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After jumping around through the digital version of this book, I have decided I like Reeves's approach. I'm going to buy myself a physical copy of the book and a couple of notebooks (okay, so I don't need more notebooks, nor do I need more excuses to buy notebooks, but I'm going to buy some anyway) and try to make 2023 the year that I reestablish a daily writing practice. I did Morning Pages for years, but I like the focus of daily prompts.

SomedayAlmost Good for you! 2w
ImperfectCJ @SomedayAlmost Thanks! I'm trying to convince myself that the practice and the act of creation are worthwhile endeavors even if nothing ever evolves into something published. I used to believe this but lost sight of it over the years, and now I'm trying to reclaim it. 2w
UwannaPublishme You can do it! 2w
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I‘m back into my massive journal readthrough project, and I‘ve hit the part where I was obsessed with accurate book-to-screen adaptations. (A 6-page rant about THE BLACK CAULDRON preceded this paragraph.) It‘s something I‘ve thought about a lot lately because my opinion has totally changed. These days, I get way more excited about adaptations that switch stuff up but still preserve the source material‘s feel.

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Thanks for the tag, Misty 💜

I love giving & receiving coffee/tea, journals, stationery, mugs/glasses, candles, blankets, book marks, pens, socks, and bookish decor! I love finding creative bookish things to send to friends.

Who hasn‘t played yet? @ravenlee @Blerdgal_Fenix @Kappadeemom @Chrissyreadit @sprainedbrain @Sleepswithbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Me too!! I‘ve been trying to find some unique things! 3mo
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Journal update: I‘m at volume twenty-four in my read-through. Volumes eleven through twenty met the True Death today.

In lieu of a photo of burning notebooks, here‘re two poems 16-Year-Old me wrote. As you can see, I was a young genius deeply inspired by Great Literature and maybe also breasts.

Graywacke Kudos to your 16yr-old self. I completely agree about Shakes Poems. 4mo
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Journal update: I‘ve now read through twenty volumes, the first ten of which have left this world. (I took photos of them on fire, too, but I chose a pre-flame shot for this post because I didn‘t want to shock anyone.)

It feels good. It feels right. Tomorrow I‘ll gather the ashes and put them in a jar, because that‘s what you do with sand mandalas and I figure a journal mandala deserves the same respect.

BkClubCare I thought of you! Page 374 of Trust has a passage on why people keep journals…💭📕 4mo
xicanti @BkClubCare is because their younger self was all, “I‘m creating a DOCUMENT for HISTORY!!!!” and their older self was all, “Uh, you were totally just into the physical act of writing and the future people don‘t need to hear about eleven twelfths of this stuff, but I‘m gonna keep your old work out of habit until I decide not to”? 4mo
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tpixie Thanks for sharing your work in progress! 4mo
BkClubCare @xicanti - I knew I should have taken a photo of the passage. But yeah, THAT. Pretty much 😂 4mo
xicanti @tpixie ❤️ 4mo
TieDyeDude Now the fire photo! 🔥😆 4mo
xicanti @TieDyeDude I don‘t want to give people a fright if they see the photo before they get a chance to read the caption! 4mo
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Journal update: I pulled ‘em all out of their trunk and put ‘em in order. Turns out, I wrote 132 volumes over 25 years. Not too bad.

So far as the read-through goes, I‘m at Volume 14 and Past Me has finally started to develop as a person. Hurray! Those volumes where I was extremely fourteen years old were real eye-rollers, lemme tell you.

Vol 14‘s also full of milestones. I finished drafting my first novel! I discovered Anne Rice! I ate salmon!

AshleyHoss820 I love this!! 5mo
Alfoster What fun to look back on those and see how you‘ve grown!👍🥂 5mo
MoonWitch94 I threw away my teenage journals during my last purge of keepsakes; You are really making me regret that 🤪😜 What a really great record of your life! Love it. 5mo
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BiblioLitten This is amazing! 5mo
xicanti @Alfoster much more fun now I‘m at a point where Past Me‘d actually done some growing! 5mo
xicanti @MoonWitch94 um. Maybe I shouldn‘t tell you I‘m planning to burn the lot after I‘ve reread them and noted down the important events from each. In the months leading up to when I decided to stop writing on a daily basis, I started to think of my journal as a 25-year mandala; something it was important to create, but just as important to let go of in the end. 5mo
MoonWitch94 @xicanti I think that‘s a great idea! Journals are usually emotional fluff that just helps us to work out our own stuff. Sounds like a good way to get the important events but then burn the rest. Love this idea. 5mo
xicanti @MoonWitch94 I‘m thinking I‘ll keep the ashes in jars, the way you‘re supposed to keep the sand from mandalas, but I might end up scattering it instead. We‘ll see how much space it takes up! 5mo
BarbaraJean Love this. It‘s been ~15 years since I was in the habit of mostly-daily journaling, and I haven‘t revisited my old journals in more years than that. When I had them handy on a shelf, I‘d sometimes go look for what I was doing/thinking “on this day” in my personal history—those early journals were always cringe-y! I love your idea of re-reading, recording the important stuff, then letting go. I want to keep that in mind when I rediscover mine! 5mo
xicanti @BarbaraJean I hope you get to have the read-through experience! It‘s illuminating. 5mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m sad for the journals!! But I totally understand!! 😭😭😭 4mo
xicanti @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks rest assured, I didn‘t make the decision lightly. It‘s something that‘s been in my heart for close on a year now. This wouldn‘t be the right choice for everyone, but it‘s definitely the right choice for me. 4mo
Graywacke This is an impressive collection. I wish you well with this purge. I don‘t have anything like this to ponder saving or not. 4mo
xicanti @Graywacke it‘s at once a cool thing to possess and a heavy burden. I‘ll be glad when I say goodbye to the final volume. 4mo
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Sometimes, the simplest thoughts of gratitude can be the strongest. 💕 #ThinkPositiveBePositive

Thanks for the tag, Sherri. @Eggs

BarkingMadRead Love this! 5mo
wanderinglynn 💜 thanks for the tag! 😘 5mo
Eggs Works as a daily affirmation - love it 🥰 5mo
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Andrew65 A great reminder! ♥️ 5mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks And I have air conditioning!!! ❤️❤️ 4mo
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I kept a daily journal for 25 years. I‘ve now been journal-free and loving it for six months—and, to be perfectly honest, I don‘t want the dozens of filled notebooks any more than I want to continue the journal-keeping practice.

So I‘ve decided they‘re my 25-year mandala. I‘ll look through them, note down any really important stuff, and have myself a bonfire. Vol 1 had a fair few Moments, but Vol 2? Not so much. I expect that trend to continue.

xicanti (If you‘re all SHOCKED GASP HOW CAN YOU DO THAT about the bonfire, please also be aware my storage method left a lot to be desired. The damp got into the chest. Metal notebook accents rusted. There may also be mold. It ain‘t sanitary to keep these things around.) 5mo
mdm139 From a historian perspective I would keep specific ones like 9/11 and the newer pandemic ones. Journals from women about their daily lives and feelings during historical events provide great resources for future generations. 5mo
xicanti @mdm139 I‘m going to play it by ear when I come across anything with potential future relevance to anyone other than me, but I think I‘m more likely to keep pages than whole notebooks. I feel okay about leaving a folder full of my nonbinary perspectives instead of a bunch of soggy perfectbound things with lots of other folderol for padding. 5mo
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rockpools I imagine that‘ll be very freeing. 5mo
xicanti @rockpools I‘ve got a large steamer trunk full of notebooks. I can‘t wait to be free of them. 5mo
TieDyeDude That's amazing. I tried keeping a journal before, but I wasnt interested enough in myself. ☺️ I hope this is a fulfilling exercise for you. 5mo
xicanti @TieDyeDude it‘s been a JOURNEY. 5mo
tpixie It‘ll be great for you to go through them and reflect on what you wrote and what fun to find surprises that are worth keeping! 5mo
xicanti @tpixie so far it‘s been an odd mix of cringey and fascinating. I hope to see an upturn once I get past the point where I was extremely fourteen years old. 5mo
tpixie @xicanti 😀 5mo
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#JoysofJuneReadathon begins today! Here are my goals:

📖Finish 2 ARCS from #NetGalley
📖Begin a re-read of an old favorite romance series to see if it still holds up after all these years
📖Read for 2 hours/day during the week (less scrolling or tv)

👍🏻Thanks @Andrew65 for the tag! Who else is playing?

Andrew65 Great to have you with us again, good luck 😊 6mo
MoonWitch94 @Andrew65 Thanks for hosting 🥳 6mo
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Sending love & peace to all my Littens 💜📚🤗

Even in my darkest times during the past few years, this place has been a bright light for me. I will always be here for any of you, should you need anything. Your feelings, emotions, and thoughts are valid! #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #YouAreSeen #Together

LiteraryinLawrence Thank you so much. I‘m struggling today as everything is business as usual at work as the world is falling apart. Let‘s all be kind to ourselves and each other. 💗💗💗 6mo
DieAReader Very much needed here as well. THANK YOU! 6mo
MoonWitch94 @LiteraryinLawrence Oh Allison! I hear you! I‘m astounded that anyone can carry on like nothing has happened when literally it gets worse daily. 😔 You‘re so very welcome & I hope your day wasn‘t too rough 🤗❤️ 6mo
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MoonWitch94 @DieAReader You are so very welcome 🤗 ❤️ 6mo
bthegood Thank you for this - today I'm grateful for people who care and feel for others - 💕 6mo
MoonWitch94 @bthegood You‘re welcome 💜 And I am grateful for those types of people, too. 6mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Hey! We sent you a little happy 😊 just checking to see if it made it! (edited) 6mo
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