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Fun mail day!
#ColormeRead packages sent — @Q84 be on the lookout for the bottom 2!
#coffeebeanbookclub package sent to you @MommyOfTwo !
And a little present for you too @Mommamanzi !

Marmie7 Is this our last month for #coffeebeanbookclub? Lol, just trying to keep track, I don't want it to end! 9h
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 9h
Avanders @Marmie7 I don‘t know.. I know a lot of people are getting their book back this month, but I think there may be a couple people who still get a book after this month... I‘m in wait-and-see-land ☺️ You have mine? (And I totally agree — I‘m never ready for #cbbc to end!) 4h
Marmie7 @Avanders I didn't get a book this month yet🤔 4h
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Thank you for the #CoffeeBeanBookClub package this month, @MaleficentBookDragon ❤❤❤ No pictures bc the coffee is all put away in the kitchen so my mom has some in the morning too... She was so intrigued by our group that I started sharing the coffee with her, so now she gets excited when she sees the boxes come in too! 🤗🤗🤗 I'm really excited about the picks, and LOVE the extras you sent. The shot of coffee will be riding with me tomorrow, and ⬇

vkois88 I can't wait to read the book you gave me! I keep meaning to try one of her books 1d
MaleficentBookDragon Great! I'm so glad. I thought I saw that book on your TBR. Enjoy! 16h
vkois88 @MaleficentBookDragon you're the best 😘😘😘 15h
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Thank you for the #coffeebeanbookclub 📦 @SamHeartCoffee
The coffee smells sooooo good and thank you for all the goodies.
The book also looks very interesting (NOT the tagged book).

SamHeartCoffee You‘re welcome, wow that was fast! 16h
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@MommyOfTwo sorry it took me a bit to post, it‘s been a crazy week! I loooove the Family wood sign. There were 3 chocolate bars but ummm one got devoured while taking photos. It was amazing. Penelope and I are fighting over the unicorn list paper. The new book looks great too! Thank you so much for everything! It was a perfect ending to my birthday week! #coffeebeanbookclub

MommyOfTwo Yay! Glad you love it! 2d
BethM Happy birthday! 2d
Avanders Oh Happy belated birthday!! ♥️♥️ 1d
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Blink of an Eye | Ted Dekker
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Finally got back my Litsy Goes Postal- Owl Post book. I can‘t say I enjoyed the experience as it was severely mismanaged. BUT- I did connect with some lovely people along the way. It also taught me that when becoming part of a mailing group I need to limit size, genre, and who I trust to organize for my own sanity. It‘s been a long time (HS)since I read this, so maybe I‘ll give it a go again at some point.

Soubhiville It came home!!! I did enjoy the group, but I had a mailer who was perfectly on top of monthly mailing; somehow I got really lucky to miss out on all the mailing hiccups. But unfortunately I think you‘re right- keeping to shorter groups from here on out will be a must for me, I think the 4 to a group model that the Litsy markup groups use is perfect! 2d
BethM @Soubhiville I‘m glad you had a positive experience! Did you ever get the Owl book? That one never even made it to me. I‘m in #coffeebeanbookclub which has 12-15 I think and that‘s been a lovely experience. 2d
Soubhiville Oh good! I‘m glad you‘re having a better time with that club. You all seem so excited when you get your packages! And seems like there‘s usually tons of goodies packed in with the books, that‘s fun! I didn‘t get An Owl on Every Post back, unfortunately. I don‘t expect to at this point. But it was just an afterthought, so I‘m not too concerned about it. 2d
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wen4blu I haven't heard a peep about my book, but maybe it will turn up someday. 2d
BethM @wen4blu I‘m so sorry. I wish the leader, who should have all the tracking and contact info, would just take control. I tried but as you can see it only got so far 🤷‍♀️ 2d
Hooked_on_books I loved the idea of the group but got so frustrated at practically having to beg people to mail me the next book. And I was disappointed at how many people just didn‘t bother to read the books even when they had them for months. I do think the germ of the idea is a good one, though. It just needs to be handled better than our group was. (And have an organizer who doesn‘t disappear.) 2d
BethM @Hooked_on_books I agree. I think it became easy to not read the books because everything was such a mess. That‘s why I learned I need a genre specific group. A lot of what was sent through was not my cup of tea, and while I like to read outside my comfort zone on occasion, I don‘t find it consistently enjoyable. There‘s a lot of books to be read so I don‘t want to spend my time on something that isn‘t captivating me. 2d
wen4blu If I volunteered to coordinate a new, smaller exchange (like the still active owl post members) would you be interested? @Soubhiville @Hooked_on_books 2d
BethM @wen4blu probably not. I still have the cozy mystery one going and just signed up for two rounds of #lmpbc. Adding another one would probably make me crazy 😂 (edited) 2d
Hooked_on_books @wen4blu Part of me would, but I‘ve moved to Hawaii, which makes mailing by media mail iffy, as it takes so much longer to arrive. I wouldn‘t want someone‘s mailing options to be limited like that just to be able to stay on time. 2d
Soubhiville @wen4blu I would, and I‘d be happy to volunteer to mail to Holly @Hooked_on_books priority if that would work and help you participate 😊. 1d
Hooked_on_books @Soubhiville @wen4blu Soubhi, you‘re the best! Yeah, I‘d be up for a smaller group that is committed to reading the books and honoring the schedule. I‘m not sure if we want to set parameters for book length, genre, etc or not. 1d
Soubhiville @Hooked_on_books 💜 yay! @wen4blu let us know if you go further with it! @BethM we hijacked your post a little, lol! Sorry about that. 1d
BethM @Soubhiville no worries! 1d
Sward7 Here are 4 different types of postal book clubs (one is digital). New groups starting in July. @Soubhiville @wen4blu @BethM @hooked_to_books 1d
wen4blu @Soubhiville @Hooked_on_books Great! I'll put together some questions and see what I can do. (More hijacking, sorry @BethM 16h
wen4blu @Sward7 Sorry, I don't follow, do all book clubs need to go through you? Owl Post has been running for 2+ years. 16h
Sward7 @wen4blu no - not at all. Just more options. When you find one you like, stick with it! I‘m just happy to see so many people reading and enjoying books! 15h
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Coffeehouse Angel | Suzanne Selfors
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@Callemarie this is an absolutely lovely #coffeebeanbookclub package. @BookwormAHN I received your book this month. @Mommamanzi all the hugs to you. This has hands down been my favorite Litsy experience.

BookwormAHN I hope you enjoy it 😺 5d
Callemarie @BethM yay! I hope you like them!!! 5d
BethM @Callemarie did you get my book this month? 5d
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Callemarie @BethM no I got @leslieseidel this month. I think next month is our last month 5d
BethM @BookwormAHN see above- even though you‘ll get your book back in July, I will have a new one to send you in August. 5d
Avanders 🥰🥰 4d
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The Mailman | Bentley Little
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Thanks @BethM for the goodies. The coffees sound great and I can't waite to try the chocolate ☕
#coffeebeanbookclub @Mommamanzi

Avanders Ooh Berres Coffee is one of my favorites! ♥️ 1d
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@Mommamanzi I got your #coffeebeanbookclub pick. The one journal is beautiful. Is that to be passed along as well? @BethM yours will be dent off tomorrow.

Amberdfoy That‘s beautiful! I thought it was a Bible! 1w
Mommamanzi Nooo, I completely forgot to put my card in with the package. I had it made for you, she put lots of coffee and book things throughout it. Even a coffee spoon as the market. ❤️ 1w
BethM And now I‘m going to need more pictures of the journal! 1w
Callemarie @Mommamanzi this thing is literally gorgeous and you are beyond too kind. Thank you so much. I'll take more pics and post tomorrow @BethM 1w
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Coffeehouse Angel | Suzanne Selfors
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#coffeebeanbookclub on its way and @CaliforniaCay prize package. I forgot the notes so I had to open the packages and put them back in 😂

BookwormAHN Okay, great. Cute totebag 😺 1w
BethM @BookwormAHN thanks! I got it in a swap from @TheBookHippie :) 1w
TheBookHippie The bag looks so good!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 1w
Avanders Agreed!! 👆🏽👆🏽 1w
CaliforniaCay Thanks so much! Got my package earlier today, cant wait to try everything 🤗 1w
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