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“There is nothing more luxurious than eating while you read—unless it be reading while you eat.” – E. Nesbit
The Twisted Book of Shadows | Christopher Golden, James A. Moore
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Out of 19 stories, 17 did something for me so that‘s definitely a pick. This collection of short horror fiction has something for everyone from chicken zombie horror to a mother who has her hands full with her daughter who might be Satan, to a pregnant woman being Andromeda‘ed before the Kracken(I could have read about this one all day), to a sister who discovers a black hole in her brother‘s head ( this one too!!), to some tales that seemed 👇🏼

Reggie to be from the old country. It‘s an I‘m glad I read this in the month of October Pick! 9h
batsy The black hole brother story is by @rohit-sawant right? 👏🏽 Great review! 9h
Reggie @batsy yes and it was pretty awesome!! Thanks!! 9h
Mandoul Sounds cool @Reggie thanks. Worth checking out Luke Smitherd if you havent already. He writes pretty similar stuff, which is often a fun ride. 8h
Chrissyreadit This was not even on my radar, so I went to @rohit-sawant ‘s page and now I think I need to get this book! 7h
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The Twisted Book of Shadows | Christopher Golden, James A. Moore
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@rohit-sawant A couple of things:
1. This story was AMAZING.
2. There‘re some very OMG moments that revved me up.
3. I‘m a sucker for writers who use the word inexorable.
4. I believed all of this story. The brother/sister relationship. The parents.
5. I had this moment where I forgot who wrote this and thought ‘I need to check out this writer‘s novels.‘
6. I can‘t wait until you come out with a novel.
7. I‘m so proud of you!! Great job!!

Cinfhen Such a LOVELY review and I believed EVERY WORD 🥰congrats @rohit-sawant 👏🏼👏🏼💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 9h
batsy How wonderful!! ❤️❤️ Cannot wait for @rohit-sawant to come out with his novel too 🙌🏽 9h
Tanisha_A Wow! Amazing! Well done @rohit-sawant! ❤️ 9h
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Congratulations!!! So that‘s where you have been 😉 @rohit-sawant (edited) 9h
Crazeedi @rohit-sawant wow! Congrats! @Reggie great review! 8h
TrishB Great review 👍🏻👍🏻 4h
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The Twisted Book of Shadows | Christopher Golden, James A. Moore
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Whoever put the order of stories together on this book did real well putting this one first. From those first two paragraphs I was hooked and irritated and my skin started to itch. This was a great story about a world in which there can be no darkness for fear of monsters coming through. But what do you do when you close your 👀??? It‘s also a great allegory about the woman in the role of a homemaker who doesn‘t want have to want that. Good stuff!

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George Romero, in the anthology he was part of right before he died said that in the mid to late 80‘s, John Skipp and Craig Spector came to him with an idea for a book of zombie short fiction, the first of its kind. Romero thought no one would even bother with the idea, much less attach their names to such a project. Imagine his surprise when all the invites sent out were responded with such enthusiasm. I liked this book but these stories were👇🏼

Reggie so dark and the nihilism was almost overwhelming. It has some marks of its time, like there being no women contributors to this anthology, and yet there is such violence against women in here. One of my favorite stories in here is “A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned,” which deals with a woman who is looked at but never seen , and it is powerful and heartbreaking. This was a great book but maybe for the zombie enthusiast. (edited) 3d
Billypar I'm picking back up a Thomas Ligotti collection that I started last Halloween season and had to stop around February because too much horror can be depressingly nihilistic. The stories are excellent but it has similar marks of its time like you mentioned- the only female characters are victims, and more often than not there are just no women in the stories at all. 2d
sharread That book reminds me of The Evil Dead movie. We watch that every Halloween. It's scary. 🤪😱😍 2d
Reggie @sharread I‘ve never seen seen the original but if you‘re talking about the remake from the beginning of the decade holy crap that was effin scary!!!! Lol 2d
Reggie @Billypar I should have left it for awhile but I‘m a book monogamist but what should have taken me 2 days took me five and I had to force myself. 2d
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(Zombie Kiss by Rob Sacchetto) Thank goodness this anthology was anchored by “Eat Me” this beautiful story by Robert McCammon where two very lonely zombies find solace in each other, because the whole book was dark. “lying on bits of flesh like petals of strange flowers”-that‘s just lovely.

Cathythoughts ..... like petals of strange flowers.... love this quote ♥️ 2d
Reggie @Cathythoughts the whole story has lines like this in it. Where it makes beauty of what would usually be disturbing. 2d
IamIamIam Yeesh!!! 2d
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readordierachel Oh man, I love this! I'll have to find this story. 2d
Reggie @IamIamIam lol, there‘s a part where she nips his shoulders and cockroaches come out and instead of disgust he manages to write it as a thing to behold!!! 2d
IamIamIam @Reggie Oh my... Cannibalism is the only thing I can't handle but let's add zombie Cannibalism as a sub category. 😂🧟‍♂️ 1d
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Untitled | Unknown
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@Jas16 Um, I feel like I went on Ellen or Oprah and they said, “We hear you like books.” Seriously, thank you sooooo soooo much for the books. Holy crap, words cannot really say what I‘m feeling but thank you. Tears may have been shed.

Bookishthoughts Shes such a thoughtful book gifter 💛 7d
LeahBergen Lovely! ❤️ 7d
Cathythoughts Oh so nice ! Such generosity ♥️ 7d
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TrishB Oh how lovely 💕 7d
sharread Wow! 👏👍 7d
Jas16 It was probably more fun to put together than it was to receive it. I am so glad you like it! 7d
BarbaraBB Wow, that‘s a lot of books 💕💕 7d
Cinfhen That‘s awesome!!!!! @Jas16 has DEFINITELY earned her book fairy wings 🧚‍♀️ 💕 7d
Centique Oh my lord that‘s amazing! @Jas16 @Cinfhen book fairy wings is the perfect description! 7d
Centique @Reggie I hope you like Spoonbenders, it is one of my favourite reads of the year - when you‘re in the mood for a lighter family romp, it‘s kind of Arrested Development oddballs plus magic. 🥰 7d
batsy Wow, that's lovely ❤️ 7d
Tanisha_A Wow! That is amazing! 7d
Suet624 How wonderful! 6d
Rissreads What fun! 6d
youneverarrived How lovely!! 😍 6d
readordierachel Amazing!! 6d
GatheringBooks awww, that is a huge gift indeed! how awesome! 5d
Crazeedi So special for a special person! 3d
kspenmoll Soooo generous! I loved 18h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Cathythoughts I will do !! Later today & im looking forward to it 👍🏻 1w
Cinfhen I‘m gonna listen right now 🤗 1w
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JennyM Yey...I will have to listen 😄😄😄 1w
Reggie @Cinfhen @JennyM 😊😊😊 1w
batsy Nice! Will settle down this this and a nice cup of tea tonight ❤️ 1w
Jerdencon Listening to you on my way to work!! 😀 1w
Redwritinghood 👍🏻👍🏻 1w
LeahBergen I can‘t wait! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
Cathythoughts So lovely to hear you & your knowledge & enthusiasm for reading. I‘m checking out some of the books ye spoke about. I could listen to @ReadingEnvy ‘s melodic voice ( & yours ) forever. A thought you had from Stray City ... “ that novel went places that nobody goes “ ... I havnt read this one , but I love that about writing, to be able to go to these places... so important. Great stuff Reggie, good to hear your voice 👍🏻♥️ 1w
ReadingEnvy Yay Reggie that was so fun! Thanks again! 1w
Reggie @ReadingEnvy Thanks for having me!! 1w
Reggie @Cathythoughts 😊you‘re the sweetest, Cathy!! Thanks so much! 1w
thebluestocking Listening right now. So much fun! 💙 1w
Jas16 Just finished listening and loved it! 1w
Avanders ♥️♥️ 1w
Centique Reggie I‘m listening to this right now and you‘re such a breath of fresh air and sunshine on a rainy day! 😍 Just listening to your anecdote about being stuck on Page 474 in Panda Express and I‘m laugh-snorting and my family is wondering what‘s wrong with me 😂😂😂 1w
Reggie @thebluestocking @Jas16 @Avanders 🧡🖤🧡Thank you ladies so much!!! I was very nervous. 1w
Reggie @Centique I am so glad I could entertain and make you laugh. 😁 I had such a good time talking with Jenny. 1w
vivastory Yay! You've joined the #readingenvy alumni! I will definitely be listening later today! 7d
batsy I enjoyed listening to this so much. You're such a generous and eclectic reader and you make any book sound fascinating and worth reading! Also, you're so funny and entertaining ❤️ I was so excited that Strange Weather in Tokyo was one of your picks!! 7d
Reggie @vivastory 🙌🏽 7d
Reggie @batsy Thanks so much!! Yeah, here we are almost a year later after reading SWIT and I still think about it a lot. It was my first read of the year and still one of the best for me. 7d
Christine ❤️❤️❤️ LOVED!!! It was such a joy listening to you. I was LOLing over your Panda Express story when I listened yesterday and in fact started laughing again when I drove past one this morning! 😂 I love the way you think and talk about books and reading. ❤️ 7d
Suet624 Oh yippee! I can‘t wait to listen!! 6d
readordierachel Yay!!! 6d
Reggie @Christine lol, thanks. I had a good time talking to Jenny. I‘m glad we were entertaining. 6d
Reggie @Suet624 @readordierachel If ya‘ll listen to it I hope you enjoy it. 6d
mreads You were great, hope you go on again ❤👍 5d
Reggie @mreads Thank you so much! ❤️ 5d
Suet624 Reggie!!! It was so great to hear your voice! I loved that you referenced Chasing Amy. I watched that movie at least 10 times and don't know anyone else that has watched it. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I'm so happy you did this interview. 5d
Reggie @Suet624 that movie was the first movie I ever watched where there wasn‘t a Disney ending. I just remember thinking, what?!!!! They don‘t end up together? But Holden was stupid. I laughed so much on that movie up until the end. I‘m glad you enjoyed it Sue!! 5d
Suet624 @Reggie you‘re right. Holden was stupid. 5d
GatheringBooks i loooooved chasing amy. and dream for an insomniac! :) there was a scene in chasing amy where i copied down word for word the dialogue between holden and amy. ;) 5d
andrew61 Looking forward to listening. 4d
Twainy Great! I just Subscribed to the Reading Envy podcast on Overcast (Clive Barker was the second author I loved after King, my first of his books was Hellbound Heart!) I also will read everything but still love horror. 3d
Reggie @GatheringBooks there were some really deep conversations she has with Holden and I can still remember snippets. I‘m gonna try and crash your conference, just the session you‘re doing. Lol so Imma try to see you live!!!! 2d
Reggie @andrew61 I hope you enjoy!!! 2d
GatheringBooks @Reggie it would be soo soo lovely to meet you in person! seriously, let us plan it if you have the time and only of course if you are so inclined. i would not want to impose. but send me your email ad so we can make arrangements. here is mine: gatheringbooks@yahoo.com :) 🧚🏼‍♀️📚📚📚🧚🏼‍♀️ 2d
Reggie @Twainy I loved The Great and Secret Show and it‘s sequel, Everville. I have found new and great horror but there will always be a special place in my heart because Barker was my first. I‘m glad you liked the show. 2d
JoyBlue I've added it to my Me Time list. Hope to listen soon. 💙 22h
Reggie @JoyBlue I hope you enjoy it!! 16h
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Disco Deathtrap | Cameron Roubique
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I feel like this was so close to a pick, and I wanted to give it a pick because let‘s be honest, someone had to write the slasher roller rink book. However, this was several drafts away from being ready. The first 3rd is the setup of high school kids going to a roller rink lock in on 1980 New Year‘s Eve. The 2nd 3rd is the slashing. The last is the surviving. I did get sucked in by the nostalgia, and I rooted for some kids but the story and 👇🏼

Reggie the writing were just very meh. (edited) 1w
Cinfhen Great review and awesome concept 🕺to bad it didn‘t deliver 1w
Reggie @cinfhen it made me sad, lol. I so wanted it to be good. 1w
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batsy Aww that's too bad. Stacked it after your last post because of the cover, lol 1w
Reggie @batsy there was this one nice paragraph where the roller rink DJ tells the kids it‘s time for all the lovers to get out on the floor. And then he plays “I wanna rock with you,” by Michael Jackson. And all the couples go out skating on the floor holding hands. It was just a nice little scene. It gets very high school nostalgic. Lol But yeah, just meh. 1w
batsy 😆 Now I feel the need to listen to old school MJ! 1w
Bookzombie I‘m so bummed that this wasn‘t a pick. I had high hopes. Great review! 1w
ValerieAndBooks How I spent my time in Junior high and HS!! At the roller rink. But without the crime 😂 1w
Centique Never mind! So much nostalgia for roller skating and holding hands with a boy - was the peak of romance at fourteen 😂😂 1w
Reggie @Bookzombie me too!!! Thanks, Margie! I‘m gonna read another of his because this woman who gave him a bad review of this book in such a great review on Goodreads couldn‘t get over the fact that his other book was so good for this one to be this bad. It‘s called Kill River so I think I‘m gonna give it a try, cause the guy definitely has potential. 1w
Reggie @ValerieAndBooks @Centique I went to my friend Eric‘s 13th birthday party at a rollerink. Valerie, I‘m glad there was no crime.😂 This book was kinda nice in that in the back he provides a playlist and the likes of ELO, The Bee Gees, and ABBA was on it. 1w
Bookzombie @Reggie I have that one on my Kindle wishlist too! I look forward to your review. 🙂 1w
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Zero Lives Remaining | Adam Cesare
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LeahBergen Oh, no! Pac Man! 😆😆 1w
vivastory @LeahBergen I think it's Q-bert 😂 1w
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Does anybody listen to the podcast pseudopod? It‘s just narrated short horror stories but the episode I listened to today had this poem grouped in with a story read by a guy who had the deep low voice of the devil. It definitely had a chilling effect. And it made me think of Weaveworld by Clive Barker. #poetry http://pseudopod.org/2019/09/20/pseudopod-666-breaking-the-waters/

andrew61 No i hadn't heard of it but thanks i will give it a go. 1w
Cathythoughts I just looked it up & I‘ll listen tonight 👍🏻 thanks Reggie 1w
KathyWheeler Haven‘t heard the podcast, but this has been one of my favorite poems for a very long time. I‘ll take a listen to it because they have great taste in poetry. 😊 1w
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Booksnchill I memorized this in High School and loved it- I will listen to the podcast- thanks for the memory! 1w
sprainedbrain This sounds cool. I will check out the podcast! 1w
Hazel2019 Thanks for recommending! Always looking for interesting podcasts 😁 1w
Reggie @sprainedbrain @Hazel2019 I hope you ladies like the podcast. I like them because the host will breakdown a story afterwards and give some great insight. 1w
RiverKScottWrites Love that podcast and love this poem! 6d
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The Hellbound Heart | Clive Barker
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sharread That's one scary cover! 👹😱👍 2w
Reggie @sharread it‘s the book the movie, Hellraiser, is based off of. It‘s very creepy. 2w
LeahBergen Eek! 1w
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BookReader01 How do I go about getting g to read a book title life at the end of a throttle cable daredevil Ken Mackow how do you read books on here 1w
Reggie @BookReader01 Litsy is more a site for reviewing and talking about a book. But if you wanna read a book for free online just go to your library and sign up for a card and I think most libraries have an online app they subscribe to that lets you read e-books for free like the apps Hoopla or Libby, I think. Help me out here @LibrarianRyan @Librarybelle @Christy2318 I don‘t use the library. (I Know, shame) these three are librarians. 😊 1w
Librarybelle @Reggie You are correct! @BookReader01 , if you would like to read the book you mentioned, you may want to check out your local library. Most libraries now offer an e-platform that you can download ebooks or eaudiobooks. If the library doesn‘t have that title, they may offer a service that allows you to request a purchase. Good luck! 1w
Reggie @Librarybelle Thanks!!! 1w
LibrarianRyan @BookReader01 @Reggie is correct. Every once in a while people will give away books or galleys. But for the most part about the only free legal place to read free books is from the library. 1w
Reggie @LibrarianRyan Thank you! 1w
Librarybelle @Reggie You‘re welcome! Happy to help! 🙂 1w
Christy2318 @BookReader01 @Reggie I‘m not a librarian just an obsessive library patron with multiple library cards. I access Libby with 2 of my library cards & Hoopla with one. My 3rd library uses RB Digital which is mostly audio books. OpenLibrary.org has scans of a lot of out of print books. Since it‘s mostly scans of mass market paperbacks, it reads better on a tablet than a phone. 1w
Reggie @Christy2318 my bad I just assumed after your post about your library the other day, however, they‘re lucky to have such a passionate library patron. Thanks for the info!!!! 1w
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The Merciless | Danielle Vega
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#horrorcovercrush Day 5 Yowzas, this was intense. Short on characterization but good on action and I couldn‘t stop reading it. Sofia is the new girl at school and just wants to make friends. She befriends the popular girls at school and freaks out when one night she is taken to an abandoned house where the popular girls have kidnapped an ex-friend wanting to give her an exorcism. All I got out of this was it‘s tough being a teenage girl. Lol pick!

vivastory This is on my TBR & I agree on the cover, very striking 2w
sprainedbrain This sounds pretty awesome. 2w
Reggie @vivastory @sprainedbrain it‘s kinda Saved meets Mean Girls meets The Exorcist. 2w
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#horrorcovercrush Day 4 Not in the database yet but also on the TBR this month.

vivastory Hadn't heard of this one 2w
ReadingOver50 Sounds interesting 2w
Bookzombie Love this cover! 2w
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Nights of the Living Dead: An Anthology | Jonathan Maberry, George A. Romero
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First book of October down. I‘ve always loved zombies. I remember watching the original at my grandmothers house when I was a kid and not being able to sleep. This anthology is all based in the original movie universe. Some stories were soooo YOLO and full of testosterone I could only smile and laugh. And then the end stories were given weight by Mira Grant, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Chuck Wendig, and Neal and Brendan Shusterman. Pick!!!

AmyG The original is scary AF. I love the old horror movies. 2w
Reggie @AmyG my grandmother had a leaky faucet but it was soooo slow. As I was lying awake on the living room floor, I imagined each drop was a tap at the window from one of the dead outside the window. 😱 2w
AmyG 😬 😬😬 2w
Centique Unrelated except your story reminded me - when I was 10 my twenty ish sister had me, my little brother and two younger friends sleeping in the lounge at her flat and she played us Death Wish 2 and Poltergeist. 😱😱😱 I must visit her and slap her about the cheeks for that memory! 😂😂 1w
Reggie @Centique yowzas!!! Lol Death Wish 2, my grandpa loved Charles Bronson. And I personally love Poltergeist. There was probably no sleeping that night for ya‘ll. Lol 1w
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Thanks @TrishB for putting out his scheduled tour because I went to see him earlier tonight in Denver. He read us one of his stories, You are Released. He‘s quite a funny guy. My favorite part of his talk was when he said, I‘m paraphrasing, “When you get one of my 400 pg. novels, there was a good chance that it was 700 pgs to begin with, because there is an editing process and I‘m not upset about it but I‘ve gotten good at recognizing the 👇🏼

Reggie scenes I write for the reader and the ones I write for myself because I need to know the character I‘m writing completely.” It was sexy and touching at the same time when he said it. I had such a great time. And the bottom right photo was the scary path back to my car. I was just waiting for someone to jump out from behind a tree. Lol. 2w
Cathythoughts Nice one Reggie. Sounds great. I‘m glad you got safely down that path 😱👍🏻 2w
TrishB So jealous! Glad you enjoyed it, he‘s very entertaining 😁 sounds like he did a good talk. 2w
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erzascarletbookgasm Sexy? 🤔😄 What a great night, lucky you! 2w
Centique That is so cool. You and Joe Hill in the same room! I‘m surprised the universe didn‘t implode from two brilliant horror loving minds crossing paths! And as for the walk to the car afterwards 😱😱😱 2w
Centique Also I love that he said he gets rid of so much. That‘s how I write too. Although I‘ve given up at the moment ... that kind of inspires me! 2w
Avanders Yay what a great night!! 😍😍 2w
Reggie @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy, Lol, during the day it looked gorgeous, at night gave me Nightmare on Elm Street flashbacks. 2w
Reggie @TrishB Thanks, he did. And the story he read us makes me think he‘s growing as an author. Someone asked him how he got into writing comics and he explained how for a good7-10 years he couldn‘t sell a book or a story. He said he “failed into it.” Cause after managing to get a short story in an American “best” anthology a Marvel talent scout contacted him. He‘s come a long way. It was a great night. 2w
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm there‘s something about a man who is sooo good and passionate about what he does. You had to hear the way he said it. Lol 2w
Reggie @Centique Awww I would totally read anything you wrote, Paula. Yeah, that path, gorgeous during the day, at night, every slasher movie scene. Lol 2w
Reggie @Avanders and then I went to top off the night by reading about zombies. It was a good day. 2w
Avanders Sounds like an amazing day 🧟‍♂️💚 2w
vivastory This is awesome. Glad you got to attend! 2w
sprainedbrain Very cool that you got to go! I adore him. 🖤 2w
Rissreads Lucky you! I have only read one of his books but I plan to read more. 1w
rohit-sawant So cool you had a chance to attend this! 🙌🏼 1w
ValerieAndBooks Wow! Lucky you. That‘s dedication— several hours of driving each way (unless you flew instead?!). I really liked Tattered Cover when we lived in Colorado but went there only a few times, since it was about an hour from my house. And looks like the nighttime scene hasn‘t changed much! 1w
Reggie @Rissreads I‘ve read 3 of his novels and his book of 4 novellas and some of his short stories. I‘ve never been disappointed so I hope you like his other stuff. 1w
Reggie @robot-sawant you would have loved it. He was so funny and just....you could tell he loves to write. 1w
Reggie @ValerieAndBooks it was also an excuse to visit a friend up in Fort Collins, which by the way is gorgeous. So many trees and outdoorsy things to do. Their downtown was so much fun to walk with my friend. The Tattered Cover was very cool and their staff was really nice. Joe Hill himself was incredible! 1w
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vivastory Haven't read Barker in years, but definitely stacking based on your review of this! 2w
Reggie @vivastory start with The Great and Secret Show. This is the sequel to that book. There is supposed to be a third but I don‘t ever think it‘s coming out. Barker was in a coma for a while after going to a dentist and suffering toxic shock. He had a couple of heart attacks while he was under as well. He‘s alive but who knows what‘ll happen. 2w
vivastory It looks like he's currently working on a novel called Deep Hill. He seems to think it might be his final book. 2w
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The Girl Next Door | Jack Ketchum
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LeahBergen And now I want this. What the hell‘s wrong with me? 😆 2w
Reggie @LeahBergen lol Idk but let me just say this has been the only book disturbing enough to make me feel like I was complicit in a murder and I. Felt. Horrible. If that helps you decide...... 2w
LeahBergen 😳😳😳 2w
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vivastory Haven't read the book, but I watched the movie years ago & I've never forgotten it. 2w
EyesOnly34 It‘s a rough read. Ketchum knee what he was doing with the ultimate unsettling atmosphere. 2w
Bookzombie @Reggie I love this cover. You described this books so well. I felt horrible after finishing it too. 2w
Reggie @EyesOnly34 @Bookzombie Ketchum knew how to make you care only so he could hurt you. Lol, he was a master horror writer. 2w
EyesOnly34 Yeah!! True! 2w
Leftcoastzen 😁💀 2w
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Nights of the Living Dead: An Anthology | Jonathan Maberry, George A. Romero
post image

Taken from the first story “Dead Man‘s Curve” by Joe Lansdale.

Cathythoughts Great sound effects here 👍🏻 2w
Reggie @Cathythoughts Right? It definitely caught my attention. 2w
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Disco Deathtrap | Cameron Roubique
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#horrorcovercrush Day 1. On this month‘s TBR.

xxjenadanxx Reminds me of when I cracked my kneecap at the skating rink 😂 2w
Reggie @xxjenadanxx good times.... lol. 2w
RachelO What a fab cover! 2w
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batsy This sounds great! And by great I mean gruesome! Love the cover. 2w
LeahBergen This is awesome! 2w
BarbaraBB Yay! You‘re raising expectations! (edited) 2w
vivastory This is phenomenal!! 2w
Reggie @vivastory have you read it? 2w
vivastory No, is it good? 2w
Reggie @vivastory no, but it‘s next after the book I‘m reading. 2w
vivastory Nice! I'll definitely be watching for your review! 2w
Bookzombie I can‘t wait for your review. I have had it on my list since I heard about it on an episode of Books in the Freezer. 2w
Reggie @Bookzombie funny story, I can‘t remember what book I looked up this past week it was but it was a review from 2 years ago and in the chat you told someone you heard about it on that podcast BITF and I had never heard of it. Listened to the episode that mentioned this book. This is what they call full circle, no? Lol 2w
Bookzombie Lol. 🙂 2w
Rissreads Love this cover! 💜 1w
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Stepsister | Jennifer Donnelly
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Yeah, so never in a million years would I have picked up this book on my own but my LPMBC chose this. I wanted to bail because it just seemed like some Disney/Lifetime cheese. But the longer I read the more I realized this cheese was delicious. That this retelling of one of Cinderella‘s stepsisters had whimsy, had magic, was funny when it needed to be and dark, and had a great message of forging one‘s own path in this world. I really liked this.

TrishB Great when books surprise you. 2w
Lindy I‘m glad you liked it. I almost bailed on this a few months ago because I found it message-y and marred by writerly missteps, but it was ultimately rewarding and I‘m glad I stuck with it. 2w
Reggie @TrishB totally!!! @Lindy Me too, because something very special rose out of this book. I loved the interactions between Chance and the fate crone and the Fairy Queen. 2w
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GatheringBooks I like Donnelly. She manages to surprise me even while she appears very “pop” in the beginning. (edited) 2w
Centique This sounds fabulous. I loved the quote too! 😍 2w
Lauram Cheese IS delicious! Happy to stack cheese. 2w
Reggie @GatheringBooks your use of “pop” is very apt. 2w
Reggie @Centique there are some very memorable scenes in here. Very girl power. 2w
Reggie @Lauram I hope it is very Gouda for you. 😉Lol 2w
Rissreads This sounds very interesting! Stacked! 1w
Reggie @Rissreads it ended up being pretty good. 1w
Rissreads I love that you read a diverse range of books! 👍 1w
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Stepsister | Jennifer Donnelly
post image

I have grossly underestimated this book.

Bookish_Gal I officially want this book now 2w
Reggie @Bookish_Gal yay!!! I hope you like it! 2w
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post image

I‘ve been so lucky to read some really great YA this year that I wished was around back in my day. Darius is a Star Trek The Next Generation/LOTR loving, Persian American, nerd (I mean this in the best way possible) who deals with depression and being picked on and trying to find his place in this world. His grandfather falls ill and his family goes to Iran to visit where he makes a new friend and comes into his own. Easily a new favorite. Pick!!

Billypar Great review! Poor Darius- he and Fleischman really need a break. Thank goodness Eleanor Oliphant is doing alright from what I hear 😉 3w
rwmg Apparently a sequel is coming soon 3w
Reggie @Billypar Thanks, Lololol. 3w
Reggie @rwmg That‘s the word on the street. I‘m excited. 3w
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post image

This young American teenager is meeting his grandmother for the first time in Iran and there are some simple sounding sentences that just blindside you in here. Oof.

Suet624 That‘s lovely. 3w
Reggie @Suet624 @readordierachel this book was so good. 3w
Texreader Great quote 3w
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Normal People | Sally Rooney
post image

I just have to say I hate Sally Rooney. 2 books, outstanding books, before the age of 30. How dare she!!! Lol. I really liked this book about two young people who love each other but as we all know, nothing is ever that simple.

vivastory But, did you cry? 3w
LauraBeth She has moved up on my list of favorite living authors. 3w
Reggie @vivastory of course, the first time on pg 46 when he tells her he loves her and she for the first time in her life feels like she is someone who is fit/capable of being loved. And on the last page when she says his goodness is his gift to her and how she gives it back with the last line in the book. They end up together, right? That is what I‘ve made myself see in their future. 3w
See All 22 Comments
Reggie @LauraBeth I will keep on reading everything she writes. And lucky for us she got an early start. 3w
TrishB Yet to read this one, I didn‘t really like Conversations. 3w
Reggie @TrishB I remember, but I think you would really like this one. It‘s different. Give it a shot. 3w
TrishB I will do eventually! Getting closer. 3w
KarenUK How dare she indeed! I loved them both too.... both in my top five I read this year.... she‘s so bloody talented! 🤦‍♀️😍 3w
Megabooks Extremely talented young writer! I look forward to reading her books for another 50 years! 🤞🏻🤞🏻 3w
batsy Hahaha I know right! Damn it, Sally 😭😆 3w
Tanisha_A @batsy Sentiment seconded! Ugh! 3w
Kalalalatja One of my faves! 3w
Reggie @KarenUK @Megabooks @batsy @Tanisha_A And the girl who wrote A Place for Us, Fatima Farheen Mirza, she was only 26 this year when her book came out. 3w
Reggie @Kalalalatja they end up together, right? Even if he goes to New York, he comes back and they get married, right? 😭 3w
Kalalalatja That‘s what I need to tell myself to be able to sleep at night 🤞🤞 3w
readordierachel I need to read her first book but now I'm scared of the emotional toll 😭 3w
Cathythoughts Such a good book 👍🏻♥️ 3w
Reggie @readordierachel Her first book isn‘t as emotional as this one. It‘s still great, but it isn‘t this one. 3w
Reggie @Cathythoughts ❤️💔❤️ 3w
GatheringBooks one of my great reads this year. i stayed up all night finishing this one! 2w
GatheringBooks did you know that this is going to be made into a tv series????? yes it is. yes it is. BBC I think. 2w
Reggie @GatheringBooks I don‘t know if my heart could take it. Lol 2w
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Seed | Ania Ahlborn
post image

Oof!!! I‘m glad I read the ending of this during the day. This was a good, horrifying, primer going into October. A father who thought he had escaped his past is horrified when the past shows up when he has a wife and 2 daughters. This was very creepy. Thanks for the pick @scripturient #screamsbymail.

RealBooks4ever I've always loved this cover! 💜 4w
vivastory Yes! I 💯 pictured the creature as looking the same as from Insidious 4w
lele1432 I've been eyeing this for a while! It sounds perfect for October! 🔪 4w
See All 14 Comments
JoScho Sounds good! 4w
Cathythoughts Great picture 3w
Reggie @RealBooks4 yeah there‘s a lot to notice. That, is it a sun? or a gunshot wound? while there‘s this demon amongst the trees. Lol it‘s definitely eye catching. 3w
Reggie @vivastory @Cathythoughts this whole book shares a kinship with the movie Insidious. Which is kinda crazy to realize that both came out in 2011. The picture is taken from the movie, Cathy. 3w
Reggie @lele1432 @JoScho it would be a great Halloween read. 🎃 3w
readordierachel Creepy cover 😱 3w
Reggie @readordierachel just so you know my first cry was on on pg46 when Connell tells her he loves her and Marianne feels like for the first time she is someone who is worthy of being loved. I‘m halfway right now but I just want them to be together but they are KILLING me!!!!! Lol 3w
readordierachel OMG, I know! It's heartwrenching. 3w
BiblioLitten I was admiring the cover when I saw the background!! 🤭😁 2w
Reggie @BiblioLitten I hope it scared you! 😱😊Lol 2w
BiblioLitten It sure did! 😅 2w
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Frankly in Love | David Yoon
post image

Frank Li is a Korean-American high schooler who is neither American enough or Korean enough. He wants to date a girl who just happens to be white but comes up with a ridiculous fake date scheme with a close Korean friend to fool his parents. This book was so deep and representative of what it means to be caught between cultures. And it was hilarious because of Franks strong and questioning voice. Reading the back interview between David and 👇🏼

Reggie his author wife Nicola Yoon, you see where this book comes from when he tells you how in real life his parents didn‘t attend their wedding because they didn‘t approve of who she was. Because she was black. And how they didn‘t talk to him for 10 years. How he talks about how you can love your parents but just be disappointed in them. Really illuminating. Read this book. Super pick!! 4w
TrishB 10 years!!!! A long time to be disapproving. 4w
Reggie It is!!!! Have you ever read her? She wrote The Sun is also a Star. The Jamaican girl in there falls in love with a Korean boy. It just hit me that he is probably inspired by David. @TrishB 4w
See All 11 Comments
TrishB I loved both her books. I can‘t imagine cutting myself off from my kids because I didn‘t like their partner- whatever the reason. ☹️ so sad. 4w
Centique Serendipity! I have this book on reserve at the library and hope it comes in soon. 😍 4w
Reggie @Centique it‘s so good and just has a lot of things going for it throughout the book. 4w
Reggie @readordierachel I hope you like it!!! 4w
13North This is so beautiful 3w
Reggie @13North it‘s such a good book and aside from the stuff in the review it‘s got some really cute nerd stuff in there. They call themselves the Apeys because they‘re all in ap classes and the way they support each other is really nice. Check it out. 3w
Suet624 10 years. What a waste I can‘t imagine cutting off my kids. 3w
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Cantoras: A Novel | Carolina De Robertis
post image

Cantoras means singer but also a slang term for women who love other women. 5 women in Uruguay find a secluded beach area in Cabo Pollonio where they make a safe space to be themselves in the 1970‘s away from the city and its dictatorship. There was a heady desire in here that lead the way to personal evolutions onto personal revolutions all the while Uruguay is also in a revolution. This is easily a top 3 book of the year for me. Loved it.

MicheleinPhilly SOLD! 1mo
Reggie https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yhJqBdFMIVI this was the review that made me want to read this. @MicheleinPhilly just in case you needed more reasons. 4w
Centique Wow! I already stacked this but I‘m so impressed it is in your top 3. I think I could make a fab reading list just using your top books each year! 4w
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Reggie @Centique 😊this book was beautiful and there‘s something to be said about the ones who have come before (queers) because not all of us make it and surviving and still managing to live life. The ladies in here were just amazing. Amazing. 4w
Centique @Reggie that sounds so beautiful. Do you know I am so moved by that subject because I was obsessed as a teen about my uncle who died by suicide before I was born (in the 1960s). 😰 He looked like a movie star and my older family tell lovely stories about him. His mother adored him but the 1960s were bloody hard I‘m sure. 💕💕 4w
Reggie @Centique That‘s so sad to hear. You‘ll appreciate this book then. 4w
ReadingEnvy I swooned about this on the most recent podcast episode too. So so so so good. 3w
Reggie @ReadingEnvy I heard!!! There is still a Malena shaped hole in my heart weeks later. 3w
merelybookish Not reading spoilers but just started this and already into it. Excited to see it's a pick for you! 1w
Reggie @merelybookish it‘s such a lovely book. 1w
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post image

This book was pretty special. Two sisters have a falling out after an inheritance and we follow them and one of the sister‘s granddaughters over decades of life. It had it all, beer, pie, tender hearted yet tenacious grandmas, the unknown things in life families do for each other without acknowledgement, the heartache and joy of life. Just so good. Pick!

Maria514626 Sounds lovely. Plus, I live in Minnesota, like beer and pie. Tagged. 😄 1mo
Cathythoughts Great review 👍🏻. Have this requested from the library ♥️👍🏻 1mo
LeahBergen Great review! 👍🏼 1mo
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TNbookworm Great review! 1mo
Tanisha_A Nice review! 😀 1mo
kspenmoll Great review. Have this to read. Loved the author‘s first book. 1mo
andrew61 That sounds great. 1mo
nichollinlove Great review! Can't wait to read it! 1mo
Lauram What a wonderful review! I‘m picking up a copy of this book tomorrow as an alternate selection for book club and am tempted to just read what you wrote to others in the group. 1mo
Reggie @Lauram I hope you like this one and I think it‘d make a great bookclub book. 4w
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post image

Omg, this book is so tender and beautiful, and sad in some parts.

Centique This sounds so touching 💕 Stacked for sure 1mo
Maria514626 The tactility (a word?) of that passage is gorgeous. 1mo
kyraleseberg Loved this book! ☺️ 1mo
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Reggie @Centique you would LOVE this book! 1mo
Reggie @Maria514626 a lot of this book is like this paragraph. 1mo
Reggie @kyraleseberg It was so beautiful! I really loved Edith. 1mo
Avanders Cub Foods!! ♥️ 1mo
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Circe | Madeline Miller
post image

#covercrush #7coversin7days @jenniferw88 Thanks for the tag, @Tex2Flo and here are mine. The U.S. cover on the left and the U.K. cover on the right and both are lovely.

AmyG Agreed! 1mo
Tanisha_A Yep, beautiful! 😍 1mo
Tex2Flo The colors and graphics are arresting. Great choice. 1mo
Cinfhen Nice choice 🧡 1mo
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Derek Roland Black was groomed from a very early age to take over as the next White Nationalist leader. Which as I read his tactics he himself came up with, were very scary because they were more subtle yet packed more of a punch. He ends up going to a liberal, hippie, college where nobody knows him where he meets the very people his ideology tells him is the enemy. He befriends them and when he is outed at the school for who he is as a white👇🏼

Reggie nationalist,all hell breaks loose on campus. It is his first friend he made there, Juan, an immigrant from Peru, two other friends, Matthew and Moshe, both Jewish, and Allison, who extend their friendship through Shabbat dinners that begin to transform his identity. But the issue now is that when he ran his nationalist podcast, a lot of what he said then has grown into what we are seeing now. How does one come back from that? This book👇🏼 (edited) 1mo
Reggie is a great start. (edited) 1mo
Cinfhen #stacked because who doesn‘t love a Shabbat dinner?!??! 1mo
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Reggie @Cinfhen I‘ve never been to a Shabbat. Lol, but the ones I‘ve seen in movies and read about, look and sound beautiful. It‘s a great book full of history I had no idea about. 1mo
Cinfhen Reggie, you have an open invitation for Shabbat dinner 😘 1mo
Reggie @Cinfhen ❤️ 1mo
Redwritinghood Wow! Sounds intense and eye-opening. I‘m still amazed, and terrified, by how much white nationalism there is out there these days. 1mo
Reggie @Redwritinghood this book IS eye opening because most of the nationalist rhetoric out there now comes from the tactics Derek started using when he ran his radio show and helped his dad run his hate website Stormfront. 1mo
Smrloomis @Reggie @Redwritinghood could not agree more. The white nationalism stuff is terrifying. Also you should really take any Shabbat dinner invitations that come your way 😆 @Cinfhen you may have to cook more! 1mo
Cinfhen A big pot of chicken soup with fluffy matzah balls can feed a crowd @Smrloomis so consider yourself invited as well 😁 1mo
Smrloomis @Cinfhen 😁👍🏽 1mo
BooknerdsLife Great review and sounds interesting yet intense...& sad to know it‘s still happening 😔 1mo
Reggie @Smrloomis I said it in a post long ago, I‘m always on the lookout for that Jewish family in New Mexico that I can bully into inviting me to a Shabbat. Lol. 1mo
Reggie @BooknerdsLife Thanks!!! It‘s a good read. 1mo
Smrloomis @Reggie 😂 Good luck with inviting yourself over to other people‘s houses! 1mo
ReadingEnvy He's speaking where I work on Thursday but I'm running a storytelling event around the same time so have to miss it. http://www2.furman.edu/academics/CLP/Pages/Events.aspx#/?i=1 1mo
Reggie @ReadingEnvy that‘s too bad. He really sounds like a bright, intelligent, young man in the book, and it sounds crazy but that was even before his transformation. He is described as someone who just had a natural curiosity for life. 1mo
ReadingEnvy @Reggie yes it sounds good for sure. I need Hermione's timeturner! 1mo
Suet624 My daughter talks about this book all the time. For some reason every time I go to the library I forget the name of the book. Grrr.... I want to read it. 1mo
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How funny that the news out on the left comes out as I‘m reading this book. It doesn‘t seem that they‘re about the same thing...... but they are.

Cathythoughts Life is mad ... 1mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts it‘s kinda crazy. I‘m only 30% in but it‘s soooooo good so far. 1mo
Aimeesue I keep having this same conversation with people about Neo Nazis. My position is that you are never going to change a person's mind by demonising them. Denounce the evil racist beliefs, for sure, but you can't change someone's outlook by yelling at them. That takes compassion and a step away from anger. I'll be waiting for your review of this book! (edited) 1mo
See All 8 Comments
Centique Oh wow this sounds interesting but also horrifying. You‘ll have to tell me whether I could read this or not. I might literally explode at how awful people are... 🌋🌋🌋 1mo
Reggie @Aimeesue I agree with everything you said. Michelle Obama says it‘s hard to hate up close. I think you would like this book very much but I will be honest, parts of it scared the hell out of me. 1mo
Reggie @Centique It‘s totally worth reading. Yes it is scary how horrible people can be but here is a story of hope. If this guy can change so can others. Plus there‘s a lot of history in here worth knowing. 1mo
Smrloomis I kind of always assumed that some people doing “conversion therapy” were trying to deny themselves. But now that it‘s come out for this person - honestly I just feel pity for them. That sounds pretty awful for all involved. 😢 1mo
ReadingEnvy AND the guy who made his million on courtship (very popular in the fundamentalist set) recently apologized. 1mo
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This was an entertaining imagining if Holmes and Watson‘s many great grandchildren met at an American boarding school to fulfill their familial destiny by becoming friends and solving a murder. Told from the voice of a very melodramatic Jamie Watson, I laughed a lot and was kept interested by his interaction with a very pithy Charlotte Holmes. Pick. A survey at work says Cumberbatch and Freeman are the only Holmes and Watson that matters. I‘ve👇🏼

Reggie never seen any of the series or read the original stories which I think would have helped a little. Maybe I missed out on a couple of nods. Still a pick. 1mo
LeahBergen I dunno. Cumberbatch is good but I‘ll always love Jeremy Brett‘s portrayal of Holmes. ❤️ 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm For me Jeremy Brett‘s is the most perfect portrayal but Cumberbatch + Freeman (great pair) brought new life to the characters. I didn‘t like the Miller-Lucy Liu portrayal and RDJ is a big no-no! 🙅‍♀️ (sorry RDJ fans). 1mo
See All 10 Comments
RamsFan1963 I like Cumberbatch, but I'd have to go old school and pick Basil Rathbone as my favorite Sherlock. 1mo
batsy Rathbone and Brett are excellent and way better than Cumberbatch, imho 😁 And I think I'm the only one who holds this opinion but I find Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock more interesting than Cumberbatch's performance, too. This book/series sounds really fun! 1mo
ValerieAndBooks I agree with the above that Jeremy Brett was great as Holmes. This one looks good! 1mo
PlayingBonny @batsy FWIW you‘re not alone when it comes to Miller (after a reread of the books I appreciate his performance even more, to be honest). Brett is my ultimate Holmes though. 1mo
PlayingBonny Thanks for the rec, I have a special place in my heart for Holmes pastiches. 1mo
Reggie @LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm @RamsFan1963 @batsy @ValerieAndBooks @PlayingBonny Thanks for all the responses! I don‘t know if does the originals justice but the book was fun. 1mo
BooknerdsLife I love Sherlock Holmes and this book sounds like a fun read 🧐 Stacked! 😄📚📚 1mo
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post image

19 essays from Arab women journalists from all over the Arab World. This was eye opening to this American in his self spun cocoon. I had no idea what the Arab Spring was or how it started or who Mohamed Bouazizi was. How this was a catalyst for everything that happens in this decade for the Middle East. I must admit I had my own preconceived notions about the area and women from the Middle East and this was revelatory. I‘m glad I read it. 👇🏼

Reggie I just want to add that the strength these women have to fight to be able to do something that society tells them that, based on their gender, they have no business doing, while witnessing and reporting on nightmares one can only hope to never have to live through left me with a deep sense of respect and gratitude towards them. Pick! (edited) 2mo
Tanisha_A I stacked it yesterday after reading your blurb. Sounds like a powerful read! Great review! 💙 2mo
Suet624 Well now I have to go find this! 2mo
See All 10 Comments
Suet624 And yes, so much respect for these women. (edited) 2mo
IvoryLunatic Ah I this exactly the kind of book I want to be reading more of. Thank you for the review! 2mo
LibrarianJen I took a women and war history class in undergrad and loved it! This would have been a great addition to the class. If you want something else similar try 2mo
thebluestocking You write great reviews. 💙 1mo
GatheringBooks this is exactly the kind of book i should be reading now! i think i need this in my life right about now. 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

1. Anything by Khaled Hosseini and Marlon James because both have books I‘ve read but put me in this frame of mind that I have to be in a certain space to read something else by them.
2. Boy Wonder by James Robert Baker
3. ♾
4. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb ♾✨
5. Anyone who would like to play.

Thanks for the tag @Redwritinghood

Cathythoughts The Kite Runner- I saw the movie .... unbelievable! So good. I must read the book too 👍🏻 👍🏻 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts that‘s the only book of his I read and I want to read more but always tell myself I‘m not ready. I loved the Kite Runner. 2mo
TrishB You have to be ready for A Thousand Splendid Suns. It‘s in my all time top 10, but it‘s raw and emotional and you have to be prepared! 2mo
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Reggie @TrishB That‘s the one!!!!!! This girl at work, she said that‘s her favorite book ever, but she said be ready to have your insides ripped out. Lol, so that‘s why. Exactly what you said. 2mo
Cathythoughts Powerful stuff!! I remember I had to leave the cinema briefly , to gather myself.... strong movie. Strong subjects ... 2mo
vivastory #3 you speak the truth, my friend 2mo
TrishB @Reggie @Cathythoughts it‘s so worth it, but completely heart wrenching. I‘ve brought it for people with a health warning - be prepared. 2mo
Cweeeevs Totally agree with you about Marlon James! I've had Black Leopard, Red Wolf staring at me for months now and I don't know when I'll be ready for it! 😭 2mo
LeahBergen I‘m with you on # 3! 😆 2mo
Reggie @vivastory @LeahBergen everyday I stack more books here on Litsy and I think, when the hell am I gonna read all of those! Lol One day last week it was some crazy number like 10!! 2mo
Reggie @Cweeeevs lol, same. I bought that book when it came out and it‘s still chilling on my shelf. I just remember thinking that when I read Book of Night Women it was a book I thought I had worked hard at reading. An honest couple of good hard days work of reading. I just need to go for it. (edited) 2mo
Cweeeevs @Reggie that's exactly how I felt about it! 🤣 I keep going too easy on myself, I should just tackle it. 2mo
Centique I smiled so hard at number 3. I‘m so similar. Give me ALL the books. (Heaven has to have a library right? I‘m thinking my TBR is gonna have to come with me. I‘ll be standing at the pearly gates saying “But how do I transfer my Goodreads Wishlist?” 😂😂) 2mo
dukhnashan Thanks again have $0👍 1mo
dukhnashan Hello🌛🌞🔥☝️🤙🙏👍🥀🌷🌹❤️🌼🌼💥🌀🔥🌛🌞 🤾🏼‍♀️hii💯 just 1mo
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This is from the introduction but I‘m 2/3rds of the way finished with it. I could have finished it tonight but this isn‘t a book one barrels through. If you‘re like me and have had your head in the sand, it‘s pretty eye opening. Much respect to all these women.

Niso As an Arab woman, I 100% endorse this statement and this anthology ❤️ I hope you‘d have a great time reading it! 2mo
Reggie @Niso I just finished this book and thought it was great. It was very educational. 2mo
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Hag | Kathleen Kaufman
post image

I think that the writing in here was lovely. The Hag is a misunderstood woman named Cailleach who is centuries old slumbering as her lineage lives on, waking only when they need help, waiting for the day when the circle will close. We read about her present day many greats granddaughter Alice and read about other generations weaved in throughout the story forgetting and finding their power. Is it perfect? No, but I enjoyed it. A feminist Pick!

TrishB Stacked 👍🏻 2mo
Cathythoughts Sounds good ! I‘m from a long line of Kathleens & Catherines & Kates & Kittys & I‘m getting old & into that territory 👍🏻♥️stacked ! (edited) 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts in here the name Catherine comes from the name Catriona. Who happens to be near the top of their lineage. Hope you like it if you read it! 2mo
ephemeralwaltz Reaaaally can't wait to read this! 1mo
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Hag | Kathleen Kaufman
post image

I love this book so far. I love paragraphs like these. This book feels very Circe adjacent. Like they live in the same city but different neighborhoods.

Centique Ahhh sounds so good! 2mo
Reggie @Centique it‘s right in our wheelhouse. 2mo
Centique @Reggie I‘m so happy to have a shared wheelhouse! 😍 2mo
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The Suicide Motor Club | Christopher Buehlman
post image

It‘s the late 60‘s and Judith Lamb is in a car with her 5yo son and her husband driving down a highway late at night when a car of vampires appears besides them and snatches her son. A 2nd car bumps her car and makes it crash horribly leaving them for dead. This is her revenge story against these vicious, sumbitch, vampires. I really liked the writing and how all the characters had these true to their character thoughts and memories. Pick!!!

TrishB Great review 👍🏻 2mo
Reggie @TrishB Thanks, I think you‘d like it. 2mo
TrishB I was just looking on amazon! 3 reviews, 2 think its the best thing since sliced bread and the other thinks it‘s ‘a bit boring‘ 1 star!! 4.5 stars on US site! 2mo
See All 14 Comments
Reggie @TrishB but if you look at Goodreads it has a 3.92 average after 791 ratings. 2mo
Reggie @TrishB also you have to account for those people who are gluten intolerant. 2mo
TrishB 😂😂😂 2mo
LauraBeth I like a good revenge story! 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Car crashing vampires? 🧛‍♀️ 🧛‍♂️ Sounds bloody exhilarating! 2mo
Reggie @LauraBeth on the DQ sliding scale this was a peanut buster parfait. Lol, it was pretty good. 2mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm it was. There‘s a part where the vampires are being chased by some state troopers and one of the big vampires only known to us as Neckbrace crawls out the window and cannonballs into the troopers at a super high speed effectively killing him. Neckbrace lives. Good, gritty, stuff. 2mo
LauraBeth Ohhh - see I can relate to this type of rating scale!! 🍦 2mo
vivastory This is the best thread I've read all week 🍦 2mo
vivastory I'm glad you liked it! 2mo
Reggie @vivastory glad we could entertain. Thanks again for the rec. I got Demon Theory from you by SGJ and I‘m gonna look up Sylvia Moreno Garcia‘s take on vampires later during Halloween. 2mo
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The Suicide Motor Club | Christopher Buehlman
post image

@vivastory Thanks, Scott, for recommending this. I started this today and am really liking it so far.

vivastory I'm glad you're enjoying it. I've been meaning to read more Buehlman since this one. I've heard great things about 2mo
TrishB Sounds interesting! I‘ll look forward to your review! 2mo
Cathythoughts I love it 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
See All 6 Comments
Lindy 🍹🐎😁 2mo
KimM Might need to get this quote tattooed 😂 2mo
Centique Giving me reasons to start drinking earlier...! 😂 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

I don‘t really ever drink but tonight I‘m making lasagna and I need red wine for the meat sauce and was completely blown away by the faux book covers I saw. There‘s the anthropomorphic sci-fi Paraduxx. Gritty historical thriller, 19 Crimes:The Uprising. Sad fiction tale, Hopes End. Humorous fiction, Sheep Thrills. Paranormal romance, The Prophecy. Post apocalyptic zombie thriller, Besieged. Meet-cute romance, Available, followed by its steamy👇🏼

Reggie sequel, Ménage a tois-Midnight. Lol I stayed in that aisle looking just at the bottle labels for a good 15 minutes lol. (edited) 2mo
readordierachel I love this post 😂😂 2mo
MicheleinPhilly I love 19 Crimes! 2mo
See All 20 Comments
TrishB Cool 👍🏻 2mo
saresmoore I love this! 2mo
vivastory Oh, man This is the best wine post I've seen in a long long time 😂😂🍷🍷📚📚 2mo
CarolynM Fab labels😍 2mo
Reviewsbylola I don‘t drink either. At least, not wine. 😆 2mo
Reviewsbylola Those are really cool tho! 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Awesome! I love how you curated this 😊 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Love these! 2mo
sprainedbrain This is great! 2mo
batsy These are very cool! 2mo
CatalinaSimona18 So cool. 2mo
Lindy @Reggie Fun post! I hope the lasagna was good too. One of our friends always brings Apothic Inferno to our monthly literary salons. 🍷 2mo
Centique That is brilliant. I bet they‘re seeing sales results from that concept! I‘m having a bit of a red wine renaissance at my house as it‘s a very dreary winter here - I‘m all about Shiraz at the moment - usually Australian. More importantly how was the lasagne?!!!! 2mo
Reggie @readordierachel @MicheleinPhilly @TrishB @saresmoore @vivastory @CarolynM @Reviewsbylola @ValerieAndBooks @erzascarletbookgasm @sprainedbrain @batsy @CatalinaSimona18 @Lindy @Centique Thanks!!! It was my first time and it came out pretty decent. I let it rest for 20 minutes after coming out of the oven and thought it was a little goopy. However it tasted great. And we had the rest today and after it congealed it was picture perfect and tasted 2mo
Reggie even better! 2mo
TrishB @Lindy I love the thought of your monthly literary salons 😘 2mo
youneverarrived How cool! 2mo
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Wicked Fox | Kat Cho
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Miyoung is a gumiho, a nine tailed fox, who saves a boy, Jiyoon, while he is being attacked by a dokkaebi, a goblin. In saving his life she has put hers at risk. I really liked this for the most part. I felt the second half dragged jusssst a little. However, the Korean culture, the food, all the mythology, the glossary in the back for all the Korean words used, the family dynamics, and all the DRAMA made this an enjoyable read. Pick!

TrishB Great review 👍🏻 book sounds interesting! 2mo
BooknerdsLife Awww Thank you for the review! 👍🏼 I have this book on my kindle, might need to push it up on my TBR 🙌🏼📚 1mo
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Wicked Fox | Kat Cho
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The game I‘ve been playing for years, League of Legends, has this character shown up above named Ahri. And her bio is that she is a 9 tail fox creature who feeds on the lives of men. I just thought the game makers were being creative. Turns out it‘s Korean folklore. That ball she is holding which I thought was just some magic ball is her yeowu guseul- fox bead, which is her soul. Hmm, the more you know. Thanks reading! Lol.

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I originally ran across that creature in of all place a book from the Vampire Diaries...haha. I love the books that pull from mythology. 2mo
DivineDiana Fascinating! 2mo
LibrarianJen Strangely reminds me of the Oodkind from Dr. Who. 2mo
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Reggie @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @LibrarianJen @DivineDiana It is fascinating. I‘m surprised you ladies didn‘t say it showed up in Supernatural. Lol. I do like mythology retellings and tie-ins. I even jumped the gun on this because the boy in here even tells her chapters later there is a gumiho character in League of Legends named Ahri. It was pretty cool. (Cause I‘m a nerd like that..😎) 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Reggie That‘s great when your tie in thought shows up later in the book!! Very cool! 2mo
LibrarianJen I haven‘t watched much of supernatural 😳 I know, I‘m the worst nerd ever. 2mo
Reggie @LibrarianJen not ever having watched Dr.Who is my secret shame. 🤫 don‘t tell anyone. Lol 2mo
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This book is so powerful. Gottlieb, a therapist, has a sudden breakup with a long term boyfriend and realizes she needs to go talk to someone about it. Her story of therapy intermixed with patients of her own combine to make this non-preachy book about how we are all human and how sometimes we just need help. There are people‘s stories in here and their revelations I won‘t be forgetting for a long time. A lovely, heart wrenching, pick!!!

Cathythoughts Great review ! I like the sound of “ non- preachy” 👍🏻 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts I think you would love this book. It‘ll make you bawl. Omg, the tears!!!! 2mo
Tanisha_A I have a slightly hard time reading non-fictions but your review makes me want to pick it up! 👏 2mo
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Reggie @Tanisha_A It‘s another one of those doesn‘t read like a nonfiction books, but in the best way possible. There are 4 of her patients she tells you about but as she tells you about them breaks their stories down in a most unobtrusive way that makes you appreciate what she has to say and I think everyone would see someone in their life if not some of themselves in this book. Please give it a try! 2mo
Centique Stacked! 2mo
Crazeedi This sounds very interesting 2mo
Reggie @Centique @Crazeedi It‘s sooo good. It is probably gonna be the X-mas book I give to my reader friends at work. All day today I thought of it. (edited) 2mo
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Bunny: A Novel | Mona Awad
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This was very Mean Girls meets The Craft meets maybe a Twilight Zone episode? We meet Samantha who is in a MFA program at posh school in the middle of skid row. She‘s lonely, a fact that isn‘t helped at all by the clique of girls in her program know as the Bunnies. To tell more is kind of hard. It came off as this hilarious fever dream until the end which took me by surprise as it morphed into a heartbreaking love story? I really enjoyed it. Pick!

Cathythoughts Nice review 👍🏻♥️I have it stacked already 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm I‘ve got this stacked too! 2mo
batsy I already have this stacked, but as usual if I didn't your brilliant review would have sold me! 😍 2mo
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CarolynM I'm intrigued! 2mo
TNbookworm Great review👍 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm @batsy @CarolynM @TNbookworm This book was as totally bonkers/bananas as people have been saying it is. 2mo
readordierachel The Craft! Yes! I didn't even think of that but it's so true. 2mo
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Bunny: A Novel | Mona Awad
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Yeah, this book definitely keeps your attention. This is page 7. Lol They‘re at a college faculty mixer. Or as they call it in here a “demitasse” because they‘re too ivy and pretentious.

Tex2Flo As George Takei would say, “Oh my!” 2mo
Megabooks Whoa! 2mo
readordierachel I really enjoyed this one. So weird. 2mo
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LauraJ And it just keeps getting better... 2mo
Centique I love it. Fierce as! 2mo
Cathythoughts Sounds good. I see I have stacked already 👍🏻 2mo
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Three Women | Lisa Taddeo
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I ended up really enjoying this book. It doesn‘t read as nonfiction to me but I got sucked in. We read about Maggie, Lina, and Sloane. Maggie is a young woman who had an inappropriate relationship with a teacher. Lina is in a marriage where her husband refuses to kiss or touch her. Sloane is married to a man who watches her have sex with other men. I took a lot away from this book. How sometimes all we desire is a hug and a willing ear. Some-👇🏼

Reggie one to care and treat us with respect. My heart hurt for two of these ladies. There is a part in here that made me so fcking angry, it made me have flashbacks to a certain recent Supreme Court‘s newest appointment‘s hearings. I was shocked to feel that my usual judgy persona didn‘t pop up with Sloane and her husband. I felt they were the healthiest people in this book. Even though it took her quite a ways to get there. This book was full of 2mo
Reggie surprises for me. Pick!! 2mo
batsy Nice review, Reggie 👍🏽 2mo
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TrishB Great review 👍🏻 2mo
BarbaraBB Great review! 2mo
Megabooks Great review! I agree about Sloane. 2mo
Centique Awesome job reviewing this. Gives me hope for the world that there are people like you in it, reading books like this! 2mo
Bookzombie Great review! 2mo
Reggie @Centique 😊that‘s how I felt when I listened to you on the podcast!!! 2mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Thanks!!! I would totally be interested in what you think about this novel. 2mo
Centique @Reggie 😘😘 2mo
Bookzombie @Reggie Thanks! It‘s on my TBR list. 🙂 2mo
Suet624 I love the variety of books that you read. 2mo
Reggie @Suet624 Thanks, Sue! 😊 2mo
ephemeralwaltz Great review, Reggie. I really like Sloane too. I'm almost finished with this one! 2mo
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Three Women | Lisa Taddeo
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I‘m gonna admit to having difficulty seeing this as nonfiction with how flowery she writes some parts. I wanna judge Taddeo for something that is actually lovely but doesn‘t go with my idea of how something should be....? Which is my baggage right? Whatever, because I‘ve been sucked in and am now in the reading groove. The loneliness is palpable in this one.

TrishB Loneliness and sadness, I couldn‘t bear it. 2mo
Reggie @TrishB I know you bailed. I‘m always curious where and why you draw the line sometimes. I just want better for these women. Hopefully there‘s some sunshine in the end. 2mo
TrishB Sometimes I guess it‘s your own mental health at the time and whether you want to cope with the constant sadness and feeling like you are being bludgeoned by it. I honestly thought it was going to be a modern take on women fulfilling their desires without caring what society thinks. And it so wasn‘t. 2mo
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Megabooks I kind of thought of it as female pain porn. (The use of porn is a bit crude, but I meant it to reflect her deep voyeurism.) I didn‘t enjoy it. Too painful, too...dysfunctional (??) for me. 2mo
BarbaraBB @TrishB I just bought it with that same expectation.... 2mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB I‘ll look forward to your thoughts! 2mo
Cathythoughts Palpable loneliness ♥️💔. And your in the reading groove ... what a place to be ... read on 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
Reggie ❤️❤️❤️@TrishB I think this book answers the question to why it wasn‘t about the women you wanted it to be about. As a society, we‘re all too quick to snuff out someone else‘s light. To be that woman takes ALOT of courage. I hope we see your book, though. 2mo
Reggie @Megabooks Coming from my Disney upbringing some of this was soooo foreign to me. But the later, gay and lonely, Reggie in his 20‘s Reggie found a lot to take away here. 2mo
Reggie @BarbaraBB I think me and you go 50/50 on agreeing on books so I‘m curious to what you think. 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts ❤️ you made me break out into 🎶 Carry on my waywarrrd suuuuuoooon.🎶 2mo
TrishB So true 💜 2mo
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I loved Paul Tremblay‘s collection of short horror stories with the exception of 2 of them that were way, way, above me. He has such a way of writing from a child‘s innocence. He also has a way of writing the details from the periphery that allow you to make up a much more horrifying picture. I‘m also in awe of the huge multi layered universe each one contained. These may be labeled horror but I‘d also add literary to the description. Pick!

JaclynW Great review! 2mo
Reagan-reads Ooh I can‘t wait to get my mitts on this one. Great review! 2mo
Avanders You! 🤭 stack added 😉 2mo
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Reggie @JaclynW @Reagan-reads @Avanders Thanks!!! I‘m not gonna lie. These stories had me all over the place. I cried into a bourbon bacon burger at Denny‘s last night on one story and then today another story made me tear up at Church‘s chicken. Lol, so just be prepared, because all is not what it seems. 2mo
Tex2Flo I‘m now officially afraid of this book. 2mo
JaclynW @Reggie Oh wow! Sounds like a book that really pulls you in. 2mo
Avanders @Reggie aww ... well, that might be a new one at Denny‘s 😉😆 2mo
Reggie @Tex2Flo I still think you should give them a try. The horror I got was not the one I was expecting. 2mo
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So with this story, Notes from the Dog Walkers, Tremblay demonstrates the different shades of horror. This story is made up of notes from the couple of dog walkers who walk this rescue puppy, Holly, that all started out like,”Holly is a great pup and loves belly rubs,” but have progressed to this hot-mess, craziness, lol. This book, it‘s great so far.

sprainedbrain This describes my shelving system fairly well. 😂 3mo
Lindy @sprainedbrain Mine too. I know where to find what I‘m looking for, even though they aren‘t in order. 3mo
ValerieAndBooks That is a great bookish passage! Speaking of crazy dogs, I had a friend who has one and it actually bit me on the leg in two places unprovoked!! She was more worried about the dog getting into trouble aka being reported than me and kept saying how sweet it normally is! I don‘t really see her as a friend anymore now ☹️ 3mo
Reggie @sprainedbrain @Lindy that‘s awesome. 😄 3mo
Reggie @ValerieAndBooks that‘s horrible and I don‘t blame you. 3mo
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