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Little Village School | Gervase Phinn
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Many fun books found at this month‘s library book sale (and a couple ThriftBooks purchases)! About half of these were only 25 cents each 😁

Now all I need is more time to read.....

PS #coffeebeanbookclub ‘ers, did you know JB Stanley is Ellery Adams? 👏🏽👏🏽

Gissy What????😱You are so lucky girl👍 4d
BethM What! No! I love Ellery Adams! Also enjoying your book but I must say I now have a very swanky vision of your house in my head😂 3d
Avanders @BethM yes! I know.. these are older and I haven‘t read any yet, but I bought a couple to see how they are 😁 And lol! Noooo my house is *far* from swanky... this is what I was trying to say! Her perspective is so warped or maybe just 25 years out of date 🤭 we have a very modest little casita that just happens to be in a gated community... there are smaller houses, apartments, and on the “rich side,” much much bigger houses. 😂 3d
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BethM It would be interesting to know if it‘s her or the age. Know someone you can ask lol? 3d
Avanders @BethM Samantha will weigh in when she gets the book I‘m sure — she‘s much more “from” nm than I am (though still not 💯 😜).. but I bet there‘s someone else I can ask in the meantime ... I agree. That author/character seems almost mad about it, I wonder where it came from! 🤷🏽‍♀️ While I was reading it, I even tried to find some description of the development online from the 90s (was unable, though I found a “historical” book that I might buy?) 2d
Avanders @BethM And she‘s not wrong that some of the houses are townhouses and built really close together — but *all* of those are modestly sized ... The big houses.. the ones she seems to be focused on, I suppose they‘re a little close, but it *is* a development, and they do still have good-sized yards (for out here anyway ;)). *Her* neighborhood is now more expensive, just location-wise, to buy a house. So that seems to have changed since the 90s... 2d
Avanders ... and many more thoughts. lol. 😆 2d
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My #CBBC came today from @Marmie7 today!!Thank you! The cookie cutters are cute and they will be fun to use with the kids! Can‘t wait to try the coffee tomorrow morning and yum to the dark chocolate Kit Kats. Your book choice sounds good 😉

Marmie7 Glad you like everything😁 Hope you enjoy the book! 4d
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CoffeeTree Books | Morehead, KY (Bookstore)
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Orange hot coco and my #coffeebeanbookclub read.

Avanders Love the mug! How was the cocoa?? 5d
BethM @Avanders pretty cool looking! Taste not so much. 5d
Avanders @BethM well yay for cool looking.... but boo re the taste... I saved one for me, but hadn‘t tried it yet. Will still do... with managed expectations 😁😁 5d
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BethM @Avanders I always make mine with milk because Wisconsin. If you are a water gal I‘m curious to see if that makes a difference. 5d
Avanders @BethM lol I also use milk... but if you recommend me trying something lighter for this, I‘m up for it.. ☺️ 5d
BethM @Avanders might be worth a shot. Also I notice that in your book you‘ve written in it like an #lmpbc selection. Did you want us to write in it too? 5d
Avanders @BethM totally up to you — you‘re certainly welcome to! 😁 5d
Avanders So. I checked the instructions to see what they recommend and did use water ... I can see that milk would have been even worse.. but I‘m pretty sure that‘s a white chocolate base and... yeah, it def didn‘t work. 🤢 At least the color was fun! 🤭😁 On an unrelated note, have you read Sophie Kinsella? 4d
BethM @Avanders haha I‘m glad it wasn‘t just me! And I have not. 4d
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The Last Book | Zoran ivkovi?
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@MommyOfTwo I‘m so sad this is our last box. Thank you for such a wonderful year and such thoughtful gifts. I can not wait to try the coffee! I Love my new bag. Everyone at work is going to crack up about my new cup, I usually bring mimosas in every Saturday morning lol. Dobby and Harry are so cute!!! Thank you so much for everything!
#coffeebeanbookclub #gotmybookback #round2

MommyOfTwo You‘re welcome!! 6d
Gissy Love that tote!❤️❤️❤️ 5d
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Wow @Avanders thank you soo soooo much for this fantabulous #coffeebeanbookclub box- I love it all! It‘s coming at a perfect time as I have what will be, and has been up through planning- a very toxic family event on Saturday. All the hugs and good karma to you my friend!

Avanders Yay!! 😘😘 And good luck tomorrow 🤭🍀♥️ 6d
SamHeartCoffee @Avanders where did you get that coffee??😋 5d
BethM @SamHeartCoffee it‘s looks like it‘s local to her. 5d
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SamHeartCoffee @BethM funnily, that‘s what I am hoping. (We live in the same city.)😉 5d
Avanders Lol @SamHeartCoffee and I have known each other long before Litsy! For, ohmygosh, 16 years! 🤯 I *think* I found it at Whole Foods in the local coffees section, but it could have been Albertson‘s ... or Smith‘s... 😬🤷🏽‍♀️ 5d
SamHeartCoffee @Avanders it is pretty mind blowing! 😘 Thanks! I will keep my eye out for it! 4d
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A big thank you to @Chrissyreadit for my #coffeebeanbookclub package, first one for Round 3 of the club! I love it all! Handmade book tote, Halloween stickers, a unicorn tea diffuser (yay!!!), the lovely organic, local coffee and such great (and scented) felt tip pens! Very excited for this round of the #cbbc3!

BethM Love the tea infuser! 6d
SamHeartCoffee And @Chrissyreadit I don‘t have a preference between beans and ground. They are both great! 5d
SamHeartCoffee @BethM isn‘t it so cute?! 5d
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@Mommamanzi got my #coffeebeanbookclub package today!! Can‘t wait to try the coffee flavors, especially Texas Turtle!! Also, can we talk about those book plates?!!! 💜💜💜

BethM Super fun! 6d
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Got my #coffeebeanbookclub package today!!! Cant wait to start this round back up!!! Thanks @Kshakal @Mommamanzi

Coffee Bean Therapy | Brett Stiles
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@SamHeartCoffee Thank you for the awesome #coffeebeanbookclub pkg! I'm getting ready to sample a cup of the Biscochito coffee😋 I'm obsessed with the werthers pumpkin spice caramels! Everything is great-thanks! #CBBC

SamHeartCoffee You‘re welcome! Enjoy! 6d
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Yay!! #CoffeeBeanBookClub #cbbc package received from @Callemarie — thank you so much for such a fun welcome to round 3!! I‘ll make good use of those cookie cutters, and I love the sparkley pumpkin! The coffee smells so yummy, and, yes, I did include an empty wrapper of candy because I already ate what was inside 😳😬🤤 Thank you!! ♥️♥️♥️

Little gourd and fall-art courtesy of my 2yo 😁

Avanders @callemarie the pumpkin turns on and lights up!!!!!!!!! I just discovered this. Amazing. 🎃👏🏽🎃👏🏽🎃👏🏽🎃👏🏽🎃 7d
BethM That pumpkin is adorable! 6d
Callemarie Yayyyy I'm glad it made it to you safely. I thought the ou.pkin was too cute to pass up.hahahaha. 6d
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Avanders @BethM @callemarie he‘s pretty great 😁🎃 6d
SamHeartCoffee And cute Buggy art! 5d
Avanders Thanks chica! 😘 @SamHeartCoffee 5d
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