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The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands
The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands: The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Roland, the Last Gunslinger, is moving ever closer to the Dark Tower, which haunts his dreams and nightmares. Pursued by the Ageless Stranger, he and his friends follow the perilous path to Lud, an urban wasteland. And crossing a desert of damnation in this macabre new world, revelations begin to unfold about who - and what - is driving him forward. A blend of riveting action and powerful drama, "The Waste Lands" leaves readers breathlessly awaiting the next chapter. And the Tower is closer...
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Happy Friday, gang! I signed on to renew the tagged book today and discovered I didn‘t have to! Score one for my library system! Does yours do auto renewals?

Clare-Dragonfly Mine does, and it sends me an email telling me what has renewed and what hasn‘t. I get out so many books for my toddler that the list of “this is due three days from now and couldn‘t be renewed” is absolutely invaluable! 3h
Mynameisacolour Yes ours started it recently. They also stopped charging late fees. 3h
Susanita Yes! I love it. 3h
ljuliel Our library stopped charging late fees, although I asked them what they do with people who just never return items. They said there is a cap date in which they turn it over to a collection agent if items are not returned in a certain time frame. I‘m not sure about the renewal thing. I mainly use online materials now. It‘s easier 😊 2h
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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I ended up deciding on re-uping my Audible subscription so that I could keep up with the series. I watched the movie tonight, but it didn't satisfy any of my curiousity because I felt like they left so much out!

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I struggle with the Dark Tower series but this third installment is a win in my book!

Still on his journey to the Dark Tower, Roland encounters more characters (a mix of good and bad), and between Oy (who I loved) and the riddles, I really enjoyed listening to this one.

Probably the best Dark Towers book yet!

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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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When Roland Deschain & his friends board Blaine the Train in book 3 of the Dark Tower, they quickly find themselves in a bizarre & dangerous situation. Despite ZZ Top's Velcro Fly playing in the background of the station, Blaine is a far cry from a #groovytrain
@arlenefinnigan @Cinfhen

Cinfhen These covers are groovy!! 5mo
arlenefinnigan Cool 😎 5mo
TrishB Great pic 👍🏻 5mo
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I finished this 18 hour monstrosity...the 3rd book in the Dark Towers series. I switched over to audio and I‘ve decided to continue the series in this format. I feel invested to finish at this point and I‘m looking forward to the 4th book though I feel like not a ton happens for the size and quantity of the books.

Ashley_Nicoletto I enjoyed book 4 much more than this one. 6mo
Cortg @Ashley_Nicoletto Thanks for the positive note! I may start the 4th one in a month or so! 6mo
sprainedbrain This series is so good on audio. Great narrators. 6mo
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Cortg @sprainedbrain I‘m glad I made the switch! I loved the narrator for #3. I‘ll have to investigate how many narrators they have for the books. I need a longer space between books series books when the narrators change a lot but I‘m invested so I‘m sticking with it! 6mo
sprainedbrain @Cortg I read the first book, then listened to the rest. Books 1-4 were narrated by Frank Mueller (who I loved) but he had a motorcycle accident and eventually passed away so he couldn‘t finish. I listened to George Guidall for the rest and thought he was great too. 😃 6mo
Cortg @sprainedbrain Thanks for the info! It‘s sad to hear about Mueller‘s death. I love his narration voice. 6mo
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This is the best book in the series thus far. All the characters continue to get more interesting, and the new villains are so fun to read. I am eager to continue this series.

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Onto book 3. Continuing the journey.

tpixie Oh man, this ruined Thomas The Tank for me!! My poor children had no trains 🚂 6mo
MrBook A long journey it seems, lol. 😁 3mo
Jackal121 Haha 3mo
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Not going to lie. I'm pretty happy that my state is included in King's epic.

LoverofLit I'm in Missouri too! Kansas City 😊 7mo
vivastory @LoverofLit Same here! 7mo
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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I was reading this in October when we went through Tombstone, Arizona. I had to stop for some pics in the Boothill #Cemetary of course!

Libby1 Awesome. 7mo
OriginalCyn620 🖤🖤🖤 7mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So cool 🖤🖤 7mo
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marleed That‘s great. I was reading An American Marriage while I was going to an event in Leavenworth. I had to swing by the Federal prison to take a pic of my book. They don‘t make photo ops easy - especially when it‘s pouring rain! 7mo
PaperbackPirate Thank you @Libby1 ! 7mo
PaperbackPirate @marleed Lol the things we do for Bookstagram and Litsy! 7mo
BooknerdsLife What a great photo! 😆 7mo
PaperbackPirate So it was worth the strange looks then! 😅 @BooknerdsLife 7mo
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Continuing on my re-read of the journey of Roland and his ka-tet. ❤❤ Blaine is a pain 🙃🙃

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The usual set-up on a Sunday morning.... we‘ve been to the dog park, cleaned the house and now taking a break with some #booksandbooze and #petsoflitsy
#expandedDT #katet
#dogsoflitsy #catsoflitsy #readingbuddy

tammysue What a sweet pic 💛 10mo
kspenmoll I am drinking my coffee from the same mug; I love it! 10mo
kspenmoll Love your doggie‘s expression, eyes, nose💕 10mo
Bookish.SAM @kspenmoll .. one of my favourite mugs! The pooch is pooped! She went a little hard at the park, and she‘s no spring chicken 😆 10mo
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I LOVED this book! It introduces many characters I love in this series. I love the Dark Tower series but I forget how rough the first two books are. It‘s refreshing to get back into what I love about this series! #StephenKing #DarkTowerSeries

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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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My first post was three years ago, I can't recall exactly how I came across Litsy but I am so Happy that I did!💗 Thank you to @NatalieR @AlexanderSBrown @Kirstin @Jellybeanbon @Acc8113 for the #firstlikes

NatalieR Awwww 🥰Congrats on your Litsyversary!! 🎉👏 11mo
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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2-18-19: My 14th finished book of 2019! #thewastelands #thedarktower #stephenking 👍🏼📖#️⃣1️⃣4️⃣

Mynameisacolour Curious what you thought of this one and if you've read the others before it recently? 12mo
GidgetsTreasures75 @Mynameisacolour I read the first two not that long ago. I didn‘t love the first book and surprised myself when I continued to the second but I really liked the second one so I continued to book 3 with much excitement. I found this one a little tedious but I still liked it better than the first and I will keep reading since it ended on a cliffhanger. How about you? 12mo
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“Time grows thin, the paths a riddle; The Tower awaits you in the middle”

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I kept thinking no character would top Roland but I am falling in love with Susannah Dean more and more 🥰

The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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I really enjoyed the third book of the Dark Tower series. It's much more an epic quest harkening back to a lot of prior epics. I wish I'd gotten all the references, but I can say I ran to listen to Velcro Fly once I finished! But what a cliffhanger ending...

Thanks to #25in5 for getting me to read this for the #EpicKaTet!
@MinDea @Andrew65

Andrew65 I enjoyed this one, how can you not with the train! 1y
ScientistSam @Andrew65 both cool and creepy at the same time! 1y
MinDea 👏👏👏 Nice! 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Next up for #25in5 - trying to put a sizeable dent in The Waste Lands. I'm so far behind in the #EpicKatet buddy read I may never catch up, but I've had this out from the library for weeks so I'm giving it the old college try!

TK421 Keep on reading! I really enjoyed this one, and the next is my favorite so far. If I could get caught up, then anyone can. You can do it! 😊 1y
ScientistSam @TK421 thanks! Done with this one, and Wizard and Glass is now on hold at the library! 1y
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HufflepuffGirl90 I love this book!! 💛🖤💛 1y
LiterRohde This was the first train I thought of. Such a good series. Currently on Wizard and Glass. 1y
Andrew65 @LiterRohde it is a good series and I‘ve just finished the fifth book. 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Finally getting to this - only two books behind with the #EpicKatetread #epicbuddyread, LOL! Speed reading over the next few weeks, I think, now that work and life may be calming down a bit😀

MinDea I'm 2 books behind too! 😆😆😆 Glad you're still picking up the series when you can! 1y
ScientistSam @MinDea glad I'm not the only one! Where is everyone "supposed" to be according to the schedule? We'll see if I can catch up. Really enjoying The Waste Lands - my favorite so far! 1y
MinDea I think this week we are "supposed" to be finishing the last chapters of Wolves of the Calla with the discussion this Sunday ??? I haven't even started the book. ??? 1y
ScientistSam @MinDea oof! Guess I'm closer to three books behind then! But I think I may finish The Waste Lands tonight... 1y
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“A bell jingled overhead. The mild, spicy smell of old books hit him, and the smell was somehow like coming home.”
-Stephen King, The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower, #3) #bookshop #stephenking #bookstore

lunalovebooks04 Beautiful! Great quote! 1y
LoJo Thank you! 1y
MaGoose Great photo. 1y
CarolynM Welcome to Litsy 🌼 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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I finished The Waste Lands today and it made me eager to continue the series. After the struggle of The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three and The Waste Lands were surprisingly entertaining sequels. On to Wizard and Glass!

CSeydel I read Gunslinger and was like ... dude, how is this so popular? I asked my husband, are they all like this? He said, if you didn‘t like Gunslinger, you probably won‘t like the rest. But I think I need to try Drawing of the Three before I give up. Gunslinger was just so ... random. 1y
PaperbackPirate @CSeydel The Gunslinger is one of my least favorite books of the year but The Drawing of the Three is one of my favorite books of the year. I say give it a try! 1y
TrishB Gunslinger is nothing like the rest I think! It‘s so random and you don‘t really understand it until you‘ve read some more of the series. 1y
PaperbackPirate @TrishB Yes I‘m starting to see the backstory that it provided but at the time I was like WTF?! 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Like the previous book, I was struck by how cinematic this was, especially in terms of pace. It reads like a two part miniseries & both storylines have a satisfying build-up & payoff, revealing more of Roland's world & its denizens. Blaine was the highlight & seemed like Shirley Jackson (King‘s nod to her was sublime), Philip K. Dick & Thomas Harris‘s shared dream. And the throwback in the tag scene tucked between the twofold climax just made grin

TrishB Great review 👍🏻 1y
Liatrek Don‘t you love the illustrations ❤️ I have every book in that format except The Drawing of Three. 1y
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MinDea 👏👏👏 We are heading into books I don't remember at all so I am super excited to continue on to Wolves of the Calla! 1y
MinDea @Liatrek I love the illustrations but in Wizard and Glass I don't like them. They're weird. 1y
rohit-sawant @TrishB Thankee-sai! 😁 1y
rohit-sawant @Liatrek How awesome! The artwork is simply stunning. 1y
rohit-sawant @MinDea 🙌🏽 Hoping to catch up! And considering the way this one ended, I'm sure I'll be diving into Wizard and Glass soon! 1y
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1. This is one of my favorite t-Shirts, featuring Oy from the Dark Tower series.
2. Green is my favorite color. The only colors I dislike are ones associated with the NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys or Atlanta Braves.
3. When I do eat breakfast it‘s a banana. Today I forgot my banana 🤨
4. Sadly I‘m not very creative.
5. I always have my bad with things I may need for my guys at work. Like snacks. Also, Murder Elf.

MinDea Oy! 🙌 1y
TNbookworm ❤ Oy! 1y
bridge12 ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
tonyahoswalt Oh, Oy! Not quite what I pictured, but great to see a visual of him! 1y
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Gets better and better at every reread! The Ka-tet draws nearer to the Dark Tower as they follow the Path of the Beam. And every step closer strengthens their bond with each other and the reader's bond with them.

King's imagination is astounding! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


trioxin_sematary My favourite of the series! ☺ 1y
Jovy @trioxin_sematary 👍🏼Mine‘s the next but this was a close second! 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Erofan A shadow? 1y
MinDea Thankee-sai @Erofan, you have answered true. 😊 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
This post contains spoilers
show me
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TrishB My memory started coming back in this one and I was anticipating some of the storylines! However, I couldn‘t remember how Jake came back so was relieved when that finally happened! Some gaps filled in for what happened in the past. 1y
MinDea How did everyone like this book? Who are you liking and not liking? What happened to the ka-tet that you want to discuss? 1y
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MinDea @TrishB I totally did not remember how Jake was drawn back to the ka-tet either! I really enjoyed reading that scene. Having read this series before I caught so much foretelling for what is to come. They have finally started their adventure and are on The Path of The Beam now! 1y
EadieB @Trishab @mindea Iwas enjoying Blaine and his riddles. The man in Black is now referenced by the name of Randall Flagg. (edited) 1y
TrishB It‘s weird - because my mind also thought they were off the train before the next one - but they‘re only just on it...I‘m loving the journey again so far! 1y
TrishB @EadieB true 👍🏻 appearing in many SK works everywhere!! 1y
EadieB The Waste Land‘s goal was to get the group to Lud, onto the train and across the lands between there and Topeka. @Trishab @mindea 1y
BookwormAHN I really enjoyed this one. Isn't the house that Jake came back through the same one in It. 1y
Bookishthoughts I liked this book more so then some of the other's. I enjoyed the sense of commitment everyone is coming to terms with, the realization that this will forever be their journey. King has some great foreshadowing , even if if took me two reads also to see it. 1y
Bookishthoughts @EadieB Randall Flag is a different character in another king book. I am loving how King is able to tie a lot of his stories to the Tower. All thing serve the Beam. 1y
Bookishthoughts @BookwormAHN Yes. That house has a major point in the over all story. 1y
Bookishthoughts I really like how King brought Jake back. I'd have to say one if the better story lines in the book. Poor Jake, I'm happy he is sorted out for now💗 Jake is one of my favorite characters. He is grounded and intelligent for such a young boy. 1y
Bookishthoughts @TrishB forgot to tag you😊👆👆 1y
TK421 I really enjoyed the riddles with Blaine. I am intrigued by the tick tock man. I'm curious to see how he comes around again. 1y
tonyahoswalt I definitely started to enjoy the series with this book. Love all the main characters, especially Jake and Oy. You do have to accept though that this is about the journey and the relationships, not major plot points. And that's okay with me. 1y
TK421 I loved how Eddie reacted to the people in Lud killing each other at the drum line of ZZ Top's Velcro Fly. 1y
MinDea Did anyone else picture the 12 guardians with the dark tower in the center like the final Hunger Games clock?! 😆 @TK421 @tonyahoswalt @LazyDays @BookwormAHN @EadieB @TrishB 1y
TK421 Well now I am! 😂 1y
MinDea @TK421 I love the weaving of our world with mid world. All the references to music, books, food, etc is so fun. It's almost nostalgic like (if that makes any sense). 1y
TK421 I know what you mean. Roland tried to explain that time is working differently there, and that thin spots exist between worlds. I think that it is interesting what things have come through. 1y
Jovy This was the book that made me decide never to start a series without the last book published. Back then it was unheard of to wait 6 yrs after a cliffhanger. Now not so much (George and Pat have set new standards 😂). Anyway, don't you just love how Oy defended Jake? Very much a gunslinger act! @TK421 riddling with Blaine was so much fun. Plus I loved the way Roland put him in his place like the spoiled brat that he is! 1y
Bookishthoughts I didn't envision that tell now! 1y
BookwormM Hunger Games now in my head to 🤣🤣love the riddles even though I had to wait ages to prove that my answer was right. I enjoy the dynamic between the characters and am looking forward to how it develops. 1y
BookwormM Do we have a schedule for the next book as my copy has arrived from the library and I am eager to start 😃 1y
BookwormM I really enjoyed the education about prime numbers but unfortunately it has already exited my brain 🤣🤣 1y
PaperbackPirate This was another great installment in The Dark Tower journey. I loved seeing the other gunslingers come into their own. The riddles were a fun addition but I realized I suck at riddles. The only one I figured out was the prime number one. 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Long day!!!! Just got home and planning to work a little more but then hope to dive back in to #TheWasteLands. I was really far behind on this one but hope to finish by Thursday! Hope everyone is having a nice week so far.

I've been dabbling in wine in a can. Some are just AWFUL but have found a couple I enjoy. This one is alright. A little sweet but OK. Anyone tried this one before?
#TheDarkTower #EpickatetRead #WineNBooks

Cathythoughts I‘ve never seen wine in a can 😮... interesting concept 1y
MStew I'm gonna have to try n 1y
mklong I love the Underwood sparkling wine in cans. They have it at Whole Foods and Trader Joe‘s 1y
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Pamwurtzler If you like white, the Dark Horse Pinot Grigio in a can is good. 1y
MinDea @Pamwurtzler Thanks! I'll check it out! 1y
MinDea @mklong I have tried Underwood but not sure it was their sparkling wine. I'll have to look for it. 1y
MinDea @Cathythoughts it is a newish concept that seems to be taking off! 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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What do you believe causes things to happen?

Is it Fate? Are your choices and your life written out before you even existed?

Do you believe in "what will be, will be"?

Trashcanman It is what it is. There's no order. There's just growth and decay. 1y
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tonyahoswalt On one hand, I want to believe in fate. There are several connections between my and my husband's lives from before we ever met, even as children. But I also want to think we can change things. 1y
EadieB I believe that different opportunities are presented to us and we have the free will to accept or turn down these opportunities and based upon our decisions is which way your life will go. If I look back on my life I can see some type of force that has guided me to my decisions. Be it God or intuition, I‘m not sure, but my life has gone pretty well. I‘ve had a few bumps along the way but somehow made it through and has made me a stronger person. (edited) 1y
jmofo I don‘t believe in fate or a cosmic ledger. I suspect things cause other things but I also suspect we are so limited in our understanding we can never know what the truck is going on. 1y
jmofo This is it in a fun comic: https://xkcd.com/552/ 1y
MinDea @jmofo 😆😆 my degree is in Statistics (and I do that for a living) so that comic made me laugh! 1y
jmofo @MinDea that comic is basically me 1y
BookwormAHN @jmofo I agree. I also don't believe in fate and if there is some order to the universe we are not individually big enough to see it. 1y
jmofo @BookwormAHN I find I am compulsive about understanding things or finding causes, although I have no faith in getting it. I feel like a person who has to check the door one more time to be sure I locked it and that one more time is never the last. Do you have that? 1y
MinDea @jmofo I do that... Checking the door to see if it is locked... but I think that is OCD. 😆😆😆 (Or at least it is for me!) 1y
BookwormAHN @jmofo Absolutely, I can and will go overboard looking for answers and I love researching but I'm not always sure that some questions really have answers and those drive me nuts. 1y
BookwormAHN @MinDea @jmofo I also compulsively check to see if I've started the dishwasher 🤦🏼‍♀️ 1y
jmofo @MinDea Yeah, totally! That‘s what I‘m saying, but I‘m not OCD with doors, but with understanding, causality and purpose. I‘m always checking for it but I don‘t believe in them... but I might be mistaken or I overlooked something 😬 1y
jmofo @BookwormAHN that must be a super quiet dishwasher! 😆 1y
MinDea @BookwormAHN I have to check to make sure I turn off /unplug my curling iron like 3 times every day! 😆😆😆 1y
TrishB Interesting question! But are we answering based on our thoughts of the The Dark Tower or on our own beliefs? Personally, we an make decisions, but life is chaotic and things don‘t always work out. 1y
Megabooks I believe in free will. No predestination. Great question! 1y
MinDea @TrishB your own beliefs! We can talk about The Dark Tower this weekend! 🙌 1y
sudi I believe destiny in the end is just choices we make in life as humans, when we sometime makes wrong decisions we blame it on fate and if we take the right decision which proves beneficial to us, we say it didn't happen because of fate but our own ability. Basically fate is a thing humans created to blame for all the bad decisions they make in life . 1y
BookwormM I think given the exact same circumstances we would always make the same choice so predetermination is at work 1y
MinDea @Sudi. I always felt "fate" had a more positive connotation to it. Like "We met because of fate!" "Fate brought you here!", etc. So I think your response is very interesting! 1y
TK421 I have never believed in fate, destiny, or even luck. We may not be able to control all of our circumstances, but we can make our own choices. 1y
AnansiGirl Wow I‘ve never taken time to question whether or not I believe in fate, luck or destiny ever in my life. That is something I will have to debate on because I honestly don‘t know. (edited) 1y
ericas There's no such thing called free will, we're free to take whatever direction we want but ultimately there's only one which is good for us. Finding and following it is just a matter of time and speed we're able of to ride changement. 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Sunday football means cooking and reading for me! #Shadow is enjoying all the snuggle time today. #Shippy @Zelma

I am catching up quickly for #EpickatetRead. I love this series so much! It's so good. I am definitely catching things I didn't catch before and have so many things I want to discuss with everyone this weekend! #TheDarkTower #Roland

KatieanneF What a beautiful cat baby 💙💙 1y
MinDea Thank you @KatieanneF! 1y
Reviewsbylola Shadow is so pretty! 1y
See All 8 Comments
tonyahoswalt Shadow has such a sweet face! I'm looking forward to the discussion! 1y
MinDea @tonyahoswalt thank you! Now that I am actually reading it I remember how I felt/what I thought the first time reading this and now having finished the series and re reading my thoughts and feelings have changed but also have not changed. 😆😆 So I am really looking forward to the discussion! 1y
rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 1y
tammysue 😻 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Finished this morning. I was already committed to finishing the series, but with this third book, I really started to enjoy it. Looking forward to the next one. After that ending, I may have to start early!
@MinDea #epicbuddyread #epickatetread #thedarktowechapteraweek #roland #katet

trioxin_sematary 💛💛 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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#Chloe and I are all snuggled in for the night. She has a lot to say tonight. 😆 I am hoping to catch up on this one for #EpicKatetRead (I am so behind!!!) so I can be on time for the next one which is my favorite of the series (besides A Wind Through The Keyhole)
#CatsOfLitsy #TuxedoKittiesOfLitsy @mcipher
#TheDarkTower #Roland #StephenKing

MinDea @Jovy @GrilledCheeseSamurai @Fortifiedbybooks @AnansiGirl @tonyahoswalt @BookwormM @EadieB @BookwormAHN @Andrew65 @TK421 @ScientistSam @jmofo @TrishB I see some of you have already finished 👏👏👏 but wanted to see how you were all feeling about the series and if you all plan to continue on to the 4th book? 1y
BookwormAHN I'm starting to really enjoy this series. I'm definitely going to continue 😺 1y
alisonrose Omg that face! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 1y
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TrishB Definitely continuing - next is my fav too 👍🏻 1y
BookwormM Book 4 on order from library can‘t wait and this my first reading of the series 1y
Andrew65 I‘m continuing too, can‘t drop out mid series! 😂 1y
TK421 I just finished The Waste Lands. It was great!There is no way I can stop now. I have to see how the ka-tet continues their journey. I am really enjoying this series. 1y
JamieArc Chloe‘s face 😹 1y
EadieB Just started Wizard and Glass yesterday 1y
Jovy Yep definitely! 🙌🏼 1y
jmofo I‘m looking forward to to getting back into it. I was surprised that it has been a year since I finished the third book. This is my first read. 1y
trioxin_sematary 💙❤💙❤ 1y
laurenlovesliterature That face tho 😺 1y
tonyahoswalt Chloe looks excited(?) Unhappy? I don't know if she likes the book! Lol 1y
mcipher Awww! She looks like she is getting ready to sing to you! My Chloe is yowling up and down the hallway right now. 😝 1y
MinDea @mcipher she's purring in this picture 💙 Her purr sounds kind of like a raptor (that's what we call it anyways). It's very loud! 😆😆😆 Chloe doesn't yowl very much but Shadow yowls all the time. Especially during his zoomies! 😆 1y
GrilledCheeseSamurai Heck ya I'm in for book 4! Gonna finish Waste land off tomorrow and I'll be all ready. 👌 1y
AnansiGirl Hopefully my day off on Tuesday will get me caught up with The Waste Lands. Yes I definitely plan on continuing onward with book 4! 👍🏻 1y
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I am riding the crazy train,
Following the beam,
To the Dark Tower...

Loved this volume I love the riddles, I even love Blaine and especially love Oy everyone needs an Oy in their lives 💕💕💕

MinDea Everyone DOES need an Oy! 💖💖 1y
Liatrek I really need to get back to this series. I finished the first four books. 1y
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#EpicKaTet have finished this week‘s section and I can‘t resist I am being a bad buddy reader I have to know what happens.

MinDea Not being bad at all! So glad you are enjoying it! Read ahead 💙 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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The Waste Lands is book 3 from Stephen King‘s epic saga The Dark Tower. Roland, Eddie, Susannah and Jake are moving closer to the Dark Tower. The book seems like a haunting dream that is breath taking. The reader is quickly drawn in. I loved all the riddles Blaine asked the group. I‘m looking forward to book 4, Wizard and Glass. I recommend this series for those who love action fantasy!

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Heatherfeather Wizard and Glass was my absolute fav 1y
EadieB @Heatherfeather l‘m looking forward to reading it! 1y
Andrew65 Strange place to end this one. 1y
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EadieB @Andrew65 I know! He just ran out of steam and said he‘ll write the next one only if his readers wanted it! Crazy guy! 1y
Andrew65 @EadieB ‘ran out of steam‘ 😂😂😂😂😂 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 I was wondering if you would get my joke! lol 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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The journey‘s really hotting up now!
Looking forward to the re-read of the next one which is my fav!

MinDea Wow! So impressed how quickly you read! 👏👏👏 1y
eraderneely Wizard and Glass is my fav too! 1y
TrishB @MinDea I had a few hours on the train! And I do read quite fast. 1y
TrishB @eraderneely I‘m hoping I still love it as much 👍🏻 1y
Andrew65 Not read Wizard and Glass, but dies seem a favourite for a lot of people. 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Train reading. Just left my son in his new flat in York 😞 feeling like I‘ve left a limb behind....

MicheleinPhilly ☹️It will be okay, Mom. ❤️ 1y
saresmoore 💔 1y
tammysue It‘s hard I know when they start spreading their wings. 😔❤️ 1y
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Kalalalatja That sucks ☹️ 1y
britt_brooke 💚 ((hugs)) 1y
Sarah83 Hugs 😘 1y
Velvetfur Oh hey he'll be back as often as he can, he won't be able to stay away from Mum for long 😊 And he can phone you all the time for chats, it'll be like he never left! Well, kinda....as a non-Mum I'm doing my best to console xxx 1y
JacqMac That missing feeling never really goes away. I‘m starting to think I need to talk my hubby into a dog to fill the space. Lol Hugs to you. 1y
trioxin_sematary My favourite of the series! 😊 1y
CouronneDhiver A good mum is hard to stay away from... I‘m sure he‘ll be in touch soon. 🤗 1y
LauraBeth 😘😘 1y
Jas16 ❤️ 1y
Cathythoughts That will really pull at the heart strings... mind yourself ❤️ 1y
TrishB @Cathythoughts will do my best, thank you 💕 1y
Reggie Awww, TrishB. 1y
TrishB @Reggie 😘 1y
Caroline2 Oh wow, that must have been so hard!!! 😔 1y
Centique Oh lord, I‘m imagining that in my future and feeling for you! 😢 Kids do feel like they‘re physically part of us don‘t they? - so much of you has gone into them ❤️🧡💛 1y
batsy Much love to you ❤️❤️ 1y
TrishB @Caroline2 @Centique @batsy thank you ❤️😘 1y
Moray_Reads Hope you adjust soon ❤️ 1y
Andrew65 That‘s always hard!!! Stay strong! 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Catching up with the buddy read in this one 👍🏻

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I finished The Waste Lands. I enjoyed this book much more than the previous two. While Stephen King has in this book created the creepiest train ever he also created one of the cutest creatures in all of literature, the billy bumbler, Oy. I'm looking forward to the next one.
@MinDea #EpicKaTetRead

MinDea Billy bumbler 💙💙💙💙 1y
MStew 😍 1y
TheWintergarden Terrific graphic🌠 1y
Bookish.SAM I loved Oy! I felt like after this book I got more and more invested in the series. 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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1. Hiking with my family, and being out in the woods makes me happy.
2. Only 2 for now. A Study in Emerald and The Waste Lands.
3. I miss my old favorite hiking and fishing spots.
4. A very low book budget.😑💸💸
5. I would take the million and use part of it to destroy those who made the no book rule. Then I would use the rest of the money to get a hermit cottage full of books.
#HumpDayPost @MinDea

QuietlyLaura I like your answer to number 5! Can I join in? ☺ 1y
MinDea 😆😆😆😆😆 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Repost for @Andrew65 :
As we are getting closer (Yey) to the #EpicKatetBuddyRead of #TheWasteLands, I thought I‘d repost the schedule. @MinDea is doing a great job of leading the #EpicBuddyRead of #TheDarkTower Series. So far we have read books 1 & 2 and are just about to start book 3. If you‘ve been along for the whole ride, hope you are looking forward to it! I know I am! Feel free to jump aboard even if you have not read books 1 & 2. #Katet

Andrew65 Thanks for reposting. 😍 1y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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How's it going guys? Those of you who have been able to read along, how did you like this week's section?

#EpicKaTetRead #EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #TheDarkTowerCAW

Hosted by @MinDea with assistance from @tonyahoswalt

BookwormAHN I'm about caught up and so far I'm enjoying this book much more than the previous two. 1y
tonyahoswalt @BookwormAHN Me too! Anything really stand out for you so far? 1y
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BookwormAHN I like Eddie and Jake channeling each other. 1y
TK421 I'm about halfway through this section. Liking it so far. @BookwormAHN I like how Jake and Eddie are channeling each other too. 1y
TrishB Will be starting next after current read and will catch up! 1y
tonyahoswalt @BookwormAHN @TK421 I like Eddie and Jake's channeling as well. This section was a little haunting. I'll wait untill you guys finish though. 1y
EadieB @tonyahoswalt I like that Eddie helped Jake come thru the door with the demons! 1y
BookwormM I loved this section I liked the Dream Jake and the ghost Eddie and how past and present are connecting. 1y
GrilledCheeseSamurai I haven't read this section yet but I'm looking forward to gulping it down tonight! 🤘 1y
Jovy Loved everything about this chapter! From Eddie‘s inner struggles 💔 to Roland and Jake‘s touching reunion and even though I‘m not too fond of Detta, she was awesome here! 1y
Andrew65 @BookwormM @Jovy Totally agree! Loved this crossover between worlds. Clear how central and important to things Jake is. 1y
MinDea Thank you so much @tonyahoswalt for helping me with this! 💙I hope to catch up for the final discussion! @BookwormAHN I am so glad you are enjoying this book. This one really starts feeling like the rest of the series. 1y
PaperbackPirate I‘m behind but I‘m still going. Just finished this section yesterday! Demon rape is a new one for me. I love that Eddie battled his own inner demon - the voice of his brother- to not only save Jake but come into his own being. What a scary haunted house! On I go! Choo choo! 🚂 1y
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I'd been stuck on the third book long ago! I put aside Jane Austen for a while! I want to dive back into the world of the Dark Tower! Hi, #Roland Deschain! 🔫

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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Posting for @MinDea for a bit for our #EpicBuddyRead . How did everyone like the second section? Discussion in comments! If I've tagged anyone that has said they have stopped reading, I apologize.
#EpicKaTetRead #KaTet #TheDarkTower #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #TheDarkTowerCAW

bookandcat I'm so behind -_- I needed a break from King since I'm also doing Losers Club reading and there is a such thing for my brain as too much King...but I hope to try to catch up lol 2y
tonyahoswalt What did you all think of hearing from Jake again? I'm curious about the second time things clicked for him. The first was when he was supposed to die. So the events in the second instance that he knew would happen, the beggar, the mirrors, etc. how did he know that? 2y
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TrishB I‘m only starting later this week! 2y
tonyahoswalt @bookandcat Understandable. Do you want me to take you off the tag list for the upcoming weeks, or keep tagging for when you catch up? 2y
tonyahoswalt @TrishB No worries. Come back and discuss anytime! 2y
BookwormAHN I haven't started yet. I needed to finish The Stand first. One King at a time 😸 2y
tonyahoswalt @BookwormAHN Oh okay. Do you want me to take you off the tag list for upcoming weeks, or leave you on, so you can come back and discuss later? 2y
BookwormAHN @tonyahoswalt You can leave me on, I'll catch up soon. 2y
tonyahoswalt @BookwormAHN Okay, sounds good! 2y
bookandcat @tonyahoswalt you can keep tagging me because it reminds me to get back to it 😂 2y
TK421 I really enjoyed the Jake chapters. I thought it was interesting how both Roland and Jake were feeling pulled in two after Mort was killed. 2y
EadieB @tonyahoswalt I just finished section II. In answer to your question, the only thing I can say is that the second time it said that he was under the umbrella of the ka-tet so that may be what was giving him the insight that he didn‘t have the first time. (edited) 2y
tonyahoswalt @EadieB That makes sense! I read the sections all in one chunk and then it seems like I'm forgetting details. 2y
tonyahoswalt @TK421 Me too! I think Jake is my favorite character. I like the connection between him and the other characters, I guess that's what the ka-tet is all about. 2y
EadieB @tonyahoswalt I started the section after you posted your question so I was looking for the answer while I was reading. 2y
Andrew65 Yey! Finally caught up - like trying to catch a runaway train. Great to see the return of Jake, and quite a bizarre return with Jake knowing he should be dead. Not always sure I know all that is going on, quite some story Stephen wrote - no wonder some people say they have to read it 2 or 3 three times to get everything. Love the train!!! 2y
tonyahoswalt @Andrew65 It would definitely be weird to know you're supposed to be dead. I can understand why it was making him crazy. Are you liking this one more? 2y
Andrew65 @tonyahoswalt Yes it definitely feels as if the first two were introducing the main characters and now the story is being taken forward, not that I know where it is going mind you! But still a great adventure. 2y
tonyahoswalt @Andrew65 I really like it more as well. I feel like the writing is so much better, which makes sense. However, I was just talking to my husband about how, to me, it feels like there's barely a plot. Roland wants to get to the Tower, and Jake wants to get back to him. Other than that, it's about the connections between them all, I get that, but it feels like not a lot happens. @TK421 @EadieB 2y
TK421 @tonyahoswalt I understand what you mean. I am really enjoying this book, but I know that a lot has to happen before the story can progress. I agree that the writing is much better in this book as well. 2y
Jovy Finally caught up! 😅 I feel for Roland and Jake; can‘t imagine what I would do with constant voices fighting in my head! Also loved Jake‘s essay and his teacher‘s interpretation. 😂 2y
Andrew65 @tonyahoswalt Totally agree, it does at this stage barely feel like there‘s a plot. It does seem very much about connections and relationships between the key people. @TK421 @EadieB 2y
EadieB @Andrew65 I hope at the end we do get some idea what this is all about! @tonyahoswalt (edited) 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB That would be good! 😂 @tonyahoswalt @TK421 2y
GrilledCheeseSamurai Jake. ♥️ 2y
tonyahoswalt @Andrew65 @EadieB @TK421 I guess that's why they talk so much about ka and the ka-tet, because it is about those connections. 2y
tonyahoswalt @Jovy That essay! Oh my gosh! I thought he was a goner for sure, but the teacher loved it! 2y
BookwormM I am still here had a hectic few days really enjoyed this section and I am intrigued by the Rose and the key can‘t wait for Jake to find Roland again 2y
tonyahoswalt @BookwormM I really like Jake! I'm interested in learning more about the rose especially. My husband has given me teasers. 2y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Finally got to start the third book in the Dark Tower Series. #EpicKaTetRead #StephenKing #EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #KaTet #TheDarkTower

TrishB Be getting to this one this week 👍🏻 2y
Andrew65 @TrishB Good to see I‘m not the only one behind! 2y
TrishB I then read all at once! 2y
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trioxin_sematary My favourite! 2y
Andrew65 @trioxin_sematary I‘ll look forward to it even more then! 👍 2y
MinDea I am behind too! 🤫 2y
Andrew65 @MinDea @TrishB What great company I am keeping! 🙌 2y
ScientistSam I'm behind too! Waiting for my library hold to come in... 2y
Andrew65 @ScientistSam That‘s a whole group of us. 😊 I have gone for audiobook for this one as away from home so couldn‘t get it from the library. 2y
BookwormM I am on target and really enjoying it 2y
Andrew65 @BookwormM I‘m about a third of the way through last weeks‘s section. 2y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
This post contains spoilers
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Hey guys. Just checking in to see how everyone is liking The Wast Lands. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Liking or disliking it?
#EpicKatetRead #EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTower #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #TheDrakTowerCAW #Katet

EadieB @MinDea I like how Roland is training Eddie and Susannah to be gunslingers and how Susannah got on Roland‘s shoulders to fight the bear so it didn‘t get Eddie. 2y
TrishB Not started yet!! Will catch up soon 😁 2y
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GrilledCheeseSamurai @EadieB Yarp! That bear scene was cooool! 2y
GrilledCheeseSamurai I am very happy with the end of this part 1. So glad that they are now on the path of the beam. It's like the journey for the tower has officially now begun. Also very cool with Eddie and his carving. Roland giving up his guns was kinda sad though. 😔 2y
TK421 The bear scene was great! I also liked how Roland was explaining ka to the others after he told them about Jake. 2y
MinDea @EadieB yes I love that too! Their relationship is so awesome. It is like mentor/Mentee but also they are family. 2y
MinDea @GrilledCheeseSamurai yes it is sad that he had to do that but now he is not the only gunslinger left! 2y
MinDea @TK421 it is a great scene! The bear is crazy! 2y
tonyahoswalt I really enjoyed this first part, much more than the last two books. I find it fascinating to think about Roland's world being so much further along than ours. It may seem primitive, if you think about the first book or some things Roland doesn't know about. But the bear, and the other mechanical creatures are one more sign that the world advanced far beyond that and then started over I guess. 2y
tonyahoswalt @GrilledCheeseSamurai @MinDea About Roland giving up his guns, and also the end of book 1, before I started reading these books, I had the misconception that these books focused on Roland, with his guns, and the Man in Black. I know the Man in Black is still featured, but I always thought it was those two duking it out the whole time. When he died, I was like, oh. Now Roland is giving up his guns and training others. It changes everything for me. 2y
MinDea @tonyahoswalt Yes. It is so much more than that. So much happens. That is the base of the story, Roland finding The Dark tower, but it is so much more than that! 2y
MinDea So glad you finally are enjoying it and not just feeling unsure about it!!! I hope it continues that way for you @tonyahoswalt ! 2y
ScientistSam My hold still hasn't come in so I'll be playing catch up! Would you mind reminding me of this one's schedule? 2y
Andrew65 Finally managed to get this started this afternoon! 2y
BookwormM Finished this section today and really enjoyed it I love finding out more about Roland‘s world. The beams remind me of ley lines that we have in this world. Looking forward to next section. Also enjoying the literary references in Eddie‘s dreams 2y
GrilledCheeseSamurai @Andrew65 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️ 2y
BookishBelle Y‘all. I just can‘t. I‘m stuck back in the last book and I cannot force myself to pick it back up. Sorry, but I‘m going to have to bail. 2y
Andrew65 Finally finished the section for last week! 2y
Andrew65 The bear section was my favourite part, and quite bizarre to then find out they were robots, as were others they encountered. Also interested to hear them ta,King about this world being further along and that it is tired. This could prove to be key. As usual not sure where this story is headed but happy to be along for the ride. @EadieB @GrilledCheeseSamurai @tonyahoswalt @MinDea @BookwormM 2y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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1. Star Wars or the animated Hobbit movie.
2. Fries. I like onion rings, but I can always eat fries. I had fries and cheese curds earlier today.
3. I listen to a little bit of everything. I always seem to fall back on Social Distortion or Dream Theater, but lately I've been listening to Greta Van Fleet, Frank Turner, and the Greatest Showman soundtrack a bunch.
4. The Waste Lands
5. Will do!
#friyayintro jesshowbooks

RavenLovelyReads I love Social D! 🤘🏻 2y
CherryPie Animated Hobbit! Yes. 👍 I first saw Social Distortion in '85. I'd just turned 14. 2y
tonyahoswalt My cousin really loves Greta Van Fleet. I tried listening to them and I think their music is really good, but his voice hurts my ears. (I have sensitive ears.) I feel the same way about Robert Plant. 2y
GrilledCheeseSamurai Greta Van Fleet are pretty incredible for how young of a band they are! Very Zeplin sounding! 2y
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