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When you run a digital countdown instead of tracking time read digitally... I track total time manually lol. #bujo entry to come at the end of the #mbcreadathon #MBCfrogsread3

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Well July was a really good month for me. I read all the books I had on my tbr bar one I dnf and one left to read. I think it helps my hubby discovered the sims game, he plays I read. #bujo

kspenmoll Love the fairies! 3w
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Bullet Journal | Bujo International
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I need some help! Does anyone else here do a book journal for the year or a book bullet journal? I want to get into journaling for my reading more, and could use some ideas of spreads or pages or ways of doing it that have helped. I've been all over Pinterest already. My current method is just a regular small spiral notebook that's really a catch-all for anything books, but I'm looking for something better. Any help appreciated

RaimeyGallant I've seen some beautiful ones on here, but can't remember who made them! 4w
jenniferw88 Try pressing this tag #bujo 4w
kezzlou85 I keep a book journal of all I've read. If you look back through my posts, I have some pictures. I tend to keep it quite simple. 4w
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kezzlou85 @Clwojick has some beautiful pages that she has done in the past. 4w
jessinikkip Thanks guys! The spreads on the hashtag are gorgeous. I saw some of @Clwojick on there and I'm so jealous! I'll take a look at yours @kezzlou85 ! 4w
kezzlou85 @jessinikkip I always forget the #. Some people are so creative. Mine aren't quite as good but maybe as a beginning, I do enjoy doing it. 4w
jessinikkip I agree. Ive been experimenting for the end of the year in a dot bullet journal and like it, even if mine are pretty simple. I'm slowly getting better. Early December I'll get one for 2020 and by then have all these things figures out 4w
Soubhiville I use a spreadsheet in addition to my book journal, that way I can look at graphs at the end of the year for fun ratios such as m/f, POC, queer, setting locations, owned/borrowed, print/ebook/audio, and %of bails. It takes a little while at the end of each month to transfer all the info from my journal to the spreadsheet, but the results make it worthwhile to me. 😊 4w
jb72 I‘m getting ready to start a book journal too. Check out YouTube. There aren‘t a lot on there, but there are some really good ones. 4w
Clwojick Hey! Thanks for the tag @kezzlou85 😍😍 I like to use my cricut to create stickers to help fill in some blank areas. I also check Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. I use the #BulletJournal #bujo and #journaling tags the most. And I normally post under this book 4w
audraelizabeth I use a discbound journal and then pages i enjoy i can add in. 4w
jessinikkip These are all such wonderful ideas! Thanks! 4w
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Anyone use a bullet journal? What do you think? I‘ve always had a paper planner but I‘m thinking of trying this. I‘ve dismissed this in the past because it always looked too fancy & complicated and know that will stop me from using it.

Varshitha I love it,, mostly because it can be designed however you want.. I was intimidated by all the colorfull bujo posts as well but finally came up with the layouts that actually work for me .. 1mo
parttimedomestic I've been bullet journaling for 3 years or so. I agree it can be intimidating, but start simple and small and find what layouts work for you. It is more of a time investment than a regular planner, but I think it's worth it because I can integrate my day to day planner with my book log and garden calendar and I love having everything in the same journal and format! 1mo
Megabooks A lot of ppl on here use them. I think the hashtag is #bujo. 1mo
Amandajoy @Varshitha @parttimedomestic @Megabooks I finished the book & think I‘m going to try it. The spreads get super intimidating once you go down the rabbit hole on the internet & I don‘t have the time. I‘ve decided to start super basic for the first few months to see how I like the concept. 4w
Clwojick I love my bujo. check out the posts under this book. 4w
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I finished The Lord of the Rings section of my #bujo just a couple of days ago.

Megabooks That is gorgeous!! 😍😍 1mo
BookwormAHN Lovely 💚 1mo
Erofan Wow! 😍 1mo
julesG 😍😍😍 1mo
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#bfcr2 Week 3 Update

For the first time since #bookfitnesschallenge started, I did not meet my weekly goals, and I am okay with that! My body & mind called for a few days off mid-week after Tuesday‘s hike, and I obliged. I‘m feeling in a better place today, and just knocked out a 45 min 🚲! In the interim, I‘m testing out Google Keep as a digital #bujo & did a lot of chores!

5/8 books completed, hoping to finish 2 more this week.


Megabooks Great job listening to your body! 1mo
britt_brooke It‘s so important to listen to your body (and mind). Sounds like it was still a great week! 🙌🏻 (edited) 1mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A fantastic week! And great job listening to your body. Rest is important for recovery. 🎉 1mo
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Baker Thief | Claudie Arseneault
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In preparation of next weekend and my second #24in48 I put together my TBR pile today. I‘m hoping that I can finish at least a couple of these since I‘m in the middle of reading them all😂 #bujo

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Halfway through the year and the tracker is coming along nicely! Made my reading goal and my spread much more realistic this year! 😂 #bujo