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Welcome | Barroux
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New Litten alert. Please welcome @Gretchen311 I've recruited her from Monthly Book Club on Facebook. Haha. She is especially interested in #LMPBC and #swaps. Haha! Give a wave and a follow please, y'all.
#welcomewagon #littens

stacybmartin Welcome to Litsy @Gretchen311 🎉📚💙 2w
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Jee_HookedOnBookz Welcome to Litsy @Gretchen311 ! 2w
cobwebmoth @Gretchen311 Welcome to Litsy! 2w
JoScho Welcome to Litsy @Gretchen311 2w
Kdgordon88 Welcome! 2w
Birdsong28 Welcome to Litsy @Gretchen311 🎊🎉📚📖 2w
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Say Hello | Carly Findlay
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#LitsyFamily, I have another incredibly wonderful long-time close friend of mine who has joined us 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Please give a warm welcome to @NYzTRiNiTY 🤗! She‘s a #NYC lady again after having been in Oklahoma for awhile.

I‘d tag all 6,000+ of you amazing Littens, but my fingers would revolt 🙈, so if I could just tag a few of you, could we get a #WelcomeWagon going? Thank you! 😁

IamIamIam 😁😁 Welcome!!! 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY !! 🤗 1mo
guinsgirlreads Welcome @NYzTRiNiTY !! 👏🏻 Thank you @MrBook !! 🙏🏻 1mo
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Kaylamburson Welcome to Litsy, @NYzTRiNiTY !! I hope you live it here!! A few other wonderful Littens to follow: @swishandflick @robinb @Onlaughterandliteracy 1mo
Librarybelle Welcome to Litsy, @NYzTRiNiTY ! This is such a great place. Thanks for the tag, @MrBook ! 1mo
cobwebmoth @NYzTRiNiTY Welcome to Litsy! 1mo
Alfoster Welcome! And thanks @MrBook !👏👏👏 1mo
Rachel.Rencher Welcome @NYzTRiNiTY ! 😊📚🎉 1mo
EadieB Welcome to Litsy - a great place with great people! Enjoy! 1mo
TracyReadsBooks Thank you for the tag @MrBook and welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY! I hope you enjoy this wonderful community! 1mo
RavenLovelyReads @NYzTRiNiTY welcome to Litsy! Can‘t wait to see your posts! 💕 💕 1mo
Texreader Welcome @NYzTRiNiTY ! You‘ll love it here! 1mo
Lynnsoprano @NYzTRiNiTY Welcome to our Litsy family! 1mo
JacqMac Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY ! 1mo
TheSpineView Welcome to Litsy! So glad to have you! @NYzTRiNiTY Thanks @MrBook for the tag! 1mo
jb72 Welcome! 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Welcome @NYzTRiNiTY ! I lived i. Oklahoma for 10 years, but I am back on the East Coast too. 1mo
robinb Happy you‘re here @NYzTRiNiTY ! 👋Thanks for the tag @Kaylamburson ! 😘 I‘ll tag @LapReader and @JacintaMCarter .😊 1mo
Jas16 Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY 1mo
BethFishReads Hello!!!! 1mo
Robothugs Welcome to Litsy! 1mo
Gissy Welcome @NYzTRiNiTY to this wonderful book family📚📚📚🎈🎈🎈🎉🎊👏👏👏👏👏 1mo
Kaye Welcome 💕 1mo
Reecaspieces Whoop! 1mo
SamHeartCoffee Hi @NYzTRiNiTY ! Welcome! Litsy is sooooo much fun! Thanks for the tag, @Avanders ! 😘 1mo
suvata @NYzTRiNiTY W E L C O M E T O L I T S Y (edited) 1mo
Chrissyreadit Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY ! Thanks @Avanders ! 1mo
aschermetz Welcome to Litsy!!!! 1mo
JoScho Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY I hope you love it here! 💕 Thanks for the tag @MrBook 😊 1mo
TheBookHippie Welcome!!! 1mo
Lcsmcat Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY ! 1mo
heikemarie Wooo welcome @NYzTRiNiTY ! I‘m in NJ so we‘re neighbors. Looking forward to chatting about books with you! Thanks for the tag @Avanders , have you said hi yet @bullbunny ? ☺️ 1mo
wanderinglynn Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY 👋🏻 1mo
mcipher Welcome @NYzTRiNiTY ! Hope you love it here!! 1mo
BethM @MrBook single handedly growing Litsy! Welcome to the family @NYzTRiNiTY ! Thanks @Avanders 😘 1mo
tpixie @NYzTRiNiTY Welcome to Litsy!! 🥳📚🥳 1mo
DivineDiana @NYzTRiNiTY Glad you are joining us! 👏🏻📚👏🏻 1mo
julesG Welcome to the Litsy family @NYzTRiNiTY 🎉 1mo
LeahBergen Hello, @NYzTRiNiTY 👋🏻 and thanks for the tag, @Avanders ! 😘 1mo
LauraJ Hello @NYzTRiNiTY 📚Welcome to Litsy! 1mo
Sarah83 Welcome to the family @NYzTRiNiTY @Avanders thanks for tagging me 😁 1mo
mrp27 Welcome! @NYzTRiNiTY 1mo
JazzFeathers Welcome @NYzTRiNiTY l'm sure you'll find you tribe here! Have a look around and find an hashtag for the kind of books that you like to read, and you'll be all set. In case you like Tolkien, my group's hashtag is #YearOfTolkien 1mo
Sungirl79 Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY 😊 1mo
CaramelLunacy Welcome to Litsy @NYz! Looking forward to seeing what you are reading! 1mo
Birdsong28 Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY 🎉🎊📚📖 1mo
Kappadeemom Welcome to Litsy!! 1mo
Eggs Thanks for the tag @MrBook ! 1mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🤗🌸 @NYzTRiNiTY ! 1mo
Meaw_catlady Thanks for the tag! Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY this is an amazing community! 💕💕💕 1mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Welcome @NYzTriNity! Thanks for the tag @MrBook. 1mo
Craftylikefox Welcome to Litsy @NYzTRiNiTY 🤗📚🎉 1mo
Pamwurtzler Thanks for the tag! Welcome @NYzTRiNiTY ! 1mo
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Sitting here with THE Cynthia - the huntress in this passage

cathysaid Welcome! Check out the pages of @Chelleo & @RaimeyGallant for links to Litsy tips/hints. Also, today is the last day for a major book swap sign-up, so visit @BookishMarginalia ‘s page for details. 3mo
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Fridameetslucy @cathysaid Thank you. I am thinking about joining it but I need to get better acquainted with the app. That‘s my only apprehension 3mo
Chelleo Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. #LitsyWelcomeWagon 3mo
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Southern Spirits | Angie Fox
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I‘m so glad I picked this one up! It‘s been a fun, light hearted read. Picking up book 2 this weekend.

wanderinglynn Welcome to Litsy! 👋🏻 3mo
rachelk Hello! 🥳 #WelcomeWagon 3mo
HollieK3 @wanderinglynn Thank you! 👋😊 3mo
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HollieK3 @rachelk Thank you! 😊 Love this place! 📚 3mo
BethM Super great! Welcome! 3mo
HollieK3 @BethM Thank you! 3mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!! ♥️💜💙❤️🧡 3mo
HollieK3 @ProfReader Thank you! 3mo
BookwormAHN Welcome to Litsy 😺 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Say hello to @PamelaStewart!

She's a huge book nerd, author, and new litten! Let's show her the ropes !

#WelcomeWagon #NewLittens

Lcsmcat Welcome to Litsy @PamelaStewart ! 4mo
PamelaStewart Thank you!! I love this place!! *pulls up a futon, lights a candle and snuggles up with some good books* it's good to be among my tribe. 4mo
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LeahBergen Hello, @PamelaStewart ! 👋🏻 4mo
Marilyncjackson Hi @PamelaStewart welcome to Litsy 4mo
TK421 @PamelaStewart Welcome to Litsy!☺ 4mo
SharonAlger Welcome to Litsy. 4mo
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No Title | None
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Two of my IRL friends joined Litsy today! @LokiDokey and @alienfan002 YAY!

#Welcomewagon #newlittens

alienfan002 Thanks for mentioning it on FB! Looks great :) 6mo
julesG Welcome to Litsy @alienfan002 @LokiDokey! 6mo
Soubhiville Yay! Welcome guys! 6mo
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CoverToCoverGirl Welcome! 6mo
Alfoster Yay!👏👏👏 6mo
Sharpeipup Welcome! 6mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🤗📚 @LokiDokey @alienfan002 6mo
LokiDokey Thanks everyone. 😊 6mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!!💕💕❤️💙 4mo
SharonAlger Welcome, you two! 4mo
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NEWCOMER | Suzanne Woods Fisher

Littens welcome @serendiipitous to the fold. She needs some new friends here!

umbrellagirl Welcome! 6mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!! 💙💜♥️❤️💕 4mo
SharonAlger Welcome to Litsy! 4mo
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How many Australian Littens are there??? I‘ve been trolling #aussieaussieaussie #aussiereaders #perthlife, etc. Didn‘t see #aussielittens anywhere. Who‘s out there? From Denmark, Western AU (SW) #catsoflitsy

CarolynM There are a fair number. I won't try to tag everyone I know because I'll just be embarrassed about who I don't remember. I'm in Melbourne. I'll repost for you and see how many we can get you in touch with🙂 (edited) 8mo
Sue Hello! I‘m in Brisbane. Welcome to Litsy! There are a few of us following the #aussiesrule2018 tag. 8mo
ReadingDownUnder @Sue Hi! I‘ll check that one too! Thanks!! 8mo
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Rissreads Hello. I‘m from Perth! 💙 8mo
ReadingDownUnder @Rissreads I wish I‘d known you all when I lived in Perth! I might have felt part of a community. 🙂 8mo
BooknerdsLife Hello 🙌 I live in Sydney 💙 8mo
LuckyDuck Me!! I am here in Denmark too.....we have our own little community now 😊 8mo
ReadingDownUnder @LuckyDuck Yay!!! I was chattering so much when I got home (book excitement) my partner asked if I‘d had coffee! 📚❤️ #litsywelcomewagon #welcomewagon #aussiereaders #aussielittens 8mo
JennyM Hi 👋 - I‘m in Brisbane. Hope you enjoy it here on Litsy! 8mo
MandaChittles Hello - I‘m in Brisbane 😊 7mo
ReadingDownUnder @MandaChittles 👋 Getting to know the AU gang! 7mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!! 💙💜♥️❤️💕 4mo
SharonAlger I‘m an Aussie ♥️ 4mo
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Please help me welcome @Keturah_Dockery and @AESPN to Litsy❣️#welcomewagon #newLittens #LitsyWelcomeWagon #welcome ♥️♥️♥️ @RaimeyGallant

RaimeyGallant Hi @AESPN :) Welcome! Tag me in the comments of your first post if you remember to, and that way I can signal the Litsy Welcome Wagon to drop by your page. 9mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy @AESPN 👋🏻😊 9mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!! 💙💜♥️❤️💕 4mo
SharonAlger Welcome to Litsy! 4mo
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The God Delusion | Richard Dawkins
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TheBee #welcome to Litsy!! #welcomewagon 10mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!! 💙💜♥️❤️💕 4mo
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