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@wanderinglynn #bookfitnesschallenge #BFCR2
Look what I got in the mail for my prize for #bfc! Thanks Lynn!!💗💗

TheSpineView 😍😍😍 33m
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Well if nothing else I got my book goal for #bfcr2
The last couple weeks I haven‘t been able to do my normal routine plus the heat last week and running the garage sale at my parent‘s (way to much human interaction for this introvert). Yesterday and today would not have been a problem to go walk but I just didn‘t want to. I‘ve lost my motivation and it sucks.

Balibee146 Understandable... The more you beat yourself up the more it will feel like an unwelcome chore... Give yourself some breathing space and the want will come back xx 4h
wanderinglynn Life happens (which includes weather). We all have days (or in my case, weeks) where we lack motivation. It happens to all of us. Hang in there. 💜 Re-evaluate your goals & adapt as needed. 3h
wanderinglynn What works for me when I lack motivation is to break my goals up into smaller, more manageable chunks—10 minutes of walking, 10 minutes of yoga. Start slow. Allow yourself time to get back into a groove. Then slowly increase. One step, one day at a time. You‘ll get there and we are here for you. 💜 3h
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It was so nice outside this morning. I could not resist! I finished this read while getting my workout in! Loved it! #teamflow #bfc #bfcr2 @wanderinglynn @Moony @CocoReads @julesG @LibrarianJen @imabusybee @laurenslibrary @britt_brooke

julesG 👏👏👏👏👏 6h
imabusybee Good job👏🏻😍 6h
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 6h
britt_brooke 💪🏻💪🏻 5h
tammysue 👏🏻🙌🏻 5h
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The Handmaid's Tale | Margaret Atwood
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I'm glad i finally read this book because it did not dissapoint. What a thrilling, thought provoking read. Even though it is a dystopian, it still makes you think how casually we take the freedom we have and how easily it can be taken away. I would still say that i prefer the TV show but i enjoyed reading it. I'm looking forward to reading The Testaments.

#authoramonth @Soubhiville @MinDea
#bfcr2 #bookfitnesschallenge book 3/3

Mitch You're smashing those reading goals! I read this so long ago and loved it. Ive recently downloaded the audio book because Elizabeth Moss reads it! 6h
sudi Thanks @Mitch but i think i'm the one with the lowest book goal 😄, i'm a slow reader so i don't mind. I didn't know about the audiobook, i'll have to check it out. She does such a great job on the tv show. 6h
Mitch @sudi she‘s amazing 6h
Tanisha_A One of my favourites! 5h
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Heart-Shaped Box | Joe Hill
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Very Stephen King-esque, but I didn‘t think it was as scary as it‘s been hyped to be. Supernatural horror always comes off as more weird than scary to me. But it was a good book to read during some gloomy days during my down time at work! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Book 26/30 for #bfcr2

Birdsong28 Like how you said Stephen King -esque as Joe Hill is is son!!! 📚📖 6h
Hestapleton @Birdsong28 I know! I was surprised how similarly their horror reads. 6h
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Temper | Layne Fargo
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Hitting the bike for a little bit before work.. hopefully getting on the treadmill after! Liking this book so far! #bfcr2 #bookfitnesschallenge


wanderinglynn You are a workout machine! 🙌🏻 Way to go! 9h
TheSpineView Way to go! 9h
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The heat finally broke enough for some #audiocooking this morning! so I'm making mini crust-less quiches for breakfast this week.
#bfc #BFCr2 @wanderinglynn @Hestapleton #bookdragons

Megabooks I make those Too! So good! 10h
julesG Would one of you share their recipe with me? @Megabooks 10h
Megabooks @julesG mine uses fat free evaporated milk instead of cream, but if you still want it, feel free to give me your email! It‘s a lower calorie version of quiche. 10h
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julesG @Megabooks evaporated milk sounds very interesting. Not sure I can get it here, but will investigate and/or tweak the recipe. JulesGDSide@gmail.com 10h
wanderinglynn Those look delicious! 😋 10h
Megabooks @julesG I‘ll email you later today! 10h
IndoorDame @julesG I don't use an exact recipe, so if @Megabooks does you may want to start with that, but I spray an x-lg muffin tin w cooking oil and fill the cups w a mixture of ~6 eggs beaten with milk/soymilk & yogurt/Greek yogurt. Usually I add shredded cheese to this mix. All told it's ~2 cups. And then drop veggies or whatever filings into the cups,and bake at 350 until it sets ~40min maybe? 10h
julesG @IndoorDame Sounds easy to follow. I'll give both recipes a try. 9h
Hestapleton These look so yummy!! 9h
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Meet my friend Bilqis. We met over 20 years ago. About 5 years ago, she was arrested for dropping balloons on the PM of Malaysia. Fortunately, her father is powerful, & she‘s fine.

The PM was embroiled in a scandal with the MC of this book, Jho Low. Low together with a cadre of ppl globally, conned banks and the Malay ppl out of BILLIONS! This scandal is crazy! It goes from Hollywood filmmaking to sovereign wealth funds. Recommend! 4⭐️ #audiobook

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Fangirl: A Novel | Rainbow Rowell
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@Jas16 #signmeup Congrats on your 100k litfluence!!

Of course, I would have to pick RR! 🌈 I WISH I could have gone to her signing at ComicCon! Alas, San Diego is very far.

I love this book. I love everything about Cather & Levi. And Reagan. And Wren. I cried again at the end because I‘m ridiculous and a hopeless romantic under my tough exterior. Sigh. I enjoyed Carry On & am looking forward to Wayward Son. But Fangirl will always be my fav!

Megabooks #bfc #bfcr2 #goteam book 23/28 @wanderinglynn @Emilymdxn @cobwebmoth @Trashcanman @cewilf @TheEllieMo @RachelO @KathyWheeler I might as well read if I‘m not exercising. 🤣🤣 I‘ve had the stomach flu and a lot of chronic pain problems over the past few days. 👎🏻 13h
Trashcanman That's rough I hope you feel much better soon. 12h
Megabooks @Trashcanman Thanks! It all goes in cycles. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I‘ve just got to slow myself down for a bit. 12h
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sudi Hope you feel better 💕💕💕 11h
Megabooks @sudi Thank you very much! 😊😊 11h
cobwebmoth I hope you're feeling better soon! I love this book so much.❤ 11h
Megabooks @cobwebmoth Thanks!! 😊😊💜 Glad to find another fan! 11h
Emilymdxn So sorry about the stomach flu! You‘re killing it with the reading tho! 10h
Megabooks @Emilymdxn Thanks! 💕💕 10h
wanderinglynn Hope you feel better soon!💚 10h
Megabooks @wanderinglynn Thank you! 😊😊 10h
Jas16 I loved this book. In fact I think it is time for a reread. Great choice and thanks for entering! 9h
Megabooks @Jas16 Thank you for having the giveaway! Enjoy the reread 😊👍🏻 9h
cewilf LOVE THIS and love Carry On. Can‘t wait for the next one. One of my students read it this year and became obsessed...one of my proudest teaching moments 😂 1h
cewilf Also, feel better soon!! 1h
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To be fair, I‘m always going to rate a Morse book as a pick because, well, it‘s Morse. This one has interest, though, as it was the first of the series to have been developed from a screenplay (The Wolvercote Tongue , from series 2 of Inspector Morse), so the main characters are showing an interesting mix of the original book characters and the TV characters. And it‘s the first book where Morse is now driving his infamous Jag.

Book 11/12 #BFCr2

Megabooks WTG on your reading goal!! I‘m glad you enjoyed the book! 👍🏻👍🏻 12h
cobwebmoth Great job on the reading goal! 11h
Emilymdxn Amazing work on that reading goal you‘re doing phenomenally! 11h
wanderinglynn Crushing your book goal! 🙌🏻🎉 10h
TheSpineView Doing so good! 8h
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