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Ice Cold | Tess Gerritsen
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Even though it's #8, it's a good stand alone book. I enjoyed all the twists and turns in this one. Easy to read, rounded characters and believable events.

Orphan #8 | Kim Van Alkemade
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Orphaned Rachel craved the love of a mother but got the x-ray experiments of ambitious Dr. Mildred Solomon instead, experiments that caused her to lose both hair and health. At the end of her life, Dr. Solomon craves mercy but finds herself in the conflicted care of an adult Rachel. Orphan #8 is a richly told dual timeline historical fiction that brings to life historical NYC and the tangled history of two women with the power to hurt each other.

Genealogy | Mae Wood
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I‘m a big fan of researching my ancestors and their stories so this book was fascinating for me. It was also very romantic and heart-wrenching. What a story! A chance meeting leading to a life-long love. #42 #BookSpinBingo #8 #BFC22 #ReadMyRoom #AwesomeApril #Pantone2022Colours

Clwojick 👏🏻✨Way to go!!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 1mo
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 1mo
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Book #20 of 2022, Book #8 of the Sweet Magnolias series. Out of all the Sweet Magnolia books I have read so far this was my least favorite.

Untitled | Untitled
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Thanks @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks for the tag! 🥰🥰

Sometimes we forget, but we need to remember & keep on thriving. It's the only way! Use it as your home screen! Keep repeating those words until they are wired into your brain. It works!

😘🤗❤ Thanks for being my #8
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WJCintron #8 @gissy @dragon @mandarchy @eggs @Susanita @peanutnine @SusanLee
& many more. 😃 ❤ You guys are amazing!
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Ast_Arslan 🥺 thank you! Yoy're so sweet ❤ 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love this 🤗❤️ 2mo
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AmandaBlaze Thanks for this! 2mo
WJCintron @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Ast_Arslan @AmandaBlaze 🥰😃❤ Have a great week! (edited) 2mo
Gissy A daily mantra to repeat every day 🙌❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
WJCintron @Gissy 😃 👍 2mo
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Booked | Kwame Alexander
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1st quarter #booked2022 - Finished 6 from different seasons and only two were on my original plan. 😂😂
#1-Beheld by TaraShea Nesbit (surprisingly good)
#4-Issac‘s Storm by Erik Larson (better than expected)
#6-Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (exactly as awful as anticipated)
#8-Moneyland by Oliver Bullough (okay)
#12-Cruel is the Night by Karo Hamalainen (#LMPBC)
#13-The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya (CM Library Community Read)

Cinfhen Yay!!! You‘re off to a great start!! And I‘m happy to hear about Beheld since I own a copy on my kindle🤓 Don‘t forget to submit all books read between Jan 1-March 31🧭 use link below to enter the #FirstQuarterdrawing:

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Bingo Love | Tee Franklin
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Doubling down on my favorite color for the first Spring #BookspinBingo! Going all-print again. I guess we‘ll see on Saturday…🔮

BarbaraBB Great list. #8 and #12 are favorites of mine and I also love your #4. Clever! 2mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB thanks! I have your collection and one from Persephone I‘m working through, so #4 is perfect. I‘m very excited to read two more Boynes in April as well. 👍🏻 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2mo
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Untitled | Untitled
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Other than what I've been reading for work, I'm in a bit of a reading slump. I'm giving myself a lot of freedom to mood read with my next #bookspin #doublespin list.

BookLineNSinker I have felt the same exact away! I'm buying books and feeling so exhausted by reading them lol! But I just happened to get on my library app and found a random book that turned out to be an easy listen that I enjoyed. 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Good luck!! 2mo
katiekat311 Recently read and enjoyed your #8! Hopefully you‘ll get out of the slump to enjoy Easter Break reading material! 2mo
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April Showers | George Shannon
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My #bookspin list for #bookspinbingo APRIL..

#8 (Waking Gods) could change to the first book (Sleeping Giants) in The Themis Files if I don't finish it before the end of the month...but I should finish it.


TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! I really enjoyed Project Hail Mary. 2mo
AUDIOBOOKINGWITHLEAH @TheAromaofBooks That's why I bought it when it went on sale at Audible. Everyone seems to love it! 2mo
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For those that love history, this is volume #8 in Will and Ariel Durant's History of Civilization series. Extremely detailed and very well written.