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A little late to the party, but always happy to be here!

#SuperSeptember #Readathon #goals @Andrew65 - Thank you kindly for being our wonderful host!

🇲🇽 Un poquito tarde a la fiesta, pero siempre contenta de estar aquí!

Andrew65 Never too late and Good Luck 😁 2w
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The Reef | Nora Roberts
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#WeeklyForecast - I added September's books to the Windowsill of Optimism and actually it doesn't look to bad. This month's #Roll100 numbers were one book I've already read and two books that each start a new series, and I am DONE starting new series until I have finished series!! 😂 So I think I am going to just take a pass on that challenge this month and jump back in in October. I finished Moonlight Cove last night and started The Reef. Next ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) I need to read the Tony Hillerman book - it's the next in the Leaphorn & Chee series and is due back at the library, probably because I've had it for like three months 😆 Other than that, whatever the fates decide should get pulled out of this window next!! Overall this system of working my way through my challenges/TBR is working really well. I think at the end of November, though, I'm going to clear the windowsill entirely, read ⬇ 4w
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) Christmas/holiday fluff all of December, then start fresh in January. Despite being excited still about all of these books, I'm also already looking forward to that clean slate. Mainly because I have a book-reading-challenge problem 😂

Clare-Dragonfly It‘s not terrible! There are only two horizontal books! 😂 4w
Cinfhen Clean slate December sounds exciting!!! And it‘s not that far off!!!! #Goals 4w
TheAromaofBooks @Clare-Dragonfly - Right?? I have definitely made ground since the beginning of August 😂 And a lot of these are shorter and/or children's books so they should be fast reads whenever I get to them. 4w
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Daisy Darker | Alice Feeney
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I have to work some today, after an already really long week, but at least I got my swim in early and had the pool all to myself! A few minutes of trading to reward myself, then back to the grind. #BFC22 #goals #AwesomeAugust #readathon @wanderinglynn @Andrew65

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks How is this one? I‘m debating starting it today! 2mo
Julsmarshall @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Bit if a slow start but about a third of the way in, I was hooked! 2mo
wanderinglynn 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Andrew65 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I really enjoyed this one. 2mo
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Walk the Wild With Me | Rachel Atwood
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My #cbbc package arrived filled with bday goodness 😘🎉😘🎉 thank you Aletheia 😘😘😘 for this fun package. So many books I wanted!!! I really want to set myself up to be intentional with reading time ❤️#goals Also I love the scarf- I‘ve been using my scarves and shawls for cozy reading wraps instead of blankets. I love everything and your thoughtfulness. 😘 #birthdaybliss

AmyG Washington Black was so good! What a lovely box of goodies. ❤️ (edited) 2mo
Jemgirl2014 Is your birthday today? Happy Birthday fellow Leo! 🥳📚🥳❤️ 2mo
Chrissyreadit @Jemgirl2014 thanks Leo friend! Mine is the 21st! When is yours? 2mo
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Jemgirl2014 @Chrissyreadit You‘re welcome! Mine is actually today. 😄 2mo
Chrissyreadit @Jemgirl2014 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉Happy Birthday! 2mo
Jemgirl2014 @Chrissyreadit Thank you‘ 😃🤗❤️ 2mo
Avanders Yay I‘m so glad and happy early birthday!!! ♥️♥️♥️😘 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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My July reading #wrapup included more graphic novels than usual. They helped with my book #goals but not so much with my challenges. Time to knock out some prompts in August.


All the Sonnets of Shakespeare | William Shakespeare
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Guess you can‘t really tell I‘m surrounded by mountains for the moment. I can only barely see them from this porch.

Sonnet 47
Synopsis here: My eyes and heart help each other in their loving appreciation of you, which means you are always with me, even when I dream.

“And so the painted picture bids my heart.” = since I can‘t see you, my heart creates an illusionary feast for my eyes to imagine you.


DivineDiana Surrounded by mountains sounds wonderful! 2mo
Readergrrl Lovely because that last couplet can infer either a missing loved one or a missing place. Surrounded by mountains, as you are, you might imagine how even a location can leave one with the same sense of longing as missing a beloved person. Imagining the place or the person is sometimes all we can do. 2mo
batsy Reading the sonnets while surrounded by mountains is, as the kids say, #goals 🙂 Enjoy! 2mo
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TheBookHippie I like this one and what a lovely place to read them! 2mo
Graywacke @DivineDiana it‘s a nice change for us. Just a few days though. 2mo
Graywacke @Readergrrl ok, I actually thought about my poor cat at home, the one whose been getting on my lap while I read these. ☺️ But also I like that, imagining a place your missing, the meaningful versatility of these… 2mo
Graywacke @batsy 😁 I packed my pelican on a hike today, imagining my Petrarch moment with Shakespeare, but was too tired to read anything. I did take a picture. (Petrarch climbed a mountain and then on the mountain top read from his pocket St Augustine, and had a famous spiritual moment.) 2mo
Graywacke @TheBookHippie a lovely place to read, absolutely. 2mo
batsy @Graywacke Oooh, I did not know that about Petrarch! That's very cool and I'm very jealous of him, currently being unable to get out of overheated, overpolluted KL. Have patience, your Petrarch moment is coming 🙂⛰️ 2mo
Graywacke @batsy KL and Houston have a lot in common. And I‘m bringing my Pelican again today. 🙂 2mo
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Like May, June also fell apart! It was just such a busy month…the only goals I met were my reading goal of 7 books and I did get a facial. Need to get back my mojo this month, so July goals are 1) workout 4x/week 2) meditate daily 3) read 7 books 4) get a massage 5) try something (anything!) new