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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Sometimes you desperately need to share, and tonight is one of those times, and Litsy is the place I most feel comfortable doing so.

Our daughter Alice, who is the person who introduced me to Litsy (and those of you who know us well know her Litsy handle which I‘m specifically not using) and her husband are divorcing. She and her son moved in with us at the beginning of April, and we‘re adjusting to a new normal. We‘re managing, but—⬇️

Lynnsoprano Those who have been our friends for a while know that she‘s had some serious medical challenges. And the past couple of weeks, she‘s been dealing with dental issues. Today, her kidney stone problems resurfaced. We‘re just all (Alice, hubby, and me) really rocked by all this and feeling in the need of some support. Prayers, positive vibes, whatever would be really appreciated. 2w
Rachel.Rencher @Lynnsoprano Oh no I am so so sorry. 😞 Hang in there. I know how hard situations like this can be, but it always gets better. ❤❤ I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts. 2w
Soubhiville 💜💜💜 wishing you all the best. 2w
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cobwebmoth Hugs to you all.❤ 2w
JoScho Sending love to all of you! 2w
LibrarianRyan 💗💗💗 2w
MallenNC I‘m so sorry. Sometimes it seems like stress and trouble just multiple. Hope it gets better soon. 2w
Craftylikefox Sending love 💕 2w
Librarybelle ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
Karkar Hugs to all of you! 2w
sammisho Hugs to you and your daughter💞💞💞 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage Sending you all lots of love! 💕💕 2w
SaturnDoo Sending out lots of love, prayers and hugs to all of you. 🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤ 2w
Jess Many hugs and positive vibes being sent your way tonight. 2w
LiteraryinLititz Thinking of you and your family tonight. 💗 2w
CaliforniaCay Sounds tough, but atleast you can all be together to help each other through the process. Sending positive vibes your way ❤💚💜💙💛 2w
stacybmartin I‘m so sorry to hear this. I‘ve been there and my family were my rocks during that really difficult time for me and my son. I‘m so glad she has you for support. Sending all the hugs, strength, and prayers to you and your family. 💜 2w
quietjenn Thinking of you all. 💜 2w
Pamwurtzler Thinking of you! 2w
JessClark78 ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
readordierachel Sending good thoughts to all of you ❤ 2w
MaureenMc Sending prayers for you and your family. 2w
Lynnsoprano @JessClark78 @Pamwurtzler @quietjenn @CaliforniaCay @LiteraryinLititz @Jess @SaturnDoo @BarbaraTheBibliophage @sammisho @Karkar @Librarybelle @Craftylady @MallenNC @LibrarianKatie @JoScho @cobwebmoth @Soubhiville @Rachel.Rencher Thank you so much. Good news is no stone. But they are keeping her overnight on IV antibiotics for severe UTI. We‘ll cope with this, but I feel so relieved that I can share with my Litsy family. 2w
Lynnsoprano @stacybmartin Your comments mean so much to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 😘 2w
LeahBergen Oh no! Sending you all lots of love. ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
erzascarletbookgasm 🙏 and 💗 to you all. 2w
Jas16 Sending you all lots of love and keeping you in my thoughts 2w
DivineDiana So sorry. ❤️ 2w
BethM I‘m so sorry to hear that. Hang in there and know that you have all of us behind you. 2w
bookishkris Sending positive vibes to all of you. 2w
JacqMac Lots of love to you all. She is so lucky to have a caring family so close. I hope things start to look up soon. 💕 2w
Reggie I‘m so sorry to hear this. Sending good thoughts! 2w
merelybookish Nothing to add except lots of good wishes and positive vibes! 💕💕 2w
Kalalalatja Sending hugs 💕 2w
mrp27 Thinking of you and your family during these difficult times. ❤️❤️ (edited) 2w
Eggs @Lynnsoprano Thinking of all of you and sending 🙏🏻 and hugs and hope and strength💗😘 2w
julesG Sending big hugs to the four of you! Sending healing energy and strength your way. 😘😘😘 2w
kezzlou85 Sending you love and strength ❤ 2w
DarcysMom Lots of love to all of you. ❤ 2w
Kaye ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 1w
Lizpixie I‘m so sorry for all of you. I know firsthand how hard it is living with medical problems, having to deal with the ending of a relationship at the same time must be devastating for her. Sending all my love & support from my family to yours. If you ever need someone to talk to, don‘t hesitate to ask lovely.♥️💔♥️ 1w
Simona Thinking of you and your family 💞💕 1w
rretzler 💕🤗 1w
MamaGina Alice is so lucky to have you in her corner! Hugs to you and your family as you support each other through this tough time 🤗 1w
Weaponxgirl Sending you big hugs ❤️ 1w
Lynnsoprano @Weaponxgirl @MamaGina @Lizpixie @julesG @Eggs @mrp27 @Kalalalatja @merelybookish @Reggie @JacqMac Thank you 😘 You all are the best! I was home alone with my grandson waiting for news, and didn‘t think to reach out to anyone but my Litsy family. Alice is in the hospital on IV antibiotics, improving already. Love you all. 1w
Lynnsoprano @Simona @rretzler @Kaye @DarcysMom @kezzlou85 @bookishkris @BethM @DivineDiana @Jas16 Thank you so much. I was pretty low last evening, your kind thoughts really helped. Alice is improving. She was admitted to hospital, the infection appears to be in her kidney. She was having a hard time staying awake while we were there this morning, but of course she has a book. 1w
Eggs So happy to hear of improvement Lynn💗💗💗 I‘ll keep you in my heart and prayers 1w
DivineDiana Yes, I am so glad that she is feeling a bit stronger and that she has a book! 💗 1w
slothandtabby Thinking good, healing thoughts for you and your family. 1w
Suet624 I'm just now seeing this post. I'm so very sorry for your daughter. I have thought of her often and often look at her account to see how she's doing. (There hasn't been much information, as you know.) It's been hard to see how much she's been going through over the past few years. I'll keep her and you in my prayers. Much love to you. 1w
Lynnsoprano @Suet624 Thank you so much! She is doing much, much better, and also has a job interview Wednesday for a job that is perfect for her as well as less stress. I told her that she needs to get back here and I‘m sure she will. She says she has to change her user name, since she wants one that isn‘t derived from her married name. I‘ll be sure to pass on your good wishes 😘😘 4d
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Send help. I'm drowning in tbr!
What would you read first??

BookHoarder32 I'd say start reading a chapter of each and pick the one you want to continue reading 😁 4mo
readordierachel So many good choices! The Largesse of the Sea Maiden was great. 4mo
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BookBelle84 I found Motherhood to be interesting and different. 4mo
8little_paws @BookBelle84 i'm reading those top 2 as a buddy read along with read_by_rodkelly on instagram. So i'm waiting for him to start those 2! I believe we are going to read them before Feb 1. 4mo
Tamra An Orchestra! Haven‘t read it but I want to read vicariously thru you. 4mo
Hollie I think I‘d choose A Place for Us 4mo
ohyeahthatgirl I love anything Jenny Erpenbeck does and I looved This Bridge Called My Back 4mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Oh FFS, y‘all- my family is sharing this shit on Facebook with updates (it‘s over 7 mil now, btw) like it‘s a good thing. This is making the migraine worse... On the bright side, maybe they now realize Mexico really isn‘t going to pay for this shit? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Ashley_Nicoletto Oh my god. This has raised six million dollars?! What is wrong with America? 5mo
dariazeoli @Ashley_Nicoletto Ask Secretary Mattis. He just resigned. 5mo
dariazeoli I just... I feel like we‘re in a live action episode of South Park. 🤬 5mo
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Lynnsoprano This is one of those instances where like isn‘t really the response that reflects how I feel 😞 5mo
NovelGirl82 @Ashley_Nicoletto Over 7 now- it‘s so absurd! We can raise this kind of money for this crap, but not for causes that could really use the funding? 5mo
NovelGirl82 @dariazeoli I know. This just shouldn‘t be real life. I am so embarrassed that the majority of my family thinks that this is all ok. 5mo
NovelGirl82 @Lynnsoprano I get that, completely. 5mo
kspenmoll There are so many people who need so much in this country- just does feel like we are living in an unimaginable messed up country right now! 5mo
AmyG Oh please. I just heard Stephen Miller say on CNN they already have funding for the wall. People are so gullible. 5mo
NovelGirl82 @AmyG SMH 🤦‍♀️ 5mo
LauraBeth @AmyG I watched that interview with MIller and Wolf on CNN. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 And...he washed off his hair in a can. This entire administration is 🤬 nuts. Please Muller - can you work through Christmas so you can put an end to this nightmare and we all see the proof that there is a treasonous traitor in the WH who is serving our country up on a platter to Putin? 5mo
Traci1 My husband was told today that his scheduled leave for next week (including Christmas Day) will likely be cancelled because he's an essential federal employee. So I'm kind of thinking let them pay for it. No need for a shut down then, right? 5mo
DGRachel I went on a rant during the news tonight when I saw this. I‘m so ashamed of this country. What is wrong with people? $7M to support ignorance and hate in the name of “homeland security”. 🙄 5mo
Samplergal Idiots. 5mo
Samplergal @dariazeoli seriously. South Park. 5mo
Branwen It's so horrific to be living in this country right now. 😔 Also, I'm sorry you have to deal with your family's crap political opinions. *hugs* I can totally empathize and I'm sorry. 💕 5mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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AHHHHH I can‘t make a decision!!! So it‘s been a while since I‘ve bought a bunch of books together (I‘ve been buying them one at a time here and there for a little while) ANYWHOOO BookOutlet had some great finds and books that‘s I‘ve been wanting for fairly cheap, but I unfortunately stacked my cart up to 56 books, and “1” is actually a 4 book series😅😅😅💀💀 Should I take the plunge and just go for it?!?! It would make my funds a bit limited BUT

Cailey_Mac But BOOKS😍😍😍 What should I do?! 9mo
Samplergal Well I try to use my library as a resource first. I don‘t know your circumstances but i couldn‘t do it myself. Im giving away and downsizing, but even so that is a lot of books. But if you can afford it and you have no one to account to ( partner) go for it. I tend to be frugal. 9mo
Ddzmini So 270.75/56 = 4.84 ish per book that‘s an awesome price 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 go for it 😝😋📚📚📚 9mo
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Ddzmini I‘m such a bad influence 😈😈😈📚📚📚 9mo
BookHoarder32 Do it!! 😆 9mo
TheSpineView I think you are asking the wrong group of people. I suspect 90% or better of us have no willpower when it comes pay to books. 9mo
Avanders Lol my last purchase from Bookoutlet wasn't *quite* that high... I was able to cut a few out 😁 lol I love @Ddzmini 's logic 😄 9mo
Quirkybookworm Haha! You asking us? The bad influence??😂😂😂 9mo
Cailey_Mac @Samplergal I wholeheartedly WISH our library had a better selection or I would be there in a heartbeat! @Ddzmini @BookHoarder32 @TheSpineView @Avanders @Quirkybookworm Yes yes I know it‘s not the brightest to ask a bunch of book lovers if I should buy books, but my circle is very small and I have gotten mixed answers there 😅 I guess Litsy is my tiebreaker?😂😂😂 9mo
Bklover Life is short. Go for it. Buy what you love. ❤️❤️❤️ 9mo
RadicalReader @Cailey_Mac go for it!! There is no such thing as too many books only for those who don‘t dive in enough. I say go for it because there are many magnificent marvelous books to be read 8mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Hello Littens! I need some help. I‘m getting very close to finishing my reading challenge and can‘t decide what book to read next. Each of these books fits into one of the categories I have left. Will you help me choose which one I should start? #helpmechoose #makemereadit

Librarybelle Hard choice! I think my vote is for The Princess Bride 9mo
Shibbyfruitfly @Librarybelle Exactly lol. I will definitely be reading them all. Now I‘m just trying to decide which order. 😁 9mo
CaliforniaCay I agree, princess bride first 🤗 9mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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I need some input on the bookshelf quilt I'm designing. I have a list of books I want to include - matching fabric colors to covers & embroidering some titles. I've got the second shelf planned with Harry Potter & GoT series. What colors would you use for the shelf & background? I'm thinking dark grey for shelves and light grey for b.g. Also I want to include Outlander but the paperback colors are awful. Is there a prettier set of those?

JoScho I think the greys would be great in the background. 10mo
whatshesreadingnow I agree. 10mo
LibrarianRyan I think the greys could be lovely and unexpected since most would choose browns. Unfortunately Outlander has been pretty consistent with its covers. It only got new covers for the TV show. 10mo
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Traci1 @LibrarianRyan I kind of figured that was the case with Outlander. The covers aren't awful individually, but they kind of clash a bit with each other and Echo in the Bone especially is going to stick out like crazy. 10mo
LibrarianRyan @Traci1 oh yeah. Another lady and I are working on Turing specific book covers into quilts for a special project at work. 10mo
Traci1 @LibrarianRyan I hope you'll post photos of your project! 10mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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For those who‘ve part in these markup clubs before: what exactly sort of things do you mark? I‘m strangely anxious that I‘ll do this wrong! 😂

JamieArc Whatever your fancy 😊. Things that made you laugh, strong reactions you had. Quotes you want to remember, that made you think... And once others write in the book, you can respond to what they write/highlight. 11mo
CouronneDhiver Words that are unfamiliar, turns of phrase that I enjoyed, references that remind me of something else, guesses about foreshadowing, etc. 11mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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I‘ve decided to go with some lighter fare for July (I initially thought I‘d do thrillers, but...Summer). Please. Help me choose my next read!!

hermyknee I‘ve only read Kill the Boy Band and Turtles All the Way Down and I think they were both 2-3 star reads for me 😔 I wish I could be more helpful! 11mo
LiteraryinLititz I loved Turtles but I definitely wouldn‘t consider it light. Hope that helps! 11mo
EllieDottie I haven‘t read any of these so I‘m no help! But I‘m excited to hear which one you pick! 11mo
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I'm looking for bookish fabrics. Prints with books on them, book inspired novelty type prints (like ones with owls and wands and little wizard hats). Or ones like the one shown. Preferably cotton.

Do any of you know of any good online resources for literary fabric?

jpmcwisemorgan Is the picture of a fabric you have? It‘s so cute? 12mo
Traci1 @jpmcwisemorgan no it's one I found on Pinterest, but there was no source info. ☹ 12mo
vkois88 I found some cute harry potter on joann.com & I think amazon had some too. Joann's also has comic book characters. I haven't necessarily seen books themselves, but I'll keep an eye out for you 12mo
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Craftylikefox Fabric.com has tons of options!!! The prices and quality are good 12mo
RainyDayReading I‘ve never bought from them before, but I know Spoonflower.com carries tons of bookish and fandom options (at least last I looked) you could always check fabric on Etsy as well. I‘ve found some cool stuff that way! 12mo
LibrarianRyan Spoon flower but it looks like you have already been there. 12mo
LibrarianRyan @Traci1 traci that fabric is on spoonflower. And you can have the print done on like 20 types of fabric. They have some really good ones. And some really ugly ones too. 12mo
LibrarianRyan @RainyDayReading I bought from spoonflower for my #makerswap and I loved it. I bought like 6!different prints. 12mo
Traci1 @vkois88 thanks. I looked and they have a Marauder's Map print that's great. ☺ 12mo
Traci1 @RainyDayReading @LibrarianRyan I've heard of Spoonflower but never used them. It looks like they have some great options. Thanks! 12mo
Traci1 @Craftylikefox I just looked and they have several that look like they could work. Thank you. ☺ 12mo
Traci1 @LibrarianRyan how are they on shipping times. Amazon has spoiled me. 12mo
LibrarianRyan It's custom printed when you order. It took about a week. I ordered the basic fabric and didn't like it until I washed it. 12mo
Traci1 @LibrarianRyan @RainyDayReading OMG you guys just got me in so much trouble. They have Jane Austen fabric! JANE AUSTEN!! Oh it's so pretty. I'm going to be so broke, but it will be worth it because it is SO pretty. 😍 12mo
Traci1 @LibrarianRyan have you ever gotten the Kona cotton? I used to get Kona solids that were really good quality, and I'm assuming that's what it's printed on? 12mo
Clare-Dragonfly Spoonflower is where I would look too! What are you going to make? 😃 12mo
Melissa_J I was also going to suggest spoonflower. I bought Jane Austen wrapping paper from there but they are mostly known for fabrics. 12mo
Traci1 @Clare-Dragonfly I'm planning on some book sleeves to start. Then maybe a little purse or two. I honestly don't know. But I used to sew all the time. Then my 3 year old came along, and I haven't since he was born. So I'm just wanting to get back to it. 12mo
Traci1 @Melissa_J I have a feeling that site is going to be dangerous. 😄 12mo
arubabookwoman eQuilter.com has about 3 pages of book-themed fabric. Most seem to relate to kids books though, I.e. Dr. Seuss etc. 12mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Help a girl out.

mrozzz Read a bit of each (10-15 pages) until you can‘t put one down... or is that cuckoo?! 13mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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My recent Kindle downloads (including all of the “read the world” selections for World Book Day) #bookhaul

...I‘m fully aware I have a problem 😂 I couldn‘t even fit them all in one picture lol

Tadams4 Love your optimism! Enjoy! 13mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Ok Canadian Kindle users I need help!! I want to send some ebooks as gifts but Amazon is being a jerk. I don't see a gift option when I go to purchase, do I have to add the recipient into my devices in order to send them a book? I dont even see how to do that. I'm so lost. Help!!!

tournevis I've never done it either. Is your receipiant in the US or Canada? 14mo
Kaye I‘m sorry, not from Canada. My go-to help is always Amazon chat. If you got to the bottom right on your screen, last word is Help. Click that, it takes you to topics, then in the right, it says Need more Help ? Click on that, and Contact us, then fill out the form to do a live chat. That‘s where I get all my amazon questions answered. Good luck. 👍 14mo
FantasyChick @tournevis my recipient is in US so I originally tried to send through my US account but it won't allow Kindle options to be bought outside the country. It doesn't appear that Canada has a gift option at all which is annoying. I may have to resort to an egift card which sucks. Why can't we have the same options!!!! 14mo
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FantasyChick Thanks @Kaye maybe I'll try the chat option before I give up. I've tried just about everything else. 😊 14mo
Kaye Hope it helps. I chat with them so often, I think we are best friends. 😁 14mo
tournevis @FantasyChick Yeah, from what I can see in the forums I just goggled you would need a US credit card to do that. E-gift cards maybe? 14mo
FantasyChick @tournevis looks like that's the option I'm going to have to take. I tried @Kaye s suggestion and used the chat(which I never think of) and they informed me that Canada does not have the option to gift ebooks. Sucks. 14mo
Kaye Doggone. That‘s too bad. At least you got your answer even though it‘s not what you wanted to hear. Did you ask them to please consider adding that feature ? I usually ask if they don‘t do something I wish they did. I‘m STILL asking that Audible make gift cards like Amazon has but so far no luck. I‘ll keep asking. 14mo
FantasyChick @Kaye they did send me an email after my chat to say that it is something they will be working on as lots of people have requested the option. It would be nice to have so hopefully they do. It's frustrating knowing that there are options out there that you can't access. I also have a US account that i use to ship direct, but again no kindle option. Maybe someday 😊 they did inform me that I can send gift cards so I'll do that 😊😊 14mo
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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In related news to my last post — I really want a good spy thriller / secret manuscript type book. I very much disliked the Meltzer and Rollins I‘ve tried in the last few months.

I have enjoyed Charlie Lovett and Jennifer Lee Carrell in the past, and I loved The Conspiracy of Us trilogy by Maggie Hall. Anyone have something like that to recommend??

EllieDottie I don‘t know if this would count but I love the book I‘m reading right now 1y
Dragon I like Daniel Silva‘s novels about an art restorer/spy/assassin , I haven‘t read them all or in order 1y
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Yeah so this also happened. This flight has been great 😭😂😭😂😭😂 #BibliophileProblems

Natasha.C.Barnes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 AMAZING 1y
RiotMom 😂😂😂 1y
Hooked_on_books I‘m a 41 year old surgeon and recently introduced myself to a patient‘s wife, who then said, “You look like a little girl.” Sadly, sexism even comes from other women at times. 😡🙄 1y
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Alfoster So flattering but weird😆! 1y
Alfoster @Hooked_on_books But maybe she meant it in a good way and just wasn‘t thinking because of her husband in the hospital?? My new dentist looks like she‘s in high school and I had to stop and think before I commented😍! 1y
brilliantglow I didn't realize you posted this at first and almost tagged you in it thinking "wow that's crazy! What a coincidence that someone else is also traveling while reading law articles"???? 1y
Hooked_on_books @Alfoster That‘s a nice thought, but her tone said otherwise. I‘ve gotten variations of this many, many times. It is what it is. 1y
Ambrosnazzy @brilliantglow Hahahaha!!!! 1y
Alfoster @Hooked_on_books Then it must be hard not to have some snarky remark like, “Don‘t you wish you were this smart?” Sorry you have to deal with this😫! 1y
Johanna414 I‘ve been employed by 2 different school districts since I was 25 and have been mistaken for a student in both... it gets old, doesn‘t it? 1y
mrsmarch In other news, this guy totally thought he was going to hit on a high school aged girl tonight. 😡 I hope he gets scorpions in his house slippers. 1y
CouronneDhiver Haha! Omg. Happens to me all the time. 1y
Kaye I‘ll trade you guys places . Wait til they start calling you Ma‘am or Hun.....can I help you carry your groceries to the car ? If some geezer hit on me, I‘d wish for 🦂 scorpions In his underpants. Hit ‘em where it hurts. 1y
Lynnsoprano Read this to your father, and he‘s 🤣 1y
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