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The #BlitsySwap celebrates Black History Month (U.S.) with books by Black authors and bookish and/or Black cultural gift items. Open internationally to kids & adults. Please complete one form per person: https://bit.ly/bhms2023

Sign-ups Close: December 11
Matches Sent: December 19
Open Date: February 28, 2023*

#BlitsyHistoryMonth #Blitsy #BHMS @Chelleo

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DebinHawaii Thank you for tagging me! I always enjoy this one! 2mo
Chrissyreadit 🥳❤️🎉🙌 2mo
MoonWitch94 Just signed up! My first time & really looking forward to it. 🥳 2mo
Teresereading Is there an Australian option? 2mo
Mitch Yeah! Just signed up. Not sure if I ticked the right box - but my first choice would be a U.K. match. 2nd choice a U.S. match. Thanks 🙏 2mo
Chelleo @Teresereading If there is another person in the swap in Australia, I‘ll match you but if not, I‘ll need to know if you are open to sending somewhere else. 2mo
DinoMom @Frasdawg this is another great swap! 2mo
Nalbuque Thank you sm for the tag- I always miss sign ups, and this is one of my fave swaps! Looking forward to it!! 2mo
Chelleo @Mitch Noted and glad you‘re back for this year‘s swap! 2mo
Chelleo @Nalbuque You‘re welcome! It‘s easy to miss the sign ups! Glad your joining in again! 2mo
Chelleo @DinoMom Thanks! I think so too 😉 2mo
Frasdawg @DinoMom THANKS!!! 2mo
Gissy Yes!!! 2mo
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Here are some books I would love to receive in a swap. In case any of my swap partners haven't gone shopping yet. #Swaps #Books

One Summery Day | Larry Dane Brimner
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Abiii!!! 🤩
I love my #soss #sliceofsummerswap box!!! Thank you so much for your sweet thoughtful selection! It was like opening a late birthday present box. 🥰 And the little fake plant? Priceless! 🌺🍍🍌🥥🥤

@AbigailJaneBlog @catsandbooks
#summer #LitsySwaps #summerreading #swaps

Catsandbooks So fun! Have a great summer! ☀️ 7mo
AbigailJaneBlog You are so welcome! I saw the plant and knew immediately I had to get it for you - it was just so cute!! 7mo
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The Black Dahlia | James Ellroy
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🎄🎄🎄 Look what arrived!!! 🎄🎄🎄
@kaysworld1 @MaleficentBookDragon

The missing #jolabokaflod package! I started an enquiry at the German Post.
It looks like they delivered it already on December 17 - but to someone different under another address who only now found the time to put it in my mailbox, where I found it yesterday evening...😀

Yuki_Onna Could DHL/German Post PLEASE stop messing up big time?! I feel bad to participate in #swaps #LitsySwaps already because there's a delivery problem with them every so often. My swap matches do everything right and early and in time - and DHL drops the packages SOMEWHERE without notifying me. 🤬
Which makes everyone feel ... 😣, especially my matches and the swap organizers, who should feel good, not the opposite...
kaysworld1 @Yuki_Onna It's ok hun I'm glad you got it now xx 13mo
Yuki_Onna Thank you soo much, dear Kay! 🤍 I love my parcel! Can't wait to dive into the book and - white chocolate? Yuuumm!!! 😊 @kaysworld1 13mo
MaleficentBookDragon Wow. I am just happy it FINALLY made it to you. YAY@! 13mo
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Gideon the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir
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On Christmas Eve | Ann M. Martin
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My #jolabokaflod package's will be going out to Europe first week in December to two wonderful human beings. ❤ ✈
@MaleficentBookDragon 😊

#jolabokaflodswap #swaps #MerryChristmas #kindnessabdgiving #litsyfriends

monalyisha @kaysworld1 I think I strangely assumed you‘d tagged me by mistake in this because of #NewYearWhoDis. 🙈🤦‍♀️ I think something may have arrived for me from you today? From Book Depository? Either that or it‘s something I ordered & forgot about — but I don‘t dare open it in case! 1y
kaysworld1 @monalyisha Sorry about tagging the wrong person fixed now. No I haven't sent out any package's yet so it's not from me, I think it's safe to open 😆 1y
monalyisha @kaysworld1 Ha! I was right then! I‘ll have to look through my confirmation emails first. Could always be something from someone else. Thanks for clarifying! 1y
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Hey everyone! There is a new page for all the events on litsy. If you have any events you run and would like posted then please tag. If you are interested in participating in any then please follow @LitsyEvents to stay up to date with the many things Litsy has going on.

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Swaps | Sherree DeCovny
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I signed up for both #littlechristmasswap hosted by @bookish_wookish and #jolabokaflodswap hosted by @MaleficentBookDragon and there still a little time left to sign up for them.

I also signed up for the #bestof2021swap 😄 #bookswap #swaps #🎄🎁📚

Swap'd | Tamara Ireland Stone
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I have an idea for a swap, but I've never hosted one before! To those of you that have, what are some helpful tips you could give a newbie? #swaps #litsyswaps

DinoMom I am also interested in people‘s answers to your question, as I also have a couple of ideas for swaps, but have never hosted one either . 1y
SeaToSkyes @DinoMom mine would probably be very small, but it's something that sounds fun to me ☺️ 1y
Chrissyreadit I feel like being somewhat specific on expectations and what responses you get helps to match people in a way to make sure the effort is also rewarded. Also immediate communication and check ins to make sure people send their package and receive their package, and post. Feel free to email with specific questions chrissyreadit@gmail.com @SeaToSkyes @DinoMom 1y
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wanderinglynn @DinoMom @SeaToSkyes I agree with @Chrissyreadit – being specific is key, which means setting expectations and rules up front. Communication is key. I‘m happy to share my Google form with the rules and questions I ask. Also feel free to email me at lynn@wanderinglynn.com or we can set-up a time to chat virtually via zoom or some other method. I‘m happy to help walk you through setting up and running a swap. ☺️ 1y
SeaToSkyes @Chrissyreadit @wanderinglynn thank you for the help! I may get some details together sometime today and email you to get your opinion/advice ☺️ 1y
DinoMom Thanks @Chrissyreadit and @wanderinglynn for the advice. I may reach out. It would be in the new year. 1y
LibrarianRyan Third times the charm. Be specific. And be really good at taking notes and making your participants accountable. If you are not hearing from someone, contact them. Be prepared to replace lost packages. You don't have to do this, but It is one of my mainstays, if a package goes missing or someone flakes, I replace the package (yes this has burned me before). And lastly, ask someone like myself with access, to check your list against known ⬇ 1y
LibrarianRyan problem participants. Yes there is a list. I also keep a list of bad hosts. And participants not being able to get a hold of you is a big factor. If you can not, or will not be there for your participants then don't host. I know this sound like a no brainer, but I've seen it before. Expect it to take 40 hours of work minimum from beginning to end. The more you do the faster you get, but still. Also check out the #SwapPrimer 1y
LibrarianRyan There are 2 parts to the #swapprimer that I wrote up years ago. I got input from lost of different hosts, and every year I repost it as a way to guide newbies.

As with everyone else, you have any questions at all, feel free to ask. MissRyanAF at gmail dot com.
bookish_wookish Its a lot of work and very time consuming! Its a lot of chasing people around and keeping tabs on everyone. Keeping a detailed list/chart is my go to to make sure i know exactly whats going on with everyone. For a first swap i would suggest keeping to US only. Definitely check in with Chrissy or Ryan to get the names of people who have been issues in the past! 1y
SeaToSkyes Thank you so much for your insight @LibrarianRyan and @bookish_wookish ! I have also experienced people flaking on swaps...it happened to me with the #UnbirthdaySwap during the summer. Thankfully @aperfectmjk was a perfect host and handled the situation. 1y
Avanders Oh I forgot to respond to this! I meant to echo what the others have said. Clear rules and a lot of communication are key :) And definitely follow up with what Ryan said about repeat problem participants. And we‘re here if you have questions :) I‘m also happy to share my form if you‘d like, but I know Lynn‘s is great 😁 @DinoMom (edited) 1y
SeaToSkyes @Avanders thank you!! ☺️ 1y
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Do folks have Winter/Christmas swaps planned? I am signed up for #creepychristmas but would love to enjoy more!

Readergrrl Me too!! 1y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Keep an eye on these Littens for sure, I know they're planning winter / xmas swaps for sure. @Chrissyreadit @sprainedbrain @MaleficentBookDragon @bookish_wookish 1y
Chrissyreadit Yup! Ours is coming in a few days- Witchy/Pagan Winter Solstice Yule themed. 1y
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Nessavamusic @Chrissyreadit that sounds great, I will keep an eye out 1y
MaleficentBookDragon I‘ll get my signups started for #jolabokaflodswap up soon. 1y
Gaylagal2 I'm looking forward to it too 🤙 1y
Nessavamusic @MaleficentBookDragon yay! I love that one 1y
bookish_wookish Yes! #littlechristmas is happening this year! 1y
BethM @MaleficentBookDragon yay! I already bought my son books for this year! I‘m going to make sure we do it in our house :) 1y
CuriousG @MaleficentBookDragon I haven't done the Jolabokaflod swap in the past but think it sounds amazing. Will keep an eye out for the announcement! 1y
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