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@kaysworld1 I received your #HappyHalloween box! 😍 I love everything! Me and my family were very excited about opening the box! Then I had to hide the sweets from my daughter, otherwise she would have eaten them at once! 😜 Thank you so much! 😘
P.S. And I mailed out my #HelloFrom package to you!

kaysworld1 ♥️ 8mo
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Omg!!!!!!! @LapReader your package finally came!!!!! This was the biggest surprise I‘ve experienced in a long time. I didn‘t think I would ever get my #hellofrom package but here it is all the way from Australia! Thank you so much for this amazing, thoughtful and amazing smelling package. Mitch Albom is my favorite author and I can‘t wait to read this one!

@bullbunny #australia #mpls #twincities #surprise #happiness

mreads I love this swap idea😀 8mo
LapReader Finally! So glad you like it and thanks for your patience. 8mo
LapReader Did the soap melt? 8mo
Schnoebs @LapReader nope, the soap was perfect! 8mo
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Finally, I love it already! #hellofrom #litsyswap #uspsadventures

kaysworld1 Thank god you got it. Do you like everything in it?i can't remember what I put in it 💝 10mo
Sharpeipup @kaysworld1 I do love it all...What a picturesque area you live in! Hidden Figures is among my favorite movies. It I‘ve never read the book so I am looking forward to that, in particular. 10mo
bullbunny Pictures!!! I NEED PICTURES 10mo
Sharpeipup @bullbunny @kaysworld1 Sorry, with the move, most of it is already safely packed away. 📦 10mo
bullbunny @Sharpeipup awww okay.. 10mo
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hello! hello! | Matthew Cordell
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BookishTrish I ❤️ the sticker 10mo
kaysworld1 @Sharpeipup That's one of them, did you get the other white box? xxx 😀 10mo
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I got book mail today 😁
This #HelloFrom package is the coolest thing ever, I think it got repacked 👎
Thank you to Emily @WriterAtHeart the chocolate is a funny shape but still looks tasty.
Everything else wow I love it and I love you 💝

Also thank you to @bullbunny for her never ending patience 💙

WriterAtHeart I am so glad you finally got it! You have no idea how frustrating the shipping company has been! Glad you like it!!!! 😁😃😎 10mo
kaysworld1 @WriterAtHeart I've had the same trouble this end sending mine there just not helpful. But anyway I got it and I love the shot glass and keyring I've always had a obsession with the liberty bell 💝 10mo
kaysworld1 @WriterAtHeart I'm wearing my t shirt today and I have packed my pencils ready for college next week 💙 10mo
WriterAtHeart So glad to hear it! 10mo
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Thrillers, tea, notebooks, organic food and trail mixes, Mexican day of the dead, tights, my book lover‘s diary that @AWahle gave me @BBL4nkensh1p

AWahle Ah thanks! I still need to send you more tea! 10mo
LapReader You aren‘t allowed it costs too much @AWahle 10mo
wanderinglynn Alissa, did you get your #hellofrom box? The tracking shows it was delivered, but you‘ve not posted anything. 10mo
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LapReader Sorry @wanderinglynn I am behind on posts. I took the picture on my other phone. I will post tonight. It was my favourite parcel ever. Thankyou. 10mo
wanderinglynn I‘m so glad! I was worried it wasn‘t delivered correctly or something. ☺️ 10mo
LapReader Sorry to worry you @wanderinglynn 10mo
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Secrets of a Charmed Life | Susan Meissner
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The dog is getting a rather long walk thanks to this book. #audiowalking #audiobook

kaysworld1 Hello there I am your #hellofrom swap I was wondering if you got yet? you should have 2 packages ones gold and ones a white box? I know it's supposed to be a secret but I'm getting quiet concerned about it now. 10mo
Sharpeipup @kaysworld1 Sorry but no package has arrived yet. I was actually at the post office to ask about other items so they are looking into our mail delivery service. I promise to keep you posted & a big thank you in advance! 10mo
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Got this yesterday in the #HelloFrom swap & finished it today. Thanks @heikemarie for this wonderful read. I couldn‘t put it down & enjoyed it immensely. ☺️

Judybskt I loved that book!! 10mo
RadicalReader @wanderinglynn I loved reading her Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Fudgeamania, Super Fudge. 10mo
Verity I really enjoyed this. All the best bits of a Blume middle grader but with adults stuff too. 10mo
heikemarie I‘m so glad you enjoyed!! It really is a great read 💜 you‘re a beast finishing in one day! 10mo
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Omg @Kelican17 this is AMAZING!!!!! My husband and I are now planning a trip to Michigan because of all this awesomeness! He has confiscated the gummies and i think we have joint custody over the shirt (sooo soft!!!!). My daughter and I have already read the book 5 times (which is now lovingly referred to as “my monsters”). The rock will be joining the collection on my desk at work (yes I have a rock collection on my desk, it‘s like you knew!! 👇

Crewgurl The candle smells amazing! And everything else is so cool and thoughtful, thank you so much!!! I love it all!!!! @Kelican17 #hellofrom @bullbunny (edited) 10mo
bullbunny Wow so amazing!! @kelican you did good 👍 10mo
Kelican17 I‘m so glad you like everything! I had fun shopping for the goodies! I hope you make it to Michigan! We would definitely need a Litsy meet up! 😃😃 10mo
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Crewgurl Absolutely!!! @Kelican17 thank you again! 10mo
Sills Is your city Totowa? I‘m trying to send a thank you:) 10mo
Crewgurl @Sills yes! Totowa! 10mo
Sills Thank you 10mo
Crewgurl @Sills got your card! Thank you 😊 10mo
Sills You are welcome🙂 10mo
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hello! hello! | Matthew Cordell
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@JulietteGF thank you for the Texas goodies!! I am excited to try the teas, I just opened the popcorn, and I LOVE the hat! I think every independent bookstore should have their own hat!! Super cool! All of the books look interesting and I might need you to tell me what I should eat with jalapeño bacon jam! Thanks again!! ??? #hellofrom @bullbunny

bullbunny Great job!! @JulietteGF 10mo
JulietteGF I'm so happy you liked your package ;) For the jam, the only thing that I would personally use it for is gourmet burger... Sorry for the late answer, I got several bad days of migraine, and today, migraine gone, but I hurt my back 🙄 Wish you a wonderful weekend!!! 10mo
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