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Dune | Frank Herbert
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Day 7 #7days7covers #covercrush
I love these new covers for the Dune Series, i have only read the first book but i'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series soon.

@Hufflepuffle @Exbrarian @Curiouser_and_curiouser @Chrissyreadit have you guys been tagged yet? And if not, would you like to join

Ruthiella I loved the first one. I did go on and read Dune Messiah but stopped halfway in the third book and never went back...😊 1mo
Chrissyreadit I will try. 1mo
Areader2 So pretty 😍 1mo
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sudi @Ruthiella i only read the first one, i read it last year in a challenge here on Litsy and loved it. But never got the chance to check out the rest of the series. But i'm glad i read the book because i'm excited for the movie that's going to come. 1mo
sudi @Chrissyreadit no pressure, you can do it if you want to. I just thought i didn't see any related posts from you so i'd tag you 😊 1mo
sudi @Areader2 i love them too 😊 1mo
Crazeedi Great covers! 1mo
sudi @Crazeedi thanks 😊💚 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Oh wow those are amazing! I still haven't gotten around to this series yet. 1mo
readordierachel Love all of these 😍 1mo
Hufflepuffle Thank you for the tag 😊 1mo
sudi @readordierachel they all look so great 😊 1mo
Curiouser_and_curiouser Thank you 😊 4w
BiblioLitten They are pretty cool! 3w
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Wuthering Heights | Emily Bront
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Day 6 #7days7covers #covercrush

A book with two terrible protagonists but a great cover 😄

@TheAromaofBooks @SilversReviews @Lauram @Ash.on.the.line have you guys been tagged yet? If not, would you like to join?

SilversReviews Thanks for the tag. ♥️ I actually have been doing this on Facebook. I‘ll do it here too. THANKS. Nice cover. (edited) 1mo
jillannjohn ❤️❤️ 1mo
LauraBeth Love this cover! 1mo
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Leftcoastzen Love it 1mo
Ruthiella Great cover! 😍 1mo
sudi @jilliannjohn @LauraBeth @Leftcoastzen @ruthiella thanks, it's one of my favorites too 💖 1mo
sudi @SilversReviews no problem 😘 1mo
Tanisha_A 😍 1mo
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Penguin Drop Caps Mixed Prepack | Jane Austen, Herman Melville, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bront, John Steinbeck, James Joyce, Kazuo Ishiguro, Walt Whitman, Salman Rushdie, Hermann Hesse, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Sue Monk Kidd, William Golding, Gustave Flaubert, Francois Voltaire, Willa Cather, George Eliot, Marcel Proust, Sigrid Undset, Amy Tan, William Butler Yeats, Ellery Queen, E. Nesbit, John O'Hara, Chang Rae Lee, Theo Cuffe, Xinran Xinran
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Day 5 #7days7covers #covercrush

Penguin drop caps, i just love how colorful these look
📷 - Pinterest

@RachelO @GripLitGrl @llcoolnate @MySharonaK would you guys like to join?

Cinfhen STUNNING 1mo
TheSpineView 💝 1mo
Ruthiella A to Z! Beautiful!😍 1mo
sudi @Cinfhen @TheSpineView @Ruthiella don't they look great, i wish i owned them all but i only have two so far. 1mo
MySharonaK Thank you for tagging me 🦋 I finally did it :) 1mo
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The Stand | Stephen King
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Day 4 #7days7covers #covercrush
I have no idea what's happening on the cover but if i saw this in a bookstore i'd definitely pick it just because of the cover.

@tournevis @hes7 @xicanti @Areader2 have you guys been tagged yet? Would you like to do it, just post pictures of your favorite covers, no explanation needed.

TrishB It‘s an awesome read too 👍🏻 1mo
sudi @TrishB i'm looking forward to reading it, that's why i signed up for the buddy read 😊 1mo
Andrew65 I‘m very cover driven. It can make me pick up a book or not. 1mo
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sudi @Andrew65 same, but then sometimes i miss out on good books because of it. 1mo
Crazeedi This is the book I read in the 70s, exact cover 1mo
tournevis Not been tagged yet. 😘 1mo
Andrew65 @sudi But most probably balanced out by the good books we read due to the cover that we wouldn‘t otherwise. 1mo
sudi @Andrew65 😂 true 1mo
sudi @Crazeedi really! That's cool. I couldn't find this exact cover anywhere, the new one has the picture but the background color is black and the other cover is super boring and ugly. And then i googled it and it showed that it was a first or previous edition. 1mo
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Day 3 #7days7covers #covercrush

@Crazeedi @BiblioLitten would you guys be interested in participating? Just post pictures of your favorite book cover, no explanation needed. And sorry if you have already done it.

Tanisha_A Ooh! So vibrant! 1mo
Megabooks Love the cover! 1mo
batsy Ooh I like this! 1mo
sudi @Tanisha_A @Megabooks @batsy isn't it lovely, so simple but very vibrant 1mo
DrexEdit 😍 1mo
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I'm combining both week 6 and week 5 updates together. Week 5 i wasn't able to get any workouts done, but i did focus on food so that was one goal done that week.
Week 6 i got back to my regular schedule and was able to get a decent amount of workouts done, it was a good week. And i met my book goal.
Glad i participated in this challenge and Thank you @wanderinglynn for all your hard work towards hosting this challenge 👏👏👏

Bookwormjillk Great job! 1mo
sudi Thank you @Bookwormjillk 😘 1mo
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mhillis That‘s great!! 1mo
Mitch Well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
nelehelen Great job!!! 1mo
sudi Thank you so much @mhillis @Mitch @nelehelen 😘 1mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A great couple of weeks! 1mo
Chrissyreadit Yay Sudi 🙌👏🙌👏! 1mo
UwannaPublishme 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
sudi @UwannaPublishme thank you 😘 1mo
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You | Caroline Kepnes
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I thought i would love this book but i only found it okay. Yes, the premise is a little scary seeing how much of our lives are accesible on social media and the plot was good. But it was a little too long for a book that is basically a trashy thriller and i was hoping for a twist where Beck turned out to be the crazier one. The writing was mediocre and Joe's character got a little boring after awhile. I should've stopped at the tv show.

Leftcoastzen Like the lessons post. 1mo
sudi @Leftcoastzen i saw it a website and thought it was really funny 😄 1mo
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Rebecca | Daphne Dame Du Maurier
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Day 2 #7days7covers
The folio society edition of Rebecca.

📷 - Pinterest

@LapReader @Lovesbooks87 would you guys be interested in participating? Just post book covers you like, and sorry if you guys have already been tagged.

Cathythoughts Beautiful ♥️ 1mo
TrishB Gorgeous 💕 1mo
GatheringBooks ooooh! that one looks beautiful! 1mo
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JennyM 😍 1mo
batsy That's a stunner alright 💖 1mo
Erofan Wow 😍 1mo
Tanisha_A 😍 1mo
samanthagutt Wow, I love this! 😍 1mo
Blaire Gorgeous! 1mo
Redwritinghood Wow! That is gorgeous. 1mo
DivineDiana Now that is a beauty! 1mo
BiblioLitten I can‘t take my eyes off this!! 😍 I love this book♥️♥️ 1mo
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Day 1 of #7days7covers
This is my pick for favorite covers, i haven't read the hobbit but when i read it i definitely want this edition.
Thank you tagging me @ShelfRighteous 😘. I tag @SarahHarts_books @Meaw_catlady

ShelfRighteous Love this one🤩 1mo
sudi @ShelfRighteous i would buy it, but it's so expensive on flipkart 😩 1mo
Tanisha_A 😍 1mo
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ShelfRighteous @sudi I can feel you. No point in breaking the bank😣 1mo
Megabooks Beautiful!! 1mo
Meaw_catlady A beautiful cover and a beautiful book! Thanks for the tag! 🖤 1mo
SarahHarts_books Beautiful!! Love the colors! And thank you for the tag!! 😍💖😘 1mo
sudi @Tanisha_A @Megabooks @Meaw_catlady @SarahHarts_books thanks, glad you guys liked it too 😊 1mo
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Everytime i see #litsylove mail , i do a little happy dance 😄. I love receiving and sending these letters, i'm way behind on the latter, forgive me 🙏. But I'm glad i joined this group, one of the very few good decisions i have made 😆

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Thank you for tagging me @madamereadsalot1 @Tanisha_A 😊😘
1. Matilda, Harry Potter and TinTin comics
2. I haven't read a funny book in a while, but i'd probably say Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy
3. Misery By Stephen King
4. Eggs, and plain dosa with a nice dollop of butter and tea with lots of sugar and lots of milk
5. It's thursday, so i'm probably the last one .
#wonderouswednesday @Eggs

Tanisha_A 1st 🧡 1mo
ShelfRighteous Mmmm dosa with butter is the best❤ 1mo
sudi @ShelfRighteous it is 😋 1mo
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sudi @Tanisha_A all of them or a single one? 1mo
Tanisha_A @sudi All of them! 👏 1mo
sudi @Tanisha_A the books were awesome but all of them also had good movies based on them. 1mo
sudi @Tanisha_A have you watched the matilda and tintin movie? 1mo
Tanisha_A @sudi I haven't read that many Tintin though. And haven't watched Matilda! I have heard it's awesome. 1mo
Eggs Thanks for playing Sunshine! 1mo
sudi @Eggs 💛💛💛 1mo
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This book is so addictive, i had to force myself to stop reading it. Despite it having some flaws I loved reading every minute of it. It was so engrossing, fast paced, and kept me on edge the whole time. The many 80's references were great, of which i was only able to get a few but i still enjoyed them. I did watch the movie first but it is so vastly different from the book, i do prefer the book but the movie wasn't too bad either.

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I really enjoyed it as well. 2mo
sudi @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego i was hoping it wouldn't end and just keep going on, very unrealistic opinion but i would totally read more about wade and his gang's adventures in OASIS 2mo
Meaw_catlady Yeah the movie was missing a lot of the plot that dug deeper into the story. I‘m glad you loved it as much as I did! 2mo
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rachelk I totally agree! Great review :) 2mo
sudi @Meaw_catlady the movie did do a complete 180 on the book. But i guess they thought fitting the entire story from the book would have made it a pretty long movie. It was still pretty great seeing it materialize onscreen, especially the night club and the final battle scene 2mo
sudi Thanks @rachelk 😊💛 2mo
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Week 4 #bfcr3 i did not meet any goals this week but i don't regret. We celebrate the ganesha festival this time of the year here, so most of time was spent shopping, preparing for the festivities and visiting all my relatives.
@wanderinglynn @Mitch @Chrissyreadit @nelehelen @callielafleur @Blaire @MicrobeMom @Books.Bottles.and.Babies

Mitch Hope you had a great time. 😘 2mo
sudi @Mitch it was amazing 😊 2mo
4thhouseontheleft Enjoy the festivities! 2mo
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sudi @4thhouseontheleft thank you 😊 2mo
Chrissyreadit Yes! The most important part of life is enjoying it! 2mo
Crazeedi Holidays are always wonderful, so glad you got to celebrate and visit! ❤ 2mo
sudi @Chrissyreadit @Crazeedi thank you, it was definitely awesome 😊❤ 2mo
wanderinglynn Maybe you did meet your goals, but I‘m sure you made good progress! And like @Chrissyreadit said, the most important part of life is enjoying it! 👍🏻🙌🏻🎉 2mo
sudi @wanderinglynn thanks, and i agree the festival happens once a year so i'm taking my time enjoying it 😊😘 2mo
MicrobeMom Enjoy! Sounds like fun 2mo
sudi @MicrobeMom thank you, it was lots of fun 😊❤ 2mo
Blaire Beautiful photo! 2mo
sudi Thank you @Blaire 2mo
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Wednesday | Anne Bertier
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1. Ready Player One, but i will finally start reading it this week.
2. Probably the GOT books
3. No idea, but i'm estimating around 200-300
4. A Mind For Numbers , i would give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars
5. Thank you for tagging me @Areader2 and @Redwritinghood ❤ , i tag @Tanisha_A @Hufflepuffle @BiblioLitten @Meaw_catlady @Lovesbooks87 @LapReader
#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

Meaw_catlady Thanks for the tag! I loved ready player one. There were a few 80‘s references that went over my head but otherwise an enjoyable read! 2mo
Eggs Thanks for joining in 🌺🌺 2mo
sudi @Meaw_catlady i know nothing about the 80's except for some movies. I'll probably be using google a lot while reading that book 😄 2mo
sudi @Eggs ❤❤❤ 2mo
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This is a very weird book and I‘m still conflicted over how I feel about it. Initially I found it really boring, because there was always an air of suspense but nothing much happened. The second half I liked better with the introduction of Charles Blackwood, things started to get a little interesting but again it led to nowhere. I think my mistake was having different expectations of how this book would progress...👇

sudi when I should‘ve just read it first without expecting anything. I‘m still giving this a pick for how bizarre the main characters are, I don‘t think I‘ve come across a character like Merricat.

After reading this book and the short stories, I‘m so intrigued by Shirley Jackson as an author and also as a person. I will definitely try to pick up her autobiography\biography, depending on which one exists.
Soubhiville Logged for Author a Month! 💜 2mo
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#bfcr3 week 3 check in - Sorry for the late check in. My week was fine, till i got sick on thursday and spent most of my weekend sleeping and having a bad headache. Upside was i finished reading two books. But I'm feeling so much better now, hoping to make it up this week.
@wanderinglynn @Mitch @Crazeedi @Blaire @Chrissyreadit @MicrobeMom @callielafleur @nelehelen @Books.Bottles.and.Babies @siani123

sudi I'm also changing my goals for the coming weeks. I won't be tracking HIIT/Yoga. I'll jusy be counting how many 30 min workouts i do during the week 2mo
Tanisha_A Hope you have a better week ahead! 😘 2mo
SilversReviews Glad you are feeling better. 2mo
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Chrissyreadit Glad you are feeling better! Your plan sound great for a busy time! 2mo
Dawnrod1970 Glad your feeling better! 2mo
Soubhiville I‘m glad you‘re recovering too! 2mo
Areader2 So glad your feeling better ! 2mo
DaveGreen7777 Glad you‘re feeling better now, @sudi 🤗 2mo
Crazeedi Take care of yourself Sudi! 2mo
Trashcanman I hope you start to feel better and have a kinder week. 2mo
Mitch Sounds look a good goal change. One that will help you restore health gently one day at a time. 😘 2mo
nelehelen Awww.. glad you‘re feeling better. Get lots of rest!! 2mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 And glad you‘re feeling better. 💜 Your goal change sounds like a good plan! 👍🏻 2mo
cobwebmoth I hope you feel much better this week! 2mo
TheSpineView It's a bummer to be sick. Just glad you are feeling better. Don't overdo because you feel better!😊 2mo
Redwritinghood Glad you‘re feeling better! 2mo
Meaw_catlady Sorry you got sick!! Glad you‘re starting to feel better ! Hugs 🤗 2mo
Erofan I'm so glad that you feel better! 💕💕💕 2mo
sudi @Erofan thank you 🤗😘 2mo
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Week 2 - A lot better than last week, meditation and food needs more work. But i'll get there eventually. I finished reading The Lottery and Other Stories this week and started two other books. Overall a good week but i'm taking it slow, because trying to do everything at once never yields good results for me.
#bfcr3 @wanderinglynn @Mitch @Blaire @callielafleur @Crazeedi @nelehelen @MicrobeMom @Chrissyreadit @Books.Bottles.and.Babies

Megabooks Great job overall!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
sudi @Megabooks thank you 😊❤ 2mo
Mitch Yeah! Well done. Changing things slowly is more likely to lead to lasting changes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2mo
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sudi Thank you @Mitch 😊❤ 2mo
Chrissyreadit Wow! I love your goals and you really accomplished quite a bit! 2mo
Crazeedi @sudi you are making great progress, go team! 2mo
Meaw_catlady Really great job! 👏 2mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A great week! 2mo
sudi @Chrissyreadit @Meaw_catlady @wanderinglynn @Crazeedi thank you everyone, love how supportive everyone is on Litsy. 😊❤ 2mo
nelehelen Awesome!! 2mo
sudi @nelehelen thank you ❤ 2mo
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Did anyone watch this video today? I clicked on it because it had GOT and i saw it on trending.
And i don't think anyone could have made a better explanation for why the last season was terrible.


If anyone is a GOT fan and disliked the last season, the video is worth a watch.

Redwritinghood I can‘t believe that I haven‘t gotten around to watching the last two seasons yet! I‘m worried now after so many people hated the final season. 2mo
vivastory I know this is about as #unpopularopinion as you can get, but I really don't think the last season was bad. 2mo
sudi @Redwritinghood i thought they ruined the show for me. I can't even get myself to rewatch it because all the plots eventually led to nothing in the end. But i guesss there are some people who like it, so i guess it depends on the person. 2mo
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sudi @vivastory 😄, it's ok everybody has their own preferences, but i think your opinion sucks 😜😂 2mo
vivastory 😄😝 2mo
bromeliad This was a great watch, thanks for sharing! I love it when people get into the nitty gritty of why stories didn't work. Super interesting! 2mo
sudi @bromeliad i'm glad you liked it. I always get weird looks when i try to discuss it with my friends. So watching this video, i really think she hit the nail on the head with all the points presented. 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ve got to watch it!!! 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @sudi I agree with you! It‘s ruined for me... I was going to buy all of the dvds, but I‘m glad I didn‘t until seeing the last season! 2mo
sudi @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks exactly, i used to always look forward to rewatching the series. But i tried rewatching it and just couldn't do it. Despite the rest of the series being good, the finale just ruined it for me. 2mo
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If there is one word that comes to mind while reading these stories is weird. One common thing is that almost all of them end rather abruptly. I personally didn't get much from the stories. But i thought most of them had a underlying meaning, it's just needs to analysed. I still liked some of them which i mentioned in the picture. But maybe i'm not sophisticated enough to understand these.
#authoramonth @Soubhiville @MinDea

Little Women | Louisa M. Alcott
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I'm so excited for this movie, i haven't read the book but this adaptation looks so good. And the cast looks amazing.

LapReader Same. I‘m going to take my step daughters to see it. By the way I posted a reply to you today xo 2mo
sudi @LapReader yay! I can't wait to receive it. 😊😘 2mo
zezeki I haven't read the books either, but the movie's got such stellar cast! 2mo
Tanisha_A A favourite read! Can't wait to watch the adaptation! 🥳 2mo
sudi @Tanisha_A i'm going to start reading this, i want to read it before watching the movie. 2mo
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Thank you @Eggs for tagging me 😊😘

1. Lindt chocolate truffles 😋. I will finish the entire pack 🙈😆
2. My new sport shoes.
3. Tagged ☝
4. Everyone who liked this post, consider yourself tagged 😊


Eggs 💗📚👏🏻📚🤗 2mo
chaoticgoodhufflepuff Oh, second on those truffles! ❤️ 2mo
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A very scary and shocking short story. Since it is a story written by Shirley Jackson i did expect it to be scary. But what i didn't expect was how brutal it would be.

#authoramonth @Soubhiville @MinDea
#bfcr3 - 2/4

Soubhiville How were the other stories in the book? The Lottery seems to be the only one anyone talks about. I guess the others must be milder? 2mo
Blaire I remember when I first read this in high school or maybe junior high and being so shocked! 2mo
sudi @Soubhiville i only have the lottery, i didn't get the ebook for the all the short stories together. But i liked this one so much that i'm going to check out the other short stories as well. 2mo
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sudi @Blaire i realised halfway that this was going to end badly, but i did not see that ending coming. 2mo
Soubhiville Ah, ok. I‘ll be interested to see what you think of the others! 2mo
sudi @Soubhiville i just started We Have Always Lived In The Castle, but i have a few other short stories like the witch and the Daemon lover on my list 2mo
Soubhiville I‘m going to read WHALITC too. I‘ve always loved that title! 2mo
sudi @Soubhiville i picked it because of the cover, it reminded me of the addams family 😄 2mo
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This week wasn't the greatest but i'm not too sad about it. The week was just not for me but I've decided not to stress about it. I can always try to improve and meet my goals next week.

#bfcr3 #bookfitnesschallenge @wanderinglynn

@Mitch @nelehelen @callielafleur @Crazeedi @Blaire @Chrissyreadit @MicrobeMom @Books.Bottles.and.Babies @siani123

Hufflepuffle I have had the same kind of week! That is a great attitude to have though and so true! Well done you! 💜 2mo
Mitch Well done for the yoga - and you‘re right, step back and work out what will be a good stretch for you for next week, letting go of what has passed. 2mo
Mitch @Hufflepuffle maybe the planets haven‘t aligned for us this week , because it‘s a recurring theme! Breath and look forward to next week! 🏆 2mo
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sudi @Hufflepuffle thanks and sorry you didn't have a good week. But we still have 5 more weeks, so we can try again 🙌 2mo
sudi Thanks @Mitch , i'll keep that in mind 💗 2mo
Megabooks You‘re well on your way! Great first week! 2mo
MicrobeMom Sometimes it is just not our week! You have been doing awesome with you goals. I have no doubt you will continue! Glad you are being positive! You got this. ♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
sudi Thank you @MicrobeMom @Megabooks 💗💗💗 2mo
Hufflepuffle @Mitch it does seem it has just been one of those weeks! But every day is a new day and we can try again next week! 😊 2mo
Hufflepuffle @sudi absolutely! We just keep on trying! 😊 2mo
Meaw_catlady You‘re doing great love! 💕 2mo
nelehelen This is great!! The small wins are so important to make big changes and wins happen in our lives. So focus on what you did because that‘s what matters. It‘s awesome!! Great job! 2mo
sudi Thank you @Meaw_catlady 💗 2mo
sudi Thank you @nelehelen 💗 2mo
Crazeedi Never say "not the greatest!!" What you've done is way more than nothing! So pat yourself on the back and say onward and upward!! Good work!?? 2mo
Blaire Weeks can be so up and down...you‘ve got this!! And you still got tons done!! 👏 🙌 2mo
sudi Thanks @Crazeedi , that means a lot 💗 2mo
sudi Thank you @Blaire i love how supportive everyone in the group is 💗 2mo
Chrissyreadit I‘m pretty impressed by what was accomplished! You have a full plate of amazing goals 🙌👏🥰 2mo
sudi Thank you @Chrissyreadit 💗 2mo
callielafleur You have a big list of goals, it's very impressive! I hope next week is better for all of us, we definitely deserve it!! 🤗 2mo
sudi Thanks @callielafleur 💗and same , next week has to be better than this one 😄 2mo
wanderinglynn I think you had a great week! 🙌🏻 Great progress! 2mo
sudi @wanderinglynn thank you 💗 2mo
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Station Eleven | Emily St John Mandel
post image

This book was so beautiful that's it impossible not to be completely invested. The story tells you the characters journey navigating the post apocalyptic world but is also not completely devoid of a plot. It was so unusual but refreshing to read a book that focuses on what comes after survival. 👇

sudi The thing i liked most was how neatly the author had arranged the timelines without them being confusing. And the conclusion tied the storylines together very cleverly. One of my favorite reads this year. 2mo
Meaw_catlady I need to read this! 2mo
sudi @Meaw_catlady this was a #blameitonlitsy purchase for me but totally worth it. You should definitely give it a try and i hear there's going to be a movie/tv show based on it. 2mo
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squirrelbrain I‘ve heard good things about this - stacked.... 2mo
ShyBookOwl This is everywhere. I'm intrigued! 2mo
Meaw_catlady @sudi I actually have 2 copies I got sent one in a swap and given one for an all town reads. It looks right up my alley I just need to give it a go 🖤 2mo
sudi @squirrelbrain you won't regret it. 😊 2mo
sudi @ShyBookOwl you should give it a try. 😊 2mo
sudi @Meaw_catlady that's great. Hope you like it 😊 2mo
Cathythoughts Loved this one ♥️ 2mo
Megabooks This is my all-time favorite book! 2mo
readordierachel Great review! One of my favorites. 2mo
lynneamch I rarely say, "This was a great ending," but that's what I said when I finished this one. ? 2mo
sudi @Megabooks it's now one of my favorites too 🙌 2mo
sudi @readordierachel thank you and yeah, i'm adding this to my list of favorites 🙌 2mo
sudi @lynneamch it was perfect, not too cheesy or sentimental. I didn't want it to end though 😄 2mo
Tanisha_A Awesome review! I loved it! 2mo
sudi @Tanisha_A thank you 😘. I'm now waiting to see the adaptation. 2mo
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Received some pretty #litsylove over the weekend and some a little earlier. I'm a little behind on the replies, but i'm going to get them out ASAP 😊💗
@Lovesbooks87 @CaliforniaCay @Hufflepuffle

LapReader Lovely picture. 2mo
sudi @LapReader thank you 💙 2mo
Hufflepuffle I have five waiting for replies, so you are not alone in being behind! 2mo
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Lovesbooks87 Take your time! We all understand and at one point we have all been behind! 2mo
sudi @Hufflepuffle @Lovesbooks87 thank you guys, i'm still fairly new and was nervous about not replying on time 😅 2mo
Lovesbooks87 @sudi don't worry. I have been weeks behind with like 20 cards! 2mo
sudi @Lovesbooks87 💛💛💛 2mo
CaliforniaCay Same here! I'm still a couple months behind on some replies. But that's why I love this group, no pressure, so take your time 🤗 2mo
sudi @CaliforniaCay 💛💛💛 2mo
sudi @LapReader did you get the letter i sent you? The postal services here aren't the best, so just wanted to know if you got it. 2mo
LapReader It just arrived today. I got very excited as I am off work sick today. I will write back as soon as I feel a bit better. 2mo
sudi @LapReader glad it reached you, i was worried it might get lost. So sorry you're not feeling well, take care and feel better 💕💕💕 2mo
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Final check in for round 2 of #bfc
Total for 6 weeks
Completed 315 min activity/week - 4/6
Books completed - 5/3
This challenge has been so much fun. It was so great interacting with everyone in the team and sharing our progress over the weeks. @Mitch has been an incredible leader always supporting and motivating everyone. I'm glad i joined this challenge and looking forward to round 3.
#bfcr2 @wanderinglynn

tammysue Great totals!! 👏🏻🙌🏻😁 3mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A fantastic week! 🎉 3mo
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sudi @wanderinglynn thank you 😊😘 3mo
sudi @tammysue thank you 😊😘 3mo
Mitch You smashed your goals. Well done. And even in the rain - you kept on going. So determined. And you‘ve smashed you‘re book goal 🏆✔️🏆✔️🏆 3mo
sudi Thank you @Mitch 😊😘 3mo
Meaw_catlady Yay! Great job!! 🎉❤️ 3mo
sudi @Meaw_catlady thank you 😊😘 3mo
Megabooks Awesome job!! 🥳🥳👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
sudi @Megabooks thank you 😊😘 3mo
Hufflepuffle Amazing job! Well done you! 🥳 3mo
sudi @Hufflepuffle thank you 😊😘 3mo
Itchyfeetreader Well done Sudi x 3mo
Crazeedi Great job!! Whoohoo!! 👏👏🎉🎉 3mo
sudi Thank you @Itchyfeetreader @Crazeedi 😊😘 3mo
Charityann Nice!👍🏼 Did you enjoy The Handmaid‘s Tale? I liked it. 3mo
sudi @Charityann thank you 😊😘 3mo
sudi @Charityann i did enjoy it, it's a shame i didn't read it earlier. now i'm waiting to catch up with the rest of the seasons 😊 3mo
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Thursday's Child | Victoria Poole
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1. I'm on Instagram, username- sudiksha.desale i'm not very regular but i do check it once a week
2. Yes, i recently joined the #LitsyLove group and it has been fun sending and receiving the letters.
3. Reading, dancing, coloring and cooking (that does not mean i'm very good at any of them 😄)
4. Coding (i've just joined a class for it)

I'm late for this one, but thank you for tagging me @Meaw_catlady 😊😘
#helllothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 3mo
Tanisha_A Love your answers! 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A thanks love 😊 3mo
Erofan Coding is very interesting! 👍 3mo
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I wish this book existed when i was in high school. The title might say it's beneficial to Math and Science students, but this book is meant for anyone who enjoys learning or wants to be good at something they're learning. Oakley doesn't use and scientific mumbo jumbo but uses clear examples and techniques which can be beneficial to any learner and presents it in a easy and understandable manner. 👇

sudi I personally think that this book should be almost like a sacred text for any student of any age. I liked this so much i'm going to purchase a paperback so i can go through some points again. 3mo
rretzler I picked this up a couple of years ago but have not yet read it. 3mo
sudi @rretzler you should give it a try, it's really good. Or if you know someone that is a student you could also gift it to them. 3mo
Tanisha_A Super review my friend! 👏 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A thank you 😊😘 3mo
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Fitness | Bonnie Graves
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I totally forgot about the sign ups for round 3. I signed up today.
I'm going to keep 45 min daily activity as a target but i decided to break up my workouts.
Two things i need to work on is yoga for my flexibility and HIIT workouts for strength and endurance. I have also included walking and meditation. These are my goals for #bfcr3

Mitch Yeah. Glad you‘re continuing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
sudi Thanks @Mitch 💜💜💜 3mo
Crazeedi Good for you! I need to set my goals! 3mo
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sudi @Crazeedi thanks, now i will need to improve my book journaling skills to track all of these 😂 3mo
sudi @Crazeedi did you sign up this time around? 3mo
Crazeedi @sudi yes I did!!🙂 3mo
sudi @Crazeedi yay!!! 🙌 3mo
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Thank you tagging me @Hufflepuffle 😊😘

Never have i ever
- Read a book by Tolkien
- Been to a book signing
- Owned a book from the Folio Society Editions
- Been To Europe

I'm a day late so i'm thinking everyone's already done it

#humpdaypost @DebbieGrillo @MinDea

starlight97 🍺❌❌🍺 3mo
shadowspeak17 🍷 3mo
DebbieGrillo 0 of 4 for me. Thanks for playing! 3mo
hes7 🍷🍷🍷 3mo
sudi @starlight97 @shadowspeak17 @hes7 thank you for playing along 😊 3mo
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The Book of Tea | Kakuzo Okakura
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Probably the most calming book i've read, almost meditative. The book delves into the different aspects of Japanese culutre starting with The Schools of Tea , explaining the impact of Taoism and Zennism, elaborating on the nuances of a Tearoom and Floriculture. The author also reflects on some of the superficialities people often focus on. A book for all tea lovers everywhere.

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Thank you for the tags @ezrascarletbookgasm @DaveGreen7777 @Hufflepuffle 💜💜💜
1. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 1, Baby Driver and HP & the deathly hallows
2. 59 😳
3. All of them, although i don't have games on my phone anymore
4. Not life changing but Litsy has had a bigger impact
5. Tagging some people i haven't tagged before @TheAromaofBooks @Sunraven @tournevis @Bookwormjillk @Boooooks @Dawnrod1970
#wondrousWednesday @Eggs

Tanisha_A Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1! ✋👏 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A 🙌 3mo
Boooooks The baby driver soundtrack is sooo good 😁 3mo
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Hufflepuffle I have to apologise, I just tagged you for this but I haven‘t been on Litsy this morning so hadn‘t seen you had already posted! 3mo
tournevis 👋👋👋👋 3mo
Eggs 🤗🎶📱📚👏🏻 3mo
sudi @Hufflepuffle you don't have to apologise for that 😊.and thank you for tagging me 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi @Boooooks yeah, i love that movie and the soundtrack 💗💗💗 3mo
sudi @tournevis 🙋 3mo
sudi @Eggs thank you 💜💜💜 3mo
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Sorry for posting the update so late, i was mentally and physically exhausted on Saturday to do anything .
My week was up and down, some days were rough when i had to force myself to workout. My added goal to avoid processed foods wasn't completely successful but i managed to reduce my overall consumption.
Goal completed -4/7
Book goal -3/3
#bfcr2 #bookfitnesschallenge @wanderinglynn

sudi And thank you to my team and our awesome team leader for always being there to support me @Mitch @phatsallylee @Blaire @MicrobeMom @ErinSueGreads @Chrissyreadit @Itchyfeetreader 3mo
Megabooks Looks like you‘re doing well and adapting!! I‘m sorry you were exhausted yesterday. 💙💙 3mo
Chrissyreadit Yes! Decreasing is still successful!!! Before you know it a little less each week will become 0! Great job!!! 3mo
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sudi @Megabooks thank you 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi @Chrissyreadit agreed, it's hard to shake off a habit at the beginning and if i try to do it all at once it'll be stressful and i'll end up quitting. So i'm trying to stay conscious of my food habits and make better choices. 😊 3mo
OrangeMooseReads Great job! Sorry your week was rough, Hope next week is better. 3mo
Charityann 👍🏼😊 3mo
Hufflepuffle Well done for keeping going!! I hope next week is better for you! 💜 3mo
wanderinglynn Sorry you had a rough week. I hope this week is better for you. 💜 But you made great progress! 🙌🏻 300+ minutes is awesome! 4 days of hitting your goal is fantastic! Definitely take time to celebrate what you did accomplish despite your tough week! 🎉 And more importantly, you didn‘t quit—you hung in there. 👏🏻 3mo
sudi @OrangeMooseReads @Charityann Thank You 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi @Hufflepuffle Thank You. And i got your Litsy Love but totally forgot to post a photo, Sorry. Also i immediately started using the cute bookmark you sent 😄😘 3mo
sudi @wanderinglynn Thank You 💜💜💜. I've been trying to look at the positive aspect of things instead of only focusing on stuff i haven't done. It will take time to overcome my pessimistic instincts but i'm making some progress due to this challenge 😊 3mo
wanderinglynn Changing habits takes time. One step, one day at a time. The important thing is to recognize & acknowledge the negative thoughts. We all have negative thoughts. The key is to not let them dictate our actions. You‘re doing great! 🙌🏻🥳 3mo
Meaw_catlady You‘re doing great love! Every bit matters! 💕💕 3mo
Hufflepuffle Awww yay! I‘m glad it got there ok! 3mo
Mitch Well done superstar. You‘ve picked a super hard goal and to have made in roads in just one week is amazing. 😘 3mo
sudi @Meaw_catlady thank you 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi Thank you @Mitch you're always so supportive 💜💜💜 3mo
SarahHarts_books Way to go sudi!! Keep up the amazing work! You rock girlfriend!!😄🎉😍 3mo
sudi @SarahHarts_books thank you 💜💜💜 3mo
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Thank you for tagging me @Meaw_catlady 😊😘
1. This book made me ugly cry 😢
2. The Lion King
3. Fruit popsicles
4. Too many to count, unfortunately i have to meet everyone whenever there is a family gathering 😑
5. Done 💜
#friyayintro @howjessreads

Tanisha_A 4th 😂 3mo
Tanisha_A I have the book stacked. Heave heard good things! 3mo
Tanisha_A Did you take your nephews for Toy Story 4? 3mo
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Meaw_catlady I have a copy of the tagged! I need to read it ASAP! But my TBR is sooo long! 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A nope, they're supposed to be too old now to watch Toy Story 😒. Only star wars or avengers for them. These kids will never know how much i cried during the last scene of Toy Story 3 and what it means to have a 4th movie. 3mo
sudi @Meaw_catlady i don't think we can ever get through our TBR's 😂 3mo
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The Handmaid's Tale | Margaret Atwood
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I'm glad i finally read this book because it did not dissapoint. What a thrilling, thought provoking read. Even though it is a dystopian, it still makes you think how casually we take the freedom we have and how easily it can be taken away. I would still say that i prefer the TV show but i enjoyed reading it. I'm looking forward to reading The Testaments.

#authoramonth @Soubhiville @MinDea
#bfcr2 #bookfitnesschallenge book 3/3

Mitch You're smashing those reading goals! I read this so long ago and loved it. Ive recently downloaded the audio book because Elizabeth Moss reads it! 3mo
sudi Thanks @Mitch but i think i'm the one with the lowest book goal 😄, i'm a slow reader so i don't mind. I didn't know about the audiobook, i'll have to check it out. She does such a great job on the tv show. 3mo
Mitch @sudi she‘s amazing 3mo
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Tanisha_A One of my favourites! 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A it was amazing, did you watch the series too? 3mo
Tanisha_A @sudi Oh yess. Soo good and disturbing. I had nightmares. Yet to watch S3 though. 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A i still have to catch up with season 2 😂 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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This week was okay, it wasn't great but not as bad as i had imagined.
Goals met 3/7
Books completed 2/3 (not counting the short book i read)
Following @wanderinglynn 's advice helped. I divided the walking into three intervals of 10 mins, which got me moving even when i wasn't having a great day.
Still need to work on improving some things including my diet habits.
#bfcr2 #bookfitnesschallenge @Mitch

Mitch Well done honey. You‘ve had a good week, focused on what you can do not what you can‘t - an important mind shift. Great job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 You‘re making great progress! As @Mitch said, focus on what you accomplished. 😀 3mo
sudi @Mitch thank you 💜 3mo
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sudi @wanderinglynn thank you 💜 3mo
Crazeedi You did great this week!! 3mo
sudi @Crazeedi thank you💜💜💜, this week was so stressful so i'm just going to be content with what i could do 😊 3mo
Crazeedi @sudi that's the attitude to have! A step at a time!😍 3mo
Charityann 👍🏼😊 3mo
sudi @Charityann thank you 💜 3mo
sudi @Crazeedi thanks, i wanted to ask if you got a litsylove letter by me? 3mo
Crazeedi @sudi oh I just got it 2 days ago!!! I am so behind in my letters, thank you sooo much, I will be writing! I need to post a picture of the beautiful notes I've received!! 3mo
sudi @Crazeedi oh that's good, i thought they got lost somewhere 😄 3mo
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I enjoyed reading this book. Most of the stories were spooky but not scare you to death spooky. Some didn't have a conclusive ending while the others didn't give enough information about the origin and backstory of the ghost/monster. I did have two favorites which were The Ash Tree and Oh, Whistle and i'll come to you.

#bfcr2 #bookfitnesschallenge

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Untitled | Unknown
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@Bookwormjillk i received this card today and i have to say i'm in love with it, it's so beautiful 💛. I'll be replying soon 😊

Bookwormjillk So glad you got it! 3mo
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Wednesday | Anne Bertier
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1. Looking at their phone when someone is talking to them.
2. In India, most of the time we get cash as a birthday gift. I used to save up all the money i got and go to a bookstore or the movies 😄
3. I think a successful person is someone who is kind and values the people is his/her own life. But the definition of success now is mostly materialistic. And being kind is totally underrated.
#wonderouswednesday thank you for the tag @Eggs 😘😘

DaveGreen7777 Thank you for the tag, Sudi! 😊🤗 I 💯 agree with your answer for #3. 👏 (edited) 3mo
Crazeedi Thanks for tag! Awesome answers!❤️ 3mo
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Eggs Thanks for playing 🤗💗👏🏻 3mo
TheEllieMo Your answer to #3 is sadly so true 3mo
Erofan Thanks for the tag! 💕 3mo
sudi @Erofan 😊😘 3mo
Meaw_catlady Love your answer for 3. !! Thanks for the tag love ! 💕🖤 3mo
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Here is my #nofilter #nomakeup selfie. I wasn't going to post one but seeing all the lovely selfies on here and from my team members, i decided to post one.
I usually don't wear make up, not because i don't like it but because i'm not very good at applying it. But i do wear it when i'm going out since red lipstick is my favorite. @wanderinglynn #bfcr2
@Mitch @phatsallylee @MicrobeMom @Blaire @Chrissyreadit @Itchyfeetreader @ErinSueGreads

BookwormAHN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
Heideschrampf Gorgeous! Redlipstick is all the armour anyone needs anyways, i agree! 3mo
Mitch So lovely to be able to picture your beautiful face when we talk 😘 3mo
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sisilia Lovely 💖 3mo
UwannaPublishme Beautiful photo! ❤️ 3mo
julesG Beautiful! Red lipstick is the best. Fiery red, dark red, poppy flower red,... 3mo
sudi Thank you @julesG 💜 and it is the best. I currently have two, one from Maybelline and the other is from Rimmel. I can't remember the name but the Rimmel one is closer to a scarlet red. 3mo
LapReader I struggle with makeup too. You are lucky you can wear red lipstick. I can‘t do it justice. What a lovely face you have. 3mo
ljuliel You have beautiful brown eyes. 3mo
sprainedbrain Gorgeous! 😍 3mo
Crazeedi Your smile! How beautiful!!❤ 3mo
sudi @ljuliel @sprainedbrain @Crazeedi Thank you guys so much 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi Thank you @LapReader 💜you're too kind, but i'm glad to know another makeup novice 🙌. And i think you can totally do it justice, you'd look very beautiful in red lipstick. 😘 3mo
Chrissyreadit 👏🙌🥰❤️🥰🙌👏lovely! 3mo
britt_brooke So pretty! 3mo
sudi @Chrissyreadit @britt_brooke thank you guys 😊😘💜 3mo
wanderinglynn Beautiful! ❤️ A lovely smile. Thank you for sharing! 3mo
sudi Thank you @wanderinglynn 😘💜 3mo
Megabooks Beautiful!!! 3mo
cobwebmoth You're beautiful! 3mo
sudi @Megabooks thank you 😊😘💜 3mo
sudi @cobwebmoth thank you 😊😘💜 3mo
DaveGreen7777 OMG, you are absolutely gorgeous, Sudi! Beautiful inside and out! 🥰 3mo
MicrobeMom Beautiful!! ♥️♥️ 3mo
JennyM Gorgeous 😘😘😘 3mo
kspenmoll Beautiful smile!!‘ 3mo
sudi @DaveGreen7777 thank you , you're too kind 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi @JennyM @kspenmoll @MicrobeMom thank you so much 💜💜💜 3mo
Trashcanman Lovely photo😊 3mo
sudi Thank you @Trashcanman 💜💜💜 3mo
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This week has been a success overall. I managed to complete my goal 6/7 times this week. Friday was the most stressful day but being in a group really helped, seeing everyone's messages provided some motivation even on a day when i was not in the mood to do anything.
Hoping to keep up the momentum in Week 4
@wanderinglynn #bfcr2 #bfc #bookfitnesschallenge
@Mitch @ErinSueGreads @Chrissyreadit @phatsallylee @Itchyfeetreader @MicrobeMom @Blaire

Chrissyreadit 👏🙌👏🙌🎉❤️ 3mo
Megabooks Great job! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 3mo
sudi Thank you @Chrissyreadit and @Megabooks 😊😘 3mo
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Itchyfeetreader Awesome job love this ! 3mo
Crazeedi You did great!👏👏 3mo
Mitch Brilliant super woman. And you‘re absolutely smashing your reading goals. Xxx 3mo
Dawnrod1970 Great job! 3mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A fantastic week! Keep that momentum going! 🎉 3mo
MicrobeMom Great job! You are rocking it! ♥️♥️ 3mo
sudi @Itchyfeetreader thank you 😊😘 3mo
sudi @Crazeedi thank you 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi @Mitch thank you, being in this group has been the best part of the challenge 😊😘 3mo
sudi @MicrobeMom thank you so much 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi @Dawn_Rodriguez1970 thank you 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi Thank you @wanderinglynn , and thank you for organising this whole challenge, you've been an amazing motivator 😊😘💜 3mo
sprainedbrain Awesome! 🙌🏻 3mo
sudi @sprainedbrain thank you 💜💜💜 3mo
UwannaPublishme Way to go! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
sudi @UwannaPublishme thank you 😊😘 3mo
Charityann Nice job! 😊👍🏼 3mo
sudi @Charityann thank you 💜💜💜 3mo
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1. Omelet, cheerios with chocolate milk and dosa (kind of like a crepe but made with rice batter)
2. I heard about a restaurant in Japan, Where they serve you in a mini toilet bowl and that is disgusting.
3. Yes , i prefer popcorn
4. The ones i like already exist, so i'm good
5. @Tanisha_A @mhillis @readordierachel @RachelO @UwannaPublishme @DaveGreen7777
Thanks for the tag @tournevis @Areader2 😊💖
#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

DaveGreen7777 Thanks for the tag, @sudi 😀 3mo
sudi @DaveGreen7777 😊😘 3mo
RachelO Thanks for the tag! And 2 IS disgusting 😝 3mo
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Areader2 😂🚽 3mo
sudi @Areader2 @RachelO they even serve poop shape ice cream in a tiny bedpan plate for dessert 😂 3mo
UwannaPublishme Thanks for the tag. Oh my goodness! That Japanese Restaurant is outta control! 🤣🤣🤣 3mo
sudi @UwannaPublishme you're welcome😊 😘. And yeah, they are totally out of control 😂 3mo
Eggs 💩🍨😂😂 3mo
Tanisha_A Thanks for tagging love. I will try sharing tomorrow. 🥰 Poop shaped ice-cream in a tiny bedpan plate. 🤢 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A the things people come up with 😂. 3mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
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Received some #LitsyLove to brighten up another rainy day. Thank you @LapReader for the wonderful letter and that very pretty unicorn sticker 💖💖💖. I don't know why but this sticker reminds me of Luna Lovegood 😄.

Tanisha_A Because Luna's glasses I think. She is my favouriteeeee! 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A yeeessss!!!! You're Spot on with the glasses . 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A who doesn't love Luna Lovegood, she's the best 😎🙌 3mo
LapReader That was fast xo 3mo
sudi @LapReader the postal services are improving here 😆 3mo
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post image

The week didn't start off great, but i completed 32 min yoga and 55 min walking today. The picture above is from my walk, came home completely soaked due to the rain, took a bathe and then ate some ice cream😄. Overall my week ended on a good note
Books - 1/3
Thanks to my team captain @Mitch and fellow team members @ErinSueGreads @Blaire @MicrobeMom @Itchyfeetreader @phatsallylee @Chrissyreadit for always motivating me . @wanderinglynn

phatsallylee Great job this week! 3mo
Mitch Yeah, well done. You‘ve had a great day and ice cream is the best reward! (edited) 3mo
sudi Thanks @phatsallylee 💜💜💜 3mo
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sudi Thanks @Mitch, it was so good 💜💜💜 3mo
wanderinglynn You had a solid week & definitely ended on a high note (despite the rain)! Celebrate your achievements! You‘re making great progress and more importantly, you didn‘t quit! 🙌🏻 3mo
Chrissyreadit Awesome job! 🎉🥳🎉 3mo
Megabooks 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥳 3mo
sudi Thanks @Chrissyreadit and @Megabooks 💜💜💜 3mo
sudi Thank you @wanderinglynn 💜💜💜 3mo
Larkken Looks great! Nice job! 3mo
sudi Thanks @Larkken 💜💜💜 3mo
UwannaPublishme 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🍦👍🏻 3mo
sudi Thank you @UwannaPublishme 💜💜💜 3mo
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I love this recipe, it's simple to make and gives a healthier option to people with a sweet tooth.
I originally saw this recipe on Rachel Khoo's tv show.
But couldn't find the original recipe but found one similar to the original, if anyone would be interested


But i have never used the berries.

#optionalphotochallenge #bfcr2 #bookfitnesschallenge @wanderinglynn

sudi 📷 - random pic from google but looks similar to end result 3mo
wanderinglynn Those look delicious! Thanks for sharing! 3mo
Areader2 😋 3mo
See All 7 Comments
Sunraven These sound really awesome. I might like them better than “normal” chocolate. 😉 3mo
sudi @Sunraven they're great, apart from the dark chocolate much of the sweetness is from the dates. So they're great if you're trying to include less added sugar in you diet. 3mo
Sunraven Definitely going to add that recipe to my list of things to try. Thanks for posting the link! 3mo
sudi @Sunraven hope you enjoy trying it out 😊👍 3mo
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I wasn't sure about this book, but it completely fulffilled the epic fantasy expectations i had. Though a lot of patience is needed since the first half is just the set up for future events and it gets boring after a while. The second half is where all the different stories and character arcs begin to make sense and lead to one cohesive storyline.I loved the completely non traditional romance. 👇

sudi Tane and Loth were my top two favorite characters. At 848 pages it is definitely a tomb, but i would still recommend it to people recovering from that disastrous GOT finale. 3mo
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Circe | Madeline Miller
post image

Here are my #top6reads for 2019 arranged randomly
1. Circe
2. Thrilling adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
3. The Little Prince (which i read for the first time 🙈)
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes
5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck
6. Small Fry

Thank you for the tag @Ddzmini and @Tanisha_A 😊😘
And thank you @Cinfhen for starting this, great idea 💜
I'm tagging everyone who hasn't done this yet.

Heideschrampf I'll be starting Circe today. And i have very high exoectations 4mo
Emilymdxn Ooh I really wanna read small fry! 4mo
sudi @Heideschrampf i hope you enjoy it much as i did. I've never known much about greek mythology but this book made me like it so much, that i'm now reading The Iliad, next up is the Odyssey. 4mo
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sudi @Emilymdxn it was really good. I was picked the book because of the whole Steve Jobs controversy but Brennan's writing is the true highlight of the book. 4mo
Tanisha_A I need to get to Madeleine Miller's work! 😅 Great list! ☺️👏 4mo
sudi Thanks @Tanisha_A 😊💜 4mo
sudi @Tanisha_A you should definitely get it. It was a #blameitonlitsy purchase for me. The ebook was a lot cheaper though 4mo
Cinfhen Such a great roundup of books🤩thanks for sharing 4mo
Tanisha_A @sudi Yes, I saw it in my office library. Waiting for it to get available there. 😁 4mo
Ddzmini Your welcome 🙏 📖😋 4mo
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I was finally able to get my first batch of #LitsyLove letters posted today. The post office here was closed for many days due to heavy rainfall . I'm so excited and nervous, this is the first time i'm sending them. I hope you guys get them soon.
And @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks thank you for the lovely card 💖😘.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Can‘t wait!!! You‘re very welcome 😘💗 4mo
Crazeedi That's what I'm doing today , writing letters!! 4mo
sudi @Crazeedi i have never written so many letters. My hand was aching after writing them 😂. But it was still great 🙌 4mo
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1. Yes, but i also get very stressed because of it.
2. I usually try to get some alone time and listen to music or just read.
3. "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. " - Buddha
4. @Erofan @Areader2 @Crazeedi @Redwritinghood @kezzlou85 @Severnmeadows @MelKelsey
#Moonreflections @Meaw_catlady

Severnmeadows I like your Buddha quote! 😊 (edited) 4mo
sudi Thanks @Severnmeadows 😊💜 4mo
Meaw_catlady Great answers!! Love the quote! 💕🌙 4mo
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Erofan Great quote! 👍 4mo
Crazeedi Thanks for tag!!!❤ 4mo
Redwritinghood Thank you! I‘m not sure what some of this is about, but I feel blessed. 🤗🤗 4mo
sudi @Redwritinghood you're welcome 😄💜 4mo
Areader2 @sudi it‘s been a busy week,always thankful for your tag of friendship 🤗 4mo
sudi @Areader2 😊😘 4mo
sudi @Areader2 hope you get to do some relaxing this weekend 😎 4mo
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Week 1 has been pretty okay so far.
I came very close to my goal of 315 minutes physical activity/week. (45 min/daily)
Wednesday and Thursday was tough since i wasn't feeling great then. But i was back on Friday and Saturday was a rest day.
With my reading goal, i'm 70 % through The Priory Of The Orange Tree and 50% Through with A Mind For Numbers. I haven't finished a book yet.
#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc #bfcr2
@wanderinglynn @Mitch

Mitch Well done honey - you‘ve been super focused this week and you‘ve cheered us all on too. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
mhillis Sounds like you‘re doing great!! 👏 4mo
sudi Thanks @Mitch 😊😘 4mo
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sudi Thank you @mhillis 😊😘 4mo
Crazeedi You did awesome! Congrats!!👏👏❤ 4mo
sudi Thank you @Crazeedi 😊😘💜 4mo
Chrissyreadit Wow!!! Priory is a hefty book too! I have A Mind For Numbers to read with my teens- what do you think of it? 4mo
sudi @Chrissyreadit priory has just begun to get interesting, That's why i had put it away for a while. A Mind for Numbers is great, Oakley completely breaks down the process of learning step by step. I'm liking it so far, i'd say it's something like hacking your own brain 4mo
wanderinglynn You had a great first week! 🙌🏻 Celebrate your accomplishments! 4mo
sudi Thanks @wanderinglynn 😊💖 4mo
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 4mo
sudi Thank you @BookwormAHN 😊💜💜💜 4mo
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