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Blogger @ The Reader's Room. Reader, blogger, coffee lover, chocoholic and professional book hoarder. https://thereadersroom.org
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3 more hours to fill out tour brackets before you get locked out. If the link on the blog isn‘t working for you, send me an email jenlane3[at]yahoo[dot]com and I will email you a different link.

Instructions and link to book bracket are here: https://thereadersroom.org/book-march-madness-2019/

Avanders 👋🏽 ♥️ 4mo
Sweettartlaura When does the reading period end? I don‘t see that in the link. Thanks! 3mo
JenP May 15. Sorry will update on the blog tomorrow 3mo
Kalalalatja Hi Jen, hope everything is well with you! Where do we post our final score for the challenge? ☺️ 2mo
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Brackets have been posted. If you want to play for prizes, make sure you fill out your basketball bracket on CBS sports. All teams are paired with books. Full instructions:


Kalalalatja Let the planning begin! @BarbaraBB are you playing again? 😄 4mo
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja Yes, I am! You too?🙌 4mo
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB yes! Just finished my bracket and put a lot of books on hold at the library 👍 4mo
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BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja For me there are not so many books that I‘d like to read. Or I‘vr read them already. 🤨 4mo
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB that‘s too bad! I haven‘t read that many new releases the last year, so most of them are on my tbr list, so hopefully I can get to some of them 🤞 4mo
JenP @BarbaraBB remember you can alsways sub out a book if you‘ve read it 4mo
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja I had that last year, that‘s great! And you‘re right Jen, I‘m going to find some good ones for the ones I‘ve read. And my winner I definitely want to read! 4mo
jhod I can't see where the books are that are matched to the teams? Am sure I'm being stupid... I've filled my bracket out though! 4mo
jhod Ignore me - have found it! 4mo
sprainedbrain I asked on the blog, but does anyone know: when does the reading period end? I‘ve got several on hold at the library, but depending on the end of the reading period I may need look for other copies! 4mo
JenP @jhod great! 4mo
JenP @sprainedbrain let me get back to you. I think end of April. 4mo
sprainedbrain @JenP ok thank you! Should I ask about subs here or on the blog? I have two that I have read and will need to sub for (if the teams do as well as I hope). 😃 4mo
JenP @sprainedbrain either place. I was having trouble logging Into Wordpress yesterday so saw your question but couldn‘t respond 4mo
sprainedbrain @JenP No worries! I would like to use this book as a sub for Circe (I‘ve read both of Madeline Miller‘s books). I‘ve read that it‘s similar to Circe, and it‘s about the same length. Is it ok? 4mo
sprainedbrain Also, I‘ve read Children of Blood and Bone and would like to sub this one if I can: 4mo
Shadowfat @JenP I couldn't get the link to the bracket on CBS to work, it said it was expired :( 4mo
JenP Send me an email with your email let address for challenge and I will email you a link. Jenlane3[at]yahoo[dot]com @Shadowfat (edited) 4mo
JenP @sprainedbrain those are both fine (edited) 4mo
JenP @Shadowfat I resent email to your gmail address. Check and see if that works 4mo
Shadowfat Thanks for sending the link again, it worked and I was able to sign up. 4mo
hes7 Would it be possible to substitute The Astonishing Color of After with Saints and Misfits and Children of Blood and Bone with The Belles? 4mo
sprainedbrain Ok thanks! one more (I think): could I substitute this one for I‘ll Be Gone in the Dark, since I‘ve read it? 4mo
sprainedbrain Sorry if this has already been asked: Spring by Ali Smith is the book that goes with Duke, but it‘s not released until 4/30, which is when the reading period ends. Do we get extra time for that one? 😬 4mo
JenP @hes7 yes 4mo
JenP @sprainedbrain I will extend reading period until May 15 4mo
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Okay, life has been insane but yes, I am alive and trying to put this together last minute due to many requests that we do this again. I will be posting full instructions on the blog by end of day. But for now...

Submit your book nominations today in comment section. Book must have been published march 2018- march 2019.

Books will be added to book bracket which I will release tomorrow. Then everyone who wants to play can sign up!

Kalalalatja Glad to see you back! 🙌 4mo
JenP @Kalalalatja thanks! I will try to do a bit better now that I‘m back reading again. I‘ve missed all of you 4mo
BookwormM Yay glad you‘re back I have been lonely 👍😃 4mo
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Kalalalatja And I would like to nominate this 4mo
jhod Yay! Good to see you back. I nominate 4mo
merelybookish Hey! Welcome back! I say 4mo
JenP @merelybookish thanks! 4mo
JenP @jhod thanks! 4mo
JenP @Kalalalatja great! 4mo
JenP @BookwormM I have been a bad, bad blogger 😭 I am eternally grateful to you for keeping things running 4mo
BarbaraBB Wow, there you are 💕So happy you‘re back. I hope your life is a bit quieter now! Thanks for organizing!! I‘d like to nominate 4mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen she‘s back! 🙌 4mo
Cinfhen Hi, Jen!!!! I‘m not going to participate but I‘m so glad you‘re back😘😘 4mo
Cinfhen Thanks for the tag @BarbaraBB 😃🙌🏻💚 4mo
Liz_M Welcome back! ☺ 4mo
sprainedbrain So excited! I nominated on the blog post. 😃 4mo
CafeMom Good to see you again. I have missed you over at Goodreads. 4mo
KatieB Soooooo excited to do this again! 4mo
Sweettartlaura Let‘s see if I can get any further this time 🤗. Not sure how many books you have altogether, so I‘m gonna nominate a couple - use what you like 💁🏻‍♀️ 4mo
Simona Welcome back❣️ 4mo
batsy Nice to see you back! 🌻 4mo
JenP @Cinfhen thanks! And nominate a book anyway. You can still win a prize if your book wins 4mo
JenP @KatieB nominate another. That one has been picked already! 4mo
JenP @Sweettartlaura you can only nominate one since the person who nominated the winning book gets a prize 4mo
JenP @Sweettartlaura so let me know which of your choices you prefer 4mo
Cinfhen Yay!!! I‘m gonna list a few books and u can choose whichever u like. Thanks,Jen 💋 4mo
BarbaraBB @emilyhaldi Are you in?! 4mo
JenP @Sweettartlaura sorry, I didn‘t get your response in time so I selected at random 4mo
JenP @Cinfhen sorry, didn‘t see in time. But I will put you down for becoming since I added that one to fill and you mentioned it 4mo
Cinfhen Thanks, Jen ❤️ 4mo
Sweettartlaura No problem, @JenP - thanks 🙏🏻 4mo
emilyhaldi Ugh @BarbaraBB I wish 😭 I‘ve been traveling for work with no time to read or even look at the March madness bracket!!! Im going to miss it this time around. I‘ll have to live vicariously through you!! 😉 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#backpackEurope participants- please make sure your scores are updated on the blog. I will be announcing winners this Sunday. I hope you had fun!

mabell Definitely! ❤️😄👏 9mo
Cinfhen Hi!!!! Where have you been???? Hope all is ok??? Happy Thanksgiving 🧡 8mo
sprainedbrain Jen! Missing your posts... hope all is well with you! ❤️ 8mo
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JenP @sprainedbrain @Cinfhen one day my life will get back to normal and I can post again. All is good. It so insanely busy with work I am barely staying afloat with other things. Hoping the new year brings some down time. I haven‘t read a book in months 😭 8mo
Cinfhen I‘m sorry that you haven‘t been reading but glad to know you‘re ok. Sending best wishes for a peaceful holiday season xx miss you and look forward to seeing you back on Litsy 8mo
BarbaraBB Me too. I hope you‘ll have some down time in December to read and spend with your family. Missing you! #booktwins 💜 8mo
Cinfhen Just my monthly check in!! Hope things are quieting down and you‘re getting ready to enjoy the holidays xx 7mo
LeahBergen I‘ve been missing you! 7mo
Cinfhen Hi!!!!!! Happy New Year....hope you‘re doing alright ❣️❣️❣️ 7mo
BarbaraBB Happy new year Jen, hope you‘re doing well 💜 6mo
Avanders Just dropping by and saying hi 👋🏽. I know life gets crazy — hope all is well with you!! ♥️♥️ 6mo
Cinfhen Hi Jen! Was thinking of you today😊Hope all is well ~ miss u 5mo
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I thought I‘d hate it but I loved it. Beautifully writing, dazzlingly original, and haunting. A dark book but one worth reading. One of my favorites so far #manbooker2018

Our full reviews are here: https://thereadersroom.org/2018/09/13/2018-man-booker-longlist-the-long-take/

BarbaraBB Yay, we‘re in sync again 😀 10mo
JenP Yay! @BarbaraBB (edited) 10mo
Emilymdxn I felt exactly the same!! I wasn‘t convinced from the blurb but from page 2 I was in love! 10mo
BarbaraBB Hi Jen! You‘re okay? Just checking😘 10mo
JenP @BarbaraBB yes. Got a new phone and had problems with my account. I thought i had lost my Litsy account. Eek. I‘m good though and better now I figured it out 9mo
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I thought I‘d hate it but I loved it. Beautifully writing, dazzlingly original, and haunting. A dark book but one worth reading. One of my favorites so far #manbokker2018

Our full reviews are here: https://thereadersroom.org/2018/09/13/2018-man-booker-longlist-the-long-take/

Warlight: A novel | Michael Ondaatje
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I loved this book. I had dreaded reading it and was pleasantly surprised. Our shadow panel posted our reviews today. Check them out and let us know with whom you agree most.


Lindy I‘m with you @JenP on this one. 😊 11mo
vivastory This is high on my TBR, as is The English Patient. 11mo
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JenP @vivastory I hope you like it 11mo
JenP @Lindy yay! I‘m glad to hear that 11mo
BarbaraBB This will be my next, once I finish The Overstory. Glad you liked it! 11mo
Cinfhen Hi 👋 haven‘t seen much of you all summer ~ hope all is well 10mo
JenP @Cinfhen yes! Insanely busy but all is good! Should be back to normal again soon! (edited) 10mo
Cinfhen Glad to hear 💕 10mo
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Milkman | Anna Burns
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Not gonna lie, I‘m struggling with this one #manbooker

A week after starting I‘m still on page 27

squirrelbrain Oh dear! And the cover is so pretty.... (shallow, me?!) 11mo
Bklover Just read the other Litsy reviews and this doesn‘t sound like my cup of tea. I think you‘d have to be in just the right mood for this one! 11mo
JenP @squirrelbrain the cover is beautiful 11mo
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JenP @Bklover the writing style isn‘t for me and I think that is what will make it or break it for people 11mo
Reviewsbylola After a week, I‘d for sure bail. But I‘m weak. 😂 And fickle. 11mo
tstan It really does get better about a third of the way in. 11mo
BookwormM I am at the 31% mark. I don‘t mind the writing style as I like the narrator but so far not a lot has happened. 11mo
Abailliekaras I‘m struggling! @tstan I‘m nearly at the one third mark so here‘s hoping it picks up. 🙏🏼 11mo
BookwormM I am finished and for me it never actually picked up I could have quite happily done without the last chapter which just dragged things out 11mo
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Mars Room | Rachel Kushner
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Our Shadow panel reviews are posted: https://thereadersroom.org/2018/08/14/2018-man-booker-longlist-the-mars-room/

I thought it was pretty solid but certainly not one of my favorites. Stop by and let us know who you most agree with from the panel. Comments on the blog are appreciated 😊

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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Man Bookering. I almost have the full set. Only missing Normal People. The others I have as ecopies.

Sorry been a bit quite her lately as I attempt to read them all before shortlist is announced. But I am reading all your posts 😊

Emilymdxn I‘m doing my best but no idea how I‘ll get through them all before the shortlist is released 😱 11mo
JamieArc I‘m making my way through as many as possible before the shortlist is announced. Everything Under just arrived today and I‘m in love with the cover 😍 11mo
ReadingEnvy I'm stalled on Milkman so I need to move to another one I think 11mo
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JenP @JamieArc yes, beautiful! 11mo
JenP @Emilymdxn good luck! 11mo
JenP @ReadingEnvy I‘ve heard great things about it but also heard that it‘s all about the narrative style and that the style won‘t work for everyone 11mo
Simona Enjoy 😊 11mo
BookishTrish Wow! 11mo
AnneCecilie Who's your favorite(s) so far? 11mo
JenP @AnneCecilie I‘m waiting until we post all our reviews to reveal my favorites. But I‘ll tag you when I am ready to post them 😬 11mo
BarbaraBB Tag me too please 😘 11mo
JenP @BarbaraBB will do! And tag me in your reviews too! 11mo
BarbaraBB I will. I just started my fourth book, The Water Cure. 11mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#backpackEurope participants. Updates have been posted on the blog. No traveler delays this week!

Mini challenge with 3 stages is a culinary challenge. Check it out: https://thereadersroom.org/summer-2018-reading-challenge-backpack-across-europe/

KellyHunsakerReads This takes me to the post but without an update for this week. 11mo
JenP @Hunsakermountain thanks. For some reason it didn‘t save. Let me fix it 11mo
JenP @Hunsakermountain so weird, I copied and pasted it from the blog for goodreads but it must have reverted back to an old edition. I think it‘s fixed 11mo
KellyHunsakerReads Jen you may want to change date also or people may not read on. 11mo
VeganCleopatra I agree, the date made me initially think it wasn't updated. 11mo
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Everything Under | Daisy Johnson
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This cover ❤️💚💜

Emilymdxn Ikr it‘s SO lovely! 11mo
JenP @Emilymdxn yes! The photo doesn‘t do it justice either. 11mo
Emilymdxn I read this one on kindle like I do most books (easier on my weak wrists, cheaper, less space when I live in a single room) but this was one of the ones that REALLY made me wish I‘d bought the pretty book 11mo
mrozzz And signed! 👌🏻 11mo
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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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#manbooker2018 book number 3.

bobregina I absolutely love this cover 😍 12mo
celtichik Great book! 12mo
LibraryCin I was also going to comment that i like the cover. 12mo
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Cinfhen Curious to hear your thoughts ~ I was a little underwhelmed 12mo
JenP @Cinfhen I am about halfway through. It‘s okay but I‘m not absolutely loving it 12mo
Cinfhen Hi Jen!!! Haven‘t seen u on Litsy ~ hope all is well 💕 11mo
JenP @Cinfhen yes, frantically reading for our Man Booker challenge. Also check the blog - you are delayed this week for #backpackEurope 11mo
Cinfhen Ha!! Good thing I checked in with u! Glad all is well 11mo
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Sabrina | Nick Drnaso
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I may need a magnifying glass to read this

DGRachel 😮 12mo
Debiw781 Hmmm... this was on my list to buy but that‘s teeny tiny print 🤔 12mo
Phlamboyant Whoa. 12mo
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JenP @MaGoose @debiw781 I think it‘s a good one to read but the print was a struggle for me. Some pages are gray which makes it even harder to read. 12mo
MaGoose Hunh. I have always wanted to read a graphic novel, but I guess it won't be this one. With print like that I would need a magnifying glass as well as my reading glasses. 12mo
BarbaraBB That book looks super unattractive. I just ordered it though 😂 12mo
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB I‘m with you, and I‘m not that big of a fan of the artstyle. But if it gets enough good reviews I might pick it up 😄 12mo
BookwormM Eek I ordered the Kindle version as the book had 4-6 week lead time this is going to be fun 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB most pages look like the bottom 4 boxes. I think it‘s a good graphic novel. But overall I‘m not a huge graphic novel fan. So I thought it was good but hard to compare it to full length literary novels 12mo
JenP @BookwormM well I think at least with the kindle copy you can zoom in 12mo
JenP @Kalalalatja I think it‘s worth reading. The art style isn‘t my favorite but it does match the tone/theme of the book 12mo
KGlibrarian I just heard this talked about on the NYTimes Book Review podcast and put it on my TBR list. As a librarian I like reading graphic novels to be able to advise readers about all types of books—my only problem with them is the small print! 12mo
Cinfhen Yea; that will NOT work for the over 40 set 😁😂😜 12mo
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The Overstory: A Novel | Richard Powers
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#manbooker2018 my first book of the longlist and I really enjoyed it. Beautifully written and clever, this is a book is a call to action and lovely exposition on trees and their importance.

Full review on the blog for the shadow panel.

readingjedi I read this as a NetGalley ebook (and loved it!) so didn't get to see the cover. It is gorgeous and perfect 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳 12mo
tstan I started listening today. I have to say the first section, set on an Iowa Farm, touched me quite a bit. Can‘t wait to listen to the rest! 12mo
BarbaraBB Beautiful pic. Looking forward to this one! 12mo
charl08 Love your photo. Hope to read this in time for the SL announcement. 12mo
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Sabrina | Nick Drnaso
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Book #2 for my Man Booker longlist shadow panel: first ever graphic novel nominated for the longlist.

To follow our shadow panel reviews you can follow the blog. I just finished Overstory and will be reading this next.



JulietteGF I've read only Beverly by him, but I really like his style. Often graphic novels are looked down upon (a lot of people think they are the same as comics), and I hate it at Barnes and Noble when they put graphic novel among comics... I love graphic journalism and graphic memoirs. If you haven't read Beverly, read it! It really made me uneasy. 12mo
JenP @JulietteGF I haven‘t read it. Will check it out 12mo
tstan Waiting for this one to come. Should have ordered it when I heard of it...🙄 12mo
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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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I need this in my life.

saresmoore I‘m resisting the urge to buy every set and hoard them until Christmas. Not well, but resisting. 12mo
JenP @saresmoore ha ha. Me too 12mo
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Overstory | Richard Powers
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Loving this one

arubabookwoman My favorite book of 2018 so far, and my only 5 star read of the year so far. 12mo
JenP @arubabookwoman I‘m about halfway done. It is fantastic 12mo
Cinfhen Totally stacking based on both of your comments @JenP @arubabookwoman 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Trying to pick just two winners for creativity points is practically impossible. This week I couldn‘t decide so I picked three excellent entries. You each get 1 extra point:
@mabell @Hunsakermountain and Diane - https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/19373257-the-other-diane-s-european-1001-to...

Check out their #backpackEurope posts

mabell Thank you!! ❤️😊 Congratulations @Hunsakermountain and Diane! 🎉 12mo
Simona Congrats @mabell and @Hunsakermountain 😘 12mo
hilded Congrats ladies :) @mabell & @Hunsakermountain 12mo
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mabell Thank you @Simona and @hilded ! ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
KellyHunsakerReads Thanks! After being runner up last week it was nice to be picked this week. 12mo
Cinfhen Congrats guys! 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#backpackEurope July 23 update

Travel Hub: Hungary
Weather delays: Italy and Austria (if you are located in one of these two, you may finish your book by have to wait until next Monday to move to next country. These 2 are blackout out for the week so no new visitors until 7/30
Player delays: @Kalalalatja and Diane (goodreads member) are both delayed this week. You may finish your current book but then must wait until next Monday to move forward.

Kalalalatja Too bad, I‘ll just have to extend my stay in the Netherlands then 😉 12mo
JenP @Kalalalatja bad luck 😢 12mo
Itchyfeetreader Whoops I finished my Austria book 12 hours ago and had already moved to Florence! Guess impact is the same, although my TBR has more than one Italian book so I might see if I can hitchhike from Florence to Venice when I am done! Is that allowed? 12mo
JenP @Itchyfeetreader is what allowed? Reading two books for the same country? You only get points for your first visit to a country but you are welcome to read a second one for pleasure 12mo
Itchyfeetreader @jenp a girls got to do something when she is trapped by the weather! 12mo
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The Similars | Rebecca Hanover
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An elite high school is thrown into a tailspin when 6 cloned students are invited to attend the school. These students‘ “originals” are attending as juniors and seniors at the school. When they turn into each other, it sparks all kinds of mayhem

This was highlighted as a buzz worthy YA book at BEA. Honestly it was all rather silly and way too predictable. The premise is interesting but so predictable as to send me into fits of eye rolling.

JenP I will say that despite the fact that is was painfully lacking in subtlety, I still felt entertained at times. It probably will be a blockbuster 12mo
Cinfhen Great review!! Well done 😄you‘re making early progress #booked2018 #impressed ❣️ 12mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Interesting premise. Too bad it was still a pan! 12mo
BookHoarder32 I agree, the entertainment value lay in the ridiculousness of it all. 8mo
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Happiness | Aminatta Forna
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This book I ordered just arrived and it smells like lavender. Like really strong lavender scent. 🤔

LeahBergen That‘s strange! 12mo
JenP @LeahBergen I guess I should be thankful that it smells like lavender and not something else. 😂 (edited) 12mo
BarbaraBB Gorgeous cover though! I hope it‘ll make the longlist, then I am allowed to buy it too 😉 12mo
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JenP @BarbaraBB it didn‘t make the list 12mo
BarbaraBB Did you do well with your predictions? 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB nope 😂 12mo
BarbaraBB @JenP it is an impossible job I think 😉 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB I‘m usually happy if I get 2 right. Last year I got half right. This year I had 2 from my list make it and 2 more were on my extended list. The others hadn‘t even crossed my mind 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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These are photos of my real trip to Avignon (I traveled back in time) during the festival top left are about half the tickets I collected. There were plays, concerts, dance performances in every barn, theatre, public venue, etc throughout the entire festival. Wonderful experience - and lots of wine (my friend and I drank many delicious bottles).

I‘m still in Ireland for my virtual trip. Hoping to make it to France by tomorrow

JamieArc Avignon is beautiful. I have fond memories of my trip there ❤️ 12mo
JenP I loved it! Glad you have good memories too 12mo
Kalalalatja Awesome! 12mo
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hilded So nice seeing real pictures, seems like a great holiday ☀️ 12mo
mabell How cool! Love the skateboarder photobomb 😂 It sounds like an amazing trip. 12mo
Cinfhen Fabulous photos!! 12mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
post image

The Man Booker longlist will be announced Tuesday. Here are a few of the books we (our shadow panel) predict might make the list. See our full list on the blog here: https://thereadersroom.org/2018/07/20/2018-man-booker-longlist-our-predictions/

Did we leave off your favorite? Which books do@you think will make the list?

Quirkybookworm Never heard of them but am intrigue! 12mo
KellyHunsakerReads I have only read Warlight and Sing Unburied Sing and agree about both. 12mo
JenP @Hunsakermountain Warlight wasn‘t on my prediction list but I think several other panel members picked it for the longlist. Glad to hear you liked it. I haven‘t read it yet 12mo
See All 15 Comments
BarbaraBB Great blogpost. I love this time of year but I really don‘t have a clue about what the longlist will be. Love your predictions! 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB thanks! This year was really hard for me. Too many good options. I‘ll be happy if I get a couple correct 12mo
BarbaraBB I‘ve been avoiding Sing Unburied Sing but according to you it may come so far that I must read it after all 😉 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB I think it will make the longlist but I‘m not sure it will move to the shortlist 12mo
BarbaraBB And I was thinking of maybe 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB I considered that one. I haven‘t read it yet though 12mo
BarbaraBB ... it‘s a debut, and a good one! 12mo
Simona Interesting lists and I have read only two (Winter and Eleanor Oliphant) ... 12mo
BookwormM I left Winter off my prediction as I thought Autumn was a stronger book and that was nominated last year @Simona 12mo
Simona @BookwormM I absolutely agree with you. For me Winter was the same story as Autumn, only with different characters ... 12mo
Cinfhen Going to check out your blog - like your prediction stack 12mo
JenP @BookwormM look at our blog. Under drafts: man Booker longlist 12mo
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Arriving in Avignon: A Record | Paul F. Vincent, Daniël Robberechts
post image

#backpackEurope participants - are you lucky enough to be in France?

A mini challenge has been posted on the blog challenge page. Instructions a bit too long to post here so Check it out — https://thereadersroom.org/summer-2018-reading-challenge-backpack-across-europe/

JenP I‘ve actually attended this festival and it was amazing. If I can find some photos I will post them! 12mo
mabell Cool idea! And I can get to France this week, yay! Next to figure out what performance to "attend" ... ? Post photos, if you find them! 12mo
JenP @mabell i will dig through my photo album and see if I can find some photo and I think I kept some playbills too 12mo
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RachelN Jen does a TV show count as a show? 12mo
JenP @RachelN yes 12mo
Cinfhen Oh, lucky me...I‘m currently in Paris 😍 and was planning on checking out a film or maybe visiting Moulin Rouge (would that count???) Hope you‘re having a good trip 💕 12mo
JenP @Cinfhen yes! 12mo
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Asymmetry | Lisa Halliday
post image

I know this book gets tons of critical acclaim but if you need to essentially read a literary analysis to understand it then that‘s a problem.

Very meta. Told as two separate novellas and a coda, 90% of this went over my head. I didn‘t understand how the two novellas were connected until I read the reviews. Story 1 is a relationship between a young woman, Alice, & an older writer (inspired by the author‘s relation with Philip Roth). Story 2 👇🏼

JenP Is about an American-Iraqi man who is being detained at UK customs and looks back on his life. The coda is an interview with the Philip Roth character. I will say the way the two novellas are related is clever but I didn‘t catch the connection until I read the reviews. I enjoyed this book more on reflection than I did while reading it (edited) 12mo
Rcoco Sounds like a writers‘ kind of book. Nice review! 12mo
JenP @Rcoco yes, definitely 12mo
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Untitled | To Be Announced
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Creativity points: This week there were so many great posts that it was virtually impossible to pick winners. This week‘s winners are...

@hilded for creativity in the face of being stuck. Honorable mention (but no points) goes to @Hunsakermountain

@mabell who updated here and on her blog. You can see her posts here: http://www.graymyrtle.com/book-blog/2...

Congrats ladies! Hilde and Mabell you both get 1 extra point.

mabell Thank you! This is so much fun! I love seeing all fellow travelers' amazingly creative posts; it feels truly immersive! 12mo
mabell Thanks @Hunsakermountain ! Your posts have been so entertaining! 😄 12mo
hilded @jenp Thank you, that is so nice :) I love seeing all the great posts and books that are being made and read for this challenge 😍It was fun being stuck in Sweden with you @Hunsakermountain #BackpackEurope (edited) 12mo
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
post image

I just finished this book while sitting at my daughter‘s gymnastics practice and I‘m a mess. We follow 12 Native American characters as they all prepare for and attend a Powwow. All characters have different reasons for going all reflect different perspectives of the urban indigenous community.

It‘s brilliant and heartbreaking and one of the best books I‘ve read this year.

BarbaraBB Okay, that‘s settled. #stacked 12mo
LiteraryinLititz Yup, I‘m stacking it too! 12mo
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
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Untitled | To Be Announced
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#backpackEurope Weather/event delay: Monaco and Turkey

I don‘t think anyone is in either of these two places but if you are, you will be delayed for a week. These are now blackout locations for the week so if you wish to visit them, you must wait until next Monday.

Traveler delays: please check blog. I can‘t tag people yet. Bookandcat and Parzival are delayed this week.

JenP Once I‘m able to tag again, I will announce the creativity points since this week‘s winners are both here on Litsy. 12mo
BookaholicNatty @JenP I‘m having fun watching this!!! I wasn‘t exactly sure how it all worked so I decided to just watch this year but next year I‘m definitely going to be playing!!!! I do think it takes good planning. I‘m having so much fun seeing all the creativity and photos!!!!! How many years have you all been doing this?? 12mo
bookandcat Womp womp :-( my first week and already delayed lol 12mo
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JenP @bookandcat I know. That was bad luck. You can however finish your current book (edited) 12mo
bookandcat Quick question - to count for a country, do the books need to be by an author from that country, or set in that country, or paetially set there, or what? So far mine have all been by authors and set there, but I have books on my tbr set in some countries but the authors might live elsewhere. 12mo
JenP @bookandcat either is fine. 12mo
JenP @BookaholicNatty this is just the second year. The challenge goes through sep if you want to join. I‘ve not been too organized in my travels but rather have just gone wherever the mood strikes. 12mo
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Untitled | To Be Announced
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This week‘s travel Hub: Italy #backpackEurope

Turns out Italian airlines are having a massive sale. If you arrive here before the end of the week, you will be able to buy a discounted air travel ticket to any European country you wish.

Itchyfeetreader Exciting this is where I am trying to head by the end of the week! 12mo
Cinfhen I‘m trying to get there as well @itchyfeetreader 12mo
Itchyfeetreader @cinfhen and then I realised my Austria book has 600 pages! 12mo
Cinfhen Hope you‘re a fast reader @itchyfeetreader 12mo
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
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Loving this book so far

Chelsea.Poole I‘m reading this one too...same here, loving it! 😊 12mo
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
post image

Here‘s a shot of the full quilt I posted about earlier. Gifted to my father-in-law for his medical work on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the 1970s. The colors appear a bit faded in this photo bc my bedroom was dark. The colors are much more vibrant in person. Also the quilt is huge. Fits a king size bed

AmyG Wow. Beautiful. 12mo
KellyHunsakerReads Lovely! 12mo
DivineDiana Fabulous! ❤️ 12mo
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Reviewsbylola ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
Kalalalatja Awesome! 12mo
DGRachel Beautiful. I love that pattern, but it has Y seams and I totally can‘t do Y seams. 😭😭 12mo
Kimzey Beautiful quilt! 12mo
JenP @DGRachel that beats me. I‘d like to learn how to quilt — even the basics 12mo
tdrosebud That is so beautiful! 12mo
Suet624 Gorgeous!!! 12mo
Quirkybookworm Bellissimo !! 12mo
saresmoore That is really incredible! 12mo
britt_brooke Wow, it‘s beautiful! 12mo
Pamwurtzler That‘s gorgeous! 12mo
batsy It's so beautiful. 12mo
Wife 😍 12mo
Cinfhen Amazing 12mo
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
post image

We are the memories we don‘t remember...

I‘m only on the prologue but I‘m already crying

peacegypsy Cannot wait to get this one. ❤️ 12mo
irre It‘s amazing. 12mo
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
post image

Next up...
The quilt underneath was made by Oglala Lakota people in the 1970s and gifted to my father-in-law who worked for several years on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation as a pediatrician. We have a collection of beautiful quilts that were given to my in-laws.

Suet624 Beautiful quilt! Beautiful gift! And yay for Powell‘s subscribers! 12mo
Aimeesue Wow! Gorgeous. And what a great quilt story. 12mo
AmyG Beautiful! 12mo
See All 14 Comments
erzascarletbookgasm That‘s a beautiful quilt. ❤️ 12mo
batsy That's beautiful. And the history behind it 🧡 12mo
Chelsea.Poole Gorgeous quilt! 12mo
ephemeralwaltz I've heard such amazing things about this one. Beautiful! 12mo
Reviewsbylola The quilt is beautiful and I love the story behind it! 12mo
sprainedbrain That is beautiful! 12mo
Kdgordon88 The quilt is an amazing treasure. 12mo
arubabookwoman That is a beautiful quilt, and it‘s hand-quilted too! 12mo
JenP @Suet624 @aimeesue @amyg @erzascarlettbookgasm @batsy @chelsea.poole @ephemeralwaltz @reviewsbylola @sprainedbrain @kgordon88 @@arubabookwoman thanks all. It‘s certainly one of our treasures. I posted a photo of the full quilt so you can see the whole thing. 12mo
Cinfhen Stunning photo 🧡💛❤️ 12mo
JenP @Cinfhen thanks! 12mo
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The Sparsholt Affair | Alan Hollinghurst
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I really enjoyed this book and the way the author captures the lives, relationships, and experiences of gay men in Britain over a 70+ year span. The writing is amazing and while the plot does drag in a few places, I still loved it.

Book is decided into 5 sections (section 1 is by far the best) and each section jumps ahead about 10 years to follow the Sparsholt family.

JenP @BarbaraBB I did really like it but I haven‘t read any of his other books so I had no comparison. I do get some of the critiques but overall a really enjoyable read for me 12mo
rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 12mo
BarbaraBB Thanks for this review. It moves up my tbr now despite my friend‘s opinion. I‘ve loved two other books by him, so I csb‘t go really wrong I think! 😘 12mo
Cinfhen Oh God! If section one is the best I don‘t think I‘m going to like this book. It‘s already dragging for me at page 78 1mo
Cinfhen Hi Jen!!!!! Miss u!!!!! 1mo
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The Sparsholt Affair | Alan Hollinghurst
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Trying to cram in a few more books before I make my 2018 Man Booker longlist predictions. Each year on the blog our panel of judges reads and reviews the entire longlist. But before we begin we make predictions on which books will make it.

Do you think this one will make the longlist? I‘m only a few chapters in. Monday we post our predictions

Samplergal I will look forward to the predictions. I usually read a few of them. 12mo
ReadingEnvy I always love seeing your thoughts! 12mo
ReadingEnvy This particular one, I thought the first section was strongest. 12mo
See All 20 Comments
JenP @ReadingEnvy I love following your thoughts too. Which is your top pick for the longlist? 12mo
JenP @Samplergal I look forward to discussing the list with you! 12mo
JenP @ReadingEnvy my list of predictions is mostly done but I am reading a few more to try and see which ones will snag my last few prediction spots 12mo
ReadingEnvy @JenP I have a much harder time now that it includes USA now. Is there a master list somewhere? I wonder if Circe by Madeleine Miller might make a showing. 12mo
JenP @ReadingEnvy no, no master list. It can be any book published in UK between oct 2017-sept 2018. There is a goodreads list for voting but it‘s not a comprehensive list and based on the books nominated by members of that group. 12mo
JenP @ReadingEnvy what do you think of overstory? 12mo
ReadingEnvy Well if Overstory counts it's a definite yes for me. It's gorgeous so far and helpful that it's a previously nominated author. Ooh maybe Winter by Ali Smith or maybe that was on last year. 12mo
JenP @ReadingEnvy I‘m trying to read that one next -overstory. Here‘s the list: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/115479.Man_Booker_Prize_Eligible_2018 (edited) 12mo
ReadingEnvy I have this on my shelf but hear consistent good things 12mo
ReadingEnvy I hope this one isn't selected because I would hate to see it take a spot from someone else - 12mo
BarbaraBB Interesting predictions on the GoodReads list. I always look forward to the Man Booker Longlist. I don‘t think the Hollinghurst will make it there, but my predictions are mostly wrong😊 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB have you read this one? Didn‘t like it? I‘m loving it so far but only a little way in. Yeah the goodreads list is interesting and I don‘t agree with many of the top ones. And Pullman‘s book is high up on the list which is bizarre to me. 12mo
BarbaraBB @JenP no I haven‘t read it yet, so I don‘t really know but I heard little about it. On the GoodReads list I see many I don‘t agree with too. But there are a lot there too that I haven‘t even heard of! 12mo
BarbaraBB A good friend of fine was disappointed by this Hollinghurst (while she is a big fan) so I have postponed reading it. I hope you‘ll like it, then I am motivated to pick it up too! 12mo
Liz_M I love the bookmark! ♥ 12mo
JenP @Liz_M one of my favorites! 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thank you so much to the amazing @Avanders for this fab package #penpals.

I‘m so excited about everything. I love it so much!! @JenlovesJT47

JenlovesJT47 Yay! Oh btw girls I have a new address! @Avanders 12mo
JenP @JenlovesJT47 ooh, send it to us on slack 12mo
Avanders Yay!! I'm so glad 🤗🤗 I know, I'm way delayed on my comments here 😬 Excited anyway! 😉💖🌸 12mo
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Special event alert: Ghent festival!

#backpackEurope participants. If you are currently in Belgium or will be there before the end of the week, you will get to attend the Ghent festival, a giant street party with music and performances.
🔹The challenge: create and post a playlist for your Belgium book. Must contain at least 7 songs.
🔹Points: you will earn 2 extra points for successfully completing it.


mabell Yay!! I'm starting Belgium today, just as soon as I finish my Netherlands book review! 🎉🎉 12mo
BarbaraBB Great challenge this. Next year I‘m in! 12mo
JenP @mabell perfect timing! 12mo
See All 18 Comments
JenP @BarbaraBB you are welcome to join in anytime. I‘m still in the UK so haven‘t moved far and the challenge goes through end of September! 12mo
BarbaraBB Where do I start? Schiphol Airport or isn‘t that allowed since I live in the Netherlands? 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB European participants may start in their home country so your first book would be the next place you move to from your home country. Or you could fly to London, or France too if you wanted to start from there 12mo
BarbaraBB That means Belgium in my case. How lucky 😉 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB also detailed instructions are on the blog challenge page but feel free to ask more questions. I‘m taking. My time “traveling” since I have a bunch of other challenges too. https://thereadersroom.org/summer-2018-reading-challenge-backpack-across-europe/ 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB I know 😊 marvelous timing to start your travels! 12mo
BarbaraBB @JenP coincidentally! 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB also if your first book can make a connection to the landmark Grand Place you can get a whopping 7 points for the book and mini challenge! 12mo
BarbaraBB Grand Place is in Ghent? 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB Brussels but if your book mentions it, you get the points (edited) 12mo
Kalalalatja I really hope my library book for Belgium will be ready before the end of the week 🤞 12mo
JenP @Kalalalatja good luck! 12mo
Cinfhen Darn, just settled on Madrid ~ end of week means next Thursday or this Sunday??? 12mo
JenP @Cinfhen Sunday 12mo
Cinfhen So that‘s NOT happening 😂 12mo
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Sight | Jessie Greengrass
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So many feelings about this book. Some moments of sheer brilliance, many moments that have brought tears to my eyes, and yet lots of moments of that have required me to push through feelings of boredom.

The sections on mother-daughter relations and moving from being a child to a parent are so spot on that they leave me emotional.

BarbaraBB 💜 12mo
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The Crying of Lot 49 | Thomas Pynchon
post image

Anyone want any/all of these books?

wanderinglynn Yes, I‘m interested, particularly in the Thomas Pynchon and DH Lawrence 12mo
JenP @wanderinglynn great! They are yours. Send me your mailing address to jenlane3[at]yahoo[dot]com 12mo
corycatelyn My absolute darling sounds interesting...if no one has claimed it...I'll take that please 🤗 12mo
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OrangeMooseReads I‘m interested in White Tiger 12mo
JenP @corycatelyn ok. Send me your address to the email I listed above and I‘ll send it to you.be warned that there are some graphic abuse scenes. 12mo
JenP @OrangeMooseReads 👍. Send me your mailing address 12mo
corycatelyn I heard that...I think it will be ok 12mo
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At Swim-two-birds | Flann O'Brien
post image

And I‘m off to Ireland with the tagged book. #backpackEurope

AJBowers Have fun!!! 12mo
mabell Lovely photos! 😍 12mo
BarbaraBB A very boring read... I thought... sorry 😉 12mo
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Cinfhen I‘m still in Ireland, haven‘t been doing too much reading xx 12mo
bernadette I read that book a long time ago and had forgotten it until now. I remember it as kind of zany and it broke a lot of conventions but I wonder if it held up well. Will be interested to hear what you think. 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB oh no 🙁. I haven‘t started it. Maybe I will switch it out then. I am sure I have a Colm Toibin book waiting for me (edited) 12mo
BarbaraBB @JenP I hope you have! Or a Boyne maybe?! 12mo
Kristelh Nice pictures, I haven‘t left Ireland yet. Enjoyed my Boyne book, but Toibin would be good or Jeffry Archer noth mentioned in Boyne‘s book 12mo
Liz_M I was going to tell you that I enjoyed it, but once again I've mixed it up with the tagged book. 12mo
bernadette If you are looking for a book set in Ireland, Himself by Jess Kidd, is good. It's a mystery set in Ireland with a touch of magical realism. I likes the world Kidd created 12mo
JenP @bernadette thanks, I‘ve actually wanted to read that one so I have a copy. 12mo
JenP @Liz_M ha ha! I did that when looking up the book title 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Creativity points for #backpackEurope

So it was pretty difficult (nearly impossible) to pick this week‘s winners because you have all been really creative. This week‘s winners are:
The other Diane (playing on Goodreads). Check out her travel posts here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/19373257-the-other-diane-s-european-1001-to...
Congrats! You have both earned 1 extra point this week!

JenP Stop by their pages/feeds and drop them a compliment 😊 12mo
wanderinglynn Wow! Diane‘s page is amazing! 12mo
JenP @wanderinglynn yes! You were a top contender this week. Maybe next week! 12mo
See All 9 Comments
mabell Congrats @Simona ! 12mo
wanderinglynn And congrats @Simona 🎉🙌🏻 12mo
Itchyfeetreader Awesome updates! 12mo
Cinfhen Yay @Simona ‼️💕 12mo
Kristelh Congrats, it‘s been so fun! 12mo
Simona @JenP @wanderinglynn @mabell @Cinfhen @Kristelh Thank you ladies ♥️ it was fun traveling/reading week 😎 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Two countries are blacked out this week (July 9-15): Sweden and Russia.

If you are located in one of these two countries, you may finish your book but you may not leave the country until July 16. If you adjacent to these countries, you may not travel to or through them until July 16


KellyHunsakerReads Lol ... I have a weather delay anyway. 12mo
JenP @Hunsakermountain oh no, that‘s bad luck to get both. Or maybe it‘s good luck? I didn‘t realize you were in sweden (edited) 12mo
KellyHunsakerReads I call it good luck. I am stuck anyway. 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Ooh, bad luck has struck two of our travelers. Sometime during the last day your passport has gone missing. You can each create the details. Now you‘re stuck in your current location for the next week. You may finish your current book but you can not move on to your next destination until next Monday the 16th.

So enjoy your current location since you‘ll be here for a while. @Hunsakermountain . 😢

JenP How do we pick delays? Using the randomizer. For each book you read each week, your name gets entered 1 time. If you read 5-7 books like these two then your name is entered 5-7 times and you will likely be delayed. So slow down for better odds next time! 12mo
KellyHunsakerReads Thanks. I will keep enjoying Sweden! 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Travel Hub for next week will be Bulgaria. This means if you arrive in Bulgaria before the end of the week, you may fly out to any other country in Europe.

I don‘t think anyone is currently there but a few people are in the vicinity. #backpackEurope

Captivatedbybooks Awww this sounds fun!!! Sad i missed it 12mo
JenP @Captivatedbybooks it‘s going on through September. You can join anytime. 😊 (edited) 12mo
Captivatedbybooks @JenP oooo ill check your past posts than cool!!!! 12mo
See All 6 Comments
Chrissyreadit How did I miss this! You are brilliant. I thought all these kittens were literally backpacking through Europe this Summer! 12mo
JenP @Chrissyreadit ha ha! You are welcome to join in. 12mo
jfalkens @Chrissyreadit I did too lol 12mo
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Clearly there is something wrong with me bc I actually liked this book. The writing is brilliant, the plot is very disturbing but gripping, the characters are challenging, and the ending is very strange.

I did have to skim through some parts that were too graphic and upsetting for me to read - animal cruelty. Read this for Scotland #backpackEurope

And now I‘m off to Ireland, hopefully with a more pleasant book

BookishMe I know I can count on Cecelia Ahern for a little touch of magic in her Irish stories (not so much in her recent books) 12mo
BarbaraBB I loved this book too of course (despite the subject!) 😘 12mo
JenP @BarbaraBB yay! 12mo
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Daisey I enjoyed this book way more than I expected as well! 12mo
Liz_M Same here! 12mo
JenP @Daisey @Liz_M @BarbaraBB well, I‘m glad I‘m in such good company! 12mo
BookwormM Me too I expected to hate it but ended up really enjoying it 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#backpackEurope participants

Just an FYI: to get landmark points either myself or @BookwormM must approve your landmark-book link. Just tag us in your posts and give us enough info to help us determine if it‘s a strong enough link and we will either approve or decline.

Red Clocks: A Novel | Leni Zumas
post image

This book is supposed to be dystopia-esque but feels a tad too real.

TheBookHippie Like it's happening NOW!!!!! 13mo
JenP @TheBookHippie exactly 13mo
BookwormM I have this on my ARC TBR guess I should move it up and we can do joint blog post 👍😎 13mo
Cinfhen I had the same feeling when I was reading it! 12mo
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