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Coffee Obsession
Coffee Obsession | DK
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Coffee Obsession shows how to make latte, cappuccino, and all the iconic coffee styles perfectly with authentic recipes and step-by-step barista techniques. Take a journey from bean to cup in each of the coffee-producing nations, including Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. With more coffee recipes than other titles, and investigating the subject in far greater depth, this book is for coffee obsessives in search of the most perfect cup of coffee in the world.
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WhatThePuck 💯 8mo
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My weekend plans. 😁📚☕️

britt_brooke Perfect! 11mo
C.Perone Love this! 11mo
Slajaunie ♥️♥️♥️ 11mo
MaGoose My drink of choice would be tea with plenty of sugar. Otherwise, 😊😍 11mo
Maggie_Reads @MaGoose I do tea too. 😁 11mo
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Is that really too much to ask?? 🤔🤔

Slajaunie I know, right? 11mo
booksensation @Slajaunie lol it‘s the simple pleasures in life 11mo
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#coffeebeanbookclub is on its way to @Mommamanzi it should be there Monday!

Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 ☕️ I love these posts ☺️☺️ (edited) 11mo
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HOUR 9 CHECK-IN, Y‘ALL. We‘ve officially changed the guard, so you‘ve got Kristen & Kerry for the day! First things first: head over to 24in48.com to see if you won a door prize, and enter the Hour 6 challenge. NOW TELL US: WHAT ARE YOU READING?!????? #24in48
[image description: a selfie of a smiling woman with blonde hair wearing a shirt reading “books are in my wheelhouse”. Text overlay says: “hour 9 check-in”.]

Bookgoil Holidays are Hell and Secret Coders v 4 12mo
DimeryRene I need that shirt! 💗💗 12mo
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Stephaniereads1 Always, Never yours. 12mo
rmaclean4 Just finished West by Carys Davies and working on Nutshell by Ian McEwan. 12mo
jfalkens I started this last night after I finished Willa Of The Wood. 12mo
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Excellent and perfect advice

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I mailed my #coffeebeanbookclub round 2 package today. @SamHeartCoffee it should be to you sometime next week. Please let me know if like the coffee. I wasn't sure of your preferences ☕

SamHeartCoffee Yay!! So excited! I‘m pretty easy to please with coffee since I love it so much. I‘m sure I will like it! Thank you and can‘t wait to read with all you all! #coffeebeanbookclub @Mommamanzi 12mo
Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 12mo
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This is on its way to @Mommamanzi for #CoffeeBeanBookClub it should be to you by Monday!

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@BethM i got it!!! Im sooo looking forward to trying this! #coffeebeanbookclub

BethM Yay! I just tried that one. I thought it was pretty good. 12mo
Avanders Mmm 😍😍 @Mollyanna sent me some of those kinds... love! 💖 12mo
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Coffee lover!!!
☕️ ground
☕️the stronger the better but medium and up
☕️love flavored coffee no coconut or hazelnut
☕️yup same as above i love caramel for my coffee

My favs is caramel and mint flavors

BethM Noted! I just bought your coffee tonight. I love mint but stayed away from it this time because people love it or hate it lol. 13mo
Captivatedbybooks @BethM yea mint is definitely not a fan fav but i love it and in winter i love ginger coffee 13mo
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Whole bean or ground, no pods
Medium or dark roast
Yes to flavors
I prefer to make my own flavored syrup and only use those in iced coffee ☕️
No tea for me


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I stole these questions from the first round of #CoffeeBeanBookClub so that those of us who are newer can get a better idea of what to do for our matches... updated the graphic with a pic pulled from Pinterest. Let's try to get this circulating again 😊☕🍵 I'll answer on a separate post!

BethM Thanks! I'm new this round! 13mo
vkois88 @BethM I'm new this go round as well 😊 13mo
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1. Both because I love ice cream & I also love banana popsicles. 🍦🍨🍧
2. 🕶🏖🏝🍹
3. Both (it‘s too hard to choose!) 🍉🍓🍉🍓
4. ✈️🚠🚞🛵🚙⛵️🛶 🚀
5. Print

JoScho 🍉🍓❤️ 13mo
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My favorite way to start the day. Good morning, Litsy! #morningreading #bookandcoffee #journaling

Reviewsbylola That looks heavenly. 😍 14mo
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This is my morning! I discovered a fabulous new coffee shop I'm just in love with now. ☕

How is your day going?

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It‘s ok... I‘m at work, would rather be reading!!! 1y
JosieG @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Hopefully you get some time with a good book in today 😊 1y
mabell 😍😍 1y
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LitsyOwl 💕💕 1y
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Playing catch up! @bookish_wookish thank you for the awesome coffee goodies! ❤☕
#coffeebeanbookclub @Mommamanzi

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Thndrstd I drink all the coffee 1y
AmyG I always have a drink near. If I eat while reading...I‘d never stop doing both. 😳 1y
Samplergal Coffee ☕️ or tea ☕️ or 💧 water 1y
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Craftylikefox I usually drink while reading, sometimes snack 1y
sudi Tea ☕ or water. I'd never eat because then the muching gets out of hand and before i know the entire packet of chips is gone 😁 1y
darklydreaming Coffee. Too much Coffee!! 1y
Emma3 Drink and I do like to snack while reading which probably isn‘t a good idea! 1y
JenaJenkins Tea & coffee. I try not to snack, but I do often read during breakfast! 1y
Purrsistently @sudi yeah that happens sometimes... 😅 1y
Purrsistently And ALL the coffee and tea! 1y
Susanita I like to read with lunch or dinner. Unless I‘m reading something gross then I have to find another book! 1y
Purrsistently @Susanita oh yes, no gross stuff while eating😅 1y
Kdgordon88 Yes, read during my lunch break and sometimes at the dinner table. Almost always have something to drink by my side. 1y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Drink yes, eat no. If I eat and read I make a huge mess because I'm too focused on the book! 1y
AyaOfSiwa Drink, coffee, when is my coffee time :) 1y
wordslinger42 Yes! Coffee, tea, chai tea, hot cocoa... as long as it's cozy & warm ☕ 1y
Swe_Eva I do everything I do (except sleeping) with a cup of tea, so yes. ☕️😂 1y
Bourriquet76 I have my last cup of coffee next to me now! 1y
Purrsistently Y‘all are my kind of people💕 1y
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I might be a little late, but I couldn't resist posting with my newly acquired mug @hermyknee @MrBook
You know it's impossible to pick just one favorite book, right? Here are two that have been important to me becoming the reader I am. #coffeecoffeecoffee

SqueakyChu Funny mug! 1y
bell7 @SqueakyChu thanks! It was a Christmas gift and it makes me smile every time I use it 1y
SqueakyChu @bell7 I have a funny bookmark story. Recently, I‘ve been reading in bed, getting very drowsy, and just putting my open book face down on the dresser next to the bed before falling asleep. My husband has been wondering why he keeps finding a bookmark in our bed each morning. LOL! (edited) 1y
bell7 @SqueakyChu hahaha I can relate! 😁 1y
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Wow what a awesome giveaway @hermyknee! Here is my favorite mug and my favorite book!!!

#CoffeeCoffeeCoffee #Giveaway

Chrissyreadit @MinDea l LOVE your mug so much!!!!!!! 1y
AmberWB That mug is fantastic!! Where did you find it?? 1y
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LazyDays Awesome mug👍👌💜 1y
MinDea Thanks @AmberWB I got it from the Seattle Aquarium! 1y
Traci1 Love that mug! 1y
MinDea Thanks @Traci1! 1y
Tanisha_A Love black and white art! Very pretty! 1y
JazzFeathers That mug is awesome znd that book us awesome too 😍 1y
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What a fun giveaway @hermyknee !! My favorite coffee mug ☕️ is a gift from a friend‘s trip to Paris, paired with my longtime favorite read 📖 - the only book I can read over and over and still be filled with anticipation, mortification, and delight! 😊 #coffeecoffeecoffee

JazzFeathers And they even match! 1y
Liatrek I love your mug ❤️ 1y
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I‘m at the airport about to fly home from our family vacation. I don‘t have my book with me so I had to get a pic from the net. But my mug is in my hand. ☕️
Thanks for the giveaway @hermyknee

hermyknee Love this! 1y
JazzFeathers Love that cup 😂 1y
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Oh @Sarah83 thank you so much! The coffees smell amazing!(I could smell them before I opened the package.😊) The little Poe book is so cool! I love everything! This was so kind of you. Thank you!🤗❤

Mommamanzi Wow! I‘m on my way over lol. 1y
LeahBergen Lovely! 💕💕 1y
Sarah83 So glad it arrived. 😍💖 If you want some other coffee, please let me know. 😉 1y
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Mollyanna That looks wonderful! 1y
GarthRanzz I would have died and gone to heaven just opening that and smelling all the coffee! 1y
Chelleo 😍😍😍 1y
Sarah83 Need more coffee? 🤗 1y
cobwebmoth @Sarah83 It's not all gone yet, but you are so sweet to offer. Thank you!🤗❤ 1y
Sarah83 Please tell me, when you need some more? 😘 1y
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Got my morning coffee and Monday night's TV on my DVR, you can find me enjoying my morning on my recliner 😁

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I received my #coffeebeanbookclub package for this month! @bookish_wookish Thank you for the fun variety of coffee!☺

I also received my latest Society6 order, but it contains gifts for a couple of Littens, so I can't show what's inside. Mwahaha!😈😘

bookish_wookish The toasted hazelnut is soooo good and i dont even like hazelnut coffee!!! 😂 1y
Sarah83 Do you want some German coffee aswell? ☺️ 1y
cobwebmoth @Sarah83 I'm always interested in trying new coffees!❤ 1y
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Sarah83 You still have my email from the swap you hosted? Tell me what you like and your address and I will have a look. ☺️ 1y
cobwebmoth @Sarah83 OK.☺ Thank you, that's so kind of you! 1y
Sarah83 You're welcome 😉 1y
GarthRanzz How am I just now noticing that there‘s a book and coffee club!?!? I don‘t suppose there are any openings in the club? 1y
cobwebmoth @GarthRanzz Not that I know of. @Mommamanzi runs this club. I don't know if she plans on doing further rotations in the future. I know we've only got a couple of months left in this rotation. 1y
GarthRanzz Thanks Laura! I‘ll give her a follow and just keep my eyes open for future options. 😊 1y
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Yay!! My #coffeebeanbookclub package arrived! The box was little rougher for the wear, but it looks like the insides are all intact. 👏🏽👏🏽 Thank you @Mollyanna for yet another exciting and generous package!! 💖💖💖 I'm so excited for the coffee and chocolates, and I love the Easter glasses!! 🐣 I'm also excited to get cracking on the book... just have to read the last one first 😳

rather_be_reading hw cute! 1y
mabell The coffee looks cool! 1y
Avanders @mabell she always finds the coolest coffees to try!! 🤗💖 1y
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mabell @Avanders I looked up the roaster and I very tempted to place an order! ❤️😋 1y
Avanders @mabell ooh maybe you should! It smells sooo good 🤤🤤 1y
Mollyanna Glad it made it to you. Looks like it had an eventful journey. Enjoy the coffee. It‘s one of my favorite local coffee shops. 1y
Avanders @Mollyanna 🤗💖🤗 1y
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Desperate for this coffee to kick in to help with these rude patients 🙄
Happy to be off in a couple of hours so I can go home to my couch and read 📖 #WorkDay

FlowerFairy Must be something in the air. Today, I think I said, “That‘s not how this works” to patients at least 20 times. 1y
sammisho I am a hospital social worker...I say " that's not how this works" a lot! ? @FlowerFairy 1y
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Happy Valentine's Day!

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After having a large McDonalds coffee, I think I‘m not getting much sleep for the next few hours....

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My next #coffeebeanbookclub parcel arrived! @bookish_wookish Thank you for the cute cups and clips!☺☕

Mommamanzi So cute! 1y
bookish_wookish I got the same clips in my package and im so excited!!! 1y
ReviewsbytheMrs So cute 💜 1y
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cobwebmoth @bookish_wookish They're super cute! 1y
tammy_sue Awe 💗 1y
Gissy So cute those clips! 😍 1y
SilversReviews Cute!! 1y
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How hilarious that i sent the same clips off to my #coffeebeanbookclub person!! I totally regret not getting myself a set. So thank you @Kshakal now i have a set!! And yummy sounding coffee for tomorrow 😊

Kshakal That‘s awesome!! And even funnier because I too kicked myself for not buying some for myself! 1y
bookish_wookish Love it! ☕️ @Kshakal 1y
Zelma That is pretty funny and super convenient! 😆 1y
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Mollyanna Too funny! Also, I sent my #coffeebeanbookckub recipient, @Avanders Door County coffee too. We are all in sync with each other. @Kshakal (edited) 1y
Avanders Mmmmm 🤤 so excited about that door county coffee!! 💖 @Mollyanna (edited) 1y
bookish_wookish This coffee is amazing!! @Kshakal Im addicted! 1y
Kshakal @bookish_wookish so glad you like it! 1y
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This is what happens when I‘m allowed out of college early #hiddingfromthekids and I went charity shop shopping which has ended my New Years resolution not to add to the TBR pile! 😬

Cinfhen Beautiful photo 1y
Gayan This picture makes me happy. 1y
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Coffee ✅
Blanket ✅
Book ✅


melissajayne I love that series... 1y
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Sent my #muglove out today. A little later than I had hoped but it doesn't have far to go so should be good! Can't wait!

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My next #coffeebeanbookclub package arrived from @CoffeeCatsBooks a couple of days ago. Look at this awesome coffee. In case you can‘t read it the title is “Just enough for those last few chapters”. How absolutely perfect! Thank you. I‘d be surprised if the chocolates lasted the night...

hermyknee Omg! Omg! I need that coffee!!!! Where is it from?? 1y
Mollyanna @hermyknee I‘m not sure. I‘ll let @CoffeeCatsBooks answer that. She‘s the great seeker who found it. I am going to use it to brew a pot in the morning. It smells wonderful. 1y
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CoffeeCatsBooks @hermyknee Lol, it‘s from bookloverscoffee.com and they have several different flavors. 1y
CoffeeCatsBooks I thought it was cute ☕️. I hope you enjoy and sorry again for the delay! 1y
Mollyanna If the smell is any indication, I‘ll be in heaven tomorrow morning. No worries on the delay. I‘m still need to finish the book I‘m reading before I start it. Thanks again for the goodies. 1y
bookish_wookish Hey i recognize that journal!! 😂😂 1y
Avanders 😍😍 1y
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Happy mail! @bookish_wookish thank you for the awesome goodies! The plaque will go perfectly in my kitchen.😊 #coffeebeanbookclub @Mommamanzi

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Mmmmmmm. My new obsession is cool whip in my coffee. ☺️ @TricksyTails

JSW I like ice cream in mine. 🤤 2y
ElishaLovesBooks Um, YUM!!😋 2y
Joanne5 Eggnog 2y
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TricksyTails @JSW Me, too! 🍦☕️♥️ Although this looks pretty darn tasty. 😋 2y
JSW @TricksyTails I wouldn‘t say no to that. 🙌🏼😍 2y
CAnne Yummy 2y
Creadnorthey There seems like there should be something wrong with something so devilishly good... 2y
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I love coffee. #muglove
1) Any. I have a French Press, stove top espresso maker, verismo at home, keurig at work and a drip pot.
2) Dark usually
3) yes
4) Not usually

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Helping out my #muglove buddy!
1. Tea bags for convenience, loose leaf for flavor
2. Caffeine, of course
3. Chais of all kinds, spice, bergamot
4. Mmm Lipton?
1. Whole bean and pour over
2. Dark roast 3. No 4. Sometimes. Mostly just half and half

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My morning coffee gets me. 😂☕️

tpixie Love that!! What brand? 2y
shendrix413 😍😍 2y
Dolly Aww, nice!💕 2y
JPeterson @tpixie It‘s from the coexist campaign, from the DC area (my store has it under a “local” section). 2y
tpixie Awesome! ☕️ 2y
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This is perfect for me as I am utterly addicted to coffee 🖤

☕️ Pods
☕️ Light
☕️ Yes! I love vanilla and hazelnut
☕️ Sort of. I always use International Delight flavoured creamers, but not syrups

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Curious for those involved in the #muglove mug swap and #dystopianblues please copy and respond 😀

1. Any really. Prefer whole bean use pods at work.
2. Medium or dark preferably dark most days.
3. Yes but only a hint of flavor. Still want it to taste like coffee.
4. Don't buy them because it's extra cost but would use them!

post image

1. Ground or pods
2. Dark!
3. Yes! Anything but pumpkin.
4. Not really
#ilovecoffee #somuch #muglove

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1. Any, but mostly use ground (aside from my daily trip to Dunkin Donuts).
2. Light or medium.
3. Mostly no, some rare exceptions.
4. Coffeemate French Vanilla, all day, everyday.

post image

☕Pods, I have a Kuerig.
☕light or medium
☕Yes, I love to try new flavors.
☕Yes, but mostly I just use vanilla coffeemate.

SilversReviews I don't drink coffee. :) 2y
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I received my next #coffeebeanbookclub book over the weekend. I think the mini journal and sticky notes that @bookish_wookish sent are adorable! Thank you, Amy!❤

bookish_wookish So glad you like it! I thought it was the cutest! 2y
Cinfhen So cute❣️❣️❣️great pic 2y
eanderson Cute!!! 2y
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Eggs Love it 😍 2y
Cupofjo Great pic!! ❤️☕️ 2y
britt_brooke Cute! 2y
Avanders So cute! 2y
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