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Birnam Wood
Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
A gripping psychological thriller from Eleanor Catton, the Booker Prize-winning author of The Luminaries, Birnam Wood is Shakespearean in its wit, drama, and immersion in character. A brilliantly constructed consideration of intentions, actions, and consequences, it is an unflinching examination of the human impulse to ensure our own survival. Birnam Wood is on the move . . . Five years ago, Mira Bunting founded a guerrilla gardening group: Birnam Wood. An undeclared, unregulated, sometimes-criminal, sometimes-philanthropic gathering of friends, this activist collective plants crops wherever no one will notice: on the sides of roads, in forgotten parks and neglected backyards. For years, the group has struggled to break even. Then Mira stumbles on an answer, a way to finally set the group up for the long term: a landslide has closed the Korowai Pass, cutting off the town of Thorndike. Natural disaster has created an opportunity, a sizable farm seemingly abandoned. But Mira is not the only one interested in Thorndike. Robert Lemoine, an enigmatic American billionaire, has snatched it up to build his end-times bunker--or so he tells Mira when he catches her on the property. Intrigued by Mira, Birnam Wood, and their entrepreneurial spirit, he suggests they work this land. But can they trust him? And, as their ideals and ideologies are tested, can they trust each other?
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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Fantastic! I loved The Luminaries and was so impressed with this book. A page-turning literary thriller written in Catton‘s impeccable prose. I think I remember @squirrelbrain feeling torn about the ending and I have to agree with that sentiment. I‘m going to be thinking about it for awhile. Highly recommend.

Cathythoughts Great review! I loved the ending !! 10h
sarahbarnes @Cathythoughts thank you! I think maybe I did love it? And was also left with my mouth hanging open. Which I guess means it was a great ending! 👏 9h
squirrelbrain My thoughts exactly about the ending - I think I loved it…. But I also hated it too! I‘ve grown to appreciate it more and become less cross about it now though…. 9h
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squirrelbrain How do you think it compared (if at all) to The Luminaries? I haven‘t read that yet but it‘s on my physical TBR shelf. 9h
sarahbarnes @squirrelbrain I can‘t stop thinking about it! And re The Luminaries, from what I remember it‘s a more sprawling story, but was as much of a page turner for me and had the same thriller elements. I hope you like it if you get to it! 8h
Liz_M @JenniferP this review sounds familiar/similar 3h
Ruthiella Every rave review for this makes me more and more eager to read it. I have a copy and everything, just can‘t seem to fit it in amongst other obligations. 😢 2h
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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After a couple of meh reads, I am loving this one so far! 🍷📖

JenniferP I had a lot of ups and downs with this one and still don‘t know what to think. But it‘s certainly memorable - looking forward to hearing what you think of it after finishing. 1w
batsy That's great! Lots of buzz about this one 🙂 7d
SamAnne I‘m looking forward to this one but with trepidation. I‘m a conservationist and I sometimes have issues with how “environmental activists” are portrayed in film and in print. (edited) 6d
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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Holy s#!+

Totally engaging read right off the bat. Then, about halfway through, just as I was thinking, "Hmm... something really needs to happen soon, or this is going to stall out," the whole thing goes BONKERS BANANAS.

Very much lives up to its Shakespearean name. Embrace the chaos, enjoy the ride.

SamAnne Just heard a Fresh Air review last night and immediately put it on my TBR. 1w
squirrelbrain Great review! I agree about the ‘thing‘ in the middle that sets it all off again, and what about the ending?! 🤯 1w
AmyG Oh boy! Great review! I need to bump this one up. 1w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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I think I hated this book. Guerilla gardening group and long philosophical-political rants turn into a movie-style violent thriller. What??? And yet, Catton is such a confident writer that I think she pulls it off. Please read and tell me what you think!! ETA this was my #bookspin for March. @TheAromaofBooks

TrishB It‘s on the pile! 2w
Ruthiella I just bought a copy this week, but it‘ll be a while before I get to it. I‘m so curious 🧐 2w
BarbaraBB I just got my copy too. Will read it soon. You loved The Luminaries too, right? Is it as good? 2w
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TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2w
JenniferP @BarbaraBB I did love The Luminaries and I did not think Birnam Wood was as good. I'm really interested to see what others think of it - there were things that drove me absolutely crazy about it, but then I also found it hard to put down. 2w
BarbaraBB I hope to read it later this month. I will let you know what I think! 2w
Cathythoughts I Loved it 👍🏻❤️ 2w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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Exciting book mail today.

julesG 😍😍😍 2w
squirrelbrain Ooh lovely! ❤️ 2w
TrishB Going to see Atwood on Friday 👍🏻 2w
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Oryx @TrishB that's amazing. I saw her talk in Manchester when The Heart Goes Last is was out, she was great. So articulate. She also signed books so I got her to sign Handmaid's for me. Now one of my treasures. Hope you have a great time. Let me know how it was. 2w
TrishB Just realised - it‘s next Friday (17th!) they brought tickets in work when I wasn‘t in and I came in and they had got me one! I didn‘t even know she was on. Thanks for tip about books- I‘ll pop one in my bag just in case 😁 2w
Chelsea.Poole Very interested in 2w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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My pre-ordered copy just came today and I‘m excited to get started reading this tonight!

Cathythoughts ❤️ 2w
BarbaraBB So jealous! Still waiting for mine! 2w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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A five star ⭐️ read. I‘m in awe at how Eleanor Catton brings all the threads , all the pieces together so seamlessly. A compelling read from start to finish.
I find the power of it all only coming together and dawning on me now , as I reflect on what I‘ve just read.
Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻What a book.
And I LOVE the cover 🖤

Blaire Stacked!! 2w
Tamra Ditto! 2w
sarahbarnes Yay!! Cannot wait for this one! 2w
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squirrelbrain Great review Cathy! I find it‘s taken me some time to reflect too and to get over that ending. As you know, I couldn‘t decide if I loved the ending or hated it; now I think that I love it! 2w
Cathythoughts @squirrelbrain Yes , I loved the ending. Powerful. I just got the book for my husband and the bookshop owner hadn‘t read it yet , but was asking about the Macbeth reference ( Birnam Wood ) I never studied Macbeth! So I was flummoxed that there may be more similarities to the play ?! 2w
Cathythoughts @Blaire @Tamra I hope you will love it as much as I did. ♥️ 2w
Cathythoughts @sarahbarnes oh good ! Enjoy and I can‘t wait to hear your thoughts. 2w
Blaire Put a hold on it at the library…looks like the wait is pretty short. Can‘t wait! 2w
Cathythoughts @Blaire Excellent !! 👍🏻♥️ 2w
batsy Great review! You and @squirrelbrain have me excited ... I've put a hold on it so let's see if I can wait for that 😁 2w
squirrelbrain No, I haven‘t studied Macbeth either Cathy, let‘s wait for someone more erudite to enlighten us! 🤣 2w
Cathythoughts @batsy I‘m thinking you will be well familiar with Macbeth , and may be able to enlighten me on the similarities when you read it. I never knew Birnam Wood was a Macbeth reference until my bookshop owner told me today. 2w
batsy @Cathythoughts Oh, no! I hope I'll have something useful to contribute 😂 (but I do love Macbeth so maybe a reread before this one...exciting 😁) 2w
Cathythoughts @squirrelbrain I‘m dying to be enlightened.. I googled , Birnam wood is in Scotland, three witches tell Macbeth he will be king of Scotland until Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane … interesting Helen ! 2w
Cathythoughts @batsy I‘m not sure , maybe it‘s just the Birman wood reference ( or maybe?? more) I don‘t know Macbeth. Anyway , we‘ll see 😘 2w
quietjenn All of the enthusiasm for this one has made me very interested in it! 2w
AnneCecilie Know you peaked my interest for sure. I‘ve seen some mixed feelings about the ending. I saw an interview on YouTube by Waterstones where Cotton talked about her influences including Macbeth. If I remember correctly Cotton also wrote the screenplay for the latest Emma adaptation. 2w
sarahbarnes I am first in line at the library when it comes in - it‘s still on order. And I too will look forward to insights from @batsy on Macbeth connections. 🤓 2w
Cathythoughts @quietjenn 👍🏻😁 2w
Cathythoughts @AnneCecilie Interesting ! I must look up the YouTube interview 👍🏻❤️ 2w
Cathythoughts @sarahbarnes 👍🏻👍🏻😁 2w
LeahBergen Great review! 2w
rockpools Even more stacked! And your photo‘s so atmospheric 😊 2w
BarbaraBB Great review and photo🥰 2w
jlhammar I‘m definitely going to have to get this one! I have The Rehearsal and The Luminaries sitting on my shelves unread though… 2w
Cathythoughts @rockpools Thanks ! It was a pic from the dog walk 😁 2w
Cathythoughts @jlhammar It‘s a good one 👍🏻❤️ 2w
Centique Yay I‘m so glad it‘s so good! It will give me a NZ book I can gift friends for Christmas 💕 Just have to read it myself first. 😁 2w
Cathythoughts @Centique I look forward to your thoughts Paula ❤️ 2w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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This got off to a slow start but really picked up the pace about halfway through and I was fully invested. I think it‘s a strong contender for the women‘s prize longlist

Cathythoughts I loved it 👍🏻♥️ 2w
Cazxxx @Cathythoughts I‘m glad you loved it too 😊 2w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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Four more exclusive hardback editions arrived today! Two of which have beautiful edges too 🥰🥰🥰

MicheleinPhilly I see that book buying diet is going well. 😜 2w
RaeLovesToRead @MicheleinPhilly 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 (it's the exclusive editions 😶 they sell out!.... I'm only mortal... 🙃) 2w
BarbaraBB That Birnam Wood edition looks fantastic 2w
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AnneCecilie They look stunning 😍 2w
Cathythoughts Wow 💫 2w
RaeLovesToRead @BarbaraBB @AnneCecilie @Cathythoughts I'm so obsessed with pretty new hardbacks 🥰 2w
batsy Oooh, lovely. I've got the Frankopan on my TBR and that edition is beautiful. I've also got a previous book of his still TBR 🙈 2w
RaeLovesToRead @batsy I got the Silk Roads last week and I plan on reading it before this one. The edges though... I couldn't resist!! 😁😁😁 2w
AnneCecilie I remember when e-books were first introduced and the talk about why people should buy physical copies. All this beautiful editions make it obvious that a book is not just a book. 2w
RaeLovesToRead @AnneCecilie I do read ebooks sometimes, but nothing beats the arrival of beautiful new books 🥰🥰🥰 2w
rockpools Soooo pretty. The Earth Transformed looks amazing. I‘m not a big book-buyer (sacrilege, I know) but these make me think maybe I should be 📚😍 2w
RaeLovesToRead @rockpools Don't end up like me - unable to walk across the room due to the sheer number of tomes in the way 🤣🤣 I've joined waiting lists for Illumicrate and Goldboro Sci Fi & Fantasy now too 🙃😇 2w
rockpools @RaeLovesToRead Let‘s see how long I resist googling illumicrate - purely for informational purposes…. 2w
Branwen THE PAGE EDGES! 🥹💕 2w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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#BookReport #WeeklyForecast

I‘ve been reading the tagged book the last few days .. over halfway now. It‘s all you said it would be @squirrelbrain ! I love it , I can‘t leave it alone and yet I keep taking breaks so it will last longer. Tensions are rising at this point in the book. It‘s brilliant.

Wine of Honour. Looking forward to this one for #PersephoneClub

Happy reading All ♥️
Hi Cindy 😁

batsy The best feeling! When you can't wait to get back to reading a book but also want it to last longer 😁 3w
Cathythoughts @batsy It is the best feeling. This book is unbelievably good 👍🏻♥️ 3w
Cazxxx I‘m listening to the audiobook at the moment and really liking it 😊 3w
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Cathythoughts @Cazxxx Oh very good. I‘d say the audio is interesting too👍🏻♥️ 3w
TrishB I‘m waiting for this one to arrive this week😁 really looking forward to it now. 3w
Cinfhen Ohhhhh, that‘s a really excellent endorsement for 3w
AmyG I am excited to read Birnam Wood now. 3w
squirrelbrain Oh I‘m so glad you‘re still loving it! I can‘t wait until you get to the the end though, so I can discuss it with you…! 🤣🤔 3w
jlhammar That is great to hear about Birnam Wood. Looking forward to it! I wonder if it will be on the Women‘s Prize longlist. I‘m not very far into Wine of Honour, but enjoying it so far. 3w
Cathythoughts @TrishB I look forward to you reading it and hearing your response ♥️ 3w
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen I imagine you will like it Cindy ! 3w
Cathythoughts @AmyG It‘s a good one 👍🏻♥️ 3w
Cathythoughts @squirrelbrain Thanks Helen for your review x. I started The Luminaries and enjoyed the beginning, but too many characters and too complicated a plot for me. So I probably would have passed this one by , only for your review and that I trust your taste in books. I‘m spellbound ♥️ I‘ll finish in a day or two. And then … let the spoilers begin s 3w
Cathythoughts @jlhammar @squirrelbrain I‘m thinking this will be on the next Booker list 👍🏻♥️ 3w
Tamra That anticipation is what we live for! 😊 3w
squirrelbrain You‘re welcome Cathy, and I‘m flattered that you trust my taste! I‘m hoping it will be on the Booker list, and on the Women‘s Prize list, released this week. 🤞 3w
rockpools Ooh. I might have to give this a go after all! 3w
Ruthiella Oh, you are making me so excited about the new Catton book! I will pick up my copy next week! 😃 3w
Cathythoughts @rockpools @Ruthiella I think it‘s great ! As soon as I read Helen‘s review, I got it 👍🏻 3w
Cathythoughts @Tamra It is that Tamra ❤️ 3w
LeahBergen I‘m going to have to read Birnam Wood! 👍 (edited) 3w
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen I imagine you will like it 👍🏻😁 3w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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This is SUCH a good book, however…It was 5 stars all the way through but, despite stewing over it for some time I can‘t decide if I loved or hated the ending!

It‘s definitely in the ‘thriller‘ category, albeit a very high-brow one, which I imagine is quite different to The Luminaries, which I haven‘t read.

This would be GREAT for a book club read, with lots to discuss. I need someone else to read it, please, so I can talk about that ending! 🤯

BarbaraBB Oh wow! I preordered it a long time ago and can‘t remember when I would receive it. Can‘t wait!! And you should definitely read 4w
merelybookish I'm so glad you liked it too. I was surprised because I did because going in it sounded...dull? I was shocked by the ending but came to like it. It felt very Shakespearean. Also who could survive and how? Only we the readers can know the real story. It was taking an easy way out but also felt impossible to have a happy-ish.ending. 4w
Chelsea.Poole Great review! I‘m gonna have to do this one! 4w
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Cathythoughts I‘m intrigued… must look it up. I‘m next to pick our irl Bookclub book 🤔 4w
squirrelbrain I have The Luminaries on my physical TBR shelf @BarbaraBB ….. one day! 😁 4w
squirrelbrain @merelybookish - I completely agree that I wasn‘t really looking forward to it as it sounded rather boring! As for the ending, I thought that when Lady Darvish went in that the ‘inevitable‘ outcome may change but I loved all of the twists and turns. Completely didn‘t expect the earlier Owen / Shelley one at all - that was a real game-changer. 4w
thebackyardgnome Ohh, sounds great 4w
RaeLovesToRead This sounds great... I tried to buy it, but for some reason the sprayed edge version is down as unavailable... but it hasn't been released yet. I'm so confused 🤔 (and I want that edges version.....) 4w
LeeRHarry I didn‘t get on with The Luminaries but this sounds interesting- I had heard that the ending has divided people. 4w
Cinfhen Ohhhh, I‘ll be picking up a copy soon 🖤thanks for sharing your thoughts 4w
Cuilin Well with a review and request like that. Stacked. 4w
JenniferP Really excited for this one! I pre-ordered it, which I rarely do, and it is coming March 7th! 4w
squirrelbrain That‘s a bit weird @RaeLovesToRead isn‘t it? Just looked on Waterstones myself and it does appear to be out of stock already?! 4w
squirrelbrain It‘s supposedly VERY different to The Luminaries, other than some very long sentences! 🤣 @LeeRHarry 4w
squirrelbrain @JenniferP - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 4w
squirrelbrain @Cuilin - I‘ll be interested to hear what other Littens make of it. 4w
merelybookish @squirrelbrain Yes, Shelly was a surprise as she initially seemed like the 'good' one but really everyone gives in or is felled by ambition in some way. 4w
batsy Oooh, what an intriguing review! I am going to try to read it soon (and hopefully get to The Luminaries, as well! Too many books 🙃) 4w
sarahbarnes I can‘t wait for this one to come in at my library!!! 4w
Oryx My copy should ship any day now... 4w
Oryx @RaeLovesToRead I think that copy was a preorder (I ordered it about a month ago) and it must be sold out online. They might have copies in store? If I'm in a waterstones I'll look out for one for you. 4w
RaeLovesToRead @Oryx Ooh, thanks!! 😊😊😊 4w
Ruthiella Lol, it‘s not out here till March 8! You have now made me SUPER curious!!!! 😳 I‘m planning on buying a copy that day, but whether or not I‘ll be able to read it right away is another question! 😬 4w
squirrelbrain @batsy @sarahbarnes @Ruthiella - hope you can get to read it soon. (Ruth - it‘s not out in the UK until 2nd March, so only slightly earlier than you) 4w
Centique I thought I‘d try putting a hold on this in my local library today. I‘m the 1,005th person in the queue 😂😂😂 4w
squirrelbrain OMG @Centique - that‘s just ridiculous! 🤣🤣🤣 4w
Cathythoughts I pre ordered on kindle after this review… and Im about 20% in ( in kindle talk ) and so far I LOVE it. Thankyou Helen X 3w
squirrelbrain Oh I‘m so glad @Cathythoughts - and I think it just keeps getting better and better as well. I look forward to your review once you‘ve finished. 3w
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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This one will leave you reeling. A literary thriller in the same vein as The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Very readable, compelling, a little horrifying. A little bit of yourself or someone you know in every single character. And totally brilliant of course.

Ruthiella I LOVED The Luminaries but was completely flummoxed by The Rehearsal. I will definitely give this one a go. (edited) 1mo
batsy Sounds good! 1mo
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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I was excited to read Catton's new novel even if the setup - a New Zealander guerrilla gardening group teams up with an American billionaire -- did not exactly pique my interest. But after a slow start, I was all in. Like The Luminaries, this looks at mining, greed & good intentions, but with a contemporary setting. There are different players & ideologies at work that come together and clash over a piece of farmland. Each player has an agenda 👇

merelybookish for how the land should be used, a plan that has broader implications for the people of NZ and beyond. Everyone involved is flawed in some way, and driven by ambition which felt appropriately Shakespearean, given the title is from MacBeth. I was surprised by how gripping I found it all. There were some twists and the ending, well, I didn't see it coming. Not quite as magical or epic as Luminaries but still a pretty darn good read! #netgalley 2mo
TheKidUpstairs I loved The Luminaries so much! I'm really excited for this one, glad to see it getting good reviews! 2mo
Billypar I also really enjoyed The Luminaries, so I'll have to check this out. Completely unrelated, but thanks for the Once Upon a Time in Bennington College rec - I loved it. Anolik did a ton of interviews, which made for some entertaining clashes of memory/ personalities. And the entire production was great, right down to Anolik's Gossip Girl- inspired delivery 🙂 2mo
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merelybookish @TheKidUpstairs I don't think it's as good as The Luminaries but it still has a range of competing (and interesting) characters! 2mo
merelybookish @Billypar Oh I'm so glad you liked it! It was gossipy (in the best way!) but also made me reflect upon Gen X culture. I found it deeply satisfying! And my reread of Secret History after it was satisfying too! Still have to get to Lethem! 2mo
Billypar I've only read Lethem's fiction so far, but I might have to pick up The Ecstasy of Influence next, which has the Bennington essay. And eventually The Goldfinch once I can next convince myself to overlook my lengthy novel phobia (starting The Luminaries wasn't easy for me, lol). 2mo
sarahbarnes So glad to see your review of this one! I loved The Luminaries so much and am really curious to read this when it comes in at the library here! 2mo
GondorGirl I just preordered a fancy UK copy of this on a whim, so I'm glad to see your positive review. Now, I'm even more excited to read it! 2mo
merelybookish @GondorGirl You will have to show off the fancy copy when it arrives! And hopefully you enjoy it too! 2mo
merelybookish @sarahbarnes I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. I ended up really enjoying it, in spite of initial misgivings. 2mo
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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Next up.

squirrelbrain Be interested to hear your thoughts; I have a galley of this too. 2mo
merelybookish @squirrelbrain The description does not excite me but hoping it proves to be better than it sounds! 2mo
Ruthiella Super curious! I loved The Luminaries but was confused by 2mo
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BarbaraBB I can‘t wait to read this one but it has t been published here yet! 2mo
BarbaraBB @Ruthiella me too! 2mo
batsy I still have to get to The Luminaries! I'm also motivated by the fact that there's a TV series 😆 Have you watched it? 2mo
vivastory @batsy I'm glad to know I'm not alone in not having read Luminaries 😄 2mo
merelybookish @Ruthiella I loved Luminaries! Haven't read her other book. 2mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB I got it on Netgalley. I think it's out here in March. 2mo
merelybookish @batsy I have! 😀 I liked them both but think there are some significant differences. Shocker but the book is better! 🙃 Although Eva Green in adaptation and I like her. 2mo
merelybookish @vivastory It's a good "stranded on a desert island" book ?️ 2mo
batsy @vivastory Let's hope we have a "stranded on a desert island" type period of time this year ? @merelybookish 2mo
batsy @merelybookish I love Eva Green, too! And I see that Eve Hewson is in it. I just finished watching Bad Sisters (which is excellent) and Hewson was really good in that. 2mo
merelybookish @batsy Oh yes, I hadnt made the connection. We started Bad Sisters bur haven't finished it yet. 2mo
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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For the love of gods... Break it up. 😭

Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton

Omg. I was so excited for this ARC but 55% and I'm so bored.

AmyG Oh no. 😢 I was looking forward to this one. (edited) 3mo
FelinesAndFelonies @AmyG so was I. I think part of it is the run on sentences and the in depth ideological rants from the characters. I'm struggling. 3mo
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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Soft pick. I almost gave up half way through this one. Told in 3 parts the first was interesting getting to know everyone, the second dragged on and on and then the third was action packed and full of twists. I think it could have been more balanced but I did stay up much too late reading the last third so calling it a pick. All of the characters are awful, which I am okay with but others will not enjoy.

BarbaraBB Oh wow a new Catton! And a psychological thriller 🤩 I loved The Luminaries and have been waiting for a new Catton ever since! 3mo
sarahbarnes What @BarbaraBB said! I loved Luminaries so much and have been wondering when she would write something new! 3mo
ChaoticMissAdventures @sarahbarnes @BarbaraBB I should say I read but was not a huge fan of Luminaries. This was really different. Modern day, lots about conservation, all of the characters are unlike. I don't really remember the writing from her other so I cannot compare it. 3mo
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ChaoticMissAdventures ***this is out in the US on March 7, 2023 3mo
sarahbarnes Thanks for the heads up on this! I‘m definitely excited to try it. I put it on hold at the library! 3mo
BarbaraBB @sarahbarnes Me too! I didn‘t know you loved The Luminaries so much as well. Could have known of course 👯‍♀️ 3mo
sarahbarnes @BarbaraBB 👯‍♀️ indeed! 3mo
FelinesAndFelonies I'm reading it now and the beginning 15% was so slow. I think I'm nearing the end of the middle slog but I'm so bored. 3mo
ChaoticMissAdventures @FelinesAndFelonies I almost put it down multiple times. If I didn't have it digitally with an expiration date I wouldn't have finished, but I thought the ending was good the pace picks up and lots of movement happens. I wish there had been one person to root for, I think it would have helped. 3mo
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Birnam Wood | Eleanor Catton
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Set in present day NZ, 2 of the characters are a wealthy couple. There is a scene out of nowhere where a husband takes a bath gets done walks out of the bathroom, and the wife goes in turns on the hot water to "freshed up" the water and uses the same bath??? I am weirdly anti bath but this is just so gross. Like I had to put the book down. How is she going to use his dirty water. In this age, where we know better? This is a yuck I can't get past

cariashley 🤢 for sure!!! 3mo
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