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#LitsyCrafters @Catsandbooks

I bought this to work on in October when listening to audio books. Love dragons and it is purple. My hubby says it matches my hair. I recently had the tips dyed purple. 💜🐉💜

Catsandbooks This is so awesome!! And your hair sounds so cool! 💜 17h
Meshell1313 😍😍I love dots!! 16h
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JenReadsAlot I love diamond painting! 12h
TheSpineView @JenReadsAlot Me too! I love the detail work. 6h
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A rare afternoon off so doing a bit of cross stitch 🪡

Texreader Darling!! 2d
Librarybelle So cute! 2d
slategreyskies Love this! It reminded me of the #LitsyCrafters tag! :) 2d
bookandbedandtea How cute! I too love to cross stich but struggle to find the time. 🪡 2d
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 2d
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#litsycrafters hosted by @catsandbooks has revealed the October theme- Mystery. All are welcome to join this group and feel free to contact her for more information!

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Hey #BlackCatCrew for those who are crafty or want to be @Catsandbooks is hosting a Haunted Gingerbread House Contest. I think this sounds really fun 🐈‍⬛
@5feet.of.fury @BeckyWithTheGoodBooks @TEArificbooks @Yuki_Onna @LibrarianRyan @Read-y_Picker @TheQuietQuill @hes7 @TheBookDream @Allydanielle88
#Scarathlon #LitsyCrafters

Catsandbooks Thanks for sharing! 🐈‍⬛ 4d
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I don't remember what our #LitsyCrafters prompt was this month, but here's an impromptu craft I did with my mom today. Super fun!

Eyelit Cute! 🎃🤩 5d
Catsandbooks Love it! 5d
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#LitsyCrafters October Theme: Mystery

This prompt is up for your interpretation! Whatever kind of craft you do, use the prompt to spark ideas!

As always I want to see any craft you're working on, so continue to tag me (@catsandbooks) with your projects!

If you'd like to be added or removed from the #LitsyCrafters tag list let me know.

And join the discord server for more craft talk: https://discord.gg/CfkC8T32uf

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TheSpineView Cool! 😎 I have been thinking of doing a fall painting! 5d
Larkken I just recently found a pattern for a crochet choker with skulls, perfect timing lol 💀 5d
BookHoarder32 Ooo perfect. Is anyone else going to be taking on Stephen West‘s mystery knitalong (mkal) that starts on 10.5? My sister and I have been trying to keep up with it for a couple years. 5d
mom_of_4 I would love to be added to this. 5d
Catsandbooks @mom_of_4 added you! 😊 5d
Catsandbooks @BookHoarder32 I haven't heard of that, but it sounds fun! 5d
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Just checking in with a #LitsyCrafters post. These are four of the pairs of earrings that I made this week. I thought you all might like to see them. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! @Catsandbooks

rockpools These are great! I love the autumnal tones. 6d
gossamerchild Those are gorgeous! 6d
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 6d
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Deblovestoread Beautiful 😍 6d
Tamra Gorgeous! 6d
Captivatedbybooks Oooo these are pretty 6d
Catsandbooks Wow! Those are beautiful!! 6d
Gissy Beautiful! Do you sell them? Do you have a shop online? 5d
slategreyskies @Gissy I don‘t have my shop open right now, but I‘m working on creating enough new pieces that I‘ll be able to open it again. 💕 5d
Deblovestoread Please let us know when you are open again. 5d
slategreyskies @Deblovestoread okay, I will! 😊 5d
Gissy @slategreyskies Waiting for that🤗 4d
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Charityann Yay! What a fun project.😄 6d
Catsandbooks Thanks! 🧡 6d
BookingitwithSandra What a fun craft! I've already got an idea. 6d
LocalTXLibrarian This looks like so much fun! 6d
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This fun activity is brought to Litsy by @catsandbooks #litsycrafters and #scarathlon

Hensel and Gretel: Ninja Chicks | Corey Rosen Schwartz, Rebecca J Gomez
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HEY #TeamCryptKeepers. This is a repost for @Catsandbooks #LitsyCrafters #Scarathlon She decided to do this so we can get extra points, so if you feel crafty, you can try to make your own Gingerbread house 🏠with your own decorations. @TheBookHippie @JenReadsAlot @BarkingMadRead @kezzlou85 @Marmie7 @Rissa1 @aperfectmjk @Bookishgal71 @Nazgul93 @natsahara @BookingitwithSandra
If there are any questions,see @Catsandbooks #LitsyCrafters on her post

Catsandbooks Thanks so much for sharing!! 6d
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