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I‘m definitely only doing this on kindle books! It‘s exhausting!

This is centered around a Halloween party. A teacher invites a group of friends to his house on Halloween. It‘s a really creepy and gross party. They‘re trying to figure out who is a werewolf. This was okay.

211 words = 2,110 points
#20in4 #ReadySetRead #Rushathon #scarathlon #magicalmonsters

Bookwormjillk 🎃👻🎃👻 13m
MatchlessMarie I know right I actually went back and reread a graphic novel a 2nd time today to catch the words I missed. I keep a post it out when I listen to audio and try to catch them when I can but I try not to get too neurotic about it 😅 10m
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Cheddar Late Than Dead | Linda Reilly
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I had the laziest first day of #Scarathlon, and with that brought a handful of points! I finished Cheddar Late Than Dead for the #SpookyGhostClub buddy read. Next up were some impulse reads, thanks to @PuddleJumper 🖤 Creepy Cat was hilariously adorable ☺️ Finished up the day with a NetGalley audiobook I‘ve had for over a year. I also watched 2 Halloween episodes of Brooklyn 99, and read for a total of 7hr45m during 9 readathons! Day 1 points=3174

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The Pram | Joe Hill
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Bookwormjillk 👻👻🎃 17m
DieAReader 💛💛💛 14m
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I liked this one. Didn't love it. The audio narration was terrific, though.
Book 1 complete for #scarathlon
9 hours × 7 thons × 10 = 630
416 words (most of those "witch") × 10 = 4,160
Total for team #spookyghostclub=4,791
#rushathon #20in4 #31by31 #bookspin #falling4books #littenlisten #readysetread @Bookwormjillk @Andrew65 @GHABI4ROSES @DieAReader @Catsandbooks @TheAromaofBooks @Read4life @aperfectmjk

Andrew65 Well done and a great team total too 👏👏👏 3h
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 3h
aperfectmjk Great job! 3h
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Read4life Great start! 🎃👻 2h
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!! 1h
Catsandbooks Great start! 🧡 1h
Clwojick Fantastic! 1h
Bookwormjillk 🎃👻🎃👻 15m
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September | Rosamunde Pilcher
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#SummerEndReadathon #RushAThon #20in4

September Reading Recap: I finished 17 books! I kept up with all my challenges for #SundayBuddyRead #JaneAdjacent for #PemberLittens #SheSays #DiverseCozy #TitlesAndTunes #CozyFantasyFellowship #SeriesLove2023 + the #KindleSummerReadingChalkenge & my virtual foodie book club

Favorites include The Murder of Mr. Wickham, Unbound, A Botanist‘s Guide to Flowers and Fatality, Hana Khan Carries On & Radar Girls⬇️

DebinHawaii … but I really enjoyed almost everything I read except for The Most Likely Club & The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work. Overall a great month! 🎉📚📚📚🎉 4h
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Starting off #Scarathlon with these two. I‘m rereading A Discovery of Witches a couple chapters a day.

+1 point #HHC #HalloweenHexesCoven

#RushAThon #31by31 #SpookOWeen #Witchathon
#Falling4Books #ReadySetRead #20in4

dabbe 🧡🎃🧡 7h
Bookwormjillk 👻🎃👻👻🎃👻 7h
TheSpineView Great choices!🧡🎃🍂 6h
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Andrew65 Excellent. I need to give The Discovery of Witches another go. I was a 1/3 of the way through a couple of years ago when COvID struck, and not got back to it since. 4h
DieAReader 💛💛💛 3h
Read4life I enjoyed The Discovery of Witches! Great start. 🎃👻 2h
Catsandbooks I loved a Discovery of witches! 1h
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Song of Susannah | Stephen King
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🧙🐈‍⬛👻🎃HAPPY SCARATHLON 2023! Time for the reading bender that will precede the writing bender🧙🐈‍⬛👻🎃


I established the writing for the month, the TBR is ready, today is light chores and heavy pages. WE ALL EARNED THIS JUST BY SHOWING UP. Love you guys and thank you. Cheers.

GHABI4ROSES Did the people tags not work?! 11h
julieclair I did not receive a tag for this one. 59m
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RushAThon | Readathon
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My September final totals for #SummerEndReadathon and #Rushathon.

31 books read, 10,311 pages (average of 343 pages per day)

Read 6 books in the Dorset Crime Series, and that would most probably be my favourite reading of the month. #SeriesLove2023 @Tove_Reads

Thanks for a great job of hosting to the wonderfully awesome @TheSpineView @DieAReader and @Ghabi4Roses

DieAReader Absolutely 🤯 my friend! Wow! Great job❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 10h
Andrew65 @DieAReader Been a good couple of months of reading - of course it might be escapism! 🫣 Had to get my reading goals back on track which were well behind! (edited) 9h
DieAReader @Andrew65 🥰🤓🎉 9h
TheSpineView Wow! That is an awesome total! 6h
Andrew65 @TheSpineView Thanks, it was a good month. 4h
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A collection of quotes from many notable Horror authors and film personalities. This is a decent book on its own but not necessary to read if you‘ve read his two books containing the full interviews.


#RushAThon #SummerEndReadathon #20in4

DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 12h
Andrew65 Excellent 👏👏👏 12h
TheSpineView Awesome! 6h
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Untitled | Unknown
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These are the books I‘m prioritizing this month for #RushAThon!

DieAReader Fantastic! Good luck🤓📚 12h
Andrew65 Hope you have a good month 😁 12h
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