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Shadow and Bone | Leigh Bardugo
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After having these on my #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom for ages, I‘m finally picking up the Grisha novels. I still haven‘t finished the Six Of Crows duology coz I wanted to read these first, then got a slump,then distracted by other books. It‘s been awhile since I‘ve read a Fantasy story, but I enjoyed Godsgrave so much I wanted to continue with that genre. I have all the books including this series, the Crows duology, Language Of Thorns & King Of Scars.

GatheringBooks i promise this will pick up in the second book. the first book was only meh for me. 7mo
ravenlee A friend told me this trilogy has the best conclusion of any series she‘s read - and she was right! There‘s definitely some buildup, but I really enjoyed these books. 7mo
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No Cunning Plan | Sir Tony Robinson
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#ShelfLove This is the top two tiers of my double stuffed #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom There‘s a lot of bookish goodness here too, though I sometimes forget what I have behind the first layer & have on one or two occasions bought a book I already had🤦🏻‍♀️I‘ve also had books go missing because it‘s so disorganised: case in point, I just found an hour ago my signed Ist Trade Edition Aus Cover Of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff which I‘ve been searching for!

Lizpixie Lucky coz that particular edition you can‘t find anywhere anymore, plus it‘s signed! So now, once Darkdawn is released, I‘ll have a full signed trilogy in those editions, a full signed trilogy of US hardcovers & a full signed set of UK hardcovers. I‘m a little bit Mia obsessed🗡🎭 8mo
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Been in a small slump the past few days so no reading posts & it‘s been awhile since I‘ve shown some #shelflove so I thought I‘d share a small part of my double-stuffed #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom There‘s a lot of goodness on these shelves & it‘s just a small part of my #bookhoarding Which book on here are you most looking forward to reading?

MicheleinPhilly AGH! I hate that we can‘t zoom in! My eyes aren‘t what they used to be. I should probably get glasses. 8mo
Lizpixie @Cathythoughts I actually picked up that 1st edition at a junkyard. They had an old demountable that is filled with 2ndhand books, it was fabulous! @MicheleinPhilly magnifying glasses are a must with Litsy. I can‘t wait till they add a zoom🕵🏻‍♀️🔭 8mo
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Cathythoughts @MicheleinPhilly I take a screenshot & then expand it 👍🏻 8mo
Cathythoughts It‘s still not that clear even then ! With my eyes ! I love the look of the tagged book. Over 800 pages 😳 8mo
marleed I liked the Hate U Give. And I sure hope you have room to stack Daisy Jones and the Six atop your Fleetwood Mac! 8mo
my.books.in.squares So many books here on my TBR pile! 8mo
gibblr We have VERY similar TBR mountains 😁 8mo
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Afterlife | Marcus Sakey
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Can‘t sleep but headache has eased enough(with a handful of painkillers!)to try reading a bit more. Couldn‘t get into Little Fires Everywhere so picked this up at random to try. Been sitting on my #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom since 2017 after @Liberty & @bookriot put out a list of best new sci-fi that year. Glad I did, I‘m already at Chapter11! I‘ll persevere until either I fall asleep or my brain starts sliding out my ears, whichever comes first🧠

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#BookMail Pt7 This is another double, actually a triple, so some lucky person will be getting a signed copy in a giveaway or swap! This one is also from Goldsboro which have some beautiful books. It‘s a signed, numbered 1st edition with orange sprayed edges. I‘m certainly building a collection of them, once I organise my #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom & add some bookcases to my now empty end room, I‘ll be making a rainbow shelf of sprayed edges🌈

erzascarletbookgasm Gorgeous! 9mo
TK421 That is a beautiful edition! 9mo
MicheleinPhilly 😮 That is a BRICK. 9mo
Erofan Wow 😍 9mo
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#BookMail Pt7 I‘ve had The Bear And The Nightingale for almost two years now but it‘s just been lost in my #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom but I think now I have the last two books in the trilogy it should motivate me to get started. I hate waiting for the next book so much that sometimes it puts me off picking up a great read. Am I the only one?

JennyM I ❤️ the cover...so pretty 9mo
rather_be_reading that cover 😍 9mo
Lizpixie @JennyM @rather_be_reading it‘s the UK cover. I would‘ve got the hardcovers but my copy of the first book is paperback & you can‘t get it in hardcover anywhere. Every site I‘ve seen it‘s sold out😞 9mo
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erzascarletbookgasm I‘ve not read this series but I love seeing the UK editions. 😍 9mo
Karkar #mounttbrshelvesofdoom 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 9mo
aprilpohren Love this cover! I just finished this and loved it! Can't wait to read #3! 9mo
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The Count of Monte Cristo | Alexander Dumas
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I don‘t have a BookTube channel, but I want to read along with their March reading challenge, March of the Mammoths. The idea is to read a book that is 800 pages or more. I‘ll be choosing one of these. #marchofthemammoths #ilovebigbooksandicannotlie

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Lizpixie Sounds awesome! I have so many chunksters on my #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom it‘ll be hard to choose just one. #chunkylover 9mo
DGRachel The Count of Monte Cristo is fantastic! The Hamilton biography is still TBR for me. One of these days... 9mo
SharonGoforth @Lizpixie @DGRachel I might try for 2! My problem is that I can‘t make up my mind! 9mo
Lizpixie The Tale Of Genji is all over Litsy atm & looks very good. I have The Priory Of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon, Fire & Blood by George.R.R.Martin, Lethal White by Robert Galbraith, Skyward by Branden Sanderson, Robin by Dave Itzkoff, The Diviners by Libba Bray, The Poppy War by R.F.Kuang, Strange The Dreamer duology by Laini Taylor, City On Fire by Garth Risk Halberg & Night Film by Marisha Pessl. That‘s just for starters! 9mo
Chrissyreadit Wow!! 9mo
mhillis Great choices 📚 I‘m still working on The Tale of Genji! We could encourage each other!! (edited) 9mo
Notafraidofwords I‘m reading the Frederick Douglass one. I‘m 40 percent in and love it. 9mo
SharonGoforth @Lizpixie That‘s an awesome reading list!!! Definitely need to see what‘s happening with Tales of Genji!! 9mo
SharonGoforth @Chrissyreadit 😊📚📚No such thing as too many books! 9mo
SharonGoforth @Notafraidofwords Good to know!!! 9mo
SharonGoforth @mhillis Thank you!! Yes, we certainly could! 9mo
readordierachel Whoo, those are some big books! Good idea! 9mo
SharonGoforth @readordierachel They‘re huge!! 😊📚 9mo
rubyslippersreads So many chunksters! I still want to read the Hamilton bio, more than a year after seeing the musical. 😊 9mo
SharonGoforth @rubyslippersreads I haven‘t seen the musical 😢, but I‘ve had the book since it was first published. Ron Chernow signed it for me when he was in Dayton in 2005 (I think)! And shamefully I have yet to read it 😔. 9mo
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Watching You | Lisa Jewell
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Who is watching who?? I do love a good Lisa Jewell mystery #psychokiller #marchintothe70s @Cinfhen @Lizpixie

Cinfhen I read a few books by Lisa Jewell recently and she‘s a good suspense writer. 9mo
Lizpixie I have The Girls In The Garden on my #mounttbrshelvesofdoom 9mo
Andrew65 I loved this, @Lizpixie The Girls In The Garden was excellent too! @Cinfhen (edited) 9mo
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My February stats. Much better total than last years, fingers crossed my reading slump is well & truly over!🤞Finally seeing a difference in the heights of the stacks in my #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom Plus I‘m doing great in the 8 (yep, I‘m an idiot) reading challenges I‘m doing. How‘s your 2019 reading going? #FebruaryStats #MonthlyReadingStats

LibrarianRyan We tie at the number of reading challengers. My month was dismal. 10mo
ravenlee Good reading! 10mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Nice job! 📖💖 10mo
Lizpixie @LibrarianRyan I‘ve been able to at least double up with most books, otherwise I‘d be sunk @ravenlee @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego thank you! 10mo
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