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Bookworm. City girl. Pickles' mom. Occasional cranky ass. Couch panini. Librarian.
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A House of Knives by William Shaw
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Work was stupid busy all week so I‘ve barely had a minute to read. Hasn‘t stopped me from loading up my Kindle (that is already bursting at the seams with unread books.) Some people spend this season binge eating Christmas cookies, I spend it binge buying books. 🎄📚

vivastory I wholeheartedly approve 👍🎉😄 7h
Nute Binge Buying Books...say that fast three times!😅 I‘m down with this action!👍🏽 7h
Ashley_Nicoletto The last few weeks have had fantastic ebook deals. I‘ve also been filling up my ereader. 7h
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EliNeedsMoreShelves Lol - binge buying books is my superpower. 😆 6h
BarbaraBB The tagged one is so good!! 6h
Eyelit Same! 6h
cathipink The Trauma Cleaner has stuck with me all year. I wholly support this binge 🙂 5h
Kalalalatja Binge Buying Books should be a national sport! 🙌 3h
MicheleinPhilly @Kalalalatja You‘re looking at the World Champ right here! 🏆 3h
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Cathythoughts Hi 👋! I‘m reading State of Wonder , Ann Patchett, is that where your Pickles name comes from 😍😍😍 1d
MicheleinPhilly @Cathythoughts Hello there! I can‘t take any credit for her name. The shelter we adopted her from named her. I loved it so we kept it. ☺️ 1d
Cathythoughts That‘s so lovely ! That‘s the way it goes ❤️💔🐶 What a great name. I often think the next pup we get will be called Jasper ... from the Rebecca Movie ... I presume the name is the same in the book. “ Jasper !! Jasper !! Rebecca calls 💔. Pickles takes on so much human feeling in this one ... loving it ! I think your an Ann Patchett fan ... I‘m becoming one fast & furiously 1d
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At the opposite end of the spectrum, I saw André Aciman speak at the Free Library of Philadelphia last night. What a warm, witty, wise man. He was delightful. Also had him sign this gorgeous edition of this swoon-worthy book. Looking forward to a re-read followed by Find Me.

AmyG Nice! 3d
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Grateful I skipped the book club meeting where the author was in attendance. Predictable and ridiculous. 👎🏼👎🏼

Prairiegirl_reading That would be awkward! 3d
MicheleinPhilly @Prairiegirl_reading Right?? And I have a tendency to wear my emotions on my face so faking it would have been a challenge. 🤨 3d
Prairiegirl_reading @MicheleinPhilly I have the same problem and very little filter. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 3d
LeahBergen Eep. 😬 3d
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My favorite indie celebrated their 1 year anniversary last night. I stopped by, drank some wine, agreed to join their book club, bought some books. I had never heard of the tagged book but was intrigued by the cover.

Centique That sounds like a perfect evening 😍 5d
Cinfhen Ohhhh, tagged book sounds amazing 😍 5d
Theaelizabet Hooray for indies! 5d
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MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen I‘m going to send you pictures! It‘s so cool. 5d
batsy I'm intrigued by tagged book, too! Even the spine looks pretty :) 5d
Reviewsbylola Wow, sounds like a fun night! 4d
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Monday mood after 9 days off.

hermyknee Same. Your pup is so cute! 5d
eanderson I love the look on her face! 😆💕 5d
Kalalalatja I can‘t deal😍 5d
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Soubhiville ❤️ I just love her. Maybe the cutest dog on Litsy. ❤️ 5d
Eggbeater So precious! 🤗 5d
Tamra Just stay home. 😏 5d
MicheleinPhilly @Tamra I actually work from home so I‘m still in my PJs wading through eleventy billion emails. 5d
kspenmoll I get it. I lucked out with a snow day! 5d
Suet624 I want Pickles. 4d
Reviewsbylola 😍😍 4d
Reviewsbylola Ugh I work from home too and the struggle is real. But it‘s a great excuse to wear sweats everyday! 4d
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The Yellow House | Sarah M. Broom
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It took me a bit to get into this because Ms. Broom‘s family tree is VOLUMINOUS and I felt slightly lost. But once I settled in I recognized this for what it was - a searing love letter to her family and the city of her birth. At the same time it is an indictment of that city‘s piss poor treatment of citizens following Katrina. It enraged and inspired and enlightened in equal measure. 4⭐️

Cinfhen Another awesome review 6d
cathipink This book continues to grow on me. Her acceptance speech at the National Book Awards made me cry. 6d
BarbaraBB Great review! 6d
arubabookwoman I loved this book, and anyone who loves NO would probably like it. 6d
Reviewsbylola This sounds phenomenal and I love the cover. 4d
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Imaginary Friend | Steven Chbosky
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SUPER SALE ALERT! #kindledailydeal

TrishB Well worth it! 1w
AmyG Great price. I‘m loving this book. 1w
Reggie You were the gateway sale pusher that led to 9 e-books today. 1w
MicheleinPhilly @Reggie You‘re welcome! 😘 1w
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“I can haz mashed taters today?”

Happy Thanksgiving, Litsy fam! I‘m grateful for all of you! 😘

Cathythoughts Adorable 🐶❤️ 1w
merelybookish Same to you! 1w
erzascarletbookgasm 😁 🐾 Happy Thanksgiving! 1w
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Tamra Of course you can! 1w
vivastory Pickles gets all the mashed potatoes! Happy Thanksgiving! 1w
BookNAround There‘s just no way to say no to that face! 1w
JenReadsAlot Cuteness!! 1w
Megabooks Happy thanksgiving pickles! You deserve a place at the table, girl!! 🐶❤️ And happy turkey day to you too Michele! 1w
Nute Thankful for you, Ms. Michele. Have a wonderful day today!🧡 1w
AlaMich Oh man, she has your number! 🐶❤️ 1w
LeahBergen I hope you get some gravy on them, too, Pickles! 😘 1w
eanderson Theo is loving the turkey juices that my husband spilt on the floor. Happy Thanksgiving! 1w
ljuliel I‘ll bet she‘d like a slab of turkey too ! Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 1w
Bookzombie Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃 🍂 1w
GypsyKat OMG that face! 😍 Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️ 1w
Leftcoastzen Pickles is so cute! 6d
Reviewsbylola I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving Michele! 4d
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She's Leaving Home | William Shaw
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Realized that my holiday stack was heavy on memoirs that are well, heavy, so decided to break them up with some British crime fiction. This reminded me of the recent show Tennison (sadly cancelled.) I quite enjoyed it and am happy I already have the next 2. #StartASeries

Long Bright River | Liz Moore
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#BOTM picks are live!

Redwritinghood That was my pick too. 1w
vivastory Same, I didn't need to read past the "Tana French meets The Wire" line 1w
Reviewsbylola Wow that was early!! Thanks for the tag! 1w
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Megabooks How could you not get the philly choice!? 1w
MicheleinPhilly @vivastory I didn‘t even see that line. I read “something something in Philadelphia” and clicked. 😂 1w
Cinfhen Picked this one up too!!!! And I added 1w
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen It‘s 99p for Kindle in the UK but @Megabooks eliminated my interest in it. 1w
Cinfhen Hahaha!!! You won‘t splurge??? 1w
Cinfhen I saw @Megabooks review after I bought the damn book 😾 1w
Cinfhen My daughter wants to read it so that makes me feel slightly better 1w
eanderson Ooo! I‘m going to have to check them out! I saw this was a possibility and may get it. 1w
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen I will find better uses for my $1.20! 1w
BarbaraTheBibliophage My pick as well! 1w
Megabooks @MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen Definitely not worth it Michele! I was just so annoyed with her by the end, but maybe you‘ll feel differently Cindy? 🤔 At least you spent less money than I did. The BOTM physical copy is less than the ebook!! 1w
Cinfhen Not worth $1.20 !?!?? Oh vey @Megabooks that‘s BAD!!!!! I only have 3 credits left.... 1w
Megabooks @Cinfhen Are you trying to get rid of your botm? 1w
Cinfhen No @Megabooks so im bummed I wasted a credit 😩 1w
8little_paws I thought trick mirror was ok-- some really good essays but some misses. I'm still glad I picked it up 🤷‍♀️ but I liked this better 1w
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Apparently reading is a spectator sport.

julesG 😸😸 2w
eanderson 🤣I love this! 2w
MicheleinPhilly @eanderson “I know you‘re not working today so I don‘t know why we‘re not out having adventures.” 2w
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Balibee146 Adorable 2w
CoffeeNBooks So cute! 🐶 2w
batsy That face! 2w
LeahBergen Pickles! 😘😘 2w
readordierachel 😍😍 2w
Bookzombie 💕🐶 2w
Reviewsbylola He‘s telling you to put that book down if you know what‘s good for you. 🤣 1w
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The Hunting Party | Lucy Foley
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This was great fun. It was everything I wanted In a Dark Dark Wood to be (Ruth Ware and I don‘t get along.) Yes, all of the characters are despicable but that just made it MORE fun. I didn‘t care who was dead or why. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

LeahBergen Oh, good! I have this one waiting for me. 👍🏻 2w
SilversReviews This was good. 2w
squirrelbrain What @LeahBergen said - I have this on Kindle... 2w
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Cathythoughts I think this will be perfect for a little break we are taking shortly ❤️👍🏻 stacked 2w
Cathythoughts And it‘s €4 on kindle just now - not a bad price @TrishB 2w
Ashley_Nicoletto Ruth Ware and I also aren‘t friends. I need to become wiser and quit trying with her. 2w
TrishB Stacked- thanks @Cathythoughts payday this week so always time for a couple of treats! 2w
MicheleinPhilly @Ashley_Nicoletto I‘ve tried 2 and found both to be “meh” so I‘ve stopped trying. Same with Fiona Barton and Mary Kubica. 2w
Reviewsbylola Sometimes I really love despicable characters. It depends on whether they‘re truly vile or just irritating. 😆 1w
Reviewsbylola I feel the same way about Ware. Cabin 10 was ok—I did enjoy the twist, but the only book of hers that I found well done was 1w
TrishB Wooh 👍🏻 just got thanks. 6d
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB You‘ll fly through it. Enjoy! 😘 6d
TrishB I think this will be read fairly soon! 6d
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Know My Name: A Memoir | Chanel Miller
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Cindy, you are so kind and thoughtful. Thank you, my sweet friend. 😘

TrishB And a great read 👍🏻 2w
BarbaraBB So sweet 💝 2w
Cinfhen Enjoy xx 2w
Reviewsbylola Cindy is the best. Can‘t wait to read that book! 1w
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Guess who has off for the next NINE DAYS and is making books stacks in every room in the house??? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Reagan-reads What a great idea! So much reading! (edited) 2w
Librarybelle I love that idea! I‘ll be interested to know what you think of The Hunting Party. I liked it, but the characters are just awful! 2w
Ashley_Nicoletto I‘m so excited for you! 2w
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TrishB So cool 👍🏻 enjoy 😘 2w
batsy Good times! 👌🏽 2w
JamieArc That‘s exciting! Happy reading! 2w
JamieArc @Librarybelle I agree with you. I read it last New Year‘s, so don‘t remember it too well. I liked it okay, but remember thinking that about that characters as well. I was a bit disappointed with it, to be honest. 2w
Megabooks 🥳📚🎉 2w
valeriegeary Nice! So many good choices... Where do you even start?! 😆 2w
eanderson Oooo!!!! Enjoy your time off! I do that same thing! 2w
squirrelbrain Nine days of reading! Wow! 2w
Kalalalatja So many books from my tbr in that stack! Enjoy 🙌 2w
MicheleinPhilly @Librarybelle @JamieArc I‘ve read 90 pages so far and I‘m enjoying it. With books like this it‘s almost better if I hate the characters because then the story is just more “fun.” Or maybe I‘m just a sick puppy. ☺️ 2w
Librarybelle I gave The Hunting Party a pick...I too tend to like the books where you hate the characters. 2w
arubabookwoman What fun! I just read The Yellow House, and liked it a lot, but I may be biased since I lived in NO 18 years and am drawn to books set there. I have Wave out of the library now, but a little afraid to start it because of the sad subject. 2w
MicheleinPhilly @arubabookwoman I found Wave in a used bookstore shortly after it was released but have never been able to bring myself to read it. I‘ve seen it this week on a few “Best of the Decade” lists so thought it was time. 2w
cathipink Did you know that Sonali and Fiona Shaw (from Fleabag and Killing Eve) are married? 💗 such happy news after such a hard and heavy period in her life. 2w
MicheleinPhilly @cathipink I did know that and it makes me SO happy. 🤗🤗🤗 2w
Nute I loved the post that I read about you earlier...about the type of special friend that you are. It was lovely to read about your thoughtfulness and kind spirit. Keep doing you!💕 2w
LauraBeth 😍😍😍 2w
MicheleinPhilly @Nute That‘s so sweet of you to say. Thank you. ❤️ 2w
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth She has already said, “What is that? Why are they there?” 😂 2w
LauraBeth 😂 J knows when he sees that that I won‘t be bothering him and he gets excited 2w
Amiable Oh, jealous! I have to work M-W this week. Looking forward to that 4-day weekend filled with books, turkey and pie, however! 2w
Reviewsbylola Girl enjoy your nine days!!!! You deserve it! 1w
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The Dutch House | Ann Patchett
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Well that was extraordinary. Probably my favorite Patchett. My only quibble is that this gorgeous edition was rife with typos. 😒 Still it did not detract from my immense appreciation for this beautiful story. 5⭐️

Bklover Oh good! Looking forward to this one! 2w
marleed I loved this story so much - one of my favs of the year! 2w
Reviewsbylola That‘s annoying about the typos! I guess the beautiful edging makes up for it! 2w
MicheleinPhilly @Reviewsbylola Yes, I can forgive it for that. But at one point there are like 3 in the span of a page and a half and I actually said, “Oh come on!” out loud. 2w
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Patsy | Nicole Dennis-Benn
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I plan on doing a LOT of reading over the next 5-6 weeks but I will be shocked if anything displaces this from my top spot for the year. Interestingly Here Comes the Sun was my favorite read of 2016. I am a lifelong fan. 5⭐️

Blaire I‘ve never heard of her or either book...but I am stacking both bases on your endorsement. 2w
Cathythoughts Same as @Blaire stacking both ❤️👍🏻 2w
JanuarieTimewalker13 Her covers are great too! 2w
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TrishB @Cathythoughts this one currently #99ponkindle I‘ve just brought! Who wouldn‘t after that review 😁 2w
Cathythoughts @TrishB thanks so much . But 🤷🏼‍♀️it‘s not on sale on mine ! Damn , I‘ll try again later 🤞🏻 2w
Cathythoughts @TrishB It‘s €6.34 on mine 😡🙄 (edited) 2w
TrishB @Cathythoughts that‘s weird!! The offers are usually the same. Hope that doesn‘t happen too often. 2w
readordierachel Well, shoot. Sold! And that cover is gorgeous. 2w
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Fleabag: The Scriptures | Phoebe Waller-Bridge
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Thank you Waterstones! 🙌🏼

LeahBergen I need to watch the second season! 3w
MicheleinPhilly @LeahBergen It‘s phenomenal! 3w
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Lazy bum. #DogsofLitsy

emz711 🌻 3w
Leftcoastzen So cute!😁🐶 3w
arubabookwoman This picture gave me a big smile! Thanks! 3w
batsy Aww heck, oodles of cute! 💕 3w
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Patsy | Nicole Dennis-Benn
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I loved Here Comes the Sun so much that I‘ve been letting this sit for 5 months because I feared it would be a let down. 200 pages in I can unequivocally state that it‘s even better. I ❤️ Nicole Dennis-Benn.

Nute I‘ve read good comments about this book. I‘m so happy to see your stamp of approval as well.🙂 3w
Tamra Stacked! 3w
JanuarieTimewalker13 I second the stacked! 3w
Kalalalatja I‘m so happy to hear that! 3w
BooksForEmpathy Oh yes! This was SO good!! 3w
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Had to purge that nastiness from my soul so paid a visit to my favorite bookshop. #bookhaul

MicheleinPhilly Have you read the tagged book @Reviewsbylola? 3w
Reviewsbylola No, but it‘s been on my radar. Stacking so I don‘t forget about it! 3w
vivastory I loved the tagged book 3w
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emilyhaldi Sweet!! Looks like we had similar Saturday mornings 😉 3w
Megabooks I‘d love to go book shopping with you! You have such great hauls. I‘m definitely texting if I‘m anywhere near Philly!! 👍🏻📚 3w
Ashley_Nicoletto Good choices! I need to pick up In the Dreamhouse immediately. 3w
Tamra Hahaha, I like how you phrased it. It‘s sort of an exorcism, I agree. 3w
MicheleinPhilly @Megabooks I will bankrupt you, Meg. ☺️ 3w
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Catch and Kill | Ronan Farrow
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I feel like I need to take a shower in bleach. 🖕🏼Harvey, 🖕🏼Matt Lauer, 🖕🏼Noah Oppenheim, Andy Lack and all of the suits at NBC, 🖕🏼David Pecker. All of you,🖕🏼very much. 5⭐️.

Cinfhen #NeedToRead 🙌🏻 3w
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen I literally could not put it down. It reads like a spy thriller. 3w
ljuliel Never did like Matt Lauer, long before all this garbage about him came out. He always seemed so cocky and condescending. I don‘t know some of the other guys you named. 3w
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JenReadsAlot Well you just convinced me to download on my kindle! 3w
MicheleinPhilly @ljuliel Lack and Oppenheim are the head honchos at NBC News. Pecker (fittingly) is the publisher of the National Enquirer. 3w
MicheleinPhilly @JenReadsAlot 🙌🏼 I very happily paid full price for it. 3w
Cinfhen Hahaha “pecker” comment 😂😂😂😂 3w
Ashley_Nicoletto What. Is. This?! I feel like I need it. I‘ve never seen so many middle fingers in a book review. 3w
Megabooks This is being bought with my Christmas gift card for sure! 3w
MicheleinPhilly @Ashley_Nicoletto 😂😂😂 All of these men are deserving of the Philly salute. 3w
Christine Yes, I agree with @Ashley_Nicoletto - this review is groundbreaking. 😂❤️ I feel like I need to read this, esp. having read and deeply respected She Said...but not sure I want to know all of the additional horror that this reveals. 😖 3w
Hooked_on_books Love this review! 😆 3w
Suetara Perfect review for this one. 3w
Amiable Have you read “She Said” yet? I just finished that one a few weeks ago. Wondering how this compares...there‘s only so much of all this I can take. 😬 3w
MicheleinPhilly @Amiable I have not. If I do read it it won‘t be for a LONG time. My heart and brain can only take so much. 3w
Amiable @MicheleinPhilly My thoughts exactly. I just put this one on hold at my library —there are 95 people ahead of me right now, so I‘m going to guess I‘ll have a few months of breathing room to decompress. 3w
ValerieAndBooks Like @Amiable I‘m going to have to wait a while, too! My e-book hold is estimated to be 25 weeks. While it‘s good that people want to read this, too bad there aren‘t more copies available! 3w
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David Jackson went D-A-R-K in this installment. I‘m not a big scaredy cat but this freaked me right the hell out. Probably my own fault for making it my “before bed” book. 😬 Another series up to date! ✅

TrishB A great read 👍🏻 3w
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB If I see a clown, I‘m going Rocky Balboa on it. 3w
TrishB 😂😂 🤡 🤡 3w
LiteraryinLititz Yikes! I will pass- thanks for the heads up. 3w
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Little Faith | Nickolas Butler
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Nickolas Butler is such a special author. I am a 100%, true blue city girl (like even the suburbs make me twitchy after a while) but he writes so beautifully about the Midwest that I find myself completely captivated by the story AND the setting. He is a master at writing truly lovely depictions of regular folks leading regular lives - novels for grownups, if you will. Loved it. 4⭐️.

Tamra I‘ve never read anything by Butler, stacked! 4w
LeahBergen The burbs make me twitchy, too 😆 4w
TrishB Stacked 👍🏻 quite cheap on kindle! 4w
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MicheleinPhilly @Tamra His first (I believe) book is one of my favorites. 4w
MicheleinPhilly @LeahBergen I think it‘s the no driving thing. I feel trapped. And bored. 4w
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB 👍🏼 Good deal. 4w
Crazeedi Not heard of him, but he sounds good! I'm checking this out! Thanks!! Btw, city's make me twitchy, lol. I guess its city mouse, country mouse!😉❤ 4w
MicheleinPhilly @Crazeedi 😂 Definitely! ☺️ 4w
Christine ❤️ 4w
JenReadsAlot I've met him a couple of times (Wisconsin girl here) and he is so great! 4w
saresmoore I sold out and moved to the ‘burbs and while I can‘t pinpoint them as the source of my perpetual twitching, I will say they‘re great fodder for dystopian story ideas. 😆 I miss the anonymity of the city, but some days, I long for the solitude of rural living. All that rambling to say, Suburbia is Limbo and I want to read this book! 4w
MicheleinPhilly @saresmoore The ironic thing is that we‘re total homebodies. We really SHOULD live in the middle of nowhere for as much introverting as we do. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4w
cathysaid Sounds a bit like Kent Haruf...who I love. 4w
cathipink I'll be looking for his books - thanks for this review! 4w
MicheleinPhilly @cathysaid Kent Haruf is an author I‘ve always meant to read but haven‘t yet. Will rectify that. 4w
Reviewsbylola Oooh I‘ll have to try him! I love good stories about regular people. 3w
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Little Faith | Nickolas Butler
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“Lyle often thought that the world, so loudly and violently governed by...”


Cinfhen I love this author 🥰 4w
saresmoore Well, that‘s lovely. 4w
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Little Faith | Nickolas Butler
post image

Otis speaks the truth. Well, my truth.

vivastory Amen 4w
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Little Faith | Nickolas Butler
post image

It‘s too cold to do anything else.

Megabooks Exactly 👍🏻 1mo
ChasingOm Hooray for not having anything else you have to do! 1mo
Nute I saw the weather in your neck-of-the- woods on the news. Good gracious...stay safe! Yes, settle in for a good day of reading!🙂 1mo
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emilyhaldi Agreed!!! 🥶 1mo
PurpleyPumpkin You are not wrong! And it's only November.🥶 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I still have on pjs!!! 🤣🤣 (edited) 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I had to put jeans on to take the dog but I switched back when I came home. 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @MicheleinPhilly I‘m not feeling good so I‘m just hanging at the house!! Give Pickles a kiss for me 🐶🐾💙 1mo
ValerieAndBooks I hate the cold 😭 — all for coziness 👍 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @ValerieAndBooks I‘ll take the cold over our terrible summers any day as long as I can stay snuggled up. 1mo
LeahBergen It‘s friggin cold here, too. 😐 4w
Reviewsbylola We got about two weeks of fall here. Wtf happened?! 3w
MicheleinPhilly @Reviewsbylola 🤷🏻‍♀️ Our temps dropped something like 30 degrees in 12 hours. Can I get a gradual cool down??? 3w
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Hope to Die | David Jackson
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You know the best part of coming to a series late? No waiting when the book ends on a cliffhanger! Moving immediately on to book 3 as this has quickly become one of my favorite series. Also thrilled to discover that there is in fact a book 4 already. I had thought there were only 3. #SeriesReads

vivastory Do you by chance remember what was the first in the series? 1mo
vivastory Thanks! This series sounds fantastic! 1mo
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MicheleinPhilly @vivastory ENJOY! @TrishB is a big fan too. 1mo
Tamra I know, I love it when that happens! 1mo
TrishB @vivastory a great series 👍🏻 and set in my home town! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB Finished book 3 this morning. Have you introduced yourself yet? 1mo
TrishB I got as far as looking him up on emails!! 4w
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Women Talking: A Novel | Miriam Toews
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I know this has many big fans but sadly, I was not one of them. The story is provocative and challenging, and horrifying but I found the telling of it to be lacking. I think the author did a bit of a disservice in “filtering” it through the lens of a somewhat neutered male. I think also I‘ve become somewhat numb to stories reminiscent of Handmaid‘s Tale even though this one is based on real life events. 3⭐️

BarbaraBB Well said. I felt the same. 1mo
Hooked_on_books I didn‘t love it, either, despite expecting to. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @BarbaraBB @Hooked_on_books It was disappointing, to say the least. 😕 1mo
BarbaraBB It went on and on and on and on 😴 1mo
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#bookmail #BOTM

I should probably get around to Brain on Fire. 😬

vivastory I ALMOST ordered this, but I thought I should read BOF first... I was really close to ordering it though 1mo
rachelsbrittain Oof this sounds fascinating and terrifying 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @vivastory I once tried to set a “rule” that I couldn‘t buy books by an author if I had any unread books by that author. That lasted like a month. 🙄 1mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I almost ordered this one too!! Let me know if it would be a good book for discussion!! ☺️ 1mo
LauraBeth I listened to Brain On Fire on audio and loved it! I want to read this but I‘m afraid I‘m going to spend the entire time wondering if I committed myself to a mental hospital, would I fail at proving my sanity? 🤔 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth Definitely. 😉 1mo
LauraBeth 😂😂 1mo
Mdargusch That‘s the reason I didn‘t get this book @LauraBeth 😂 1mo
Mdargusch I like that “rule” but I would probably forget I already owned a book by that author. 😆 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Mdargusch At this point, I‘ve started forgetting that I own a particular book. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 1mo
Mdargusch Yes. I just ordered a second copy of A Nearly Normal Family because I thought it sounded so good. Again. 1mo
Reviewsbylola I liked BoF and got this one from botm. 3w
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The Absolutist | John Boyne
post image

Holy moly. So bleeping good. All the stars, all the tears. This was my #soldiersstory pick for #booked2019.

TrishB One of my all time fave reads. Makes me want to cry when I think about it! Got everyone in my team to read together last year and everyone blubbed! 1mo
Amiable I read this last year in my attempt to read all of Boyne‘s works. (Haven‘t finished all yet.) The tears were flowing freely by the end, for sure! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB @Amiable I am a snotty-nosed MESS. (edited) 1mo
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Cinfhen Should I read or listen to audio? Need Audible advice @Megabooks !?!! 1mo
ValerieAndBooks I have this in my TBR — must move it up!! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen I‘m not an audiobooks person so I can‘t help you there. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1mo
Cathythoughts It‘s brilliant ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
Mdargusch I‘ve had this on my shelves forever! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Mdargusch I did too! It was so amazing! 1mo
Reviewsbylola I‘m convinced he cannot write a bad book. 3w
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Gratitude | Dani Dipirro
post image

Thanks loves. Such a wonderful Sunday morning surprise. 😘

4thhouseontheleft Happy belated birthday! 🎂 🎁🎉 I‘ve been curious about 1mo
Cinfhen Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎁 😘 1mo
TrishB Have a fab day 😘🥂🍰 1mo
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Soubhiville Ok, I NEED Effin‘ Birds! 🤣. Happy Birthday! 1mo
vivastory Happy Birthday 🎂🎉📚👏 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @4thhouseontheleft Thank you! Not belated. It‘s today. ☺️ I hadn‘t even heard of it but I‘m really excited for it! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen Thank you, Cindy! 😘 1mo
squirrelbrain Lovely gifts! Hope you have a fab day! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB Thank you, Trish! 😘 And no, I had not yet purchased any books in that series. I‘m really looking forward to it! Thanks again! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Soubhiville I was so confused by it because the “effin” didn‘t really register and I thought, “I never said I was into bird watching.” We‘ve been howling with laughter all morning. It‘s amazing! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @vivastory Thanks Scott! Hope you get to take it easy today! 1mo
TrishB Enjoy! Another series that gets better and better. 1mo
LauraBeth Happy Birthday!! 😘 I did not trust myself buying you any fiction bc I was like, “I think she already has that...”. 🤔😂 The only fiction book I considered doesn‘t come out until next week: The Revisioners by Sexton. So Effin Birds and Chrissy Tiegen to the rescue! 1mo
merelybookish Happy Birthday! 🎉🎈🎂🎁📚 1mo
Reviewsbylola Happy birthday!! 🥳🥳🥳 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @merelybookish Thanks Margot! 1mo
Bookzombie Happy Birthday!!!! 🎂🎉🎈🎁 📚 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Bookzombie Thanks Margie! 1mo
Redwritinghood Happy birthday! 🎂🎂 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Redwritinghood Thanks Jerrie! 1mo
ValerieAndBooks Happy (belated) birthday📚 🎂📚! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @ValerieAndBooks Thank you! ☺️ 1mo
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The Absolutist | John Boyne
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Camping out here for the day.

readordierachel Solid plan 👍🏼 1mo
Nute Looks like it‘s gonna be a GOOD day! 1mo
swishandflick Great book! 1mo
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Cathythoughts Such a good book ❤️ 1mo
Sarahreadstoomuch Love that book. 1mo
TrishB With a wonderful book. Be prepared for tears. 1mo
BarbaraBB Happy birthday 🎁🎊🎂 ! Make it a good Sunday and memorable day with lots of laughs and books and more good life stuff ❤️🎈 1mo
batsy Happy birthday! Hope it's a fabulous day with lots of snuggles with Pickles 🐶❤️🎂 1mo
JulAnna Happy Birthday! 🎉🎉 1mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Enjoy! Just finished that book and loved it!! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @BarbaraBB Thank you! So far, so good! Minus the flu shot I just got. 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @batsy Thank you! 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @JulAnna Thank you Julie! 1mo
Reviewsbylola What a perfect spot! 3w
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Dominicana: A Novel | Angie Cruz
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Read this in one sitting today. It opened my eyes to a culture I admittedly know little about and broke my heart wide open. There are no quotation marks which I normally HATE but I soon didn‘t care. In addition to following Ana‘s journey in the U.S., we spend a lot of time in post-Trujillo period in the Dominican Republic, another subject I was woefully uneducated about. Because of that this is my #politicalintrigue pick for #booked2019. 5 HUGE ⭐️

BarbaraBB Great review! 1mo
Cinfhen Great review!! I learnt a lot about the Dominican culture and history after reading 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Thank you ladies! I read Oscar Wao too many moons ago. 1mo
Reviewsbylola Your review is very similar to how I felt! 3w
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Rattle | Fiona Cummins
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As much of a horror novel as it is a procedural. We spend a LOT of time with the terrifying psychopath. Already have the second book on hand but I am chilled to the bone (no pun intended) so I may leave it for a bit. #StartASeries

Also I ordered this book 3 years ago from Book Depository because I was impatient for the U.S. publication. 😂

Simona 😂😂😂Impatiens can be tricky ... 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Simona I remember when @Liberty posted about it and I was all “You‘re such a tease! It‘s not out here for months!” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 1mo
TrishB And it‘s #99ponkindle 👍🏻 1mo
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MicheleinPhilly @TrishB Excellent! And it‘s only 2 books so it‘s not a big commitment. 1mo
eanderson Yet another book I‘ve had on my kindle for a while that I need to get to! 1mo
TrishB Even better! 1mo
Reviewsbylola Omg I do this all the time. One that comes to mind, that I still haven‘t read, is 3w
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Happy Halloween!

Leftcoastzen So cute! 1mo
AmyG Ha! Very cute. I want a dog so I can dress it up for Halloween. 🤣 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @AmyG She hates clothes of any kind so it‘s always a bit of a battle. 1mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww Happy Halloween 🎃🧡🖤 1mo
readordierachel Too cute 🎃 1mo
CarolynM 😱😱😱 Gritty is one of the scariest things I've ever seen {shudder} 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @CarolynM 😂 I thought Gritty was the biggest mascot fail of all time when they introduced him but I have since come around and love him. 1mo
CarolynM Sometimes it pays to go completely over the top. It's really weird but it works😬 1mo
ValerieAndBooks Great costume! Gritty has won me over, too 🧡! 1mo
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An Untamed State | Roxane Gay
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I did a WAY BACK Litsy scroll yesterday and found this post from 2+ years ago. I‘ve still only read 2 of them 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I did rate them both 5 stars. #fivestarpredictions

BarbaraBB I can‘t believe it‘s that long ago!! 👵🏼 1mo
Cinfhen I just scrolled through/ apparently I didn‘t make any predictions 😜but what I couldn‘t believe was how many Littens are no longer on Litsy 😢 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen I know. It made me sad seeing some of those names. 1mo
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @MicheleinPhilly That was such a shock indeed. Where have they all gone? I want them back 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen You did share your predictions. I found them and took a screenshot. In case your interested! 1mo
Cinfhen I am interested @BarbaraBB thanks and I know, so many awesome people are no longer participating 🥺 1mo
Cathythoughts Nice one ! I am interested too ! @BarbaraBB I‘d love to know the list 👍 (edited) 1mo
youneverarrived That‘s cool you did actually rate them 5 stars. Can‘t believe it was 2 years ago though 😱 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @youneverarrived Right???? What the hell happened to those 2 years? 👵🏼 1mo
LauraBeth I just scrolled back two years only to find out I didn‘t do this...😂😂 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth Quick! What were you binge watching 2 years ago???? 😘 1mo
LauraBeth ?? I *think* that was my 90 Day Fiancé phase. 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth Oh you. Never change, please. 1mo
Mdargusch Omg I have my husband hooked on 90 Fiancé now @LauraBeth 1mo
Mdargusch I‘m now going to scroll back and see if I did this. 🤔 1mo
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Impatient | Sarah Medina, Jo Brooker
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And now, we wait. 😩

TrishB Hide it quick 😁 1mo
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Was it predictable and mildly cheesy? Yes.

Did I care? NO.

I have been in a capital M M-O-O-D and this was the most perfect pick-me-up.


Avanders I have also been in such a mood... perhaps I should check this out 😜 1mo
AmyG Ooo I can‘t wait to read this now. 1mo
marleed I loved that everyone was so darn likable. So often in a book about an introvert, the MC is negotiating a world full of jerks. 1mo
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readordierachel Sometimes you just need a little cheese 🧀 1mo
ValerieAndBooks Odd — thought I had stacked this already but am now 👍! 1mo
kspenmoll It was a great pick me up! I enjoyed it too! 1mo
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An absolutely remarkable mix of memoir and dissertation on substance abuse and creativity. Jamison also expounds on the socioeconomic forces that influence our country‘s approach to addiction and who we tend to see as victims vs. who we see as criminals. It is a VAST undertaking that I spent about a month with but it will stick with me far longer. 5⭐️ 👇🏼

Christine Ugh, this one was so good! ❤️ 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Sounds like I must add to my TBR. 2mo
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Cinfhen Great review 2mo
kspenmoll Nice review! Makes me want to read it. 1mo
Suet624 I‘ve already stacked this but your review has really pushed me to find the book! 1mo
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This book gutted me. Less about the House of Xtravaganza and more about how this group of black and brown and gay and transgender and queer people found one another and formed a family. I had to set it aside for several weeks because it is HEAVY with racism, discrimination, homophobia, addiction, etc. but I ultimately found its message beautiful. 4⭐️.

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Cruel Acts | Jane Casey
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In an effort to be a bit less overwhelmed by the sheer number of series I‘m either in the middle of or in possession of, I‘ve been trying to focus on one at a time when the mood strikes. Over the last 2+ months I‘ve powered through books 3-8 in this series and am thrilled there is a 9th coming in Spring. This one may be my favorite of the series. One more series up-to-date! 👍🏼

Andrew65 Yes you did enjoy it! Can‘t wait to get to this one over the next week at some point. 2mo
Cinfhen I think @TrishB likes this one too!!! 2mo
TrishB @Cinfhen yes, love this one ! I‘m up to date too. I‘ve been trying not to start new series (even though I have loads!) and get up to date on others. Good luck 😘 (edited) 2mo
MicheleinPhilly @EadieB Just saw that the e-book is 99 cents today. 1mo
EadieB @MicheleinPhilly Great! Thanks! 1mo
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post image


saresmoore Yes and amen. 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m going to start saying that in public. A lot. 🤪 2mo
LeahBergen Ain‘t that the truth. 2mo
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britt_brooke Amen. 2mo
Tanisha_A That is it! 2mo
Cathythoughts Great quote 👍🏻 2mo
Cinfhen Yup, I think that‘s about right!! 2mo
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Cruel Acts | Jane Casey
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It is cold and rainy and I am in fuzzy sweats, fuzzy socks, and a MASSIVE sweater, drinking hot apple cider tea, with an apple peel scented candle burning. AND I HAVE BEEN READING FOR 2 HOURS. So basically being a basic bitch is what my reading mojo needed.

TheBookStacker Sounds absolutely perfect! 2mo
LeahBergen Wonderful! 👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
BarbaraBB Sounds absolutely perfect 😘 2mo
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Cathythoughts Enjoy ♥️ 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Yes!! You have the right idea!! 2mo
mcipher Sounds perfect!!! 2mo
Suet624 💕💕💕 2mo
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I really enjoyed the first book in this series tagged below.

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Happy Friday, Litsy fam. #DogsOfLitsy

AmyG Happy Friday. ❤️ 2mo
batsy 😍 2mo
diovival 🥰 2mo
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LeahBergen *squeeze and kiss* 2mo
TrishB Hi Pickles 🐶💕 2mo
Cathythoughts Hello gorgeous 2mo
Reviewsbylola 😍😍😍 2mo
Andrew65 What a great picture! 2mo
Cinfhen Well, hello gorgeous!!!!! 2mo
LauraBrook Awww, I‘ve missed that beautiful face! 🥰 (edited) 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBrook I‘ve missed YOUR beautiful face! Happy to see you again! ☺️ 1mo
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Cruel Acts | Jane Casey
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I‘ve barely read a word all week so I‘m returning to my old standby.

BarbaraBB Love your reading spot 😍 2mo
Tanisha_A Cozy! 2mo
LauraBeth You haven‘t posted in five days... 2mo
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MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth I still haven‘t read jack. I‘m in a funk. 2mo
Reviewsbylola I hope you‘re coming out of your slump! 2mo
MicheleinPhilly @Reviewsbylola NOPE! Still rotting my brain with tv. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2mo
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Malarkey | Keith Gray
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#GiveawayKerfuffle Congrats on your Litfluence @RestlessFickleBookHoarder

As a born and bred Philly girl I think I have a pretty finely tuned BS detector. And I‘m not shy about calling it like I see it. And I‘m also not shy about giggling every time I hear someone (cough Joe Biden cough) say, “Oh that‘s a bunch of malarkey!” Personally I would just say, “Oh that‘s a load of bullshit!” but do you, Joe. 👍🏼

BarbaraBB 😂 2mo
Sace Omigosh you're hilarious! "You do you, Joe" ? Thanks for playing! 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Wow that takes me back many years ago — my childhood dentist was a Dr. Malarkey. AND he referred me to an oral surgeon for some work, Dr. Wisdom . 😂🦷 2mo
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MicheleinPhilly @ValerieAndBooks HA! That is too much. 2mo
vivastory @ValerieAndBooks My former sister-in-law is a dental hygienist who worked for a (no kidding) Dr. Smiley 2mo
ValerieAndBooks @vivastory haha that‘s funny 😂 2mo
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Did a little shopping during lunch. Can you tell what type of mood I‘ve been in? 😈

LeahBergen 😆😆 2mo
Amiable Hillary and Chelsea will be speaking about their book in New Haven on Oct. 29 -- I just got the event calendar from RJ Julia Bookstore, which is sponsoring the event. Hoping to go if I can get tickets! 2mo
TrishB I have been told not to buy the Clinton one!! (edited) 2mo
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MicheleinPhilly @Amiable I hope you get them! I‘ve seen/met Secretary Clinton several times and she is delightful! 2mo
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB No one ever tries to surprise me with books anymore. The wife sets me down in front of the computer and tells me to “yell when you‘re ready to check out.” ☺️ 2mo
TrishB It‘s more a warning of don‘t you dare!! And my daughter can access my Litsy tbr! Choosing your own and someone paying is still good! 2mo
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB My oldest sister got so mad at me when I turned 14 or 15 because I talked up this book so much and she bought it for me for my birthday and I had bought it for myself. I think her exact words were “you little asshole.” 😂 2mo
TrishB Sometimes I have a book on kindle and people buy it for me and I just keep quiet because they‘re made up with themselves! 2mo
Amiable @MicheleinPhilly She definitely is wonderful! I met her when she was doing a book tour for “What Happened” and I told her that my Marine son had asked me to express his thanks to her for her service to our country as Sec. of State. She grabbed my hand, wrote down his name, told me to thank HIM for his service and said she was going to pray for his safety. The encounter brought me to tears. 2mo
Susannah That‘s a wonderful story, @Amiable. 2mo
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SUPER SALE ALERT! $1.99 each. #KindleDailyDeal #KindleDeals

RachelO Oops! 2mo
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