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Honestly The Wyrmling could take up all 5 spots, but I whittled down to 2: 1.) he‘s 2 now!!! And 2.) he‘s sitting front facing in the car. His smile is so infectious. 🥰
3. I received the kindest/most inspirational comment on one of my fanfictions. Knowing my writing has actually helped someone through hard times is extremely humbling.
4. I‘ve saved up enough to purchase my dream BJD! She‘ll be mine soon. ❤️
5. We‘re watching Baki Hanma on ⬇️

MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Netflix and my anime husband has made some appearances. 😍


Thanks for the tag @TheSpineView
TheSpineView You're welcome! 1d
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Hey Everyone!! Sorry this is a day late. 1) my faith as always 2) my mom and her laugh - even in her sleep- it scared me though because sometimes she has nightmares. When she woke up she said she was dreaming about the peach 🍑 pie we made lol 3) we made a peach pie 🥧 lol 4) The Popeye the Sailor cartoons that come on about 10pm that my mom loves- some of them are older than she is! Lol 5) my mom isn‘t bothered by the heat that much so far 🙏🏽

Mimi28 6) That I can laugh now that I got attacked by a cicada in the suburbs where my mom had her mammogram on Friday. ( please 🙏🏽 the results are normal) Those things are huge and loud and can hop and fly long distances! It got caught in the hood of my jacket and I threw my jacket down and it escaped. 7) that my phone didn‘t crack when I threw my jacket down 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #5joysFridays @DebinHawaii 4d
Mimi28 One more thing - that the neighbors are starting to do fireworks and it is not bothering me as much as it used to. Heck, when I lived on the west side of Chicago they would start in March so 3 weeks before the 4th of July is a huge improvement, lol 😂 4d
LiseWorks Yay for Peach 🍑 🥧 and you got away from the Cicada 4d
DebinHawaii Lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 Peach pie 🍑🥧 sounds pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 3d
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I completely forgot to post yesterday, but here are this week‘s joys!

💛 The creek is beautiful and the trees green after a rain.
💛 Luthien & my sister‘s dog Gracie get along well and love to play together.
💛 I made trail mix for easy snacking during long, busy farm days.
💛 I had some free time yesterday and picked up loaded teas for my nephew, niece, and myself.
💛 I love the peaceful morning view of the cows in the pasture.


kspenmoll Such lovely joys- 💕 4d
Lesliereadsalot I could go for a loaded tea! 4d
Ruthiella That‘s the cutest picture of Grace and Luthien! ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️ 4d
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dabbe 🖤🐾🐾🖤 4d
Daisey @Lesliereadsalot They‘re a guilty pleasure for me. One drink should not cost that much, but I love them. 🥤 3d
Daisey @Ruthiella @dabbe They make me smile every day. They have collars to keep them in the yard and sit there together watching and waiting as I walk up the driveway. 3d
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A little late with my #5JoysFriday list. I got back yesterday from Oregon with unfortunately a relapse in bronchitis or other gunk the last few days. Probably the universe‘s way of telling me to slow down & not travel. Anyway I slept & feel a bit better but moving slowly & behind on everything.😬

But still… there was lots of joy this past week.
1) My trip to Oregon could probably count as 5. Beautiful weather & lots of family time + a good ⬇️

DebinHawaii … work conference even if I wasn‘t feeling the best during it. My quick PDX feet shot.😉
2. Staying at my sister‘s property & house with the afternoon iced coffee bar & wildlife in the yard & seeing her orchard including the peach trees.
DebinHawaii … 3. So much great food enjoyed over the week & especially good NW salmon. Yes I eat salmon in Hawaii but it hits differently in the PNW.
4. My hotel in Eugene had key cards with Oregon graduates/celebrities on it & I got a Sam Elliot key that I kept. He is pre-mustache Sam but still 😘
(edited) 5d
DebinHawaii …5. I got the ARC for the next book (#19)in the Bakeshop Mystery Series. It & a good punny title (Sticks and Scones) bring me joy.
I will be around soon to see all the joy lists I missed which always brings me extra joy! 💛💛💛
(edited) 5d
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Texreader These are awesome except sorry you‘re under the weather. Hope you have a quick recovery 5d
Bookwormjillk I‘m glad you had a good trip. I hope you feel better soon! 5d
TheBookHippie Travel 🤧 I‘m so glad it went well! Hope recovery goes QUICKLY!!! 5d
kspenmoll What a wonderful list of joys! Hope you are feeling better- give yourself time to recharge if you can!💕💕 5d
Mollyanna I hope you feel better soon. I love the Magical Bakeshop Series, such great characters. Hope #19 is a great read. 5d
Lesliereadsalot Cute shoes! I‘ve been to Oregon twice and loved both trips. Once to Bent and once to the Oregon coast. Glad you had a great trip and hope you‘re on the mend. 4d
dabbe Hope you're feeling 100% soon! 💙💚💙 4d
Jari-chan Glad you still had lots of joys. Get better soon 🙏 4d
Mimi28 Hope you feel better 💐 4d
BarbaraJean Lovely joys!! Hope you can get the rest you need so you‘re feeling better soon. 4d
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1. My mom and I took my dog Toppy for a walk to the park tonight at 7 pm.
2. On Thursday, I took my dog for a walk to an open field in my neighborhood and Toppy saw a turtle.
3. I was accepted for an ARC to read this Fall.
4. Audible has a sale going on for their audiobooks where every audiobook is 85% off and I bought some audiobooks.
5. I was accepted for another ARC to read this Fall.


dabbe 🖤🐾🖤 5d
DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 Toppy & the turtle 🐶🐢sounds like a great children‘s book! 😉 Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 3d
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Time for #5JoysFriday! Things that brought me joy this week:

1. Time with family! (On the left: my sister with her grandbaby, who is smiling at my dad)
2. Big band jazz concert on Saturday—that‘s my husband on the right, playing sax
3. Successfully figuring out the streaming setup at church to broadcast my husband‘s piano service on Tuesday
4. Finishing the last book from my most recent too-large library haul (tagged) ⤵️

BarbaraJean And… 5. Picking up holds at my local library again! (They haven‘t been accepting hold requests for the last couple months—I‘ve had to drive across town to a different branch) 5d
Texreader Lots of great news! I love husband playing sax! That‘s awesome. But even better—books from the local library!! 📚 ❤️ 5d
DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 Family, music & library books, what could be more joyful? 🎉Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 3d
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Flag Day | Sheri Dean
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1. A door to a secret garden
2. Butterflies
3. Johnny Jump Ups!
4. A bee sleeping on my lavender
5. The American flag on Flag Day

@DebinHawaii #5JoysFriday

Sace I wish I knew the trick to growing and keeping lavender alive. I bought a lavender plant once and it did not thrive. 😢 5d
Judybskt @Sace I‘m not sure there‘s a secret! I‘ve had this one for probably 28 years! 5d
Sace @Judybskt I‘m jealous and in awe of your lavender prowess. (I seem to be doing ok with a rosemary plant I picked up at the garden center though 😂) 5d
DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 Love all the flowers & garden pics! 🌼Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 3d
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1) family game night
2) unveiling of my son‘s senior rocketry class rocket Seraph
3) despite a crazy schedule, I got to attend the rocket unveiling
4) son is currently at White Sands Missile Base, the rocket launches tomorrow Saturday morning at 8 am (let‘s hope it‘s successful!) 🚀
5) finally tried yummy cheesecake at a Ukrainian cheesecake shop about two miles from our house


kspenmoll Yay for your son! 🚀 5d
DebinHawaii What a wonderful list of joys! 💛💛💛 so cool about your son‘s rocket🚀 & that cheesecake looks amazing! Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 3d
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🌸 the Bird of the Day on the Merlin app
🌸 the list of birds I heard while sitting outside the other evening
🌸 writing #LitsyLove letters
🌸 homemade honey garlic shrimp
🌸 listening to the rain and thunder when it stormed the other day

Texreader I ❤️ the list of birds you heard! I ❤️ listening to the birds in the morning. They‘re just so chatty! 5d
kspenmoll 🦅🦜 love the Merlin app (edited) 5d
CoffeeNBooks @Texreader That's one of my favorite things about spring- the birds are chirping when I wake up in the morning! 5d
DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛I am loving the Merlin app & used it at my sister‘s house in Oregon. Your list of birds is very cool-such great variety! 😎 Thanks for sharing & helping spread the joy. 🤗 3d
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#5JoysFriday @DebinHawaii

1 - Finding a picture of a Trade Card from the London Glass Shop where my 4G Grandfather worked in the 1820s.

2 - Summer recipes from the “Queen of Beach Reads”!

3 - A friend introduced me to Mexican Fried Ice Cream. Yum!

4 - The beautiful yellow-crowned night heron who visits my backyard to fish in the lagoon.

5 - The 1000 piece puzzle I‘m working on. Perfect for #audiopuzzling 😃

Thanks for the tag, @Eggs 🥰

kspenmoll These are wonderful! Love the card where your grandfather worked-what a find! 6d
RaeLovesToRead 1 is so cool!!! 💕💕 6d
Eggs Lovely pix👏🏻👏🏻 Love puzzles 🧩 5d
DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 That card, what a find indeed! And I love herons! Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 3d
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