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Spin | Robert Charles Wilson
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willaful Is that the Virago Modern Classic Miss Mole? I remember really like it. 6h
kwmg40 Yes! My daughter found a green VMC edition at a used book store and bought it for me. Glad to hear you liked it! 4h
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3h
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No Time Like The Past | Jodi Taylor
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I'm having a heckuva time finishing No Time Like the Past, I've just been too busy. But it is still on my #wintergames tbr. But as part of this amazing series, Jodi Taylor releases short stories on Christmas often about Christmas, many of the books highlighted in green. This year, Christmas Pie will be released on Christmas Day. So I'm adding them all to my #wintergames tbr, as I would love to relisten to them! #snowangels #serieslove2023

Emilymdxn That‘s a great tbr it‘s so varied! I‘m excited to see how you find them 12h
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Wintergames | Litsy Litsy
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#WinterGames #SnowAngels part three of my #DecemberTBR has been selected.

The Bucket List | Rachel Hanna
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I have REALLY gone overboard with my #bucketlist for #wintergames this year - I was originally going for one item per day of December so I could do one thing every day but then I just kept having more ideas of things I was excited about. I‘m currently up to about 50 😱 tagging my #snowangels team down below - I‘d love to see what‘s on your bucket lists!

dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 21h
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Check & Mate | Ali Hazelwood
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1. My favourite read of November was the new book from Ali Hazelwood, my absolute top comfort author!

2. I‘m very excited for both the team #snowangels buddy reads 🥰 the Christmas escape and nos4a2 are very different but I‘m excited for both!

@TheSpineView #twofortuesday

TheSpineView Thanks for playing!🎄📖📚 1d
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These are all the tbr books I have with me at the moment, so here‘s my #wintergames tbr list! I have a jar with paper stars in it with all these titles so it‘s going to be a tbr jar month!

#wintergames2023 #wintergames23 #snowangels #teamsnowangels

Emilymdxn Looks like a great list! I loved conjure women I really hope you like it as much as I did 😍 2d
AkashaVampie I see Foxy. My kids love FNAF 1d
MsRadioSilence @AkashaVampie the games were coming out while i was in hs and foxy‘s always been my fav 🥰 1d
MsRadioSilence @Emilymdxn I‘m hoping so too! It comes highly recommended 1d
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A Merry Little Meet Cute | Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone
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Here‘s my December #bookspinbingo board for some extra #wintergames points! I‘m excited to get through some tbr reads and some festive wintry stuff ❄️

#snowangels @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hey #SnowAngels we are getting off to a good start, aren‘t we? Can‘t hardly wait for Dec 1!

1. Baking holiday cookies.

2. I adore Christmas themed books.

3. Book set in the season, soft blanket, specialty beverage, by the fireplace with a view of a picture window with gentle snow outside.

Emilymdxn I‘m so excited for holiday baking! 4d
kwmg40 Your dream winter reading session sounds so lovely! 3d
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Snow Angels | Cherie Claire, Phoebe Conn, Victoria Dark
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1. My father-in-law always makes Hungarian goulash for Christmas Eve dinner, and everyone in the family loves it.

2. So many fun bingo cards to fill in!

3. Reading in a big comfy chair while it's snowing outside, with a glass of wine or warm drink at hand.

#snowangels @Emilymdxn
@Texreader @5feet.of.fury @Nessavamusic @sblbooks @MsRadioSilence @CogsOfEncouragement

Emilymdxn I love goulash you‘ve got me hungry now 💚💚💚 4d
CogsOfEncouragement Sounds cozy and wonderful. 4d
kwmg40 @Emilymdxn My father-in-law makes great cabbage rolls too! 2d
kwmg40 @CogsOfEncouragement Thanks! I'm looking forward to lots of cozy #WinterGames reading. 2d
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Winter Games | Rachel Johnson
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Hey team! Here‘s a bit about me:
1. I‘m excited for a super fun staff party at my school. #litsyteachers
2. Sharing my reading adventures, the games and a few holiday movies!
3. On my comfy couch, with a fuzzy blanket, a dog on my lap and a great book. Alternatively, listening to an audiobook while crafting.
#wintergames #snowangels

@emilymdxn @kwmg40 @texreader @5feet.of.fury @sblbooks @msradiosilence

Emilymdxn Audiobooks while crafting sounds like a great plan ❄️❄️❄️ and I love ALL Christmas movies 4d
kwmg40 I also love listening to audiobooks while crafting or cooking! 4d
CogsOfEncouragement I‘ve got some crafts I hope to complete too. 4d
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