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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Finally went back and re-read Fifty Shades...

We all know what it‘s about, right?

Definitely not one of the best books ever written. Although, I will admit, there were parts I did enjoy.

Overall, the writing style was poor and it was highly repetitive.

Ana‘s character drove me crazy. She is too indecisive and insecure. I just wanted her “inner goddess” to make a decision! Christian‘s character growth was fine, but could have been stronger.

theresidentromantic Check out the Shadowlands series and Laura Kaye's Blasphemy series. Safe, Sane, Consensual, and fun. Not whatever this is supposed to be. I promised you'll have a better time ♥️ 6h
suzie.reads The writing in these books is horrific, it's more about the content for me lol 6h
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Starbucks | Marie Bussing-Burks
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Just got my mango dragonfruit berry refresher at Starbucks... in love.

What is everyone else‘s favorite Starbucks drink?

RvnclawWhovian Nitro cold brew with salted cream cold foam 😋 1d
litenthusiast I'm a fan of the dragon fruit drinks. I think they are delicious and I love the color. 1d
Kaila-ann Iced coffee with caramel and extra cream 😍 1d
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Reviewsbylola Caramel macchiato, extra hot with only two pumps vanilla, nonfat is my go to drink. I like ordering on the app so I can customize it like crazy without feeling annoying. 😆 1d
BookHoarder32 Iced mocha 1d
BeckyB Cold brew with vanilla sweet cream is my new summer drink 1d
jewright Cold brew with hazelnut 1d
bookishkris Iced chai, or iced sweetened black tea lemonade. In the winter I like Eggnog chai, salted caramel hot chocolate, vanilla steamer, and black tea latte.
cherinium I am a fan of the Refreshers (most flavors). My fave was the Cool Lime, but it's not available anymore. Lately I've been obsessed with the Pink Drink. My cold weather drink is a Chai Latte with 2 extra pumps of Chai. 1d
xxjenadanxx Grande Soy Java Chip Frappuccino with a shot, or Grande Soy Strawberry Creme Frappuccino with a mocha drizzle. Yum 😋 1d
Geeklet Those pink drinks are fantastic. I can never remember the full name so I just call them pink drink in my most West Virginian accent. 1d
Megabooks Venti coffee with two pumps of caramel and skim milk. 😴😴 1d
TK421 Iced caramel macchiato made with almond milk. 1d
Scochrane26 I‘ve never tried the fruit drinks, maybe I should. I don‘t go anymore to Starbucks because I can‘t have caffeine. But, I used to love their hot chocolate. 1d
Stephuhhnieee That refresher but with coconut milk 😋 or the pink drink. Or both of those refreshers, minus the coconut milk! Lol. I love iced coffee as well... but those always hit the spot. 1d
KristenDuck @litenthusiast I‘ve recently developed this appreciation for dragon fruit 24h
KristenDuck @bookishkris and @Scochrane26 since you both referenced hot chocolate im curious if you‘ve ever tried their white hot chocolate? That‘s my favorite winter treat. 24h
bookishkris @KristenDuck I‘m not usually a fan of white chocolate anything, but on your recommendation I will try one this winter! 23h
Scochrane26 @KristenDuck I never tried their white choc, but I‘ll have to see how much caffeine it has in it. 23h
Mahej Every single time. Vanilla latte. Without fail. :-) 20h
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An Anonymous Girl | Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks
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Not what I had been expecting...

Unfortunately this book was highly predictable and had no major climax or shocking moments.

Jessica signs up for an anonymous survey, hoping to make some extra money, be participating as one of the subjects in Dr. Shields‘ experiments on morality and ethics.

The story did connect the plot lines and had great character development. It just certainly was not a page turner.

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5K and 10K Training | Brian Clarke
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I love to go for walks and jogs, and I have done the walk for MS four years in a row, but THIS was my first official 5K run!

I ran for the Wounded Hero Project, in honor of our vets, and not only was it for a great cause, but I managed to finish in under 40 minutes.

Was I first to cross the finish line? Of course not!

But I had the best time, you bet I finished with a huge smile on my face.

Today made me so proud to be an American.

Eyelit Well done! 3d
KristenDuck @Eyelit thanks!! 3d
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Way to go!! 👏👏👏 3d
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Scochrane26 Awesome! 3d
RvnclawWhovian That‘s great!! 3d
BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 3d
julesG Fantastic! Well done! 3d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 That‘s awesome! 3d
BennettBookworm Go you!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3d
KristenDuck @julesG @wanderinglynn and @BennettBookworm wow everyone has been so supportive! Thanks! 3d
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I have been waiting for a book that lives up to its hype and makes me want to recommend it to all my book-loving-friends... here it is!

Evelyn Hugo, award winning beautiful Hollywood starlet, recruits Monique, a writer not quite known for her work, to tell her life story. And that life story just happens to include her one true love.

But is it even one of her seven husbands?

Incredible writing, character development, and writing style!

baes Loved this. One of those books I wanted more. 5d
KristenDuck @baes I completely agree. I didn‘t want it to end. 5d
JenReadsAlot So good! 5d
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Crazeedi I enjoyed this book 5d
KristenDuck @JenReadsAlot and @Crazeedi it was just such a pleasant surprise to find a book that I never wanted to put down. 5d
Crazeedi @KristenDuck I know, I felt the same way 5d
marleed Love love Evelyn and TJR! 5d
Anna4031 Loved this book! And I just read Daisy Jones and The Six by the same author and it was wonderful! 4d
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Nine Perfect Strangers | Liane Moriarty
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Well I guess it‘s good that I‘ve moved from 1095 in line to 456!!

Hopefully this book is worth the wait!

Anyone else out there waiting to borrow a book and still have months to go?

CouronneDhiver 😳 That‘s a long time! 7d
mcctrish Wow, that‘s way more info than I get 7d
marleed Dang I just finished my Library loan yesterday. I wish I could have shot it over to you! I try to finish popular holds quickly and then return them so the line can move quicker than anticipated. 7d
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Cortg OMG! The library I work at just had a copy of this on the discard cart so I brought it home 🤷🏼‍♀️ I do have ~22 weeks for Daisy Jones for my kindle. It came but I was overwhelmed in the book dept. and returned it and put another hold on it 😂 Fortunatley I have a mighty TBR list! 7d
tjwill 😮 7d
KristenDuck @marleed I always return early too! I wonder if this book is taking people longer to read... 7d
KristenDuck @Cortg I have a hold for daisy jones too!! 7d
CrowCAH Oh wow that‘s a lot of people on hold!!! 7d
KristenDuck @CrowCAH I know right! 7d
Joreads Wow that is a long wait. I hope you enjoy it when you get it (edited) 7d
Kaye Holy smokes ! Long list. I have a couple that are a 6 month wait. I‘m not very patient with long lists. I usually end up buying the book because I get tired of waiting for it. 7d
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Big Little Lies is back with Season 2!!

Just a few months ago, I sung praises for the novel and had also adored the TV adaptation in Season 1.

Who else has started watching Season 2? Any thoughts on the premiere?

Love Meryl Streep as an addition. I‘m very curious where they are headed.

Lovesbooks87 I fell asleep watching it last nite. I have to finish watching it. I am very curious to see where it goes this season as well! 1w
Jerdencon Just watched today - I thought it was pretty good. Love all the actresses in it! 1w
BookishTrish I love Renata and Mary Louise! 1w
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Victoriahoperose I liked it. Hoping it picks up more when it gets further into the season! 1w
Kimberlone I haven‘t seen the new episode year, but I loved the first season and enjoyed the book (which I read first)! 1w
KristenDuck @Jerdencon they are some of my favorite actresses! 1w
KristenDuck @Victoriahoperose I think they had to make the first one more of a recap. I know it will pick up. 1w
Birdsong28 Loved it! 📚📖 1w
SamAnne Can‘t resist any chance to watch Meryl Streep. 1w
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Another amazing installment isn‘t this series of very unfortunate events for three orphans who are just trying to find a new home.

Count Olaf just seems to always be waiting around every corner, and he is determined to get that fortune.

In this particular book, they are sent to live with their aunt, who is scared of, well, everything. Loved her character!

I‘m ready for part four!

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Philadelphia is a wonderful place to call home, and I always feel so fortunate to have this beautiful zoo within my reach!

Wanted to share just a sample of the pictures I took today and hopefully encourage people out there to make the trek to our country‘s first zoo.

My favorite aspect is always the Zoo360 where animals literally walk over your head! They also currently have LEGO exhibits around the park with animals constructed! So fun.

Lauram I made my first trip to Philadelphia last week. While we didn‘t have time to make it to the zoo, we enjoyed wandering around city visiting historical sites. 1w
KristenDuck @Lauram maybe you could try next time you‘re in town! It‘s great if you love animals like I do. 1w
Crazeedi Have never visited philly's zoo, that should be on this PA girls to do list! 1w
Scochrane26 I had a horrible experience at the philly airport last yr, but I‘m sure the rest of the city is nice. 1w
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Columbine | Dave Cullen
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Heart wrenching.

This was such an in-depth retelling of a day that I will always remember. My heart goes out to the families of those thirteen victims, and my heart goes out to the families of the shooters as well. How do you move on after knowing your child was responsible for so much death and sadness?

I loved the follow-ups at the end of this book that showed even in our darkest days, we can find light again.

A book very much worth reading

TheWordJar I will never forget that day either, and this book was such a tough, but needed, read. You might also be interested in Sue Klebold‘s book. That one shredded my heart. 💔 1w
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Sometimes I Lie | Alice Feeney
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I‘m about halfway through this one and it‘s enjoyable enough. I can‘t say I‘m a huge fan of unreliable narrators but I‘m still curious with what is going to happen...

In this book, the main character, Amber Reynolds, says there are three things you have to know about her.

What three things do you think everyone should know about YOU?

BookwormM I love line dancing. I love reading and I love guinea pigs 2w
ShelleyBooksie 1. I love to talk about books. 2. My child is my heart. 3. I love animals 2w
KristenDuck @BookwormM I wish I could line dance! Jealous! 2w
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KristenDuck @ShelleyBooksie love all three answers 2w
KristenDuck I guess I should share my three! 1. I tend to put others before myself. 2. I believe in karma. 3. I aspire to make my own list of 1,000 books to read in your lifetime. 2w
ShelleyBooksie @KristenDuck - those are great answers. 2w
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Just read the first couple chapters to preview my new book for my book club and hmm... isn‘t this an interesting line to stop at?

Will this latest book selection keep me on the edge of my seat ... ?

We shall soon find out! Looking forward to starting this one.

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Bird Box: A Novel | Josh Malerman
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Time to give the movie a shot!

Recently reviewed the book and I heard the movie is entertaining as well so let‘s see!

Mandoul The movie was one of my favourites last year, hope you enjoy. I'm now hoping to read the book! 2w
KristenDuck @Mandoul loved the book. Already can tell the movie is different and it just started! 2w
Aaronlisa I would be curious to know what you think of the movie. I haven‘t watched it yet. 2w
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KristenDuck @Aaronlisa I plan on watching it in pieces over my lunch breaks at work so ill probably finish on Monday next week! 2w
rachaich Oooh I liked both! 2w
CafeMom My 15 year old loved the movie. 2w
Katerina I thought the movie was okay, but it didn't leave a lasting impression. I haven't read the book yet. Does the book go into more detail concerning how and why things are happening? 2w
KristenDuck @Katerina there is so much more to the book. They never explain the why but there is more build-up. It‘s not as instantaneous. 2w
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BINGO! Haha almost did not cross off the “liked the movie adaptation more” until I remembered Girl Interrupted.

bookishbitch I thought The Jane Austin Book Club movie was better than the book. 2w
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The Program | Suzanne Young
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This was such a pleasant surprise!

I started reading this book with low expectations, and now cannot wait to start the second in the series!

The Program is set in a time where teen suicide is at all-time high. It is an epidemic. But with The Program, depressed teenagers can have all those sad memories erased from their mind.

But will they ever be the same?

Main character Sloane loves her boyfriend James and surely they‘ll never forget that...

OnlyYoo Wow this sounds so interesting! Stacked :) 2w
KristenDuck @OnlyYoo so so good! I love finding a book and not knowing what to expect and then being blown away like this! 2w
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Why do I enjoy this series so much!?

The Reptile Room is the perfect sequel to the first book in a Series of Unfortunate Events, which I also loved. Maybe I enjoy the characters, or how short the story is, or the vocabulary! Whatever the reason, I‘m already looking forward to the third book.

In this series, our orphans find themselves staying with Uncle Monty who is a bit eccentric as he owns snakes of all kinds and his very own reptile room.

Ash.on.the.line I‘m reading through this series too! 2w
KristenDuck @Ash.on.the.line which book are you on? 2w
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Columbine | Dave Cullen
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I read Sue Klebold‘s account a bit back, and I knew I wanted to read Columbine sometime soon.

Soon is now.

It is heartbreaking and devastating, and I had tears in my eyes as I went for my evening walk.

But already, at only 35% of the way, I am thankful to Dave Cullen for working so hard to provide this in-depth true account of what happened.

RadicalReader I absolutely loved both books absolutely heartbreaking events but she‘s so bold to be able to talk about what happened 3w
Lovesbooks87 This was so heartbreaking along with Sue's as well. I remember Columbine happening and trying to figure out an exit plan out of my school if something like that happened at my school. 3w
KristenDuck @RadicalReader and @Lovesbooks87 each generation has events they will never forget. This was certainly one for us. 3w
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MoonWitch94 I have read both of them & read them simultaneously. It was devastating but necessary. I was in 9th grade when Columbine happened & it changed everything. I‘m reading Parkland by Dave Cullen now & it‘s another great one. 3w
KristenDuck @MoonWitch94 thank you for the parkland recommendation. 3w
Theaelizabet Columbine was revelatory. He handled an impossible subject so well. Hope to get to Parkland this year. 3w
kindergartenkat I just listened to Parkland this month. Such a great book. 3w
DebinHawaii Both this and Sue 's book were shattering and heartbreaking but so good. 💔 2w
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The Ex: A Novel | Alafair Burke
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Sigh... perhaps I‘ve read one too many mystery thrillers.

Jack Harris is a widower accused of a triple homicide, in which one of the victims is related to his wife‘s murder from years before. Despite heaps of evidence, Jack is proclaiming his innocence. And his ex-girlfriend is going to help him.

Even if she is starting to have her own doubts.

Fast paced and an easy read, but I figured everything out before even getting beyond the beginning.

post image

First off - the second half was worthy of four stars. The first half moved too slowly, and I just could not get into the build-up.

The premise is absolutely gripping.

Young girls are missing, and someone out there is placing them in constant sleep in a graveyard he created.

New detective, Katie, war veteran, is appointed to solve the cases. Loved her dog!

Thank you to NetGalley for this advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

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What an adventure!

I went back and forth with how many stars to give American Gods because it is lengthy and some parts were perhaps unnecessary. However, that ending secured the four star rating.

Shadow is released from prison and just as he thinks he is about to return home to his wife, he learns of her passing from a fatal car accident. His life takes a huge turn when he meets Mr. Wednesday.

Loved the aspect of the new gods vs old gods!

nu-bibliophile This book has been staring at me from my bookshelves. I haven't started it because the size of it intimidates me 😬 3w
KristenDuck @nu-bibliophile it‘s a long one for sure! 3w
DebinHawaii The full cast audiobook is amazing! ❤️ 2w
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Just a Little Different | Mercer Mayer, Gina Mayer
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An adorable children‘s book from the Little Critter series that shows children that our differences make us special! Everyone can be friends no matter how they look on the outside.

The new critter in town is just a little different because his mother is a rabbit and his father is a turtle. While the other critters are hesitant to accept him, Little Critter is willing to be his friend!

HIGHLY recommended for all ages!

WorldsOkayestStepMom Little Critter books were my absolute favorite when I was a little girl! I have a small collection of them now too! 3w
Recommended4Reading My son loved these books! 3w
KristenDuck @WorldsOkayestStepMom and @Recommended4Reading little critter books are classics for sure! 3w
Vivlio_Gnosi Classic series 3w
Mamashep Loved these books when my kids were young! 3w
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Bird Box: A Novel | Josh Malerman
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This is a book worth the hype!

Malorie finds herself as one of the few survivors when something so terrifying roams the Earth that people are forced to wear blindfolds. Once this unnamed “something” is seen, people go mad, literally taking others‘ lives or their own.

Pregnant, Malorie is forced with many tough choices of how to continue in this new world.

The true meaning of a page turner, Bird Box is worthy of five stars!

hjreviews I always find it so bittersweet when I find out movies I want to watch are based on books. I‘m glad and happy that the authors creativity can reach a wider audience and is being celebrated, but now I feel like I owe it to them to read the book first, to experience the world they way they originally intended. And that just adds more to my already out of control reading list. 3w
KristenDuck @hjreviews I haven‘t watched the movie yet! But I know so many people who did. The writing style for the book is incredible - makes you almost feel the intensity but the short sentences. 3w
BooksAndYarn I made my husband wait until I read the book before we watched the movie, and I'm happy I did. Movies are never as good as the book, but I like to think they bring more attention to the books and maybe inspire someone to actually read it who perhaps otherwise wouldn't 3w
KristenDuck @BooksAndYarn now that you‘ve seen both do you still prefer the book? 3w
BooksAndYarn @KristenDuck Yes I do. Books always have so much more to them, but I did also enjoy the movie. 3w
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Grey's Anatomy | Chris Van Dusen, Stacy Mckee
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I‘m late to the party but finally watching the Grey‘s Anatomy finale!

How many other fans out there have been there since Season 1 Episode 1 with me?

Victoriahoperose 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ I love Grey‘s Anatomy!! 4w
KristenDuck @Victoriahoperose I still love it too! 4w
Reecaspieces Love me some Greys! 4w
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KristenDuck @Reecaspieces even after all these years! 4w
rubyslippersreads I never got over Denny. 😢 4w
KristenDuck @rubyslippersreads top five saddest moments 4w
Catsandbooks My favorite show! Been with it since the beginning! 💕 Meredith Grey is the sun and no one can change my mind ☀️😆 4w
Tianarose I have but I am a whole season behind currently. :( 4w
MrT I've cried at every episode since it started. Ridiculed by my friends for sticking by this soapy medical drama. My guilty not guilty pleasure. ♥️ 4w
KristenDuck @Catsandbooks love Meredith. Amelia is my favorite now though. (Used to be Christina!) 4w
KristenDuck @Tianarose oooh you need to catch up!! 4w
KristenDuck @MrT aww! I‘ll stick by greys til the last episode! 4w
Catsandbooks Christina was my favorite too! I miss her! 4w
shellleigh33 ❤️❤️❤️ 4w
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Listened to this entire audiobook while jogging tonight!

If I‘m being honest, I read Animal Farm in high school and was not a fan. I couldn‘t remember why and so I thought, maybe I should try again.

Now, many many moons later in my life, I really enjoyed this one! The animals have had enough of always doing what the farmer says, and they want to be treated as equals!

But as we all know, there are always those few who rise to the top...

WorldsOkayestStepMom I felt the same way about this one in high school. Maybe I should give it a reread! 4w
KristenDuck @WorldsOkayestStepMom yes! I feel totally different now that I‘m older. 4w
Geeklet Every other 12th grade English class got to read this book. I was so excited when I started 12th grade because I was looking forward to it. Instead we read some crap book that I‘ve long since forgotten. I didn‘t get around to Animal Farm until maybe five years ago. Absolutely loved it. 4w
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jewright I always loved teaching it. 4w
KristenDuck @Geeklet it might be better for us to have read it as adults anyway! (edited) 4w
KristenDuck @jewright it seems like the perfect book for high school - I just didn‘t connect with it at the time 4w
Shakespearience That‘s what happened with me and The Scarlet Letter 4w
KristenDuck @Shakespearience I actually recall liking the scarlet letter in high school - I just didn‘t get all the symbolism aspects lol 3w
Shakespearience @KristenDuck ugh, I hated it in high school. It wasn‘t until college when I had to read it again for a class (along with Hawthorne‘s short stories) that I enjoyed it a lot more. 3w
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Adorable children‘s book about standing up for what is right!!

This is perfect for showing our voices of the future that it truly does only take one person to make a difference and make the world a better place.

Perfect for Kindergarten/first grade to demonstrate how children can get along and respect one another.

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Cross Her Heart: A Novel | Sarah Pinborough
post image

I am quite the fan of Sarah Pinborough, and while I LOVED Behind Her Eyes, I had to take a step back and acknowledge not all books can leave me with my mouth hanging open.

And this was a solid book!

Lisa is certainly an overprotective mother who just wants what is best for her daughter, Ava. But what secrets is Lisa hiding from earlier in her life?

And what if those secrets can‘t be buried in the past?

Predictable ending but great writing!

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A very fast read, "Everything, Everything" is what I consider to be a typical YA love story. Sick girl falls for boy next door and with parental problems on top of her illness, how can this relationship ever work? Does love conquer all?

While I did enjoy the random illustrations and handwritten notes, I did struggle a bit with the predictability and (un)realistic factors.

“Everything, Everything" is okay for a cute read, but not my favorite.

Karkar I had a hard time with this too. Letting go of the fact they would have never been able to do the things they did, it was hard for me. 1mo
Megabooks I thought it was a silly premise. The author didn‘t seem to know much about the medical condition she was writing about, or she wrote a very gullible MC. 1mo
KristenDuck @Megabooks I kind of knew what was coming the whole time because of this. Like I knew where we were heading. 1mo
OnlyYoo The amount of texts or emails they sent made up about half of the book... 1mo
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Game of Thrones | George R R Martin
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I don‘t know what to say...

I do feel the need to read the books. Haven‘t started any yet.

Did it end the way it should have??

swishandflick I sure hope not. But George RR Martin is unlikely to ever finish the series so I guess we'll never know 🤦🏽‍♀️ 1mo
KristenDuck @swishandflick I hope to start reading the series soon now that the show is over 1mo
SilverShanica While GRRM hasn‘t finished the books, I understand that he laid out how the series was supposed to go to the end for the producers. I haven‘t seen season 8 yet, but I would assume that it went generally with GRRM‘s vision. After all, it‘s not like he has ever held to “traditional” epic fantasy conventions. Twisting everything up in the end would so be his style. 1mo
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KristenDuck @SilverShanica I just personally felt like season 8 was very rushed. Unnecessarily. 1mo
Liatrek I‘m am numb at this point😞 I feel what a waste of so many amazing characters . The Dany we knew and loved deserved better. 1mo
NamasteReading they all deserved better 😫 1mo
Branwen I'm just...devastated by how this all went down. Dany, and everyone really, deserved so much better. I'm simultaneously really sad and really angry. 😠😔 1mo
HOTPock3tt @Liatrek SAME!! 😢 1mo
CaliforniaCay I would suggest that you still read the books. They are so different from the show. I'm still working my way through the latest book, and I did prefer the adaption to the books up to this point, but I still look forward to the last 2 books. GRRM taking his sweet time finishing up is a good sign that there will be way more meat to his story than the way the writers chose to end the show. I think theres hope yet! 1mo
KristenDuck @Liatrek and @Branwen I was such a fan of Dany. Didn‘t like the abrupt twist to her character or her ending. 1mo
KristenDuck @CaliforniaCay I would like to read the books still! Even though I didn‘t love this past season. 1mo
cookreadsleep The books aren't done, so we don't know. 1mo
LeighDavis I tried reading the books but got bored by the end of the first book and never picked them up again 1mo
KristenDuck @LeighDavis I‘m just curious so I want to give it a try. But we shall see!! 1mo
mightyskull I'm definitely gonna start the reading the books. By the time the new one will be out, I'll be done with atleast 1. 1mo
OnlyYoo I‘m going to start rereading the series. I‘m hoping by the time I finish again his next book will be out! 1mo
KristenDuck @OnlyYoo fingers crossed 1mo
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So for my Book Club today, we hosted our group‘s meeting at Green Eggs in Philadelphia...


If you are as big of a foodie as me, and you find yourself in my lovely city, please be sure to check out one of their locations.

Reasonably priced with incredible options. Pictured is their special of the day: strawberry French toast.


litenthusiast That looks delicious! Next time in Philly I'm definitely going to check this place out. 1mo
KristenDuck @litenthusiast make sure you post a picture of what you get! 1mo
Catsandbooks That looks amazing! 🤤 1mo
KristenDuck @Catsandbooks it really was! 1mo
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The unfortunate tale of three orphans sent to live with their not-so-warm relative Count Olaf after their parents pass away in a fire.

I don‘t know why but I loved this book. Loved the movie too.

Despite its dismal storyline and bleak outlook, it‘s just a fun and easy read. Really appreciated the dark humor.

Shley9225 Will you be continuing with the series? 1mo
KristenDuck @Shley9225 yes! I have number 2 on hold with libby 1mo
MaceyT15 Did you watch the Netflix series? Much better than the movie! 1mo
KristenDuck @MaceyT15 I don‘t have Netflix but I heard good things! 1mo
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11/22/63: A Novel | Stephen King
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Finally finished on tonight‘s walk, and I think I just found my new favorite book!

What if you could go back in time and change something to make the future better? This is exactly what happens as it‘s a race against the clock to stop the assassination of the beloved JFK.

Even more than the sci-fi aspect of time travel, I appreciated the love story as much as the history aspect.

The ending was expected but so well done. HIGHLY recommend!

BookwormAHN I'm glad you enjoyed it. Its been on my tbr for awhile now 😺 1mo
BarbaraJean I‘m impressed that you listened to such a looooonnnng book on audio!! This has been on my TBR for a couple years—gotta get to it someday soon! 1mo
KristenDuck @BookwormAHN definitely read it!! 1mo
KristenDuck @BarbaraJean haha it was long but It was even longer!! 1mo
SaniyyahK Good book! 1mo
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Board Games | Desi Scarpone
post image

With every Kindergarten class, I do an End of the Year Alphabet Countdown, and for G today, we had Game Day.

I was so happy to see children playing interactive and cooperative games that did not involve technology!

What was everyone‘s favorite childhood game?

Beatlefan129 We had one called “Don‘t Wake Daddy” that had a figure of a Dad in bed and as you went around the board you‘d have to push on his alarm clock and if he woke up, you lost. That was a fun one 1mo
PathfinderNicole I was super obsessed with Clue when I was a kid 1mo
jewright Memory! We wore a couple of sets out! 1mo
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KristenDuck @Beatlefan129 don‘t wake up daddy is a classic! 1mo
KristenDuck @PathfinderNicole I‘d still play clue as an adult! Haha 1mo
KristenDuck @jewright my class loveees Memory! 1mo
minkyb Sorry, Parcheesi, Trouble! 1mo
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post image

That‘s my cat Thor.

In the dryer.

As I was unloading, he literally hopped OVER my clothes to get back there.

Cats. Are. Weird.

(Note: the door was not ever closed with him inside. He is currently laying in his window seat!)

KathyWheeler I have a cat that likes to do this.😄 1mo
CafeMom Cats like warm spaces. 1mo
Nerdfins That headtilt. 😻 1mo
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KristenDuck @KathyWheeler and @CafeMom we‘ve had the dryer for almost a full year and this is his first time doing it! 1mo
KristenDuck @Nerdfins he always does that! Usually when something different is happening and he has to process if he likes it or not! Haha 1mo
SW-T Cats 🤣🤣🤣 1mo
Crazeedi This is the best picture evah!!😻😻😻 1mo
BooknerdsLife Hahaaaa that‘s why I love cats!!! Especially the weird ones 😂😂😂💖🙄 1mo
Susanita I think there‘s a Far Side comic about the dog trying to get the cat into the dryer. 😺 1mo
Erofan 😻 1mo
julesG It's so snuggly warm in there. I can relate. My cat jumps in the sink after I've done the dishes and wiped it down. The sink is stoneware and still warm afterwards. 1mo
KristenDuck @Crazeedi thanks! I just love his face lol 1mo
KristenDuck @julesG oh yeah Thor has been in our sink as well! 1mo
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11/22/63: A Novel | Stephen King
post image

So close to the end of this one, and I LOVE it. This has been such a thrilling audio listen.

I‘ll admit, I watched the Hulu original starring James Franco before reading the book, and now I totally envision him as the character.

Did anyone else watch the show?

Theaelizabet Read the book, watched the show. Loved both! 1mo
KristenDuck @Theaelizabet I can‘t believe how spot-on the show was! 1mo
AmyG I liked the show. ButI liked the book better. I wasn‘t tooseof James Franco, but I wound up really liking him. 1mo
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Theaelizabet @KristenDuck @AmyG I‘m not a fan of Franco, but here he was perfectly cast. I‘ll also give a shout-out for the art direction. 1mo
KristenDuck @AmyG did you read the book too or just watch the show? 1mo
KathyWheeler They did an excellent job with the show. 1mo
AmyG @KristenDuck Both! 1mo
KristenDuck @KathyWheeler I know ! Reading the book is really making me appreciate it even more. 1mo
KristenDuck @AmyG so sorry just rereading your comment and see you liked the book better! I have a feeling I will too but I still recommend that show to people all the time. 1mo
whippoorwill815 I love this book (currently re-reading via audio actually!) but have not watched the show yet. I think maybe I should based on these comments! 1mo
KristenDuck @whippoorwill815 if you love the book, you should definitely watch the show! 1mo
WhatWouldJaneDo I read the book first and then watched the show, I liked both (the book more, but it was a good adaptation). I live in Dallas and loved spotting references to places around my neighborhood. 1mo
KristenDuck @WhatWouldJaneDo haha I live in philly so anytime references to my city come up, I get so excited! 1mo
GinaKButler This is one of my all-time favorite books! 1mo
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Watching You | Lisa Jewell
post image

What a fun read!

Lisa Jewell has everyone watching everyone in the “safe” town where Joey and her husband Alfie recently moved to, staying with Joey‘s brother and sister-in-law.

On their street, Mr. Fitzwilliam moves in, and everyone seems so attracted to him, despite his having a wife, Nicola. But there‘s always secrets behind closed doors...

And everyone has a secret in this book. Loved the different perspectives and quite the page-turner!

tjwill That looks delicious! 1mo
knotmagick That looks sooooo good right now! 1mo
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post image

Sorry but no.

I am 100% in the minority but I am warning you: don‘t waste your time.

I‘m sorry to be blunt but let‘s be real:

Kya‘s family has left her alone to survive in the marsh.

Since she lives alone, she befriends nature.

She meets a boy, he leaves her. Meets another boy, he leaves her. I think we‘re supposed to feel bad for her?

But I don‘t like her enough.

And the “twists?” I called them way early on.

So to sum it up: pass.

JessNevertheless Another vocal minority chiming in on this one! I hated this book, it seemed so unrealistic: the child abandonment and the love plots were ridiculous in my opinion 1mo
KristenDuck @JessNevertheless Thank you for agreeing!! I completely understand where you‘re coming from - I was rolling my eyes left and right lol 1mo
JessNevertheless @KristenDuck I have never rolled my eyes so much for a book before haha. I'm glad you wrote this post, always feels a bit weird to hate a book everyone loves but in this case I have a feeling people who wouldn't like it wouldn't have read it to begin with. I would have never read this if my book club didn't pick it 1mo
KristenDuck @JessNevertheless my book club had picked it as well! I just do not understand what the hype was about - sooo sloooowww lol 1mo
Kaye I like an honest review. It‘s better to have differing viewpoints for those yet to purchase it. I‘ve got it but haven‘t even started it. 1mo
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Explorer's Guide Maryland | Leonard M. Adkins
post image

I was fortunate to attend a wedding at Kurtz‘s Beach in Pasadena, Maryland and having never been, I was impressed with both the view and scenery. Definitely understood why this would be a nice setting for a wedding!

Since 1933, Kurtz‘s Beach has been a destination point and event venue, and it doesn‘t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

I Am Yoga | Susan Verde
post image

Highly recommended children‘s book that incorporates a variety of yoga poses and encourages mindfulness in today‘s youth.

Simple yet easy to follow pictures that explain how to perform the poses and also some inspiration behind the pose names.

My kindergarten students do a great job following this book, and I‘m sure even younger students could benefit as well.

Cortg I ended a Music & Movement library program with this book last week and a couple preschoolers took copies home. One of them said she just loved that book! ❤️ 1mo
KristenDuck @Cortg I think it really helps them understand how it works. 1mo
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Are You My Mother? | P.D. Eastman
post image

One of the sweetest books. A little bird just wants to find his mom who has gone out searching for his food.

He comes across lots of animals and other things but in the end he knows they are not his mother... and of course she reunited with him on the final pages.

So endearing, and as a child, this has been one of my favorite books and one I can remember my mother reading.

What were some of your favorite books as a little one?

wanderinglynn I love this book. ❤️ When I buy baby shower gifts, I buy books (of course) & this is one I always get. 1mo
KristenDuck @wanderinglynn I always buy books for gifts too! 1mo
AmyG This was my favorite Dr. Seuss book. 1mo
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bookishbitch The contests at cowlick. 1mo
Coleen “You are not my mother. You are a SNORT!” 🤣🤣🤣 1mo
KristenDuck @Coleen yup that is always my kindergarten class‘s favorite part 1mo
madamereadsalot1 This is one of the stories I always read to my kids. Still to this day, they all love to have it read to them. Even my 19 year old will come sit and listen when I read it to the littles! I gift this book most often as a baby shower gift! 1mo
SarahHarts_books I love this book! It was one of my kids faves when they were little!!! 1mo
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Speak 20th Anniversary Edition | Laurie Halse Anderson
post image

Speak centers on a young teenager, Melinda, who struggles to find her voice in high school.

Why can‘t she just talk? Why can‘t she speak up for herself? Why doesn‘t anyone hear her screaming on the inside?

Why. She was raped by an older student this past summer at a party.

Heartwrenching and a necessary read for young adults. Loved the short chapters and concept of trying to fit in when you‘ve been through something that makes you feel alone.

StellaDz I believe this was also made into a graphic novel, which is beautiful and heart wrenching. 1mo
KristenDuck @StellaDz I‘d love to see the graphic novel! I‘ll look into that. 1mo
StellaDz It was absolutely beautiful. The art was stunning 1mo
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Speak | Laurie Halse Anderson
post image

Sometimes when we‘re the quietest on the outside, we‘re screaming on the inside.

We just need someone to listen.

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post image

Today was my fifth year doing Walk MS for the National MS Society, and it was the first year it rained. I have the best team, they supported me in the 3 mile rain walk and never even showed signs of quitting!

I am blessed to be on a medication that is helping me, to have a loving boyfriend and family behind me, and to still have the energy to run an average of 20 miles per week.

I‘d be more than happy to answer any questions related to MS.

Lynnsoprano Wow! So happy that you have great support and that your health is obviously well managed. We have a good friend with MS who is in not nearly as great shape as you, but he is the most positive person I know. I think you‘re a close second 😘 1mo
KristenDuck @Lynnsoprano thanks for those kind words. Your friend is in my thoughts! 1mo
BookwormM Well done you great cause to raise money and awareness for. What medication are you on? 1mo
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KristenDuck @BookwormM I am currently taking Gilenya. Have been on this medication for 2+ years and no side effects. 1mo
BookwormM That is good. Is MS an autoimmune disease? I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is an autoimmune disease and all my medication is immune suppressing. Just wondering if you have the same nature of treatment but one that works on nerves. 1mo
KristenDuck @BookwormM Yes. MS is considered autoimmune because my immune system is basically attacking itself. My medication works to shut down my immune system to stop future damage. 1mo
BookwormM Same with me I wish we knew why our immune systems go haywire. I am glad your treatment is working and that you are part of Litsy I would say I like connecting with fellow spoonies but that sounds wrong as I wish we were all healthy 1mo
BookwormM PS running 20 miles a week you are my hero 👍💕💕 1mo
KristenDuck @BookwormM one day I have faith there will be cures. Never give up hope. Thank you. (edited) 1mo
jb72 Congrats on your walk! That‘s awesome. I have CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth). Unfortunately I cannot run at all, but I am grateful I can still walk. 1mo
KristenDuck @jb72 all about staying positive. I always say - I might not be fast, but I‘m always trying. 1mo
scowler1 Thanks for doing the walk, raising money and awareness. I'm not fit enough to do it myself but my family and friends do it every year. 1mo
KristenDuck @scowler1 that‘s so supportive of them! 1mo
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Laugh out loud funny for children and adults!

While it is a sequel book to The Day the Crayons Quit, it can also 100% stand alone, and can also be read more than once! My class has heard it at least ten times, and still do not tire of it.

The crayons are all frustrated with the way Duncan has treated them but have decided they want to be home... illustrations in this children‘s book are top notch!

WanderingBookaneer One of my all-time favorite picture books. 2mo
BooksAndYarn My daughters adore this book, and the first one too. 2mo
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The Last Song | Nicholas Sparks
post image

Ronnie and her younger brother are sent to spend the summer with their distant father in Wilmington, North Carolina. It‘s quite the different atmosphere from New York, and while her brother may be happy for this summer vacation, Ronnie just wants to stay home with her friends.

Her dad works on a glass window for a local church, and Ronnie soon finds herself as the caretaker for a group of sea turtle eggs that lay by their house!

Loved it all!

My Teacher's Secret Life | Stephen Krensky
post image

Some students truly believe teachers live at school so when this young detective sees his teacher out in public, he doesn‘t understand what‘s happening!

Surely Mrs. Quirk should have enough food in the cafeteria so why does she go to the supermarket? And who is that girl and that man who are spending time in the park with her?

Definitely recommended for Kindergarten through elementary school. Fun story with bright illustrations!

rather_be_reading 🤣🤣 2mo
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Captain America: The First Avenger has a 6.9 on IMDB where the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier has a 7.8.

I love them both... which one does everyone else prefer? Or equally great?

TheLibrarian I love The Winter Soldier!! 2mo
GretchenMaune I actually really like The First Avenger lol idk why some people hate it 2mo
cobwebmoth I liked both of them. 2mo
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enidkeaner I love The Winter Soldier. Fell asleep during The First Avengers at the same part on 2 different viewing. 2mo
LaraReads When I first saw The First Avenger, I hated it. Thought Captain America was a boring character. Then in Winter Soldier and Civil War, I Fell. In. Love. Really liked The First Avenger when I went back to it, but still Winter Soldier and Civil War Cap hold my whole heart! 2mo
LaraReads @enidkeaner Which part? 🤣 2mo
rretzler So hard - they are very different movies. The First Avenger is more sentimental and probably has a slightly better plot, but Winter Soldier is more action oriented. I like both of them because of Cap. Plus, the Cap movies are better overall when compared to the Iron Man, Thor and Hulk series, which each had at least one movie that was not so good (Iron Man 2, Thor Dark World and The Incredible Hulk) 😝 2mo
scowler1 Origin movies are always the best. After that, yeah you've got superpowers, whatever. That's why I didn't enjoy Black Panther; virtually no origin story. 2mo
KristenDuck @enidkeaner I‘m curious what part makes you fall asleep too! 2mo
KristenDuck @LaraReads some marvel characters are like that - they have to grow on you I think! 2mo
KristenDuck @rretzler you‘re totally right... but I must admit to liking iron man 2! 2mo
LaraReads @rretzler Agreed, they are much better as a whole. Hulk was forgettable & Dark World...😴 But...Ragnarok was all that! 😜 Just....Loki. Nuff said. 🤤 Plus later Thor with The Guardians was pretty great stuff too. 2mo
LaraReads @KristenDuck True. By the end of it all, there‘s not a single one of them that I wasn‘t head-over-heels for, even if I still have my faves. 2mo
KristenDuck @LaraReads everyone has a favorite! 2mo
LaraReads @KristenDuck Truth! 🙌🏻 But like chips, it‘s hard (and less fun) to have just one! 😀 2mo
rretzler @LaraReads Loved Ragnarok! Have you heard that Disney Plus is developing an entire show around Loki? It‘s expected to be out sometime in year 2 of Disney Plus. 2mo
LaraReads @rretzler Yes! It made my day when I heard about his & Bucky‘s as well. Seriously, so excited. 🤗 Already planning my pitch to the husband as to why we must have yet another subscription service. 2mo
rretzler 😝😂 Me, too. I have 2 teen boys to back me up! 2mo
DGRachel Winter Soldier is my favorite between those two, but I think it‘s a toss up between WS and Civil War for my favorite Cap movie. 2mo
KristenDuck @DGRachel civil war for sure is one of the best 2mo
LaraReads @rretzler Lucky! My 14 year old girl humors me & watches most stuff with me. But probably no back up! 😭 More my obsession than hers for sure. 2mo
DeeLew I love all the Captain America movies. ❤️💙 2mo
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Honestly I just really enjoyed this book!

I sympathized with main character Aza Holmes as she tries desperately to not let herself fall further into her downward spiral. How can she do everyday activities when there is bacteria growing everywhere?

When she begins eating hand sanitizer to help clean her insides, I felt like I was going to cry for her. What a wonderfully described character.

A very solid read, and what an insight into anxiety.

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post image

I hear ya, Aza...

Not what I was expecting so far but I am pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to the second half.

violabrain This book is amazing and really helped me understand better what it‘s like to live with anxiety. 2mo
OnlyYoo Not gonna lie, this book made me feel icky with thinking about all the bacteria and microbiome stuff 😂😂😂 2mo
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Iron Man | Peter David
post image

Sometimes you just need an afternoon of binge watching Marvel‘s Avengers movies to help you feel relaxed...

Started off with one of the greatest - the first Iron Man.

Any other Tony Stark fans out there?!

RadicalReader I love Tony Stark he‘s my favorite and still can‘t get over the dancing scene in Iron Man with the Christmas Music my favorite scene done by my favorite actor. 2mo
wanderinglynn I love Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark. 👍🏻 He was perfect for the role! 2mo
KristenDuck @wanderinglynn Robert Downey Jr. really embraced the role. 2mo
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rabbitprincess Iron Man is one of my favourites! I love him and Doctor Strange 😁 2mo
AversBrown4124 I love Iron man and Thor, anybody seen End Game?? 2mo
KristenDuck @AversBrown4124 my friend said it was awesome - I‘m going next week 2mo
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post image

The big one is Thor and little one is Petunia.

Just admiring how adorable these two are and how lucky I am to be their kitty mama!

I have taken so many pictures of these two, it is unreal. What will I do if I ever have real children one day? My phone won‘t have enough space!

Velvetfur Oh my gosh I love them! I've always taken loads of photos of my fur babies over the years, I fully understand where you're coming from 😁 These two are so pretty ❤️ 2mo
KristenDuck @Velvetfur thanks! Yeah they‘re pretty cute! Lol I think I‘ll keep them ;) 2mo
Velvetfur @KristenDuck Aaawww 😊 Have you only just got them? 2mo
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KristenDuck @Velvetfur two cats and four fish! What about you? 2mo
Velvetfur @KristenDuck Aaww I love fish too but they're so delicate, mine have never lived long 🙁 I live with a family who have two little doggies, I put a pic of them recently so you can see them on my profile 😁 2mo
Dragon 😻 2mo
Crazeedi Fur friends are always photogenic and it's so right to take lots of pics! 2mo
KristenDuck @Crazeedi thanks for your support!! 2mo
Purrfectpages Omg so cute! 2mo
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