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My Fitness Goals
My Fitness Goals: 1. Help More Dogs 2. Play With More Dogs: Fitness Journal/Workout Journal/Exercise Journal/Fitness and Food Planner/Exercise Tracker Journal, 240 Pages, 6 X 9 | Faye's Labs
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Why track your fitness and nutrition on paper? ... because our minds take things more seriously when we put pen to paper Tracking your progress can help you achieve your goals and stay on course for the long term - studies have shown this. Make a plan and keep on track - all in one place, all right in front of you. Take a 'look inside' to see a detailed list of content sections. This journal is for 3-months of tracking. Tracking sections include: Set your goals Weight & Body Fat Tracker A place to list your daily rituals to achieve Weekly Scorecards Health tracking for water consumed, sleep, calorie intake & output, and big wins Plan out your cardio and weightlifting routines for each day of the week Exercise summary pages Nutrition goals Food Tracking pages Some blank pages for personal reflection or jot notes Some pages to reflect on great things you do to help dogs This journal has: 240 pages (= 120 sheets) Right side of pages have the charts for tracking Left side of pages have dot grid paper for taking extra notes Size 6" x 9" Quality white paper Paperback cover Glossy finish on cover This journal is just the right gift for yourself or anyone (especially those who love dogs) who wants to get fit or keep fit and put it on paper. And seeing the cover is sure to uplift, inspire, or make any dog-loving spirit smile. Do you want to get in better shape and better health? Let's do this!
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My new goals for the #BFC!

The old ones weren‘t working but my team made me realise I didn‘t want to give up!

@IndoorDame @StayCurious @Hestapleton 💜

StayCurious That‘s so great Abby! You can do it! 2w
Hestapleton There are AWESOME goals! So proud of you for sticking with it. 2w
IndoorDame Yay for not giving up!! You‘ve got this!! 2w
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wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 So awesome that you‘re adapting your goals instead of giving up. One step, one day at a time. You got this! 💜 2w
Chrissyreadit 🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏 2w
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Hi @BookNerd9906 @MatchlessMarie @AsYouWish @erinreads

How is your week going? I still hate walking in the dark, but am enjoying the neighbors‘ Halloween decorations.

Any ideas on team names? My mind is blank and the only thing google came up with is The Walking Encyclopedias.


MatchlessMarie Sorry if these puns are bad 😅 just throwing ideas Steps Sisters, Spine Stompers, The Walking Read 1mo
BookNerd9906 @MatchlessMarie I love these! 1mo
Bookwormjillk @MatchlessMarie I love the Steps Sisters 1mo
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Okay... so, a tad light on for details but that‘s because I only got clearance from my surgeon to do anything more than “sit still and don‘t sweat” this morning....which is great because I‘m going stir crazy but so limited it‘s driving me insane already (I can walk, that‘s it but... let‘s do this thing). Still, let‘s see if I can become at least a walker who takes all her vitamins!!!

ShelfRighteous Kudos to you for participating! I think the goal should be to be better tomorrow than we are today. Sending all my support to you💪🏼 1mo
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 And the great thing about #BFC is you can adapt your goals as needed. One day, one step at a time. 💜 1mo
thegreensofa Love it! :). I‘m a pretend walker myself who takes all her Vitamins. I say pretend because I get all my walking done incidentally at work. But I do take B12 and D every single day (thanks to Dr Greger whose book I am reading as my first for this challenge!). You got this! We can do it! 👏🏻🧡 1mo
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Can‘t believe it‘s time for #BFCr4 @wanderinglynn

Now that it‘s getting cooler, I would like to add running to my fitness goals! My book goal is low because I need to spend a lot of time studying for a test in December.

Let‘s do this @ShelfRighteous @GlassAsDiamonds @thegreensofa

thegreensofa Love your goals! 😊. Also I pack my lunch everyday. It‘s so good, healthy food you know what‘s in it, and not to mention sooooo much cheaper! 👏🏻👩🏼‍🍳🥑 1mo
mhillis @thegreensofa Thanks! I always start off packing my lunch at the beginning of the semester but as I get busy I gradually stop! I need to stick with it though!! 1mo
ShelfRighteous Amazing goals! Healthy food is the key to successful exercise routine. I hope we all complete the goals and stick to them even after this is over! 1mo
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wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 1mo
Crazeedi Mary I hope you weren't affected by typhoon! Stay safe!❤ 1mo
mhillis @Crazeedi Thank you! We were lucky that it was not strong here. Hope people in the other areas are ok 1mo
Crazeedi @mhillis so glad to hear ❤ 1mo
wanderinglynn How did week 1 go? 1mo
mhillis @wanderinglynn Thanks for checking in with me! I‘m working on my goals but just haven‘t been posting 🤦🏻‍♀️ 2w
wanderinglynn No worries! As long as you‘re doing it, that‘s great! 🙌🏻 2w
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Guys its back round 4!!! Go sign up @wanderinglynn
Thanks again for hosting!!! This is a great way to get a little push especially before the holidays.

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Final check in for #bookfitnesschallenge #bfcr3 #bookdragons

In the past 6 weeks, I‘ve established the habit of going to Jazzercise class. My goal was to 30 times and I came very close to that! 💪

I finished 16 books (10 in translation and 4 audiobooks)

My book related try something new activities were going to a book cafe!! 📚 ☕️ I also read a book translated from Thai for the first time and I read a book classified as horror 😱

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Great job! 2mo
mhillis @wanderinglynn Thank you so much for hosting! I enjoy it and would like to participate if there‘s another round! 2mo
Daisey Fantastic! 🙌 2mo
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sudi You did great 👏👏👏 2mo
Hestapleton Way to go! So proud of you! 2mo
IndoorDame Yay! 👏🎉 Great job! 2mo
mhillis @Daisey @sudi Thank you ☺️ 2mo
mhillis @Hestapleton @IndoorDame Thanks! Love being part of book dragons! 2mo
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I didn‘t finish any books this week because I wanted to spend time playing ocarina and studying Japanese instead! I‘ll get back to reading next week but I‘m really proud of the progress I made with music and language learning.
For fitness, I did 4 Jazzercise classes, walked 25 kilometers, and got back on track with the 100 glute challenge.
#bfcr3 #bookfitnesschallenge #bookdragons

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2mo
Daisey Great week! 2mo
Hestapleton Awesome job! 2mo
TheSpineView Great job! 2mo
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#bfcr3 #bookdragons week 2 check in

Read 3 books this week:
📚 The Sad Part Was
📚 The Star-Touched Queen
🎧 With You in Paris

Did 2 Jazzercise classes, 100 glute challenge, and 21km walking. I didn‘t meet my fitness goals this week because of the obon holiday and the typhoon!

IndoorDame Great week!👏 3mo
Megabooks Awesome job!! 3mo
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StayCurious A typhoon is a good reason to stay indoors- Good job on what you did accomplish! 3mo
Hestapleton Yes a typhoon would be a roadblock, but you worked with what you had! 3mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A great week despite the weather. 3mo
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#BFCr3 @wanderinglynn l @Hestapleton

Books 0/2
Exercised 1/4
Meditated 4/6

i'm slumping.

Here is a picture of Lucius napping.

Megabooks There‘s always next week! Don‘t be too hard on yourself! 3mo
hermyknee You got this 🙌🏼 3mo
TheSpineView Don't worry, we all have slumps. Put it behind you and move forward. Dwelling on it does nothing but waste time. 3mo
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wanderinglynn You did exercise & you did meditate. So be proud for what you did accomplish. 🙌🏻 We all have down weeks. Some days it‘s one step, one day at a time. Hang in there! 3mo
brit91 😻😻😻😻😻 3mo
Hestapleton Hey you got the fitness part in! Book slumps suck, but they end. 3mo
mhillis 😻😻😻 Nice picture!! 3mo
IndoorDame Stay positive 😊 you accomplished what you were able, and now it's the start of a whole new week! 3mo
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#bfcr3 week one #bookdragons
📚 Finished 3 books, Off the Clock, and two for Women in Translation month: The Emissary and Still Waters
💃 Did 5/5 Jazzercise classes this week
🍓 Made a strawberry peach smoothie bowl

BarbaraJean Strawberry peach smoothie bowl sounds fabulous! 3mo
TheAromaofBooks I would be super interested in your recipe for the strawberry peach smoothie bowl! That sounds amazing! 3mo
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IndoorDame Way to go! 🙌 3mo
Hestapleton Way to go! A great week! 3mo
mhillis @TheAromaofBooks @BarbaraJean It‘s part of my try something new goal and it was super delicious! Here‘s the link to the YouTube video https://youtu.be/OXtB9jWThHI 3mo
mhillis @IndoorDame @Hestapleton Thanks! And for welcoming me to your team! 🎉 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Oooo Thank you!!! 3mo
llawela Wow. Productive week! 3mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A fantastic week! 3mo
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A day late but here are my goals. I'm a newbie so I am trying to keep it simple. My charge 2 died a while back but I just got a new Versa yesterday so hopefully that will motivate me. #BFC #BFCr3 #TeamFitLit @4thhouseontheleft @AsYouWish @ChasingOm @dariazeoli @Jerdencon @kspenmoll @jmtrivera @Balibee146 @daena @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 3mo
4thhouseontheleft Excellent goals! I would love to hear more about the intentional aspect. 3mo
MatchlessMarie @4thhouseontheleft I just mean miles that I intentionally track as a walk not just the accumulation of my daily steps 3mo
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I didn't get a chance to post my goals yesterday, so here we go! My activity & book goals are the same, but I added a water goal b/c I noticed I'm not drinking enough. The goal behind these goals is establishing good habits for the beginning of the school year. Wish me luck!
@wanderinglynn @4thhouseontheleft, @AsYouWish, @ChasingOm, @dariazeoli, @Jerdencon, @kspenmoll, @Balibee146, @daena, @MatchlessMarie
#BFC #BookFitnessChallenge #BFCR3

wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 3mo
Jerdencon Great goals! 3mo
CaroPi I think the water gasses are a great idea. I am not drinking enough liquids 3mo
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Ok...hurt my knee again. Tried to do two miles and could not. Stopped at one mile and did a 5 minute ab session. I have always been and exerciser. I have such high energy, if I didn‘t exercise..no one could stand me!😂. So my problem is my diet....so here are my goals! @wanderinglynn @julesG @britt_brooke @LibrarianJen @imabusybee @jb72 @Eeyore031370 @CaroPi @Moony #teamletsdothis #bfcr3. We leave for NYC Wednesday, so diet will be shot 🙄😂

wanderinglynn Oh no! Sorry your knee is hurt! I hope it heals quickly. But great goals! 🙌🏻 And enjoy NYC! 3mo
marleed Ooh no. I hope you heal soon! I‘m having a slight sporadic knee issue and hate it! 3mo
julesG Gah, knee problems are terrible. Hope it heals quickly. I like your goals. 😁 3mo
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imabusybee Oh no I hope it heals quick. Enjoy your vacation!! 💜 3mo
jb72 I‘m sorry about your knee. I hope you enjoy your vacation! 3mo
britt_brooke Honestly, those should be my goals, too. Hope your knee feels better! 3mo
britt_brooke Ooh, and have fun in NYC!! 3mo
CaroPi Go for it! 3mo
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Ready for #BFCr3.
Fitness—sticking with 4 days a wk, starting a new job, so I want an achievable goal
Books—sticking with 6. I‘ve read about double this the last 2 rounds but typically decrease to about 1 a week when working. Will be in car more w/ new job, so I may split audio and print at some point.
Food—track food through Fitbit each day
Organize in home 15 min 2 times a wk
Joined a group this time
@Laughterhp @wanderinglynn

Scochrane26 This painting was done by staff at a local school. It‘s hanging up in our downtown area, along w/ paintings from other schools. I always complain that my town doesn‘t have any culture, but they‘re trying. This is Shaker Village, a tourist spot in the area. 3mo
Megabooks I‘ve been to shaker village! All I remember is that my friend got pooped on by a random bird! 🤣 I think I was 8 or 9. 3mo
LibrarianRyan That painting is georgeois. 3mo
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Scochrane26 @Megabooks 😂😂 3mo
Scochrane26 @LibrarianRyan this was my fave, but the rest were nice, too. Not sure about this one, but parents & students contributed on some. 3mo
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌 3mo
Laughterhp Great goals! Good luck with the new job! 3mo
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It's time to get my goals up for #bfcr3 📚🏃‍♀️ This has been such a great challenge so far! Definitely getting me moving more and helping tackle my TBR! I'm looking forward to working with my new team too!!! #bookfitnesschallenge #bfc

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Have changed/re-worded my goals for #bfcr3, and also sent a letter to my buddy @Chrissyreadit @wanderinglynn

Chrissyreadit ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
Cathythoughts Great pic 😁 3mo
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌 And love the photo! 3mo
CouronneDhiver You look great! ☀️👙 3mo
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Minispok Great goals! 3mo
Lucy_Anywhere Good goals 🙌 I should do the unplugged thing myself - I'm so easily distracted by my phone! 3mo
ness Love your unplugged and lunch goals! 3mo
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Peddler410 Great goals. 3mo
Meaw_catlady Great goals !! You‘ve got this! Glad to have you on the team !👋💕👏 3mo
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌 3mo
BlameJennyJane Fabulous! 💗 3mo
Econaghan Excellent goals! Love the unplugged goal! 🔌💕 3mo
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Yay!!! Sooo excited for #bfcr3 I am looking forward to a new month and a new start! I am looking forward to getting to know my team and my partner!!!

4thhouseontheleft I'm glad you're back with #TeamFitLit for another round! 🙌 💜 3mo
AsYouWish @4thhouseontheleft Me too!!! I am so excited for Round 3!! 3mo
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌 3mo
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Excited to start the next round of #bfc #bfgr3

I start back to work on August 12 — middle school librarian. My goals are needing some adjusting:

Step goal: 10,000 per day; walk 15 minutes of lunch
Book goal: Read 10 books
Water goal: 130 oz per day; no diet soda before 65 oz
Track food: Using WW app; 5/7 days

Meaw_catlady Yay! Great goals! Also that‘s an exciting job! Good luck with the new year of school! You can slay these new goals while slaying this new school year! 👏👏👏 3mo
Minispok Awesome goals! 3mo
ness Yay, fellow middle school librarian! 3mo
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BlameJennyJane Fabulous!!! 🔥🔥🔥 3mo
Lucy_Anywhere I go back on 19 August, so my goals need changing if I'm going to achieve them in the madness of school life again! 3mo
Econaghan Great goals! Love the no soda until you‘ve had half your water goal! Good luck! You‘ve got this! 3mo
Airykah13 Awesome goals ☺️ 3mo
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Taking a quick break from #24in48 to check in for week 4 of #bookfitnesschallenge
I had a decent week. Met my walking goal of 12 miles and read three more books to get to 11/12.
Hoping to walk more next week, but it has been hot and stormy all week here, so not great for getting in a lot of walking.
#bfc #bfcr2 #teamlitnfit

mcipher Awesome week! The weather can make it so tough, but sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished. 😊 4mo
wanderinglynn You had a great week! 🙌🏻 especially considering the weather. So celebrate that! 🎉 it‘s good to strive for more, but take time to be proud of what you accomplished. 4mo
Lucy_Anywhere You had a great week 🙌 well done! 4mo
okthislooksbad Well done! The weather is an extra challenge on top on BFC itself, and you're doing great despite it! 4mo
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Week one is in the books. I did 125/150 exercise minutes and exceeded my step goal 93,356/60k! I probably would have made my exercise goal if I hadn‘t had a migraine on Wednesday which carried into Thursday. Then my daughters birthday and yeah. Life!

This week is the start of July so I will be adding in my Camp NaNoWriMo and #BBRC goals into the mix.

CocoReads I‘m late to the #BBRC party. As in, I just signed up. And I‘m doing Camp nano as well. Didn‘t think to add those into my goals. 4mo
julesG Still, great stats! You've done well. 4mo
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Moony 👏👏👏👏🍹 4mo
Reecaspieces Wow! Great job! 4mo
LaurensLibrary 👍🏻💜👏🏼 4mo
britt_brooke Nice work!! 4mo
CocoReads @librarianjen are you joining the kitten cabin for camp? I dithered around until Friday trying to decide if I was even doing it but @TK-421 graciously sent me the invite. 😁 I discovered the cabin format works great for me because of the encouragement of other Littens. 4mo
LibrarianJen @CocoReads Yes! Thanks for reminding me to accept the group invite. I was in the Litsy cabin in April and loved it. I‘m so exited! 4mo
LibrarianJen @TheWordJar thank you! Are you doing this round of Camp? 4mo
wanderinglynn Great first week! 🙌🏻 4mo
Peddler410 Nice job! Enjoy your writing camp! 4mo
imabusybee Great job!!👏🏻👏🏻 love how organized you are💜 4mo
Dawnrod1970 Nice job! 4mo
TheWordJar I‘d love to do this camp to work on the project I started last NaNoWriMo, but I‘m just too busy. The last half of the month clears up, so I may have to declare a mini camp for myself! 4mo
CoverToCoverGirl You crushed it! 👟👟👏 4mo
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Thanks to my team #fitwizards for the Workweek Hustle! This was a good week for me step wise 😊

Goal: 12,000 steps a day/Averaged 15,000 per day!
Goal: 7 hours of sleep per night/Averaged 6:15
Goal: 15 books in 6 weeks/2 books completed

I‘m going to ⬆️ the step goal to 13,000 per day....
I‘m switching my sleep goal to getting to bed by 10:30
My Book goal is on track
I‘m adding a food tracking goal: track 3 days a week

Clwojick Way to go! You‘ve had a fantastic week, and I‘m thrilled that you‘re already upping your goals! Woohoo! 4mo
wanderinglynn Great first week! 🙌🏻 And way to adapt your goal! 👍🏻👍🏻 4mo
audraelizabeth Great job! 4mo
Lova Awesome commitment! 4mo
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