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@thekidupstairs @cinfhen

Last call for #MugLove23 closing January 11 - opening day Feb 14 🎉☕️📚
BIG thanks to everyone who has already signed up - we‘re close to our magic number of 60 participants ❣️❣️❣️we‘re excited to see such a positive response to this simple yet sweet #swap 🧡a mug and beverage with an option to include a book, that‘s it😃
All the details on the sign up form below


Cinfhen Thanks for sharing 😘 4w
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Be My Valentine | Rosemary Wells
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There's still time to sign up for the #Valentinecardswap 💕

The only requirement to send is a Valentine card. It can be store bought or homemade. Bookmarks, stickers, or a piece of candy are welcome but not required.
You can send US only or International!

Sign up: https://forms.gle/qK56VVwiEf1kHPsc6


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@teebe has opened signups for one week only! See her page for link or with any questions.

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LapReader Me but that‘s ok I live in 0z. 3mo
Endowarrior21 @LapReader Yours is in transit your person sent me the tracking info for yours 3mo
kaysworld1 I think you have my litsy handle wrong hun it's OK. I haven't received mine yet. 3mo
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Books of Blood | Clive Barker
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TheBookDream So excited! 3mo
ashley_o13 Can‘t wait! 3mo
rsteve388 I never got a box. I hope my recipient got theirs. 3mo
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kstadt929 @rsteve388 I had you! I sent your box 10/17 and tracking says it arrived on 10/19 ☹️ I‘m not sure what happened if it didn‘t get to you?! 3mo
rsteve388 I am gonna head to the post office after I get coffee and see if they are holding on to it for me. 3mo
rsteve388 It's also possible they are getting stolen and that would really suck. 3mo
kstadt929 @rsteve388 the tracking info number is on Elfster - it says it was left in the mailbox ☹️ 3mo
kaysworld1 Hello there could you email me please when you get a chance pumpkin 🎃 3mo
Endowarrior21 @kaysworld1 I messaged you on Elfster 😊 3mo
rsteve388 @kstadt929 so I never received my box. I think it was stolen. Could you do a me a favor and tell me what books were in my box? I'd like to go and buy them for myself. No need to replace the box. But if you could tell me the books. That would be cool 3mo
kstadt929 @rsteve388 I‘m so sorry you never got your box. So sad the people do things like that 😞 I sent you fall bookmarks, a pumpkin shortbread candle from target, fall coffee from door county coffee co, cozy socks, The Ex Hex and Wild 3mo
rsteve388 Oooo that's cool right on. Thank you for letting me know I am sure it would have been a beautiful box. Thank you. 3mo
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Swapsies | Fiona Roberton
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Bookish_Gal My package is out to the post office 3mo
Endowarrior21 @Bookish_Gal I had you marked as sent already 😊 3mo
DinoMom I received mine today! 3mo
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LapReader I could not work out how to do it on Elfster but I let you know on another post I thought? 3mo
LibrarianRyan Yeah. I got mine last night. 3mo
ashley_o13 I received mine yesterday! 3mo
Endowarrior21 @LapReader Found it thank you sorry for missing it 3mo
Gissy I received my package (I posted a message) and my match received hers, she also posted a message, we are set, ready for the opening date📦🙌 Thank you for coordinating this activity! 🤗🍁🍂🧡🖤🧡Beautiful picture
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Swapship Troopers | Walker Long
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AprilMae I received mine!! 4mo
LibrarianRyan I have not received it yet, but I will let you know when I do. 4mo
LapReader Sent but not received. 4mo
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kstadt929 Sent and received 💗 4mo
Endowarrior21 @LapReader yours is half way to says due to arrive on the 26th 4mo
DinoMom Sent my package today. I think I marked it correctly as sent Elfster? 4mo
Endowarrior21 @DinoMom I will look later after dinner and putting the boys to bed. 4mo
Gissy Sent package and my match received it. I haven‘t received mine but I received a message indicating that the package was sent. So I‘m good, there is still time. I don‘t mind to wait
MatchlessMarie I received mine and @Endowarrior21 you should have received yours from me today. 4mo
Endowarrior21 @MatchlessMarie Yes I got it thank you 4mo
Endowarrior21 @DinoMom You did it correctly 4mo
TheBookDream Oh drat! I just saw the tiny print on Elfster that said two books and two items. But I spent the $25 and sent one book and two items. Honestly couldn‘t have stretched 25 to two books without buying used. Should I send another book? 4mo
TheBookDream I could order something from Amazon and have it sent, even though it would be over $25. Just let me know. I have to wear my reading glasses 🙄 4mo
Bookish_Gal I though the wishlist had the 2 books and 2 items. Just sent mine out today. 🤦🏽‍♀️ 4mo
sweetpealsd I sent out. I marked it in Elfster also. 4mo
Endowarrior21 The minimum was 2 books and 2 items with a minimum spending limit of $25 not including shipping so if you went over that is fine one book and 1 item in my persons box was $28 alone. So if you went over that is fine. 4mo
TheBookDream “Spending limit” means spending maximum. (“a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.”) A minimum spending amount is what it should have said. 4mo
TheBookDream I can send another book, but please be more clear next time as that absolutely sounded like a $25 budget the way it was worded 4mo
TheBookDream All set! Additional book sent to meet minimum. So they have two packages to look forward to :). Sorry about that. I am taking calculus right now so I am very stuck on the proper definition of limit 🤣 4mo
Endowarrior21 @TheBookDream I am sorry about that I was going through alot with my oldest when I started this swap and I will do my best the next time to word it correctly lol 😆 4mo
TheBookDream @Endowarrior21 no worries. As long as I don‘t get penalized for totally misunderstanding basically everything haha. It‘s all fixed and packages will get there on time. Hope things are going better with your oldest. 4mo
Endowarrior21 @TheBookDream I would not penalized you it's my fault I did not word it correctly. He has his days but he is getting better little man has been through alot in his 8 years on this realm but he is finally learning we are not going to do anything bad to him and he is safe and loved. Only person I never have to worry about him around is my youngest he adores him to pieces and is a great big brother to him. Sorry again for the bad wording. 4mo
rsteve388 My package has been sent. We open on the 29th of October or November? 3mo
Endowarrior21 @rsteve388 this month 3mo
TheBookDream I received my package! Super excited for opening day 3mo
kaysworld1 I sent mine. I think I marked it right on elfster. I have one waiting at the sorting office because I was at work when it arrived. 3mo
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Understanding Swaps | John F. Marshall, hn F. Marshall, Kenneth R. Kapner, nneth R. Kapner
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I know most of you have sent and some of you have received your packages already. I am asking you to mark them on Elfster too seeing my laptop decided to crash and on it was my chart with everyone marked as sent or received.@MatchlessMarie @AprilMae @ashley_o13 @Gissy @kstadt929 @bradyyk @BarkingMadRun @BookNAround @sweetpealsd @rsteve388 @LibrarianRyan @LapReader @DinoMom @Bookish_Gal @TheBookDream #Cozyswap #litsyswaps #3moredaystosend

rsteve388 Sending out tomorrow! 4mo
Gissy I sent my box last Friday, expected to arrive on Tuesday this week (tomorrow). I haven‘t received mine
DinoMom Sending mine out Wednesday. I will mark it on the site as well 4mo
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BookNAround I can‘t figure out where to mark it as sent on the site. I sent mine on the 11th and in tracking it today, it has made it through 4 different portal stations but has yet to get to Canada, where it is heading. Hopefully soon! They claimed it would take 6-10 days when I mailed it. 4mo
TheBookDream I think I marked it sent in Elfster 4mo
Endowarrior21 @BookNAround Click on the person you are sending to and it should give you a tab to mark sent. 4mo
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Book Swap | J E Rowney
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Sent off my All Hallows‘ Read Swap package yesterday (in a recycled box. I forgot to post the pic.) Fun! Thanks for arranging the swap, @MaleficentBookDragon #halloweenreads #allhallowsread #litsyswaps

Fallensteller | Sasa Stanisic
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