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Books are my kind of texts 📚💜 Follow me on goodreads and Instagram! www.goodreads.com/JohannaRoseReads www.instagram.com/johanna.rose.reads
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I just started this beauty and I‘m so excited! I‘ve heard so many great things about it! I have a feeling I may have started my new favorite series 😃

bewareofwords 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 AMAZING series! Enjoy! 2mo
Caroline2 I loved this series! 💖 2mo
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I‘ve been trying to get into this all day and I‘m only about 30 pages in! 😬I just can‘t seem to get into it! The formatting is super different and I think that‘s what‘s throwing me off. It doesn‘t have chapters and it switches perspectives but doesn‘t tell you who‘s perspective it‘s from so you have to try and figure it out. I did read at the pool where it was loud and distracting so I‘m hoping that was this issue! Have you read this? Thoughts?

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Crooked Kingdom | Leigh Bardugo

I didn‘t think I could like a book more than Six of Crows but I was wrong! This book was even better I think! I seriously loved it! All the twists and scheming just kept me hooked. The characters are so lovable. This is officially my favorite series!!

Shley9225 Yay! Join the club!! This series is the best 🖤 3mo
Scochrane26 I liked her version of Wonder Woman (warbringer) & have thought about reading her other books. Put it on my tbr 3mo
AutumnRLS Loved these. Definitely on my favorite books list from last year. 3mo
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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo

Oh my gosh you guys! How have I not read this duology sooner?! I definitely understand the hype on this now! Kaz Brekker might be my favorite book character ever now. 😍 Have any of you guys read this?

Slajaunie Yes and loved it as well.! Kaz is definitely a favorite. 3mo
DannyHattan It‘s been on my tbr list for ages, let us know how it is 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 3mo
i-am-papercrane Omg my favorite duology! Even got my first tattoo of the crow between sections 3mo
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cherinium One of my favorites! 3mo
JohannaRose @i-am-papercrane Oh my gosh that‘s super awesome! I bet that looks amazing! 3mo
JohannaRose @Slajaunie Even though he acts like such a tough guy you can tell he‘s got a good heart and I just really like him lol 3mo
Shley9225 Favourite. Series. EVER!!!!!! 3mo
Slajaunie 💙💙💙 3mo
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Cats on Instagram | @Cats_of_instagram
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Are any of you guys on bookstagram?! (Instagram but just focused on bookish stuff) I just started up my account over there and if any of you guys have a bookstagram too we should be friends and talk books there too 😊 🥰 www.instagram.com/johanna.rose.reads

jen_the_scribe Just followed you. My instagram is focused on reading and writing as well. I'm creatingwithwords on there. 4mo
JohannaRose @jen_the_scribe Oh awesome! Thank you so much! I‘ll follow you back! 😊 4mo
TheSpineView Followed you. Nothing but books for me!💜📘 4mo
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jerra I wanna try this year to make one ! 4mo
thereadingowlvina Just followed you! Mine is https://www.instagram.com/thereadingowlvina 🙌😊💕 4mo
JohannaRose @TheSpineView @thereadingowlvina Thank you guys I just followed you guys too 🥰 And @jerra You totally should! I went back and forth on it for so long before I finally just did it! 4mo
Astroneman Yes, I am in with my name: Michela Rosatelli 4mo
Astroneman Just followed! 4mo
mc916 Just followed 4mo
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Crooked Kingdom | Leigh Bardugo
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I reaaalllly loved Six of Crows and I‘m so excited that I can just jump right into the second book! I am definitely late to the game on these books but oh my gosh the first book was goooood! I think I‘m in love with Kaz Brekker 😍 and who can complain with a view like this? I love reading by the pool! ☀️

RebL It‘s never too late to pick up a good read. 4mo
JohannaRose @RebL That‘s a very good point! Thank you! 😊 4mo
jerra I LOVED the first but never read the second novel! Is it just as good? 4mo
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JohannaRose @jerra So far, yes! I‘m not too far yet but I just love the characters! 4mo
marleed Gorgeous pic! 4mo
JohannaRose @marleed Thank you so much! 😊 4mo
ImperfectCJ A friend recommended this series to me a few years ago, and I keep forgetting about it! It sounds like it might be a compelling listen for a looong road trip my kids and I are taking in a few weeks, but I've heard it's pretty violent. Any thoughts on whether it would be too intense for a teen and tween who've read Hunger Games without incident? 4mo
JohannaRose @ImperfectCJ Oh boy it‘s been years since I read the Hunger Game books! So I can‘t remember the violence too well but I don‘t think Six of Crows is too bad. There have been some definite moments when even I was like “woah!” But I liked it bc it helped the book feel older if that makes sense. One thing I will say is that a lot of the words are different so it might not be the easiest to listen to if you don‘t have a copy to follow along with 4mo
Shley9225 @jerra OMG HOW HAVE YOU NOT READ THE SEQUEL YET?? No hate, but honestly, you have to. It‘s one of the best-written sequels ever imho. 4mo
ImperfectCJ @JohannaRose That is super helpful feedback! Thanks! 4mo
JohannaRose @ImperfectCJ I‘m glad I could help! ☺️ 4mo
jerra @Shley9225 I bought it and was really excited but (like the first one) it started off slow for me! I hit midterms right when it started getting interesting but at that point it had to go on the backburner!! 4mo
JohannaRose @jerra That totally happens sometimes! Life gets busy, I know how that is! That‘s the good thing about books, they‘ll still be there when you have time. I know when I was in school I barely found the time to read! 4mo
Shley9225 @jerra understandable. Sorry about the hassle ❤️ but do consider giving it another shot ;) 4mo
jerra @Shley9225 No hassle! I'm the same way almost all of the time, lmao! I will. I own it. It's big and red and beautiful and I stare at it often. 4mo
Shley9225 @jerra and I shall be cheering for you from the sidelines 🎉 🎉 4mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love this photo! 4mo
JohannaRose @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Thank you so much! 😊 4mo
SarahHarts_books This is a great pic!! 😍😍😍 4mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Thank you! I realized how pretty it looked against my towel because the entire book is red! 4mo
SarahHarts_books @JohannaRose yeah it turned out really great! 💖 4mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Thank you! You‘re so sweet 💜😊 4mo
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The Last House Guest | Megan Miranda
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I loved this book! Sometimes with thrillers I can figure it all out right away which just isn‘t any fun. But not with this book! I thought I had it figured out but boy was I wrong! This is a perfect, quick summer read! I definitely recommend it 😊

SilversReviews That was the same for me. You have to be a major detective to figure it out. 😊 4mo
JohannaRose @SilversReviews I agree! I love when ending catch you by surprise! (edited) 4mo
SarahHarts_books Great review! And love the pic!! 😍😍 4mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Thank you! I think I‘ll write up a real review for goodreads soon 4mo
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The Last House Guest | Megan Miranda
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Oh my gosh you guys! I MET MEGAN MIRANDA TONIGHT! She is on tour for her new book The Last House Guest. She is my favorite author and I‘m so happy! She even recognized me from me commenting on her Instagram and Twitter and her replying 😃 That made my week!! She is so kind and friendly! It was my first experience meeting an author and she certainly set the bar high! I‘m really looking forward to reading this new book! 😃😃

Scochrane26 This is a little morbid, but a few yrs ago, I wanted to go to a book fair about 4 hrs away to meet a fave author. For some reason I didn‘t go, & he died a few mths later (Pat conroy). So, now I try to meet authors if I have the chance. Glad you got to meet your favorite. Very cool! 4mo
JoScho That‘s awesome! 4mo
JohannaRose @Scochrane26 oh my gosh! I‘m so sorry that happened! It was probably such an eye opener to take advantage of the opportunities given to you! Thank you! I never know of other authors in my area but I‘m definitely going to keep my eyes open for them from now on! It was so cool! 4mo
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JohannaRose @JoScho Thank you! Honestly it was one of the best days I‘ve had in a long time 😊 4mo
KathyWheeler @Scochrane26 That happened to me with Pat Conroy too — only he was 40 minutes away. I didn‘t go because I would not have gotten there in time if I left work at 5:00. I should‘ve just taken the time off. 😞 4mo
Scochrane26 @KathyWheeler there‘s prob a lot of people who didn‘t get to meet him. 4mo
KathyWheeler @Scochrane26 yeah. I think so. Now when I know an author I like is going to be here, I take that time off. 4mo
SarahHarts_books That's so awesome! I know how much you love her books (as do I!) I'm really happy you got to meet her and that she even knew who you were makes the experience even more amazing!! 😍💖 4mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Thank you! I told her that you love her too! She loved that! 😃 She was honestly so nice! I was soo surprised that she recognized me! I really couldn‘t believe it!! 4mo
SarahHarts_books That's so great!! That had to make you so happy! Aren't you glad I told you about All the Missing Girls? Lol 😆 4mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Yes! It‘s my favorite book! And I also loved The Safest Lies! Thanks for telling me about them 🥰 4mo
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The Kingdom | Jess Rothenberg
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It‘s a beautiful day for reading and sun bathing ☀️ 🐱 #catsoflitsy

MrBook 😻😻😻 4mo
sblbooks I love calicos! 4mo
JohannaRose @sblbooks Me too! She is such a sweetheart and probably the most vocal cat I‘ve ever met lol her name is Noelle ❤️💚 We adopted her at Christmas time back in 2013 😊 4mo
sblbooks The perfect name for a Christmas kitty. 4mo
JohannaRose @sblbooks Thank you! We thought so too 😊 4mo
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The Kingdom | Jess Rothenberg
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“Where happily ever after isn‘t just a promise but a rule...” 👑 🏰 I‘m excited to read this book that‘s just dripping in sinister Disney vibes!

GondorGirl And the cover is SO pretty in person! 4mo
JohannaRose @GondorGirl It is! 😍 4mo
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Sadie | Courtney Summers
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I‘m about half way through Sadie and I‘m really enjoying the read! The formatting is different, half the chapters are in pod cast format. Those chapters fly by for me! The chapters from Sadie‘s point of view are a little long, which isn‘t my favorite because I hate when I have to stop a chapter half way through! But overall I‘m enjoying this read!

Kaila-ann Cute bookmark 😍 4mo
cookreadsleep That bookmark!!! 4mo
ShelleyBooksie Adorable bookmark! 4mo
JohannaRose @ShelleyBooksie @Kaila-ann @cookreadsleep Thank you guys! I love it too! It's made out of fabric! In my post before this one you can see the whole thing. I love the way it peaks out over my books haha For some reason bookmarks make reading so much more fun for me lol 4mo
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Sadie | Courtney Summers
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I‘m just starting this book tonight! Have any of you read it? What did you guys think?

Victoriahoperose It was good! I really liked the unique writing style and the characters! 4mo
Skyrimir I really liked it. Intense, but very good. 4mo
Johanna414 Lol I‘m reading this one right now too. I scrolled by and saw your post, saw your name, and got really confused... “I don‘t remember posting that...” (edited) 4mo
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JohannaRose @Johanna414 Hahah! oh my gosh that's too funny! I never met anyone else with my name! 4mo
JohannaRose @Victoriahoperose I really like the writing style too! @Skyrimir Good! It's always nice to hear good things about the book I'm reading! 4mo
BookDragonNotWorm I really enjoyed this one, but the ending left me frustrated and wanting more. 4mo
Johanna414 @JohannaRose strangely, I grew up with another Johanna - we were both named after German great grandmother‘s 😂 She‘s the only other one I know though. Do you pronounce the H? 4mo
JohannaRose @BookDragonNotWorm I absolutely hate when the ending isn‘t satisfying. I feel so betrayed when that happens lol like I spent all this time reading the book and getting into the story, I need the ending to be good! Haha 4mo
JohannaRose @Johanna414 Wow that‘s crazy! And yes I do. People always have trouble with it for some reason so I always say it‘s just like Hanna but with Jo in front lol do you pronounce the H? 4mo
Johanna414 @JohannaRose yep, that‘s exactly how I pronounce it too. I don‘t know why people struggle with it so much... 🤷‍♀️ 4mo
JohannaRose @Johanna414 oh my gosh I know! It‘s really not that difficult it‘s pronounced exactly how it‘s spelled lol I used to hate my name when I was younger, but as I‘ve gotten older I really love having a unique name. I‘m so excited to talk to someone else with my name lol you‘re the first person! 😁 4mo
AndreaLove I loved this book!!! 4mo
JohannaRose @AndreaLove I‘m about half way through right now and so far I like it but I‘m hoping something more interesting will happen soon. 4mo
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Bonfire | Krysten Ritter
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If it‘s cool enough out today this is what my day will consist of ☺️ coffee and reading on the balcony with my cats 🐱📚☕️

CoffeeNBooks It looks so peaceful! 4mo
TheSpineView Sounds lovely! 4mo
Mandoul That looks super chilled. Hope you enjoy! 4mo
JohannaRose @Mandoul @CoffeeNBooks @TheSpineView Thank you guys! It was very nice and I even finished my book before the heat of the day came 😊 4mo
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Wires and Nerve | Marissa Meyer
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This is the first graphic novel I‘ve ever read so I didn‘t know what to expect, but I actually really enjoyed it! It was pretty cheesy at times, which I could see being annoying to some people. But The Lunar Chronicles are one of my favorite series, so I was just excited to be able to read about my favorite characters again. It was a super fast and easy read. I will definitely read the second one!

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Wires and Nerve | Marissa Meyer
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I was reading the tagged book on my balcony last night when I noticed my cat was watching something and I looked down and saw this little visitor🦝 We live right by a wooded area and he was just passing through, not harming anyone. Needless to say, I got very distracted watching my new little friend and didn‘t get as much reading done as I wanted. But it was worth taking a break and enjoying nature 🌿

marleed My life and raccoons! I‘m some sort of heat seeking missiles for those critters! 4mo
JohannaRose @marleed Lol! I‘ve never had the chance to watch one like I did last night so I really enjoyed it! 4mo
ReadingRover I love raccoons. They‘re so cute and super smart! Rascally trash pandas 😝 (edited) 4mo
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JohannaRose @ReadingRover I agree! I love them too! I kept thinking how cute it was! 😊🦝 4mo
marleed @ReadingRover oh yea, they‘re cute and everything until they decide the Village is life under your deck and then invite their cousin Earl and all his family and then the possums decide if it‘s great for that many raccoons we might as well move there too! 4mo
ReadingRover @marleed 😂 I love them all! But I totally know what you mean. When one moves in they all do! I‘m a wildlife rehabilitor. So most things that people think of as nuisances really don‘t bother me. I‘ve taken in raccoons & opposums that were orphaned babies or injured. Both are pretty ridiculous. They can be pretty crafty! Definitely kept me on my toes! 4mo
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Wires and Nerve | Marissa Meyer
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This is my first time reading a graphic novel so my cats are making sure it‘s okay for me to read! 😹 My sister @SarahHarts_books and I are doing a book bingo together and one of the spots calls for a graphic novel so I thought this would be a purrfect time to read this one! The Lunar Chronicles are one of my favorite series so I‘m excited to step out of my element and give this graphic novel a shot!

SarahHarts_books Haha I'm glad Purrl and Noel approve!! 😹😸😻 4mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books haha right?! They‘re so silly 😜 4mo
mhslibrarylady I am not much into graphic novels, but I loved Wire & Nerves. 4mo
JohannaRose @mhslibrarylady I am really liking it so far too! 4mo
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The Favorite Sister | Jessica Knoll

I do not bail on books often but wow this book is just not something I could get into. I really tried but it felt like there wasn‘t really a plot going on, it was more just characters rambling about nonsense. I think that she was trying to have us get to know the characters but dang! I just couldn‘t stick with it anymore.

The Favorite Sister | Jessica Knoll
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Okay you guys, I‘m not one to often not finish a book but dang this one is dragging! It has no plot so far! It‘s just rambling on and on and I really don‘t think I‘m going to be able to make it through! Did anyone actually like this book? Should I give up or keep going?

Reagan-reads This was one of my worst reads of the year so far. I finished it (finally) and regret that decision. 4mo
bookaholic1 Good to know 4mo
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The Favorite Sister | Jessica Knoll
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What are you all up to on this Friday night, Litsy fam?! A nice relaxing bath with a good thriller, my favorite summer bookmark, (it has a dolphin🐬 and mermaid 🧜‍♀️ charm ☺️) and a Lavender bath bomb sound pretty perfect to me! 📖 🍷 🛁 Happy Friday, friends!

SW-T Enjoyed an ice tea and sunset in the yard. Reading 4mo
JohannaRose @SW-T That sounds perfect!👌🏻🌅 4mo
Recommended4Reading A quiet night (yay!) and just picked up The Guest Book from the library. 😁 4mo
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MarkoPDX I had dinner at the Polish Hall, watched a Star Trek rerun, and then did a little reading. 4mo
JohannaRose @Recommended4Reading Quiet nights in are so nice aren‘t they? And I hope you enjoy your book! 😃 4mo
JohannaRose @MarkoPDX That sounds like an awesome Friday night to me! 4mo
Recommended4Reading @JohannaRose yes...yes they are. :) And...(un)fortunately, electricity went out...so...I guess I have to read! tee hee 4mo
JohannaRose @Recommended4Reading Haha! Oh darn! 🤣😉 4mo
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Then She Was Gone | Lisa Jewell
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I‘m spending my day reading on my iPad at the pool ☀️⛱ it‘s going to be in the 90s today so there‘s no better place to be! P.s do you like my iPad case that my little rescue dog “fixed” for me? 🤣 She “fixes” a lot of stuff for us, including handles on two of my favorite bags and my hubbys shoes🤦🏼‍♀️ but she was abused and neglected before she came to her forever home with us, so we can‘t ever be mad at the little sweetie. She‘s our baby 🐶💜

RebL Rescue is my favorite breed! We have one too. Enjoy your time by the pool. 5mo
jewright I‘m so ready for the pool, but it‘s too cold here. None of them have water yet! 5mo
SarahHarts_books I hate you and your in the 90's sitting pool side blah blah!! It's rainy and maybe mid 50's here lol 😆😝😂 5mo
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JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Hahah! 😂 Well come down and visit! I miss you guys! 5mo
JohannaRose @jewright Aww I‘m sorry! It warms up super fast where I live now but I‘m from a colder place so I know how you feel! 5mo
JohannaRose @RebL They really are the best! 🥰😍 Thank you! 5mo
MarkoPDX I have a cat who likes to chew the covers off of my books. I always put something on top of a book when I set it down so the cover isn't curling upward in a tantalizing way. 5mo
SarahHarts_books Miss you too. Wish I was there or you were here. But mostly, that I was there. 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books I wish you were all here! 5mo
JohannaRose @MarkoPDX Haha the things we do for our pets! Gotta love them 😊 5mo
SarahHarts_books @JohannaRose Me too! It that would be so wonderful!! 5mo
Bookladylinda 😂😂😂 I was just staring at your case before I read your post and found out that your pup designed it for you! 5mo
JohannaRose @Bookladylinda Haha 😂 I love that “designed” is such a cute way of saying it! I can‘t bring myself to buy a new one because it makes me think of her whenever I use it lol she put hard work into it! 😜 (edited) 5mo
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The Last Mrs. Parrish | Liv Constantine

I really liked this book! At times it was slow but once it picked up I couldn't put it down. I finished it in one day! It's not as much of a psychological thriller as I usually read, but it still kept my attention. If you're looking for a quick, easy and entertaining read, give this one a try!
4 stars

SarahHarts_books Great review!! 💖 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Thank you! 😊 5mo
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The Last Mrs. Parrish | Liv Constantine
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Today is a perfect rainy day to cuddle up with my sweet kitty, Noelle and a good book 🐱📚🌧

SW-T Noelle is living the life! 🤣 5mo
Lcsmcat 😻 5mo
JohannaRose @SW-T Yes, she is! 😻 5mo
cherinium The sunshine makes her colors so vibrant! 5mo
JohannaRose @cherinium I thought so too! Thank you! 😊🐱 5mo
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The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides

I‘ve heard so much buzz about this book so I decided to give it a try, and boy am I glad I did! Psychological thrillers are the best to help me get out of reading slumps and this book did just that. It kept me guessing the whole way through and had some very interesting psychological/mental health aspects going on as well. The ending was just wow!
4 stars!

SarahHarts_books I'm so glad you liked it!! 😊😊 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Me too! Thank you for always recommending books to me! I always love them lol 😊 5mo
SarahHarts_books You are ever so welcome! I love that we share the love of reading! And that we like the same kind of books. So I usually know if I like it then you probably will too! Lol😉 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books I love that too! 5mo
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The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides
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Do you guys ever get in a book slump where you just cannot get into anything no matter how bad you want to read? That‘s been me for the past few days. Tonight I finally made myself sit down and read this book. I‘m about 70 pages in and so far it‘s keeping my attention! Now it‘s time to put my phone down, snuggle with my sweet, purring cat on my lap and get out of this slump! 📚🐱💪 Happy reading, Littens! 😊

Caffeinated_Reader This book was so awesome! Extremely worth the read. Enjoy! That ending is bonkers 😱 5mo
BooknerdsLife Yay! So happy this book helped you out of the slump 🙌🏼🙌🏼📚💖 5mo
SarahHarts_books It's really worth pushing though. I promise!! I actually listened to it on audio all in one day. But I was actually thinking that if I had tried to read it, I might've given up. BUT with that being said don't give up! There are slow parts yes! But the end is Wow! 😊😉😃 5mo
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1. Getting to build a life with my hubby 💚💜
2. Dishes! I loathe washing dishes! Good thing we finally have a dishwasher! 👏🏻
3. The freedom and being so blissfully happy playing with my siblings. And getting to use my imagination so endlessly.
4. In college it was at a daycare. Out of college was a Vet Tech
5. Treat people and animals with kindness and patience always. They taught me to be very loving and to trust my instincts.

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💛 5mo
JohannaRose @wanderinglynn Thank you for making it! I enjoyed it 😊 5mo
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I‘m excited to start this today! I‘ve heard great things about it! 😊📚💜

marleed It‘s an important story! 5mo
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A Curse So Dark and Lonely | Brigid Kemmerer
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It started slow but once I got into it I couldn‘t put it down! I love fairytale retellings, so I had to give it a chance! There were a few aspects I would have changed, but I still loved it. At times Harper‘s attitude was a little too YA for me and the ending wasn‘t my favorite. The book had some awesome concepts, but I think they could have been executed a little better. I am looking forward to the sequel! If you love fairytales give it a try!

A Curse So Dark and Lonely | Brigid Kemmerer
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Believe it or not the book was on my lap first 😹 She just loves to sit on my lap and cuddle and she always gets her way 😻#catsoflitsy

MySharonaK She‘s giving you some cattitude 😻 5mo
JohannaRose @MySharonaK Haha she always is! She‘s been full of cattitude since the day we found her when she was just a little baby! She‘s a Princess for sure! 👑 5mo
MySharonaK I can relate. Cats never forget that they were worshipped in ancient Egypt 5mo
JohannaRose @MySharonaK I totally agree!! Gotta love them 😻 5mo
MySharonaK @JohannaRose 😻❤️ 5mo
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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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These books have been on my tbr forever and my sweet hubby just bought me the box set! They‘re so beautiful! Those pages though! 😍

starlight97 Wow🤤 5mo
SarahHarts_books Yay!! 🙌 🙌 Way to go Taytay!!! 👍 👍 5mo
JohannaRose @starlight97 Right? The pages are so pretty! 5mo
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JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Haha he‘s been on such a roll with letting me buy books lol he‘s the best! 5mo
Dynahsaur I looooove this series so much!! 5mo
JohannaRose @Dynahsaur I'm really looking forward to reading them! I've heard such great things about it! 5mo
beth_jones8 *I‘m excited to hear what you think, they‘ve also been on my TBR forever but I‘ve only got the first one atm 5mo
JohannaRose @beth_jones8 I‘ll definitely share my thoughts on them when I finish! Have you read the Shadow and Bone books? I read the first one and didn‘t have much desire to read the other two but everyone has said the Six of Crows books are waaay better so I‘m excited 😊 5mo
beth_jones8 I haven‘t but I do have a friend that‘s obsessed with it 5mo
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A Curse So Dark and Lonely | Brigid Kemmerer
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My sweet little girl Purrl is my reading buddy today 🐱😻📚 #catsoflitsy

LauraBeth Your cat is gorgeous! Don‘t mention it to her though - it may go to her head. 😹 5mo
wanderinglynn Aw, what a cutie! ❤️🐱 5mo
JohannaRose @LauraBeth Aww thank you! I swear this cat is a Princess and has always known it! 😂👑🐱 5mo
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JohannaRose @wanderinglynn Thank you! She is such a sweetheart too but also VERY sassy 💁🏼‍♀️ we love her so much 💕 5mo
SarahHarts_books Aww PurrPurr!! 😻😻😻 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books She loves cuddling with me while I read 😻 5mo
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A Curse So Dark and Lonely | Brigid Kemmerer
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Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairytales so I‘m looking forward to spending my rainy day on the balcony reading this. I hope it‘s good ✨⛈📚

SarahHarts_books Beauty and the Beast is my Fave! You'll have to let me know what you think of this one! I'm really glad you finally have so books to read also!! 😊 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Thank you! I‘m glad too! Taylor took me last night so I would have something to do while he plays xbox 😂😂 I‘ll let you know how it is! I‘ve kind of been in a slump again where it‘s hard for me to get into anything so we‘ll see! 5mo
SarahHarts_books Fingers crossed!!! 😁😁 5mo
AvidaLectrix My favorite❤ story too! Along with Hades💀 and Persephone 🌺 I'll have to add this to my TBR pile! 5mo
BooknerdsLife Happy reading to you 🙌🏼📚💖 This ison my TBR too and can‘t wait to hear what you think of it! 5mo
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I‘m super excited about my book finds today! And that cat bookmark! I mean come on! I couldn‘t pass that up 😻 But which book should I start first Littens? Have you guys read either of these?

PaperbackPirate I‘m reading Before We Were Yours. It‘s a slow starter but now I don‘t want to stop. 5mo
marleed Before We Were Yours is a story that stays with me. It‘s the first I heard of the topic and it‘s so darn wrong. 5mo
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5 stars!
This book is unlike any I‘ve read. At times it can feel slow, but it is so worth sticking with! This book is the kind that sticks with you and you think about when you‘re not reading it. I don‘t give out 5 stars often, but this one deserves it! The marsh is a mesmerizing setting and a character of its own. It is beautifully written and I can see why it‘s being called a modern day classic!

Cortg I‘m about 1/3 of the way through and all I want to do is read! I‘m hoping to get a good 45 min of reading time during my lunch/dinner break today! 5mo
JohannaRose @Cortg All I wanted to do was read it too! It‘s so good! Happy reading! 📚 I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 😊 5mo
rather_be_reading im almost done! 5mo
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rjsthumbelina I felt the same way about the marsh! The more I read, the more I appreciate a setting that is so vivid that it's almost it's own character ❤️ 5mo
Gennic This book was sooooo gooooood! I wasn't super into it at first but damn it was worth sticking with it.
JohannaRose @Gennic I totally agree! It took me a minute to get into it but once I was I just couldn‘t stop reading! 5mo
JohannaRose @rather_be_reading Let me know what you think when you‘re done! @rjsthumbelina Oh my gosh the marsh was just truly amazing! I feel like that was a huge part of why I loved it so much! It was so different and I was so attached to the marsh by the end! You could just feel the respect for it and I loved that 💕 5mo
baes I felt the same way. Beautiful story. 5mo
MistyNichole I agree! I loved this book!! 5mo
BennettBookworm HOORAH!!! 5mo
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I have spent most of my birthday today sitting on my balcony reading this book and I do not want it to end. I love the characters and especially love the marsh 💕 The setting of this book is so beautifully written I feel like I‘m there and I don‘t want to leave. 🌱💙🌿

Bookwormjillk Happy birthday 🎁🎂🎈 5mo
valeriegeary Best birthday ever. 5mo
Kaye Do you have cake 🎂? Happy birthday 5mo
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Tashaxlynn Such an amazing book! Happy birthday! 5mo
MicheleinPhilly Happy Birthday! 5mo
Kaila-ann Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎁! 5mo
Princess-Kingofkings I really loved this book! I listened to it as an audiobook but would love to read it. 5mo
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! 🎊🎂🎉 5mo
Amor4Libros Happy Birthday!! 5mo
CaitZ 🎈Happy Birthday! 🎂 5mo
QueenJen Sounds like a glorious way to spend the Birthday! Happy Birthday! 5mo
UwannaPublishme Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂🎈📚 5mo
rohit-sawant Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂🎉 5mo
beth_jones8 Hope you had a lovely birthday!!! 5mo
JohannaRose @Bookwormjillk @valeriegeary @Kaye @Tashaxlynn @MicheleinPhilly @Kaila-ann @Princess-Kingofkings @JessClark78 @Amor4Libros @CaitZ @QueenJen @UwannaPublishme @rohit-sawant @beth_jones8 Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes! Everyone is so sweet here on Litsy! I had a great day! Thanks again! 5mo
Insightsintobooks Happy Birthday!!! 5mo
JohannaRose @Insightsintobooks Aww thank you! 😊😊 5mo
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Anne of Green Gables | L M Montgomery
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Today is my birthday!🎂 🎉 And my sweet sister gave me this nostalgic book!(She is an Usborne book lady, clearly we all love books in my family 🤗) Our dad used to read to us every night before bed when we were little and this book was one of our favorites! You‘re never too old for a little nostalgia 💜📚 Did any of you read this or watch the movies of it?

bewareofwords Happy Birthday!! 🥳🎉🎊 5mo
MoonWitch94 Happy Birthday!! I read the whole series, watched all the films & loved the Avonlea TV series as a child. 5mo
emilyrose_x Happy Birthday! I love this book so much :) It's a beautiful copy of it 😍 5mo
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Caffeinated_Reader Happy happy birthday 🥳 5mo
Naj Happy birthday! 💜🎉 5mo
LineBookaholic Happy birthday 🎉😊 5mo
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! 🎉 🎂 🎉 🎈 5mo
Heideschrampf Happy happy happy! 5mo
Suet624 Happy birthday! 5mo
xicanti Happy birthday! 5mo
BooknerdsLife Happy Birthday to you 🌸🎂📚💖🎉And what a beautiful gift! I‘ve never read the book but it‘s on my TBR 😅🤗 5mo
SW-T Happy birthday! 🎂🎉 5mo
Swe_Eva Happy birthday!! 💐 5mo
alysonwrites Happy birthday! 🎈Anne of Green Gables is such a great classic. Definitely one of my favorite heroines! I loved the movies starring Megan Follows. ☺️ 5mo
PurpleyPumpkin Happy birthday!😉🎂🎉 5mo
Lcsmcat Happy Birthday ! 5mo
Scochrane26 I loved those & have the set from when I was a kid. A few of the books are prob falling apart. Also, loved Gilbert in the first movies. Need to re-read these at some point. 5mo
Bradleygirl Oh lovely book, great sister. Happy birthday! 5mo
UwannaPublishme How cool is your sister! 🙌🏻 5mo
SarahHarts_books Yeah your sister is pretty cool for getting you that! That's so sweet! (But I still think you're other sister is cooler... Just my opinion) 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Lol!! You would say that 🙃 5mo
JohannaRose I can‘t tag everyone who wished me a happy birthday but I really appreciate all of the birthday wishes! You all are so sweet! Thank you guys! 😊 5mo
SarahHarts_books @JohannaRose hehehe 😘😜 5mo
SarahHarts_books well if you think about... Your other sister does always tell the best books to read. So um that there must make her the coolest 5mo
CaitlinR Happy belated birthday! 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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This is too real! Anyone else start to miss characters from books once you‘re done with it? Finishing a book is always bittersweet! 📚 #readerproblems

SarahHarts_books Yes! Totally! Sometimes I get so excited when I'm almost done with a book. Then when I finally finish... I get sad and start thinking about the characters from the book, and miss them... Like they are real people or something!! Lol 😂😂 5mo
rretzler Totally! I call it a book hangover though😂 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Oh my gosh yes! I love the feeling of being almost done with a book but then when I am done I‘m like “well now what?!” Then it just starts all over with a new book! It‘s especially bad with a long series when you feel like you‘ve spent so much time with the characters! 5mo
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JohannaRose @rretzler Haha that‘s a good one! I‘m totally going to use that! 😂😂 5mo
SarahHarts_books Totally agreed!!😊 5mo
BooknerdsLife OH MY GOSH!!! Yes!!! All the time!!! 🙌🏼😅🙈 5mo
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Whisper Network: A Novel | Chandler Baker
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@Mowen036 is doing another giveaway! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win this book! It looks awesome! And look at her sweet little kitty, George! 😻 To enter check out her post!

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Star Wars Trilogy | George Lucas
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Happy Star Wars Day, Littens!! ⭐️ 🌟⭐️

SarahHarts_books And also with you!! 😜😉😁 5mo
JohannaRose @Sharteau haha Thank you! 😋🤩😄 5mo
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Summertime | Vanessa Lafaye
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☀️Sweet tea 🍹
☀️Sweet 🍭
☀️Both! I have two of each and they‘re my babies🐱🐱🐶🐶
☀️Beach 1000% The ocean is my happy place 🌊
☀️Anyone who would like too 😊

Happy summertime, Littens! 🍉⛱☀️

Hestapleton Thanks for playing! ☀️ 5mo
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All the Missing Girls | Megan Miranda
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Megan Miranda is one of my absolute FAVORITE authors and she liked and replied to my tweet about All The Missing Girls!! This totally made my day!! I figured you Littens would understand my excitement 😁🤩🥳 Ahh I‘m so happy! 😃

MaceyT15 She commented on mine too! I flipped out!!! Totally understand your giddiness 🤗🤩 5mo
QueenJen Very cool! 🥂 5mo
rretzler Welcome to Litsy! 📖 5mo
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JohannaRose @MaceyT15 I actually saw yours and it made me wonder if maybe she commented on mine too so I went to check Twitter just hoping and oh my gosh I was surprised! It‘s awesome that she‘s replying to her fans! 😃😃 5mo
JohannaRose @QueenJen Thank you! I‘m so happy lol 😆 @rretzler Thank you so much! I‘m so happy to part of Litsy! 💜📚😊 5mo
tpixie How exciting!!! Yes!!! #FanGirl welcome to Litsy! 🥳📚🥳 5mo
MaceyT15 @JohannaRose it's so cool! I love that she's active on different social media platforms 5mo
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Starting this tonight and I‘m super excited for it! It‘s a reading on the balcony type of night 🥰 Those of you who have read it, what did you think?

BarbaraTheBibliophage Loved it...and it‘s very suited to reading in nature! 5mo
Tashaxlynn Loooooved it! I recommend it to anyone who asks for a good book! I hope you enjoy! 5mo
JohannaRose @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Tashaxlynn Perfect! Thank you guys! I‘ve heard great things about it! 😊 5mo
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Mynameisacolour Pretty bookmark! 5mo
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime i didn't think I'd like it...i was very wrong 🙂 enjoy! 5mo
Jennifer3 @SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime I felt the same, but I was wrong too. Loved it! 5mo
JohannaRose @Mynameisacolour Thank you so much! I love finding cool bookmarks and collecting them! 5mo
rjsthumbelina I really enjoyed it! The marsh becomes like a character of it's own, and is so wonderfully described. The section right before the end was too long in my opinion, but I believe I gave it 5 stars despite that bc of how much I liked the rest 5mo
Tadams4 Such a surprising entertaining story! 5mo
BilboBookends I just got my hands on this and can‘t wait to start it!! 5mo
BennettBookworm I can‘t stop recommending this book!!! Hope you love it! 5mo
JohannaRose @rjsthumbelina @Tadams4 @BilboBookends @BennettBookworm Wow, I didn‘t realize how many people love this book! That makes me even more excited to really get in to it! I just moved so I haven‘t had much time to read it yet! 5mo
SarahHarts_books How are you liking this one? How far did you get? I really can't wait to read it! 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books I‘m really not very far because of the move but so far I like it! It takes place in North Carolina so I especially like that part 😊💜 5mo
SarahHarts_books Cool! I'll have to let me know what you think get done!! I probably won't get to it until the end of the month. Lol 5mo
JohannaRose @SarahHarts_books Do you already have something to read? And I‘ll definitely let you know what I think! People have been saying it‘s a modern day classic! I‘ve been writing down questions about characters and stuff as I go so you definitely need to read it so we can talk lol 5mo
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The First Mistake | Sandie Jones
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Congratulations @Mowen036 on your incredible milestone! That has got to feel so exciting! 😃 Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome book! 📚😊 #herfirstmistakeof10000litfluence

The Perfect Stranger | Megan Miranda
post image

My husband and I are moving out of state and have a long road trip ahead of us tonight. We love listening to books during our road trips and I really enjoy reading along while we listen ☺️ I‘m a big fan of Megan Miranda and I found this gem at a used bookstore for $5! I‘m excited to get into it. But I‘ve heard mixed reviews 😬 have any of you Littens read it? If so, what did you think?!

MaceyT15 I read this right after finishing Megan's All The Missing Girls, so unfortunately I compared the two. As a stand alone, the book is pretty decent and a rather quick read. If you haven't read All The Missing Girls yet, DEFINITELY pick that one up soon! 5mo
JohannaRose @MaceyT15 I LOVED All The Missing Girls! 😃 5mo
MaceyT15 @JohannaRose and her next book comed out next month. Looking forward to that! 5mo
JohannaRose @MaceyT15 I‘m looking forward to that one too! 5mo
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Much ADO about Nothing | William Shakespeare
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Look at all of these awesome goodies @Kayla.Adriena has in her #SpringHasSprungGiveAway ! How generous and fun! Thank you for the opportunity to win it! Check out her post to enter! Happy reading! 😊

Kayla.Adriena 🌷🌸 6mo
MrBook Welcome to the #LitsyFamily! 😁👏🏻👏🏻 6mo
JohannaRose @MrBook Thank you! 😃 6mo
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IndyHannaJones Oh that Tina Belcher mug is everything... 6mo
JohannaRose @IndyHannaJones I agree! I‘m digging those socks and journal too! I love it all 😍 (edited) 6mo
lover.of.the.classics Welcome to the Litsy Family!!! And I like the cup. 6mo
Eggs Welcome 🤗🌹 6mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!! 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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You don‘t have to tell me twice! 😏 I saw this cute sign at a bookstore and it made me smile!

SW-T 😊😊😊 6mo
rretzler Welcome to Litsy! 📖 6mo
Lcsmcat Welcome to Litsy! 6mo
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CrowCAH Welcome to the Litsy family!!! 📚 6mo
JohannaRose @rretzler @Lcsmcat @CrowCAH Thank you guys! It‘s great to be here 😊 6mo
chaoticgoodhufflepuff Welcome to Litsy! ❤️📚❤️ 6mo
BooknerdsLife Love this! 😄📚💓 6mo
jenniferajanes Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚 Love the sign! 6mo
sudi Hi 🙋 Welcome to Litsy 😊 6mo
jpmcwisemorgan Welcome to Litsy!!! 6mo
BethM Welcome! 6mo
RiverKScottWrites Welcome to Litsy! 🦋 6mo
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Her Every Fear: A Novel | Peter Swanson
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I enjoyed reading The Kind Worth Killing and A Girl With A Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanon, but I just couldn‘t get through this one. I hate stopping a book without finishing it! I feel like I‘ve wasted my valuable reading time! On the bright side, how cute is my new bookmark? I love collecting bookmarks! Anyone else?

Suet624 That‘s a beautiful bookmark! I don‘t intentionally collect bookmarks, but I sure do have a lot of them! 😀 6mo
JohannaRose @DarcysMom Thank you! I‘m happy to be here! 😊 6mo
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JohannaRose @Suet624 Thank you, it‘s one of my favorites! I think a pretty bookmark helps make reading even more enjoyable 🥰 6mo
RaimeyGallant Nice review! And welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. 6mo
JohannaRose @RaimeyGallant Thank you so much! Your article come up when I googled how to work Litsy too and I‘ve been reading it while I get a chance! It‘s very helpful! 😊 I do have one question though. I was just wondering how the conversations tab works? I saw how to reply to comment on my own post. But I guess I just don‘t understand how to have conversations in that tab yet😬 I hope that makes sense! 6mo
RaimeyGallant I'm trying to figure out which tab. Can you tell where it is, and what the icon for it looks like? 6mo
JohannaRose @RaimeyGallant If I click on the lightning icon at the bottom right that takes me to my activities (it shows me who likes my posts and who is following me) it says activities on the top left and then right next to that says conversations on the top right. 6mo
Clwojick You joined at a great time. It‘s a double Readathon weekend! #25inFive (try to read 25 hours between April 25-29), as well as the #24B4monday Readathon hosted by @Andrew65 and @TheReadingMermaid ! Hope you‘re enjoying Litsy so far. We‘re alway happy to see more book lovers joining the group! ♥️📚 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Clwojick thanks for the shout-out sweetie 😘😘 yes Andrew and I are hosting our monthly 24-hour read-a-thon if you would like you can jump in at any time. All you have to do is read and then post your stats periodically. Andrew and I check every post and watch everybody's progress. Everybody makes their own goals for this read-a-thon and that is perfectly fine if you do not hit 24 hours. We still love you no matter what ❤️🤗❤️ 6mo
SW-T Welcome to Litsy 😊 6mo
Andrew65 Welcome to Litsy 🤗 6mo
mreads Welcome and that bookmark is very pretty 😍 6mo
RaimeyGallant Got it. Checking now. 6mo
RaimeyGallant When you click into conversations, those are comments to you either on your posts or someone has tagged you in someone else's comments or posts. You reply by tagging the person back in the relevant comment thread, but you don't have to tag the person whose post it is, because they'll automatically be notified. I'll tag you in one of my post's comments so you can see. 6mo
BookwormAHN Welcome to Litsy 😺 6mo
JohannaRose @Clwojick @TheReadingMermaid Oh my gosh thank you guys for telling me! That sounds like so much fun! I‘ll definitely be joining the Readathons! I am loving Litsy already! Everyone is so welcoming and kind! 🥰😊 6mo
JohannaRose @SW-T @Andrew65 @mreads @BookwormAHN Thank you guys! Everyone is so welcoming! I love it here already 😊 6mo
PurpleyPumpkin Welcome to the the Litsy family! It‘s a great community and I hope you enjoy it here. 😉👍🏽 6mo
JohannaRose @PurpleyPumpkin Thank you so much! I can tell already it‘s a great community! 😃💜 6mo
LaraReads Welcome! Such a pretty photo! 💕 6mo
BooknerdsLife Welcome To Litsy 🙌🏼❤️📚❤️ 6mo
JohannaRose @LaraReads @BooknerdsLife Thank you guys! That is so sweet! 💜 6mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🤗 6mo
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime Welcome to Litsy!! 🎉📚 6mo
HOTPock3tt Welcome to litsy! ♥️🎉📚 6mo
jillannjohn Welcome to Litsy! 6mo
DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy!! 🎉📚🎉Hope you enjoy it here! 6mo
DebReads4fun Welcome to Litsy! I also enjoy collecting bookmarks. 6mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 📖💖 6mo
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