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Warm Wednesday
Warm Wednesday: A Comedy in Three Acts | Viña Delmar
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A little late!
1. Romantic comedy
2. Music to Our Ears -musician romance!
3. My pups Lute & Fisk
4. 17 so far! I hope to finish at least 1 more before tomorrow.
#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

Eggs Thanks for joining in ❣️ LuteFisk!!🤗 2w
Chili Love the pups names!!! 🤣 2w
TheLibrarian What cuties! 2w
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1. Fantasy, dystopias, historical fiction
2. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have story ideas, but no titles
3. Me and Will by the lake (Lake Superior) the other day
4. I've read 5 books this month. Hopefully 6 by the end.

#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

Eggs Sweet photos 💕 3w
BookwormAHN Cute 💕 3w
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#wondrouswednesday @Eggs
1. When it gives me the "feels," makes me laugh, gives me a hangover, or opens my eyes about a topic, event, or person.
2. Studio Ghibli anime dvds and book-theme and running-theme things.
3. Any vegan ones by Robin Robertson and Isa Chandra Moskowitz
4. Lately I've been reading a lot by W.B. Yeats
5. Tagged you're it!!

Eggs Great responses 🤗💗 1mo
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#wonderouswednesday @Eggs

1. I very rarely take selfies and even more rarely do I post them (I think @That-Bookish-Hiker told me when we met, she had only seen my Bitmoji!), but I dyed and cut my hair and my parents wanted to see, so here we are. I am a human on the other side of the phone. Most days.
2. Dog park is my favorite spring activity!
3. I like this art print & phrase by Kelly Malka (@ bykellymalka on IG)
4. Anyone who wants to play!

That-Bookish-Hiker Love the new hair!!! 3mo
hermyknee @That-Bookish-Hiker thank you 💕 3mo
Soubhiville You look really nice! 3mo
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JoScho Hair looks fabulous! 3mo
SW-T The hair and glasses suit you! Best accessory is the smile. Smiles make us all radiant 😊 3mo
Craftylikefox You look great! 3mo
Freespirit Lovely post! 3mo
hermyknee @Soubhiville @JoScho @SW-T @Craftylikefox @Freespirit thank you all, you are very kind!!! 🥰♥️ 3mo
ravenlee You look great! Adorable, even - but not in a condescending way! 3mo
hermyknee @ravenlee thank you 😊 3mo
Eggs Your hair and selfie are gorgeous 👏🏻🤗💗 3mo
hermyknee @Eggs thank you! This was a fun prompt! Thank you for putting it together! 3mo
Eggs @hermyknee It was my pleasure 😉 3mo
mdhughes72 What a great photo!! 3mo
Naj You look gorgeous! 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm 👋 Looking great! 3mo
hermyknee @mdhughes72 @Naj @erzascarletbookgasm thank you 🙏 💖💖💖 3mo
staci.reads Gorgeous! Love seeing the face to match the words 💕 3mo
hermyknee @staci.reads awww thanks! 🥰 3mo
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I'm so sorry I've been so absent! I get behind on reading, so I try to read instead of doing social media. Then I get more and more behind on social media, until I can't catch up. I tried to read some posts!
2. Of the places I've been, maybe Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas
3. Beef Curry stew
4. Curl up with a cat and read
5. Yes, yes, didn't know it was a thing?
#humpdaypost @MinDea

MinDea "Say it! Say it!" " I will never surrender!!!!!" ??? 7mo
tonyahoswalt @MinDea 😆 I've missed you! 7mo
MinDea 😆😆😆😆 I am having so much fun with these captions! And this photo is adorable! 7mo
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MinDea How goes the reading? All caught up? I am so behind. On everything! 7mo
tonyahoswalt @MinDea ugh, I am also behind on everything. So many overdue library books. I am finally making progress, but it's like every time I try to read I fall asleep! 7mo
MinDea 🤣🤣🤣 I Feel ya! 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 7mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Kitten: So throw your paws in the air! And wave 'em like you just don't care! 7mo
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1. 😊
2. Ocean City NJ
3. Leftovers
4. I work from home so it‘s hard to say. I do like to take a relaxing bath on Sunday nights to help get ready for the week.
5. No, yes, yes


Lcsmcat “It only has a little sand in it!” 7mo
gradcat I‘d like to teach the world to sing 🎶, in perfect harmony...I‘d like to buy the world a coke, and keep them company 🎵 7mo
Kaye 🎶 I‘d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony 🎶. Sorry to those not old enough to remember this commercial. 7mo
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Kaye Funny @gradcat 😂 7mo
Judybskt I always loved that commercial. This picture is at least 10 years old - kid is 16 now! 7mo
gradcat @Judybskt That commercial is probably 30 years old 😂 😂😂 ...just ask @Kaye! 7mo
TheSpineView Here's to you Mom! 7mo
Judybskt @gradcat @Kaye almost 50?! 7mo
Kaye I thought I was a teen when this commercial was on 😳😱 7mo
gradcat @Kaye @Judybskt Omigod! I‘m soooooo old...and what‘s worse is that now you guys know it, 😂 😲😱 7mo
Judybskt @gradcat @Kaye not old at all!! 7mo
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1. Borrowed @4thhouseontheleft 's picture because this is really the only adaptation that I've truly enjoyed lately.
2. When I did dairy, cookies and cream was an all-time favorite. Also liked Blue Bell's birthday cake flavor and Breyer's waffle cone (I think that's what it was).
3. Nope.
4. Rarely, unless you count picking up rotisserie chicken, then 1 a week.
5. Best: Less migraines this week. Worst: Today= a migraine day.
#humpdaypost @MinDea

4thhouseontheleft The picture was originally borrowed from Google. 😃 8mo
tonyahoswalt @4thhouseontheleft Google just about rules the world 8mo
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🤽‍♀️ My mother and niece playing in the pool
🎵 Paramore this summer
⏲️ Procrastination
📺 Catching up on Hawaii Five-O and The Goldbergs
📚 One of these books on my to read shelf -- not sure which one yet


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1. Having fun with a giant dinosaur

2. Hmmm, it would really depend who I was cooking for.

3. I need to make a cake otherwise nothing is planned.

4. Not sure I have one favorite but I‘ve really like Marissa Myer

5. Caramel apples, apple cider, pumpkin everything! 🍎 🎃 🍏


Cinfhen Adorable 😁 9mo
Linear That's cute 9mo
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1. A picture of a #bujo layout I was proud of.

2. Chili

3. No plans, just a nice relaxing weekend

4. Too many: Laini Taylor, Elizabeth Hunter, Leigh Bardugo

5. The leaves changing colors

#HumpDayPost @mindea

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1. My babies! From left: Simon, Jack, Sam, Violet, Sadie
2. 4: Golden Son, The Waste Lands, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, Baby Teeth (audio)
3. Going fishing with my dad, just sitting on the bank of the river, talking to him
4. No, get most of my books from library
5. Give me all the books
#HumpDayPost @MinDea

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Love your babies! 😍 Glad Im not the only one with tons o‘ kitties 😂 10mo
tonyahoswalt @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled hehe, I've spent all month convincing myself that I can't adopt one of the cuties that our vet has that needs a home. Five cats, six cats, we'll barely notice one more, right? 😂 10mo
MinDea 😻😻😻😻😻 10mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled We have 7 - after, say, 5, you don‘t even notice one more 😂 10mo
tonyahoswalt @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled 😍 That's great information to know! 10mo
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1. I reorganized my pantry today! 😍 I‘m super nerdy about organization, and it still looks a bit of a mess, but it was fun!
2. 3 - two print, one ebook
3. I‘ve realized that I have pretty much recreated my hometown experience that I hated so much growing up so I guess I missed more of the small town country vibe than I thought I would!
4. Not really
5. Access to every book, even though it would be infuriating.

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Happy #HumpDayPost. Sorry for missing the last few weeks.
1. #Shadow. Since he hasn't been feeling well he has been super extra snuggly and it makes me so happy to spend time with him and snuggle him. #Shippy @Zelma
2. A big fat ZERO. #ReadingSlump
3. I miss Michigan Mints & thunderstorms
4. Not really but I have been trying to cut back this year since buying our house.
5. Live on an island with all the books. #Introvert

MinDea Thanks @Robothugs for doing one of the weeks I missed! 💙 10mo
QuietlyLaura I hope Shadow feels better soon! 💕😽 10mo
kamoorephoto Sending 💓💓 10mo
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Libby1 ❤️Shadow❤️ 10mo
BookFrog Aww, I hope he feels better! 10mo
Robothugs You‘re welcome!! 🤗 10mo
Zelma I‘m so sorry he‘s not feeling well. 💕 and omg, the crossed paws and tongue sticking out! 😻 10mo
MinDea Thank you @Zelma. He has been so snuggly so I have been getting some great shots of him! 😆😆 10mo
TheKidUpstairs Sweet, snuggly Shadow! I hope he feels better soon! It's nice to have you back 😁 10mo
MinDea Thank you @TheKidUpstairs! 💙💙💙 10mo
hgrimes Still keeping that snugglewump in my thoughts! I hope you get him stable soon! 10mo
MinDea Thank you @hgrimes. 💙💙 10mo
tonyahoswalt Glad to see you back! *Hugs* 10mo
mcipher That nose!! So so cute. Glad he‘s doing better! 😻 10mo
MinDea Thank you @mcipher. 💙 10mo
MinDea Thank you @tonyahoswalt! 💙 And thank you so much for checking on us and helping with #EpicKatetRead. I really appreciate the kindness so much. 💙 10mo
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1. I don‘t know if I really have a favorite, but Japanther is for sure up there- they are a two piece art-punk band from Brooklyn.
2. I‘m at 100 books right now, which was my original goal for this year! I‘ve upped it to 125.
3. 20-30 minutes, I worked late and ran a lot of errands.
4. Nope! Super rural, super quiet area.
5. I like to vacuum in high heels, it‘s pretty much the only time you‘ll find me wearing them!

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Thank you @MinDea for the #humpdaypost!

1. When I listen to music, it's generally soundtracks. These two are currently on repeat!
2. My #readinggoals are to read 170 books, 60000 pages and 20 non-fiction books. I'm on track for all three.
3. About 3 hours.
4. I'm quite rural so no.
5. I have pulsatile tinnitus that is slowly driving me mad!

MinDea What is pulsatile tunnitiis? 10mo
CouronneDhiver Tinnitus is infuriating... I had it for a few weeks this spring. I really hope you‘ll be able to find relief soon 😘😘 10mo
ScorpioBookDreams @MinDea I hear a constant whooshing sound in my left ear. Basically my heartbeat. Been almost a year of constant noise! 😭😭 10mo
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ScorpioBookDreams @CouronneDhiver I‘ve had it almost a year now! They‘re still investigating what it could be. Intracranial hypertension is the latest suggestion. 10mo
CouronneDhiver I think someone else on here was dealing with that too... maybe @BarbaraTheBibliophage 10mo
CouronneDhiver Mine was just regular tinnitus from a blockage. 10mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Yes, @CouronneDhiver has a great memory! I also have pulsation tinnitus—more like the sound of a big fan or ocean waves. Not a high-pitched noise at all. After five years of theories and tests and doctors, we also think it‘s intracranial hypertension. I am getting a VP shunt soon. Hopefully next month! Let me know, @ScorpioBookDreams if there‘s anything I can help you with or if you want to chat via email. 💙💙 10mo
ScorpioBookDreams @CouronneDhiver it just really wears you down doesn‘t it? 💕 10mo
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1. David Tennant
2. In the south, we have to have a/c. I can't imagine how they went without back in the old days.
3. Read and pet my kitties
4. Spiders and house fires
5. Yes, usually. Reoccurring themes, since my parents died, I dream that they are still alive, sometimes sick, but I'm always aware that it's wrong, that they are supposed to be dead. Thankfully these heart wrenching dreams don't come as often anymore.
@MinDea #humpdaypost

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1. I would love to be wrapped up in Chris Hemsworth's arms. Seriously love him😍
2. No 😓 luckily summer doesn't last long here.
3. Doing a crossword and reading.
4. Spiders and slight claustrophobia.
5. Yes, there are actually fewer days when I don't remember my dreams from the night before. Reoccurring dreams- high school stress, old homes I used to live in, college stress

#humpdaypost @MinDea

CarolynM Those Hemsworth boys are all very nice! 11mo
Catsandbooks @CarolynM haha yes they are 😉 11mo
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1. Last day at the beach
2. 86 61 - lots of humidity though
3. Salad and bread from Panera
4. Read from back to front
5. Lemonade with vodka and a piece of mint

Judybskt I take back the part about humidity. I just opened the windows because it is gorgeous outside! 11mo
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1. The Copper Chef pan. A friend told me how great this was, and QVC had a great deal on it. Best pan ever!
2. Purple. My sister loved it, and after she died, I found I loved it too.
3. Fantasy. I feel like I‘m in the tiny minority here.
4. Born in Detroit, lived there until I was 16. Have lived in the Detroit suburbs ever since.
5. Half and half. I‘m trying to cut down on sweets.


Stacy_31 I‘ve heard so many wonderful things about copper pans. Are they difficult to clean? My current set is copper-bottomed, I love them but the copper part is difficult to keep completely clean. 11mo
MinDea Where in Detroit burbs do you live? I so miss being in MI sometimes. 11mo
Stacypatrice Yay Detroit 😀 I was born there and lived in the surrounding cities until my mid 20‘s. 11mo
See All 7 Comments
Suzze @Stacy_31 So far, no. But the copper seems different from my copper bottom pan. 11mo
Suzze @MinDea I live in Westland. I‘ve also lived in Livonia. West sider always! 11mo
Suzze @Stacypatrice ❤️ 11mo
GypsyKat The hubs and I almost bought this! I chickened out because I was thinking of WAY too many things to fry! 😂 11mo
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A stretchy belt that I found on The Grommet. Very comfortable!
Blue 💙
Yep, PA
Savory when I get to have a late breakfast. Most days breakfast is just a banana and yogurt
#humpdaypost @MinDea

JessReads You love that belt! 😂 11mo
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1. Jennifer!!! ❤️
2. No bedtime and im always tired...🤷🏼‍♀️
3. sci-fi 😑
4. My Kuerig! Coffee is life!
5. I have a library across the street from my house! They have funky hours though because its a volunteer library so i usually go to the bigger one in the center of town! My son loves B&N thats close to me too!

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1. I‘m piggybacking on the Maggie Smith posts. She‘s the best!
2. Nope, I‘m retired!
3. Mystery- it was a Phryne Smith book
4. The kitchen-aid stand mixer. Love it!
5. We‘re equi-distant from the library and the bookstore. I‘m at the bookstore more since I use Libby for the library books.

thegirlwiththelibrarybag Maggie is indeed amazing! 😍 12mo
GypsyKat Love her!!! 12mo
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#HumpdayPost ?

1. ?Max said I should post this pic I took of him last weekend since he bets his friends probably miss him.?❤️Don't you just want to bite those toes?! #catsoflitsy
2. No meet ups for me! ?I'm waiting for some Littens to come have ??on the ?with me ?#Honolulu
3. The "Ps"-- popcorn ?or potstickers ?
4. Navy blue ?
5. I DVR'd the show but haven't watched it & just glanced at the list so far. I'm guessing maybe half??

LeahBergen I so wanna come and meet you for avocado 🥑 toast. Well, maybe you should tell Max it‘s really him I want to meet. 😉 12mo
DebinHawaii @LeahBergen He would expect nothing less! 😂😽❤️ 12mo
JenReadsAlot A litsy meet up in Hawaii sounds perfect 😊 12mo
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Laura317 😻😻😻Max is the Mac Daddy! 12mo
TNbookworm Oh Max! Such a cutie💕😻 12mo
ValerieAndBooks Yes, Max needs some ahi! 💖 12mo
tracyrowanreads Toe beans!!! 😍😻💞💖 12mo
MinDea 😻😻😻😻 so sweet! 12mo
MinDea If I ever make it to HI I will come have avocado toast with you! 12mo
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1. My nephew‘s wedding!
2. Nope. #Raleigh
3. My husband usually cooks, but if he‘s not around I thaw some shrimp and eat them cold with cocktail sauce & a veggie.
4. Red
5. 56, and I‘m almost finished with 57.
#humpdaypost @MinDea

emilyhaldi Digging that shrimp idea 🍤 12mo
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1. Drove to NYC (total of 8 hours 😫) for a bridal shower.
2. Not yet. One is planned for a couple weeks. #RhodyMeets - Not sure if I can go yet.
3. Grilling up chorizo or anything on the grill really.
4. Blue
5. Like 16 😬😬 I may try to up that though.


robinb I‘m at 15, so thanks for making me not feel toooo bad! 😊🤷🏻‍♀️ 12mo
Laughterhp @robinb So glad to know I‘m not the only one! 😊 12mo
robinb @Laughterhp 👍👍😊 12mo
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1. I pulled out my Wreck This Journal again. 😊
2. No, unfortunately. But hopefully in #Philadelphia soon.
3. Crockpot or sandwich
4. I am wearing a dress. But it's a floral design with a lot of purple.
5. Not sure. Afraid to look at it, because it will add to the TBR mountain. 😱📚

@MinDea #HumpDayPost

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1. I came home from Italy and found this enormous cucumber!
2. I have! It was so much fun to meet some Littens in London and do a walking tour of some bookshops. Thanks to @Mitch !
3. Pasta
4. A dark blue/green or Teal
5. I‘ve read 40 of them. And I have 14 others physically on my shelf waiting to be read!

AmyG 1. There is a joke there...somewhere. 🤣 12mo
AceOnRoam Lol, I'm just hoping you have a veggie patch in the back yard. 12mo
DivaDiane @AmyG haha!! 12mo
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DivaDiane @AceOnRoam 😂Yes, it‘s been quietly growing for a month now (the only one, although we have several plants) and then when we came home it had gotten huge! 12mo
AceOnRoam @DivaDiane cucumber and yogurt dip is nice if its already a bit too far gone for a salad. Enjoy 😊 12mo
Lindy @AceOnRoam I‘m with you. Yogurt and cucumber is tops. 12mo
AceOnRoam @Lindy lot's of crushed garlic too! 12mo
Lindy @AceOnRoam of course. 😋 12mo
DivaDiane @AceOnRoam @Lindy Thanks for the recs!! 12mo
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1. Sunset on vacation...sigh
2. No. Nearest large cities are #Nashville and #Birmingham
3. Spaghetti is easiest but with a few more ingredients my slow cooker jambalaya is simple too.
4. Pink 👚
5. About 15 I think. Sadly, I need to spend a year just concentrating on the classics (or spend more time on my Serial Reader app).

DivaDiane They aren‘t all classics! There are some very new, very popular books on that list, like the Martian, and the Help. 12mo
MissAimz_55 Beautiful ! 12mo
robinb @DivaDiane true, but there are quite a few classics, and I‘m woefully behind on those. 😔 It‘s mostly the newer, more popular ones that I‘ve read. 12mo
See All 13 Comments
robinb @MissAimz_55 thanks, I miss the beach. 😔😊 12mo
MinDea Did you go on vacation last weekend?!? 12mo
MinDea Lovely photo. I love sunsets and water! 12mo
robinb @MinDea Yes, we were in Clearwater Beach, Florida for a week. We took off the day after our last graduation (our son‘s) for some much needed R&R! 😊 Thanks, I ❤️ sunsets too! 12mo
SledgeReader @robinb Wishing I‘d been able to make it to Philly and started looking for meet ups in my area. I am in Huntsville. Where are you?? 11mo
robinb @SledgeReader I am in Huntsville as well...small world! 😊 I know @ferskner is in Nashville and a few others there (I think they‘ve had meet-ups before). There are also a few in Alabama (Birmingham and Mobile, I believe). 11mo
SledgeReader @robinb Ha! I thought so from your message. I‘m actually surprised there aren‘t more of us. Maybe we need to figure out how to flush everyone out. There is a small Nashville group that had a meet up at Parnassus not long ago. Maybe we can connect soon? 11mo
ferskner @SledgeReader @robinb we did another small meetup last month! I wish I'd known you were that close (my geography here is still hazy). 11mo
SledgeReader @ferskner @robinb I‘m still relatively new to Litsy. Getting my feet wet!! 11mo
robinb @ferskner @SledgeReader I would love to join a Nashville meet-up in the future! Would love an excuse to plan a trip there (we used to live in Franklin). And yes, @SledgeReader there should be more of us around here! 👀 11mo
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1. Bought a new #tea sign for my kitchen #hobbylobby
2. Nope #abilene #Austin #Texas
3. Egg in the hole. Breakfast for dinner for the win!!
4. Lilac
5. Oh dear. Probably less than half

Craftylikefox I love that sign 😍 12mo
tracey38 Oh yes. Breakfast for dinner is always great. I haven't had egg in the hole in years! 12mo
Crazeedi Cool sign!😍 12mo
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1. I made a new friend. It stayed on my arm for over a half hour.
2. Yes, two of them! #Dayton #Cincinnati #Columbus
3. Takeout, or something in the slow cooker.
4. It's a black Death Wish Coffee shirt.
5. I think I've read 22 of them, but I don't really care about reading the others.😊
#HumpDayPost @MinDea

2BR02B Litsy should do our own Great American Read! I bet collectively we'd come up with way better choices. 12mo
cobwebmoth @2BR02B Definitely! 12mo
ravenlee That's how I feel, too! I've read 26, have another 20 on my TBR, and you couldn't pay me to read most of the remainder. 12mo
Crazeedi Ugh on your pic! You are brave!!!! The 100 book list is *meh* to me 12mo
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1. My sister was giving me a Nightmare calendar a few times again for Christmas. ? I left the last one up, ever since 2013.
2. A year and 1/2 on Litsy! ??
3. Popper Burgers; at my workplace, Lake Simcoe Arms. I'd make the bacon & cream cheese jalapeños at home, but my parents can't stand spices. ??
4. 9:00, on an hour drive adventure with my dad to Port Perry, and Willow Books. ⚓️
5. Headphones for the iPhone. ?
#HumpDayPost @MinDea

post image

1. I‘m waiting for school to let out!
2. More than a year. 2 years? Can‘t remember!!
3. The city I live in, not so much. But the nearest big city is San Francisco so erm sourdough? Cioppino? Mission burrito?
4. 5.55
5. My phone, a glass of water, a tall pile of books

Jen_Reads I love San Francisco ❤️ 13mo
reginacharlotte Ahh my love!! My heart is actually there in that sweet, sweet city ❤ 13mo
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📖 The book I'm reading (Next Door to a Star by Kristen Hager)
💕 I think I joined in March of this year
🤢 Cincinnati chili, made with cinnamon. Not a fan.
🕗 8:00am
📚 Books! LOL Also my regular Journal, my book journal, tea light candles and my salt lamp for reading at night, plus my book lamp, a hair clip, my nighttime pills, and a bottle of water. Oh and a bookmark I'm working on making. 😜
#HumpDayPost @MinDea

Chelleo Looks like you figured it out! LOL at Cincy Chili 😂😂😂 13mo
TheReadingMermaid @Chelleo yes I did thank you for the help! 💕 13mo
Chelleo Wait....I thought I saw you tag a book. I posted a response to your YouTube question. 13mo
See All 9 Comments
TheReadingMermaid @Chelleo yes I did it. I just deleted it. It was a test 😉 13mo
Chelleo Gotcha. Great question...I think I‘ll make it into a tutorial 🤗 13mo
TheReadingMermaid @Chelleo I would definitely recommend it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wanders about things like that LOL 😋 13mo
Velvetfur I'm looking forward to seeing the bookmark when you've finished it 😊 13mo
TheReadingMermaid @Velvetfur I'm actually making a huge batch of them for a giveaway I will be doing next month or the month after 😉 13mo
Velvetfur @Syndelle777 Oooohhhh! I'll keep an eye out for that then 😀 13mo
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1. Work work work! 💻📈
2. Maybe 6 months?
3. Kansas City, MISSOURI BBQ
4. 5:45
5. 3 books, a picture of my daughter, 15 thousand or so pacifiers, and a lamp
#humpdaypost @MinDea

post image

1. The box from the kids' new Lego set. One of the husband's giant shoes.
2. October 1, 2016, but it took me most of that month to work up the courage to post something.
3. Not really. The closest is probably Cincinnati-style chili.(It has cinnamon in it.)
4. Around 8:50.
5. Glasses, tissues, essential oils, cards that my kids made for me.
#HumpDayPost @MinDea

TK421 Dang. My shoe does look big in that picture.😊 13mo
MinDea I love that that is what you are looking at! 😆😆 13mo
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1. Buddy! 🐶 Plus a ton of boxes, since we are packing/cleaning.
2. Feb 2017
3. Party Pizza - square pizza with only red sauce and no cheese on it. Also, coffee milk, milk with coffee syrup (like chocolate syrup) in it. Oh and Dynamites - it‘s ground beef, tomato sauce, pepper and onions on a roll.
4. Around 715
5. Lamp, watch charger, phone charger, tigger stuff animal, usually my iPad and book.


MinDea Packing? Are you moving? 13mo
Laughterhp @MinDea We are trying to, yeah! Haven‘t put our house on the market yet and haven‘t found a house we like yet. 13mo
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#HumpDayPost @MinDea
1. I‘m looking at my nightstand (how convenient for question #5)
2. I joined Litsy April 2016
3. I‘m not sure but Israel has some amazing cuisine...especially their “street food” Falafel in pita is 🙌🏻
4. I slept in until 8:30am
5. See above photo...lots of crap 😂

Have a great day😘😘

LeahBergen Mmm... falafel. ❤️ 13mo
Cinfhen Soooo good @LeahBergen even the hummus is 👌🏽 13mo
BiblioLitten I love hummus, falafel and pita bread.💜 13mo
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Cinfhen There is one shop where they make different flavored falafel balls @BiblioLitten SO GOOD plain, extra spicy, pesto, spinach, cumin, zatar & black pepper 😋 13mo
BiblioLitten Don't!!😍🤗😁 13mo
Mdargusch I have no idea what falafel is but I guess I need to try it? 🤤 13mo
knittedgnome Oh falafel num num num. 13mo
EricaReads Can‘t get falafel where I live but I can make it! 😍🤤 13mo
DogEaredBooks That water bottle on the left in the blues is so pretty 😍 13mo
Cinfhen If I tell you what falafel is you might not want to eat it, but I promise if made right, it‘s DELISH @Mdargusch 13mo
Cinfhen Are you familiar with the SWELL bottle @DogEaredBooks they literally retain the temperature of the liquid for 72 hours...my friend sent me that beautiful design 💕 13mo
Cinfhen I try to limit my falafel intake @EricaReads @knittedgnome 13mo
MinDea Mmmmmmm Israel street food. Yes please!!!! 13mo
mrp27 Love falafel!!! Hummus too. 13mo
Cinfhen I LOVE ALL street food @MinDea @mrp27 ❤️ 13mo
DogEaredBooks @Cinfhen I have heard of those! I have been half looking but hadn‘t seen a design I really liked but that design makes me inspired to seriously start looking 😍 (edited) 13mo
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1. It amazes me how tiny seeds grow so big and provide us with lots of food and beautiful flowers.
2. Crooked Kingdom - Kaz‘s crew is up against more challenges and sneaky plots in this sequel.
3. SciFi
4. It‘s currently 78 degrees with a high of 80. I just came in from digging up and planting a flower garden.
5. Going to a Mac N Cheese party on Saturday.

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1. Last spring in NYC, we happened to walk past the location where they were filming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Here‘s Midge‘s trailer!
2. Classic James Patterson - The 17th Suspect
3. Mystery & historical fiction
4. Rainy but at least it‘s cooling off. It‘s been ridiculously hot here lately.
5. Concert, Royal wedding, heading off for annual girls trip to NYC!

drbethandherkindle Just think, you didn‘t even know about Midge then! 13mo
Pamwurtzler @drbethandherkindle No, but you did! 13mo
Susanita Historical fiction mystery: 13mo
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Pamwurtzler @Susanita I have that on my TBR but haven‘t read it yet. I‘ll have to bump it to the top! 13mo
MinDea I can't recommend this enough today. Melanie Benjamin!!! 13mo
MinDea Historical fiction/mystery 13mo
Pamwurtzler @MinDea Thanks! I stacked both of those! 13mo
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1. Close up of a gorilla's hand from a recent Toronto Zoo trip.

2. "Bond"-ing Bards (it's a secret...)

3. Ooh. I always like new Literary Fiction recommendations. Or really good Speculative Fiction. Or Fantasy. Thanks in advance!

4. Sunny and 20. Perfection.

5. Not sure. It's the long weekend, so I'm sure we'll come up with something!

#HumpDayPost @MinDea

umbrellagirl We loved the pandas at the Toronto Zoo. 13mo
LeahBergen He could use a little cuticle oil. 😉 13mo
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CouronneDhiver Great photo 13mo
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1. Violet, the baby of the reading buddies
2. Gunslinger and starting Ink and Bone tomorrow
3. Dang Coconut Chips
4. Salmon and "Cauliflower couscous"
5. Gotta see if I can make this cake recipe I found that uses coconut flour (I'm on Paleo so I don't eat grains, and I also can't eat nut flours because nuts are another migraine trigger. Before you ask, coconut is seen as more of a fruit than a nut)

tonyahoswalt As one of your neighborhood Litsy Librarians, I thought I would share this from the Library of Congress about coconuts : https://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/coconut.html 13mo
tracey38 Your cats are so cute. 13mo
tonyahoswalt @tracey38 Thank you. I try not to play favorites, but this little girl's ginger face melts my heart. She is too cute. 13mo
tracey38 @tonyahoswalt it's hard sometimes to not favor one, lol. 13mo
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1. My furry booboo the other night #dogsoflitsy
2. Real life book club is Family Tree by Susan Wiggs
3. Groceries yesterday
4. Date night with the husband while our kids are at church
5. Something chocolate with chocolate icing

TricksyTails Dante!! You handsome bugger! 😍♥️🐶 13mo
Trashcanman 🙁 13mo
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1. Me an my fellow dance moms this past weekend.
2. No
3. Gas
4. Salad with grilled chicken
5. Carrot cake

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1. My little squirrel buddy having a little snack.
2. Nope. It's garden season. Lucky to get any reading in at all🌿🌸🌳
3. A new coffeemaker from Amazon. Current one stops working mid-brew. Can't have that☕
4. I have no idea. Need to get to the grocery store.
5. My mom's chocolate cake with browned butter frosting.

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1. I snapped this quote from WHEELS UP by Annabeth Albert and forgot to share it on here. Oops. I wanna play X-Men pinball!
2. Buddy reads remind me too much of my frustrating high school English experience, so I can't do them. 😔
3. My last purchase was a 4-pack of Snickers my Shoppers had marked down to $2.
4. I hope I can cook up some tostadas tonight (it's a pain day).
5. I like to MAKE my birthday cake! Dunno what it'll be yet.

QuietlyLaura I'm sorry you're hurting today. Tostadas sound so good! 13mo
xicanti @QuietlyLaura I got to make them after all, and they were delicious! 13mo
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1. I‘m pretty sure this is the same photo I posted last Wednesday 💕
2. #LitsyBuddyRead #FearStreet and just joined #BBBBC but that doesn‘t start until June.
3. A Marvel Thor tank top
4. Tacos probably
5. Gluten free funfetti cake!


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1. This guy makes me happy, grumpy face and all. He's not feeling well and had to go to the vet today. 😔
2. Hogwarts, or the world in the Kingkiller Chronicles...can't think of the name of it
3. Water
4.Usually take a small day trip for my birthday, which was in March
5. Drizzly rain I think. Can't deal with the cold for that long


MinDea Awww. I'm sorry he isn't feeling well. I hope the vets were able to help. 🤗💙🤗 13mo
TheLibrarian Hope your cat starts feeling better. Love his grumpy facial expression 😻 13mo
tonyahoswalt @MinDea Not sure yet. He got a shot of meds and some fluids, and we're watching him to see if he improved by Friday morning. He got his shots Saturday, and he just hasn't eaten since Saturday night, and hasn't drank much water. Acting like he feels bad. Hopefully this helps. 13mo
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tonyahoswalt @TheLibrarian He always has that expression! We call it his Serious Business Face. 😋 13mo
MinDea Ohhh. Poor baby. I hope it helps. 💙 13mo
tracey38 Oh, hope he feels better. Poor baby. He is very cute though! 13mo
tonyahoswalt @tracey38 Thanks! 13mo
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1. It was local yarn shop day on Saturday and I spent way too much money on yarn! 💸
2. Not really.
3. Gratitude by Oliver Sacks
4. Totes!
5. Census by Jesse Ball #indiespensable

Rudis Your yarn looks gorgeous 😍 14mo
saresmoore How luscious is that yarn?! Also, too much money on yarn? Nah. 14mo
LibrarianJen 😍😍😍 14mo
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1. I have barely been outside but this is what our news says (and Orlando is the next big city over from me)
2. Historical romance
3. Explore the history of the area
4. Off white/light tan
5. I have to pick one?? But it changes constantly!


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Thanks for the tag @mabell
#TuesdayTidbits @JenlovesJT47
⚀ Shades of Milk and Honey
⚁ Queens Play
⚂ It's Complicated
 @Moray_Reads @Wanderingwithwords @Christine11 @LoveToReadLiveToRead @Laughterhp