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How Many, How Many, How Many | Rick Walton, Cynthia Jabar
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#TeamStoker I want to see how we're all doing with chipping away at our TBR piles! How many books have you completed in October so far? Don't worry about whether it's less than others are more than others. Post your number with pride!!! 😁

🌟2pts per comment🌟


BTW this picture is an actual cemetery that is down the street from my house. Beautiful isn't it? 😍

PathfinderNicole I‘ve only finished 2 😢 2d
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Alora 1! Finished it today 😀 2d
TheReadingMermaid @PathfinderNicole stop that! No book shaming yourself! You're doing a great job sweetie 😘 2d
Shakespearience 2 graphic novels, 2 audio books for a total of 4 books. Currently working on audio book #3 and 2 novels. 2d
Ericalambbrown 9 finished in October. About half audio, half reading. 2d
Riveted_Reader_Melissa 5 books, and 3 comics/graphic novels 2d
kymmiesreads 3 books so far! 2d
jb72 I have finished 28 books so far this month. Mostly children‘s books. 2d
TheReadingMermaid I've got 1 magazine, 6 children's books, 9 graphic novels, 18 novels and short story compilations, and 30 comic books for a total of 64 books this month so far. 2d
Skygoddess1 Just finished my 7th book today. Almost done with Dracula on audio 2d
Kimberlone 7 books, 8 comics. That is a lot for me! 2d
LauraJ Five! (Three were 450 + pages) 2d
Marmie7 8 Ya/children's books, 2 graphic novels, 3 Audiobooks, 3 Horror Books 2d
Chrys 12 kids book, 2 graphic novels, 3 adult books. Working on a couple of longer ones right now 2d
jessinikkip 4 books so far, I'm not far from the end of number 5!! 2d
AsYouWish 1 book completely done, and I have a couple others started, so soon my number will go up!!! 2d
BookwormAHN I've gotten 6 novels, 5 kid books and 7 graphic novels done so my total is 18 👻 2d
GrilledCheeseSamurai 11 graphic novels 3 real books and 4 children's books and...comics...sheesh i dunno I don't usually count my singles. 40-60? 2d
Jesstifies 4! Started another and bailed (it was not good) and working on the 5th now and really liking it. 2d
SassyPants617 5 so far! 2d
Chili 7 so far. I just started #8. 2d
IndoorDame 9 finished 2 in progress 2d
CoffeeCatsBooks 9 books (including YA and short stories) and a lot of graphic novel, comics, and picture books. 2d
Nessavamusic 8 so far, 3 in progress! 2d
Jadams1776 I‘m at 24 2d
Melismatic I‘m at 18! 2d
Laughterhp I‘m at 5. With 3 in progress. 2d
TorieStorieS I‘ve finished 14 so far- hoping to finish two more today (one physical and one on audio!) 2d
Melmar 3 2d
TheReadingMermaid Do you guys realize that as a collective we have read over 370 books!!!! That is amazing Team!!! You guys are incredible!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 2d
jb72 @TheReadingMermaid Wow that‘s great! 2d
TorieStorieS That‘s so impressive!!!! 2d
Nessavamusic That‘s amazing! 2d
Laughterhp That‘s awesome!! 2d
kymmiesreads 5 so far! 2d
TheReadingMermaid I have all points catalog up to this point 🧟‍♀️ 2d
ElizaMarie So it‘s hard to figure out. I am thinking 16? But that seems off. This month I did more comics (because I can read them easier at work) 2d
MaleficentBookDragon I'm being very slow this month. I have only finished 2 audiobooks so far. I'm really slacking. They both are seasonal though. We have Always Lived in the Castle and Rolling in the Deep. 16h
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Book #8 of Indian Origin Author October Series
With my Indian Origin/Born Author marathon in progress for October I really felt cheating when I felt so tempted to read this book. Had really heard a lot about it and the numerous inner meanings this small powerhouse of a book carried.
Although, its strange is how things work, the first page in the book made me jump off my seat. It read Owell was born in India Yaay. Must Read!


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I‘m not sure whether to blame Bookbub or @Crazeedi for today‘s purchase. @Crazeedi turned me on to this series, and they keep showing up as ebook deals. I‘ve bought several in the last couple of months, but I want to read the series in order. Do you think the publisher could put them on sale in order? Of course not! Oh, well, when I get to #8, this will be waiting in for me on my Kindle. In the meantime, back to #2.

Crazeedi This is very cool that you're getting them for a great price! I hope you are enjoying! There are like 23 or more , so you will have fun 2w
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Joe Ledger #8: I recommend these on audio. Ray Porter is fantastic. Terrorists have found a new weapon to shut down power and plan to release a bioweapon. Joe and the Department of Military Sciences are fumbling every mission and losing confidence. There is mind control and things get crazy. The only negative was that I had the bad guy pegged early on. I also did some fervent praying that Maberry didn‘t kill anyone I love.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8 | Joss Whedon, Jordie Bellaire
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So from issue #5 through 8 we got a new artist because Dan Mora left to presumably do Once and Future (I‘ll allow). But the art now is just.....I‘m an anti-fan. All the characters look shocked all the time and they no longer resemble the actors. Writing is still good though. They‘re gearing up for a Hellmouth crossover with Angel and #8 does GREAT set up. I‘m hyped!

GrilledCheeseSamurai Super hype for Hellmouth. 🤘 3w
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