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Thanks for Thanksgiving
Thanks for Thanksgiving | Julie Markes
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Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks the question is, where to begin? From the turkey on the table to warm, cozy cuddles, life is full of small things and bigger pleasures. But what is most important is being able to share them with family!Julie Markes reminds kids and adults alike about the little details that make each day enjoyable, while Doris Barrette's beautiful and striking illustrations bring her thoughtful words to life."
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Thank you for the cute card @jenniferw88 - I love that‘s he‘s flying a book, although it took me a little while to notice! 🤪

I hope that you enjoy the book when you get round to reading it.... 😘

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A Shakal family tradition... playing schmear... #family #gratitude30

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for my family, my fellow Littens and, of course, books!

Have a wonderful food filled day!

UwannaPublishme Ditto! Hope you had a nice holiday. I‘m still recovering from Black Friday. 😁 9mo
Avanders ♥️♥️♥️ 9mo
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Happy Thanksgiving to my American Littens. I thought this picture would be appropriate. 📚📖

Cathythoughts Yes ! Happy Thanksgiving American Littens ❤️👍🏻.... lovely pic !! 😂🙃 (edited) 9mo
AmyG Thank you! 9mo
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Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Safe travels to those on the road or flying.

#HappyThanksgiving #thankful #litsy #littens

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#gratitude30 #food Those of you who know me well know that I love to cook and have a sizable collection of cookbooks. I really love to cook for others, so it was a pleasure to contribute to our congregation‘s Thanksgiving potluck today. Peas with pancetta for a crowd.

Bookzombie Looks yummy. 9mo
kspenmoll I adore peas! This looks so delish! Just added pancetta? 9mo
Lynnsoprano @kspenmoll I chopped the pancetta and fried until crisp, removed it with a slotted spoon and sautéed chopped onion and garlic in the drippings. Added the peas, chicken broth, salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Simmered until the peas were cooked, then mixed in the pancetta and a little chopped parsley. It‘s a Cooking Light recipe (more or less-recipes are just guidelines?) 9mo
kspenmoll Sounds delicious! Thank you! Cannot wait to make these! 9mo
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I love all food, but I am a Southern gal, so dressing is my favorite (not stuffing). I also love butter beans and Mac and cheese :) (which aren‘t just for Thanksgiving, but we will be having them!) #Sundayfunday @sebrittain

sebrittain Another southern girl! We're all about the dressing. 9mo
Kappadeemom @sebrittain yes!! And very particular amIright? 9mo
Kdgordon88 Cornbread dressing just like Grandma use to make. My dad will make sure I get it right. 9mo
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1. I‘m going back to work tomorrow. Finally! So I‘m just planning to read before bed and weekends. I found out this year that reading goals are not my jam!
2. No, but I do write some. Mostly journaling.
3. Election Day, pumpkin pie and stuffing
4. Happy November @robinb @Booksnchill @Cinfhen and @CoffeeNBooks and @AmyG

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! ☺️🧡 10mo
Cinfhen Oh wow!!! Back to work 🎊 how exciting 10mo
Cinfhen And thanks for the shoutout 🧡 10mo
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Booksnchill Congrats on getting back to work and Thanks for the shout out! Happy November🦃🥧 10mo
AmyG Thanks for the tag! 10mo
robinb Thank you! Happy November to you as well! 🤗 10mo
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Happy CANADIAN Thanksgiving To Every Litten And Their Families

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego ❤🦃📚🥧🍁 11mo
huntersmom1977 @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Thank you so much for tagging me in the new swap!! ❤️❤️❤️😘 11mo
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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to my fellow Canadian Littens! Gobble Gobble...

**I'm thankful for Litsy ❤🦃📚🥧🍁

Tianarose Yay! I‘m so excited for turkey. And I made pumpkin cheesecake this year. 😋🤤 11mo
TheReadingMermaid Yah!!! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🦃🦃 11mo
thereadingowlvina Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🤗💛 11mo
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StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @Tianarose Oohhh pumpkin cheesecake. 🤤 11mo
Prairiegirl_reading I also made pumpkin cheesecake and it was a huge hit tonight! (We celebrated early) Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 🦃🦃🦃 11mo
UwannaPublishme Happy Thanksgiving! 🤗❤️ 11mo
xicanti Happy Thanksgiving! 11mo
eraderneely 🦃 11mo
TK-421 Happy Thanksgiving! 11mo
Rudis Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️ 11mo
laurenlovesliterature Oh cool! Our Thanksgiving is next month. Enjoy Canada! 11mo
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In Norway we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But we seem to be getting more and more American restaurants and they serve the traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey #🦃 . I was out with friends on Thanksgiving earthing this delicious meal ❤️😀 #emojinov

Tamra 😋 We eat leftovers for days in this house. 😂 The best part is the turkey “curry” and turkey noodle soup that follows. (edited) 2y
Kaye What is the round thing on your plate ? A biscuit? 2y
AnneCecilie @Kaye no, that's the stuffing 2y
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AnneCecilie @Tamra that sounds like Christmas to me, the never ending leftovers 2y
Kaye Oh...sorry. I couldn‘t think what it was. Looks delicious. 2y
AnneCecilie @Kaye I think it had been in the oven like it was served 2y
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I‘m thankful for all my wonderful Littens this year! I really appreciate this wonderful community and all it brings to my life!

Susanita I‘m admiring your china. 2y
GondorGirl I am also admiring your china! 😍 2y
Molly_the_mezzo @Susanita @GondorGirl Thank you! It‘s called Desert Rose, and the original set of it was my grandparents, although we‘ve added a number of pieces over the years. 2y
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azulaco That‘s my mother‘s china, that I grew up with. Purchased in 1967, still in use as her everyday china. Franciscan made good stuff back in the day...the Desert Rose update they came out with in the 1990s was not nearly as pretty, in my opinion. 2y
Pamwurtzler That china is so pretty!! 2y
Lcsmcat I grew up with Desert Rose too. It‘s fun to see it again. 2y
Cortg My mom had that as well as the Apple print growing up! How fun! 2y
Eggs I have and use my Desert Rose every day! Love it, wish I had the apple print too 2y
BookBabe ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Littens! I hope you are all having a wonderful day 🦃🦃

britt_brooke 💚💚💚 2y
BookMaven407 Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃 2y
cameron.e13 Happy Thanksgiving 2y
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Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday to whichever you choose to celebrate 😸

kspenmoll Happy Thanksgiving!!! 2y
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I‘m not even in America this holiday and I still got a Thanksgiving meal! I ❤️ London!!

Cortg You did better than my hubby! He‘s in London and had Fish n‘ Chips. It‘s one of his faves though. 2y
mrozzz 😋 2y
Rachbb3 Sweet!! 2y
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This #Thanksgiving, @StoryCorps invites you to take part in #TheGreatListen, a national movement to create an oral history of the US by recording an interview with a loved one using the StoryCorps App. (Interviews archived at our American Folklife Center) thegreatlisten.org

CoffeeK8 This is awesome! 2y
tpixie @CoffeeK8 yes! I might do this at Xmas! 2y
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Thankful for books and book lovers! Hope all of you have a wonderful day and have something to be thankful for, everyday! ♥️🦃📚📚📖📕

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Littens! I'm thankful for this reading community. Have a safe and happy holiday.

[DELETED] 3803335244 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 2y
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Mdargusch Happy turkey day! 🦃🦃🦃 2y
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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“You know I‘m all about that baste, ‘bout that baste...no gobble.” Happy Thanksgiving, Littens! #getthoseelasticpantsout

TricksyTails 😂😂😂 Your cookies are always perfect!! 2y
TricksyTails Happy Thanksgiving!! ♥️ 2y
mcipher Did you make those?? They‘re beautiful! 2y
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DarcysMom Those cookies! They are beautiful! 2y
aschermetz @mcipher I sure did! And thank you! 2y
Bklover Beautiful job!! Those are amazing! 2y
BookMaven407 😂 looks great! 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Love those cookies! Amazing job 👏😋 2y
mabell 😂 love it! 2y
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1. Cranberry sauce or sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (seriously unnecessary). And while I love turkey, I'm also allergic to it, so I think I'd have to include it as a least fave!

2. If forced to choose, sci-fi.

3. Facebook. It's the best way to keep up with the lives of far flung friends.

4. 2 human, 2 feline, 1 canine. And on Thanksgiving 1 food baby.

5. And I'm off! Woo Hoo!

#FriYAYintro @jess.how

Laura317 Food baby! 😂😂👍🏼👍🏼 2y
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1. Stuffing and Brussel sprouts 🤢. 2. Mystery (I like SciFi too). 3. Instagram I guess. 4. 1 Fur baby 🐶. 5. Done! 😊 #FriYayIntro

TheKidUpstairs Brussels are usually over cooked at Thanksgiving, which is awful. But when they're done right they can be sooooo good! 2y
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Next week's library craft with the kids !!

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Happy/Joyeux Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian Littens. We kept it simple here: my sister came over and shared a chicken dinner with my boyfriend and I. Video games and horror films followed! 🍁

LeahBergen Happy Thanksgiving!! 2y
LiteraryinLititz Sounds like a great way to celebrate! 2y
tournevis Bonne Action de Grâces 2y
FantasyChick Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! 2y
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Turkey in the oven, 3 of 5 pies are done (crust is made for the other ones just need to fill 'em), kids get no internet until they prep all the veggies so I'm going to relax and get caught up on some #Screamathon reading and some seasonal movies 😊 Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian friends!!!! 🍰🦃🍻

AprilMae Beetlejuice!!! Be still my heart ❤❤ 2y
4thhouseontheleft Beetlejuice!! 2y
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A few hours later this table was filled with a group of people I treasure. Food, libations, laughter, my nieces dancing on my coffee table to Sofia the First, and my experimental pie being a hit were highlights of my thankful day. #thankfulfor #photoadaynov16

RealLifeReading That looks so inviting! Happy Thanksgiving! 3y
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Is thankful for many things this year!!! Happy Thanksgiving fellow littens!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃

MrBook 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
Godmotherx5 YES! 3y
Laura317 Amen and amen!! The eyes have it!! 3y
Megabooks 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 3y
Tav Mission Accomplished!! 🍴👀 3y
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Thankful for a lot of things this year. My job, home, community, pets, family and, most of all, my husband...who puts-up with so many of my short comings but also my book obsession in ridiculous ways, such as taking this completely realistic picture on our wedding day 😂😬😳#whatwasithinking

moranadatter Gorgeous photo! 3y
Beckys_Books I'm so curious - what books are you both holding? 3y
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Cinfhen Oh my God! That photo is stunning!!! And your gown is gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
CherylDeFranceschi ❤️❤️❤️❤️! 3y
BooksForEmpathy What an amazing photo!!! And the books!!! I'm sitting over here swooning! 3y
Texreader Just brilliant. 3y
Simona Perfection❣️ 3y
LeahBergen So beautiful! 😍 3y
TheLondonBookworm Aw that's beaut ❤️ 3y
DebinHawaii Love the photo! ❤️ 3y
Megabooks ❤️❤️ Beautiful! 3y
Hobbinol So awesome!❤️ 3y
Eyelit 💜💜💜 3y
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Happy Thanksgiving to Littens far and wide! I'm in Pennsylvania with my wife's family - but my thoughts are also with all of you. I am so, so thankful for my Litsy family this year. Words cannot express it. Lots of love!

Dorianna Lots of love to you, too. Hope you have a great holiday! 3y
Texreader What a beautiful picture! Happy thanksgiving 🦃🦃🍁🍁🍁 3y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Right back atcha 3y
LeahBergen ❤️❤️ 3y
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Happy Thanksgiving!! I got this picture from Instagram. I am #thankful for all of you Littens!! ❤️❤️❤️📚📚📚📚😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻☮️☮️☮️☮️ And my mom, and my boyfriend and my 5 cats and few in-person friends I have. This is a great community and I am so much of a better person since I found it. I just used to babble whatever came to my mind on Facebook all the time and this is so much more structured and kind. I ❤️you all! 📚😎😎☮️☮️☮️☮️

Mimi28 P.S. My instagram which all cat pics is pisces_deluxe 😻 3y
Nonaroo 💕Happy Thanksgiving! This is such a great place, everyone has been so great. I'm going to have to add you on Instagram. I love cats and most of my Instagram are photos of my cats! 3y
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Mimi28 @Nonaroo Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 3y
MrBook Thankful for you 😎👍🏻! 3y
Mimi28 @MrBook Thanks! Thankful for you and @BookBabe and #Coale too! Your post are great! 👍😎 3y
MrBook *blushes* 3y
Litlady Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and fur babies, too! Be on the lookout for a little bookish holiday delivery from me in a couple of weeks!! 💜💙❤️📚😉 3y
Mimi28 @Litlady Thanks! Same to you and you don't have to send anything ❤️I will send you something too but it will be after the new year. So, don't worry about me 😊Thanks for even thinking of me and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 3y
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Happy Thanksgiving from @Pete and I! I'm so grateful for this fantastically positive and inspiring bookish community. I'm so happy to be a part of it! I'm so excited to stuff myself with loads of food. My contribution this year was hard cider cupcakes with whiskey caramel apple filling and a whiskey cinnamon buttercream 😍

Crinoline_Laphroaig Cupcakes sound amazing! Recipe? 3y
LeahBergen Happy Thanksgiving! 3y
alanacristin Wow those cupcakes sound amazing! I second the recipe request ✋ 3y
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britt_brooke Uh, yum! Happy Thanksgiving! 3y
DebinHawaii Happy Thanksgiving! I want one of those cupcakes-they sound incredible! 👍😀 3y
MrBook And we're thankful for you 😊👍🏻! 3y
ReadingEnvy Sounds good! 3y
alanacristin Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 😀 3y
GlitteryOtters Happy Thanksgiving!! Those cupcakes sound phenomenal (also, I really love your glasses!) 3y
Crinoline_Laphroaig Thanks for recipe link! I've been vegetarian just over a year. Love a new blog to follow. 3y
Eyelit 💜💜💜 3y
courtney @DebinHawaii I wish I could teleport one to you! @MrBook 💝☺️ thank you! For you and your lady as well! @ReadingEnvy if you like boozy treats, they are 💯 @GlitteryOtters happy thanksgiving! Thank you! I'm so attached to them I'm dreading the day I ever have to change frames 🤓 @missnavigation no problem! That's my first recipe from there but they have a lot of really tasty looking dishes on there! @Eyelit 💝🦃💝 3y
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Thankful for so many things: especially life, liberty, family, vocation, pets, and books!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all. I'm very grateful to be a part of such an amazing bookish community.

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I can't believe I forgot someone in my Thankful picture!!!!!!! Thankful that she puts up with me every day. 😁

Cinfhen Awww, how could you forget that cute face 😻🙀 3y
Nonaroo What a cute kitty! 3y
LauraBeth Happy Thanksgiving Tink 😺 3y
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Susanita Pretty girl! 3y
Simona Beautiful kitty and I must say, obviously very patient 😻😻😻 3y
Faibka What a cutie!! 😻😻😻💜 3y
DebinHawaii Sweet! 🐱❤️ 3y
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Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for so much. Pictured...my sister and I as kids, my son, Kevin and his wife Laura. My son Jerry and his family. My son Kevin's kids. My two best friends and I. (I'm in the middle) and of course Litsy, and all the amazing friends I've met here. #thankfulfor #photoadaynov16

Betty Thankful you brought me here 3y
Suzze @Betty 💕💕💕💕💕 3y
Jenshootsweddings Yay for book friends ❤️ 3y
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LauraBeth Beautiful family - Happy Thanksgiving 😀 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess Happy thanksgiving!🍽🍁🦃 3y
Faibka Happy Thanksgiving! 📚📚📚 3y
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