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Christmas Stockings
Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Provides instructions and patterns for making twenty decorative Christmas stockings using such techniques as applique, quilting, and embroidery.
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Thank you so much @bookandcat
Can‘t wait to leave the office and slip on the cozy socks you got me to relax. Yummy scented candle and new books to read, what a great Friday night it will be. Happy Holidays🎄#sss #stuffedstockingswap

A_planNerd I appreciate you so much for putting these swaps together. Your effort does not go unnoticed. Thanks again @Avanders 9mo
bookandcat Yay! Glad it got to you okay and hope you enjoy everything! 🙂 9mo
Avanders ♥️🎄❄️💙🥰 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Oh my stars @JamieLou you spoiled me!!!! The stocking is adorable, the candle smells so good, and the notepad is super cute. I love all the chocolate and the lotion. I am so excited to try the hot cocoa and the books are perfect, I can't wait to read them. And the pillowcase is soooooo gorgeous. Thank you so much for everything, you are so sweet!!!!

#stuffedstockingswap #sss

@Avanders Thank you so much for setting all this up, it was awesome!

JamieLou Yay! Glad you liked everything. The pocket in the pillow is to hold your books... and snacks of course! :) 9mo
AsYouWish @JamieLou That is so awesome!!!! I will definitely be using it this weekend!!! Again thank you so much for everything!!!! 9mo
Avanders ♥️🎄❄️💙🥰 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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@CareBear OMG!!! This is so awesome!!! Thank you so much!! I‘m excited to dive into my new books, and I can‘t wait to try the coffee in my new mug! The ornament is super adorable!

#stuffedstockingswap #newbooks

CareBear Glad you like it! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁❄️💙 9mo
Avanders 🎄♥️❄️💙🥰 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Oh my gosh @A_planNerd ! What a haul! I love everything and you can‘t see it but the butterfly bookmark is so darned cute! Did you make the ornament? I love it! And mmmmm the candle... really this was extra special. Thank you so so much!! @Avanders Thank you for doing the #sss #stuffedstockingswap!!

TheLibrarian Wow!! Love that memo pad. 9mo
Texreader @TheLibrarian Yes! It elicited a squeal from me. 9mo
A_planNerd Yay!! I enjoyed putting the package together and I‘m so glad you love the little extras I threw in. I couldn‘t help it, I felt like I just kept finding great additions. As for the ornament, I make some every year to give to my bookish friends. Small and simple but meaningful to us bookworms. Happy Holidays 🎄🤶🏼 9mo
Texreader @A_planNerd Definitely very special. I‘ve never seen a journal like the one you Included. I will have to use it for something very special. Yes I could tell you gave this gift a lot of love and care!!! 9mo
Avanders 😍🎄♥️🥰❄️ 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Thank you @TheReadingMermaid for an awesome #stuffedstockingswap #sss to come home to! I sat down to open with my coffee and had so much fun! Thankyou @Avanders for organizing!

TheReadingMermaid You are very welcome sweetheart 🤗 I hope you have happy holidays! 💕🎄💕 9mo
monalyisha Omg I thought the bear was wearing one of those silver ball necklaces that were so popular in the early 2000‘s. I was like, “What a bad-ass bear!” 😆 Looks like a great swap gift! Happy holidays! ❄️ 9mo
Chrissyreadit @monalyisha he is wearing a jingle bell necklace! I put it on the bear for the picture! I feel like I need to get an ugly sweater for a work ensemble! 9mo
monalyisha @Chrissyreadit Haha I did discern that after my first double-take. So cute! 9mo
Avanders 😍🎄❄️🥰♥️ 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Oh my goodness! @Booksnchill you are too too kind. I feel so spoiled. Thank you so much for the awesome #stuffedstockingswap #sss package. It felt like Hermione's enchanted purse in HP, everytime I reached in more and more appeared! I love each & everything you sent. I think I'm going to start with Christmas Days. I have never heard of the book before but it is right up my alley. Also, Whiskey is adorable. 😊 Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

Booksnchill So very pleased you like it all- the Jeanette Winterson has recipes as well- so fun for Christmas and New Year- Happy Run up to Christmas to you from Nashville!!!🎄💖 9mo
Christine What a great collection of gifts! And Christmas Days is wonderful and very worthy of an annual reread. Glad you were spoiled, as you certainly spoil your swap recipients (which I know from lucky experience)! ❤️ 9mo
ReadingsByTheC @Christine You're so sweet! Thank you. I do love to shop 😉 9mo
Avanders 😍🎄❄️🥰♥️ 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Thank you so much @writerlibrarian ❤️❤️❤️ I love my #stuffedstockingswap #sss package. The books are great! Steve Berry is one of my favourites! Peter Robinson is new to me so that‘s always fun. The coffee smells amazing and the ornaments are super cute.🎅 My husband wanted the chocolates and candies but those have been safely stashed away for me to enjoy on my own.😁Thank you again for everything and a big thank you to @Avanders for organizing!❤️

writerlibrarian Glad the books were a fit. 💜 happy holidays to you and your family. 🎄🎄🎄 (edited) 9mo
Bklover I‘ve read Brad Thor before and really enjoyed him!! By the way, thank you so much for the lovely birthday card! I know your birthday is tomorrow but your card will be late- I will write back to you shortly. You have gorgeous handwriting!! And have a lovely birthday tomorrow!! 9mo
throwmeabook @bklover You are so sweet! Thank you! 💕 9mo
Avanders 😍🎄❄️🥰♥️ 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Every single thing is perfect for me. Seriously. Thank you @slightlyfoxed for the amazing swap and to @Avanders for organising 💙#sss #stuffedstockingswap

By the way, this is my local tea. They used to be in CT but moved just over the border to NY state a few years ago. Everyone should try it. So many delicious flavors!


SilversReviews Love this collage. 9mo
Amiable Love Harney and Sons! 9mo
Wonderwoman89 That is my favorite tea. They stopped selling it here in all of our stores. I have@to order the tea through their website now. 9mo
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umbrellagirl @Amiable the SoHo is the best one imo. I also like Paris. I‘m excited to try this one. It is new to me. 9mo
umbrellagirl @Wonderwoman89 they sell it on amazon as well. 9mo
slightlyfoxed I‘m glad you like everything! I had a lot of fun shopping for this one. 9mo
Avanders 😍🎄♥️🥰❄️ 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Apparently my tiny post office didn‘t get the memo that the mail was canceled today...so my #StuffedStockingSwap package was delivered! Just a few more hours to go!

MaleficentBookDragon I got #bookmail today too. My mailperson must kniw how much I ❤ 📚. 😂 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Bummer News: My car is in the shop today
Good News: As I‘m picking ribbons to fancy up my gift wrapping my #stuffedstockingswap package came in. Yay!

Patiently waiting for the unboxing now 🤶🏼🎅🏽🎄😬 @Avanders
Thank You already to my secret swapper🎄

Texreader Yay!! 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Got my #SSS package today! Looking forward to the end of the week! Thanks for hosting @Avanders

Avanders ❄️💙❄️💙❄️ 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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My #stuffedstockingswap package has been shipped! So sorry about the delay! It is scheduled to arrive Thursday 💕
#sss @Avanders @HufflepuffGirl90

Avanders 🎄♥️❄️💙☃️ 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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A sampling of the gifts that are in the #StuffedStockingSwap package I mailed out on Friday. It should arrive at its destination on Monday! 🎅❄️🎅

Avanders Love that paper! 🎄♥️❄️💙☃️ 10mo
ferskner Ooooooo I can't wait!!!! 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Shipped and on its way🤶🏼🎄
#SSS #stuffedstockingswap #eta12/4

Avanders Oooooh! 🎄♥️❄️💙☃️ 10mo
cocomass Great wrapping! 😍 10mo
A_planNerd Thanks 😀 @cocomass 10mo
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Alfrazier21 I love that paper!! So cute! 10mo
A_planNerd Thanks!! The paper roll totally grabbed my attention. Just had to grab it. @Alfrazier21 9mo
Texreader Received today!! So excited!! Love this paper too! 9mo
A_planNerd Yay!! So glad it got to you safe and sound. Enjoy 🤶🏼🎄 @Texreader 9mo
Texreader @A_planNerd Just two more days!! 😃 Thank you!! 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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#StuffedStockingSwap #sss -- 1 week to opening day!

Packages should be mailed no later than Sat. if mailed Priority!

If I've tagged you in the comments 👇🏽, I don't think I've heard from you re sending. If I have & didn't mark it or forgot .. sorry!! Either way, please just let me know the status.

NOTE: you are *not* late if you send priority... this is just a reminder 🤗

Also, if I haven't tagged you, still feel free to update me!


Whimsical.Curiosity Mailing tomorrow! 🎄⛄🎅🤶✉️📦📬📮 10mo
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Endowarrior21 Mine went out and they should have it by Monday 10mo
Yeah_I_Read I‘m planning on sending mine tomorrow or Saturday priority mail ❤️ 10mo
Elma Mine's headed out tomorrow. 10mo
Avanders @Endowarrior21 yep I've got yours marked ... if I tagged you, sorry!! 🤭 10mo
Avanders @Whimsical.Curiosity @Yeah_I_Read @Elma yay!! 🎉🎄♥️ 10mo
Endowarrior21 @Avanders nope you did not tag me I just saw the post so I commented ⛄️ 10mo
Avanders @Endowarrior21 awesome; I appreciate it! 🤗🤗 10mo
Savedbygrace My book order is coming in a little late, but I will be sending mine out as soon as I get it in and sending it as priority. Thank you for the reminder. ☺📚🎁 10mo
MoniqueReads305 @Avanders Both of my packages went out on Monday or Tuesday. The should have them Friday and Saturday. 10mo
Avanders @Savedbygrace 👌🏽 thanks for the update! @MoniqueReads305 yay!! 🎉🎄♥️ 10mo
sweetpealsd @Avanders I am mailing Saturday. 10mo
Avanders @sweetpealsd k thanks for the update! 10mo
cocomass I‘m mailing tomorrow! I‘ll post the receipt 😊 10mo
UnidragonFrag I mailed mine yesterday, posted about it even 😉 10mo
TheWordJar Mine‘s going out priority tomorrow. I‘ll post when I send! 10mo
Avanders @cocomass @TheWordJar 👏🏽👏🏽🎄❄️🦌 @UnidragonFrag 🤭🤭 I knew I missed a couple! 10mo
A_planNerd Mailing mine out Saturday morning 🎄🎄🎄 10mo
ReadingRover I am totally on top of this!!! I‘m hoping something else will come by tomorrow but if not I‘m going to mail out box one to be on the safe side and then mail a second box with other stuff when it‘s all here. 😝 10mo
ferskner I.....can't mail until Monday. The stuff I ordered was delivered to the apartment office, and between Thanksgiving and the fact that my work hours don't match up with when they're open, so I can't get them until Saturday. But I'll make sure my box is delivered on time! 10mo
TorieStorieS I‘m waiting on a delivery- Chicago had a snowstorm earlier this week! But I‘m going to send priority mail so it should be there by St Nicholas Day! 10mo
jenniferw88 As me and my match is uk based, I am partly waiting on decent weather to walk down to the post office! It will get there on time though @Avanders 10mo
Quirkybookworm I'm almost done with mine! Had a blast doing it. Just one more item I need to get then it'll be off tomorrow or Monday priority 10mo
Gissy Mine will be out by Monday in priority mail. 10mo
toric Mine will get sent the next couple days but im in the UK so I still have time 10mo
Wonderwoman89 Mine is going out Monday 10mo
kaysworld1 Mines on its travels 🤟 I haven't posted I've been working a lot 10mo
SMayWrites On of the gifts I ordered has been delayed in transit 😫 I'm going to check my post office box today and hopefully it will be there. Then I will absolutely mail everything out! 10mo
Captivatedbybooks Mines is going out today flat rate 2/3 day shipping! 10mo
TheLibrarian @Avanders I sent mine on Tuesday. Sorry I was rushing to an appointment and totally forgot to post about it. 10mo
AsYouWish Waiting on the book to arrive and then I will send my package out. Everything else is ready to go. 10mo
tdrosebud I'm going to the post office after work today. 10mo
Alfrazier21 Mine is going out in the morning! Have to pick up a few last minute goodies that came in this afternoon. 😬😬 10mo
JenlovesJT47 Going to have mine mailed tomorrow! 10mo
ReadingsByTheC Mine is going out in the morning. I'm waiting for a package that was supposed to have been here yesterday. 🙄 10mo
ladyneverwhere Mine is going out priority either this afternoon or tomorrow morning 😊 10mo
Jennick2004 @Avanders has my box been received? 😉 10mo
Avanders @A_planNerd @ReadingRover @ferskner @TorieStorieS @jenniferw88 @Quirkybookworm @Gissy @toric @Wonderwoman89 @kaysworld1 @SMayWrites @Captivatedbybooks @TheLibrarian @AsYouWish @tdrosebud @Alfrazier21 @JenlovesJT47 @ReadingsByTheC @ladyneverwhere Thank you for the updates!! Sorry for those of you waiting on things.. I know that can be frustrating! 🎄♥️❄️💙☃️ And for those of you who sent but didn't post - no worries - I know now! 🤗🤗 10mo
Avanders @Jennick2004 noooo.... 🤭🤭🤭 not yet 😉 10mo
Avanders @TorieStorieS crazy snowstorm!! My sister flew back to Chicago Monday morning and it was very questionable until the last minute how it was all going to go! 🌬🌨❄️ 10mo
TorieStorieS I know!! We got about a foot of snow and lost power for 7 hours!! I‘m glad your sister made it back to the area safely!! 😊 10mo
WeeziesBooks It‘s supposed to be delivered Monday! 10mo
Avanders @WeeziesBooks awesome!! 🎄♥️❄️ 10mo
LeslieO Mine should arrive today 10mo
slightlyfoxed Mine is going out priority tomorrow! 10mo
Avanders @LeslieO @slightlyfoxed great, thanks!! ♥️🎄 10mo
bookandcat The last bit for my box is supposed to be delivered sometime today, once it is here I can mail it out! 10mo
Jennick2004 Uh oh it was sent on Saturday! 10mo
AmyG Tracking shows that my package was delivered 11/28 Wed. 10mo
WhatThePuck Shipped. Emailing tracking info soon. 10mo
tdrosebud I have stopped at the post office and the package should reach my recipient on Tues. 10mo
Gissy I previously answered, I will send the package on Monday as I mentioned, priority mail. I was waiting for some item from Society6 10mo
Gissy I hope the wait will be worthy!🤞 10mo
Slajaunie Sending Saturday!! 10mo
quietjenn Mailing priority in the morning! 10mo
bookandcat Tagged you in my post but I did mail it out today 10mo
ads0123 Mine went out priority today!! They said it should arrive Monday!! 10mo
Jennick2004 Receipt says it should have arrived yesterday...let me know if it hasn‘t come yet! 10mo
Readergrrl Just mailed out this am! Will be there by 12/4! Yay!! 10mo
BookofWords Sending today 10mo
BethM My recipient should have theirs but hasn't posted. 10mo
heikemarie Mailed! But when I took the picture I realized I left out the stocking 😩😩😩😩 literally everything else is in there! 10mo
kitkatdallibooks I just mailed mine off! But I forgot to take a picture so I'm going to post a little later. I have not gotten my package yet 10mo
kitkatdallibooks @Avanders turns out I did get it! My husband hid it from me so I wouldn't peek. Im sorry for the confusion! 10mo
rustoryhuf My package was mailed Friday. 10mo
Gaylagal2 Mine is going out tomorrow and will make it to my match on time! Thank you, I'm super excited 🤓 10mo
ReadingRover @Avanders My first package went out yesterday UPS ground. Should be there Dec 5. Ground isn‘t guaranteed so it could get there the 6th. I forgot to mark the box! 😬 10mo
Avanders @AmyG I'll check into it! 10mo
Avanders @Gissy if it's from Society6, I bet it will be! ♥️ 10mo
Avanders @BethM k I'll check into it! 10mo
Avanders @heikemarie oh no! I hate it when I do that! 🤭 But yay for the sending 🤗🎄♥️ 10mo
Avanders @kitkatdallibooks oh good!! I'm glad you got it! And kudos to your husband! 😆😆 10mo
Avanders @ReadingRover whoops! I'll let your recipient know ☺️ 10mo
AmyG @Avanders Did you get my package? Tracking says it was delivered. As for my match, it was delivered but she hasn‘t posted anything. (edited) 10mo
Avanders @AmyG yes!! Thank you! I'm so sorry I haven't posted yet -- it's been a crazy week & weekend! I will later today 🤗🤗 And I'll definitely look into your match too! ♥️♥️ 10mo
AmyG @Avanders No problem. Glad you got it! Open whenever. As for my match....I got MY box....so my work is done. She hasn‘t been on here for over a month. I just hope she sends her box to her person. Thanks A! 10mo
Yeah_I_Read @Avanders jsyk... I sent my package out today. Expected delivery said 12/6 but it should be there by Wednesday bc I did 2 day shipping. ❤️❤️ 10mo
Avanders @AmyG I reached out to her again and asked both about receipt & sending 🤗 Appreciate the lookin' out! I'm about to open your lovely package!! 👏🏽👏🏽♥️ (edited) 10mo
Avanders @Yeah_I_Read great, thanks! ♥️🎄 10mo
AmyG Yay!!! 10mo
BethM Heads up- with the ordered shut down for Wednesday im sure that will include mail. 10mo
Slajaunie Done! 10mo
ferskner Sent! 10mo
TorieStorieS I forgot to take a picture but my package has been sent and should arrive by Thursday! 10mo
TheLibrarian FYI - USPS will be suspending mail services Wednesday 10mo
bookandcat @TheLibrarian was just coming here to post that! USPS is shut down on Dec 5 due to national day of morning for Pres. Bush. 10mo
Lizylindz03 So sorry! I sent mine Saturday! 9mo
Avanders @BethM @TheLibrarian @bookandcat thank you!! Though there's a rumor it won't affect packages 🙏🏽🙏🏽 9mo
Avanders @Slajaunie @ferskner @TorieStorieS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🎄🎅🏼♥️ @Lizylindz03 no worries -- thanks for the update!! 🎄♥️☃️🎅🏼🎁 9mo
ReadingRover @Avanders I got the notice from UPS that my package arrived for my match so we‘re all good! It got there yesterday. I‘m sending another with some extra stuff that‘s still on its way to me but the first box meets the requirements and is fabulous! I just like to go overboard 😝 Also I haven‘t gotten anything from my match yet. 9mo
Avanders @ReadingRover yay!! That's very sweet of you 😘😘. I am going through my notifications backwards (I always do... 😬), but if you haven't already posted otherwise, let me know if you haven't gotten it yet. If not, it should be there today! 9mo
ReadingRover @Avanders I got my package today! It‘s awesome! I‘m going to post it tomorrow. @Gissy did a great job! 9mo
Avanders @ReadingRover on an unrelated note .. any update on the #SFMBC book? 😬😘 9mo
ReadingRover @Avanders yes! Sorry. It‘s now all packed up and the package has gotten much bigger 😝 I will be visiting my prosperous friends at UPS any day now and you should be getting it shortly. I‘m really sorry for the delay. 9mo
Avanders @ReadingRover aww it didn't need to increase in size 😜😘 Thanks for the update! 9mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Woot! After two weeks without being able to access my mail box, I finally got a key and found this. One of my #SSS gifts arrived (I signed up for two small ones and I‘m super excited)! Not gonna lie, the tear in the side made it incredibly tempting to just open 😂 I spy a lot of red in there. #StuffedStockingSwap @Avanders

Can‘t wait to send out my packages this weekend!

Avanders ❄️💙❄️💙❄️ 10mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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@Avanders I just got my #StuffedStockingSwap package. Not sure who it's from though. So excited. 🎄🎁

tournevis It's a surprise! 10mo
Avanders ❄️💙❄️💙❄️ and yup, surprise! 😁😘 10mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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She‘s all gussied up and ready to go. #sss #stuffedstockingswap

Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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The tree is up and my #sss #stuffedstockingswap package from @writerlibrarian is the first present under the tree this year. ❤️🎄🌟

writerlibrarian I'm getting my tree next week. I've gone back to a natural small 🌲 in the last three years. 10mo
derr.liz Lovely! I got a package arrival notice today but I'm out of town until Monday...might be my #sss 🤞🎄😃 @Avanders 10mo
Avanders Sooo pretty 😍😍 10mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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@writerlibrarian @Avanders My #sss #stuffedstockingswap has arrived!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Isn‘t it beautiful?

writerlibrarian Glad it made it. Recycled 📦 needed some xmas cheers. I'm a big believer in recycling but with a touch of colour. 🎉 10mo
Avanders 💙❄️💙❄️💙 10mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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#stuffedstockingswap #sss @avanders

1️⃣ Slipper size: 8(US) but I prefer thick warm socks
2️⃣ Favourite winter treat: hot chocolate with marshmallows, Terry‘s chocolate orange
3️⃣ Mittens or gloves: mittens
4️⃣ Scarves: love soft, wooly infinity scarves
5️⃣ Cosmetics: I almost never wear makeup but like lip balm/lip gloss and hand cream/lotion since my hands get very dry during the winter

Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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My #stuffedstockingswap #sss package is on its way. Should arrive sometime next week🤞I had so much fun with this swap! Thank you @Avanders for organising.

Bklover Wow! That looks amazing!! 10mo
derr.liz Just sent mine, too! 📦🎄🧦🎅📚🎁⛄🦌❄️ #SSS @Avanders 10mo
catiewithac 🤩 10mo
Avanders 🎆🎇🎆🎄❣️to you too @derr.liz !! (edited) 10mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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On its way today for the #StuffedStockingSwap @Avanders - excited for openning day December 6!!!!

JoScho So pretty! 😍 10mo
Booksnchill @JoScho christmas wrapping before 🦃day- was a bit of early Festive🎄 10mo
JoScho I am planning on getting mine wrapped this weekend as well 💚🎄❤️ 10mo
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Jilly6183 Wow you guys are so fast! 10mo
Booksnchill @Jilly6183 my goal is all Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving! 10mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love that paper. 10mo
Booksnchill @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego sam‘s club 4pack from their sale last weekend! 10mo
Avanders 🎆🎇🎆🎄❣️ 10mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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1. Llama/Alpaca 🦙cats/dogs
2. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
3. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
4. Watching snow falling while I sit next to the toasty warm fireplace 😁
5. Harry Potter
6. Maltesers/popcorn
7. Apple spice/vanilla
8. Mittens/socks
9. Scrabble/Uno


Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Also participating in the #stuffedstockingswap #sss hosted by @Avanders because one swap is just not enough! Bring on the fun! 💕

Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 10mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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#StuffedStockingSwap #sss

Check your emails! Matches have been sent. Remember to send me your confirmation email!


Endowarrior21 @Avanders I emailed you back with a question 😁 11mo
JamieLou Yayayayay already shopping! 11mo
Jilly6183 Already ordered some things for my match!! 🎁 11mo
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TheReadingMermaid Got mine! Let the shopping begin!!! 11mo
LA_Mead Yay!!!!! 11mo
thewallflower0707 Oh no, I missed it! Will there be another Christmas swap this year, like 2017? 11mo
monalyisha Heck yes! 🙌🏻❄️🌲 11mo
LibrarianRyan Yeah. Got mine!!!! And I now have everything but the stocking. 11mo
JoScho 🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄 11mo
Yeah_I_Read I‘m having trouble with my email but I got my match and your request for my amazon wishlist I‘ll post the link here just in case. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/90soh7l 10mo
Avanders @JamieLou @Jilly6183 @TheReadingMermaid @LA_Mead @monalyisha @JoScho 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 🎄❣️❄️☃️💙 @LibrarianRyan lol yay!! I love this part 😁😁💙❄️☃️🎄❣️ 10mo
Avanders @thewallflower0707 oh no! I haven't heard anything from anyone about another ssgp, but I bet there will be at least 1 more Christmas swap! Did you see @TheReadingMermaid 's blind date swap? And I think @cwarnier might have a small Christmas swap going... keep checking @LitsyHappenings 😄 10mo
Avanders @Yeah_I_Read ok thanks! Bummer about the email issue 👎🏽 But I will pass on the link! Thanks! 😘❄️💙 10mo
cwarnier You can still sign up for my #christmasswap 10mo
cwarnier Bit.ly/christmasswap, I have not matched up yet. 10mo
Gissy Yes! I received it! I will send the confirmation email today! 10mo
Avanders @Gissy 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❣️🎄❄️ 10mo
Avanders @ShelleyBooksie @toric @kspenmoll @heikemarie @Elma @Book_Lust @LeslieO @Savedbygrace @KatieCarpenter @Texreader @TheNerdyProfessor @Slajaunie @kitkatdallibooks @Gaylagal2 @Joy0201 @bookcollecter @Wonderwoman89 @TheWordJar @Booksnchill Please check your emails & let me know you got your "matched!" emails... if not, let me know ASAP so I can resend! You can confirm by email or here on Litsy. Thx! ❄️? (If I've missed it - sorry! But let me know!) (edited) 10mo
bookcollecter Ok cool...I'll check in a little bit. Thanks! 10mo
writerlibrarian @Avanders i received it, replied and you answered 😎😎😎 10mo
Avanders @writerlibrarian 😳 sorry about that!! My email gets a bit busy sometimes 😜 Thanks for letting me know!! 😘😘 *update: I actually have you marked ... I just tagged the wrong person 😬🤗 (edited) 10mo
writerlibrarian @Avanders no problem you are awesome for organizing this. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻⭐️⭐️ 10mo
ShelleyBooksie So excited for the swap! 10mo
Avanders @ShelleyBooksie me too! ❄️🎄 Did you get your matched email? 🤞🏽🤞🏽 10mo
Elma @Avanders I got mine, sorry I forgot to reply. 10mo
Avanders @Elma no worries & thanks! ❄️🎄 10mo
kaysworld1 I'm so excited my box is ready just need to make it look a bit more Christmas - y 🎁🎄🎅🤶 10mo
Avanders @kaysworld1 yay!! So fun! 💚❣️💚 10mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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I just signed up for my first swap! I‘m so excited! I‘ve been feeling so envious of all the amazing fall/Halloween swaps I missed out on, so here‘s my chance.


StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 🎅📚 You're going to love it. 11mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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I have absolutely 0% self control!!! LMAO 😂😂 Just signed up! This is the last day to sign up so hurry up and go to her page to sign up for the swap!
#SSS #StuffedStockingSwap @Avanders

BethM I also lack self control. 11mo
TheReadingMermaid @BethM apparently it's going around these days 🤣🤣🤣 11mo
thebookmagpie Same! Told myself I was only going to do one Secret Santa this year but I love Christmas so much I couldn‘t help it! 11mo
Avanders Thanks for the repost! 😘❣️🎄 11mo
TheReadingMermaid @Avanders of course darlin 11mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Host: @Avanders Sign up by: November 1st Open Date: December 6th Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdSVgOBQH7rSpxLn8lV6grcMuQ4WXh2FWl61KLf... This is a Swap that gives opportunity for international Littens. Make sure to tag @Avanders with any questions! #StuffedStockingSwap

Avanders Thank you!! 😘😘 11mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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@Avanders organized this fun #stuffedstockingswap

I signed up and you should too!! ☃️🎅🎄🎉

(See the original post for the link to sign up)

#bookswap #listyswaps

Avanders Thanks for the repost! 😘🎄❣️ 11mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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Just signed up! Thank you @Avanders for organizing the #stuffedstockingswap! 🎅🏻🤶🏻

Avanders Thanks for the repost! 😘❣️🎄 11mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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All signed up for the #stuffedstockingswap hosted by @Avanders
I love this idea because its for all holidays and different levels of participation!
Sign ups are open!!! Ruuunnnnn! Go Now!!! Go!!! 😃

Avanders Thanks for the repost! 😘❣️🎄 11mo
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Christmas Stockings | Rachael Rowe
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@Avanders is hosting an awesome new #StuffedStockingSwap guys! Go to her page for additional details or click on the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Avanders Thanks for the repost! 😘❣️🎄 11mo
TheReadingMermaid @Avanders of course 🤗😘 I need to sort out a few things and then I will decide whether I can sign up or not. 11mo
Avanders @TheReadingMermaid totally understand! 😘🤗 11mo
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