️It‘s totally on me. I‘m just not motivated enough. I‘m aware which is important but i haven‘t been so good about implementing my goals. There‘s always next week. Hope the rest of my challenge buddies are staying on track and feeling good 😁

Meaw_catlady I am feeling the same way. I lack motivation because I am so busy it‘s stressing me out I just pass out the minute I get home. But sometime sleep is what you need for your health. Don‘t lose hope! You‘re doing great no matter what 🤗 3d
BookwormAHN Books are a big part of the challenge. Don't lose hope you can do this 👏🏻 3d
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Meaw_catlady @BookwormAHN your words of encouragement actually mean a lot!!!!!! 3d
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DivineDiana Congratulations on your book goals! You already look fit to me! 💗 3d
TrishB Know how you feel ❤️ I‘m sure it will return. 3d
RachelO Week 3 will be amazing! 3d
wanderinglynn Great progress on your book goal! 🙌🏻 What can we do to help you get back on track with your fitness goal? Team #BFC is here for you. 3d
Chrissyreadit Pick a goal and I will cheer you on!!! How can I help motivate? 2d
Megabooks You can do it, Cindy!! I have faith!! 2d
Cinfhen Thank you all soooo much!! Im working through some medical condition that leaves me fatigued and with terrible shortness of breathe with little or no exertion. It is related to low iron and low blood count so I‘m frustrated that simple exercises I used to do like sit-ups or lunges now have me panting and feeling sick after only a few minutes. @Chrissyreadit @wanderinglynn @Megabooks @DivineDiana @TrishB @RachelO 👇🏼 2d
Cinfhen And because I get frustrated I tend to throw all my other fitness/ health goals out the door which then leads to me being angry with myself. You know how that bad cycle goes. I‘ve been walking but even the walks leave me winded and they don‘t really tick my own boxes of what I‘d like to accomplish. 😩 2d
Megabooks @Cinfhen oh honey, I am so sorry! I had severe anemia related to my celiac disease four years ago and my red blood cells were so low, it was terrible to even walk my dogs. I had to have four iron infusions. It sucked! I hope you are able to return to normal activity soon!! Any progress is good progress!! I will pray for you to heal. 😘🙏🏻 2d
TrishB @Cinfhen make sure you look after yourself ❤️ I‘ve suffered with anemia on and off most of my life and when it‘s bad it‘s bad and exhausting!! 2d
Cinfhen Thank you both @Megabooks @TrishB I go twice a year for 12 rounds of iron infusions!!!! It sucks and they still can‘t figure out what‘s causing the loss. It‘s so exhausting and frustrating 😢 I appreciate your prayers and good cheer xx 2d
RachelO Sending hugs- so frustrating, especially when they can‘t find the cause, (I spent a few years there, back along) but please don‘t be hard on yourself! Do what you can do, celebrate the wins, and take it easy 😘 2d
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen that is completely understandable! I get fatigue frequently too- but as I research wonder if I have recurring Epstein Barr virus. Anyway, chair yoga is working, although physical activities in days I work is too much. I‘m also working on mindfulness and pain management. Not sure if this is helpful- just sharing that it is not about just physical activity. ❤️❤️❤️maybe just identify different goals? 2d
Cinfhen Are u using an online video for the chair yoga @Chrissyreadit that might be a good place for me to start!! I‘m sorry you have your own health issues to navigate. I find my eating and mental health is generally good it‘s really working on my stamina and strength that is weighing me down physically & mentally. 2d
Cinfhen @RachelO thanks for your encouragement 😘😘😘It‘s always nice to know you have friends who care and support you!!! 2d
Centique Oh man Cindy I‘m sorry to hear it‘s been so frustrating. You always spread so much good cheer on here, I hope we can all cheer you on too. Sounds like smaller/different types of goals might be better while the breathlessness is happening. 🤞All the best for whatever you want to try and I hope the condition improves. 💕💕💕 2d
Chrissyreadit I miss my previous life where I was very active and fit but this challenge is actually helping me most with depression because it is making me work on what I can do and not ruminate on what I can‘t do. @4thhouseontheleft mentioned she might also have some chair yoga sources 🥰🥰 2d
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Chrissyreadit #SharingIsCaring 😘😘😘 2d
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Centique I try not to focus on the negative but sometimes you need to share 💜and Littens are really THE BEST and most supportive people I‘ve ever “met” 2d
DivineDiana Sorry to hear about your medical issues. 😕I am confident that you will bounce back very soon! 👍🏻💪🏻❤️ 2d
4thhouseontheleft @chrissyreadit @cinfhen I'm still waiting to hear back from my friend/yoga instructor, but I follow Yoga for Adriene on YT and the video in the link looks very similar to what my friend Amber teaches! Ignore the title - it's not just for seniors, despite the title. 🙄All of the poses in the video look gentle, with the possible exception of the warrior pose, so if that one is a struggle, that's ok! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ts01MC2mIo 2d
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing the link @4thhouseontheleft and for all the words of encouragement 😘😘😘 2d
Cinfhen Thanks so much @DivineDiana It‘s hard to hold me back 😂😛 2d
Megabooks @Cinfhen 12!! I hope someone can find a cause, so you don‘t have to do that anymore. Best of luck! 💙💙💙 2d
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Megabooks 💕💕 2d
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Apparently I pace a lot when I am on the phone. FitBit recorded my 1/2 hour phone call as a workout. 😂😂

#bookfitnesschallenge #BFC

squirrelbrain 🤣🤣🤣 3d
hes7 😂😂 Way to go! 3d
saresmoore I do this, too! 3d
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BookwormAHN Nice 👏🏻 3d
mrozzz That's amazing! Doesn't everyone do weird things very actively while on the phone?? 😅 3d
TheSpineView Keep up the good work! 3d
Caterina Haha great way to get some more steps in!! 👍 3d
britt_brooke 😆 love it! 3d
jb72 LOL hey it counts! 3d
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#BookFitnessChallenge #BFC

✔️3 30-minute walks (weekly goal)
✔️2 audiobooks (total 3, 1 to go)
✔️85 weekly points (total 225)

TheSpineView Doing good! 3d
jillannjohn Great job! 3d
nu-bibliophile That's great 3d
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DivineDiana 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3d
OrangeMooseReads Way to go! 3d
hes7 Nice job! 👏🏻💪🏻 3d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 3d
Caterina Great job!! You're rocking this challenge! 3d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 3d
britt_brooke 🙌🏻🙌🏻 3d
4thhouseontheleft I love this bitmoji! Great job meeting your goals! 3d
jb72 Awesome! 3d
Megabooks 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2d
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#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc @wanderinglynn

Right now my fitness motivation is this exact hill! I went to Alicante with my friends in March and I was so unfit trying to climb this hill, I got laughed at and I realised how unfit I was and felt pretty humiliated. I joined a gym three days after I got back from that trip and decided I couldn‘t be that unit again. In a month I go back to Alicante with my bf‘s family and you bet I‘m climbing it again!

RachelO Beautiful! And what fun to look forward to! 3d
wanderinglynn Your friends laughed at you?!? That‘s not cool. But I‘m glad it motivates you & you will kick ass this time! 🙌🏻 3d
TheSpineView Great motivation! 3d
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dariazeoli You will totally conquer this hill! 3d
jillannjohn This is awesome! You got this! 3d
BookwormAHN Fantastic, go for it 👏🏻 3d
Caterina Oh I love that you get to go back after a few months of working out! Climbing that hill will be a great achievement! 🙌 You're strong and you got this! 😊 3d
jb72 Awesome! Keep going! 3d
DivineDiana No one will be laughing now! 👏🏻💪🏻👍🏻 2d
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Fantastic job everyone sticking with your goals and motivating the team! I‘ve seen some great motivation this week.

Moving into week 3, motivation is even more important. So if you‘re struggling, please let your team know so we can rally behind you. We will ALL cross the finish line together. And remember, if life happens, adapt your goals!

***Even if you‘re not tracking points, please check-in and tag me.***

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Erin7 I love the way this challenge doesn‘t show any judgement and allows people to adapt their goals. 3d
wanderinglynn @Erin7 that‘s because I‘ve done fitness challenges before and then had to travel for work. Well, it‘s just not always possible for me keep to my fitness schedule when I travel. So I‘d quit the challenge and that defeats the whole point. My philosophy now is life happens, adapt & change, but don‘t quit. ☺️👍🏻 3d
TheEllieMo @wanderinglynn I‘m definitely going to have to change my goals for next week! Flying out on a week-long “work trip” (at an all-inclusive resort) on Tuesday, so at the moment I have no idea what my steps will be like. My aim will be to be as sensible as possible, and try to get to the resort‘s gym at least a couple of times. 3d
wanderinglynn @TheEllieMo I was on a work trip this week. I didn‘t make it to the gym, but I did get more steps in than I thought. During breaks I walked around and the steps added up. I‘m sure you‘ll do great! 3d
TheEllieMo @wanderinglynn I‘m hoping to get some walks in, but the forecast is for 38°C. I‘m British, I don‘t do temperatures that high? 3d
wanderinglynn @TheEllieMo Even for me, who grew up in the southern U.S., that is hot! 🥵 3d
hermyknee Since I forgot about the point system last week, is there any way you can link me to the google doc with the point system in it so I can add them all up this week? I‘ll combine last week‘s points and this week‘s points for total points. Also, is there a spreadsheet I should be filling out? (Sorry Im a mess, work is rough just now) - thanks for your help! 3d
RachelO Oops! I‘d forgotten Thursday was the end of the #bfc week - I‘d better get moving! 3d
Books.Bottles.and.Babies I have had a pretty lame fitness week ☹️. I'm going to take my kids out on the hiking trails to get more miles in. Not over til it's over! I'll check in tonight! 3d
wanderinglynn @Books.Bottles.and.Babies That‘s okay. Sometimes we have a down week. I‘ve been traveling & sitting in conference rooms all week. The important thing is not to quit! 🙌🏻 3d
AceOnRoam @wanderinglynn I have pretty much been out of internet range and stuck on the boat so I am really sorry for not posting but please don't delete me, I am trying to get organised! 3d
wanderinglynn @AceOnRoam No worries! I have you down & know you‘re not going to be able to post too much. 😉😀 3d
mcipher I‘m still going strong! Not getting huge amounts of steps in, but I‘m making a point to walk and practice a little yoga and meditate every day. And I‘ve had lots of lovely colorful fruit and veggies this week. This challenge is so great, I love how low key it is! ♥️ 2d
wanderinglynn @mcipher Great job! The most important thing is to keep at it and not quit! Sounds like you‘re doing great! 🙌🏻 2d
Hufflepuffle I love this challenge! Very new to Litsy so I missed the start but I would love to join in if you ever do another one! 1d
wanderinglynn @Hufflepuffle I‘m already planning to do a round 2. It will start shortly after this one ends on June 20. So stay tuned! 👍🏻😀 23h
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#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc #wanderinglynn

Okay fitness day yesterday! It was a bit of a fight to get the steps in - I had to walk my bf to the train station and back unnecessarily - but I managed it. Maybe I‘m feeling a bit unmotivated but that‘s probably as I had to get up super early to vote in the European elections and this is not gonna be a fun few days to live in Britain...

Freespirit Thinking of you. Politics stinks everywhere at the moment! 3d
laurenbescoby Ain't that the truth. Me and my partner voted by postal vote a couple of weeks ago. The wait is agony. We're off to hide in a caravan all weekend until it blows over. 3d
BookwormAHN My sympathies 🌺 3d
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julesG I'm voting on Sunday. But, to be honest, I feel like it's easier to pick a dessert at my favourite restaurant than to pick a party in this election - I'm usually taking forever to decide which dessert to get. 3d
hermyknee ♥️ sending you love 3d
nu-bibliophile Sending positive vibes your way❣ 3d
Caterina Great job getting your steps in! I'm sorry politics sucks for y'all over there. 😓 What did you think of the Mueller Report? I scooped it up when I saw it was free around Easter, but I'm not sure I want to listen to it. 😂 3d
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The last 10 days have been very emotional due to a sudden change of job that‘s not my choice. It would be ok but there are kids involved. In the mental health field, we always talk about client care, but all too often, that‘s a lower priority than money to admin.
3 good things today—1)my Wi-Fi got fixed. 2) I went outside twice to blow bubbles and enjoy the sunshine w/ 3 of my favorite kids. 3) I went on a walk. #bookfitnesschallenge

BookwormAHN Nice outlook under all the stress 👏🏻 3d
TheEllieMo Well done for finding positives in difficult circumstances 😊 (edited) 3d
dariazeoli Nice job of looking at the bright side ☀️ 3d
Caterina So sorry about the stress you're going through. 😓 Great job getting outside and getting a walk in, sounds like you're taking care of yourself well! 3d
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Restorative yoga plus meditation to finish off the day - I need this tonight! May continues to be crazy busy. I woke up planning on doing yoga at some point today, if that‘s at 9:30 at night, so be it. I‘m right next to my bed, so I can just flop into bed afterwards.
😴 🧘‍♀️


LapReader I love a good yin yoga session. I hope it makes you as sleepy as it does me. Well done for doing it so late. 3d
bewareofwords Way to get it done! 👏🏽 3d
Kshakal Good for you!!! 3d
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mcipher I love your bolster!! Yay for restorative yoga, it‘s so nice to treat yourself to a chillout session. ♥️ 3d
Tamra Restorative ...... 💜 3d
BookwormAHN Nice 👏🏻 3d
Cathythoughts I love restorative yoga ♥️. And I love your bolster... arnt they kind of like teddy bears ?!! 3d
TheEllieMo 👏🏼 3d
MyBookSwapClub Love the commitment, I only manage to do Weekend Yoga :) 3d
guinsgirlreads Sounds like a good plan! 3d
Bookcation74 That bolster! 😍 3d
Meaw_catlady Great job! I haven‘t been disciplined enough to get my mat out before I pass out. 3d
dariazeoli Nice job - good on you 🙌 3d
Caterina Looks like the perfect wind-down. Great job getting your yoga and meditation in, that's hard right before bed! 😂 3d
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#BookFitnessChallenge @wanderinglynn

Here is today's step count. I forgot to post yesterday's total which was 8,454. Still working on Siege and Storm about 1/3 in and enjoying it.

baes Nice job! 3d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 3d
nu-bibliophile Awesome👏 3d
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mcipher Nice!! 👏 3d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 3d
TheEllieMo Well done 👍🏻 3d
guinsgirlreads Two good days! 👏🏻 3d
Meaw_catlady 👏👌👏 3d
dariazeoli Excellent work! 👍 3d
Caterina Great job! 👍 3d
jb72 Awesome! 😁 3d
wanderinglynn Awesome step count! 🙌🏻 2d
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I'm over here now that everything with the funeral has settled trying to sort out my points for the #BookFitnessChallenge with @WanderingLynn and its like looking at calculus to me. Playing catch up and I'm about to give up and say forget the points and just keep going with my goals and working out and get myself feeling better.

On a side note, I had about 40 ounces of water yesterday which is, honestly, how much I'd drink in a MONTH before

wanderinglynn Send me an email if you need clarification on the points – lynn@wanderinglynn.com 4d
Read4life You‘ve got this! Great job on the hydration 💧 4d
4thhouseontheleft I'm glad things are settling for you. Great job on increasing the water intake! 4d
Clwojick Water is definitely important! Congrats 🙂 4d
BookwormAHN Great job on the water 🌺 4d
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#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc @wanderinglynn

Just a very quick gym trip yesterday but the important thing is I managed to go and I got a decent amount of steps in! I had to watch the most awful party political broadcast on the big TVs in the gym before the European elections tomorrow 😞 it was a factor in leaving the gym early. Brexit gets its grubby hands everywhere.

Was I the only person in the gym listening to the mueller report? Probably...

TheEllieMo Well done on the gym work. I‘m so looking forward to voting tomorrow 🗳 4d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 4d
dariazeoli Nice job! At least someone is reading the Mueller Report 😉 4d
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nu-bibliophile Even though it was a quick one, it was still worth it. Good job👊👊 4d
Read4life Great job 💙 4d
Clwojick 💙 💛Way to go! ❤ 💚 4d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 4d
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Missed the gym yesterday since I wasn‘t feeling well, but back at it today! Here was my workout of the day. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


julesG 😶 Wow. I am at awe. 4d
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻👏🏻 4d
TheEllieMo Well done! Good workout! 4d
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wanderinglynn Way to go! Great workout! 🙌🏻 4d
guinsgirlreads Woo! 💦 Awesome! 💪🏻 4d
Read4life Hope you‘re feeling better. Great job 💙 4d
hes7 Nice! Way to get back at it! 👏🏻💪🏻 4d
Clwojick 💙 💛Way to go! This sounds like a brutal workout, but in the best way possible❤ 💚 4d
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#BookFitnessChallenge @wanderinglynn

Monday's step count was 8,913 and I finished The Queen of the Tearling. A good start to the week.

BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 5d
guinsgirlreads Great start!! 5d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 5d
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4thhouseontheleft Great job! 5d
nu-bibliophile Awesome👊👊 5d
Caterina Great start to the week! You're rocking it! 🙌 5d
Clwojick Crushing it! 💪🏻💙 4d
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#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc @wanderinglynn

Well missing my train station TWICE helped my steps! I chose walking over the tube again and walked to the South Bank Centre along the river.

Got some bad financial news which is survivable with payday coming up but means I‘ll need be living as cheaply as I can for a couple months 😰lots of walking instead of taking public transport and exercise instead of going out is a silver lining I guess!

julesG Gah! Bad financial news is not good, but you are seeing the silver lining. Taking the bus might be an option on a really rainy day, they are cheaper than the tube. There's an app "too good to go" where you can get groceries or take away food cheaper - mainly to avoid food waste. It might work in the UK, too. 5d
wanderinglynn Sorry to hear you got some bad financial news. That‘s never fun. But way to go on your goals! 🙌🏻 5d
dariazeoli I‘m sorry about the bad financial news. Good on you finding that silver lining and reaching your goals! 5d
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BookwormAHN I'm glad you can find a silver lining, sorry about your bad news though 🍀 5d
heikemarie I admire your grit, it‘s not always easy to see the silver lining! 5d
4thhouseontheleft You sound like an incredibly resilient and strong person! We can't avoid challenges life throws at us, but you have the strength to find your way through it. 5d
Caterina So sorry dear one. ❤ You're strong and you're gonna make it through this! Take care of yourself! 5d
hilded @julesG We have ‘too good to go‘ in Norway as well, it‘s great! :) 5d
hilded Hope the financial situation gets better, sounds like you have it under control luckily :) 5d
Clwojick I found a website recently called Budget Bytes. You should check it out! It has some really amazing recipes that have a cost per serving. I found it helpful when I was between jobs, and trying to be money smart. 4d
Megabooks I‘m sorry about your financial news! I hope it ends up working out okay. 💜💜 4d
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I am happy with all of these numbers! These weekly emails motivate me to continue on my fitness journey, and not give up. 👏🏻💪🏻💗

I‘m hoping my numbers continue to get better and better, especially when it comes to my resting heart rate. It‘s always been extremely high, but it‘s something I know I need to work on.

#BookFitnessChallenge @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn w00t! Great stats! Way to go! 🙌🏻 6d
TheSpineView Way to go!👏👏 6d
catebutler You did so well! Your stats are crazy for this week! 👏🏼💪🏼 6d
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BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 6d
guinsgirlreads Way to go! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 6d
bewareofwords That looks like a huge success! 🥳 5d
Megabooks Awesome!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻 5d
allureofbeauty That‘s amazing. 5d
audraelizabeth Amazing job 5d
imabusybee Awesome job! 5d
RachelO 👏👏👏👏 5d
dariazeoli You kicked the week‘s butt! 💪🙌 5d
hilded Wow, great numbers!! 👏🏻👏🏻 5d
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My motivation pic for #BookFitnessChallenge... is y'all! ❤️ #BFC has been such a blessing. I'm such an extrovert, and I would be miserable right now if it weren't for Litsy and BFC, because I just finished undergrad and my job, got gum graft surgery, and can't talk or smile or laugh or eat normal food. 😭 But thanks to Litsy and BFC, I'm feeling motivated to read and walk and comment, and it's been good for my soul. ❤️❤️❤️ @wanderinglynn

marleed Oh I hope your smile returns soon because virtually you‘ve never lost it! I love Litsy and this BFC too! 6d
wanderinglynn Thank for sharing your motivation. ☺️ 6d
nu-bibliophile I hope you feel better soon! And congrats on finishing your undergrad!! 6d
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BookwormAHN Congratulations on finishing your undergrad, I hope your mouth heals quickly and love your motivation 👏🏻 6d
TheSpineView Feel better soon! 6d
guinsgirlreads It is very motivating! Thank you 🙏🏻 😉! 6d
Bookwormjillk Congrats on finishing your undergrad. I hope life gets back to normal soon. 5d
audraelizabeth Congrats and great job 5d
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#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc @wanderinglynn

Total: 59

My boyfriend and I went for one of our mammoth London walks and I think this might be my all time step record. He commented that I could go faster, barely got out of breath and needed fewer breaks than before. I started trying to get fit around three months ago when I got a bit humiliated on a group holiday not being able to climb something, and look at my stamina now!

BethM Wow look at you go! You‘ve got this! I‘m also jealous that you can walk around London. 7d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 You‘re making excellent progress! 7d
Megabooks Wow! So impressed! 7d
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Bookwormjillk Wow! That is an epic day! 6d
VanChocStrawberry That‘s a LOT of steps! 👏👏 6d
TheSpineView Awesome! Keep up the good work! 6d
Chrissyreadit 👏👏👏 6d
Clwojick Woohoo! Way to go, girl! 💜💚💙 6d
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 6d
howjessreads Well done!! London is the perfect city for long walks! 😍 6d
Leftcoastzen Way to go! 👍 6d
Reggie Great job!! 6d
dariazeoli Excellent work! 💪 6d
Caterina Aw that's amazing! Great job!! 🙌👏It's so nice when someone else notices the difference too. ❤️ 6d
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Yesterday was a crazy day, but we somehow managed to get everyone and everything to Uncle Rs funeral on time. Impressive in my family. And somehow I managed 30 minutes? Im not sure how this happened!


wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 💜 7d
TheSpineView Good job! 7d
BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 7d
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Emilymdxn That‘s incredible well done for managing everything 💖 7d
VanChocStrawberry Yay for movement. Did the funeral go okay? You doing okay? 6d
jessinikkip Thank you @vanchocstrawberry the funeral went well. It was different from what I'm used to for a memorial but that was what her uncle had requested. He liked the pastor's preaching style, so he asked him to PREACH. And everyone made it. The only problems were minor ones, and we are both doing pretty okay. 6d
Caterina Great job! I hope y'all are doing okay. ❤️ 6d
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Yesterday‘s progress: #bookfitnesschallenge #bfc @wanderinglynn

I was visiting a friend in oxford yesterday and was super busy but managed to get a decent amount of steps in and a lot of listening on the train. Quite a good day! Won‘t be able to go to gym for a few days unfortunately as I‘m so busy, but maybe on Tuesday. Finding ways to fit fitness into busy life/commuting/socialising is A Lot but hopefully ill manage it!

Jerdencon Great job! 👏🏻 1w
4thhouseontheleft You are doing a great job fitting in fitness! 👏 👏 7d
BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 7d
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Julsmarshall Well done! 7d
wanderinglynn Great job! 🙌🏻 And yes, it is difficult to make room for working out. But 10 minutes squeezed in 3 times a day is 30 total minutes. And that will make a difference! 7d
Clwojick Great job! 💜💗💜 7d
Megabooks Good luck! You‘re doing great! 7d
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My husband came with me on my neighborhood walk today and I forgot to take any pictures. So you get this picture. @wanderinglynn — you challenged us to post an inspirational picture: does this count? 🤣 We have a donut box sitting on our counter because...well, a series of circumstances convinced my husband that going to Winchell‘s the other night was “meant to be.” At least I got my neighborhood hill walk in today! #bookfitnesschallenge

Felso 🍩 Tasty reason to walk! 1w
wanderinglynn Donuts are motivation for me! 🙌🏻 😂 1w
BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 1w
4thhouseontheleft 😂 😂 7d
Clwojick 🤣🤣🤣 7d
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No pretty handwriting as I forgot to do this yesterday and now I‘m on train 🤷‍♀️

Lots of walking! I walked from work to the theatre in the evening rather than get the tube again, which felt food even though it was raining. I‘m getting very food at the route between the globe and Covent Garden despite my terrible sense of direction! No books finished and no gym as I was so busy, but still proud

@wanderinglynn #bookfitnesschallenge #bfc

4thhouseontheleft That‘s awesome you‘re choosing to walk places instead of using other means of transportation! 1w
Emilymdxn @4thhouseontheleft thanks! It‘s a good way to combine my desire to get fit with my desire to save money and be more environmentally friendly 1w
Erin7 Walking is a great form of a exercise. Great job!🙌🏻 1w
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wanderinglynn Fantastic first week! 🙌🏻 1w
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 1w
VanChocStrawberry Choosing to walk is a fantastic plan! 👏 1w
Ash.on.the.line Great job so far!! 1w
Clwojick Way to go! 💜💗💙 7d
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