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Fellow littens: help! I'm in the mood for a fantasy novel, but can't decide. Help me pick my next read. Thoughts??

#helpmechoose #whatsnext?

minkyb The only one I have read is The Cruel Prince which I enjoyed! Good luck. 1y
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The Cruel Prince | Holly Black
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Fellow littens: help! I'm in the mood for a fantasy novel, but can't decide. Help me pick my next read. Thoughts??

#helpmechoose #what'snext?

BookishGirl06 I would probably pick or to kill a kingdom personally 1y
Owlizabeth To Kill A Kingdom sounds intriguing! 1y
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ofclumsywords The Wish Granter!! It is my favorite of all the Ravenspire books! 1y
Literary_Siren I‘ve only read one book out of those choices and I loved it! 1y
Emilymdxn Cruel prince!! I love holly Black 1y
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Hello Littens! I need some help. I‘m getting very close to finishing my reading challenge and can‘t decide what book to read next. Each of these books fits into one of the categories I have left. Will you help me choose which one I should start? #helpmechoose #makemereadit

Librarybelle Hard choice! I think my vote is for The Princess Bride 1y
Shibbyfruitfly @Librarybelle Exactly lol. I will definitely be reading them all. Now I‘m just trying to decide which order. 😁 1y
CaliforniaCay I agree, princess bride first 🤗 1y
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The Dark Lake | Sarah Bailey
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Ok Littens, which one? #botm #helpmechoose

Jess7 I‘ve heard really good things about 1y
mrozzz I really liked Dark Lake! 1y
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Pick Me! | Greg Gormley
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Still time to vote for August's #MakeMeReadIt with @TheReadingMermaid

See original post for all book titles.
#tbr #helpmechoose

TheReadingMermaid Nicely done 🤘🏻😄🤘🏻 1y
Andrew65 Body Double 1y
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One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote | Bonnie Worth, Katherine Ross
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Ok I‘ll play! Help me pick one (who knows, maybe it will be two!) from this stack to read in August. All are from my TBR, 2 have been on my nightstand for months. Tag one in the comments! #makemereadit #helpmechoose @TheReadingMermaid

emtobiasz I‘m voting 1y
jillannjohn I recently picked this one up at a thrift store so there‘s my vote 😀 1y
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Sace Andromeda Strain 1y
Reviewsbylola Andromeda Strain 1y
CSeydel Prairie Nocturne! 1y
AudreyMorris Voting is closed! Andromeda Strain is the winner with 16 votes. Runner up is Plainsong with 11. I will commit to the winner, for 2nd we‘ll see how the month goes. I am in 8 or 9 queues at the library, we all know how that goes 😜 1y
AudreyMorris And thank you all for playing!! 1y
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Magpie Murders | Anthony Horowitz
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#makemereadit #helpmechoose
All my books are on Kindle, so I couldn‘t stack them.
Please choose for me!

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Foragingfantasy Year of Womders! 1y
MeganAnn I loved People of the Book by the same author so I'm voting for 1y
keys_on_fire Haven‘t read any of these, but the one that interests me is Inlaws and Outlaws 1y
Naj Magpie Murders 1y
Sace Year of Wonders 1y
whofan4life The Blinds 1y
hes7 The Blinds!! 1y
Reviewsbylola The Blinds 1y
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Samplergal D!! So good. 2y
Kallik93 Oooooh I think B. Then D. 2y
melissa.drake D is really good! And the audiobook for it is really well done as well. 2y
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Paper Girls Vol. 1 | Brian K. Vaughan
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• please help me choose a graphic novel for later tonight (or tomorrow). which one ☝️ would you start first?! •

#graphicnovels #readathon #helpmechoose #paperbacks #librarylends #ontheshelf #suggestionsplease

CoffeeCatsBooks Ms. Marvel! 2y
bookwormkara Me. Marvel! 2y
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Readage @CoffeeCatsBooks Thanks! Thinking about that one! 2y
Readage @LauraJ I think that‘s my 2nd choice! Thanks 🙂 2y
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The Upstairs Room | KATE. MURRAY-BROWNE
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#HelpMeChoose🤷🏻‍♀️ I still can't sleep & I'm getting a headache from fatigue. I can't think about what to read next so help me out please? My fellow Littens? Should I read
A Darker Shade Of Magic
Two For Sorrow
Wimmera or
The Upstairs Room?
#abundanceofriches #allreadandnosleepmakelizacrazycrazylady

Missusb Always YA so that's why I vote for A Darker Shade of Magic. 2y
josie281 Nevernight is one of my top reads!! 2y
elkeo_TheBookDragon @Missusb Darker Shade is adult, FYI! You can tell by the higher price - I love that YA is so much cheaper. 2y
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elkeo_TheBookDragon Nevernight is on my TBR! 2y
LeahBergen The Upstairs Room! I already had it stacked from another post. It sounds good! 👍🏻 2y
Missusb @elkeo hmm, I have read it and believe it's marketed for YA. Admittedly also fantasy so there cross over and the MC is probably older teen, but I had it in one of my school libraries... maybe it's a hardback? They are often more expensive. 2y
elkeo_TheBookDragon @Missusb I have read it/the series too and I agree it can be YA, but it is priced as adult. $25.99 vs. $17.99. Noticeable! That is why it stuck in my memory. 2y
TrishB Brought The Upstairs Room on holiday last week - haven't read yet though! 2y
MrsMalaprop Oooh, I'd selfishly like to see your review of Wimmera. Saw it in the bookstore on the weekend & am intrigued 😊. 2y
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