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Information | Luciano Floridi
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We live in a society that is awash with information, but few of us really understand what information is. In this Very Short Introduction, one of the world's leading authorities on the philosophy of information and on information ethics, Luciano Floridi, offers an illuminating exploration of information as it relates to both philosophy and science. He discusses the roots of the concept of information in mathematics and science, and considers the role of information in several fields, including biology. Floridi also discusses concepts such as "Infoglut" (too much information to process) and the emergence of an information society, and he addresses the nature of information as a communication process and its place as a physical phenomenon. Perhaps more important, he explores information's meaning and value, and ends by considering the broader social and ethical issues relating to information, including problems surrounding accessibility, privacy, ownership, copyright, and open source. This book helps us understand the true meaning of the concept and how it can be used to understand our world. About the Series: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and style, Very Short Introductions offer an introduction to some of life's most interesting topics. Written by experts for the newcomer, they demonstrate the finest contemporary thinking about the central problems and issues in hundreds of key topics, from philosophy to Freud, quantum theory to Islam.
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Information | Luciano Floridi
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I need recommendations for a coffee table book or a good biography for an art major.

Please share all suggestions 🙏🏻 🖼 🧑‍🎨 ♥️

Thanks xx

wanderinglynn This one is considered a biographical fiction but I really enjoyed 2w
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SilversReviews The Stolen Lady by Laura Morelli - or - The Night Portrait by Laura Morelli 2w
Cinfhen Thank you SO MUCH @wanderinglynn and @SilversReviews Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!! They look wonderful 💕 2w
SilversReviews @Cinfhen You are welcome!! 2w
wanderinglynn ☺️ My pleasure 2w
julesG @Mitch posted an interesting looking book just yesterday. About mathematicians. Might make a good coffee table book 2w
Cinfhen Thanks @julesG I‘m gonna go check it out 😘 2w
julesG I could also think that a large book on any kind of art might be interesting. Maybe textile arts? 2w
julesG This came to mind, too. 2w
julesG And I'll probably think of some more while I hoover the flat. 😁 2w
TheAromaofBooks It isn't really about artists or artwork in any way, but I absolutely LOVE the amazing illustrations in this one and have spent so much time looking at them. I especially love the way he goes off on a ramble about how picturesque he thinks foxes are and then includes several pages of random illustrations of them haha 2w
Mitch I like this one - it‘s a biography of Susan Valadon a working class artist in nineteenth century France and muse to many famous artists. She was a fierce, determined, ground breaking woman 2w
Cinfhen @Mitch fantastic!!!! THANKS 💕💕💕 2w
Simona You can‘t go wrong with coffee books from https://www.taschen.com 2w
Simona 🤗… “ table “ 😁 2w
Cinfhen The books are GORGEOUS @Simona but pricey 🤑🤑🤑and of course I want them all!! 2w
Simona Some are pricey, but you can find reasonable prices too. I have Leonardo da Vinci‘s XL edition and it‘s beautiful. 2w
Cinfhen I‘ll look through more carefully @Simona because they really were beautiful 2w
Cinfhen Thanks @KarenUK xx 2w
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Information | Luciano Floridi
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#TeamGameSleighers, I know this is impossible to see but rather than make 3 separate posts I‘ll give you the link to all of our #WinterGames documents: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t4sS610xjKOKuyN02BdpXUz2Eigryjb5?usp=sha... I know the points list seems daunting, but we wanted to make a lot of ways to earn points so that everyone, no matter their participation level, can play. To earn early bird points, post and play by Dec 1.

sblbooks My most anticipated read has been on my TBR forever. 3w
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Desha My most anticipated read is 3w
PathfinderNicole My most anticipated read! It‘s the newest in the series and I‘m SO excited about it! 3w
Laughterhp I think my most anticipated read is 3w
IndoorDame My most anticipated read is 3w
PageShifter My most anticipated read is 3w
Moll My most anticipated read is Let It Snow - I read it years ago and I'm going to read it as my Buddy Read. I'm so excited! 3w
Bookworm54 I am looking forward to reading lots of Christmas books! But I am also excited for my non-Christmassy food and lit pick 3w
carlthecattt Loved Let It Snow years ago, look forward to reading it again! I‘ve got 4 books on my TBR list picked out to go, but look forward to adding some more for December. 3w
sebrittainclark I'm planning on reading a bunch of holiday romances in December. I think I'm most excited for Window Shopping. 3w
sharread My most anticipated Christmas read is The Secret of Snow by Viola Shipman 3w
cwarnier I created and used this point tracker last year and loved it.
It kept me so organized.

Please feel free to grab your own copy and use it as you wish.
(edited) 3w
Tattooedteacher The Christmas Bookshop is one I‘m looking forward to and The Christmas Pig. 2w
StayCurious @cwarnier wow thanks so much! 2w
j9brown Looking forward to reading Migrations this month, and also seeing what BotM offers. Hopefully something seasonal and fun! 2w
JenReadsAlot Finally going to read 2w
Kshakal I am super excited for our holiday buddy read… 2w
Patchshank I'm excited to read this. I started to read it last month, but realized it's a Christmas story so I saved it for December. I love Christmas horror stories. There's seems to be so few good ones. 2w
Crazeedi @cwarnier thanks!! 2w
Crazeedi My most anticipated read is 2w
Crazeedi @carlthecattt your choice is a great book!! 2w
Crazeedi @sharread I've read several of her books, and really enjoyed 2w
Crazeedi @Desha that looks like a really good book! 2w
Crazeedi @StayCurious question, will you tell us when to do each of the games in your Drive bundle? Or are they all ongoing all month?? 2w
Crazeedi @cwarnier I just requested access to your document! Thanknyou 2w
StayCurious @Crazeedi anything in the drive document is ongoing but we‘ll also have one game each week that I‘ll post and tag you in. They will be easy and should help get you a bunch of points. 2w
Kdgordon88 My most anticipated book is with the #SundayBuddyRead group 2w
aperfectmjk After looking over my selections I think I would say Wishin' and Hopin' is probably the one I'm looking forward to the most. I'm not much for romance novels, so this one should be refreshing. 2w
Ash.on.the.line Most anticipated read is Jingle Wars. I‘m hoping it‘s good! 2w
BayouGirl85 This is one of my favorite reading events of the year. 2w
ChasingOm I bought this one last year after the holidays and have been waiting for Winter Games to actually read it! 2w
coffeewithbooks Do they all have to christmas related books? 1w
StayCurious @coffeewithbooks Christmas or winter themed books get you extra points but this year any book that‘s on your TBR gets points as well 1w
StayCurious @sebrittainclark I just love holiday romances! So glad the #WinterGames gives me an excuse to read them 1w
StayCurious @aperfectmjk if you are not much for romance novels, do you have any suggestions for other christmasy / wintery books that aren't romance? My husband @FlynnDewey is participating in the #WinterGames and needs suggestions 1w
StayCurious @BayouGirl85 Thanks so much! 1w
aperfectmjk @StayCurious oh wow, definitely hard to come by, but I would say any of the Mary Higgins Clark Christmas mysteries are a safe bet. I read A Christmas Story last year and it was really great. Skipping Christmas is what Christmas with the Kranks movie was based off of, so that one should be fun. There's a lot of other murder mysteries out there, maybe do a Google search. 1w
wordslinger42 My most anticipated read is The Legend of Holly Claus! I re-read it every holiday season, and it never gets old! 😊🎄 1w
coffeewithbooks So, if there not a Christmas related it counts 1pt ?? Sorry for the confusion 1w
vonnie862 This looks like so much fun! I'll need to create my tbr once I get back home this weekend. 1w
StayCurious @coffeewithbooks 10 points impulse reads, 15 points if book was on TBR, and 25 if it‘s holiday or wintery themed - basically you get points for anything you read 1w
Patchshank I'm looking forward to reading this. And almost every other book on my list. 1w
magyklyXdelish Most anticipated read, if I can ever get around to it! 7d
SeaToSkyes I'm most excited to read this from my TBR! 6d
MatchlessMarie Late commenting but my most anticipated December read is Boho Days by J. Collis which is going to be one of my Christmas present to myself 😂 5d
dainarmb I'm looking forward to Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey! (IDK how to tag books on Litsy 😅🙈) 4d
vonnie862 Looking through my TBR shelves, The Action Bible is a book that I am highly looking forward to. 4d
bekakins I‘m looking forward to getting cracking with my Christmas book club read… Christmas Days by Jeanette Winterson 🎄🎄 (edited) 4d
JoeMo I‘m excited about so much on my TBR list, but especially about Sixgun Santa! Probably because I just found it today. It‘s an old pulp collection of holiday stories! 😂🎄🎅🏻 4d
Pigpen_Reads I'm most excited about The Christmas Village by Annie Rains. I can't wait to read it! 2d
Bookjunkie57 Super late but I‘m really exited for Darynda Jones new book. I know it‘s not a holiday read but I love her stories and characters. Also I can‘t wait to watch my favorite Christmas movies. I‘ve been holding back til 12/1. 2d
TheSpineView Still collecting books to read so I almost forgot to post my got to read book. In addition to the Tagged book I am also excited about reading A Holiday by Gaslight. 2d
Liatrek I‘m looking forward to finally reading 1d
LitStephanie My most anticipated read is Yule Tide, a collection of Jane Austen inspired stories. 1d
DebinHawaii Posted my #TBR this weekend but forgot to say that this is my most anticipated book because I have meant to read it the last couple of Christmases & this is the year I FINALLY will! 🎄😉 1d
Roary47 A little late, but my most anticipated is: A Heartfelt Christmas Promise 13h
EJG31 My most anticipated read is We Are The Brennans 4h
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Information | Luciano Floridi
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This is not book related, but I thought it was important to share. I saw this on Facebook and it was something I didn‘t even think about until I saw it! As much as we all buy things, send things, sign things, etc. I thought it important information for everyone to know. Please feel free to share and pass it on!

LibrarianRyan Thanks. 2y
Cinfhen Thanks!!! Never thought about this 2y
Texreader Very interesting. Thanks for sharing 2y
readordierachel Good to know! 2y
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Information | Luciano Floridi
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I need info from the following people:
@ravenlee - mail address (city, state, zip)
@LA_Mead since you are in Canada you need to be able to ship International. Do you still want to participate?
@CynthiaFBuck - email address
I need this information before you can be matched with a partner. Thanks guys!

LA_Mead @TheReadingMermaid ah that‘s too bad...normally international isn‘t an issue but I think I‘ll have to bow out this time 😖 sorry... 3y
BeansPage @LA_Mead I'm so sorry sweetheart. The problem is I have nobody else signed up from Canada to match you with. Otherwise this would not be an issue. If you want to, I can let you know when I close sign-ups if I have somebody from Canada or not and you can make your final decision whether to participate or not then. It's up to you though. 3y
ravenlee Weird, I know I put it in the form. Where should I send it? 3y
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BeansPage @ravenlee if you go to the email that you got as confirmation, you should be able to edit your form responses and just input your city state and zip code in your address line at the top. 3y
ravenlee I don‘t think I got a confirmation email. I‘ve been on the lookout but haven‘t seen one. 3y
BeansPage @ravenlee Darn it! 😖 Okay just shoot me an e-mail please: TamaraTheReadingMermaid@yahoo.com 3y
BeansPage @LA_Mead I just had somebody else from Quebec Canada sign up. Do you still want to participate? 3y
ravenlee Done and sent. 3y
BeansPage @ravenlee awesome sauce thank you so much! 🤗 3y
LA_Mead @TheReadingMermaid amazing! Yes please!!! 3y
BeansPage @LA_Mead okay then sweetie you're good to go 3y
BeansPage @CynthiaFBuck I just need your e-mail address and you are good to go as well 3y
LA_Mead @TheReadingMermaid yay! Thank you! 🤩 3y
BeansPage @mamareading I need your city state and zip please 3y
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