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The Social Impact of the Novel: A Reference Guide | Claudia Durst Johnson, Vernon Elso Johnson
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A friend shared this with me today. Very cool. 😁👍🏻👍🏻

This art piece is called “The Impact of a Book” and it‘s by Jorge Mendez Blake.

What are your thoughts?!


Reviewsbylola AMAZING!! 3y
jb72 It just goes to show what the power of books and education has on the brain. 3y
tjwill I love this. 3y
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tournevis I've always loved it. 3y
marleed That is so cool! 3y
TheWhiteHatter My thought is; Oh God why are you scratching up a perfectly good book?! 3y
alysonimagines Wow. Love the visual metaphor! ❤️ 3y
Kaye Well, as usual, I‘ll have to be the Old Grump on this. 🤨. They could‘ve put a piece of wood, or a box of pancake mix or a board game under a wall of bricks and they would‘ve ended up with the same thing. A slightly crooked wall . 🧐 3y
eraderneely @Kaye I think the box of pancake mix might get squished 😉 3y
Kaye @eraderneely You could very well be right. 🧐. I haven‘t tried building a brick wall lately. 😀 3y
Gissy Words have power!💪 3y
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A good friend of mine gave me a B&N gift card today! It‘s good for $50.

I‘ll purchase at least one of your recommendations. What should I get?

(I don‘t know how long I‘ll be here, waiting to hear from friends about dinner.)

Annnnd go!


laurieluna Reading at the moment and it is fascinating! 3y
erinachu Read The Fountainhead! 😁 3y
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AvidReader25 Circe, Red Rising, and Dark Matter are all great! Happy shopping! 3y
MrBook @Schnoebs Ooh, good one! I have it...somewhere 😆🙌🏻. @laurenbescoby Wow 😳, that‘s my cup o‘ tea 👍🏻👍🏻! @erinachu Have it, read it, and enjoyed it 😁🙌🏻! 3y
AmyG My favorite this year was 3y
MrBook @Avidreader25 I have all three and read& enjoyed C and DM 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! @AmyG , I‘ve been eyeing that one for quite some time 👀👍🏻! 3y
laurieluna If you like things like that, I know it's just about the UK but Neil Oliver's The Story of the British zi 3y
laurieluna *Isles is great too 3y
TheSpineView If you have not yet read Beneath a Scarlet Sky please read. It was at the top of my favorites last year and of the best WWII stories I have ever read!. Focus films has the rights to it. I heard at CinemaCon they were in reproduction. 3y
Prettytears The Force by Don Winslow or The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides 3y
MrBook @laurenbescoby Ooh 😳😁🤗! @TheSpineView Hah! I just got that a couple months ago for a future book club selection 😎🙌🏻!! @Prettytears Ahhh, yes, both sound good! 👍🏻👍🏻 3y
marleed Daisy Jones has been singing in my head since I read her. 3y
MrBook @marleed Been seeing that one everywhere! Is it based on a true story? 3y
marleed @MrBook It‘s fictional which somehow makes the way it was written intriguing. But I‘ve read piles of author interviews in the past 3 months. She was inspired by the relationships of Fleetwood Mac. She also thought of a 60s Linda Rhonstat. So a little bit Stevie and a little bit Linda. 3y
RainyDayReading Can‘t remember if you have this yet or not, but The Radium Girls by Kate Moore. 3y
MrBook @marleed Interestiinng... 🧐 3y
MrBook @Megara A future book club selection! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
MrBook @RainyDayReading I read it upon another marvelous Litten‘s recommendation, and it didn‘t disappoint! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
rretzler @erinachu @MrBook Glad to see other Rand fans on Litsy! 3y
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon or 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle 3y
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Time for the bookish discussion question of the day.

I can‘t listen to audiobooks while packing 😩😑! I have to concentrate too much on the things and process 🙈. Grrrr....! ☹️

Here it is: Do you listen to audiobooks, and which activities can you be doing and actually be able to listen and enjoy the book???

#BookTalk #MrBookWantsToKnow

chuckstar158 I‘m a big audiobook listener. I mostly do it while I‘m driving or sitting at kid activities or cleaning. I really enjoy it while I‘m sewing. 3y
MidnightBookGirl I listen to audiobooks quite a lot, and as long as I don't have to read anything, I'm good. So household chores, getting ready in the morning, walking, etc. But I've been listening to audiobooks since I was a kid. 3y
jpmcwisemorgan I listen to audiobooks while cleaning/folding laundry. 3y
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AmyG I listen to them while cleaning and on my walks. If I do listen to a book when I need to concentrate...I wind up listening to the part again. (edited) 3y
gibblr I love audios! Sometimes I can do it while walking (but other times need music as motivation). Driving, chores, sitting by the pool, shopping, traveling, eating, used to listen while coloring, etc. I understand what you‘re saying though. 3y
Susanita Laundry, vacuuming, walking, playing with the cat. 3y
JohannaRose I love listening to audiobooks but I agree it depends on what you‘re doing! Sometimes my eyes need a break so I listen and color lol also driving to and from work and while I‘m getting ready or folding laundry or cleaning. Or even just sitting outside playing with my dogs 🐕 ☺️ 3y
cobwebmoth I can listen while crocheting or coloring, but that's about it. I get distracted too easily by the things around me. 3y
Crystalblu Pulling weeds and processing periodicals 😜 3y
blondie I can't seem to focus on audiobooks even when I'm not doing anything. :( I want to try one again sometime though. 3y
Avanders Oh no — I hate it when I can‘t concentrate on an audiobook! I listen and drive; I can also clean and wrap and just lie down while listening, but not write. I haven‘t tried packing! 3y
Prairiegirl_reading Driving, cleaning, gardening and walking. However if I‘ve had a particularly stressful day then I can‘t concentrate while driving. 3y
Birdsong28 I listen to them mainly when walking as I need to concentrate on them. 📚📖 3y
BookwormAHN I prefer to listen to them in the bath. 3y
squirrelbrain I tried an audiobook for the first time recently (whilst driving) and I really struggled with it. I may try again though sometime..... 3y
WanderingBookaneer I can do chores, but I can‘t do anything where I have to be reading instructions. 3y
Shvonne I thought I would like audiobooks since I‘m an avid podcast listener but I don‘t. 3y
LauraJ While doing mindless tasks works best for me. So, when do we get to see the new place? 3y
Emilymdxn I normally listen while walking or sitting on a train, housework and general errands like food shopping. I occasionally listen at work if I‘m doing something like laminating things or sorting papers, as I find it focuses my mind when I‘m doing something that could get monotonous, but I couldn‘t listen during 99% of work tasks 3y
Lizpixie I‘m a huge audiobook lover, Audible member for ten years. I listen while doing chores(as much as I can do)in the shower(waterproof speakers are awesome)& in bed. I also live audio puzzling, audio colouring & audio crafting of any kind.🎧🎨🧶🧩✂️🖍😴 3y
kspenmoll I listen in the car, while doing dishes, making a meal. 3y
Bookish.SAM I always listen to audio books while driving and cleaning the house. Struggled with listening and puzzling but it may have been that specific book that I couldn‘t get into. And I like audiobooks for a good walk, but not while walking the 🐶 for some reason. I guess it feels like we aren‘t having ‘quality‘ time if I‘m ignoring her for a book... not that I mind ignoring her while reading a print book though. It‘s weird 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3y
TheSpineView I love audio books and have been enjoying them for a couple of years now. I audio clean, cook, puzzle, color, paint. Also on trips when not driving and anytime I fly. 3y
GloVerdino I listen on the treadmill and in the car 3y
Tex2Flo I can‘t get into audio books. I always feel like I either missing out on podcast time (true crime calls) or cheating on the 9 feet of TBR waiting for me. 3y
SW-T I don‘t listen often, but when I do it‘s when I‘m walking, on the treadmill, or driving. 3y
JacqMac I rarely listen to audiobooks. Only when I‘m walking outside or in the shower. I find I‘m very easily distracted when listening to audiobooks. Sometimes when I‘m cooking, but I end up rewinding a lot. 3y
JacqMac PS. I love me some James Dean. 3y
slothandtabby I have a long commute in the car, which works well for audiobooks—but I find that I can only concentrate on nonfiction in audio form. I think I‘ve attempted fiction audiobooks three times, and it‘s never worked...so nonfiction it is. (edited) 3y
Reagan I've enjoyed audiobooks occasionally, I like when celebrities read their memoirs. Steve Martin is good, and Bryan Cranston. I can listen while cooking.
Megabooks Cooking, cleaning, driving, doing laundry. When I lived alone, I listened constantly! 3y
BooknerdsLife Its hard for me to concentrate on audio books while driving unless it‘s a book I‘ve read already. But I enjoy audio books occasionally when Im doing the dishes or cooking for dinner, or even colouring 3y
MrBook @JacqMac There wasn‘t a minute he wasn‘t in it. 😎 3y
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Great, my backyard this morning looks like a scene out of a horror movie. Care to pick which one? 😆 #MrBookWantsToKnow

dsfisher Cujo 5y
Elizabeth2 Reminds me of The Village. 😱 We‘ve had thick fog these last two days, as well. Creepy but cool. 5y
PagesOfKate I don't trust those trees! Giving me major Evil Dead vibes, definitely need to get myself a boomstick. 5y
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Txdmarie Ummmm. Every single horror movie ever made. Every. Single. One. Lol. Don‘t go out there! Just look. 👍🏻😊 5y
ghosthost I don‘t know about a movie, but it reminds me of a book. 5y
TheRiehlDeal Hands down you win the award of the most creepiest backyard ever. 😨👻 5y
Gayan It reminds me of the book I just finished, The Final Girls. 5y
rohit-sawant Ooo, this is awesome! And yeah, don't go outside like @Txdmarie said. If you do, don't turn around... 5y
BookDame Am I the only one who thinks this is beautiful and poetic? 5y
BookishBlonde12 I‘m with you @BookDame it‘s hauntingly beautiful ☺️ 5y
Lizpixie Evil Dead comes to mind. But I also think it‘s gorgeous, foggy mornings are my favourite!🖤 5y
BookDame @BookishBlonde12 I‘m glad I‘m not the only one! 😊 5y
BookHermit The Witch and also The Blair Witch Project. Definitely something witchy 🧙‍♀️👀 5y
NovelGirl82 Forest of Hands and Teeth, maybe? 5y
PirateJenny The Ritual or Evil Dead 5y
catsuit_mango The Ring (Japanese version) ;) 5y
Avanders 😍😍 This is all I've ever asked for out of weather and nature ... 😁😁 (ok that's not true, but this is among my favorite types of places to be!!) 5y
BookBabe 😍😍😍 Great shot!!! 5y
GlassAsDiamonds ❤️❤️😱 5y
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Grammar | Scott Thornbury
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Okay, so the error in the article is funny 😁. Question on the article's title: Would it be better to have a hyphen there as opposed to the comma? I would think that the hyphen gets rid of any potential ambiguity. #LitsyHumor #MrBookWantsToKnow

Bookzombie I think a hyphen would be better too. 5y
heikemarie This is actually industry standard because the comma replaces the word and, does it not? 5y
Texreader @inwhichHeikereadsharder You are correct about how newspapers use commas in headlines; they mean “and” 5y
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heikemarie @Texreader 😅 thanks just making sure! In that case I don‘t think it‘s confusing as written. 5y
Texreader @inwhichHeikereadsharder I‘m so used to comma meaning “and” that I️ can‘t figure out the ambiguity. Way way back in the day I️ worked in newspapers (writer, editor, headline writer). 5y
MrBook @inwhichHeikereadsharder @Texreader I was unaware of that, thank you ?????. While I knew the comma does work, I thought it can produce some ambiguity since commas tend to have quite a variety of usages, such as separating clauses (whose placements can lead to different--and sometimes funny ?--meanings). The hyphen has far less possible uses, like with non-comma descriptors (like in this case a noun-noun pairing or "9-year-old"). (edited) 5y
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Secret Santa | William T. Bix
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Why am I posting amazingly delicious-looking special-edition holiday oatmeal on Litsy of all places, you ask? Because these are amazingly delicious 😆👏🏻!!! And...if you respond in the affirmative and, unbeknownst to you, you happen to be our #SSGP #WSBE recipient, we'll send you 2 packets of each in your package 😎🙌🏻. Awww yeeaaah! Spreading the holiday goodness!

So, would you want to find this in your #SSGP package? 😁


mcipher Yum!! I️ am getting those both next grocery trip!! 5y
MrBook @erzascarletbookgasm You already know you're getting a package from the North Pole 🎅🤶. Do you want? 5y
LibrarianRyan 😆 my guy said I'm not allowed to buy him any thing else pumpkin spiced. Now I have to buy him some. 😋 5y
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Meeko93 They look so good! 5y
PenguinInFlight Ooooh! Those look delicious. 😍 5y
SassyBookworm Yum!! 😋 5y
erzascarletbookgasm @MrBook Yes please! Sounds 😋 We don‘t have these limited editions over here. 😃🤗 Infact, nothing much related to pumpkin spiced stuff 5y
aschermetz Gimme all that gingerbread! Yum! 5y
Melkyl I have not seen those in my area stores. They look delicious! 5y
GypsyKat That gingerbread one looks delightful! 5y
JSW I would so nom on these! I‘ll be searching for them at my store! 5y
xicanti Gingerbread spice sounds tasty! 5y
Frofphee I so want these.. how I wish we had Quaker here.. 🙄 5y
scripturient Ok, you made me drool! 😂 5y
IheartYA Oh yummy. I will look out for Gingerbread. I've been eating high fiber maple sugar. 😣 lol 5y
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I haven't done one of these posts in a long while! I love the Litten magic that conjures up brilliant imaginings. So, which book do you see this setting in, and which characters can you envision here? #MrBookWantsToKnow

sparklemotion This makes me think of “A Walk to Remember” for some reason (movie). I could see the MC from “None of the Above” running through here. 5y
CindyMyLifeIsLit This makes me think of the woods of Maine, which makes me think of Derry, which means eventually, something terrible will emerge from the branches of those beautiful trees . . . and that‘s the way I like it!! 5y
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So, what are you reading right now? #MrBookWantsToKnow 😊

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KateTheBookworm Re-reading for book club 5y
lauralovesbooks1 Just finished Eleanor Oliphant and absolutely loved it. 5y
8leagueboot @kalinichta ooh, dying to read this 5y
Avanders The Grownup (again, this time on audio) and 5y
kalinichta @8leagueboot It's like an old-fashioned adventure tale generously embroidered with Pulley's delightful sense of humor. 5y
Beholderess Which is more fascinating than it sounds 5y
bookwrm526 Um...A Closed and Common Orbit, Dancing With the Devil in the City of God, Dune, The House of Shattered Wings, The Rogue Pirate's Bride, Kill the Next One, and 5y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Today, a chapter of Fellowship of the Ring for #LOTRChapterADay , I listened to Al Franken's Giant of the Senate when I was driving, read the beginning of The Red Pony for #SteinbeckShortsReadAlong , and tonight I'm continuing on my re-read of Harry Potter for its anniversary I'm up to the Half-Blood Prince. 5y
CaitZ I just finished 5y
TheBookStacker Game of a Thrones, Outlander, and The Lying Game! 5y
Tigerbook My heart and other black holes 5y
Kimberlone Final Girls and 5y
AvidReader25 Crossing to Safety, it's been on my TBR for so long! 5y
OrangeMooseReads Prince Lestat (physical) and The Portable Veblen (audio). I also need to finish Black Panther Vol 2 (digital) and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince but I'm taking a break from that right now. (edited) 5y
Scorpioseah Halfway into 5y
Scorpioseah @TheBookStacker , I have been thinking to start with the lying game . 5y
TheBookStacker @Scorpioseah I love Ruth Ware so I had to add it to my book of the month box 5y
britt_brooke The Liars' Club (almost finished), Goodbye Vitamin, Stories I'd Tell in Bars ... going to start Paper Girls Vol. 3 tomorrow. 5y
Bookishlie @Redwritinghood That's on my TBR pile. Is it good? 5y
readordierachel Exit West, 1984, and The Fellowship of the Ring. All excellent so far. 5y
Erinloves2read Trying to finish It by Stephen King so I can compare to the new movie coming out. Started The Valley of Horses by Jean Auel. STILL haven't finished The Picture of Dorian Gray but I read a few pages the other day! #someday 5y
monkeygirlsmama Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Fellowship of the Rings, and If the Creek Don't Rise #hpchapteraday #lotrchapteraday 5y
CherylRussell Hunger by Roxane Gay Lots of other bits and pieces as I try to put together my syllabus for fall.@ 5y
Redwritinghood @Rochelleus Yes, it's good but it's a difficult read for me. It's amazing how the people in the book struggle, and I was unaware of the extent of the problem. 5y
JaclynW Good As Gone (oh my!). Raymie Nightingale (lovely!). Americanah (almost done, SO GOOD!). Brave New World (just started audio). 5y
elkeOriginal I think we all post what we are reading constantly - all you have to do is use your thumbs and browse your feed! 😁 5y
becausetrains We've told you... so what are YOU reading? (edited) 5y
MrBook @becausetrains I will never tell! 😂👏🏻 At the time, I was immersed in 5y
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If you were to see someone reading this book on a bench or on the bus or on the beach or wherever, what impressions would that person make on you? Because this is my wheelhouse right here, and I've had people look at me when I've read Sartre, Hume, Singer, Chomsky, Locke, Wittgenstein, etc.--philosophy, classical, brain food. 🙈 #MrBookWantsToKnow

The_Literary_Jedi I would want to know your idea of modern Humanism, sublime, and beautiful and if that which is truly sublime will merely compel us to destruction or can also remake us into sublimity. 🤔 5y
ephemeralwaltz I would stare at them in deep admiration!😂😍 5y
Avanders I would think that person is a "real reader" ? 5y
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mrsmarch I wouldn't blink because I've read Pindar, Catullus, Virgil, and others of that ilk on busses and trains for years. 5y
MrBook @The_Literary_Jedi We...must talk. Spot of tea sometime? 😎👍🏻 5y
MrBook @ephemeralwaltz Yesss! 🙌🏻👍🏻 5y
MrBook @Avanders Soo, not a poser? 😂👏🏻 5y
MrBook @mrsmarch Reeaaally 😁..... We need to meet for a spot of tea too. 😎🙌🏻 5y
The_Literary_Jedi @MrBook ☕️ and philosophy sounds great 👍🏽 5y
kathedron It would certainly get my attention. But then I'd watch to see if they were really reading it or if they kept looking round to see if they were being noticed *reading* such a thing. 😉 5y
Avanders lol exactly .. I would *assume* that he is someone who reads to learn, not just to impress ... 😁 lol @River_Voice - same sort of idea, but I would just not think that that is the book a non-reader would use to be noticed. Perhaps it depends on the environs... 5y
mrsmarch @MrBook Come to Boston! I'm a classical languages/art history double major so if we go to the museum you can witness the hilarity which is me, loose and free to pontificate with a fellow knowledgeable person, surrounded by great art! @Pinkmeghan can vouch for all the times we were lapped at exhibits by student tours and the time I nearly went rogue docent and tackled someone touching an Egyptian sarcophagus. (edited) 5y
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As a Purveyor of Incredible Miscellany, I'm thinking of sharing interesting facts about authors. I'll try to do it on a daily basis. What do you think? Any particular authors you'd like to learn something eye-opening about? I think I'll hashtag it #AuthorPotpourri. #MrBookWantsToKnow

JoeStalksBeck Any would be cool! I love that sort of thing ! 5y
catebutler Oh! This would be so fun! I love trivia and facts about authors. 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Greg Iles, Jodi Picoult! Any would be cool! 😊 5y
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Hooked_on_books See if you can dig anything up on JD Salinger. 5y
Leftcoastzen @Hooked_on_books you know about the Joyce Maynard connection re: Salinger? 5y
Little_Reader I love bookish trivia and facts! 5y
Shemac77 Love this idea! 5y
Leftcoastzen Oh sorry ! Could be fun! 5y
PenguinInFlight Yessss!! 🎉👍🏻☺️ 5y
Hooked_on_books @Leftcoastzen It rang a bell and I had to look it up, but yes, I do remember reading about those two. I figure he was such a recluse it would be interesting to know more about him. 5y
britt_brooke Sounds good. 👍🏻👍🏻 5y
Rachel_R._Smith Sounds like fun! 5y
AliBG Definitely! 5y
TNbookworm Love this idea! 5y
LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 5y
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