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Untilted | Matthaeus Blastares
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Untilted | Matthaeus Blastares
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Again Patricia Fisher drew me in to a delightful, entertaining story. An on the run gangster & his reluctant bride-to-be join the passengers on the Aurelia, leading to the gangsters he's running from to infiltrate the cruise liner. The bride-to-be is kidnapped, causing hilarious trouble as each group of mobsters try to find her. Patricia leads the gangsters on a merry chase while trying to come up with a plan to find out who kidnapped Cari & why.

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Untilted | Matthaeus Blastares

#bFC #checkin

Week 1
1 book
Opened a 10 K port key
Rained too much to ride
Water almost everyday

Week 2
1 book 4 gn
Lots of water as it‘s the only thing that will stay down (food poisoning yeah)
No bike
Little walking.

Today is sister in law day so not much walking will get done either. She walks with either two canes or a walker. But a book store visit will happen. 😁

sprainedbrain Oh no... food poisoning is horrible! Glad you‘re feeling better now. 4mo
RealLifeReading Hooray for bookstore visit! 4mo
Bklover Have fun at the bookstore! 4mo
wanderinglynn You‘re making good progress. 🙌🏻 Just keep moving forward. But I‘m sorry you got food poisoning! That sucks! I hope you feel better soon! 💚 4mo
BookwormAHN Have fun 💕 4mo
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Untilted | Matthaeus Blastares
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This is my stack of books for #MakeMeReadIt Readathon.

All you Littens get to vote which books I should read in August by voting on the book you think I should read first. The one with most votes I read first in August, the second highest votes I read second etc. So vote away! If everyone can vote by 19th July so I know which books to take away with me when I got motorhoming on 20th!

The one that isn‘t clear is Azincourt - Bernard Cornwell

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TrishB Some good ones there but going with 1y
dariazeoli I haven‘t read any of these! I saw Harlen Coban in an Internet last night so let‘s go with him! (edited) 1y
CSeydel I like the sound of 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Have a great trip, no matter what you are reading! 1y
EadieB I love Karin Slaughter so I‘ll vote for 1y
JulAnna The one I am actually reading right now! 1y
Suzze This is on my TBR too! 1y
RebelReader I want to know what you think about 1y
Crewgurl I do love Bernard Cornwell, but The Greatest Knight looks very interesting! 1y
Pamwurtzler Wow that‘s a big stack! I vote 1y
JacqMac I haven‘t read it, but I love Karen Slaughter. 1y
MellieAntoinette Only cause I want to hear your thoughts (this one‘s on my backlog list)! 1y
keys_on_fire Haven‘t been exposed to any of these, but the one that seems most interesting to me is 1y
Andrew65 Running Totals: Greatest Knight 9, Sarum 8, Fractured 7, Stay Close 4, Burnt Shadows 3, Tuesday‘s Gone 2, The Unseen 2, An Officer & A Spy 2, Azincourt 1, Monday Mourning 1, The Rose Petal Beach 1, Pantheon 0. Very close for the first book! (edited) 1y
Cathythoughts The Greatest Knight.... ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
Reviewsbylola I‘m gonna go with Sarum! 1y
whofan4life I pick the Greatest Knight; it sounds good! 1y
hes7 Fractured!! 1y
Andrew65 Monday Morning is on a late surge! @natalierose20 @Librarybelle @PurpleyPumpkin (edited) 1y
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