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George: A Magpie Memoir | Frieda Hughes
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A little magpie comes into the author's life and adds humor, tears, joy, and bird crap 😄

It's an endearing story with beautiful illustrations.

Frieda Hughes is the daughter of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. Even though she doesn't love being introduced that way, it is what drew me to this memoir.

Thank you, @LMJenkins, for this wonderful #jolabokaflodswap ❤️

UwannaPublishme 😁😁😁 5mo
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Thank you @Ericalambbrown for the amazing Jolabokaflod gift! I apologize for the late post, I had to go out of state for a family situation and put my mail on hold. Everything is getting better now, and it was lovely to come back home to this fun swap! #Jolabokaflodswap #Jolabokaflod @MaleficentBookDragon

Ericalambbrown You are so welcome! I‘m so glad it was there for you when you returned 💕📚🎁 6mo
RosePressedPages @Ericalambbrown The chocolates and caramels are delicious!😊 6mo
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A Very Merry Bromance | Lyssa Kay Adams
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I opened my #JolabokaflodSwap today! Thank you so much, @wanderinglynn! I am loving this series and recommend it if you like rom coms!

KadaGul @Pigpen_Reads I was introduced to this series by our Local Romance 🥰 BOOKCLUB and after that whoever is looking 👀 for a good 😊 banter and bromance , I STRONGLY RECOMMEND it. @Read4life is reading one ☝️ of book 📖 from the series for #AuldLangSpine #AuldLangSpine2024. 7mo
Pigpen_Reads @KadaGul It's a great series for sure! I wish I had a local romance book club. Sounds fun! 7mo
KadaGul @Pigpen_Reads who's your favorite character. I love ❤️ The RUSSIAN 🤣🤣🤣 7mo
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Pigpen_Reads @KadaGul The Russian is my favorite, too! 😂 I'm always looking forward to reading him 😆 7mo
KadaGul @Pigpen_Reads he says very little through you the series until ISNT BROMANTIC but when and what he says ROFL 🤪 🤣 7mo
Pigpen_Reads @KadaGul I can't wait to get to Isn't it Bromantic? I'm so happy he got his own book 😁 I'll be reading book 3 in January. I'm so looking forward to getting back to this series! 7mo
KadaGul @Pigpen_Reads I got 2/5 books from Paperbackswap through the swap and I'm still on million year hold on to past and current books but my library has it so I'm in no rush 7mo
Pigpen_Reads @KadaGul Have you heard of PangoBooks? It's an app where people can buy or sell books. I've used it and have good experiences on both ends. A lot of the time, the books are cheap or good price. That's where I get a lot of my books for myself. 7mo
KadaGul @Pigpen_Reads I haven't heard of PangoBooks but I'll give them a try. I live in Chicagoland Area goods book on very very good price isn't hard to find. I like the swap because I'm just swapping book for book. I get books 📚 from local library/libraries and swap it online. 7mo
Read4life @KadaGul & @Pigpen_Reads you two are making it very difficult for me to wait until 1/1/24 to dive into book #1. 🤓 7mo
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Zodiac Academy: The Awakening | Susanne Valenti, Caroline Peckham
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I enjoyed my #jolabokaflodswap book so much! I was flying to Arizona for the holidays so I read it in one sitting. Now to find the next book in the series while I‘m here. It‘s a school for gifted Fae and creatures. Lots of power hierarchies as it is yet to be determined who will be the new rulers of the realm. We get 2 povs from twin sisters who find themselves thrust into this school and out of the mortal world as their powers awaken. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Five Winters | Kitty Johnson
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And a continued celebration of Jólabólaflóð!

THANK YOU @mom2bugnbee for this perfectly winter book and yummy chocolate!! With my planned break from work, I‘m hoping to actually get a chance to start reading again! ☺️



mom2bugnbee You're welcome! Glad that the USPS & I could extend your holiday! 😂 7mo
BethM Oooh how long do you get to read? I miss having vacation I could use at this time of year. 7mo
Avanders @BethM I had to take off nearly 3 weeks!! 😯😯 Not that that‘s all reading time and I haven‘t made *much* progress yet 😬 But I agree — a vacation when you get to actually read? Sounds bliss 😌🥰 7mo
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@MatchlessMarie I LOVE this #jolabokaflodswap, thank you soooo much!

I stupidly forgot to bring this during holiday travels and just got back today so I will be celebrating Jolabokaflod today! I couldn‘t be happier.

As always, thank you @MaleficentBookDragon for organizing!

bridge12 Oh! I forgot to mention the holiday koala wrapping paper actually made me squeal with delight @MatchlessMarie 7mo
MatchlessMarie I thought I commented on the this but I didn‘t! You are welcome! Happy holidays and happy new year!! 7mo
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Lucky Leap Day | Ann Marie Walker
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Better late than never posting my lovely #JolabokaflodSwap package!!! Thank you SO much @CrowCAH - I'm quite excited about this one, and I am way into the variety pack of candy! 😁 Hope you had a lovely Christmas!!

Thank you for hosting @MaleficentBookDragon !!!

CrowCAH You‘re very welcome ☺️ so glad you like the chocolate variety! 🍫 7mo
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The Reading List: A Novel | Sara Nisha Adams
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Warm and fuzzy novel set in the UK mostly in a small library and homes. It‘s a book about the power of books to bring people together and to help heal from grief. Just lovely!

#JolabokaflodSwap Thank you, @Lovesbooks87 for the sweet book pick! Perfect for traveling and vacation time with family!

CogsOfEncouragement I liked this one. 7mo
AmyG I just posted this…my favorite read in Feb. enjoy. 7mo
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Merry Christmas and Happy #JolabokaflodSwap! Thank you @jdiehr for the awesome book and chocolate! And thanks to @MaleficentBookDragon for hosting this lovely Litsy tradition. 💛🎄🍾⭐️📚

jdiehr Merry Christmas! 7mo
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