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#BFCr3 Week 2 Check-In

✔️ Logged each of my scheduled workouts, drank enough water, and listened to 15 books


Dragonfairykats Awesome job! 💥🤸‍♀️💃 28m
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loved these two characters. yuck to cliffhanger. wow the steamy. picked by the cover, didnt know i was getting so much detail.
@wanderinglynn #bfcr3 @Aprilmae book 6 of 12 #audiocoloring

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Day 15 of #bfcr3 Today I got 5,905 steps!! Tomorrow I have back to school meetings, not sure if I am excited or not. I am excited about another year with the kids, but I feel like there is still so much I want to do before summer is over!!

EDIT: I took my picture and then my dog wanted to go out, so my official step total is 6080.

#bookfitnesschallenge #TeamFitLit

Been Here All Along | Sandy Hall
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#bfcr3 #namastepositive

Late post... my mom‘s purse, wallet, and phone were stolen from her car at the cemetery 😡 That was Wednesday and I‘ve spent the last couple days helping her sort things out.

I‘ve done my best to keep focusing on the positive.

I‘ve hit most of my goals... still working on tracking my food.

Chrissyreadit I‘m so sorry! Glad you are able to help your mom. 3h
Megabooks That‘s terrible!! 😡😡😡 3h
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I'm #audiobaking with my favorite chocolate chip recipe and a book about the suffrage movement in Tennessee. I also remembered that I completely forgot to post a #bfcr3 update last week. 🤦 Truth be told, I've had a bunch of small health issues that have kept me from exercising much, but I think it's important to pay attention to my body's messages. Sleep is going decently well, though! 4/12 books read. #bookfitnesschallenge @wanderinglynn

Texreader My body tells me to eat those cookies! Yum! 🍪❤️ 3h
Bookzombie I second what @Texreader said! 3h
IamIamIam Cookies always benefit your heart and your brain. Trust me, I went to culinary school. 🤣😁🍪 They look delicious and I love that you're using a silpat!!! 2h
ferskner @Texreader @Bookzombie I know, right??? I'm just following orders! @IamIamIam Silpat is one of the greatest inventions ever! Although these are Amazon knockoffs, but they get the job done. :) 2h
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It wasn‘t the best week, health-wise, but it was ok. #goteam #bfcr3

cobwebmoth It looks like your doing really well! 5h
Megabooks Definitely a good week!! 4h
wanderinglynn Looks like a good week to me! 🙌🏻 Way to go! 4h
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#bfcr3 week 2 check in
Goal- work out 4 times a week- I got in 5 this week
Goal- 6 books total- I‘ve finished 4, now that I finished Oathbringer I‘m doubling this to 12 ;)

AprilMae Great job!!! 6h
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@wanderinglynn @Laughterhp
@Scochrane26 @Krayoncolorz @hes7 @TK421 @LapReader @Catlover23 @Meghan1 @Sresendez12

I'm late this week. I had a migraine yesterday afternoon. Spent the whole gorgeous day sleeping. 🙄😖

As stated somewhere on my reviews, I've increased my book goal due to reading some #A2Z books. They're tiny. The 4th book was a read of a manuscript that's not published yet.

Laughterhp I see a lot of smiley faces! Looks like a great week! 9h
TK421 Migraines are no fun at all. I hope you are doing better today. Good job last week. 😊 9h
Dragonfairykats @Laughterhp it was actually (and unusually) a busy week! I used walking across a parking lot (like far away from the store) & the walking in the store as e 9h
Dragonfairykats @TK421 thank you! Yes I am. Trying to wade through 2 days of emails. @Laughterhp I hit my send button. ...as activity for one day, was what I was going to say. 9h
wanderinglynn Looks like a good week! 🙌🏻 But sorry you had a migraine—no fun. Hope you‘re feeling better. 9h
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Not my best #bfcr3 week, since work was crazy and I had family in town, but I did the best I could with what I had. No Netgalley progress, but I DID get out of my reading slump, so all hope is not lost. Ready for a productive week 3!

Hufflepuffle Looks like a good week to me! 😊 10h
IndoorDame Congrats on breaking your reading slump! That's awesome news! 10h
wanderinglynn Looks like a good week to me too! 🙌🏻 9h
StayCurious I think you did great! Having a change in routine - like family in town - can be a challenge for sure. 8h
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A Secondhand Life | Pamela Crane
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Started listening to this while on the treadmill today. 15 minutes before in hopefully a chance for the other 15 to meet today's goal. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with pneumonia this morning. He will miss at least his first 2 days at school.😪 #BFCr3