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The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story by Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times Company
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Puffin Classics Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
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Checking in on #LitsyCrafters 🌈

I have two creative goals:
1. Grow and cultivate the #LitsyCrafters community
2. Open my own Etsy shop

All are welcome to join in!

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LiseWorks I am planning on selling some art pieces, photos, ect at our village farmers market this summer. 7h
SeaToSkyes Mine are to make more things for myself and family/friends and not worry about selling so much right now 7h
wanderinglynn I am getting ready to start The Artist‘s Way. That‘s my biggest creativity goal for the next 12 weeks. 7h
4thhouseontheleft Mine is to not judge my final productz so harshly and do creative and artistic things as mental health self-care outlet. Process, not product. 😃 7h
slategreyskies @wanderinglynn someone recommended that to me years ago, and I‘ve done parts of it several times. Even though I never completed the course, every time I attempted it, I got so much out of it. I‘m sure you will too!! :) 7h
slategreyskies @4thhouseontheleft I love that! I need to do that too! I‘m so critical of my art, and I don‘t think I should be that way. 7h
slategreyskies My goal for the year is to fill up an art journal. I‘m taking a year long art journaling course this year, so I‘m hoping it will help me make time for my creativity and also not judge it harshly, but just allow myself to play. 7h
TheSpineView No real goal in mind. Just want to enjoy creating! 7h
hissingpotatoes My goal is just to craft more, on a regular/consistent basis. I'm starting an art journal and excited about it! 6h
BennettBookworm @slategreyskies where did you find the art journaling course? Sounds awesome! 6h
BennettBookworm @wanderinglynn I love the artist‘s way! Enjoy!! 6h
MeganAnn My biggest creative goal is to try to work my creative pursuits into my schedule on a more regular basis. Make it a habit like reading is already because right now I find it‘s the last thing on my list. So far in January, this has not gone well but I‘m hopeful I can do better now that my work schedule is less hectic. If anyone has tips on how they do this I‘m all ears!! 6h
slategreyskies @BennettBookworm I‘ve done three different year long art journaling courses over the years. The one I chose to do this year is Wanderlust 2022. I‘m really enjoying it so far. Here‘s the link to the site: https://www.everything-art.com/p/wanderlust22-mixedmediacourse 6h
MeganAnn @BennettBookworm I‘m not sure what @slategreyskies is doing, but if you‘re interested I‘ve found some inspiring, free art journal tutorials by Let‘s Make Art on YouTube. They also sell kits and supplies for art journaling (and watercolor too!), but all of their tutorials are free to watch on YouTube even if you don‘t buy anything from them. 6h
LibrarianRyan To finish half done projects. 6h
BennettBookworm @slategreyskies @MeganAnn thank you! Totally checking these things out! 6h
Butterfinger I love that art journaling idea @MeganAnn how cool! I'm just building my little business as much as I can. 3h
TheBookbabeblog84 Ohhh I do. I am going to try to knit my first afghan. And several shawls. 3h
Clwojick My main goals are to create more nail sets to list on my Etsy, and to create some more fun seasonal decor. My favourite diy crafty projects are always Halloween/Christmas, but this year I also hope to create and decorate for Valentine‘s Day, Easter, and maybe even Canada Day. 🤩 1h
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I keep forgetting to post the koshari I made for #FoodandLit Egypt 🇪🇬 There were a lot of elements to the dish, which made it take a long time to make. But delicious! Close to a curry, it was very comforting. I think I would make a simplified version of this again!

LeahBergen That looks good! 3d
Texreader What a presentation!! Looks amazing! 3d
Butterfinger Wow! 3d
5feet.of.fury I had to google it because I was like “is that pasta on rice??” And it is. Mmmm carbs on carbs. Sounds like an awesome dish & yours looks great! 3d
Catsandbooks @5feet.of.fury 😂 yeah definitely carb heavy, but oh so tasty! 2d
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Dear Santa | Nancy Naigle
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3/5 ⭐️ Hallmark-esque Christmas story. I wasn't crazy about the characters, especially the guy. But least there was a HEA.


Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 4d
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I had so much fun tonight at our #LitsyCrafters Paint Party! 🎨

I hope to do more events like this in the future, so stay tuned!

BookwormAHN This was great fun. I'd love to do more 😺 1w
Chrissyreadit I loved it too! @Avanders I did not see you? 🥺 1w
vonnie862 This looks like a lot of fun! 1w
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curiouserandcurioser @Catsandbooks it is stunning and i had fun, too!! Cant wait for what we plan next💜 1w
Texreader Dang yours looks good!!! Well done! 1w
Catsandbooks @Texreader thank you! 1w
Catsandbooks @curiouserandcurioser thanks so much my dear! 1w
Ruthiella Beautiful! I expect Mr. Tumnis to step into the frame in any minute! 😍 1w
Catsandbooks @Ruthiella it definitely has that Narnia feeling ✨ 1w
Chrissyreadit Leila you definitely have artistic skills. Your painting looks great 😍 1w
MaleficentBookDragon I had so much fun! Yours is really good. 1w
megnews Beautiful! 1w
Catsandbooks @Chrissyreadit thanks Chrissy! 🥰 1w
Catsandbooks @MaleficentBookDragon Thanks Chelle! I had lots of fun too! ❤️ 1w
Catsandbooks @megnews thank you! 1w
Gissy 😍👌 1w
DannyDan So beautiful! 3d
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The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story | Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times Company
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1. Tagged. Plus Death on the Nile and Dear Santa.
2. Rainy. With a chance of snow/sleet late tonight and early tomorrow.
3. Cozy sweaters. A hot beverage. Kitty cuddles 💕


Tag you're it!

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Hoping to make significant progress on Dear Santa and Death on the Nile. Also to keep up with the #1619groupread. I'll need to read as much as I can during the readathon as the week after I'll be traveling and visiting with my family, so I won't have as much time to read then.

Andrew65 Good luck 😊👍 2w
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Hello fellow #LitsyCrafters 🎨

We've loved seeing what you're working on and projects you've done in the past. Keep 'em coming!

I'm currently working on recycling the holiday cards I got this past year into bookmarks!

If you want a blank template of this check in post you can find it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t9ljlAZ8HIAHQ8isjNvOdF-6E9rMgvzc/view?usp=drive...

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aperfectmjk Cool idea! 2w
peanutnine Wow I love that idea! I hate to throw old cards away but never know what to do with them 2w
Chrissyreadit I saved my cards to make ornaments. I painted my bedroom so far 🤣 2w
SamanthaMarie I saved my Susan Branch calendar and I want to craft it into bookmarks and little paraphernalia that I put into letters and cards but I've yet to start 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 2w
cariashley Great idea. My mom recycles them into gift tags for future holidays. She trims them with serrated scissors then mounts them on colored construction paper with a little hole punched ribbon bow 😊 2w
Clwojick I‘m just about to pull out a paint by number ❤️ 2w
Butterfinger I love this idea. 2w
Cazxxx That‘s a great idea! 2w
vlwelser This is a great idea! Looks great. 2w
RainyDayReading This is an awesome idea! Now I know what to do with all of mine! 2w
Roary47 Nice that is a wonderful idea! 2w
PaperbackPirate What a fun idea! 📚 2w
BookwormAHN That is a great idea and I can use the old cards for bookmarks in next year's cards. 2w
erank58 Love this!!!! 2w
ShelleyBooksie Wonderful idea!! I love the baby Grogu. I'm currently working on creating my own reading/bullet journal. 2w
Catsandbooks @Chrissyreadit hey that's a big accomplishment! 2w
Catsandbooks @SamanthaMarie well you have a plan and that's the most important step! 2w
Catsandbooks @cariashley oh that's a cute idea!! 2w
Catsandbooks @ShelleyBooksie Awesome! I love my journals! 2w
Crazeedi I will take a picture and post! Thanks for tagging me! 1w
coffeewithbooks That such a good idea 6d
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#LitsyCrafters Paint Party Guests!

Email Google invites have been sent out by our friend Mary! Please RSVP as this contains your link for the Google Meet (video platform we'll be using)
Also please submit your payment via one of the methods listed in the email.

Thanks! 🎨❤️

Chrissyreadit I‘m so excited!! 2w
BookwormAHN @Chrissyreadit So am I 😺 2w
Butterfinger I hate that I kept forgetting. Have fun!!! 2w
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Catsandbooks @Butterfinger if you still want to sign up I can open the form. There's still time! 2w
Texreader I need to confirm the new time still works for us and whether we can do google meet. 2w
Catsandbooks @Texreader it's still at the same time. 6pm Eastern standard time. Let me know what you decide ☺️ 2w
Texreader @Catsandbooks Ha! I mixed up pacific time and eastern time. I did see the picture has changed. Do you know what it will be? 2w
Catsandbooks @Texreader the picture is actually still the same. The email just said a change was made cause she was updating the info in the invitation. 2w
MaleficentBookDragon I just sent my payment. I'm excited for the paint party! 2w
witchyreader13 Hi, @catsandbooks - I'm not going to be able to do this like I originally planned. Can you please take me off the list? Thank you! I hope to join in next time you guys do something like this though, so keep me in the loop. :) 2w
Catsandbooks @witchyreader13 no problem! We'll miss you! 2w
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An Ember in the Ashes | Sabaa Tahir
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1. Fast moving. Give me the action!
2. Tagged. I love the Ember in the Ashes series! Sabaa Tahir is an auto buy author for her magnificent plots!


BookwormAHN I also loved that series 💜 2w
TheSpineView Thanks for playing! Happy Tuesday! 2w
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#FoodandLit Buddy Read Check-in!
Death on the Nile

If you've started the book, how are you liking it?
I had to make a character list, there were so many to keep track of!
Any characters stand out to you?

*If you are not currently on the tag list for the buddy read, but would like to be, let me know! Or if you want to be removed let me know that too.

Butterfinger Poirot. I just adore him. He tells it bluntly, but with empathy. 2w
KellyK This is only my second Christi novel. A list of characters is definitely an excellent idea. I‘m at the halfway point and still trying to figure out Tim Allerton. 2w
Crazeedi I just got the book this weekend!! Going to start this week!! 2w
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Bookwormjillk I listened to the audiobook last week. I had trouble keeping everyone straight but it was Poirot so I stuck with it 😁 2w
tokorowilliamwallace @puzzledbooks This is an interesting concept for a monthly reading challenge if it interests you. 2w
Texreader This concept has arisen a few times in the book: that the young (young adults) feel things more intensely. I‘d love to hear people‘s opinions about it. 2w
BrittanyReads I've started, and also made a character list 🤣 I jot notes down for the characters I find suspicious 👀 Got eyes on Jacqueline & Simon, but they feel too obvious. 2w
Catsandbooks @BrittanyReads I'm doing the same thing. I also was thinking Jackie or Simon but like you said it seems too obvious. 2w
Catsandbooks @Texreader That's interesting. I haven't noticed it yet, but now I'll definitely look for it! I think young people feel things more intensely because usually it's the first time they are feeling some emotion, while older people have most likely gone through those emotions before. To the young everything is still fresh and new. 2w
Catsandbooks @Bookwormjillk I love audiobooks! How was this one? 2w
Catsandbooks @KellyK this is my third Christie so ik what you mean. She likes a large cast of characters. I'm not sure about Tim either. 2w
Catsandbooks @Butterfinger I like Poirot too! ❤️ 2w
Butterfinger Wow @Texreader - an excellent observation. I don't think I would feel as angry as the one young lady (don't have my book with me) when her best friend and fiance got together. At 46, I would be, “you can have him.“
maich I got the book today. Will probably start at weekend. 2w
Catsandbooks @Bookwormjillk That's good to hear! 2w
Jerdencon I‘m still waiting on my copy from the library! But hope to catch up soon! 2w
Catsandbooks @Jerdencon no worries, there's no time line. Read at your own pace! 2w
Butterfinger I'm laughing so hard at Colonel Race tonight. I don't want to spoil, but I usually don't laugh out loud while reading. 2w
Catsandbooks @Butterfinger I love when that happens! Can't wait to get to that part! 2w
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I started a couple chapters last week but definitely needed a character list. I paused for the week thanks to work but will hopefully read it this week, with a character list nearby. I listened to both Affair at Styles & Murder on the Orient but didn't enjoy them as much as I did physically reading And Then The Were None. I think I need to physically read Christie's books. 2w
Catsandbooks @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick yeah lots of characters! I really enjoyed And then there were none! 1w
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#LitsyCrafters one more day to sign up for our paint night!

Anyone is welcome!

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/mpwZVytodcr4d4mu7

How to Be an Antiracist | Ibram X. Kendi
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4.5/5 ⭐️ Such an important book about racism in our society! This was informationally dense and I think I may have absorbed more if I had read the physical version vs listening to the audiobook, but then it would have taken me forever. I really liked Kendi's cadence and found him to be a powerful speaker.

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Alice in Wonderland | Lewis Carroll
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I made the invitation for my niece's (who's name is Alice) first birthday! It turned out so cute I had to share! I just can't wait to see her in person at the end of the month!! 🐇🐛❤️☕️😸

*I blocked out the personal info

Chrissyreadit So cute!!! 3w
julesG This is so cute! 😍😍 3w
Smrloomis Super cute! Nice work! 3w
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww I love it!! 3w
Gissy Beautiful!😍👌 3w
AmyG That is so cute. 3w
maich So beautiful! I love it😍❤ 2w
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How to Be an Antiracist | Ibram X. Kendi
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✨Read at least 60 books. Keep up with all challenges

✨I usually pick a quote for the year, rather than a word. My quote this year is "You can do anything, but not everything" Reminding myself to not take on so much that I get overwhelmed and focus on what I truly love.

✨Tagged. Yes, though it's heavy, topic-wise, it's very important!


Texreader What an excellent quote! 3w
Julsmarshall Great quote! 3w
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The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story | Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times Company
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Enjoying a chocolate macaroon tea latte on this chilly day, while working on the 1619 Project for the #1619groupread ☕️

5feet.of.fury Sounds delish and that mug is cuuute! 3w
Lcsmcat That mug! 3w
Catsandbooks @5feet.of.fury @Lcsmcat Inside on the bottom it says "the cat loves me best" ? 3w
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Lcsmcat @Catsandbooks She does. 😹 3w
Megabooks Has the group read started? I filled out the form but haven‘t heard anything. 3w
Suet624 Chocolate macaroon tea???? 3w
Catsandbooks @Megabooks No not yet. The first discussion should be this weekend. 3w
Catsandbooks @Suet624 yes! I got it from David's tea 3w
Suet624 I‘m rushing right over to the website now. 3w
Catsandbooks @Suet624 They have so many unique flavors, I love getting the sampler boxes and trying them all! 3w
4thhouseontheleft Chocolate macaroon tea sounds delicious! 2w
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1. Tagged

2. To get my Etsy shop up and running! I started working on art/products last year, but then I got into a depression slump and just wasn't feeling inspired. But I'm doing better now and I think the support of #LitsyCrafters will help too!

3. My mom- she's the best! 💕 I can't wait to actually see her in person at the end of the month!!


Eggs Love Arden💙. Best wishes on your new venture🎈 3w
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Winter Weather | Jasper Bix
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❄️Yes! Mainly for looking at though, it's so beautiful!

❄️Watching the snow while curled up under a cozy blanket with a book and mug of something hot!
When I lived in the UP I also loved to sauna and then go out in the snow then run back into the sauna again! So fun!


TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 3w
Butterfinger That is on my bucket list. Sauna then snow. It also reminds me of Kristin Lavrensdatter when the characters would take a birch stick and hit their legs lightly to help circulation. Did your husband's family do that too @Texreader 3w
Texreader @Butterfinger Ha! I‘ll have to ask! 😂 3w
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Catsandbooks @Butterfinger It's a blast! There's even a tradition on the first significant snowfall of the year people will sauna and then jump into the canal attached to Lake Superior! 3w
Catsandbooks @Texreader I'm also interested if they have any sauna traditions! 3w
Texreader @Catsandbooks Not in Norway. My husband‘s brother Ketil married a Finnish girl Annika—who‘s my favorite in-law. We are so much alike EXCEPT she loves the cold, can‘t tolerate heat (so she‘s never visited me in Texas 🙁), and she‘s NUTS about saunas. I mean really, those Finns would do anything for their saunas. It‘s incomprehensible to me. But I love her very much, so ok. 😂 3w
Catsandbooks @Texreader I'm Finnish! There's quite a large Finnish population in the UP, especially the Keweenaw, which is where my grandpa was from and where I went to college and lived for almost 10 years. Saunas are very common up there! I definitely embrace my Finnish side! I just wondered if Norway was similar in that aspect since they're in the same region. 3w
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Some of my 2021 reading stats from Goodreads and Storygraph! This was the most I've read in a year in many many years, and that's definitely thanks to Litsy and this wonderful community!
If you're reading this, thank you! You inspire me to achieve my goals, not just with books, but in life too! ❤️

Crazeedi Well done!🥂 3w
Catsandbooks @Crazeedi Thanks Diane! ❤️ 3w
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Lore Olympus: Volume One | Rachel Smythe
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My #Top21of21 with the bigger books being my favorites of the favorites and everything else is no particular order.
I didn't count any rereads either.

Bookwormjillk Great list! 3w
Cinfhen Such a great list!! I see a few on there I loved too plus a few I‘m looking forward to reading in 2022 😍 3w
Chelsea.Poole I loved the Goodall 🦍 3w
Catsandbooks @Chelsea.Poole She's such an amazing person! 3w
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Winter Games | Rachel Johnson
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Thanks for all the fun everyone!! ❤️🎉
#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs

The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story | Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times Company
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Luna helped me set up my list for #bookspinbingo

Crazeedi Lina is beautiful, I had a kitty that had similar spots like her, she was precious 3w
Crazeedi Luna!! 3w
Gissy Lovely name! I have a friend who calls me Gisela Luna! 🐈 ❤️ 3w
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Catsandbooks @Crazeedi aww ❤️ She was part of a stray litter that was born in my mom's backyard. My mom has Luna's sister and brother. Luna has one spot on her head, her sister has 2, and her brother has 3! 3w
Catsandbooks @Gissy how sweet!! 3w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3w
Crazeedi @Catsandbooks mine was short hair white with a spot around her eye, and 2 other black spots on her bodu. 3w
Catsandbooks @Crazeedi aw cute! ❤️ 3w
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The Holiday Switch | Tif Marcelo
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So close to a bingo in December!

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Fabulous month!!! 3w
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Current Events Index | William Dwight Porter Bliss
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Remember to follow @LitsyEvents for everything happening on Litsy this year!

NikkiM5 Thanks for sharing, this is new for me 😊 (edited) 3w
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Year 2 of #FoodandLit here we go!!

I'm hosting a casual buddy read with #FoodandLit this year. This is a read at your own pace buddy read. I'll post check-ins throughout the month.

If you want to be tagged in the #FoodandLitbuddyread posts please comment below!

Looking forward to exploring Egypt with y'all! 🇪🇬

Texreader Of course! Please tag me! 😁 3w
IndoorDame Please tag me 🙋🏻‍♀️😁 3w
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick A few of the authors I was looking for aren't available at my library so I'll join you on this one. 3w
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Catsandbooks @Texreader @IndoorDame Got you both! ☺️ 3w
Catsandbooks @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick That sucks they weren't available, but I'm glad you're joining! 3w
KellyK I was able to snag a copy from the library so count me in. 3w
Catsandbooks @KellyK Terrific!! 🙌🏼🧡 3w
maich Beautiful graphic. Love it and can't wait to read the book. 3w
Catsandbooks @maich Thanks! ❤️I'm excited too! 3w
AnneCecilie Please tag me. 3w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I just read this one a month or two ago so I'll probably not reread, but do tag me with the check-ins as I'd love to participate in any discussions. I really love this one!! 3w
Crazeedi Yes please tag me, this is my #bookspin book!! 3w
Catsandbooks @AnneCecilie You got it! 3w
Catsandbooks @Crazeedi woohoo!! Will do! 3w
Crazeedi Another book set in Egypt that was good is this one 3w
Catsandbooks @Crazeedi oh that sounds interesting! 3w
BrittanyReads Just started this and would love to buddy read along! 3w
julieclair I would love to join! 3d
Catsandbooks @julieclair wonderful! Do you want to be tagged in just the buddy read or are you interested in the #FoodandLit group too? 3d
julieclair @Catsandbooks Both groups, please! Thanks so much. 😃 2d
Catsandbooks @julieclair awesome!! I'll add you to the list! For the buddy read, it's read at your own pace. Some people are already done with the book and others are just starting. I'm 2/3 through. Happy you're joining us! 2d
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Art of Acrylic Painting | Walter Foster Creative Team
post image

Hello and Happy New Year #LitsyCrafters 🎉

Our featured craft for January is acrylic painting. If you do this craft, have tips or tricks, or are interested in learning comment below. You can also post some of your work and tag us. 🎨

Of course we also want to see any other craft or project you're working on, so please use the tag #LitsyCrafters and tag us in your posts. We'll also be doing a check in biweekly for support on your projects!

Catsandbooks Reminder- you can still sign up for our paint night happening on January 15th! Sign up here: https://forms.gle/2k1ZorsY978L2JS88 3w
See All 32 Comments
BookwormAHN I'm really looking forward to painting night 😺 3w
Crazeedi I dont do acrylic painting but I can't wait to see everyone's creations!! Whoohoo! 3w
4thhouseontheleft I bought an acrylic paint by number for this month 😄😄 3w
Catsandbooks @BookwormAHN me too!!! 🎨💕 3w
Catsandbooks @Crazeedi whatever you create Diane, we want to see it! We have such creative Littens! 3w
Catsandbooks @4thhouseontheleft I love paint by numbers! So fun! 3w
Clwojick This is brilliant! HOW did i miss this?!! I'm in! 3w
Roary47 I did painting in college. I made one good piece and never finished my others. I‘ll try to track it down. I‘m not an expert I think I just get lucky when they turn out good. 😅 3w
Roary47 Ooo a trick layers make your colors have more depth. Put the “opposite” color underneath. Looking on a color wheel put the color across from it. Dry and then paint over it. 3w
Catsandbooks @Clwojick 😂 I put you on our list! 💕I'll tag you in the monthly calendar post too! 3w
Catsandbooks @Roary47 That's awesome! I wish I took art classes in college! Definitely a regret. Thanks so much for that tip!! Gonna have to try that!! 🙌🏼 3w
MeganAnn I wish I could join in on the group paint, but we‘ll be out of town that weekend visiting family we didn‘t get to see for Christmas. I‘m looking forward to seeing everyone‘s creations! 3w
Catsandbooks @MeganAnn We'll miss you, but enjoy your family!! ☺️ 3w
MeganAnn @Catsandbooks aww thank you! 🥰 3w
Larkken I‘ve not yet gotten into painting, but I‘m looking forward to everyone‘s posts! Maybe I‘ll pick it up! 3w
Texreader I have signed up for me and my daughter. How do we submit payment? 3w
Catsandbooks @Larkken it's lots of fun! 3w
Catsandbooks @Texreader The week of the event I will send out an email with the artists information so you can pay him directly. As for the amount I'm going with 1 payment per household. That way you both don't have to pay when you'll be together watching at the same time. I'm so glad you're both joining!! 😊 3w
Texreader @Catsandbooks Thanks! She and I have done one of these classes some years ago. We are no artists but we had a lot of fun doing it. 3w
Catsandbooks @Texreader As long as you're having fun, that's all that matters! I've done them with my mom and sister. Hopefully they are able to join us too! 3w
RedxoHearts Oh that's awesome! I'm a big crafter as well so I'm excited to see everyone's projects they share 💕 3w
RainyDayReading Just discovered this and it sounds like so much fun! Too bad I can‘t join in on the paint night since I work that evening. But I hope you all have fun! Might need to consider dusting off all my craft projects I‘ve been neglecting for years 🤔 3w
peanutnine This is such a fun idea! I just signed up for the event! I'll have to start posting my crafts, maybe it'll give me some incentive to actually finish them (I'm very good at getting distracted mid-project 😅) 3w
Catsandbooks @RedxoHearts @RainyDayReading so happy y'all are joining us! Can't wait to see what you create! 💕 3w
Catsandbooks @peanutnine Yay! 🎉 I get distracted too, always in the middle of a bunch of things lol 3w
rockpools Hello @Catsandbooks @curiouserandcurioser Can I ask you about Litsy Crafters? Is it a ‘challenge‘ or more of a share pics and cheer each other on type group? I used to be an avid crafter but have done precious little the last few years. 2w
Catsandbooks @rockpools Definitely share and support group! We feature crafts to bring people together who do similar things or who want to learn. Any type of craft or creative hobby we want to see! We're also hosting a paint night next weekend if you're interested. If you're looking to get back into crafting, this is the group to join! ☺️ 2w
rockpools @Catsandbooks Perfect- thank you! I‘d like to join you 😊. Probably won‘t make the live events because time zones (midnight paint parties sound fun though…), but I love the idea! It‘d be good to finish some projects. 2w
Catsandbooks @rockpools yay! Happy to have you!! 🎉💕 2w
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Egypt: The Praetorian State | Amos Perlmutter
post image

Join us for #FoodandLit in January as we visit Egypt! 🇪🇬

I'll be hosting a buddy read of Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

We can't wait to see what you read and eat!

plemmdog My book club did The Yacoubian Building a few years ago. It was terrific 4w
tokorowilliamwallace I wonder if my old historical romance I think set within the Egyptian dynasties counts; I'd have to double check on the specific setting. I have other North African and Middle Eastern settings in novels, just probably not Egypt! 4w
Catsandbooks @plemmdog I hadn't heard of that one. Thanks for the recommendation! 4w
Catsandbooks @tokorowilliamwallace if it does then it counts! But I'm also hosting a buddy read of Death on the Nile if you're looking for an Egypt read. 4w
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3.75/5 ⭐️ Short story that takes place before These Violent Delights. I wish I would have read it closer to the book cause I think it helps add more background on Roma and Juliette.

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Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 4w
TheSpineView Awesome! 4w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 4w
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The Holiday Switch | Tif Marcelo
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4/5 ⭐️ I started out not really like the main character, but as her edges softened I really enjoyed this book. I liked all the references to the MCs Filipino culture, especially anytime they made food! Definitely a cheesy Hallmark-esque story but more juvenile, still I'm here for it! ❤️✨

315 WG word search words

#FoodandLit #wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs #bookspinbingo #averymerryreadathon #wintercosy #wrapitupreadathon

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww 🐈‍⬛ 4w
TheSpineView Excellant! 4w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 4w
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In a Holidaze | Christina Lauren
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1. Tagged
2. All the reading challenges. Our new #LitsyCrafters group. Celebrating with my family for my niece's first birthday! (I haven't seen them in a year 😭)

TheSpineView Thanks for playing and Happy New Year! 1mo
Catsandbooks @TheSpineView Happy New Year to you too! 4w
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Winter Games | Rachel Johnson
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Not many points this week, but hoping to finish strong in the last week!
#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs

Clwojick Way to go! You can do it! 1mo
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Our featured craft for #LitsyCrafters in January is acrylic painting, so we're having a virtual paint party!

To sign up please fill out the short form: https://forms.gle/ZQCTQXYAmSAc7W4F9

Thank you so much to Chrissy for this idea and helping make this happen! ❤️

wordslinger42 Yay! I can't wait! 😊 1mo
megnews That painting is beautiful. It reminds me of Narnia! 1mo
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wordslinger42 @megnews I thought the same thing! I might have to read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in January! 1mo
MaleficentBookDragon This looks like so much fun! I‘m in. 1mo
Chrissyreadit 🥳 I‘m so excited!!!! 1mo
BookwormAHN Sounds like fun 😺 1mo
Charityann Oh, I love these!! Signing up now.😄 1mo
Texreader Oooh how fun! 1mo
Avanders Um. Ok. 😁🎨I hope I can make it! 1mo
BookBabe Oh, fun! 😃🙌🏻 1mo
SamanthaMarie Ooo I love this!! I would be a very novice painter, what brand of paints do people use or the type that's right for this kind of painting? 1mo
ShelleyBooksie Cool!! 1mo
Catsandbooks @SamanthaMarie All levels are welcome! No specific brand but you'll want acrylic paint for this project. Most big box stores like Walmart and Target should have a basic beginner set of paints. Otherwise any craft store will have them too. You'll need at least primary colors plus black and white. But if you want to get more than that you can. 1mo
julesG Acrylic paint sounds great. Can't join the craft night, though. I'm 6 hours ahead of you. 😐 1mo
Catsandbooks @julesG oh drats! We might be able to record the event. If able I will let you know! 1mo
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About the Night | Anat Talshir
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#worstof21 Thanks for the tag Tammy!

-Entwined by Heather Dixon Wallwork
-About the Night by Anat Talshir
-I am not your perfect Mexican daughter by Erika L. Sánchez
-The Old Drift by Namwali Serpell (though I DNFed it)

megnews Thanks for playing! 1mo
Chrissyreadit I did not like entwined very much either. 1mo
Catsandbooks @Chrissyreadit I liked the concept but I think it could have been done better 1mo
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Food and Literature | Gitanjali G. Shahani
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I'll be hosting a buddy read with #FoodandLit for 2022! These are the first 3 books for the first quarter of the year.
This is a casual buddy read, so read at your own pace. Jump in whenever you like! I'll post a few check-ins throughout the month.

*This is by no means required reading for #FoodandLit so still feel free to read what you like for each month.

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TheBookHippie Enjoy! I‘ve got mine planned 😅. 1mo
Bookwormjillk Cool! I have Death on the Nile waiting at me for the library, so I‘m in for that! 1mo
Jerdencon I just reserved death on the Nile from the library - hope to join! 1mo
Catsandbooks @TheBookHippie No worries! Ik you plan far in advance! I love seeing what you read! ❤️ 1mo
Catsandbooks @Bookwormjillk @Jerdencon Excellent! Excited to read with you both! 😊 1mo
AnneCecilie I‘ll probably join in on all 3 reads. Just reserved Death on the Nile at the library. 1mo
Catsandbooks @AnneCecilie Yay! Can't wait! ❤️ 1mo
Cinfhen Thanks for the tag 💓💓💓I‘ve recently re-read the January book so I‘ll pass on that one but maybe I‘ll join in for February. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Oh nice, I love this idea!! 1mo
Catsandbooks @Cinfhen sounds good! ☺️ 1mo
Catsandbooks @TheAromaofBooks ☺️❤️🙌🏼 1mo
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Merry Christmas Litsy Family!! 💕 I hope everyone had a wonderful day! While my furbabies didn't exactly enjoy having these pictures taken, they were promptly rewarded with treats 😂
(L-Zola O-Zeke V-Link E-Luna)

CarolynM Merry Christmas 🎄💕 1mo
Catsandbooks @CarolynM Merry Christmas to you too! ❤️ 1mo
julesG Merry Christmas 🎄⛄ 1mo
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MatchlessMarie So cute! 1mo
Catsandbooks @julesG Merry Christmas! 💚 1mo
Chrissyreadit 😻😻😻🐶 1mo
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Christmas Card | Francis Hemming
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More fun and festive cards!

Catsandbooks @Texreader Karen I love your handmade card! It's so beautiful! ❤️ 1mo
Texreader @Catsandbooks Thank you!! I think that one is one of my favorites I‘ve ever made 1mo
Crazeedi I think I see my card arrived! Merry Christmas!! 1mo
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Catsandbooks @Crazeedi yes it did! I believe I tagged you in a post the other day when it did. Your card is so cute! Merry Christmas to you too!! ❤️🎄💚 1mo
Liz_M Merry Christmas 🕯️🎄🕯️ 1mo
Catsandbooks @Liz_M Merry Christmas to you too! 🎄❤️ 1mo
Crazeedi @Catsandbooks ❤💚❤💚 1mo
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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
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Thank you so much @Dostoyes 💚 I've been wanting to read this book for forever! It will be perfect for #FoodandLit Greece in March too! The chocolates look scrumptious! Have a Merry Christmas!🎄

Thanks for hosting Chelle! ❤️

Dostoyes Beautiful tree! So glad it‘s a good pick for you! Merry Christmas! 1mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I'm not sure if I'll save this for March but I'll definitely be reading it in 2022. It checks a prompt in many challenges. 1mo
Catsandbooks @Dostoyes Thank you! 🎄 1mo
Catsandbooks @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I loved Circe so I'm very excited to read her first book. And I saw she's working on a Persephone story!!!!! 🤩🤯I can't wait for that! 1mo
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Christmas Card | Nuala MacCall
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More beautiful cards! ❤️ I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas eve!! 🎄

LibrarianRyan 💕 ⭐ 😁 1mo
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Oh! Christmas Tree! | Holly Berry-Byrd
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Texreader It‘s beautiful!! 1mo
Gissy Beautiful!🎄👌💚❤️💙❤️💚 1mo
CarolynM Lovely tree😍 1mo
BookBabe Pretty! 🎄 Nice library cart too 😊 1mo
Catsandbooks @Texreader @Butterfinger Just wanted to let you both know I sent you a quick email about food and Lit buddy read. Hope you have a merry Christmas! ❤️ 1mo
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So sorry I forgot to post that I received my #jolabokaflodswap package!!

Winter Games | Rachel Johnson
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Clwojick Way to go! Woohoo! ❤️💚❤️💚 1mo
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They're finally here and so beautiful!

AmyG Those are gorgeous. 1mo
Nessavamusic Those are so pretty! 1mo
PatriciaU Love these covers! 1mo
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Larkken Oh wow, beautiful! 1mo
elkeOriginal Gorgeous! 1mo
Chrissyreadit Oh! Those are gorgeous! 1mo
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I made ube crinkle cookies for #FoodandLit Philippines 🇵🇭 They are so delicious I immediately wrote out the whole recipe and added it to my recipe box! The ube has different flavor that I've never experienced before. Kind of a mix between a sweet potato with vanilla and pistachio. Plus the vibrant purple color is so fun! 💜
#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs

Bookwormjillk Where did you find the ube? 1mo
Catsandbooks @Bookwormjillk At an oriental supermarket about an hour away from me. You could also order the ube jam online, which is something I looked into, but I wanted to check this supermarket first and happily they had it! I have both the recipe and a picture of the ube jam some posts back on my profile. I can tag you in them. 1mo
mdm139 Ube is such a unique flavor. Ever had been describing it differently. When my son tried it he said it was like grapes and strawberries mixed together and something else to make it even better. 1mo
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Chrissyreadit It looks yummy. 1mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag They look amazing! 1mo
Chelsea.Poole Wow! So vibrant! 1mo
Texreader Holy cow!! Beautiful! 1mo
Linsy Those look delicious! 1mo
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Grandma's Sugar Cookie | Rose Rossner
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Baked 2 cookies today: Stuffed Peanut butter & Sugar cookies!
#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs

AkashaVampie Yummy!!!! 1mo
Liz_M Stuffed PB? Tell me more! 1mo
Catsandbooks @Liz_M I put a resses peanut brittle cup in the middle of my peanut butter cookies! 1mo
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Christmas Card | Francis Hemming
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Many more wonderful cards! 💙

Catsandbooks @plemmdog Do you remember where you had the amazing fried chicken at in Vicksburg? 1mo
BeaG ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
LibrarianRyan 🌟❤️😁 1mo
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plemmdog @Catsandbooks re: fried chicken, one of my resident physicians was from Vicksburg and told me about a place in a big old house that was downtown, I can‘t remember the name. It was terrific 1mo
Catsandbooks @plemmdog Was it by chance Walnut Hills? That's in an old house and they're famous for it. 1mo
plemmdog @Catsandbooks yep that‘s it! 1mo
Catsandbooks @plemmdog that's awesome! I actually went there for the first time 2 weeks ago and had the fried chicken! It was indeed delicious! My husband and I moved here about 2 months before the pandemic started so we're still exploring the area. 1mo
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In a Holidaze | Christina Lauren
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5/5 ⭐️ Such a great holiday read!! I loved the romance and Christmas magic!
327 wordsearch words

#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs #bookspinbingo #averymerryreadathon #wintercosy #wrapitupreadathon #adventathon #Dashingdecember

Cupcake12 I‘ve just finished this and really enjoyed it too x 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 1mo
Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 1mo
TheSpineView Fantastic! 1mo
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Snow Day | Lynn Plourde
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Watched Snow day, Love Actually, and a hallmark movie ❄️
#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs

Christmas Card | Nuala MacCall
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More beautiful cards! ❤️

Pigpen_Reads 🎄😊💚❤ 1mo
ShelleyBooksie I have never seen a baby Grogu Christmas card. Awesome!!!! 1mo
LibrarianRyan @ShelleyBooksie target! But they only has one 10 card pack. So some got Grogu, some got elf, and everyone else got skeletons 1mo
Nute 💚💌💚 1mo
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5/5 ⭐️ Beautiful story about the origins of Santa's reindeer! Loved the illustrations! 🎅🏼🦌
36 words

#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs #bookspinbingo #averymerryreadathon #wintercosy #wrapitupreadathon #adventathon #Dashingdecember

Andrew65 Love the cover. Well done 👏👏👏 1mo
PuddleJumper That looks so cute! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! 1mo
ozma.of.oz That looks beautiful! 1mo
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Christmas in the Philippines | Cheryl L. Enderlein
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I made Philippines Christmas paroles! 🇵🇭❤️💚Thanks to Christine for sharing the craft!
#FoodandLit #wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs

Butterfinger Gorgeous 1mo
TheBookHippie YAY!!!!! It is so fun!!! 1mo
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Deck the Halls + 3 hallmark movies
#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs