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My first time signing up for the secret santa exchange from @LibraryThing #SantaThing. Has anyone else signed up for this? #swap #litsyswaps
It looks easy and fun!

Sign up at https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing

Crazeedi I am signed up for enough for December so I have to pass on this! It looks fun! 1d
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I signed up for another swap! Go to @MeganAnn or @Chrissyreadit for info!
#ReadInTheNewYearSwap #Swap

MeganAnn 🎉Yay!! ✨❤️📚🎉 4d
Chrissyreadit 🎉🥰❤️ 4d
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Shopping Swap | Erin Brady
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It‘s been here for a while! Happy to look at this every day until opening day! @Nevermore88 #litsylove #swap

Nevermore88 I received my package yesterday. Can‘t wait😊 6d
VanChocStrawberry Yay!! I forgot to post that I shipped it...glad it arrived on time! 6d
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Unknown Book 7535597 | Unknown Unknown
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I know I‘d love this. But between losing Milo and the holidays and having to overhaul my apartment idk if I can manage trying to organize it myself so putting it out there in case anyone was contemplating doing a Christmas card swap. I‘d love to do cards and bookmarks.
#bookmark #christmas #swap #christmasswap

The Swap | Antony Moore
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I haven‘t participated in swaps in a while because I‘ve run into way too many untrustworthy people through participating and hosting book swaps and postal book clubs. However, I enjoyed this #jolabokaflodswap so much last year, that I‘m all signed up! Head on over to @MaleficentBookDragon and check this one out! #swapseason #swap

MaleficentBookDragon Thank you. That's sweet. (You'll get someone good 😉) 1w
Chrissyreadit @collegecatlady Oh! I‘m sorry - I‘ve had a few bad swaps too- it is frustrating. I enjoyed being inLMPBC with you 🧡 1w
EH2018 Me too! Its strange cuz at first all the swaps were great 1w
umbrellagirl Yeah, I have had some not so great experiences with swaps and LMPBC. It has been a while but I‘m trying again. 💙 1w
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Secret Santa | John Scognamiglio, Sabrina James

Anyone know if there is a secret Santa or a Christmas bookish #swap this year?

BookishMarginalia I‘m not going to be organizing swaps, at least for a while. Only about 10% of swappers create problems, but that‘s enough to drain the life and joy out of me... I don‘t want to deal with the drama any more. 2w
BookFreakOut I just saw @MaleficentBookDragon is doing one that's book+chocolate, there's also a #creepychristmas swap that you can sign up for through Nov 14. 1w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Oooohhh I can't resist this one! #CreepyChristmas #swap #LitsySwap @teebe 🦇🎄🎃

Creepy Christmas | Jaimie Admans
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Anyone interested in signing up for the #CreepyChristmas swap, mosey on over to @teebe ‘s page for more details.

Anyone know of any other Christmas swaps going on? I don‘t want to miss the signups but half the time I don‘t see them. 😭


wanderinglynn I was wondering the same thing. But this is the first Christmas swap I‘ve seen posted. 🤔 2w
ljuliel I just saw a swap but I think it‘s just for folks from Canada ? ( which is fine and dandy , because they sometimes get left out of exchanges if people don‘t t want to mail there due to postage cost). I‘m glad they got one going. I still think Litsy participation/ posts are down a LOT. I was away for awhile and notice it‘s not nearly as busy as it used to be. (edited) 2w
monalyisha @ljuliel It seems the same way to me. I‘ve been busy with school so I haven‘t been checking it as often & it seems a tiny bit less vibrant. I wonder if it‘s the link sensitivity issue? 2w
ljuliel @monalyisha I‘m not sure that‘s it. I‘ve looked down through some of the people who used to post daily , and they haven‘t posted in months. Some like 3 months or longer. Apple did another update a few days ago which has partially fixed the screen sensitivity issue. It still does it a bit but not as bad. I‘m not sure what the problem is unless people just moved on , got too busy, weren‘t getting what they wanted from Litsy ? 2w
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The Swap | Antony Moore
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Does anybody know of any Winter/Christmas/Secret Santa swaps taking place this year? Or Thanksgiving? 🤔
#swap #litsyswap #secretsanta

AmyG I don‘t think any have been announced yet. Follow @LitsyHappenings as they announce such things. (edited) 4w
LibrarianRyan Haven't seen any yet. I'm looking forward to a Christmas card one. But I do think some of our usual hosts may be getting a little burnt out. 4w
Judybskt I was hoping for a Thanksgiving one. I think it was @JamieLou who hosted last year. 4w
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JamieLou @Judybskt I did do one last year but I don‘t think I can this year. My last swap was a flop. :( (edited) 4w
Judybskt @JamieLou darn! Totally understandable though. 🙂 4w
JamieLou @Judybskt people are sneaky, it‘s a bummer! 4w
JamieLou @Judybskt although to be honest now you‘ve got me tempted 😂❤️😂 4w
Judybskt @JamieLou I would be willing to help you if you want. 🦃🍁💛 4w
BookFreakOut @AmyG @Judybskt @JamieLou If you're still interested I saw a December book+chocolate swap just went up by @MaleficentBookDragon. 1w
AmyG Thank you! I just signed up for that one. 1w
BookofWords I was just looking for the same thing!!! 1w
Judybskt @BookFreakOut Headed to her page right now to sign up!!
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Untitled | Unknown
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