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Der kleine Mnch rumt auf | Zacharias Heyes
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My next book is a #nonfiction form my local library. It's about life in the monastery and tidying up. It's a sweet book amd I'll show also some drawings in the next days. It's a book series.


This Vicious Grace | Emily Thiede
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This novel grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into its world.
Romance ☑️
High stakes ☑️
Intrigue ☑️
All the feels ☑️
Fast paced ☑️
The characters are lovable and amazing and the dialogue is delightful witty banter.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Full review on the Blog! Link in bio
Thank you to netgalley & @WednesdayBooksYA for providing me a review copy of this book
#bookreview #bookseries #readingcommunity #debutbooks #GreatReads

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I decided on the more minimalist black and white design, with the only pops of colour being the book covers(which I still have to print off on sticker paper). So far I‘m loving it! Hoping I can stick with the same design for the whole book… which means I‘m definitely going to have to order more of these Muji 0.38 pens. 🖤

#bulletjournal #bookseries #seriesinprogress

Clwojick @TheAromaofBooks should we put in our guesses now for how many book series I currently have owned but unread, or on the go? 😅 8mo
Clwojick @TheAromaofBooks Just looked back at May, and I read books in 17 separate series 🤣 8mo
KristiAhlers I love it! Your pages are always super creative 8mo
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Clwojick @KristiAhlers thanks! ❤️☺️ 8mo
thereadingpal It's looking great! How will you print the covers? I've been meaning to do it because it looks so pretty ... 8mo
Clwojick @thereadingpal I use Google word doc, and I just copy and paste all the book covers from Goodreads, or Google images. I resize to be 1 inch in height, and then print on sticker paper, which I buy on Amazon. It‘s actually called label paper, but one 8.5x11 sheet is one label. 8mo
thereadingpal @Clwojick oh thank you! I think I'll do it in my new bujo, since the old one is almost over ^^ 8mo
thereadingpal Also i hope you don't mind, but i copied the idea. I really need to keep track of all my series 😭 8mo
TheAromaofBooks Oh my gosh, I don't know how you do all these series at the same time!! 😂 Even just the five I'm reading stress me out!!! I love your layout, though!! As a side note... Little Women and Good Wives are usually published together as one volume (although originally separate) so most of the time if you have the book Little Women you actually have both haha The events in Good Wives takes place before Little Men, which is why I mentioned it!! 8mo
Clwojick @thereadingpal Of course I don‘t mind! Can‘t wait to see how yours comes out! 💖 8mo
Clwojick @TheAromaofBooks sadly, the copy I read was just Little Women. 8mo
PageShifter I have thought that I should also try those Muji's pens. 8mo
TheAromaofBooks Well you got ripped off because Good Wives is where things get exciting! 😂 8mo
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Good Girl, Bad Blood | Holly Jackson
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A good sequel. It is as interesting and fast paced as the first one. But little less creepy😛 It is better in audio.4🌟

I am happy that finally reading a #thriller #bookseries #seriesread2022 #bookspinbingo

TheSpineView Great job! 8mo
Allylu I liked the audio for these, too. Planning on finishing up the series in June! 8mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! 8mo
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Unwind | Neal Shusterman
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That time when I met Neal Shusterman at the LA Times Festival of Books & got my FAVORITE book EVER signed by him! 😍 On cloud 9!

His son Jarrod & his son's wife Sophia are SO NICE! 🥰🥰😃 Guys, I can't even!
That's my Instagram @wj.cintron if you wanna connect!

#books #nealshusterman #unwind #dystology #dystologyseries #bookseries #dystopian #unwindseries #bokish #roxy #jarrodshusterman #booktok #littens #bookrecomendation #bookworm #oncloud9

Alfoster Woohoo!❤️👊 9mo
AmyG That sounds amazing! 9mo
Kimberlone I was really into that series in middle school/early high school. So awesome you got to meet the author! 9mo
ckittle019 My daughter and I got to meet him at an English festival close by. He is the nicest guy! He signed our copy of Scythe for us. 9mo
WJCintron @ckittle019 That's awesome!!! 🙌 We got that series in the middle of the pandemic. So we couldn't say hi, only got a signed plate via mail, but so grateful! Yes, the whole family is amazing and so creative!!! 9mo
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The Chronicles of Prydain | Lloyd Alexander
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And just got book mail! This is my lucky day lol. I'm excited for the Chronicles of Prydain as me and my sister @CymbaX13 loved watching the black cauldron when we were kids. #bookends #childrens #YA #fantasy #bravery #warriors #owl #knight #bookseries

SayersLover Knight Owls looks super cute based on the few pictures I‘ve seen. I‘m planning on putting it on hold soon so I can fully enjoy it. @hannah-leeloo 10mo
hannah-leeloo Had to get it @SayersLover as my son loves knights and we all love owls so worked really well. Hope you manage to get it hun 10mo
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Uki and the Ghostburrow | Kieran Larwood
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Book post came. Got the last book to this series. That's if it is the last book, series definitely longer than I thought it would be. Looking forward to them though. Meant to be a watership down retelling #bookseries #newbook #rabbits #adventure #magic #hero

Fr3NcHtOaSt Great, here‘s another 6 books in a series I need to read, as if I don‘t have enough on my plate as it is. Lol. Thanks for posting though, this sounds amazing. 10mo
hannah-leeloo I would say sorry but I'm don't @Fr3NcHtOaSt 😁 you're welcome 10mo
Fr3NcHtOaSt @hannah-leeloo started the first book and I can not put this down. Oh man I may be reading this faster than I thought. 10mo
hannah-leeloo I'm terrible for reading too quickly when I love the story @Fr3NcHtOaSt then I have to process everything that happened 10mo
hannah-leeloo Happy reading 📖❤📚 10mo
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Ruin and Rising | Leigh Bardugo
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Couldn‘t wait for April #BookSpin #BookBingo after finishing siege & storm last night , & it‘s snowing this morning so mollies happy to stay in bed 🛌 & read #GrishaVerse #RuinAndRising #Shadow&Bone #BookNo3 #BookSeries #GetLostinAnotherWorld

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Getting into period dramas lately and never ended up finishing this. Also just added the whole series on my kindle. Time to get reading.

#Poldark #WinstonGraham #perioddrama #historicalfiction #bookseries

Tianarose I‘ve heard the poldark series is comparable to outlander… haven‘t dived in yet though. 11mo
Fr3NcHtOaSt @Tianarose interesting. Have not heard that comparison but I‘m interested in outlander as well. Both piqued my interest. 11mo
Tianarose @Fr3NcHtOaSt I love outlander, I‘ve read the whole series twice, with the exception of the most recent book which just came out in November… great series and such loveable characters 11mo
Fr3NcHtOaSt @Tianarose well I‘ll definitely check that out may be a while though if I‘m gonna read all 12 novels of Poldark. Might need a break of something else after I finish Poldark before I start outlander. 11mo
Tianarose @Fr3NcHtOaSt wow! I didn‘t realize poldark was such a huge series. Im definitely going to try at start it this year. Outlander is only 9 so far with 10 in the works, but they are huge! 11mo
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Beneath the Sugar Sky | Seanan McGuire
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The Day of Spinning has arrived! The Spinning Wheel of Book Fate has decided to be kind to me this month; short stories and short books! 👏 😊

I think both of these can be easily done and will put another notch in one of the #bookseries I am reading as well as the #ebookTBR.

#bookspin #doublespin

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 12mo
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