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'Salem's Lot | Stephen King

I have not been active in Litsy for some time. I‘m going to try to remedy that. I signed up for two buddy reads four-ish years ago. I bought a lot of hardcover and softcover books by Stephen King for the #losersclub. I also signed up for the Terry Pratchett read along. I‘m not sure why, but I quickly lost interest in the Pratchett books. Around the same time, we had a couple of deaths in the family, both of my parents passed. Continued…

CatLass007 2) I never started reading any of the King books, so it was easy to know where to start. Last month, I read CARRIE, the first book on the list. I was unimpressed, although I remembered liking it in junior high. But that was over 40 years ago. I am now reading ‘SALEM‘s LOT, which I believe I read in high school. I remember enjoying it considerably more than the first book, and it was the same case this time. (Continued) (edited) 24h
CatLass007 1) When when each of my parents passed, y‘all were extremely supportive and I am grateful. You never get over that kind of grief, but it does become manageable over time. After mom‘s passing, it became necessary to prepare our house to sell. That meant packing up oodles of boxes, including all those Stephen King books I had. Towards the end of 2021, I decided I would listen to everything in audiobook format because that‘s all I read now. (Cont.) (edited) 24h
CatLass007 3) I have a question. The list for the #LosersClub ends with THE OUTSIDER. Is there another list that I just can‘t find for the books he‘s written since that list was compiled. I‘m trying to work out a personal schedule for myself. Thanks for any help you can give. 23h
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Crazeedi Have you checked "orderofbooks.com" it lists authors books. And welcome back! I'm sorry you've had sad times, life is so hard sometimes, but just know you have friends here❤ 22h
AmyG I am so sorry for your losses. Life can be so hard. But welcome back. As @Crazeedi said....you always have Litsy. We are always here. 22h
Chrissyreadit I‘m sorry - ❤️ 22h
DGRachel @CatLass007 I‘m so sorry for your losses, but welcome back. I no longer run Losers Club, and I‘m not tagged in any of the posts, so I don‘t know if the new hosts expanded the list. I did not. 21h
sprainedbrain I‘m so sorry for the heartache you‘ve been through, but glad to see you back. I love SK but haven‘t kept up with the readalongs… I believe the hosts now are @BarkingMadRun and @Mynameisacolour ❤️ 20h
bthegood Glad to have you back - 🙂 18h
BarkingMadRun So sorry for your loss! I can add you to put tag list for the #losersclub if you aren‘t currently on it. I haven‘t updated the list since I took over, we are currently on Wolves of the Calla and we won‘t get to the new books for a long time! 17h
CatLass007 @BarkingMadRun I am on the list for the #LosersClub. I appreciate that you tagged me in the most recent notification a couple of weeks ago. I forgot that @DGRachel had handed over the reins. Thank you both for reminding me. I will look up orderofbooks.com as @Crazeedi suggested. 8h
CatLass007 Thank you all for your sympathy wishes. You don‘t know how much I appreciate the friends I have made on Litsy. 8h
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Wolves of the Calla | Stephen King
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Welcome to the #LosersClub open discussion for #EverythingsEventual!
Please be mindful of spoilers. We have new readers to King who haven‘t read all of his books. When referencing his other work, please keep this in mind for our new-to-King friends. Don‘t forget to tag each other in the comments so your friends can see your reply. Have fun! #StephenKing #KingFromTheBeginning #ConstantReader #ReadAlong #BuddyRead #BookDiscussion #ghosthostpost

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ErinSueMreads The road virus heads north stuck with me the most on this one! #pandemmyproblems 2w
ErinSueMreads The painting is based on a real painting he has that his family hates 🤣🤣 2w
BarkingMadRun @ErinSueMreads why am I not surprised? 🤣🤣 2w
phantomx I love this short story collection! 2w
Karkar This was like my least favorite collection he has put out that we have read so far. Just could not connect to the stories 2w
BarkingMadRun @Karkar I get that, some of them weren‘t my faves but I had a few faves 2w
bthegood @Karkar agreed - this one was a so-so for me - some were okay, LTs Theory of Pets stood out for me - Stephen King read this to a live audience and his introduction and narration were fun - (edited) 2w
BarkingMadRun @bthegood that was one of my faves! 2w
BethM You can remove me from this- he‘s not my jam :) 1w
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Wolves of the Calla | Stephen King
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Just a reminder that January‘s #LosersClub read is #WolvesoftheCalla! Put your library holds in now, search your shelves, or buy a new copy, and check back on or about February 19th when we begin reading this one. Discussion will be in February 2022.  #StephenKing #StephenKingInOrder #KingFromTheBeginning #ConstantReader #ReadAlong #BuddyRead #BookDiscussion #ghosthostpost @Mynameisacolour

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ErinSueMreads Ohhh this is one of my favorites! 2w
BarkingMadRun @ErinSueMreads I can‘t remember if I‘ve read this one! 2w
ErinSueMreads Oh man I can't wait to see what you think. It's got a zillion of those little stephen king Easter egg tidbits, and while they can be a little bit cheesy while you are reading them he brings them all together so well. And there are characters from the bigger universe that come in! 2w
BarkingMadRun @ErinSueMreads I‘m so excited! I love when he ties things together! 2w
BookwormAHN @ErinSueMreads I agree this one is brilliant 2w
Mynameisacolour I'm excited for a reread of this one, it's where I left off in the series a couple years ago. 2w
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Later | Stephen King
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This is a pick with one major issue - loved 99% of this, last 1% was a bummer. The twist at the end had no purpose and added nothing to the story - So I didn't want to pan it, it was more than a so-so, but still.... why didn't he end with “I didn't ask anymore questions after he said yes“ -
Not a current read for #LosersClub @barkingmadrun @mynameisacolour - but I would love to know what others think !
#BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks

BarkingMadRun I read this when it came out, and I definitely had some kind of feelings at the end, like I wish he had done it differently! 3w
TheAromaofBooks I've never read this one so I can't have an opinion about the end, but I do know that sometimes I read a thriller and feel like it goes one twist too far... like an attempt to get shock value at the last second instead of sticking with the conclusion that actually makes sense. 3w
Mynameisacolour Ooh good to know! This one is on my TBR. 2w
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bthegood @TheAromaofBooks definitely sums up my feelings here - 2w
bthegood @Mynameisacolour still a good read - I loved it (99%) - 2w
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The Shining | Stephen King
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I‘m not a fast reader, but the #losersclub has inspired me to read King in order. I seem to recall that there is more to Danny and Hallorann than just this story, right? Next up, The Night Shift.

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Everything's Eventual | King, Stephen
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Some stories I enjoyed, some okay, some did not like. Top story was LTs Theory of Pets, I listened to audio book and Stephen King read this to a live audience, his introduction and reading were good.

#LosersClub @BarkingMadRun @Mynameisacolour
#WinterGames2021 #TeamGameSleighers

Make a great day 🎄

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