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Night Road | Kristin Hannah
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Talk about depressing…great writing, KH is wonderful. But this is a very depressing story. Even with a semi happy ending, it‘s depressing as hell. Book #5 in 2022.

The Ice Coven | Max Seeck
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#5 Finished this one last night. I really enjoyed this book. It is a book that was translated into English from Finnish, set in Finland. About an Investigator Jessica and her homicide unit given a new case of a murder with a series of missing persons, who happen to be social media influencers, and trying to figure out how they connect and what is going on. I enjoyed it a lot. There is a previous book of this author's I now want to get.

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I actually really loved this entry in the series (#5). I liked all the pack dynamics and the fae bargains.

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...For never-resting time leads summer on
To hideous winter, and confounds him there...

Sonnet #5 proving apt given snow has given way to hail and then rain outside as I read.
#winter #poetry #Shakespeare

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So fun and unusual-book club book #5 and the best so far. French girl makes a deal with the devil and lives forever, but no one remembers her. Terrific.

Pupcakes: A Christmas Novel | Annie England Noblin
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This was an enjoyable book. I had a love hate relationship with the main character but I was glad to see her growth by the end of the book. I really enjoy how she grew to love the dog called called Teddy. I just wish there was more scenes with the dog. However I did enjoy that romance aspect of the book. 4⭐
#WinterGames2021 #BookSpinBingo #5 #teamgamesleighers @StayCurious @TheAromaofBooks
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TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 4w
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This is my #Top21of21. I‘m not too pumped up about my list after 15 but the top 6 have all my heart. 💜
Looking back, I am disappointed that there wasn‘t a lot of armchair travel but I‘m happy that I read more books than last year.

I will be squeezing in another book or two. Making this list is always fun. Thank you for tagging me @batsy @Ruthiella

Ruthiella Girl, Woman, Other is a favorite of mine from last year. ❤️ 1mo
Cinfhen Gorgeous penmanship 🌟🙌🏻and a really wonderful list 🤓 1mo
batsy Your handwriting is lovely! Also Venetia, Howl's Moving Castle, My Cousin Rachel, The Paying Guests, Cold Comfort Farm—I loved them all! Great list 💜 1mo
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BiblioLitten @Ruthiella It left a lasting impression… especially characters like Bummi and Hattie.💜 1mo
BiblioLitten @Cinfhen Thank you💕 1mo
BiblioLitten @batsy Thank you 😊💜 Most of the books from your list are on my TBR. Have you read 1mo
batsy @BiblioLitten No, I haven't but it's on my list! 1mo
LeahBergen Du Maurier, Gibbons, and Heyer. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
BiblioLitten @LeahBergen Gibbons was borrowed but I‘m going to buy a copy for myself. So good! 💜 1mo
Bookwormjillk Cutting For Stone is on my list too. 1mo
BiblioLitten @Bookwormjillk I love books with a good characterisation 🙌🏼 1mo
Cinfhen Cutting for stone is on my all time favorite list!! 1mo
BiblioLitten @Cinfhen I read this during a life transition and that‘s why I am particularly partial to it. 🙂 Glad to know you love it too. 1mo
RaeLovesToRead Girl woman other was awesome!!! 😊 1mo
Chelsea.Poole Lovely handwriting and great list of titles 😊📚 1mo
BiblioLitten @RaeLovesToRead Right! 🙌🏼 1mo
BiblioLitten @Chelsea.Poole Thank you 💕 1mo
BarbaraBB A fantastic collection of books. Americanah was my favorite book of 2020! (edited) 1mo
BiblioLitten @BarbaraBB That book changed the way I looked at things! I love Adiche‘s books. Purple Hibiscus is an all-time favourite. 💜 1mo
BarbaraBB Is it? That‘s good to know, I‘ve planned to read it next year for #ReadingAfrica2022! 1mo
marleed I was surprised by how much I loved My Cousin Rachel. Hamnet was not on my radar until last week when it became my public bookclub pick for Jan 22. I‘m so excited to read because I keep seeing it on so many top 21‘s! 1mo
BiblioLitten @marleed Same! Exquisite writing ✨. I hope you enjoy Hamnet too😊 1mo
merelybookish What a wonderful, eclectic list! Love many of your picks including Howl's Moving Castle. 1mo
BiblioLitten @merelybookish Thank you 😊 I was telling my brother (who is a Potterhead) that Howl‘s is such an underrated book and everyone should read it. This was published in 1986. I can‘t believe I didn‘t know it existed until a few years back. 1mo
merelybookish @BiblioLitten Don't tell your brother this but I think Rowling is the poor man version of Diana Wynne Jones. She is a much better writer! 1mo
BiblioLitten @merelybookish He thinks invisibility cloaks, mandrake roots, and whatnots are her original ideas🙄 I like HP but there‘s more to the world than that. 1mo
DivineDiana Happy that I have read #4 and #5 on your top 6! Now adding the remaining four titles! 3w
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A Magical Christmas | Heather Graham
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I have had this book on my TBR Christmas pile for a couple of years. I am so glad to get to read it this year. As the title implies, it‘s a magical story. At first, the chapters seemed long, but soon enough they flew by because I wanted to see what would happen next. It was tear-provoking. #142 #BookSpinBingo #5 #BFC21 #CSReadathon #RIF #TistheReadson #Jinglebellathon #HXMASGAMES #MerryBookmas #AVeryMerryBingo #Wintercosy #AVeryMerryReadathon

PuddleJumper Whoo! 1mo
TheSpineView Awesome 1mo
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Wild Decembers | Edna O'Brien
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1. Finish my Dec TBR, and 3 books I‘ve started and stopped this year.
2. Complete a menu for managing diabetes
3. Continue to do physical therapy exercises
4. Work on mindfulness techniques to reduce daily stress responses
5. Work harder to not stress because our Supreme Court is a political joke. #abortionishealthcare

slategreyskies #5—- agreed!! 2mo
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 Totally agree on 5. 2mo
tokorowilliamwallace Yes, managing diabetes is a hard life; I've got to continue working on managing it, too. Stress brings on hypos for me, which started 2 years ago during my overnight shifts. I was working with a dietitian and carb counting last year, but I don't currently have a dietitian. 1mo
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I‘m really enjoying making my way through the Dublin Murder squad series. This is book #4, and so far, I can‘t pick a favorite. They‘re all unique with a variety of crimes and characters. I‘m off to start #5!