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#Booked2019 @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

I've been forgetting to add my tags for the #Booked2019 challenge! Here's what I've got for fall so far:

#19. Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (Evelyn is addicted to fame! 🎥)

#21. The Testaments (So freaking good!)

Question... Would the whistleblower's account work for #23/#24 possibly? 😬

#22. Wayward Son (Penelope is one of the POV characters.)

BarbaraTheBibliophage Hah. That‘s a good question. I found a book with the account in Scribd, even though I downloaded the account I read from a Congressional site. I‘d say sure ... but I‘d be more inclined to call it political intrigue than public domain. What do you think co-hosts? 2mo
Cinfhen I think it works for both categories 🤷🏼‍♀️ 2mo
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Othelo | William Shakespeare
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Book #23: Continuing on through my "quick reads", I decided to read another Shakespearean play, this time Othello. Again, Shakespeare is not my favorite, and this play is no exception. I feel it is mostly because I don't appreciate the language that Shakespeare uses in his plays. For me it is hard to read. I know what you'll say though, "but you...



Two by Two | Nicholas Sparks
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Book #23

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The Giver | Lois Lowry
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Lois Lowry's "The Giver" is a science fiction (SF) novel suitable for readers that may be teenagers or young adults. This story could be read in a literature circle (LC), or independently (IR). "The Giver" is about a young boy named Jonas, who describes his world as "perfect"; however, once Jonas turns 12, he receives special training from The Giver. The Giver holds memories of the pain and pleasure life has to offer. The Giver is brutally honest

caldwellalex95 with Jonas, and Jonas begins to realize that his life will change forever. After conducting some research, I was able to locate a fun activity for students to complete for 'The Giver". On the "Reading is Fundamental" website, there is a word search for students to do. The word search is printable and interactive, and it is guaranteed to extend student learning. Students will find and circle words across, down, and diagonally. ESOL strategy #23, 8mo
caldwellalex95 and UDL's language and symbols strategy (2.1) pertain to this word search activity. "The Giver" is an absorbing and fascinating novel! I have not read another book that resembles this story. If you are a fan of science fiction, pick up this good read! #LAE3414SP19 www.rif.org/literacy-central/material/giver-word-search 8mo
caldwellalex95 Also, "The Giver" has won the Newbery Award! 8mo
Olsonashley19 One of my favorite LC books when I was in high school! The movie is also a must see. 8mo
KAdudu This is one of my all time favorite book. I remember reading this in middle school. 8mo
Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel | Val Emmich, Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul
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I only read this because my youngest has been dying for me to watch the musical with him. I'm hoping some singing makes me like this more but after reading this I have no idea why they thought "Hey let's add some song and dance to this depressing train wreck!" #jazzhands I'm pretty sure that's how their musical concept meeting went. #23 #2019

megnews I have tickets to see this in June. Part of a subscription series. I wasn‘t too thrilled about storyline but I‘ve heard some good things. 9mo
kricheal @megnews I've heard great things too, but after reading it I'm not sure why. If you see it before I do, let me know! 9mo
ravenlee I think the play came first, and this is a novelization. Which might make the concept more weird rather than less. 9mo
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readinginthedark I mean, song and dance do make depressing things more bearable...like Rent. So maybe it works? 🤷‍♀️ 9mo
kricheal @ravenlee That makes much more sense! 9mo
kricheal @readinginthedark After I posted this I immediately thought well Rent is successful so.... 9mo
readinginthedark 😆 Great minds! 9mo
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So I wanted to like it more. I thought it would‘ve been creepier. I read it for the ATY challenge prompt #23 something old.
#ATY2019 #aroundtheyearin52books

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The Heir | Grace Burrowes
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2.5 ⭐️ A pretty typical regency love story. The same thing kept happening over and over again. Yes you are my housekeeper. I will bring you pleasure but we don't have to have sex. But okay, let's have sex. Will you marry me. No, I have secrets. This is how the story happened and it repeated this about 5 times. It took me 4 weeks to listen to this book. I liked the story, but I am glad it‘s over.
#NancyDrewChallenge #23

SW-T LOL! Your summary was more fun than the book! 😂 10mo
LibrarianRyan @SW-T they need a bowing emoji. 😄 10mo
Erinreadsthebooks "No, I have secrets." ??? 10mo
Chrissyreadit I just saw you liked a Christmas book by the same author. It said it was part of a series- or can it be read as a stand alone? 1w
LibrarianRyan @Chrissyreadit Totally can be read as a stand alone. It is the same family but I read it before I read this one and it was all fine. In fact you don't see much of the family. I like the family but you can see that this is the first book in the series and that one is book 5 I think. 1w
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Jolis deuils: contes | Roch Carrier
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#in2019 I‘m going to keep reading through the #modernlibrarytop100 and writing reviews for my blog. I‘m not likely to finish this challenge, but maybe?! lol

Also planning to clear off my TBR shelf so I can buy some more new books ;)


RealLifeReading Great goals. How many books have you already read from that list? 11mo
twohectobooks @RealLifeReading I‘ve read roughly 76 of them. There are a few series (grr) so it depends how you count! I‘ve been working my way up from the bottom and am currently reading #23. 11mo
RealLifeReading I‘m impressed!! 11mo
twohectobooks @RealLifeReading thanks! It‘s taken a very long time ahaha 11mo
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Return of the Mummy | R. L. Stine
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#23 "He's back... from the dead!"
Gabe's back! And this time his adventure is deader than ever LOL. When Gabe learns a chant that will supposedly brings mummies back to life things start getting a little too creepy for him again.

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Empezando libro #23
#unamujermisteriosa #amandaquick
Sinópsis: bajo las austeras faldas de su vestido. Beatriz Lockwood oculta una pistola. No puede ser de otro modo, pues Beatrice es una dama de compañía con una misión secreta -tan secreta como su pasado- y debe estar preparada para luchar a vida o muerte en cualquier momento.
Sin embargo, cuando se dispone evitar un crimen en los jardines de una mansión en la que se está celebrando un baile,