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The Echoed Realm | A. J. Vrana
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#Netgalleygroup #NGGSummerSmashup @AllDebooks

📚Dedicate at least 2 hours/week to NetGalley reads.
📚Read 2 on my current shelf, starting with tagged.
📚Shelf 2 autumn/winter releases.

AllDebooks Ooh, it looks good 😊 2d
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#NetgalleyGroup #NGGSummerSmashup
For my first challenge, I decided I need to get back out there: log back in & request some books! Um. Mission accomplished. Last time I was on the site, I hated how hard it was to get my feedback ratio up to 80% 😭 so this was a big step for me (you know, not just ignoring it so I don‘t have to think about it…). If needed, I can always get a “read now,” but I did get the tagged book already so here we go I guess!

Untitled | Anonymous
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repost for @AllDebooks:

#NetgalleyGroup #NGGSummerSmashup

Here's our 1st challenge, running over June & July. Think about what you want to achieve and set your own goal for summer reading. I've deliberately left it flexible to ease us in over the summer. I aim for this group to be relaxed, friendly and supportive.

Be sure to use # and tag me so I can see what you're all doing. Please feel free to share.

All welcome to join us 😀

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1. Read 7 out of the 13 ARCs I currently have coming out in June or July. (Tagged is the first on the list)
2. Read 5 ARCs that have already been published
3. Bring feedback ratio up 1% from May.

The feedback ratio might be a little ambitious. I have only managed to bring the ratio up instead of down 1 month this year and that was only by 0.33%.

#NGGSummerSmashUp #netgalleygroup @AllDebooks

AllDebooks Good luck.👍 Aaarrrggh, the feedback ratio system is insane 4d
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Small Worlds | Caleb Azumah Nelson
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My goals for #NetgalleyGroup #NGGSummerSmashup

1) Finish the tagged book before 1st June
2) Read at least 3 fiction books
3) Read at least 4 non-fiction books
4) Read at least 1 poetry book
5) Absolutely DO NOT request any more books until posted 5 reviews.
6) Catch-up on outstanding reviews

Good luck to all participating in this challenge. Here's to a summer full of relaxation and fun reads. 😀

rockpools Good luck! 4d
AllDebooks @rockpools thank you x 2d
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For the #NetgalleyGroup #NGGSummerSmashUp my goal is to read the ARCs that I have that are set to be published in June and July. I have ten of those - five for each month - so I'm hoping to get through those!

Have an #ARC or fifty that you need to get off your Netgalley Shelf? Check out @AllDeBooks original post to join!


AllDebooks Good luck with your goals. Thank you for the link/shoutout 😊 4d
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The Thick and the Lean | Chana Porter
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My goals:
1. whittle my library list back down to 10 items
2. request 1 book from netgalley with fall deadline
3. Don't buy any books in June

#NetGalleyGroup, #NGGSummerSmashup, @AllDeBooks

AllDebooks Great goals. Good luck 👍 4d
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Can‘t wait to read this #ARC as part of the #netgalleygroup #NGGSummerSmashUp . My goals are to read 6 #ARCs in June and July and try to get through my shelf. Thanks for hosting, @AllDebooks ! All are welcome to join!

AllDebooks Great goals, best of luck 👍 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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#NetgalleyGroup #NGGSummerSmashup

Here's our 1st challenge, running over June & July. Think about what you want to achieve and set your own goal for summer reading. I've deliberately left it flexible to ease us in over the summer. I aim for this group to be relaxed, friendly and supportive.

Be sure to use # and tag me so I can see what you're all doing. Please feel free to share.

All welcome to join us 😀


AllDebooks Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist 4d
TheSpineView I need to get organized. June will be here before we know it! 4d
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CloakNQuill I‘d love to join. I feel so behind on my arcs 4d
AllDebooks @TheSpineView Yep, not long now. I've just spent all afternoon sorting out my to do list and organising reading lists. In the sunshine, so happy day 🌞 4d
AllDebooks @CloakNQuill Welcome, the more the merrier😊 4d
AllDebooks @CloakNQuill Check out the introduction post I put up last night, if you want to mingle x https://litsy.com/p/dVJRYW1WRTVy 4d
rockpools I may need to join you - but that would involve logging into NG and assessing just how bad the situation is! 4d
AllDebooks @rockpools lol, do it 🫣 I did the same, which is what prompted this little support group 😂 4d
Librarybelle Sounds great!! 4d
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Small Worlds | Caleb Azumah Nelson
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Our 1st official post!! 🥳 I thought it would be nice to kick off with an intro to yourself so we can get to know each other better. You can be brief or deep dive. It's all good.

All newcomers welcome to join us. Please do let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.

I'll be posting our 1st challenge on Friday 😅

AllDebooks My name is Debbie, 50+(ish). I'm Mum to 4 amazing teenagers. I live in Derbyshire, UK, in a semi-rural area. I'm a lifelong bibliophile with a passion for all genres, except romance. I adore nature and also run #NaturaLitsy to connect with like-minded folks who love the natural world, too. I enjoy fiction and non-fiction equally. I also have a reading theme each year, 2023 is poetry. Over to you ..... 😀👋 5d
AllDebooks The tagged book is my current ng read. What are you reading? 5d
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Cazxxx I‘m Caz, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I‘m 47 and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I‘m a life long book lover, practice witchcraft and love all things macabre. I‘m a very curious person and love learning from books. My favourite genre is gothic but enjoy most genres other than romance 🤮😂. I tend to read 50/50 fiction and nonfiction and because of health/disability I mainly read audiobooks. I can‘t function without coffee ☕️ 👋🏻 5d
sebrittainclark I'm Sarah, and I live in Arkansas. I have a 1 year old baby and have always loved reading. I tend to read about 75% fiction, and within that I mostly read SFF and romance. I tend to be reading 1 ebook or physical book and 1 audiobook at any given time. 5d
TheSpineView I'm Lisa, I live in upstate SC (Clemson area for those U.S. Littens) go Tigers! I am a lifelong reader and read most genres, except for Horror. Favorite genres are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal and poetry. I host the daily #PoetryMatters, the weekly #Two4Tuesday, and cohost #SeriesLove2023 with @Andrew65 Besides reading, I love riding my horse, gardening, puzzling, playing the piano, and painting. 5d
Julsmarshall I love what a varied group of folks (and readers!) we are! I‘m Julie, another 50ish Mom to 2 young adults and I live in Texas. I work with the Texas Library Association so both my work and personal lives revolve around books. I read a bit of everything, mostly fiction, and nothing too scary/bloody. I do a lot of walking and some commuting, so I listen to a lot on #audio. I‘ve been married for nearly 20 years and my dogs are my best buds. 5d
Librarybelle I‘m Jess from Pennsylvania. I‘m a public librarian, have 4 males cats, and my reading style is pretty eclectic. 5d
bnp I'm Ardene, and I live in Georgia (US) in the Atlanta metro area. I work in a public library and a bit more than 5 years from retirement. I'm an on-again off-again Net Galley reader, and am currently trying to decide which of 6 books on my list to request - essays about Bayard Rustin? Science fiction classics being republished? Islands in deep time? (non fiction)? A story about a bookstore? A memoir weaving Japanese folktales & art with memory? 4d
AllDebooks @Cazxxx I love gothic fiction too. I've only just switched to using audiobooks, always hated them. But now I'm older, I really enjoy them 4d
AllDebooks @sebrittainclark a baby, how precious. Enjoy your time, they grow up so fast 😍 4d
AllDebooks @TheSpineView great selection of hobbies there!! I've just been plotting more reads for #Serieslove2023 so far, I've only managed Lore Olympus 4d
AllDebooks @Julsmarshall I would love to work in a library/bookshop, but worry I would never get any work done. I'd be hiding in the stacks, reading. 😅 4d
AllDebooks @Librarybelle 4 cats!!! I have enough trouble with the 1. Do they get along? 4d
AllDebooks @bnp nice to know more about you Ardene. Tell me more about this Japanese folktales book 😍 4d
AllDebooks It's so nice to know more about you. Thank you so much for joining me. Are you ready for the challenge? 4d
LocalTXLibrarian I'm Lani! I'm 24 and from Texas. I currently work as a public librarian in the same library that I spent most of my childhood in - so it's an absolute dream for me! 💛 I love reading mystery/thrillers, but lately I have found myself enjoying classics. I work closely with teens in the library, so I also read a lot of YA. I have been on Netgalley just since the beginning of the year and I have 39 books I need to read...it's a real problem! 😂 4d
Librarybelle @AllDebooks The middle two do not, but we manage. 😂 4d
Larkken 👋 I‘m Larkin from Nebraska. I‘m a forensic anthropologist, and I have a dog, a cat, and a partner that put up with me when I‘m nose deep in a book. I read pretty widely, particularly on audiobook… but sff and horror are my comfort genres! Glad to join you all, and to get back into ARCs :) 3d
bnp @AllDebooks The book is The night parade by Jami Nakamura Lin. It is a memoir that incorporates Japanese folktales, and is illustrated by the author's sister. 16h
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