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Joined December 2017

Swaps Occurring and guidelines to follow for all swaps! Email: LitsySwaps at gmail Calendar: http://bit.ly/2D2E9Uf
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Host: @Chelleo Sign up By: December 29, 2018 Open Day: February 28, 2019 Sign Up Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccbKxvs1nXN9af9V8jaSsu1oc1wjPwt0ig7hU6... Any questions make sure to tag the host below in the comments! Happy Swapping! #BLitsy

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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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Host: @Endowarrior21 Sign up Link: https://www.elfster.com/gift-exchanges/da0e128b-4d73-4097-aba4-308da81e4f99/?joi... Sign Up By: December 30, 2018 Open Date: March 23, 2019 This is a U.S. only swap! Any questions make sure to tag the host below! #SpringAtHogwartsSwap #SAHS

Thankful | Eileen Spinelli
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Host: @JamieLou Sign up by: November 3rd Signup Here: https://www.elfster.com/gift-exchanges/8e01e4b8-d302-4092-8780-732baf873b80/?joi... This is a US only swap. Make sure to tag @JamieLou below in the comments with any questions you may have! Happy Swapping! #Thankfulforbooks

JamieLou Thanks for sharing!! 4y
CoraHirashiki Does the $20 cover the goodie and the book or just the goodie? @JamieLou (edited) 4y
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Host: @Avanders Sign up by: November 1st Open Date: December 6th Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdSVgOBQH7rSpxLn8lV6grcMuQ4WXh2FWl61KLf... This is a Swap that gives opportunity for international Littens. Make sure to tag @Avanders with any questions! #StuffedStockingSwap

Avanders Thank you!! 😘😘 4y
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Let's Celebrate Diwali | Anjali Joshi
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Swap: #DewaliBookSwap Host: @MyBookSwapClub Link to Signup: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScl1jase06wznTiYIgq22yZJrFmIKF40r-CoEx9... If you have any questions make sure you tag the host below in the comments!

RinaBrahmbhattBarot Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 4y
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Swap: #Nightmare4Christmas Signups Open: October 13th(tomorrow) Open Date: December 24th Host: @teebe If you have any questions make sure to tag the host below in the comments. And don‘t forget to check out our Litsy Swap Guidelines too! Happy Swapping!

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Swap Name: #MakerSwap Host: @LibrarianRyan Opening Day: December 15th Signup Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10h28Ae6DwSqWOGrE1gX6Pd06ZjAv63u38DBERfvIBJ4/vie... #MakerSwap Take 2!!! So much fun! Make sure to tag @LibrarianRyan with any questions!

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Swap Name: #FavoritePoetSwap Host: @LazyDays Signup Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZBulnStE2XvTXRdxrJjxSGhv1fDzwhNHesJVe... Signup Open Until: September 24th Tag host below if you have any questions! This swap is open to everyone including those of you who are international!! #FavoritePoetSwap

LazyDays Thank you for sharing!😊 4y
ReadingRover This sounds great! I signed up but when I put in my email it put it in over my Litsy name so after I got the confirmation I went back and edited it. I just wanted to let you know in case it shows up as two entries. Thanks for setting this up @LazyDays 4y
LazyDays @ReadingRover yay! Thanks for signing up💓💓 4y
CSeydel @LazyDays It‘s already closed? (edited) 4y
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Swap! | Steve Light, Steve Light Steve
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Swap Name: #JustABookSwap Host: @TheBookKeepers Signup Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnPzac5W4IR92hiN_fe003f7cVqm0tT2R33m53... Signups Open Until: September 7th Great laidback Swap to participate in! Tag the host below If you have any questions or need more information! #JustaBookSwap

MeesesPieces @TheBookKeepers I signed up! Super excited!!! 📖📖😁 4y
TheBookKeepers @MeesesPieces yay!! Happy you joined the swap!! 4y
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Swap Name: #TheGreatWideOpen Host: @LazyDays Signup Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd5HKvubsPCKFJWuSP3Cjx2naafOiBcKB7g9h2s... Signup Open Until: September 14th Opening Day: November 30th For more information check out the hosts page or tag her below. #TheGreatWideOpen

Elisa I went to the link to see more info, and I saw that you can see everyone‘s addresses 😯 Is this the survey creator link? 4y
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Making Movies | Sidney Lumet
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Swap Name:#ReadTheMoviesSwap Host: @DoonTheGoon Signup Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe16wzq5K6TKYLpCEAd_PVo-kG95YZNUFhvQe8-... Open Until: September 19th Opening Day: November 9th If you have any questions make sure to tag the host below or visit her Litsy page for more info! #ReadTheMoviesSwap

Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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Hosted by: @TheReadingMermaid 👻To sign up: Please #Repost and tag
#HorrorGoesPostalBookClub #HGPBC
💀 Please include if you're willing to post internationally This is a Horror Postal Book Club! If you have any questions at all please reach out to the host and tag her below. #HorrorGoesPostalBookClub

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Happy Halloween | Susan Kueffner
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Hosted by: @BurghBookAddict Sign Ups Open till: September 24th Opening Day: October 31st Sign Up Link: https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/30838511/m2e2/ If you have any questions at all about this swap make sure to tag the host below! #LitsySwapoween

revenge4porgy How do I sign up 4y
rather_be_reading @revenge4porgy click on the link above 4y
Burghbookaddict Thank you for reposting! 4y
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BookaholicNatty @revenge4porgy did you figure it out? 4y
vkois88 @Booklovingmomof5 here's one halloween swap if you're interested in taking a look... I'll tag you in another one 😊 4y
AbbiJack @SMayWrites HALLOWEEN ONE 😲 4y
SMayWrites @AbbiJack 💕 👻🧛‍♀️🧟‍♀️ 4y
Gaylagal2 It's going to be fun! 4y
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Hosted by: @monalyisha Sign Up Dates: Open tomorrow 8/13 - 8/27 Opening Day: October 31st Sign up link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeWnudC94opGzdQk2kq-Y5e8jfVq8-c6pB4pgjh... Tag the host below if you have any questions and don‘t forget to check out all the #LitsySwap rules on the @LitsySwaps page as well. #WitchPleaseSwap

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Hosted by: @rather_be_reading Sign-Ups Close: September 7th Opening Day: October 13th Sign Up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-DWInOQgeFc1bXJjg_Z3pqIyO6f1ZSBcRoWvA... Here is a spooktacular swap coming up! Any questions tag the host below. Also check out all the #LitsySwaps rules on the @LitsySwaps page as well!

rather_be_reading ty for sharing! 🎃 4y
vkois88 @Booklovingmomof5 here's the other one! Take a look and see if you'd like to join 😊😚 4y
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Untitled | Unknown
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RinaBrahmbhattBarot Thank you @LitsySwaps for sharing 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 4y
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kamoorephoto @wayfaringbibliomaniac Do you want to ask to swap with me? 4y
Sills @MyBookClubSwap I need some help. I know I signed up for a swap but can't find my email. If you could check and see if I'm signed up for this swap and resend to my Gmail , I would greatly appreciate it. I'm in the process of moving and need to give you my new address. Many thanks🙏🙂 4y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Repost for @MinDea and @Robothugs sign ups will open next week. follow their feeds for more details.

Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #hellofrom
Host: @bullbunny
Sign ups close: July 27
Sign up form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Tnyv5XHO9noOGrs3KwbgNvKBHWVPjd7QJ717TcC8TGk/edi...
Theme: gifts you would receive if you traveled to a specific place.

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

bullbunny Thank you so much for sharing! Still have a chance to join! 4y
Sills @bullbunny I need some help. I know I signed up for a swap but can't find my email. If you could check and see if I'm signed up for this swap and resend to my Gmail , I would greatly appreciate it. I'm in the process of moving and need to give you my new address. Many thanks🙏🙂 4y
Sills @bullbunny YEA👏👏👏 finally found it-what a panic I was in thank you. 4y
bullbunny @Sills yeah!! Okay that is good to hear, I will let your person know your new address, once I get it 4y
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Repost for: @Avanders It gets hot 🔥 and I start thinking about 🍁🧡.
So as not to interfere with any Halloween swaps, I'm planning an autumnal hyggeligt-type swap.. you know, all the fall cozies: socks, candles, cocoa, blankets, and books. So. Put it on your calendars!
Int'l folks: If I can match you within your shipping preferences, I'll be happy to do so #FallingforFallSwap
(Please feel free to spread the word 🤗💖) *Tag host w/ questions*

Avanders Thank you!! 🤗💖 4y
Jennick2004 Yesssssss!! How will I ever remember to sign up lol... @MommyOfTwo you will have to remind me 😝 4y
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SexyCajun How can I get involved ? ❤️🤔 4y
LifeInPages I'm done. Don't know how to sign up. Just tell what I gotta do :) 4y
RainyDayReading @SexyCajun If you go to @Avanders page and scroll down a bit she has a post with the google sign up sheet. 4y
Avanders @SaraC24 there's another post on my page w the link to sign up ☺️ 4y
Avanders @RainyDayReading thanks! 😘 4y
CGKOENS Sorry I missed this one...sounds so cozy! 4y
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Rules | Nancy Holder
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There are several swaps coming up and a lot of new Littens (yayyyyy) and questions that have been asked so here are the swap guidelines! Please read them through! This makes swaps run so much smoother for everyone. Remember, treat others the way you would want to be treated! 😁 Happy Swapping!!!

Wonderwoman89 @LitsySwaps how can I email you to ask you a question about my swap? 4y
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Mini Cross Stitch Ornaments | Kooler Design Studio
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Repost for @vkois88 ** US ONLY ** Here it is! The sign up for my Christmas Cross Stitch Ornament swap!! I hope I did it right... I'm really excited about this, and can't wait to see what everyone makes. Deadline for sign ups is July 31st, and I will make a group posting on the page where we can all decide if we want one person each, or a few. More info in comments below! **Any questions post below and tag the host**

LitsySwaps There will be no set budget, but please remember to be fair and send things you'd like to receive as well!! If you cannot fulfill your obligations, let me know ASAP so I can make sure everyone has something to open. Opening date will be December 24th, and we will be keeping our match (es) a secret for a true Secret Santa effect. Happy stitching!

vkois88 Thank you for sharing! ❤ 4y
Betty The hashtag is #XmasXstitch 4y
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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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Repost For: @BookaholicNatty “I know lots of you are seeing #Swap pictures from different swaps this week and may be thinking I want to do that!!! Well it not too late, TODAY IS THE FINAL DAY to sign up for this swap. Click on the link below and if you have any questions let me know. Names will be drawn tomorrow and opening day is July 31st! https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/30766685/8ddc10/ *Any questions makes sure to tag the host below*

Shadowfat I can't believe I missed this too! I share the same birthday 😀 4y
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Host: @JenlovesJT47 Just a reminder about the #itstrulycriminalswap - signups are open until June 17th. Opening day is August 3rd. Please fill out the survey below to join. And please share! 🤗

#swap **Any questions comment below and tag the host**

JenlovesJT47 Thank you!!! 4y
JamieLou I always miss the good ones. Darn leadership camp 4y
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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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Host: @BookaholicNatty Only 3 more days left to sign up for the Harry Potter Swap!! Just a reminder you don‘t have to send just Harry Potter books to your match for this swap. Any kind of books is fine along with fun Harry Potter accessories and gear. The site I‘m hosting the swap from also has a wish list section which helps! Share with all your friends! Matches will be drawn Saturday! https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/30766685/8ddc10/

post image

Repost: @BookaholicNatty We are looking for a few Australians to participate in the Harry Potter Swap! Need some new Australians who haven‘t done any swaps or have only done a few. I have some other Australians who want to participate but don‘t want to get paired up with the same person every single swap so I‘m trying to spice it up a little! Sign up deadline of June 15th! To sign up go to: https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/30766685/8ddc10/

Please Get To Know Me | Cecil Murphey, Virginia Garberding
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Host: @JoeStalksBeck :
This swap is a get to know each other/ go outside your box type swap. You can get your match books that are on their TBR but you also have to send them your favorite book and a short note explaining why it‘s your favorite book. If you‘d like to join sign up here until July 15! Open day will be September 1st. https://goo.gl/forms/ASx7n9Tn47WrNbMe2 **Any questions feel free to post below and tag the host**

JoeStalksBeck Thank you! 4y
wanderinglynn @JoeStalksBeck 🤔 I can‘t remember if I already signed up for this or not. (Too much going on lately.) 4y
JoeStalksBeck @wanderinglynn I think I saw you. I‘ll check when I get home :) 4y
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Wonderwoman89 Just signed up 4y
wanderinglynn @JoeStalksBeck I couldn‘t find anything that says I did, so I filled out the form again, just in case. 😀 4y
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Teachers Rock! | Todd Parr
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Hosts: @hermyknee @AndreaReads The sign-ups are here! Just fill in the Google Form below! We can‘t wait to match you up! #teachersoflitsy #teachercarepackageswap


Any questions-Post below and make sure to tag the hosts!

Rules | Stacey Kade
post image

Lots of swaps going on now so reposting the rules for everyone. Hosts, feel free to share these rules so participants are aware of what is expected!

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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #tolkieniteswap
Host: @Sorceryandswords
Sign ups close: June 15
Sign up form: https://goo.gl/forms/vOEJMGe4BWwfCpHE2
Theme: Tolkien

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

Sophoclessweetheart Thank you for sharing. X 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #hometownswap
Host: @readinginthedark @MicrobeMom
Sign ups close: June 6
Sign up form: https://goo.gl/forms/OaEfUxGVkj4x6Bbm1
Theme: Books/gifts from your home state

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

readinginthedark Thanks for reposting! 5y
MicrobeMom Thanks for sharing!! 5y
Gaylagal2 This is going to be great! @readinginthedark @MicrobeMom 5y
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readinginthedark @Gaylagal2 Agreed! ❤️😉 4y
BethM How fun! Great idea @readinginthedark @MicrobeMom ! 4y
Endowarrior21 @readinginthedark and @MicrobeMom have the matches been sent out yet just wondering because my email has been acting up 4y
MicrobeMom @Endowarrior21 yes the matches were sent out last weekend. I will check our list later today and get back to you! 4y
Endowarrior21 Okay thank you like I said my email has been acting up and deleting emails it deleted 5 for work thank god I was told what they where about 4y
MicrobeMom @Endowarrior21 I have you on the list. Would you like@me to resend your match info?? 4y
Endowarrior21 @MicrobeMom yes please and thank you 4y
Endowarrior21 @MicrobeMom here is my email JessiNoel21@gmail.com again if you need it 😁 4y
Endowarrior21 @MicrobeMom got it thank you 4y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #aswapoficeandfire
Host: @jenniferw88
Sign ups close: June 18
Sign up form: https://goo.gl/forms/fYdcX6AROoSl8f8Q2
Theme: Game of Thrones theme

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #shortstoryswap
Host: @CSeydel
Sign ups close: June 7
Sign up form: https://goo.gl/forms/HzK3WOXw3sB5fMwK2
Theme: short stories

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

CSeydel Thanks for reposting! 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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#feedareader participants -the hosts would love you to fill out a survey (see questions above in the image) to help matches.

Go to @MinDea page for more details.

Untitled | Unknown
post image

Swap: #Foodimentarywatson
Host: @wordslinger42
Sign ups close: May 18, 2018
Sign up form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdGzWFkqcF11_D8lzDvyeV3cwgHm83i-oNAM7K0...
Theme: books and treats

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

wordslinger42 Thank you so much!! 😊 5y
JamieLou Bummed I missed this one! 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #LetsCook
Host: @LazyDays
Sign ups close: May 23, 2018
Sign up form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc3-hEAsVltUfOFWjzGKgCUiXOlBPL2zn6kpoA1...
Theme: Group Recipe exchange

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

LazyDays Thank you!😊 5y
LitsySwaps @LazyDays you are welcome! Sounds fun 5y
ErinSueMreads Signed up!! Thanks @LazyDays 5y
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bullbunny I always never know what to say on the part "have anything else to say?" Part ... what i always mean to say is... "I am always open to trying something new" smh 5y
debthmpsn @LazyDays the form is showing closed?? 5y
LazyDays @debthmpsn no problem please email me at LazyDayslitsy gmail😊😊 5y
LazyDays @bullbunny me too!💓 5y
LazyDays I would like to update some information. We've had some people leave the swap or not respond back. So at the moment the form is closed. If you'd like to partake please email me at lazydayslitsy gmail. For more information😊 We had an uneven amount of people, so if you are vegan, Gluten free,or want to do the Keto diet or dairy free please email me. We have littens waiting for a partner💓💓 5y
LazyDays Thank you 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Want to be a Litsy Swap hero? We are looking to create a database of generous Littens who would be willing to help send out 1 replacement package if needed.

99% of swaps and matches work out wonderfully but every so often a participant is left hanging 😢. We want to create a database of people we can contact to step in and save the day. To sign up, just say you‘d be willing in the comments and note any shipping or other preferences.

LitsySwaps We are currently in need of at least one person for the non-fiction Swap. Please contact @inwhichHeikereadsharder 5y
LitsySwaps Limit will be one request per person. So no one person would be asked to be a replacement person more than 1 time. 5y
JenP Me. I can‘t do the non-fiction one because I‘m wrapping up a few other packages but should be free in May if needed. Prefer US only for shipping 5y
See All 104 Comments
LoveToReadLiveToRead I‘m happy to help out for UK Littens left stranded. X 5y
TCLinrow I'd be happy to help out any UK or EU littens 🙄📚 5y
LitsySwaps @LoveToReadLiveToRead and @TCLinrow thanks so much! Well add you to the database and we‘ll reach out if we have a need in future swaps! (edited) 5y
LitsySwaps @inwhichHeikereadsharder how many replacement packages do you need and where are they needed (US, UK, EU, etc)? 5y
FantasyChick You can add my name for Canada and US if needed 🙂 5y
LitsySwaps @FantasyChick thanks! You‘ve been added! We‘ll reach out when/if needed. 5y
RaimeyGallant Just a thought. I wonder if it might work to raise funds for this in kickstarter or something, like $500 or something, and when the kitty gets low, put out another call. It might be easier for some participants to chip in $5 or $10 than provide an entire package. Only if this initiative of yours doesn't work though, because it's a pretty great idea. :) 5y
LitsySwaps By signing up you‘re simply agreeing to be contacted if we have a need. We‘ll always ask you if it‘s a swap for which you are willing to help send a package. So if we reach out about graphic novel swap but you don‘t know anything about graphic novels, you can pass and wait for the next opportunity. 5y
LitsySwaps @RaimeyGallant that‘s a good idea. We‘ll wait and see but I like the idea so people can contribute with smaller amounts (edited) 5y
CSeydel I can help (US preferably, but all North America ok). @inwhichHeikereadsharder (edited) 5y
Marmie7 I'd be happy to help! (US or Canada) 5y
SomedayAlmost 1 can help with US-Canada swaps with a content value of $20. 📚😃 5y
LibrarianRyan Within the US 5y
sprainedbrain I‘m willing! US if you need it there quickly, but I would be willing to ship internationally if needed. 5y
Chasing_Pages You can add me to the list. 5y
LitsySwaps @CSeydel @Marmie7 @SomedayAlmost @LibrarianRyan @sprainedbrain @Chasing_Pages thanks all! You‘ve been added to our database with preferences noted. If we reach out we‘ll always ask if it‘s a content area/type of swap you can do first. Appreciate it!! Also several of you here are swap hosts so if you have a need let us know. (edited) 5y
rustoryhuf I‘m available to ship in the US. 5y
LitsySwaps @rustoryhuf thanks! You‘ve been added to the database of awesome Littens! 5y
tournevis Add me to the list. I can send to North America, no problem. 5y
LitsySwaps @tournevis thanks so much! You‘ve been added 5y
CSeydel @RaimeyGallant That‘s a really good idea. 5y
JSW Yes, add me. I don‘t do a lot of swaps but happy to help out when possible. US only please. ❤️ 5y
Karkar I am willing to help. US shipping only please. 5y
Wilkie I am willing to help. European shipping. 5y
LitsySwaps @JSW @Karkar @Wilkie thank you all so much! I‘ve added you to the database. 5y
alisiakae @LitsySwaps I just sent a package to someone in the nonfiction swap that didn‘t receive a package from her match. @inwhichHeikereadsharder I‘m wondering if it is the same person? Either way, I‘m happy to add my name to the list! 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 🙋‍♀️ Sign me up! (I'm out of the country for June and July, so I can't help those months, but other than that I'm happy to help) 5y
heikemarie @4thhouseontheleft it‘s not! I appreciate you!! :) 5y
alisiakae @LitsySwaps you can put me on the list for the US, but maybe just further down on the contact list. 😃 I don‘t mind doing it again in the future. 5y
LitsySwaps @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego thanks! I added you. Will list that you can‘t do those two months. Thanks! 5y
LitsySwaps @4thhouseontheleft definitely! Thanks so much. Will put you toward the bottom so you don‘t get asked any time soon. Very generous to offer again even though you just sent one. 5y
LitsySwaps @inwhichHeikereadsharder what are your needs? 1-2 packages needed? And where are they going —us, UK, etc (edited) 5y
heikemarie @LitsySwaps Hi! Just saw your earlier tag, have not been on phone much. I‘ll need 2 US based! :) 5y
heikemarie Also add me to US :) 5y
LitsySwaps @inwhichHeikereadsharder sorry, lots of comments so I thought my question had gotten lost. We‘ll be reaching out soon via email so we can get those replacement packages soon. @CSeydel offered above if you want to discuss with her for one of the 2 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @LitsySwaps Sorry, I'm also happy to do international, and/or multiple swaps. What ever you need. Wanna make sure everyone is included! 😊 5y
alisiakae @LitsySwaps @inwhichHeikereadsharder no big deal! I was bummed that the person I sent to has disappeared and never acknowledged that she received my package, so it made me feel a little better to send something to her match who was left with nothing. If that makes sense! 5y
heikemarie @LitsySwaps No worries at all, I was apologizing for nonresponsiveness. How awesome folks are so willing! I‘ll touch base with CSeydel. 5y
heikemarie @CSeydel Hi 👋 If you‘d like to email me heike (dot) marie (at) gmail (dot) com - we can discuss!! Thank you for offering!! 5y
LitsySwaps @CSeydel thanks so much! I‘ll remove your name from the database. Very generous of you! 5y
CSeydel Thanks, just move me to the bottom of the rotation or something ;) Hopefully we don‘t have these problems too often! 5y
LitsySwaps @CSeydel I know. We get a few in every swap but thankfully it‘s the minority. Most go pretty smoothly 5y
Avanders Sign me up! But... prob not til June. 😬 Just too much going on right now ☺️ 5y
benchley1 As a person who just didn't get her swap box I'd be happy to step in, but maybe not until mid may since I have two going out this week and one more feed a reader soon. My awesome swap leader is sending me a.makenup box, even though I told her no need. 5y
CareBear I would love to! Prefer US shipping only. 5y
aschermetz I‘ll help! Sign me up for US based shipping. 5y
ScientistSam Add me to the database, North America shipping preferred 5y
Endowarrior21 I am willing but US only sorry 5y
LapReader Happy to help for Australia. 5y
LitsySwaps @benchley1 @Avanders @CareBear @aschermetz @ScientistSam @Endowarrior21 @LapReader thank you all so much. You‘ve been added to the database along with your noted preferences. 5y
JPeterson Sign me up! US only, please. 5y
JPeterson @inwhichHeikereadsharder If you are still looking for a replacement for the nonfiction, let me know! 5y
LitsySwaps @JPeterson yes, she needs one more. If you can help out on this one, I‘ll add your name to the database but as having fulfilled a package. Thanks!! @inwhichHeikereadsharder maybe you can coordinate directly with Jess. Then you should be all set for your swap, right? (edited) 5y
NCNY Put me on the list too. People were so kind after I didn't receive my swap box, I'd love to do the same. US only. Thanks. 5y
Kshakal I was part of that 1% who was let hanging for the Cupid swap and had 2 people step up for me... I would love to be able to pay it forward for someone else! 5y
AmyG Put my name down for US. 5y
TrishB Happy to help 😁 5y
CSeydel @inwhichHeikereadsharder Just want to confirm you received my email? I haven‘t seen a reply yet. 5y
heikemarie @CSeydel thanks for the push!! I emailed you :) 5y
BookaholicNatty I‘m definitely in to help send replacement packages!!!!! Sign me up!! ❤️❤️😍😘🎁 5y
LibrarianRyan Can you please email me at missryanaf@gmail.com when you get a chance please. 5y
DHill I‘d be happy to help! 5y
blithebuoyant As a recipient of two replacement packages in the past, I'd be happy to return the favor! 5y
LitsySwaps @LibrarianRyan sure. Will do now 5y
callielafleur I'd love to help out, US preferably, but I'll send anywhere! 5y
Librarybelle I would also be happy to help out - I‘ve received replacement packages in the past for the same swap, so I would happily return the favor! US based. 5y
LitsySwaps @DHill @blithebuoyant thank you both so much! and @blithebuoyant sorry to hear that you had to get two replacement packages before. That‘s bad luck 😢 5y
LitsySwaps @callielafleur @Librarybelle thank you both! You‘ve been added to the database 5y
Booksnchill I would be willing to help out as well- I have always had amazing swap matches so I cannot imagine the disappointment of being paired with a no show😩 5y
TaylorMay I would love to be added to the database 5y
BookishMe Please add me. 5y
LitsySwaps @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego sorry, I think I had missed your comment. Thanks so much for your generosity! You‘ve been added to the list. 5y
LitsySwaps @BookishMe done, thanks! 5y
BookaholicNatty @LitsySwaps add me too pretty please ❤️ 5y
CoffeeK8 Add me too please, I‘d be happy to help 5y
bullbunny Add me, i know the feeling in other exchanges 5y
wanderinglynn I‘m happy to be added! 😀 5y
Linsy I can do it for US-based Littens. I‘d be happy to help! 5y
deactivate Hi! I‘ve never participated in a swap but I‘d love to help out if needed! 5y
alisiakae Do you know which Litten(s) are keeping track of the people who fail to send a package? 5y
kspenmoll Would love to help; add me to List! 5y
ItsAngel Add me to the list! I‘d be glad to help out anytime. 5y
LegosAndPajamas I‘m willing! 5y
HoneyBeesKnees Add me! I would love to help out! 5y
ConnieK @LitsySwaps I just joined Litsy this week. How do the swaps work? 5y
TamarackTrail I can help out for any Canadian packages. 5y
BookaholicNatty @LoveToReadLiveToRead and @TCLinrow I have A UK gal who had a match go AWOL for the #FuninTheSunSummerBookSwap if your interested in filling in let me know.... Natalietull4@aol.com. @TCLinrow I know you already sent a package to someone since you were signed up for this swap so no worries if you can‘t but just thought I would include you since you were on the replacement UK list. Just shoot me an email if interested! ❤️😘 5y
LoveToReadLiveToRead @BookaholicNatty I‘ll help! I‘m away at the moment so it might be next week if that‘s okay? Let me know and I‘ll drop you an email. I have some other swaps to sort when I get back so could just include it in my sorting! 😁 5y
BookaholicNatty @LoveToReadLiveToRead noooo problem!!! That‘s absolutely fine. I sent her a book to hold her over but told her we would get her a replacement! Just shoot me a emailed when you have time! 😘 5y
Avanders @ConnieK hi! Each swap may have its own specifics, but the generals are: you are matched with someone (maybe you're matched as a pair or maybe there's a secret element, so who you send to is different from who you receive from) and you "stalk" them on Litsy (and sometimes goodreads) and send them books and goodies to fit the theme.. and you get a package too. How much to spend varies and themes vary, swap-to-swap.. ???? 5y
Avanders And the "swap rules" are generally the same ... if you scroll down on this LitsySwaps page, you should find the swap rules. Check out @LitsyHappenings for any current swaps. Normally this is the place to look, but I know the LitsySwaps administrators are working on getting caught up ☺️. If you want to see prior swaps, search for some tags like #HalloweenGoesPostal or #SecretSantaGoesPostal or #CupidGoesPostal (edited) 5y
LitsySwaps @bullbunny @wanderinglynn @Linsy @malyndamjackson thanks all! Sorry for the delay in responding. I‘ve added you all to the spreadsheet. 5y
LitsySwaps @4thhouseontheleft sorry I just saw this. Do you still need the info? Send us an email at Litsyswaps[at]gmail[dot]com (edited) 5y
LitsySwaps @kspenmoll @ItsAngel @Insearchofbooks @HoneyBeesKnees @TamarackTrail thanks so much! Sorry for the delay in responding. 5y
BookaholicNatty @Marmie7 @FantasyChick @sprainedbrain @ChasingPages @rustoryhuf @tournevis @TaylorMay @Booksnchill @Librarybelle @NCNY I‘m looking for someone to step in for a replacement box for the #HarryPotterSwap I saw you all had signed up for US. Would any of you be willing? If so we will take note of it in the database so you don‘t get asked again next time! Feel free to tag me or reach out to me at Natalietull4@aol.com ❤️😘 4y
tournevis @BookaholicNatty I can't at this time. Tag me next bunch. 😘 4y
TaylorMay @BookaholicNatty I would love to help. What are/were the guidelines? 4y
FantasyChick @BookaholicNatty I could put one together but I have a few of my own swaps going on in the next month or so plus school is starting soon so I probably wouldn't be able to commit to ship until the middle of September at latest. If your recipient doesn't mind such a long wait, I'd be more than happy to help out. If not, you can always tag me next time 😊 4y
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Swap: #sockswap
Host: @JPeterson
Sign ups close: April 6, 2018
Open Date: June 7, 2018
Sign up form: https://goo.gl/forms/rnuy1kcAL8IQEzsE3
Theme: socks

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

LitsySwaps @JPeterson can you send me a quick email at litsyswaps[at]gmail[dot]com I want to ask you something - no problems 5y
JPeterson Will do! 5y
debthmpsn Signed up ❤️❤️❤️ 5y
See All 23 Comments
LitsySwaps @debthmpsn @JPeterson just tagging so the host sees your comment above (edited) 5y
Endowarrior21 @JPeterson all signed up 5y
Dianeham I filled out the form but was stumped by 2 things. What are fandoms? And does triggers refer to things that upset you? And is there a spending guideline? 5y
JPeterson @debthmpsn @Endowarrior21 Awesome! Thanks for joining in! 😊 5y
JPeterson Hi @Dianeham thanks for signing up! Fandoms are when a large group of people love the same thing. A few common ones are Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc. Triggers are something that deeply upsets you, and, in this case, you would prefer not to read about them. I didn‘t set a spending guideline, just more of what should go in the package - one pair of socks, one book, few treats. Hope this helps! 5y
Alfrazier21 @adnama82 this one looks fun!! 5y
Dianeham Thanks @JPeterson. No fandoms. I think triggers is a recent thing that I wasn't aware of. But I love socks! A lot! 5y
gjacobs Love this idea! 5y
TommieMarie74 @JPeterson Signed up and super excited!! 5y
Endowarrior21 @JPeterson have the matches gone out yet? 5y
Burghbookaddict @Endowarrior21 I think they will be going out around the 10th 5y
Endowarrior21 @laurenashley Okay thank you 5y
JPeterson @Endowarrior21 Hi, yes @laurenashley is correct! I‘ll have them out in a few days. 5y
Endowarrior21 @JPeterson I just want to make sure seeing my email has been acting up lately 5y
JPeterson @LitsySwaps Hi all! I sent you an email when you get the chance. Thanks! 5y
olivia.ferz @JPeterson Hi! I'm new to litsy. How does a book swap work usually? Is it applicable for all countries. I'm from India. I see the deadline for this swap is already closed. 5y
JPeterson @olivia.ferz Hi, and welcome to Litsy! Each swap is different; some are international and some are local to that specific country of the host. Every swap will have a signup form that includes that information, what to send to your match, and a few questions. 5y
olivia.ferz @JPeterson Okay Thankyou!😊 5y
EH2018 This was my first swap, and it was a lot of fun! Thank you for running it!! @JPeterson 4y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #ConanDoyleSwap
Host: @Beckykearns
Sign ups close: April 9, 2018
Open Date: May 22, 2018
Sign up form: https://goo.gl/forms/Yb9XvMIejPPnZmki2
Theme: Arther Conan Doyle or similar mystery novel and 1-2 bookish goodies

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

BeckyK Thank you!! :) 5y
BeckyK @Tera66 Yay 😊 5y
See All 6 Comments
LitsySwaps @Beckykearns could you send me an email to LitsySwaps[at]gmail[dot]com? No problem just have a quick question 5y
Endowarrior21 Entered 5y
wanderinglynn So excited! I love SH! 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #BottleandBookSwap
Host(s): @JoScho
Sign ups close: April 6, 2018
Open date: May 28, 2018
Form Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf9vCi_8VYPt5LlUKgfqCrDrnoYoHjpTcsWNdGG...
Theme: water bottle and at least one book.

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

JamieLou Awesome! 5y
kspenmoll I am so sorry; I think I signed up but cannot find email with match. I may be making all up... can you check for me? Email: kspenmoll@gmail.com- you can answer here too. Sorry for your trouble - maybe I intended to signup but never did. @JoScho (edited) 5y
See All 6 Comments
JoScho @kspenmoll somehow I missed this notification. I am so sorry. I just checked and I do not have you signed up for the swap. 5y
kspenmoll @JoScho Thanks & I appreciate your checking it out for me!!!! 5y
JoScho @kspenmoll of course! Sorry it took me so long! 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #KeychainSwap
Host(s): @JenlovesJT47
Sign ups close: Closed
Open date: May 11, 2018
Form Link: signups closed. Contact host for questions
Theme: keychain swap

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

JenlovesJT47 Thanks lady! 💚 5y
bullbunny Oh yeah, good to know. I am looking forward to it 5y
See All 7 Comments
Tera66 Thanks for hosting! 5y
Burghbookaddict @JenlovesJT47 Did matches go out? Im worried I might have missed something ☹ 5y
JenlovesJT47 @laurenashley I'm sorry I'm a little behind, but you haven't missed anything! 5y
Burghbookaddict @JenlovesJT47 Ok, no problem! Just wanted to make sure ☺ 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #MakerSwap
Host(s): @LibrarianRyan
Sign ups close: March 31, 2018
Open date: June 15, 2018
Form Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZJNF5971sUUhqnf8JkylOfr1mqXpzOL-uHFiC...
Theme: homemade item and book

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

Endowarrior21 @LibrarianRyan all signed up 5y
LibrarianRyan Yeah.!! @Endowarrior21 (edited) 5y
See All 10 Comments
Endowarrior21 @LibrarianRyan have the matches gone out yet? 5y
LibrarianRyan @Endowarrior21 yes. Check your spam. Went out yesterday. 5y
Endowarrior21 @LibrarianRyan I just checked all my folders and nothing 5y
LibrarianRyan @Endowarrior21 okay. Later this afternoon when I have more than my phone I will try resending. 5y
Endowarrior21 @LibrarianRyan okay here is my email jessinoel21@gmail.com just in case the one I give you was a mess up 5y
LibrarianRyan @Endowarrior21 I just resent it. Please let me know if you got it. 5y
Endowarrior21 @LibrarianRyan yes I got it thank you 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Swap: #Kingsandqueenswap
Host(s): @Captivatedbybooks
Sign ups closed: March 19, 2018
Open date: May 28, 2018
Theme: books and bookish goodies with themes related to royalty in fiction, non-fiction, and across all genres.

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

Burghbookaddict @Captivatedbybooks Did matches go out? Im worried I missed something ☹ 5y
LitsySwaps @laurenashley sign ups just closed so I doubt you missed anything since it usually takes hosts a while to put together the matches but I‘m sure the hosts will be able to answer for you (edited) 5y
Burghbookaddict @LitsySwaps Ok, good. Ive never done any swaps before and I wasnt sure how everything worked! Thanks for your help 😊 5y
See All 7 Comments
Captivatedbybooks @laurenashley nope love you didnt miss anything. I have matches ready to go just waiting on 3 people to email me back to have everything ready to go 5y
ferskner DANGIT HOW DID I MISS THIS?!?!?!?!? 5y
iread2much Damn! How did I miss this!!! @ferskner 😔sadness for both of us 5y
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post image

Swap: #Janeaustenswap
Host(s): @sprainedbrain @mabell
Signs Close: March 31, 2018
Open date: June 1
Form Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLY4uCcRT5-KuUHhNa-L6GJ7xJeiPA84e4JDZJ...
Theme: Jane Austen books and swag

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

sprainedbrain Thanks for sharing! 5y
Sophoclessweetheart Oh! Thank you for sharing! I‘d love to do this! 5y
mabell Thanks so much for reposting! ❤️ 5y
EH2018 Eek! Missed this! Will keep a lookout for future Austen swaps 5y
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Fun in the Sun | David Catrow
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Swap: #FunInTheSunSummerBookSwap
Host(s): @BookaholicNatty
Closes: March 31, 2018
Open: May 15, 2018
Form Link: https://goo.gl/8XunqP
Theme: Books and bookish things, must spend a minimum of $30 + shipping

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

iread2much This looks fun! Maybe we can send each other books we like to read when we are at the beach? Or would read at the beach 5y
ReadingRover Oooh I like a high end swap! 😉 5y
LMJenkins Signed up! 👍🏼☀️ 5y
See All 35 Comments
BookaholicNatty @iread2much that‘s a great idea!!! I‘m a huge beach reader. Love going to the beach! 5y
BookaholicNatty @LMJenkins yay!!!!! So glad! Can‘t wait. Love doing these, they are just so much fun! 5y
TheRomantiCate Love it, just signed up! 5y
iread2much @BookaholicNatty I rarely go, the beaches where I live are cold, windy, and wet, but I love the idea of books for all kinds of beaches 5y
BookaholicNatty @TheRomantiCate woooohoooo!!! So glad your joining us! 5y
BookaholicNatty @iread2much yessss I like that idea too!!! Where I live in PA it has been super cold so just the thought of some warmer weather has been good for me! 5y
Teakillamockingbird @BookaholicNatty how do I sign up? I‘m new to Litsy and is it just for US or can it be anywhere I‘m in Scotland uk 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 5y
BookaholicNatty @Teakillamockingbird Well first off welcome to Litsy!!!!!! And yes, you can participate from anywhere. Here is the link to get signed up! https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/30714176/a5c34f. So glad you want to join us! If you need anything please let me know! ❤️📚 5y
Teakillamockingbird Thanks I‘m loving it, so friendly and great being surrounded by fellow bookies it‘s such a fab idea. Xx 5y
BookaholicNatty @Teakillamockingbird I am in 2 different postal book clubs, the 1001 books you must read before you die and one other one. I noticed that the other one has some UK spots open still too. Just letting you know because I know you said were new! 😊 5y
Nessavamusic I signed up! Thanks @BookaholicNatty 5y
BookaholicNatty @Nessavamusic yay!!!!!! 🎉🎉❤️😍 5y
Q84 I just signed up! 5y
BookaholicNatty @Q84 yay!!!!! ❤️ 5y
ElleSkel @BookaholicNatty I just signed up! It‘s my first time using Elfster and its great! What a great app for this! So excited 😆😆 5y
DebBates101 @Genstl3 @jrbaker heres a book swap for the summer. The swaps seem to fill quickly so u might want ti jump at the option 5y
DebBates101 @BookaholicNatty is this swap the same as the one listed below (elfster.com/exchange/.........) ? 5y
BookaholicNatty I think so @DebBates101 I couldn‘t get the link you shared to work. But it should be on the elfster website 5y
Liberlove Hello, I go to the link but once the form is completed it won‘t let me submit it :( 5y
daydreamin_star @BookaholicNatty @Liberlove I'm having trouble too. It asks if I've inputted my info correctly but doesn't sign me up :( 5y
daydreamin_star @BookaholicNatty @Liberlove ah, sorted now! You need to be signed in/up to Elfster first x 5y
BookaholicNatty @Liberlove are you still halving trouble? 5y
BookaholicNatty @daydreamin_star you got it? Thank you for sharing that. It‘s good to know in case anyone else encounters that trouble!!! ❤️ 5y
Wonderwoman89 I signed up 5y
Drebae29 @BookaholicNatty how do I find out my match Litsy handle? It‘s not listed elfster. Thank you 5y
BookaholicNatty @Drebae29 there is a way on elfster to ask your match questions anonymously. I will also try to find it out for you. 5y
BookaholicNatty @Drebae29 I just emailed you 😊 5y
Drebae29 @BookaholicNatty thank you I don‘t realize if I asked a question it was anonymous. First time doing a swap on elfster good to know. Thank you again! 5y
Page55 I received my recipient and she has nothing on her wish list 5y
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A Galactic Easter! | Ray O'Ryan
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Swap: #EasterBasketBookSwap
Host(s): @JoeStalksBeck
Closes: February 20, 2018
Open: I am assuming Easter but not positive!
Form Link: https://goo.gl/oCZHYE
Theme: Books and chocolate eggs

Questions? Please comment below and tag the host!

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

JoeStalksBeck 😘😘😘😘 5y
Maria514626 I‘m new to Litsy. How does this work? Thanks! (edited) 5y
See All 25 Comments
JoeStalksBeck @Maria514626 hi! Just follow the link to sign up. From there I will match you up with someone . Then I‘ll send you all their info so you can begin stalking and buying for their Easter basket! 5y
Maria514626 Thanks, @JoeStalksBeck! Are there limits or rules of any kind? I already checked the form. :) 5y
JoeStalksBeck @Maria514626 I do send out rules with the matches before you begin buying stuff. But if you want I can se d then to you before you sign up . Just give me your email ☺️ 5y
Maria514626 Thanks @JoeStalksBeck! I‘m a little goofball. 🤗 I‘m going to take the plunge! So excited! (edited) 5y
Maria514626 Signed up for my first #bookswap! Hooray! 🙌🙌🙌 #swaps #litsyswaps (edited) 5y
Chelleo @Maria514626 Yay!! They are so much fun!! 5y
Maria514626 @Chelleo I‘m loving this book nerd corner of the world! 5y
Chelleo @Maria514626 It really is heaven on earth😉 5y
CSeydel @JoeStalksBeck I want to sign up, but I‘m curious how frequently we will be sending packages? Monthly, bimonthly, quarterly...? And for how long? (edited) 5y
Avanders @CSeydel hi, just wanted to respond to this in case you still had a question ☺️ (sometimes the swap hosts get flooded w a bunch of posts/questions at once! If you're ever left still wondering, just bump us, we probably just missed the question ☺️). This type of "swap" (as opposed to a book club or traveling book, etc) is a one-time thing. So you sign up and send 1 and receive 1 package for this Easter. ? 5y
CSeydel @Avanders Thanks! So you send a variety of fun presents in one package. I signed up! Looking forward to it 🍫😁 5y
adnama82 I accidentally didn‘t put my full address in the form, how to do I fix this? 5y
Avanders @CSeydel 🍭🐰🌸 @adnama82 email the host w the correction ☺️ 5y
YouReadMyEyes Just signed up. Excited - first time doing a swap! 5y
Wonderwoman89 Just signed up 5y
LitsySwaps Thanks @Avanders for helping out here!!!! 5y
JoeStalksBeck Thank you! 5y
LitsySwaps You're welcome @JoeStalksBeck !!! 5y
TheRomantiCate Question: if we receive the swap package before Easter, do we hold off opening until Easter? Or can we open it when we get it? (This is my first swap...) 5y
TheRomantiCate @Captivatedbybooks I figured hehehe, thank you! 😄 5y
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post image

Swap: #steampunkgoespostal
Host(s): @Mommamanzi & @Tiffy_Reads
Sign up Closes: ????
Open: April 13, 2018
Form Link: goo.gl/4FE8ZT
Theme: Steampunk

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

Calendars | Brian Williams
post image

LitsySwaps Calendar is up and running. Link is on the page.
Steps to view calendar:
1. Click Link
2.Scroll to bottom and click Desktop
3.On left side type LitsySwaps@gmail.com in Add a friends calendar
4.Under Other Calendars you will see LitsySwaps will appear, make sure it is checked

Tag us for any swap you are hosting so we can post and add to the calendar!!!

Please let us know if you have any issues.
Thank You!!

Betty Thanks! 5y
kamoorephoto Yay! 5y
See All 16 Comments
Avanders 🤓🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🤯 (edited) 5y
readinginthedark So the date on the calendar is the Open Date for each swap? 5y
LitsySwaps @readinginthedark yes the dates on the calendar are open dates. 5y
readinginthedark Thanks! 5y
callunakeep I am clearly having a slow brain day...what page is the link on? I can‘t find it 🤣😂 5y
kidamy @callunakeep neither can I! Little help? 5y
MinDea @callunakeep @kidamy it is on @LitsySwaps page. Their account page 😉 5y
callunakeep @MinDea I found the link but it always just takes me to my own google calendar ... maybe I need to do this on my laptop and not on my phone? 5y
LitsySwaps @callunakeep you have to follow the rest of the steps outlined above. Add a calendar to follow and it should show up on your personal calendar. You can uncheck it and recheck it to show up. 5y
callunakeep @LitsySwaps I did follow all of the steps, several times, it just never shows up on my calendar. I trying to remember to just go check the calendar once in a while to catch new swaps. 🤓 5y
Hornsby78 I googled how to add a friend's calendar @callunakeep, and it said you have to do it from a computer. It's not working from my phone either. 5y
LitsySwaps @Hornsby78 @callunakeep I am sorry. If you send us an email I can send step by step instructions with screenshots. I don't know why it isn't working, but I know you can do it on your phone as that is how I have the calendar on my phone. I am happy to help but Litsy isn't very conducive to show step by step instructions. I know others have had no problems adding it. So I'm not sure. Please feel free to email (litsyswaps at gmail dot com)! 5y
callunakeep @LitsySwaps @Hornsby78 Thank you both very much! I am FINALLY connected!!🙌🏻🎉 5y
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post image

Hey everyone! Posting the guidelines again. Will post every so often so they don't get buried underneath all the swap re-posts.

If you are hosting a swap please tag us so we can also post it! Also, please feel free to reference these guidelines or this account for your swap match emails!

Please contact us if you have any questions. Email is on our account page.

Thank you!!

JoeStalksBeck Thank you!❤️ 5y
umbrellagirl Is anyone keeping a list of people who don‘t send items for swaps? If so, I have someone to add. 5y
Candy Great guidelines ... but still don‘t understand how they work? Thanks! 5y
LitsySwaps @umbrellagirl yes. Email us at litsyswaps33[at]gmail[dot]com sorry for the late response. We are just catching up now 5y
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The Blanket Book | Elizabeth Caush
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Swap: #bookandablanketexchange
Host(s): @Tiffy_Reads & @JoeStalksBeck
Closes: January 14, 2018
Open: March 9, 2018
Form Link: https://goo.gl/sJcVp2
Theme: A blanket and a book

#LitsyHappenings @LitsyHappenings #LitsySwaps @LitsySwaps #Swaps

JoeStalksBeck Thanks for posting this! 5y
ElleSkel @JoeStalksBeck I am new to this...what are the guidelines? Can it be a homemade blanket? Can it be a new or used book( in great condition of course)? 5y
JoeStalksBeck @Elle_Skeldon if you have an email we can send you the outline 5y
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ElleSkel Thanks @JoeStalksBeck danielle.skeldon@snhu.edu 5y
Fan_of_70 @JoeStalksBeck I am also new to this, can I also get the guideline? 5y
JoeStalksBeck @Fan_of_70 sure! @Tiffy_Reads can you send her an outline please ?❤️ 5y
Fan_of_70 @Tiffy_Reads My email is: blbizot@yahoo.com. (edited) 5y
ElleSkel This is great! @JoeStalksBeck I signed up using my primary email! Thanks for the info ...seriously excited for this one! 5y
JoeStalksBeck @Elle_Skeldon just paired you up 👍🏻 5y
LMJenkins @JoeStalksBeck Is there a location where I can see details of how this swap will work exactly? This would be my first. 5y
LitsySwaps @LMJenkins swaps typically work like this. 5y
LitsySwaps The hosts create a form and if you want to participate you fill out the form. The form typically includes information that will help them get you a good match, someone with similar interests. Sometimes swaps are blind (ie you dom't know who has you and you have someone different than who will send you something) or are paired (who you are matched with also has you so you can talk to each other and discuss). 5y
LitsySwaps You just have to fill the form out by the deadline provided in the swap post. Then when thr swap sign up closes the host will match everyone up and will let everyone know their match and important information from the form. For the blanket and a book swap you have to send 1 blanket and 1 book (at least). You can send more but the expectation is at least a blanket and book. 5y
LitsySwaps Then you shop for your match and make sure you ship the box in time for your match to open it (for this one it is March 9th). 5y
LitsySwaps I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. 5y
LMJenkins @LitsySwaps Thank you. I looked for form, but didn‘t find it. Is there a $$ amount? 5y
LitsySwaps I don't know, usually no, or there are different $ amounts you can sign up for @LMJenkins . @Tiffy_Reads is there a $ amount for this swap? 5y
BibliophileMomma No there‘s not an amount. @LMJenkins @LitsySwaps 5y
tracy.m.ng @Beckykearns another one! 5y
Endowarrior21 Just signed up 5y
BeckyK @tracy.m.ng Thank you 😊 5y
VanChocStrawberry Just found this account. Sorry I missed this one, but glad I can track the swaps now! :) 5y
hordner @ryanmiller I joined the #bookandablanketexchange by @JoeStalksBeck and @Tiffy_Reads . It's too late to join this one but it looks like they do others, no harm in following them to keep an eye out 😊 5y
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Pen Pals | Alexandra Pichard
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tracy.m.ng @Beckykearns have you signed up for this? 5y
BeckyK @tracy.m.ng No I haven‘t! Thanks for the tag :) I‘ll take a look! :) 5y
DebBates101 I tried but it says it is closed. I would love to be included next time! 5y
Liberlove Can‘t believe I missed this!!! I was just thinking about how much I would really love a pen pal 5y
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